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Knockdown Rebuild Timelapse

Transform your old house into the home of your dreams. Check out this time lapse video of one of our Knockdown Rebuild projects.

House Building Time Lapse | Kinsbrook | Brooks Green | West Sussex | January to October 2012

Banner Homes demolishes an old chicken farm in Brooks Green, West Sussex to replace the unsightly sheds with five luxury homes. January 2012 to October 2012. View the updated video at

Sestřih: 1,5 roku stavby cihlového pasivního domu v projektu Svépomocí ŽIVĚ

Při příležitosti konání stavebního veletrhu FOR ARCH 2016 v pražských Letňanech a druhého ročníku konference Stavba a rekonstrukce svépomocí jsme pro Vás připravili 14 minutový sestřih z realizace cihlového pasivního domu, kterou můžete sledovat v projektu Svépomocí ŽIVĚ. Ve videu uvidíte záběry z etap, které doposud nebyly zveřejněny. Užijte si video. -------------------------------------------- Další články s videi najdete na Facebook: Stavba, kterou si můžete přijet vyzkoušet: 12 věcí, které musíte znát před stavbou základové desky Jak postavit hrubou stavbu a ušetřit jen na zdění až 120.000 Kč

Garden Renovation

People of YouTube. I thank you all massively for watching this old timelapse of mine, almost 7 years old now. I have no idea how you are finding it, but I'm impressed that my first ever attempt to make a timelapse has had over a million views to showcase the fine work done by Elliot of Royal Landscapes in converting a mess of a garden we inherited when we bought the house to something we knew we could work with and make a special place for our family. Less impressive is the constant babble from people saying it isn't a garden, I hate plants, blah blah blah. It was MY garden, not yours. Finally I've grown tired of the moronic comments, and have blocked comments - which is a shame as there were many good comments too. Enjoy the video - 3 weeks of work in 3 minutes. Then understand that this was just the beginning of the journey on this garden and it looked very different within just a few months of the completion of this video. Happy viewing! Music: Life in Technicolor © 2008 Coldplay.


订阅滇西小哥YouTube频道 ▶ 一颗神奇小豌豆的百变吃法 豌豆磨成浆煮开,是一碗浓香的豆粉浆 上浆后煮熟,是早餐必备的稀豆粉 稀豆粉冷却后划粗丝加上佐料是凉拌豆粉 倒在芭蕉树干上剥落后晒干,就是干栏片,炸,炒,煮汤,都特别美味 #滇西小哥,一个地道的云南妹子。

If you love where you live but your home has seen better days, knocking down your existing house and rebuilding new may be the perfect option for you. This way, you can enjoy living in a brand new home without sacrificing the benefits of your location.

With a Porter Davis knockdown and rebuild, you can keep your kids at their current schools and stay close to the local shops, amenities and services you’re used to and there’s no need to put your family through a massive routine and lifestyle change like you do when you move house.

Furthermore, starting fresh and building an entirely new house may actually be less expensive than renovating your old house and offer significant lifestyle improvements overall.

This short clip shows the entire knockdown and rebuild process with Porter Davis from demolition to a finished home for the family to move in.

Visit our for more information on knocking down and rebuilding new or call 1800 PORTER (767 837).

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