Doki Doki Literature Club - Part 3 - Peer Review

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Things You Missed in Doki Doki Literature Club

Locating hidden scares, easter eggs, and references you probably didn't see in Doki Doki Literature Club. Other theories such as the Third Eye and the significance of Monika will be discussed in another video next week. I tried making this as spoiler-free as possible, but I wouldn't watch it until you've played the game at least once all the way through. Reddit posts: Sheen5911 | Mithost | MUSIC: Official Doki Doki Literature Club OST & Epidemic Sound All footage was either captured myself or accredited to the wiki below. Help the Superforge climb to 100,000 subscribers!!!

A Comprehensive Exploration of Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club is a game that just isn't what it seems. Tonight, we're going to dive in head-first to see what we can find. Twitter: Patreon: Discord: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHAPTERS: 3:11 - Background 4:06 - Act One walkthrough 16:13 - Act Two walkthrough 33:07 - Act Three walkthrough 34:24 - Act Four walkthrough 35:22 - Character theories 39:33 - File secrets -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS: Wiki: Post from ARG Subreddit (WITH TRANSLATIONS): Gameplay footage: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Penumbra Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Doki Doki Literature Club OST:

Doki Doki Literature Club: The Story of Dan Salvato

Doki Doki Literature Club is a game that's inspired by relationships; both the real life people that Dan Salvato has known, and his own "love-hate relationship" with anime games in general. This feels like one of the most important videos we've done. BretonStripes is a psychologist who's worked extensively in mental health first aid over the years, and as such, it was fascinating to learn about the background for Doki Doki Literature Club and how Dan Salvato drew from real experiences with "loved ones" who suffer from depression in order to create the game. While Dan has spoken publicly about the people who influenced DDLC, he's been notably vague about the specifics, and as such, we've tried to honour his silence by not prying too far or making assumptions about how much mental health issues have touched the people around him. Also, it should be known that there are certain elements of Dan's friends that are deliberately absent from this video in other ways. The singer who sings DDLC's end credits song prefers to remain anonymous, and Dan's roommate similarly doesn't show his face online, so in this video, he's portrayed by one of our Patreon backers. Kotor would also like to point out that he's no good at drawing Anime, and he hopes you won't judge his drawing too harshly here. We've also added a content warning to the start of the video, as even though we speak in very broad terms about mental health, we want to make sure that you're aware of what's coming in advance. Doki Doki Literature Club is an interesting game. It does rely very heavily on traumatic shocks, and in that respect it's probably more scary than any of the other horror games we've covered on this channel. Nevertheless, beyond the grotesque imagery, there is a genuine exploration of mental illness which is informed by personal experience, and that's something that doesn't appear in gaming very often. Ultimately, there's a reason why this game has proven so popular with gamers of all backgrounds. As we like to say on this channel, good gameplay never goes out of style. A big hello to everyone who read this far down the description, thanks for sticking around! We've had a really great week here at Video Game Story Time, as our video on Bendy and the Ink Machine has already rocketed up to become our third best video yet (after our first FNAF and Undertale videos). Here's hoping we can keep up the momentum with this new one - do us a favour and share this far and wide so we can grow a little faster! We'd really appreciate it. In the meantime, we're going to do some less scary games in the near future, we promise! Have a great week! BretonStripes ( and Kotor ( Check out our Patreon: Sources: Music: Peace of Mind by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A month with Natsuki: Act I - Gotta get home on Friday

Kept you waiting, huh? People seemed to like the "Pleasant chat with Dadsuki" video, so have this miniseries as a direct sequel. This isn't part of DDLC, and is a mod I've created for the purposes of this video. Natsuki's Dad Artwork by SovietSpartan (, originally created for the Doki Doki Literature Club mod "Doki Doki Rewind/Replay", by Chronos (Discord: Chronos#1609) Natsuki sprite edits by reddit user u/Lunatic_Rabbit:

The Hidden Meaning of Monika's Piano - Doki Doki Literature Club Theory

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Time for us to share our poem with the rest of the club and see how we shape up.

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