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Published on Jun 13, 2018 3,523,452 views

Just look how all these dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, pigs,... behave, play, fail, make funny sounds, react to different things,... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!

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"Marvin's Dance, Monkeys Spinnin Monkeys" Kevin MacLeod (
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  • ღ J-me ღ
    ღ J-me ღ 9 месяцев назад I love animals!
  • ღ J-me ღ
    ღ J-me ღ 9 месяцев назад I was the 444th like!
  • Cute angel Utopia
    Cute angel Utopia 9 месяцев назад Hi there
  • Chloe Wheeler
    Chloe Wheeler 9 месяцев назад Me to
  • Ewa Liwia
    Ewa Liwia 8 месяцев назад I love dog
  • Cute angel Utopia
    Cute angel Utopia 8 месяцев назад I HAVE DOGS~
  • It's not kpop It's gay pop
    It's not kpop It's gay pop 7 месяцев назад Are you from georgia
  • Claudia Howe
    Claudia Howe 7 месяцев назад ditto ^//v//^
  • Rabia Salim
    Rabia Salim 2 месяца назад I love it
  • redd paradox
    redd paradox 9 часов назад The howling huskies is definitely them tattling on one another !!!!
  • Allison Wilson
    Allison Wilson 1 день назад Why are you still putting that pathetic background racket on. I'm switching off your videos AGAIN,this time for keeps. It's pathetic!.
  • WimpyWolfy OTAKU
    WimpyWolfy OTAKU 8 месяцев назад I didn't laugh. I just yelled, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
  • gridsleep
    gridsleep 2 месяца назад Who keeps a badger in the house? What's next? A wolverine?
  • Sriram Sahu
    Sriram Sahu 9 месяцев назад (изменено) 1:58 A healthy husky discussion!
  • Jennifer Chase
    Jennifer Chase 9 месяцев назад Sriram Sahu yep
  • Explore with Alice S
    Explore with Alice S 7 месяцев назад I don’t wtfk care
  • Diane Shaw
    Diane Shaw 6 месяцев назад Yep! Lol
  • Jack Jokers
    Jack Jokers 9 месяцев назад What little kid wouldn't want a puppy!?!? That boy ant right
  • hintzofcolorconcepts
    hintzofcolorconcepts 9 месяцев назад I tell you what, Dat Der dang ol boy got dem dang ol screws loose shoot.
  • MixedLittle DarkAngel
    MixedLittle DarkAngel 9 месяцев назад Jack Jokers my sister does not like puppies
  • Jackie O
    Jackie O 9 месяцев назад Jack Jokers ikr
  • Cute angel Utopia
    Cute angel Utopia 9 месяцев назад Also someone enjoy torturing cats, that’s horrible
  • Kim Curran
    Kim Curran 9 месяцев назад Jack Jokers i know right and it sounded like he said he wanted a bear
  • Sarah  Price
    Sarah Price 9 месяцев назад Kim Curran That’s what I thought! And I have to say that I think the parents made the right call on the species issue.
  • DIG65
    DIG65 8 месяцев назад Kim Curran I had to check and see if I was hearing things when he said he wanted a bear. Lol kids are funny
  • Iris Olwagen
    Iris Olwagen 7 месяцев назад I know right... he sounded like a spoiled brat.. sorry to say
  • Ethan Dulaney
    Ethan Dulaney 5 месяцев назад @DIG65 it's not funny for kids to act like spoiled brats. That's the parents fault though.
  • Sheev Hernandez
    Sheev Hernandez 2 недели назад That is a crime to animals. That boy will go to hell for that!😒😠
  • Adora Wesson
    Adora Wesson 1 месяц назад Its really funny but DID YOU LAUGH i did not
  • Ahmed N
    Ahmed N 9 месяцев назад I came for the cat lying in the toilet and I was duped
  • Giovanni Rigon
    Giovanni Rigon 6 месяцев назад 🐕🐶🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕🌓🌔🌔🌓🌓🌓🌓🌒🌒🌒🌑🌗🌘🌚🌙🌛🌜🕗🕦🕣🕘🕤🕙🕥🕚📷📸📹📼📼📼📼📼📼♐
  • Delilah Christian
    Delilah Christian 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Me too but if I saw that, I would have left a really nasty message here!
  • Gabby Pitchford
    Gabby Pitchford 6 месяцев назад HahahahahhahahhahHahahhHHHhahHhahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahahauhahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahhahhhahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahhahahahhahahahhahahhahHahahHhahahhahahhHahhhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahaha😂😹😅😂😅😅😂😂😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😂😅😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
  • Kay Tungate
    Kay Tungate 5 месяцев назад My thoughts exactly! There wasn't enough funny stuff in this video to justify wasting 10 minutes of my time. And the woman who allowed her dog to climb a tree and then call his name once he was really high, thus causing him to fall....yeah, she doesn't deserve a dog. She knew what was going to happen or she wouldn't have been recording him climbing that tree. Falling from that height could've killed him, but if he had landed on that large tree that's lying on the ground next to the one he was climbing, it could've been a very agonizing and painful death. Not cool, woman! And not funny AT ALL!!!
  • Mary Grace Ramos
    Mary Grace Ramos 5 месяцев назад Me too i was going to do the try not to laugh because i thought its funny but no
  • N Knighton
    N Knighton 5 месяцев назад @Kay Tungate That was the funniest part.
  • Kay Tungate
    Kay Tungate 5 месяцев назад @N Knighton The dog falling was the funniest part???
  • Flora Lucia Brienza
    Flora Lucia Brienza 5 месяцев назад Como fazer um vaso de cimento
  • Flora Lucia Brienza
    Flora Lucia Brienza 5 месяцев назад Ahmed N c
  • Kaijenson amores
    Kaijenson amores 2 месяца назад Me too..
  • darkwolf lps
    darkwolf lps 2 месяца назад What was funny was the husky sneezing over and over😂🤣
  • Julya Flyer
    Julya Flyer 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Kay Tungate So a cat in a toilet is funny?? How is that funny??