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Gorgeous Tiny House Doesn't Feel So Tiny

At 420 square feet, The Discovery Tiny House is definitely on the larger side by tiny house standards. It's 14' wide and 30' long, which means moving it is something that you'd do very rarely. It's on skids, and a mover has been lined up to relocate the tiny house to your property. As you can see in this video, this tiny house is beautifully done on the interior. If you're interested in purchasing this tiny house, you can contact the owner of this tiny house for sale in Port Townsend, Washington here: Subscribe: Tiny homes listed for sale and rent daily: Tiny homes for sale in your inbox: Instagram:

Minimalist Living on 10k/year in an RV, Simple and Uncomplicated Life

Click "SHOW MORE" below for additional links to the washing machine, books, etc.: Watch my TED Talk on Gratitude: Read the books: Follow on Facebook: BaseCamp Washing Machine: Portable RV Water Tank: DryFlush Waterless Toilet: Driveway Surfing / RV Hosting: Autographed books to support the Prison Library Project: Audiobook narrated by yours truly: And.. I got the prayer flags from a small independent bookstore in Grants Pass, Oregon, called Aquarius Books & Gifts. I'm pretty sure if you call and tell them you want to order the same prayer flags that Timber Hawkeye got from them about a year ago, they'd be able to help you (AND you'd be supporting an independent bookstore, how cool is that?) This RV is the Minnie Winnie 25B, and almost any RV dealership can offer you up to a 20 year loan from the model year of the vehicle (if your credit qualifies you, of course). Subscribe to this channel to see the amazing food prepared in this small kitchen, and chew on some food for thought as well. We can all benefit from redefining what "enough" looks like, and re-think what we think we "need." I work part time so I can live full time, and so can you. Maybe not to this extreme, but certainly downsize, minimize, and reevaluate some "stuff." It's possible to do all the things you SAY you wish you could do (volunteer more, read books, take yoga, breathe, cook, bake, hike, kayak, and lead a stress-free life in service to others). This is a tour of my RV followed by an explanation of my transition from a conventional lifestyle to being liberated and at peace. This isn't very different from renting a room in a friend's house, except it's significantly less intrusive. If you have more than enough, don't raise your standard of living, raise your standard of giving. Build a longer dining table, not a taller fence. Live simply so that others can simply live. Namaste. When you get little, you want more. When you get more, you desire even more. But when you lose everything, you realize LITTLE was enough. _/|\_ ______ Timber Hawkeye, bestselling author of Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless, prescribes gratitude as medicine for people to heal themselves from the inside out. His message invites the best version of you to resurface, inevitably leading to the true meaning of success (being happy), and better health (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). In an ongoing effort to eradicate society's ever-growing sense of entitlement, which he considers nothing short of an epidemic, and replace it with a sense of appreciation for each breath we are given, Timber's intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich and inspire, by sharing mindfulness-enhancing techniques that anyone can relate to and implement in their daily lives.

Interior Design – Inside A Bright Scandi-Style Family Home

On, sleek Scandinavian design may not sound like it lends itself to family living, but this home proves otherwise. John Baker and Juli Daoust Baker of Mjolk share their bright and airy city family home. See inside the carefully curated space that’s influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design. The couple’s love for natural light and raw material is evident in every room of the two-storey house, which is located right above their store. Unfinished oak, sandstone and untreated leather are used throughout. These natural materials will develop a patina over time. “It will look more beautiful because we’ll see ourselves in it,” says John. The kitchen features open shelves that keep cooking essentials easy to reach, while a unique top-floor courtyard provides the perfect place for the children play.

Variobed - Space saving bed lift.

120sec per drive. powerd by 4x GEZE e250 500mm. Full automatic Controlled by ATtiny 85 (switch, 2x relais, 24V PSU) 8mm rope total cost ~ 400€ lifting force 4x 75kg screw anchor 4x 2200kg rope strength: 4x 1000kg

Wooden House Model Triangle

Wooden house model triangle.. Made Form Solid wood tropical, Ulin and Bengkirai wood, Floor size 6M x 4 Meter. All The roof Made From terracotta. All Beam and Column construction Made from Bengkirai wood All Floor Made From Old Ulin wood. All Wall Made from Ulin wood Ready Knock down and ready to reassembly.

The "Urban Payette" is a 344 sq ft tiny house on wheels with elevator bed by Tru FormTiny. It has a built-in elevator bed that can be raised with the help of motors, or hand-cranked in the event of a power outage.

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