Product Review: Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press

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Tool Review: Nova Voyager DVR 58000 Drill Press

Check out my review of the Nova Voyager DVR 58000 floorstanding drill press. It's a really great drill press with a lot of new innovative features. This video coves the unboxing, setup, and basic operations of the drill press as well as my initial impressions. Follow me on Facebook: Support me on Patreon: Nova Voyager Drill Press:

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Antique Beam Drill [Restoration]

The -40 C/F temperatures made this tool restoration harder than it needed to be. This tool is a beam drill or boring machine made by the James Swan Co. in the early 1900s. I believe this one is the No. 6502 model as it has a solid cast iron frame. An original 1904 catalogue listing is shown here: The James Swan Co. existed in Seymour, Connecticut, USA from 1877-1951 and specialized in drilling tools. I decided to replace all wooden parts as they were either rotten or warped. I originally thought these were made entirely of oak, but some maple pieces showed up during the restoration. The original black japanning was almost entirely gone, so every metal piece was de-rusted and painted with 3 coats of filler primer. I was surprised to see black japanning on the semi-circular guides that allow the drill to be adjusted, as the paint would clearly be scraped and worn off from repeated use. The non-cast iron pieces seem to all be a fairly low grade of steel, and may even be wrought iron. The auger bit was severely pitted and definitely needs replacing. I was surprised to see grain structure in the bit, suggesting it may be wrought iron as well. I don't think the auger bit is an original James Swan bit, as those were cast steel and would have been stamped with their logo. I'd like to thank Evaporust for sponsoring this video. Their product definitely came in handy for this tool that was very rusty and pitted. Help secure more tools for future videos (if you want): Instagram: Facebook Group - Share your restorations Reddit - Share your restorations

A better drill press table fence!

In this video I upgrade my drill press table fence. This design allows for a flip stop as well as being easy to remove and install. Avoiding top mount T-track means you don't have to worry about the tracks getting all filled with shavings. This fence is 1.5" tall and made from baltic birch plywood. The locking mechanism is made from maple. The flip stop is made from aluminum and is custom made on my CNC milling machine, G0704. Music by: David Cutter Music Business enquiry please email: tweeter: facebook:

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Lots of tools cross our paths, and every once in a while a tool really grabs our attention. The Nova drill press is a great example of that.

Let’s jump right into one of my most-loved features on this machine; electronic variable speed. No step pulleys, no belt to move…Changing speeds is as easy as turning the dial on a dimmer switch. You know what that means? You’re actually going to change the speeds when you’re supposed to. And the digital readout tells you exactly what rpm you’re using. Gotta love that. But wait, there’s more:

– 6” long stroke
– Easy to use depth stops, mechanical and electronic
– On board rpm guide based on type of drill bit, diameter of drill bit, and material being drilled
– Auto shut off when the bit hits your preset depth of drill
– Self start. The machine is capable of auto starting just above your work so you don’t have to hit the on switch
– Pilot setting. Great for round stock. The drill press starts on a low rpm, and automatically ramps up to the proper speed once the hole is started. No need to center punch.
– Capable of running in both forward and reverse
– Presets available (like buttons on a radio) that will take you to a specific rpm
– Brake. Big drill bit in the machine? No problem. The electronic brake will stop the bit when you shut the machine off so it doesn’t free wheel forever.
– Large table, great for woodworking.

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