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World's Biggest Tiny House

A Tour of the largest Tiny House in the world. Built on a 40' trailer, this healthy, two-story house is perfect for a family. Tiny Houses must remain under 400sqft in the USA and often require being built on wheels. This house is built on a 40' gooseneck trailer. The loft doesn't count as square-footage because the roof is lower than 6ft tall giving us an additional 2/3rds of the floor space.

Absolutely Gorgeous Tiny House With Great Floor Plan

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How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

Experimenting with how small a home a mouse is able to fit through. But it didn't go as planned. I had a lazy mouse, and a hard working invading shrew. Update: Two days later, the shrew squeezed itself through the 16.5 mm hole:

Super High Spec Professionally Built Tiny House (Moved In)

This off-the-grid Tiny House is truly exceptional and now that Briar has moved in, it's been transformed into a real home. When we first saw this house it was still at the workshop of boat builder Jeff Hobbs ( Since then it has journeyed to it's new spot where it sits beautifully amongst the natural setting of this small section. Read More: Please support me on Patreon: Follow us on Facebook at Follow us on Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Follow us on Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on Tiny Houses, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2015 Zyia Pictures Ltd

Oldest US mall blends old/modern with 225-sq-ft micro lofts

The Providence Arcade is nearly 2 centuries old, but when Evan Granoff bought it was considered one of the city’s most endangered properties. Realizing that the demand for commercial space would never match that for downtown housing, Granoff decided to convert the upper floors of the country's first indoor mall into tiny loft apartments. At just 225 square feet, the smallest units would have fallen below the city’s minimum size standard for apartments so Granoff decided to classify his micro-lofts as a rooming house. The Providence rooming house code allows for rooms as small as 80 square feet (single occupancy), as long as they don’t have a cooking facility. Fortunately, for Granoff and tenants, a microwave is not considered a cooking device. The tiniest units rent for $550 per month, almost half the city average, and all of them rented out almost immediately (there’s now a waiting list). Many of the tenants don’t spend a lot of time at home. We talked to Naz Karim, a doctor who works emergency room shifts, and plans to spend much of the year on a fellowship in Africa and Sharon Kinnier who uses the loft for when she’s working in a Providence lab formulating organic cosmetics (she spends the rest of the time with her husband in Washington D.C.). The bottom floor of the mall is still commercial, but Granoff limits it to micro retail so no chains and they’re all focused on fashion and art design. We stopped in at nude boutique where Amy Stetkiewicz, one of the 6 local designers, was closing up shop downstairs from her micro loft. Original story:

The "Lilas" is a 410-square-feet (main floor and bedroom loft) tiny house on wheels by Minimaliste. It was built on a 10.5’x34.5′ trailer with two-tone eastern white cedar and steel accents exterior.

"Designed for a young couple, the Lilas is the first tiny house on wheels installed completely legally in Quebec. Indeed, this house now has its own civic address with tax bill, proportional to the size of it. This house has been designed with our clients’ two priorities in mind: the inclusion of a specific wood fireplace, and the smallest bathroom possible to maximize space for the kitchen and living room. The interior design is reminiscent of the textures and colors of the Ébène. We actually took inspiration from some of our existing models when designing the Lilas."

You can find more details about the builder/designer and pricing of this awesome Tiny Home here: Minimaliste

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