TUCO Launches Foundation To Help Calypsonians, To Establish Home For Calypso

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Pink Panther - Ah Cyar See

Kaiso humor at its best.

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The Best of Lord Blakie - Raw Kaiso HD

Live at Mas Camp Pub 1994

Zandolie - Too Much Man Family

Raw Kaiso...

Cro Cro - Nobody Go Know

Cro Cro, in a suprising change to a humourous calypso, cementing his spot in the Dimanche Gras show - He Later went on to win the Crown with this same song on the final night...which drew quite a bit of controversy from members of the Kaiso fraternity...Kaiso Fiesta 2007 Skinner Park San Fernando

The President of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation is calling for the artform to be given more respect.

TUCO President, Lutalo Masimba, told the launch of the Calypso History Month in the NCC's VIP room at the Queen’s Park Savannah, that calypsonians need a proper venue to showcase their talent.

Ian Wason has more.

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