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"BELAKU" | Interior Design of Dr. Arun Gowda & Mrs.Deepashree Arun's Bungalow | PART 1

The most anticipated big budget project is finally here! #Foyer area: As we enter the house we have a small foyer which welcomes you to Mr.Arun’s house.The entrance door has a custom made carving which depicts the 4 family members who live there. #Living area: As we step into the house from the foyer we land in the living area.Here we have a wide Tv unit which has complete lacquered glass back panel and some niches to display artifacts.On the other side of the tv unit, we have a Pooja unit and this is so beautiful. There is a separate area for displaying a peaceful Buddha statue.The false ceiling has a nice circular shape with the same pattern of CNC designs and we have provided ample amount of lights throughout. On the way to the kitchen we a vanity unit with a designer mirror and a wash basin with 2 drawers to store their towels and handwash.The entrance of the kitchen has a display unit with complete see through glasses and we have given glass ledges to place the artifacts. #Modular Kitchen: This is a huge kitchen with complete provision for storage.Bright red with white is the color combination here.This kitchen is been divided into the wet and dry area. Dry area for baking and wet area for cooking Indian dishes.We have a breakfast counter followed by an open shelf which is attached to a tall unit and next to that we made a provision to fit the refrigerator and on top we have lofts. Chimney hob and cutlery set, bottle pull out tandem boxes and a lot of cabinets are placed accordingly. All of them are accessed using the G-profile handles. #Guest Bedroom: We are entering a guest bedroom now which looks bold and beautiful we have a cute coat here with storage below and a lovely headboard which is extended to the side tables on either side.The top panel of the headboard has cute CNC cutting with autumn leaf shape which looks very interesting.The wardrobes also look interesting because of its color combination and the handles. We have white wardrobes and some orange shelves sealed in between to highlight the unit and the handles also play a major role because of the color and shape. Our clients wanted an extra wardrobe so we designed another unit with sliding doors and this one is really unique because we have used fabric for a design element which is sandwiched by a transparent glass to make it highlighting. Project Details: Client Name : Dr. Arun Gowda & Mrs.Deepashree Arun Apartment Name : Belaku size : 4 BHK Project Cost : 47 Lakhs Includes : Modular/ furnishing/ decor Designer : Pooja, Preeksha & Shruti Project Manager : Shakti Host : Vathsala Gowda, Mini Shot & Edit : Sagar Shankaranarayanan

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Dr. Ravi Kumar 3BHK apartment interiors @Golden Grand

#3bhkapartmentinteriors At this fast paced world, the digital platform enables communication without meeting the person face to face. Our conversation to set up interiors for Dr. Ravi Kumar’s 3bhk apartment at Golden Grand was completely over skype and whats app calls, as he stays abroad. We indulged in almost all sorts of work apart from false ceiling and wood designs like, granite work, plumbing and air conditioning too. #foyerinteriors The pleasing foyer interiors @2:18 melts our heart with the captivating style. The hall is divided into three spaces: Foyer, Living and dining space. The foyer has the unique CNC cut partition to add beauty to the space. It isn’t the end. The detailed stone cladding adds an edge to it, so that the foyer area gets that luxurious look. #livinginteriors The entire living room @2:31 is divide brilliantly. The rich CNC cut partition and the ledges that have spot lights beneath each of them define a classy look. The Pooja room with the storage cabinets at the bottom goes well with the living room too. #falseceilingdesign The false ceilings that impart the touch of elegance @2:37, is designed in such a way that the living and the dining is connected rhythmically. #diningroominteriors The dining room @2:41 has got a majestic crockery unit. It appears huge and utile but it consumes less space. The partition with CNC cut design, happens to be a show stealer again. The ledges with spot lights can elevate the mood of the dining area along with the false ceiling. #funkykidsbedroom Having known the age of the kid, the kid’s bedroom @2:47 is designed with white and green shades throughout. The entire bedroom has the wall paint, wardrobe, cot and the study table in that combination. The mirror is attached with the wardrobe has the storage protruded outside a little, so as to look like a dresser. A well-lit white board is attached to the study table for the kid to scribble or write on it. The queen size cot along with the provision of storage beneath is another piece of furniture with the jazzy green-white combo. #masterbedroominteriors The master bedroom interiors @3:01 stands exceptional from other room interiors. The classy dual colour combination followed throughout the room looks charming. The slider wardrobe and the king size cot with storage look heavy and splendid of all the furniture at this room. The dazzling dresser and sturdy study table together contribute to the sophisticated look. #guestbedroomdesigns Last but not the least, is the fully furnished guest bedroom @3:06 with a stylish slider wardrobe, TV unit and a queen size cot that can amaze you with its amazing appearance. A blissful success Despite doing so many projects, this seemed to be one of the bests to us. Owing to the communication factor, this turned out to be an interesting and challenging one too. We are happy that we were able to meet the demands of the Dr. Ravi Kumar completely.

In this video, we have demonstrated the interiors done by Bonito @ Nature Walk, KR Puram.This is a 3 BHK villa owned by the lovely couple Anu and Saravanan.

#Foyer Design

We have designed an "L" shaped shoe rack which has bottom cabinets at seater height.Provision for air circulation is given.A long pebble tray is designed which starts from the shoe rack and extends till the entrance of the living.The wall above this is decorated with a brass finished Ganesha.A rafter with spot lights is provided to highlight the entire wall.

#Living room interiors design

We have decorated the whole wall behind the TV unit with textured paint and 3 wall mounted cabinets are placed for storage and display purpose.Cabinets are highlighted with dark and light coloured laminates.A long white bottom cabinet is provided which goes along with the white outline. Few drawers are included in the bottom cabinet. To light up the entire wall, we have designed a CNC with cove lights and spotlights on the ceiling.

The wall opposite to Tv unit is decorated with a beautiful Marble cut work.Cove lights are provided to light up this piece of art.The wall next to it has a broad window. We have provided CNC design on the side panels of the window.A beautiful chandelier with circular hanging lights is another speciality of this living area.

#Dining area design

We have designed an amazing circular shaped false ceiling with CNC design.This dining area houses a staircase which leads you to the floors above.A beautiful pebble tray with multicoloured LED lights designed below the staircase.

#Modern modular kitchen

We have included spot light in the entrance panel of the kitchen to make it more welcoming.We used white laminates for top cabinets and blackcurrant for bottom cabinets.We have designed a handle free designs.We have provided silver coloured G profile which is been highlighted when used with white and blackcurrant laminates.A seater and a breakfast counter is designed in the kitchen with marble counter top.

#Pooja room design

We have made 2 levels in this pooja room and provided drawers for storage.We have used the same coloured laminates with granite counter top.

#Guest bedroom Furniture

We have designed a wardrobe with light and dark coloured laminates with leather texture on it.An end to end loft is designed for storage.

#False ceiling design on the passage

On the way to the kids bedroom and master bed room there is an open space. We have provided a false ceiling with squares intersecting in corners. The false ceiling near master bedroom is decorated with a CNC cutting.

#kids bedroom furniture

A sleek study table is designed with royal blue coloured laminates with storage on both sides in black coloured laminates.A huge wardrobe with blue and black laminates is designed in this room.The dresser has storage behind the mirror as well as drawers below.A designer hanging light is given to beautify the room even more.

# Master bedroom interior

We have provided orange and white coloured laminates to brighten this master bedroom.The laminates is been placed in diagonal shapes. We have given a study table provision in the middle of the wardrobe which can be converted into a TV unit as well.The coat is designed with storage underneath.Head board of this coat has white laminate with orange boarder. Two fancy side table with ss legs to support gives a young and vibrant look to the room.

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