2 trains accident? Illusion or reality ? Mega compilation of rarest diamond crossing of IR

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Fastest Trains In The World | Latest Updates |

Fastest Trains In The World | In this video, we take a look on top 10 fastest trains in the world 2018 | fastest trains in the world 2018 the list is based on the top speed. These are official track records. List of 10 fastest trains in the world are : 10. Thsr 700t, Taiwan OPERATOR- Taiwan High Speed Rail (Thsr), Maximum speed : 315 km/h 09. Ice 3, germany OPERATOR- deutsche bahn nederlandse spoorwegen Maximum speed : 330 km/h 08. Alstom agv 575 OPERATOR- italian transport company ntv Maximum speed ‎: ‎360 km/h 07. Talgo 350, SPAIN OPERATOR - spanish railways operator renfe Maximum speed : 365 km/h 06. Freccia rossa 1000, italy OPERATOR - trenitalia Maximum speed : 400 km/h 05. Hemu 430x, south korea OPERATOR - korail Maximum speed : 430 km/h 04. Crh 380a, china OPERATOR - china railway Maximum SPEED : 486.1 km/h 03. Shanghai maglev, china OPERATOR- shanghai maglev transportation development co.ltd. Maximum SPEED : 500 km/h 02. Tgv, france OPERATOR- sncf Maximum SPEED : 574.8 km/h 01. L0 series sc maglev, japan 0PERATOR- central japan railway company (jr central) Maximum SPEED : 603 km/h Back Ground Music : Touchpoint by Audionautix. Hope you will enjoy this video. Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for more new videos.

Cachorros Treinados | Cães Disciplinados Compilação 2018

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CP Coal Train Breaks Apart !! Goes into Emergency (Drone)

CP Rail comes apart on the CPR in the Thompson Sub East of Ashcroft BC

Second and Third Train at Same Time

Just shortly after the GO train cleared, I noticed another train in the distance coming. As VIA 911 gets closer, VIA 910 comes around the curve of the Junction. I was pleasantly surprised for two reasons, catching two trains at once, and a few days before I had just missed VIA 911 in Dorval.

驚異!タイヤ800本を自由自在に動かす特殊車両 Marvel. Special-purpose vehicle that moves 800 tires freely

タイヤ800本を自由自在に油圧の力で動かすことが出来る特殊な車両、時速1kmで移動しながらとてつもないモジュールを台船まで運ぶこの車両の運転技術に皆さんは驚かされることでしょう、是非ご覧下さい。Please it is surprised, and see you by all means the driving skill of this carried vehicle until the salvage barge of an extraordinary module moving by the power of the oil pressure of 800 tires freely at a speed of the special vehicle that can be moved and 1km per hour.

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