MEDCottage, A Tiny House Designed for The Elderly, Amazing Small House Design

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A Tiny Cottage for Retirement | Amazing Small House Design Ideas

This is the 592 Sq. Ft. Hummingbird Cottage built for a family’s mother-in-law by Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC. Janne Zaccagnino created the plans for the home and normally doesn’t see the finished product, but because she knew the owner she was able to take pictures of the completed home, which she shared with us! We are located in the Memphis area and have been in business since 1964. We’ve designed houses from about 400 sq ft up to about 10,000 sq ft. I, personally have designed several tiny houses on wheels but have yet to witness their construction. My philosophy regarding Tiny Houses is that it’s NOT about the square footage of the unit, but it’s all about the cubic inches!! At almost 600 sq. ft., it’s certainly a “small” house rather than tiny, but I think it could make a great retirement cottage. Contact info on the last page! Image via Ralph Jones Home Plans, LLC Read more at More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome ============================ #TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.

Amazing Modern 800 Square Foot Tiny Home

A modern cottage plan where adventuresome, playful design makes the most of a small space with private and public areas that connect elegantly to the outdoors. This 2 bedroom plan won Fine Homebuilding Magazine's 2013 Small Home of the Year Award. The magazine recognized the design “for its shared spaces and connections to the outdoors that make it seem larger than its physical boundaries…” The layout is mostly one open space containing kitchen and living-dining area connecting to a large wrap-around deck (photos by Mike Dean). Key elements define individual “rooms” without separating one from another -- like the kitchen peninsula and the window seat -- making the main space feel larger than it is. Nir designed the house to be energy-wise, with rigid foam insulation in walls and roof and separate photo-voltaic arrays for generating electricity and hot water. The design was also a finalist in the 2014 HOWIE Awards sponsored by It’s definitely the little award-winning cottage that could! Picture and detail informations:

Vintage Chic Luxury Tiny House with Floor Level Master's Bedroom | Small Home Design Ideas

The Upper Mohawk Point tiny house on wheels has a main floor master bedroom w/queen size bed, 4pc bath w/ 5′ claw tub, stainless steel oven fridge, 11′ ceilings in kitchen & living room, beautiful fireplace w/stone & surround & wood mantle, lrg custom sectional sofa w/built in storage, 8’x10′ loft w/ample headroom that can accommodate a queen size mattress or 2 twin mattresses as well as plenty of windows & storage. “On Demand” hot water heater, laundry hook ups & plenty of storage throughout. You can find more details about the builder/designer and pricing of this awesome Tiny Home here: Images: © Music: Forget Me Not by E's Jammy Jams is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Subscribe:

Camp Callaway Cottage built by Pine Mountain Builders, Amazing Small House Design

This the 1091 sq. ft. Camp Callaway Cottage. It’s built by Pine Mountain Builders and certified by EarthCraft House. More Videos: #tinyhouse #smallhouse #cottage #cabin ======================== * If you like our video don't forget to press the button "Subscribe" and "Like" !! * Or Subscribe and View more here:

A Small Cottage Designed For A Single Woman | Absolutely Small House Design Ideas

The Skyward House is a small cottage designed for a single woman by architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto of acaa. The cottage looks unassuming from the road below but it has a remarkable interior designed to feel much larger than its 67.1 m2 (722 ft2). The architect divided the small floor plan into two distinct zones, outwardly-focused spaces that connect to the surroundings and a dynamic inward-focused space. The outward-focused spaces are located at the corners of the square floor plan and not surprisingly include the entry porch and a small side porch. However, the living room, the bathing room and the traditional “Japanese room” are also included. These latter spaces have walls finished with horizontal wood slats matching the exterior cladding of the cottage, giving them an outside feel. They also have windows that stretch from wall to wall and from near floor level to the ceiling, all but erasing the boundary between inside and out. The living room especially looks and feels more like an open porch than an enclosed room. With a very different feel, the inward-focused zone consists of several connected spaces that pinwheel around the center of the small house. These spaces are open to each other and include the kitchen, the dining area and a bedroom alcove. With only a few small windows (almost all of which look into or through other spaces rather than directly to the outside), attention is drawn to the interior instead. There are unexpected angled walls, a vaulted ceiling that rises to a skylight at the peak, and internal windows providing glimpses of the adjacent rooms. Despite the openness, you cannot see the whole space from any single vantage point, creating a sense of mystery. Light plays an important role as well, spilling down from the skylight above and reflecting off the all-white surfaces. Though the inner spaces are small and relatively closed off from the exterior, they avoid any feeling of claustrophobia by being open to each other and by an arrangement that allows for long views through the house. By contrast, the outward-focused rooms feel much larger than their modest sizes due to their openness to the scenery. Although open to the outdoors, they have been intentionally isolated from the inner space. The entrance to the living room is awkwardly located at the end of the kitchen rather than at the center of the house, while getting to the side porch requires passing through the utility/pantry room. Entering the Japanese room may be the most awkward of all: The doorway is so low, most adults would have to duck their heads to pass through. These transitions emphasize the sense of entering a different part of the house, making the whole house feel larger as a result. If you enjoyed this article, please take a moment to share it using the buttons below. Thank you! Photographs by Hiroshi Ueda, courtesy of acaa. Via Architizer. More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome ============================ #TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.

What to do with an aging parent or grandparent who can no longer live independently? That question will be asked more frequently as the population ages. For some families, having granny move into the family home would be ideal. But what if you don’t have a spare room, all the bedrooms are upstairs, or your house was not designed for a person with limited mobility?

Granny might not like the idea either. Most people want to maintain a sense of independence for as long as possible. They might want to watch TV without worrying about disturbing others. They might prefer a quiet environment, difficult to achieve in a house shared with crying babies and screaming children. They might like more privacy. Or, they might fear being a nuisance to their families.

A Virginia company called N2Care has come up with an alternative, a tiny house temporarily placed in the family’s backyard. The MEDCottage isn’t an ordinary tiny house though; it is specifically designed to meet the needs of a senior citizen or disabled individual. This solution gives the elderly person her own separate little cottage, but puts it close enough that she can easily cross the yard for shared meals and companionship as the mood strikes her. Likewise, her family can check on her without having to drive across town, and the grandchildren can visit anytime. It does seem like it would work best for someone who is still reasonably independent but needs assistance with some tasks or is too forgetful to live without supervision.

The 288 ft2 (26.8 m2) cottage has a central bedroom/sitting room with a kitchenette and bathroom on either side. The bathroom is ADA-compliant with a curbless shower and a wheelchair-accessible sink, plus grab bars all around. Lighting incorporated into the baseboards highlights any objects on the floor, helping to prevent tripping.

A variety of optional safety and convenience features can be added, depending on the person’s needs. Over in the kitchenette, a pill dispenser reminds the resident take his medications on schedule. Cushioned flooring can be installed to prevent injuries. If granddad does fall, sensors can alert his caregivers, who can quickly check on him via cameras. There is somewhat of a Big Brother aspect to that, although the cameras are mounted at floor level so as not to intrude on the resident’s privacy more than necessary. If the resident becomes bedridden, a lift and track can be installed to help his caregiver move him from bed to bath and back.

What about zoning? Most towns don’t allow you to plop a second house down in your backyard, no matter how tiny a house it may be. The N2Care founders anticipated that problem and successfully lobbied the Virginia General Assembly to pass legislation that overrules all local zoning laws in the state. Under the rules, a “temporary family healthcare structure” of up to 300 ft2 (27.9 m2) can be placed on any single-family lot for use by a family member who is physically or mentally impaired, as certified by a doctor. The structure must be removed if the resident moves out, passes away or no longer requires care. That last part is a bit of a shame as accessory dwelling units have many uses and benefits besides elder care, but it’s better than nothing.

N2Care currently lists the base price of this MEDCottage model at $53,750. They offer two other models as well.

More information can be found on the MEDCottage website.

Photographs courtesy of MEDCottage. Via Little Things.

More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome

#TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.

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