Small House Design 2018 | A Small Classic Two-Story Exterior Home Design in Charleston,United States

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Everyone was laughing at his HOUSE, until they went inside...

10 TINIEST HOMES OF ALL TIME One of the slogans of the Swedish company IKEA urges to think boldly. However, it would rather seem that they are far from bold thinking when all their proposals for interior design are limited to the principles of comfort and practicality. The heroes of our next video are not afraid to make bold decisions – They build houses on the water or even take them on the road with them. With that said, check out our top 8 smallest and the most comfortable houses. GREDIT: 1. Tokidoki Traveller 2. Houseboat 3. The Wandering Wagners 4. Living Big In A Tiny House 5. Expedition Happiness

15 Coolest Home Interior Design Features You Won’t Believe Exist

15 Coolest Home Interior Design Features You Won’t Believe Exist ► Subscribe: For copyright matters please contact us at: Many people are happy with their normal everyday home decorations. And most people don’t get too wild when it comes to making their home their place to breathe and relax. However, there are some really cool ideas out there that take interior design to a new level. With that said, check out these 15 coolest home interior design features you won’t believe exist. - Aquarium Bed – This is something that is really, really cool, as long as you don’t have a fear of sleeping under a few hundred gallons of water. The bed has a full-length headboard that goes from one-night stand to the other. - Indoor-Outdoor Pool – If you like swimming pools, but you hate going outside, then this one is for you. - Chandelier That Turns Your Room into a Forest – There are a lot of beautiful lighting ideas that are available, but none might be cooler than this chandelier that is designed to create shadows of a spooky forest in your room. - Swing Set Table – Tired of boring meetings at the kitchen table? Or do you just want to bring more fun to mealtime? - Spiral Staircase Slide - Here is a cool idea especially if you have children, and you could really justify this as a safe way for them to get downstairs without worrying they would fall. - Glass Floor and an Open Shaft Below Your Bathroom - Guadalajara-based studio Hernandez Silva Arquitectos has recently designed the new interior of a penthouse situated on top of a 70′s Mexican - Fusion Dining And Pool Table – This is really something special for those who love the game of billiards. It’s also a fantastic idea if you don’t have the room for a pool table in your house. - Hammock Bed This is the perfect invention for someone that loves hammocks. Beauty is combined with functionality as the industrial standard cloth is hand finished with classic zig-zag stitching. - Backyard Cinema – Imagine being able to have a cinema right in your backyard. - See-through Bathtub – This would really play tricks on your brain upon first sight, but this glass bath is very cool, as long as you’ve got total privacy or lots of bubbles. - Back Yard Beach-Themed Fire Pit – Everyone loves a nice comfortable firepit. - Pirate Ship Bedroom - The main feature of the room is the incredible floating pirate ship. - Walk-In Pool - Want a true ocean feel? Nix the barriers and go with an edgeless pool - Hammock Over the Stairs – This is another great idea that takes a not so safe place, and adds an extra place to chill out and relax. The area above stairs are generally wasted space, but this hammock turns it into a spot where you can relax and read a book or even catch a nap. It also doubles as a safety net for high stairs. If you like hammocks, then this could be for you. - Fire Pit Table – This is a modern house design that is almost too crazy to believe. We hope you enjoyed the video! Let us know which one of these was your favorite. And if you liked this video, then click the subscribe button and you’ll be notified when we release a new one. We appreciate you and want to thank you for watching Interesting Facts!

(109 m²) A House Project Represents The Style Manor, The Building Is One Storey | House Design 2018

(109 m²) A House Project Represents The Style Manor, The Building Is One-Storey, House Design 2018 PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Z2 project represents the style of manor architecture. In the basic version, the building is one-storey. The location of the stairs makes it possible to develop the attic by an additional 40 meters. usable. The interior of the living room is marked by an axis running from the entrance hall to the glass doors leading to the terrace. In the living room you can reveal the roof structure, which will enlarge the cubature and optically the interior. Kitchen combined with a dining room, has an independent exit under the arcade, where you can arrange a place for barbecue. In the case of building arcades, it is possible to enlarge the dining room or create a "winter garden". The house is divided into two zones, one has a daily function, while in the second intimate part three rooms and a bathroom are separated. The functional program of the house allows access to all rooms from one level. Another advantage is the ability to stage the construction and development of the attic as the needs grow. Depending on the variant of the façade finish, the Z2 design may represent the style of a classicist manor house or Old Polish manor house. The house stands out in the area as an expression of attachment to our tradition and culture. This project is also on the market under the name: - WAE1001 - TJL-516 - SZ5 Z2 CE (DOM OZ1-97) TECHNICAL DATA Usable area / net of 109.5 m² The building area is 134.9 m² Cubature 285,6 m³ The usable area calculated in accordance with the minister's regulation of April 25, 2012 The height of the house is 6.7 m A depression angle of 32 ° The roof area is 215.35 m² The height of the 0.63 m elbow wall   Number of rooms 4   The type of house is brick HEATING INSTALLATION Gas, recuperation in the project   Primary energy (Ep) 93.3 kWh / m² / year Final energy (Ek) 80.2 kWh / m² / year   In the design, the heating method is adapted to the room's capabilities. If it is not possible to use a heater / s, then we use underfloor heating. CONSTRUCTION COSTS Estimated calculation of PLN 259 385 Z2_kosztorys_szacunkowy The price of the masonry version PLN 2 241 2 PLN 490 MATERIAL PROPOSALS WALL cellular concrete, ceramics, silicates STROP concrete, ribbed Roof tile, roof tile Ground floor 109.5 m² A 3.5 m² garden 6.9 m² lounge 1.9 m² toilet The kitchen is 9.0 m² Living room 31.2 m² Lobby 4.9 m² Room 9.1 sq m Room 12.7 m² 9.5 m² room A bathroom of 6.1 m² P.g. + laundry room 5.5 m² 9.3 m² dining room OPTIONAL SUPPLY Attic optional - means that in a given project, it is possible to adapt a floor above the ceiling to the living space, usable space or attic, depending on the final destination of the space directly under the roof. Adapting the storey requires each time that the design be made with the necessary modifications, ie structural, architectural and installation, which must be carried out at the stage of Adaptation of the Project to the plot by authorized persons. Attic (option) 48.0 m² MINIMUM LAND DIMENSIONS WIDTH 20.88 m LENGTH 20.07 m   DIMENSIONS OF FRONT FACADES 14.7 m Learn More: https://slowniczek-pojec.html/ More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome ============================ #TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.

Big Fancy TINY HOUSE with BBQ Deck, Three Bedrooms & Every Creature Comfort

Lisa and Bruce's Tiny Home, "Summit", is bright and open, with modern amenities and comfortable sleeping space for five! RENT THE SUMMIT TINY HOUSE (Search for cabins): SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: RECEIVE GIFTS AND EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: ----------MORE MORE MORE!------------ Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: ----------CREDITS------------ TITLE MUSIC: Kate Steinway - "Tiny Home" iTunes: Spotify: Youtube: ADDITIONAL MUSIC: ADDITIONAL PHOTOS: Provided by Michael Fuehrer DRONE SHOT: Jonathan Benabed --------BUSINESS INQUIRES & MUSIC SUBMISSIONS--------- email:

2 BHK Apartments Walkthrough

Walkthrough of 2 BHK Flats at VN's Greeneries, Solapur, Maharashtra, India.

A dream home of classic style and relaxed living,

Is there anything at once both so inviting and classically elegant as the porte cochere? Creating a beautiful and always invigorating entry to the home, the symmetrical sensibility of the Jekyll is accented by dramatic dormers that fill the residence with natural light. The formal front entry gives way at right to a private study that warms the entry experience. Main living areas are grand spaces certain to bring family and guests together. Upstairs are two very spacious bedrooms each with a private bath. There is also an unfinished bonus space for storage. Shoreline Construction's pretty Jekyll model is located in Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, SC, it is a dream home of classic style and relaxed living.
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More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome

#TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.

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