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1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 : Regular Car Reviews

Published on Jan 8, 2018 667,092 views

We drive a 1st-Gen Dodge Viper from 1994 when airbags were not yet mandatory. I've been waiting to a rewview a viper. This car comes from the YouTube Channel "JAIRUS OF ALL"



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  • David Hill
    David Hill Год назад it has 1 very good saftey feature "fear of death "
  • Gianluca Silvestri
    Gianluca Silvestri 3 месяца назад @B10401 It gives a good kick when you're cruising at 70 kmh and a truck forgets your existence and tries to park in front of you, hope your brakes don't lock...
  • Foof K
    Foof K 7 месяцев назад @MR2 Spyder Journal Weight distribution on the gen 1 viper is 49/50.
  • Mr 232172
    Mr 232172 9 месяцев назад Great comment!!
  • Apop
    Apop Год назад David Hill hahaha good one!
  • David Hill
    David Hill Год назад Been there on bikes quite a few times ...that gets the old heart beating lol
  • B10401
    B10401 Год назад Sometimes I have those "You know...I should have been deathly afraid back there" moments on my motorcycle.
  • David Hill
    David Hill Год назад Here in Australia Ford and Holden (GM) used to build utes , RWD big HP (in the v8 versions ) and bugger all weight over the rear wheels .. sketchy as fuck in the wet .
  • Buck Fitches
    Buck Fitches Год назад Weight distribution? How about the weight distribution of a Ford Transit Highcube??? They're shaky as fuck in the corners I can tell you. 30 mph is still 30mph though. Unless you're on a motorway, you're speeding doing more than that as well as stupid to boot and if you are going legal road speed, what the hell are you doing crashing a car at legal road speed? Doing a line of coke? If I don't crash a highcube on tight corners at legal road speeds, a man has to be doing something wrong to lose control of a car with better weight distribution as well as suspension even if it does have a V10 up front.
  • Dilbics Inc.
    Dilbics Inc. Год назад No one here has mentioned going 95 mph in a town. The weight distribution issues will exist on ANY road, not just shitty roads.
  • Buck Fitches
    Buck Fitches Год назад Yeah, they say that about Porsche's too. The truth about Ferraris and Porsches and Vipers and superbikes is simple though, it doesn't matter which you're driving/riding, 30mph is still 30mph. They might reach that in different lengths of time but 30mph is still 30mph and no one is dying at 30mph. Well, it can happen I guess but I cant remember the last time I heard of someone dying at 30. If you're doing 95 on that same road though with a road surface only made for 30 then yeah, you're probably gonna' die. Then again, if you're driving a race type car at race type speeds on a public road instead of a race track, I'm not gonna' feel sorry for you if you die. I might feel sorry for the other innocent people you take out, but not you. But there's a real simple way to solve the problem... 30mph is still 30mph.
  • TheBullshitPatrol
    TheBullshitPatrol Год назад the true libertarian safety feature (TM)
  • Max's Car Blog
    Max's Car Blog Год назад MR2 Spyder Journal look again. The engine is behind the front axle. Therefore this car is technically front-mid engine
  • supra60
    supra60 Год назад MR2 Spyder Journal You have no idea what the vipers weight distribution is.
  • MR2 Spyder Journal
    MR2 Spyder Journal Год назад That front end being so heavy and back end being so lite, I would be scared too. My MR2 is a bit scary at times, but it at least has some weight/traction over the rear wheels and it has tried killing me 3x (bad driving haha not afraid to admit that).
  • Nick Monti
    Nick Monti Год назад jay leno calls it using "advanced crash avoidance technology"
  • s13 gouf
    s13 gouf Год назад With a car so low and wide you wouldn't think roll overs would be an issue, but they were.
  • E4T6
    E4T6 Год назад They say that about Porsche’s, don’t they???
  • Cleveland Maker
    Cleveland Maker Год назад David Hill cause AMERICA
  • koonzify
    koonzify Год назад David Hill fdt
  • QurttoRco
    QurttoRco Год назад only problem it sometimes kick in a little bit too late
  • ghxstcxntrxl music
    ghxstcxntrxl music Год назад “Let’s make a fast car” “What else should it have?” shrugs viper is created
    ERICtheLATE 2 недели назад @Isaac Roebuck "Bought by Fiat" is like selling a 2.7 Intrepid to someone who has NO clue about it's reputation, you even give hints...then you knock off $100 bucks because they were pleasant, b.s. free, yet naive, but has they drive away, you realize you were probably hustled, one more time, but it is over, clean slate, damnit, you left your license plate on it...but not really, just sharing the 1.4 Multiair as a cojoined business is cheaper than selling all the motors to and fro, while being sale tax... taxed.
    ERICtheLATE 2 недели назад Like, it like was the only car that like, should have listed "weight reduction" as a like, "feature".
  • fml
    fml 2 месяца назад They spent more time thinking they could instead of should they
  • Michael Free
    Michael Free 2 месяца назад @Dave Wilson In 1994 a cellular phone was still a brick. Yes, a literal brick, or it came in a bag and had a handset with a cord. 6 throws out of 10, it'd have a LEAD ACID BATTERY.
  • Viktor T
    Viktor T 3 месяца назад @Dave Wilson oh no watch out this guy is a badass he doesn't need any "pussy features".
  • Gianluca Silvestri
    Gianluca Silvestri 3 месяца назад Well, they are until you add rain, then it becomes more like a death wish, wet brakes that lock with the slightest pressure and cornering makes me conscious about grip
  • Gianluca Silvestri
    Gianluca Silvestri 3 месяца назад @Dave Wilson sincerely motorcycles are damn safe, they're light so braking is a breeze, visibility is well... You can see everything and driving them is way easier, I'd be scared shitless driving a Viper at 140 MPH, since it just isn't all of the stated above. I also drive a motorcycle daily and I feel safer driving that rather than a car.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад @Isaac Roebuck I'm not defending them, moron, I'm just stating a fact.
  • Isaac Roebuck
    Isaac Roebuck 5 месяцев назад @Dave Wilson Why does Dodge need your defense? FoMoCo and GM don't need mine.
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @forkandknife You're probably 10 years old so you don't realize that most of that shit WASN'T FUCKING COMMONPLACE IN 1994. That would be like me saying Chevy really dropped the ball with the C6 ZR1 by not having the iPhone 10 package. Oh wait, that didn't fucking exist in 2011. Regardless, we call those pussy features - go buy a GTR that does everything but steer for you. GTR: for the beanie wearing douche that has no skill but wants to look good with daddies money. I ride motorcycles so I always crack up when people not only need a metal cage, but a comfy metal cage with every feature known to man.
  • Isaac Roebuck
    Isaac Roebuck 6 месяцев назад Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Chrysler. Because you know you're doing something wrong when being bought by Fiat is the best thing to ever happen to you.
  • techmage89
    techmage89 8 месяцев назад (изменено) @forkandknife Cost is detrimental to a fast car when the money is spent on things that don't make it faster. The Viper wasn't about being luxurious or high quality. It had a single-minded focus on performance. There were faster cars, but they were much more expensive.
  • forkandknife
    forkandknife 8 месяцев назад @techmage89 since when is cost detrimental to a fast car? That makes no sense. Not to mention there are plenty of cars that have all those that are faster, made in the same year. It's called Dodge was half assing it like every 1990s American manufacturer.
  • techmage89
    techmage89 8 месяцев назад @forkandknife Those add weight and cost. Detrimental to a fast car.
  • forkandknife
    forkandknife 9 месяцев назад 😂😂😂😂 lol abs, TC, brakes, build quality? Dodge development team: The fuck are those?
  • NavyWolf175
    NavyWolf175 Год назад 1994 Dodge Viper, the car for crashing through the gates of hell while blasting "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
    Squirmin Herman the one eyed German 3 недели назад 4 Horsemen by Metallica! Your welcome✌☮
  • Daniel Seelye
    Daniel Seelye 2 месяца назад (изменено) Nah man, it's crashing through the Pearly Gates with flames pouring out of the exhausts while Motörhead's Ace of Spades is being belted out by Saint Lemmy and the boys.
  • rolon96 2810
    rolon96 2810 3 месяца назад Sounds like a cool death.
  • Democracy_is_truth
    Democracy_is_truth 5 месяцев назад 90s dodge: we die like men, and you should too
  • Brandon Hook
    Brandon Hook Год назад God I miss driving this car. Spun once and thought I was going to die... I was only going 25
  • Matt's Cool Stuff
    Matt's Cool Stuff 1 месяц назад I've had one for three years and I drive it like a maniac. How did you manage to spin it at 25??
  • rolon96 2810
    rolon96 2810 3 месяца назад That sounds scary but fun
  • lambusado
    lambusado Год назад 200 dollars a tire seems kinda cheap for that car.
  • Squirmin Herman the one eyed German
    Squirmin Herman the one eyed German 3 недели назад (изменено) It was a high price for a tire back then considering i could get a whole set of BFGs for my '85 Trans Am for $200 ✌☮
  • JDMTuna
    JDMTuna 1 месяц назад 200 per tire will not get you a quality performance tire. I would not cheap out on tires were it my car.
  • Mason Bauer
    Mason Bauer 2 месяца назад @Rikorage lol especially if you're one to do burnouts
  • riothero313
    riothero313 2 месяца назад must be old money... R compound isn't cheap.
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 2 месяца назад Andrew Holmes I’m probably mixing up € and $
  • Andrew Holmes
    Andrew Holmes 2 месяца назад @Jonathan I believe it was $30,000 or more every 2,500 miles
  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 6 месяцев назад Isn’t a veyron set like $25,000
  • Rikorage
    Rikorage 6 месяцев назад Guess it makes a difference if they gotta be replaced every 2,000 miles or less.
  • Luke F
    Luke F Год назад America's TVR
    ERICtheLATE 2 недели назад That TVR did set the tone for major power and unconventional features.
  • Kartal Toth
    Kartal Toth 1 месяц назад (изменено) It's not about what it was meant to beat Godwing , it's about what the car itself is , TVRs are powerful ,scary and will try to kill you ( and very goofy looking) just like the R/T 10.
  • Adler C.
    Adler C. 5 месяцев назад There was a TVR that was abandoned at an auto shop near my house so they put it up for sale. I never got to check it out but it always caught my eye when I drove by.
  • Godwind Racing
    Godwind Racing 5 месяцев назад More like Chrysler’s Corvette ZR-1, who in turn was intended to compete against the Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Countach - TVR had nothing in that segment, their cars was intended to compete against the Porsche 930 and Ferrari 328
  • Intaminator
    Intaminator 6 месяцев назад @TheSuperiorSkoda Well, that depends on which TVR you're tallking about. If its the Cerbera 12 Speed, then nope, that thing was so overpowered and unsafe that the chief engineer decided to scrap the entire project because he was terrified of this car.
  • TheSuperiorSkoda
    TheSuperiorSkoda 7 месяцев назад Just less safe.
  • Jam5zW
    Jam5zW 9 месяцев назад Luke F EXACTLY!!
  • andxx0r_the_second
    andxx0r_the_second Год назад (изменено) Normal Car Cup in Gran Turismo 1. What's that, cheaty rubber-band AI in your Acura NSX Type-S Zero and your Toyota TRD 3000GT Supra, getting half a lap ahead of the rest of the field within 2 minutes? You think you're so great? Well, GUESS WHAT? I've just spent 68,000 of my hard-earned credits on a Dodge Viper RT/10 and I'm gonna MAKE YOU MY BIIIIIIITCH.
  • S'mores The Husky
    S'mores The Husky 1 месяц назад @Mazda Rx8 If you fuck with the suspension and brake settings like crazy (I forgot what to do, I believe its stabilize and harden the fuck out of the suspension, and make the brakes super strong controlled), it should drive better.
  • Mazda Rx8
    Mazda Rx8 1 месяц назад andxx0r_the_second this thing understeered a fuck ton stock
  • spronkey
    spronkey 4 месяца назад So much yes right here. This guy PlayStations.
  • Zac
    Zac 7 месяцев назад My god i remember searching the Gran turismo 2 dealerships for HOURS trying to find a good deal with my first 100k. All the race cars were waaaay out of my price range..... then there was the viper....
  • Meek Pup
    Meek Pup 8 месяцев назад andxx0r_the_second And soooo many spinouts were had shortly after haha
  • Jam5zW
    Jam5zW 9 месяцев назад andxx0r_the_second I totally did that. Saved up for a Viper then I wasn’t good enough to race it. Lol
  • Claudio Bizama
    Claudio Bizama Год назад I relate to this so much it hurts
  • WarMonger Airsoft
    WarMonger Airsoft 2 месяца назад “Everybody needs their own messiah, but at some point; he’s getting nailed up. And how you deal with that is a measure of your maturity.” That’s actually real deep
  • Kwame Willmore
    Kwame Willmore Год назад "Accelerates like it hates the past" - Perfection.
  • me3333
    me3333 Год назад That was my favorite line.  I think I'm going to start using it.
  • TheReal NateDogg
    TheReal NateDogg Год назад Believe me this is a different 400hp
  • Matt's Cool Stuff
    Matt's Cool Stuff 1 месяц назад Literally everything he said in this video is why I love mine.
  • hanse81
    hanse81 3 месяца назад @DeviouS The fact that you don't understand the quote from the video doesn''t make your arguments look any smarter.
  • Toasted Pastry
    Toasted Pastry 4 месяца назад @Calin Campbell You got burn girlie
  • Calin Campbell
    Calin Campbell 7 месяцев назад 6265 MOPAR good one, you gonna come up with any decent insults soon?
  • 6265 MOPAR
    6265 MOPAR 7 месяцев назад Calin Campbell sorry didnt know you guys where dating so nice of you to stick up for your man like that its clear you play the womans role
  • Calin Campbell
    Calin Campbell 7 месяцев назад 6265 MOPAR if it was impossible to get past the uh then you need to learn some reading & comprehension friend
  • 6265 MOPAR
    6265 MOPAR 7 месяцев назад FirebirdCamaro1220 sorry wasnt able to read your comment. it was impossible to get past the uh at the beginning. thats the way pre teen girls start their sentences and me being a grown man would make it innapropriate for me to respond
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад @6265 MOPAR uh, it depends on how much torque the engine makes and where it hits in the RPM band. For example a 2015 Honda Civic Si, and a 1976 Pontiac Firebird Formula 455 both make 200hp on paper, but the torque difference is huge, 330ft lbs in the Firebird vs 174ft lbs in the Civic Si; which also means that below 4,000rpm, the 455 Pontiac V8 has more useable hp for everyday driving
  • Calin Campbell
    Calin Campbell 8 месяцев назад DeviouS is the life of the party
  • Kurt Patterson
    Kurt Patterson Год назад DeviouS Absolutely different hps. A car with a 400 Hp flat powerband has more available power than a peaky engine with a 500 Hp top rating.
  • 2bit MarketAnarchist
    2bit MarketAnarchist Год назад DeviouS horsepower is a measure of how fast torque can be made. Therefore a car with 100 hp and 100 foot pounds of torque has different horsepower from a car with 100 hp and 220 foot pounds of torque
  • DeviouS
    DeviouS Год назад (изменено) sparkyenergia lol reminds me of that commercial were the Ferrari owner fills his car up with gas and revs the car up after filling and three revs later it's on empty again! Your close though but I have no need to drive myself around , I have peons for that! That and a job (just over broke) no need for them either! I was just smart like that!
  • sparkyenergia
    sparkyenergia Год назад DeviouS drives around always at 5800rpm regardless of road speed or gear. Hes just hardcore like that. Car park idle at 5800rpm just so he can have that 400hp on tap.
  • DeviouS
    DeviouS Год назад Derek Franks but again also 1000% wrong , you don't just change a topic from hp to how two separate cars handle on a track and declare yourself correct but nice try lmao . One hp in a minivan is the same as one hp in a viper! Yes they handle different and are use for different things but in the end I'm correct that it's the same one hp no matter were you stick it!
  • Derek Franks
    Derek Franks Год назад MultiAREE Hello I totally agree. A person needs Skills to Drive A Viper. SCCA road courses & racing schools teaching you better skills Vehicle dynamics you are 1000% Correct😊
  • DeviouS
    DeviouS Год назад (изменено) MultiAREE yes and a blueberry is blue but a banana is yellow that is about as relevant as differnt hp being now about the cars weight! Sorry but one hp is one hp no matter what car it's stuck in or that cars weight! One hp = 745.70 N M/S ( Newton meters per second ) regardless of what it's in!
  • 6265 MOPAR
    6265 MOPAR Год назад DeviouS yes there is nod difference but an engine that makes its peak power at a high rpm's will feel different than one that is set up to make peak power at lower rpm's. A carbureted engine with a large plenum single plane intake will not be as responsive on the bottom end but it will scream on the top end where a dual plane intake will be more torquey and responsive off the line
  • DeviouS
    DeviouS Год назад No such thing as different horsepower. Lack of Granny's like traction control and shit doesn't change the power LMAO!
  • MrGizmo757
    MrGizmo757 Год назад It has one of the flattest power bands out of any car ever. And it has torque for days. Basically it doesn't matter where you are in the rev range, you're in the power curve. This car just pulls and pulls. Where a 700 HP corvette. Makes all it's power high in the rev range. The Viper just makes tons of power everywhere. It's a different experience.
  • Timothy Upshaw
    Timothy Upshaw Год назад I own a 2004 model and I can honestly say it absolutely is a different horsepower . My model comes with 500 horsepower and its a scary fucking car . I owned a 2011 grand sport before this car and I used to let everybody go for a spin in that car but my viper? I will not let anyone sit in the driver seat, You have to respect this car when you drive it absolutely requires skill to drive . You can't hop in the car and go you have to get used to the cars pros and cons . All around I love my viper
  • BlueTrane2028
    BlueTrane2028 Год назад Aside from the fact that it's a quote from the video, it's not at all far from true. You may have a newer car with 400 horse or more, but it's got traction control, ABS, all sorts of electronic nannies and actual safety equipment. The Viper is none of that. It will kill you in an instant if you don't respect it, and that's why it's absolutely amazing.
  • Mr. TAMW
    Mr. TAMW Год назад TheReal NateDogg meaning
  • King Dumbass
    King Dumbass 9 месяцев назад Put skinny tires on and go down a mountain It's for science
  • Timothy Sayles
    Timothy Sayles Год назад My older brother and I saw this when it was a concept car at the Detroit Auto Show. We were awestruck. A few years later, he received his Viper. People went nuts for this thing when we drove around, mainly guys like you said. One guy followed us for miles to a stop sign and begged my brother to give him a ride for $50.00....The dude was so excited, I agreed to get out and stand by the side of a country road for 20 minutes so this guy could fulfill his dream by riding in it. I loved that car, he let 13 year old me blast the "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" album on our Michigan summer rides, even at full volume you could barely hear the music over the engine haha. Just figured i'd share my story since this review brought back a lot of memories!
  • JD JD
    JD JD 1 месяц назад Nice
  • Grubby bum
    Grubby bum 4 месяца назад @Blue51. Lol idk
  • Blue51
    Blue51 4 месяца назад @David Lasanen what?
  • Dave Wilson
    Dave Wilson 5 месяцев назад Must be nice to grow up in a family that can buy Vipers. Honestly your brother is a moron for letting a stranger, that followed you for miles no less, get into the car. He could have easily shot you both in the head and took it. I grew up in Miami where gunfights heppened over $10 disputes. Give them a chance to steal a $50,000 car and watch what happens.
  • David Lasanen
    David Lasanen 6 месяцев назад ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!
  • UrDaddy WingNut
    UrDaddy WingNut 7 месяцев назад Timothy Sayles -- I too first saw the Viper at an auto show- although it was in Pittsburgh- still before it was released for sale. I was still a teenager, although just barely, and remember how blown away I was by it. I also remember all the people around me saying how it was just another car that looks all kinds of great at car shows, but will never actually find its way into a dealership... . And look at it now! Automotive history those asshat Europeans can't even suckstart, much less handle driving!
  • Calin Campbell
    Calin Campbell 8 месяцев назад Timothy Sayles good taste
  • Colin Donovan
    Colin Donovan Год назад It's still on my bucket list to drive one. They are my dream cars
  • Derek Franks
    Derek Franks Год назад Colin Donovan Hi Colin if you ever get a chance go for it !!!! They are FUN!!!!!!!😁😅😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😚😁
  • Alex Crawford
    Alex Crawford Год назад 1994 Dodge Viper: The automotive equivalent of Undertaker Vs Mankind in Hell in a Cell.
  • Pwn Ranger
    Pwn Ranger 2 месяца назад The pain these men are preparing to endure is inhuman!
  • J Shannon
    J Shannon 11 месяцев назад That was some scary ass shit that the competitors went through.
  • Drew O
    Drew O Год назад Alex Crawford 1
  • Darth Soros
    Darth Soros Год назад Arman Bath and 96 was taker vs mankind at burried alive
  • Hipster Coffee
    Hipster Coffee Год назад Why is he in a suit?
  • Daniel K
    Daniel K Год назад You win my internet today good sir
  • Arman Bath
    Arman Bath Год назад 1998
  • Che1seabluesdrogba11
    Che1seabluesdrogba11 Год назад Alex Crawford na, it's equivalent to the Meme of undertaker vs mankind
  • mikePesar
    mikePesar Год назад WITH GAWD AS MY WITNESS HE IS BROKEN IN HALF Still the greatest call ever in any sport.
  • Rey Castillo
    Rey Castillo Год назад BAH GAWD, THAT MAN HAS A FAMILY
  • MrSkiloV
    MrSkiloV Год назад Alex Crawford He killed him!
  • Plot Armor Goku
    Plot Armor Goku Год назад I learned manual in a viper. It was easy because you didn’t need to give it any throttle.
  • Cabusha AK
    Cabusha AK 1 месяц назад I learned in a 91 F150 with the 4.9L - Straight Six. Similar deal. GOBS of torque to you could be really lazy with the throttle.
  • Ducky Vexton
    Ducky Vexton 1 месяц назад @Salvatore Climenti In the UK, where we practically all drive manual, I learnt to drive in a Citroen C1 -- a car with 64hp and a 993cc engine. 1st gear may as well not exist.
  • Ante Radić
    Ante Radić 2 месяца назад Reading all of these comments made me think how much are transmission ratios important, my grandpa's Yugo has a 1.6 8v engine with an aftermarket carb on it so it idles rought and even with an lightened flywheel and a grabby clutch you rarely have to give it gas when starting
  • Moto Rad
    Moto Rad 4 месяца назад @Danny Contreras most people suck. You are right
  • Danny Contreras
    Danny Contreras 6 месяцев назад Weird... in every car I drive i just release the clutch and it goes without any throttle... I learned in a 2006 WRX as well :)
  • David O Rodriguez
    David O Rodriguez 6 месяцев назад @Refried Beans I had an 85 5.0 Mustang and I could grunt it away from a complete stop in 4th gear. I miss cars like those.
  • FirebirdCamaro1220
    FirebirdCamaro1220 7 месяцев назад (изменено) @Darth Soros I still had to give my 2014 Mustang GT a bit of throttle to start from a stop, even with the 420hp/390ft lbs Coyote. Now when I drive trucks at work, with big ass 13litre and 15litre turbodiesel straight 6's with 1,700 to 1,800 ftlbs of torque, I can simply let the clutch out, no throttle whatsoever
  • Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid
    Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid 9 месяцев назад Salvatore Climenti I learned how to drive on an 86 Honda Civic. There was no throttle to give lol.
  • Refried Beans
    Refried Beans Год назад I have a 2017 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 148hp... It will idle out of 1st, but I have to "gently" ease the clutch out. I can only imagine what would happen in this viper if your foot slipped of the clutch, while sitting behind a car at a stop light. 🙂
  • Salvatore Climenti
    Salvatore Climenti Год назад (изменено) I learned to drive "stick shift" on a 97 Kia Sephia RS.....125hp i had to give a lot of throttle lmao. You win.
  • Bracdude181
    Bracdude181 Год назад Ken Shiro That's probably because the power train on the Dart is designed more for efficiency instead of speed. Same goes for pretty much every modern car.
  • Darth Soros
    Darth Soros Год назад Plot Armor Goku thats how most v8 manuals are, in my z28 very little throttle, but in my 1.4 dart, gotta take it to 2000-3000
  • BlackStar250874
    BlackStar250874 Год назад The era of Vipers that I really liked. The 2nd gen GTS, with blue color and white stripes. Ah, what a beauty.
  • CommandoPG
    CommandoPG Год назад you haven't introduced your camera car yet! I'd like to hear about it! thanks!
  • Swimming Pools
    Swimming Pools Год назад I have a forester they're sweet
  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark Год назад That's funny and cool as. We have the same taste, I've got a Forester like that and a Fit (Jazz) like his one.
  • Golden Grenadier
    Golden Grenadier Год назад it's just a guy with a selfie stick pointed backwards. he runs fast too.
  • ToyGTone
    ToyGTone Год назад I remember hearing from him last year that he wanted to buy a Subaru Forester as a replacement for the Honda Fit/Jazz.
  • HighMagnitudeGT
    HighMagnitudeGT Год назад Honda fit
  • SolamenteVees
    SolamenteVees Год назад Alan_Akbar Forester?
  • Jacob Fleming
    Jacob Fleming Год назад forrester
    SYGLP Год назад I remember a local rich kid would drive his dads Viper to school in about 05, at least until he destroyed it by slamming into a dumpster behind the KFC one night doing doughnuts trying to impress a girl.
  • PapaWheelie
    PapaWheelie 3 месяца назад SYGLP - Was she impressed?
  • Adam Lapinski
    Adam Lapinski 6 месяцев назад I had a friend who did this but he wiped out the whole parking lot behind a local pub. Alcohol to blame.
  • Kyle Soler
    Kyle Soler Год назад You better use that teenage voice in your Nissan Skyline review!
  • george
    george Год назад (изменено) I agree lmao, I used to be a big fanboy of skylines when I was a kid.
  • MFNovaldo
    MFNovaldo Год назад The only skyline i like is the ER34 and R33
  • C.A.R.S
    C.A.R.S Год назад yep they aren't a very drivers driver car if you know what i'm saying not nearly as brutal, and to be honest sheer speed aside you can have more fun for a lot less as long as you lose this I'm faster so I'm better than everyone else mentality
  • Moby Green
    Moby Green Год назад Yeah they're fast... and basic AF.
  • ToyGTone
    ToyGTone Год назад I love the GT-R's, i'm just not a fan of some...fanboy's.
  • C.A.R.S
    C.A.R.S Год назад James Healy but Nissan and audi were the only awd cars in racing at that point so audi killed it in trans am with an unfair advantage and Nissan did the same and Nissan got certain turbo engines banned lmao
  • C.A.R.S
    C.A.R.S Год назад James Healy I would say ford destroyed group A with the turbo Capri thingy that thing was badasssss
  • James Healy
    James Healy Год назад Mate GTRs have a pretty well-deserved reputation for being ferociously fast. Especially when set up for racing - they absolutely destroyed Group A here back in 92.
  • ToyGTone
    ToyGTone Год назад Kyle Soler Which gen? The 90's R32 and such or the boxy 80's R30 and R31? At least it's not the glorified GTR one's that kids tend to think of when they hear the word skyline. :p
  • Kyle Soler
    Kyle Soler Год назад A 4 door non turbo model that he is going to review while In New Zealand.
  • ToyGTone
    ToyGTone Год назад Which Nissan skyline is he gonna review tho?