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Top 10 Awkward Conversations in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Welcome to Great Moments in Bad Acting, your weekly history lesson about terrible voice acting. Join us as we spend the next two months making fun of some of the best bad acting ever committed to a video game. We'll be looking at crummy full-motion video games, overhead shooters, survival horror and even light gun shooters. All in an attempt to honor some of the hammiest acting you've ever heard. Today marks the penultimate episode for the season. We're celebrating with a personal favorite of mine -- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. While there's no denying the game's greatness, it's certainly hard to defend the voice acting. Also worth noting is the quality of recording, which sounds like it was done in a tin can. See for yourself when you watch the 10 Most Awkward Conversations in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night!

Review: The Gardens Between (PlayStation 4, Switch & Steam) - Defunct Games

Defunct Games reviews The Gardens Between by The Voxel Agents, available September 20 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mac and Linux. The Gardens Between is a small game that will leave a big impact. It's an enthralling journey with endlessly clever puzzles and a deeply emotional core that will no doubt remind you of your childhood friends. It's also gorgeous. I love the look of this game and its gentle, soothing atmosphere. It's also creative, but never overwhelming or frustrating. The Gardens Between is a time-bending puzzler for anybody that wants to feel something. This is a special game.

The World's Hardest Game - 0 Deaths (1-30) - No Cheating — World Record Speedrun of WHG by Pzula Flash Projector - Games like this are usually web-based, but you can play them offline without all the extra bloat. Download for Windows: The original .swf file for The World's Hardest Game from Cool Math Games Snubbyland version:!LcFkyArS!C3xiEaQ2q3-kMKuRI-89NHUAADDtz2DLjczZGzxKnOo Coolmathgames version:!vJMkCQaC!nTb9eDlW5s2S4-dLUgsSAhNZnlkhwfqSmm-6AWtN2vI

Defunct Games reviews Finding Light by Joshua Keith, available October 15 on PC.

Finding Light won't be for everybody, but it works well as a love letter to a very specific era of role-playing games. Fans of early adventure games on the old black and white Game Boy will get a kick out of this brief but effective journey to rescue friends and slay demons. It's a little buggy and suffers from a lot of the same issues that plagued those early 8-bit RPGs, but the combat is fun in all the right ways and the pacing never lets up. If you long for the days of getting into random battles every few steps, then Finding Light is definitely for you.

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