Stunning Luxe-Chic Country Cottage Tiny Home w/ Shed-Style Roof & 10ft Ceiling

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Concrete Pipes Transformed Into Tiny Homes Could Be The Future Of Micro Housing

In this day in age, it's kind of hard to find affordable housing that's actually decent. Because of that, tiny houses have been popping up all over the world. People have managed to make homes out of shipping containers and even wood pods in the shape of eggs! Tiny houses aren't just good for your pocket, they're super cute, as well. Recently in Hong Kong, a new type of tiny house has been revealed, and you won't believe how truly tiny this one is! Architect, James Law, came up with an absolutely genius idea. He knew that there was a huge housing problem in Hong Kong, so he began brainstorming solutions for the overcrowding. What he has come up with will blow your mind! James' company, James Law Cybertecture figured out how to re-purpose cement pipes that are usually used for construction. Their new tiny house, the OPod Tube House, was designed to be an affordable housing option for those that struggle with housing costs. The OPod Tube Houses are the perfect size. The tubes are meant to house one or two people and have approximately 100 square feet of living space. It doesn't have too much elbow room, but all the typical amenities are provided. The OPod Tubes come with almost everything you would find in a regular-sized home. It has a living room that has a couch that turns into a bed. It also comes with a mini-fridge, food sold separately, of course. That's not all it comes with, though. It has a second pipe that contains a bathroom, complete with a shower, and plenty of storage space!. They may be a little on the small side, but what else could you possibly need? James has envisioned something truly beautiful. He pictures entire communities made up of his OPod Tubes. Not only are the tubes practical for economic reasons, they're also pretty convenient when it comes to placement. James believes the OPod Tubes are perfect for the urban environment. The tubes are a little over eight feet in diameter, which makes them perfect for small, empty spaces. OPod tubes can be installed in so many different places! Because of their size, and the fact that they're able to be stacked, OPods can be put under bridges or even in alleyways! Urban setting is also absolutely perfect for these tubes. James found a way to use every space possible. And in today's times, we need to use what we can. Not only do the Opods require little to no installation, they also fit perfectly together. The cost of installation is pretty cheap, as well. Each tube costs approximately $15,000! That's only a down payment for a house, or one year's rent. They're perfect for a young couple trying to get on their feet, or an older person trying to relax and not worry about cleaning a whole lot. OPod Tubes can help tremendously in cities that have the common problem of overcrowding. And with the rising costs of housing, OPod could provide homes for everyone in need. -----Audio by Scott Leffler: -----Edited by Praise Forku: For copyright matters please contact us at: ****************************************************** Kindly follow us:

Family of Three Live and Work in 28ft Tiny Home | Lovely Tiny House

FAMILY OF THREE LIVE AND WORK IN 28FT TINY HOME Here is a family of three living comfortably in their 28ft tiny home. It’s the Kootenay model built by TruForm Tiny. The open concept design keeps everything airy but cozy. Do you think you and your family could live tiny? More Videos: ======================= THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! πŸ‘ If you like our video don't forget to press the button "Subscribe ❀️" and "Like πŸ‘" !! πŸ‘ Subscribe and View more here:

Meadows 28' by Cornerstone Tiny Homes

The Meadows 28' was a big hit at the Tiny House NC Street Festival. This house features a downstairs bedroom along with tons of upgrades. Cornerstone Tiny Homes is a proud member of RVIA. They work closely with their clients to come up with a unique tiny home design specific to their lifestyle. Each tiny home is built by licensed professionals to ensure the highest quality. Please visit for more information on designing your own custom tiny house.

BIG FAMILY... tiny house TOUR !

Our family of 9 lives in a little home (445 square feet plus a 130 sq ft loft) and we all really like it! Take a look around our tiny house, and if you are new to our channel & want to join us on our journey, don't forget to Subscribe! * * * Thank you for stopping by our YouTube home! I'm Julie, wife to Jason and mom to 7 fun kids...Isabella, Leo, Silas, Elsie, Samuel, Jeremiah, and James. We live in a tiny house on 16 acres in the country where we homeschool our children and work together on our big goal of turning this property into a beautiful place that we can share with others. We would love for you to join our journey as we document the process! Connect with us on Instagram @juliekreke

Tiny Home...Cabin...Inside finished!!!

rusty78609...This small building has the inside partially finished. Looks great...all cedar. $35000...15'x34'...I accidentally use the word 'furnished' instead of 'finished' contact me at: Rusty, POB 1446, Kingsland Tx 78639...thanks! A LINK TO AMAZON PRODUCTS: thank you for using the AMAZON LINK!!!

The "Sparrow" from Blue Sky Tiny Homes measures 20-ft in length with a 160-sq-ft layout on the main floor. The home features a shed-style roof, an open floor plan, and 10-ft ceilings, living area with a bay window & TV/bookshelf nook, the kitchen has stainless steel appliances (mini fridge and oven) and stainless steel sink with butcherblock countertops, a dining space for two, loft bedroom with room for a queen-sized bed, bathroom with washer/dryer combo.

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