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8 Car Secrets Only Experienced Drivers Know

Published on Mar 19, 2019 3,000,872 views

Are you one of those drivers who trust their car mechanic fully? Good for you if you’ve found a true professional who takes good care of your vehicle! Unfortunately, not all mechanics are responsible and honest with their customers. There are several things they don't want you to know so that they can take advantage of you when you bring your car in.

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"Your car battery should be replaced!" 0:31

"You need to change the oil as soon as possible!" 1:47

"You need to replace your brake pads right now!" 2:43

"Drop in for a free inspection!" 3:51

"Your car might break down if you don't use these services!" 4:31

"I'll rotate your tires!" 5:03

"Your check engine light is on. You must have a serious problem!" 5:57

"Your car needs special additives to run better!" 7:02

Music by Epidemic Sound

- The truth is that the biggest problem with the battery comes not from the battery itself but from the wires connected to it. The spots where they're attached to the battery get damaged by corrosion.
- Various car experts state that the earliest you should start to worry about an oil change is after driving a minimum of 7,500 miles.
- You'll probably agree that no one can ignore the terrible screeching of car brakes. But the most likely cause of these terrible sounds is rust on the brake pads.
- Some car service centers attract clients by promising free bumper-to-bumper examinations of their vehicles. After you bring your car in, a mechanic will most likely discover that it has tons of problems — which need to be fixed right away.
- Don't fall for the offer of free lifetime muffler replacement! If you agree to this, you'll just end up paying more money in the long run.
- Before you drive to the garage, mark the tires with chalk. You can write the letters "RL" on the rear left tire and "FR" on the front right tire. After you get your car back, check where the marks are.
- Few people know that the most widespread reason for the check engine light to appear on your dashboard is because your gas cap isn't fastened well enough.
- Your mechanic may suggest that you buy additives for the engine, gas tank, or transmission. After you agree, you find out that these additives cost you an arm and a leg!

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  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 3 месяца назад Me when my check engine light comes on Check engine light comes on Me: pulls over and pops the hood Me: yep, just what I thought, its still there
  • Will Hopkins Hopkins
    Will Hopkins Hopkins 2 недели назад Lol
  • James C
    James C 2 недели назад @mnementh2000 Chevy's poor tolerances or Goldilocks is up in that bit*h runnin things with the whole brake pad mounting holes too close, then too far, and then just right shenanigans. I ran into a similar experience on a 05 trailblazer on two separate occasions where the first set of brake pads fitting was off just enough to where they were useless so a second set had to be ordered. Both times The pads were marked as oem replacements and on the second brake service I ordered the exact same pads that finally fit on the last job and still had to order a second set. Got to love Chevy / GMC quality control. Haha
  • ItsKeedy Sweedy
    ItsKeedy Sweedy 3 недели назад 😂😂😂
  • Diego Nonya
    Diego Nonya 1 месяц назад That's great! Soooo me. 😅
  • The Fox Family
    The Fox Family 1 месяц назад You made me smile at that lol!!!
  • mnementh2000
    mnementh2000 1 месяц назад @George Rivera I know, but true story. I worked for Mighty Auto Parts in the warehouse, and sent the set of pads out. Since that was the first occurrence that we had run into of that happening, the delivery rep had decided that they wanted to make sure that the first shop wasn't just doing something wrong, and so had the second shop try the pads. When it came back with the opposite result, they tried once more. Needless to say, after having that happen, I decided that Chevy/ GMC wasn't a company that I wanted to buy from - in fact, pretty much any American made autos. The tolerances on American cars and trucks was set to tenths, while (at least for Japanese) foreign manufacturers set their tolerances to hundredths of an inch (American Standard scale). I don't know if the standards have been re-spec-ed, but at least the older vehicles were a bit hit and miss. That wasn't the only instance of that happening for Chevy/ GMC (and a few Ford and Mopar vehicles at the time), but it was a regular occurrence for that make and model of the time, at least in my experience during my time in the warehouse.
  • Poldariser
    Poldariser 1 месяц назад @ The wild Dinkus. My engine light been on ever since I bought my car (about 3 years now). After reading your comment, I do just that. Pop the hood, yep it's still there. 😁😁Thanks
  • George Rivera
    George Rivera 1 месяц назад @mnementh2000 Sounds like a story of the the bears.
  • George Rivera
    George Rivera 1 месяц назад Yeah, but is the bottom there? It could have fallen off and that a serious problem. Notice the dead cars along the roadside dead. Yep, you guessed it. The bottom of their engine fell off. It's a common problem that can be prevented by tegular inspections. Bring it in for a free inspection. Let the experts inspect it for you free; that's right, you heard it here. Come in to George's Garage, home of the experts. If the doors are locked and the lights are out, knock harder. We don't call it, "Home of the Experts," for nothing.
  • Poldariser
    Poldariser 2 месяца назад 🤣🤣😂😂
  • Kyle Bode
    Kyle Bode 2 месяца назад I've never had a check engine light come on in my pickup and if one ever did I would be concerned as to who broke into my truck and installed it.
  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 2 месяца назад George B. Wolffsohn You like the analog readings instead of the digital
  • George B. Wolffsohn
    George B. Wolffsohn 2 месяца назад That's why I prefer gages. They give you actual information.
  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 2 месяца назад Lol
  • Phil S
    Phil S 2 месяца назад I call it the money maker light
  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 2 месяца назад @guido70 yeah, and they say run to the store, so you come home 3 hours late and covered in sweat. And then you ask for a ride to your car but they just sit there judging you
  • guido70
    guido70 2 месяца назад giving a detailed description on how the baby opened and drank the bleach dos not qualify as "watch the baby!" Lessons learned!
  • mnementh2000
    mnementh2000 2 месяца назад @Matt The Builder. I worked at a auto parts warehouse, and can tell you from my experience that I wouldn't drive Chevy or GMC if I can help it. One example of why - Had three service companies order a set of brake pads for a Chevy Z71 in one day, at different intervals. The rep took a set to the first place, and the pin holes were set just too far apart to install, the next place used the same set, and they were too close together, while the third truck they fit. It comes from the fact that Chevy's tolerances are not as strict as they really need to be (as with many American-made cars). Frankly, I would sooner drive a Toyota, Mazda, Honda, or Nissan. These brands have much stricter tolerances on their products.
  • Matt The Builder.
    Matt The Builder. 2 месяца назад chevy and GMC problems @punker4Real
  • punker4Real
    punker4Real 2 месяца назад i hear of people losing their trasmssion while driving. IRL
  • southwestsearch
    southwestsearch 3 месяца назад I heard somebody actually did just that.
  • Business Critic
    Business Critic 3 месяца назад LOL I like that.
  • Timber Wolf
    Timber Wolf 15 часов назад There's some seriously bad advice in this video
  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 17 часов назад Ladies, get yourself a blue-collar boy-friend.
  • john hayes
    john hayes 3 месяца назад If you hear a knocking sound in your engine get a louder sound system
  • john hayes
    john hayes Неделю назад Or both of them
  • Harald Pettesen
    Harald Pettesen Неделю назад john hayes - Or release the one you have in the trunk.
  • sf win
    sf win 2 недели назад Lol I figured that out already
  • 1,2,3 yipee good vibes
    1,2,3 yipee good vibes 2 недели назад Or bring your nagging wife.😬😬😬
  • Yan Mercy
    Yan Mercy 1 месяц назад john hayes 🙈😂🤣
  • Raylan Givens
    Raylan Givens 1 месяц назад If the noise is coming from the back of the car, the chloroform is wearing off.
  • Dalton C Teczon
    Dalton C Teczon 1 месяц назад Or say, “who’s there”? 😜
  • zorroon milkavitch
    zorroon milkavitch 1 месяц назад @coolin with laura Johnson very important more important than changing your oil is adding oil what the f***
  • mahesh mk
    mahesh mk 1 месяц назад Hahaha
  • Melody Thomas
    Melody Thomas 2 месяца назад Or tie their hands & feet together so they can't move
  • Disabled Resources
    Disabled Resources 2 месяца назад Knocking usually means timing is too far advanced or is running a bit too lean.
  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 2 месяца назад Ever notice after a six pack you have 100 more Horsepower and the radio never sounded so good?
  • mtb trek
    mtb trek 2 месяца назад in high school back in the 90s i had a pontiac grand am , there was a noise outside the car i did play the radio louder , LOL the good old days
  • Kyle Bode
    Kyle Bode 2 месяца назад worked for me. the louder it gets the bigger the amp I put in.
  • Jake allen
    Jake allen 2 месяца назад That’s what I’ve done
  • coolin with laura Johnson
    coolin with laura Johnson 2 месяца назад Or add oil
  • PvN
    PvN 2 месяца назад Hahahahaha
  • fourty5seventy
    fourty5seventy 3 месяца назад On point #2 dirty oil will most definitely damage your engine because there is dirt in your oil. If oil looks dark but is still under the manufactures recommend interval then it is dark but not dirty. Always follow your service manual and the manufacturers required service interval for oil changes or risk voiding your warranty. I could sit here for an hour typing about the things that are wrong with this video but all I can say is that when a YouTube video tells you to pour coke over your car battery there is a good chance that they don’t know they are talking about.
  • Major Havoc
    Major Havoc 1 месяц назад fourty5seventy I have used baking soda and water 50/50 for the last 48 years. This does work without the sticky mess of Coke that would draw all sorts of insects. Been a professional driver for 35 years. Our in house mechanics changed the oil every 3,000 miles or every week. We got 300,000 miles from the engines before the management replaced the vehicle. I agree that their bulb is not as bright as it could be, but take into account that most people do not perform REGULAR MAINTENANCE on their vehicles.
  • Denny Hiett
    Denny Hiett 1 месяц назад @Pete Lattimer thanks so much
  • Pete Lattimer
    Pete Lattimer 1 месяц назад @sacheverelle i always think its pointless to change the filter and not the oil. you are just filtering dirty oil. also if you needed to change oil at 3,000 miles, why do manufacturers specify MUCH longer oil changes and have ZERO issues, with many cars, even here in the UK, seeing 200,000 miles with ease, and higher mileage users (such as Taxis) seeing 500,000 miles in average cars without issues?
  • Pete Lattimer
    Pete Lattimer 1 месяц назад @Denny Hiett boiling water over the battery terminals (but NOT over the battery vent caps) works a treat too. then smear some petroleum jelly over them to prevent the corrosion returning. its common practice here in the UK
  • j k
    j k 1 месяц назад The more the miles the thinner the oil gets. 3,000 miles oil change is a old rule back when oil was not as good as today. The intreval is not based on science.
  • slspg
    slspg 1 месяц назад fourty5seventy I’m with you man but I knew your comment was going to attract all the champions on earth who can basically run their engines with water 😆
  • Lynn C. Doyle
    Lynn C. Doyle 1 месяц назад That's what trash cans are for.
  • Lynn C. Doyle
    Lynn C. Doyle 1 месяц назад What is this waste you speak of? A couple ounces of coke?
  • Xai Thao
    Xai Thao 2 месяца назад fourty5seventy has guvu
  • Marius Swart
    Marius Swart 3 месяца назад @Denny Hiett No harm ? did you ever open up that engine post a video on that sludge. Coke wont clean battery terminals , on old messed up cars and batteries you use baking soda and water mixed , this will clean the acid
  • Denny Hiett
    Denny Hiett 3 месяца назад @fourty5seventy Thanks for your response. I have actually used baking soda, pouring the soda on the post then water. On this site someone also suggested mixing the baking soda in water first before pouring it over the post. That may be more effective and less messy. On my newer vehicles, a Camry and Rav4 I follow the suggested oil change .
  • fourty5seventy
    fourty5seventy 3 месяца назад @Denny Hiett I am In fact a Technician and have been for 21 years. Here is a tip.. instead of coke you should use baking soda and water it does the same thing and won't leave sticky sugar syrup in the spots that you can't wash it off of. The reason I have been so successful for 21 years is because of the reputation That I have built during a career honest and reliable service and I have the clientele to back that up. So no I am not one of those "mechanics" It is amazing that you didn't change the oil in your 1991 corolla for ten years and you are certainly lucky that it didn't do any damage. But in today's modern engines that wouldn't be possible as a lot of them have variable valve timing that needs clean oil of the proper viscosity to function correctly. And with MultiAir technonogy, it will be even more vital to have clean oil. That is why I always urge my customers to follow their factory scheduled maintenance to prolong the life of their investment and maintain the factory warranty.
  • Bogtrotter
    Bogtrotter 3 месяца назад @king shoaib I change my diesel oil and filter every 7000kms.
  • David Snyder
    David Snyder 3 месяца назад fourty5seventy there is 2 kinds . formula for suspension in oil , and formula for eating particles in oil . the latter looks bad faster. the first carries it to the filter to be caught. .
  • MrRedragon64
    MrRedragon64 3 месяца назад @Denny Hiett I use battery cleaner from parts store. I don't waste coke. Coke only goes with my jack and some ice while I'm cleaning my batt terminals. Heh heh
  • fourty5seventy
    fourty5seventy 3 месяца назад @Dave D At 2:24 in the video "some mechanics will tell you that dirty oil can damage your car engine" which it will. Every engine will get debris from cold starts and carbon deposits that break down and make their way into the crankcase. The oil filter can only remove so much of this debris before the filter clogs and the bypass valve kicks in. At that point the oil bypasses the filter and if left unchanged can damage the engine. It is always recommended to follow the OEM maintenance because they built the vehicle and know what is best for it. However if someone chooses to leave their oil changes go for longer that is up to them but the dealer may not honour the warranty.I don't want people to change their oil too early but I do want them to follow the OEM recommendations so that they can protect their investment and get the most out of it.
  • Dave D
    Dave D 3 месяца назад fourty5seventy rubbish, so where does this “dirt” get in to your oil?
  • Nicholas Shaw
    Nicholas Shaw 3 месяца назад @Daniel Castañón-Rico the new cars have smaller passages for the oil with the new types of valve trains so it requires a lighter oil so not changing it could cause some serious damage to the motor
  • Nick Kornienko
    Nick Kornienko 3 месяца назад Unless it's a BMW and they tell you 15k between oil changes lol.
  • Nick Kornienko
    Nick Kornienko 3 месяца назад @Denny Hiett Right
  • king shoaib
    king shoaib 3 месяца назад Bogtrotter what do you do with the oilfilter?
  • DJ AYVO Flores
    DJ AYVO Flores 3 месяца назад Nice Adding Coke (pop) to the battery terminals is the lazy, dumbest, and a dirty waste. Clyde, what you'd want to do is put half a cup of baking soda into a pitcher and add warm water. Might not need so much, depending on the amount of the corrosion.
  • Bogtrotter
    Bogtrotter 3 месяца назад @Leo Bonin "adds a quart every 6 months or so but never changes it." That's the same as changing it every year or so.
  • Bogtrotter
    Bogtrotter 3 месяца назад ​@Denny Hiett You are only cleaning the outside surface of the clamps. Once in a while remove the clamps and clean the insides back to bright metal with a terminal cleaner or emery cloth. Do the same on the battery posts. Replace the clamps back on the posts and tighten up really tight. They shouldn't move. Then smear the lot with battery grease or even Vaseline to stop any corrosion.
  • Richard Murphy
    Richard Murphy 3 месяца назад Denny Hiett really and how would you know did you take the engine apart?
  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 3 месяца назад Leo Bonin That's because those old chevy engines are bullet proof.
  • The Symphony
    The Symphony 3 месяца назад Thats what an oil filter is for but i guess you didnt catch that fact
  • sacheverelle
    sacheverelle 3 месяца назад Or just change the filter
  • Daniel Castañón-Rico
    Daniel Castañón-Rico 3 месяца назад @Denny Hiett I clean mine with coca cola too!
  • Daniel Castañón-Rico
    Daniel Castañón-Rico 3 месяца назад @Leo Bonin I was about to ask if you added any. I guess the new cars are built way different.
  • Leo Bonin
    Leo Bonin 3 месяца назад @Denny Hiett I also had a 1991 chevrolet truck, bought it with 125,000 miles on it, changed the oil the day I bought it and never changed it again, pulled the engine out in 2014 because I was putting in something bigger but it still ran fine with no issues and had 302,000 miles, gave the engine to a friend who dropped it in a 73 camaro, never changed the oil and still drives it to this day, without changing the oil, adds a quart every 6 months or so but never changes it.
  • Leo Bonin
    Leo Bonin 3 месяца назад also using synthetic oil will help if you have a high mileage engine
  • Denny Hiett
    Denny Hiett 3 месяца назад Sounds like u are one those mechanic that he was talking about. I'm 72 years old and have cleaned my battery cables with coke. Also one car , 1991 Toyota Corolla, didn't change oil for 175,00 miles, 8 1/2 years, didn't do any harm to engine.
  • Del McTarsney
    Del McTarsney 6 дней назад He forgot to mention how important it is to change your blinker fluid regularly!
  • Dosedmonkey
    Dosedmonkey 2 месяца назад Oil burns off and evaporates??? You mean oil that passed the rings burns and leaves carbon deposits that get dragged in to the sump which is the dirt!!! Awful advice!
  • Pete Lattimer
    Pete Lattimer 1 месяц назад @Khidreal in fact currently (certainly in Europe) engines are designed TO use a little oil. the use of thinner oils (5w30 is common and has been increasingly so for over 25 years now) means it passes the rings and into the combustion chamber more easily, but tolerances cant be tightened or excessive drag and wear will be caused, either (or both) of which will increase the emissions levels.
  • Khidreal
    Khidreal 1 месяц назад a small amount of oil passes to the combustion chamber every time there is an explosion on the chamber. it's normal, even for a new car, to waste some oil and that is called the oil evaporation process because when the explosion happens the oil actually evaporates and leaves the engine into the exhaust system.
  • Faw Shaw
    Faw Shaw 2 месяца назад @Joe Shabidu by the service booklet. It will have the date and odometer reading recorded at last service. If the service records have been lost it may be worth doing an inspection of the oil and changing it if it looks very dark. If you know the history of the car and know where it was last serviced you can ask them if they have a copy of the last service.
  • Joe Shabidu
    Joe Shabidu 2 месяца назад @Faw Shaw And how do they tell with 100% certainty how long the oil has been in there.....
  • Faw Shaw
    Faw Shaw 2 месяца назад New cars warranties will be voided if scheduled services including oil changes aren't done at the mileage instructed in owners manual/service booklet.
  • charlotte quillen
    charlotte quillen 3 месяца назад (изменено) im sorry,... but the intel on the oil change frequency and "dirty oil" statements are utterly........insane.
  • Joey Diaz
    Joey Diaz Неделю назад @sri nandu still its not that simple. Giving advice thats wrong well its wrong. Follow the manufacturer recomendations. The manual. If its Pre 1990 stay with conventional and every 3k miles
  • sri nandu
    sri nandu 3 недели назад switch to synthetic, avoid sludge, go longer than 3k miles say 7.5 k miles for oil change, if needed change the filter at 3k. This may be the balance in reducing environmental waste as well as money spent.
  • Joey Diaz
    Joey Diaz 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Steinar Danielsson your right. My wife and I have two very diffferent vehicles. Her manual recomends every 7500. And full synthetic is what I use. Mine is a 1986 Nissan pickup. And its every 3000. And I only use conventional. Becuase not having zinc in synthetic can ruin the old motors.
  • Jack Straw Jr 2
    Jack Straw Jr 2 1 месяц назад charlotte quillen. Isn't it odd that first they say don't change your oil any sooner than 10k miles, then they say the best way to improve the way your engine runs and to minimize pollution is to change the oil regularly...
  • Steinar Danielsson
    Steinar Danielsson 2 месяца назад @Gaming Legend Don't you guys ever read the owners handbook ? It tells you when to change oil. If you drive an old worn out Chevy from 1980 it might be smart to change oil more often, but modern cars with modern oils ; it is a total waste of money to change at 3000 miles. Your HOT ROD Magazine tested oil a few years ago and found that if the car-manufacturer did not stress that you should use synthetic oil, semi-synthetic was just as good and you would save a lot of money.
  • Joe Shabidu
    Joe Shabidu 2 месяца назад @Michal * Mobil 1 * Pour *Michael
  • Michal
    Michal 2 месяца назад I do about 10k miles a month ! use only full synthetic mobile 1 and turbo car has 330k miles on it without giving me a single issue ! and even after 10k miles my oil is just as clean when draining down as it was when i pure it in the engine@Gaming Legend
  • Durancito Duran
    Durancito Duran 2 месяца назад @jocko facts lol he probably wonders why his mechanic said if you don't change your oil and filter then your oil is gonna turn into sludge
  • Gaming Legend
    Gaming Legend 2 месяца назад I agree u should change oil after 3000 miles why 10k!!!!!?!?!?!?!
  • jeremy yeoman
    jeremy yeoman 2 месяца назад I think you can for go the every 3k but this is over to top
  • jocko
    jocko 3 месяца назад He must not know that old oil turns into sludge.
  • Christoper Mander
    Christoper Mander 3 месяца назад charlotte quillen the guy clearly has a Tesla with that YouTube money.
  • Bob Frog
    Bob Frog 4 месяца назад This is why I ALWAYS do my own car work.
  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 2 месяца назад Bob Frog Thanks to you tube a forms I learned slot and successfully fixed my own vehicle saved it from seeing the junk yard
  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 2 месяца назад CharlesCarabott Me too I almost feel like a full time mechanic and I didn’t even go to school for it.
  • vulkus Banks
    vulkus Banks 2 месяца назад @Justin GrantYou know that isn't even related. What you should have said was "Do you even lift"
  • globetrotter
    globetrotter 3 месяца назад (изменено) @CharlesCarabott Yea sure. I'll just get my heart transplanted at home. lol....
  • Hunor Magyar
    Hunor Magyar 3 месяца назад Yeah. It's best to learn to do at least basic things like oil replacement etc. by yourself. If you know what to do, you will only need to go to a mechanic when you don't have some special item for it (I had a bit of trouble talking about this as my English is just too basic, sorry). Making it yourself costs much less, my father for example, had a crash by the other driver's fault, the mechanic said it's totaled, as the repair would cost more than the car itself, before the crash. However, he didn't give up, he repaired it himself for much cheaper, it wasn't a truly big damage luckily, the engine and things were all fine, it was just the payment for the mechanic that made the situation look so bad for a while.
  • Litmus
    Litmus 3 месяца назад @Justin Grant uh no? We fix our cars fine but let doctors tale care of us😂
  • Thefirstgalaxybeing
    Thefirstgalaxybeing 3 месяца назад EXACTLY. That's how you know everything was done right.
  • CharlesCarabott
    CharlesCarabott 3 месяца назад @Mark Austin I started out having zero mechanical knowledge. You tube videos and workshop manuals helped a lot
  • Mark Austin
    Mark Austin 3 месяца назад That's all very fine and weell but not everyone has the mechanical knowledge so they have no choice.
  • CharlesCarabott
    CharlesCarabott 3 месяца назад @Khan Zai it's gooey
  • Khan Zai
    Khan Zai 3 месяца назад What's your opinion about engine oil
  • CharlesCarabott
    CharlesCarabott 3 месяца назад @20502chris I have replaced clutches, gearboxes and even engines in my driveway. I even done brake bleeding, changing oil, replace timing belts, etc on a public street. Where there's a will there's a way
  • CharlesCarabott
    CharlesCarabott 3 месяца назад @Justin Grant I have never taken my cars to a mechanic either. And as for vaccinations I don't do them. I am finding all kinds of effective home remedies for health problems so even when it comes to health I go diy too
  • Bob Frog
    Bob Frog 4 месяца назад @Ben Gelderman , I wish that was true. Aside from a few old gummers like myself, most around me would be lost under the hoods of their cars.
  • Ben Gelderman
    Ben Gelderman 4 месяца назад @Bob Frog If you drive old GM stuff you probably have 10 people within a few houses of you that know what theyre doing as well and can help you out :P
  • Bob Frog
    Bob Frog 4 месяца назад @20502chris , 1. I drive old GM stuff. 2. You might be amazed at what I have fixed in my driveway and garage.😜
  • 20502chris
    20502chris 4 месяца назад Unless you know what's wrong and tell them to just fix that cuz you can't fix everything in the driveway
  • Justin Grant
    Justin Grant 4 месяца назад Do you guys do you own vaccinations or do you even do those
  • ትኒጧ ትንኝ
    ትኒጧ ትንኝ 4 месяца назад (изменено) Same here.
  • dodong Cholly
    dodong Cholly 3 месяца назад The Life of the Engine depends in the Oil dude!
  • Tom Moore
    Tom Moore 3 месяца назад Good luck to anyone who lives by what this video teaches.
  • Reese From private svr
    Reese From private svr 1 день назад Tom Moore. Ok however do you really know Dot and ck your engine fluid daily.......I do and as a result my very pieite, beautiful woman electrion, model and just me
  • Lynn C. Doyle
    Lynn C. Doyle 1 месяц назад That still doesn't cause the alternator to go bad, it only does not charge the battery.
  • Michael King
    Michael King 1 месяц назад @Lynn C. Doyle the alternator is a small generator which keeps your battery charged loose belt might cause it to not recharge your battery properly
  • H B
    H B 1 месяц назад louie gonzalez 👍🏼
  • Lynn C. Doyle
    Lynn C. Doyle 1 месяц назад How does a loose belt make an alternator go bad?
  • Alfred Wilson
    Alfred Wilson 2 месяца назад Tom Moore So you disagree with what he says about the battery? I must admit, that he didn’t mention a loose alternator belt ( which can cause an alternator to go bad) thus drain your battery. I’ve seen this many of times and people buy a new battery, only to have it drained again, then it’s discovered, that the alternator is bad and they ended up replacing both. The same holds true with loose or corroded cables.
  • linkup99wa
    linkup99wa 2 месяца назад Maybe there was one or two things that was overboard but otherwise it was sound advice for new drivers/owners.
  • louie gonzalez
    louie gonzalez 2 месяца назад You must be a dirty mechanic looking to take advantage of poor old ladies.take a hike
  • Ash
    Ash 3 месяца назад Agreed! I couldn't watch anymore after the tyres tip.
  • Vikas Shelke
    Vikas Shelke 3 месяца назад (изменено) Frequent oil changes are must in all IC engines. Just topping up reduces the engine performance as all residues which are hamrfull are left in engine. Engine oil is core component of an engine and not just lubricant. A sheared engine oil will loose ability to stick to sliding surface reducing compression and friction will reduce engine life. 7500kms is too much for average running car. Best bet is 5000to 6000kms if manufacture recommends 7500-10000kms oil change
  • Om Chatterjee
    Om Chatterjee 3 месяца назад The one who made this video has no idea about cars whatsoever
  • Car Ki Baat
    Car Ki Baat 3 недели назад Right
  • Khidreal
    Khidreal 1 месяц назад ​@charlie dee the breakpads themselves don't get rusty, but the dust does and if you don't clean the dust, with the heat, it melts against the break pads and "glues" itself there, once the marks of rust on the break pads. that's why you clean them when they get noisy.
  • Casual_jerry
    Casual_jerry 2 месяца назад Alfred Wilson that helps a lot. but with a lot of cars all their weight is on the front, so you’re always going to get more ware in them.
  • Alfred Wilson
    Alfred Wilson 2 месяца назад Casual_jerry I respectfully disagree. Proper air pressure in every tire on the vehicle is key not only to the longevity of the tire, but also the role in which the tire plays to contribute to maximum performance of the vehicle.
  • Jacob Herreman
    Jacob Herreman 2 месяца назад Nah, I’m on a back him up. This is all pretty common sense
  • Casual_jerry
    Casual_jerry 2 месяца назад Domenic Taraborrelli Almost all the things he said were wrong in some form or another
  • Ryan Micheal
    Ryan Micheal 2 месяца назад Usually the peole who say this are most like the dishonest people trying to cover their tracks or wanna keep things behind the curtain to continue ripping people off
  • Domenic Taraborrelli
    Domenic Taraborrelli 2 месяца назад for your information the guy who made this video speaks 100% truth and you who made this comment must be one of the biggest crook and hope you are not fixing cars . "meathead"
  • Casual_jerry
    Casual_jerry 2 месяца назад vulkus Banks well he’s just out right wrong about tire rotation it all depends on weight distribution
  • Farhad Guliyev
    Farhad Guliyev 2 месяца назад @charlie dee they rust if you wash them and leave wet and never drive. At the fisrt braking the surface rust will be gone.
  • PlayProJoe
    PlayProJoe 2 месяца назад I bet you typed with while your car was at the mechanic 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Modder Warfare
    Modder Warfare 2 месяца назад I agree this video is made by retards
  • vulkus Banks
    vulkus Banks 2 месяца назад @Cheryl's World Sad ppl are always sad!
  • Ginger Smithers Welch
    Ginger Smithers Welch 2 месяца назад Om Chatterjee : This video is simply stating "Consumer.... Be Aware" and giving the reasons why. Maybe the points mentioned are top complaints reported to the Better Business Bureau, in their area. I will admit that I've been to a business or 2 that have tried to get me to have them do more work than necessary. Hence the reason I do the majority of my own wrenching. Besides, who is most likely to watch YouTube videos? Teens & young adults. Who is less likely to know anything about mechanics? The answer is the same. It's not meant to thoroughly educate anyone, I'm sure. I believe it to be aimed at those who haven't lived yet. So please, don't be a hater. Not everyone can match ur wits. Sincerely & Good Day
  • Cheryl's World
    Cheryl's World 2 месяца назад (изменено) @vulkus Banks lol they're literally just sitting around waiting for you to write something so they can start their drama. Can you imagine being that lonely? I'm sure they'll comment on my post because sadly that's all they have (I'm strong minded and literally don't care what they say over the internet lol because I know who I am!
  • Bryan Resch
    Bryan Resch 2 месяца назад @Trident Welding Services shhhhhh, trolls are lurking . They are everywhere and claim to know all. LOL
  • vulkus Banks
    vulkus Banks 2 месяца назад @Trident Welding Services Nope just an average Joe that does almost all his own work. When I go to a mechanic I tell s/he what I want fixed and supply all my own parts, I also get back all old parts.
  • Trident Welding Services
    Trident Welding Services 2 месяца назад You must be one of those crook mechanics
  • vulkus Banks
    vulkus Banks 2 месяца назад @Om Chatterjee Don't you think Valvolene would be all over telling you that you need more oil more often? But instead are saying don't be fooled by the hype.
  • vulkus Banks
    vulkus Banks 2 месяца назад @charlie dee Did you stop to consider that the person meant, the transference of dust to the pads? Sintered pads can form rust particles. I ride motorbikes, it does happen.
  • charlie dee
    charlie dee 2 месяца назад @vulkus Banks They may not however I do and they are right, these idiots have no clue. My evidence? Number 3, rust on the brake pads. Brake pads DO NOT rust, even the semi metallic ones. Rotors, yes they can get rusty. But a rotor is a completely different part then a pad.
  • Om Chatterjee
    Om Chatterjee 2 месяца назад @vulkus Banks nice joke... Good luck with your car's engine !
  • vulkus Banks
    vulkus Banks 2 месяца назад Or possibly you don't, and you're embarrassed about learning something new.
  • TheZProtocol
    TheZProtocol 3 месяца назад #2. Oil is cheap, Engines are not. I change my oil every 3k miles. Cheap insurance to keep the engine clean and happy.
  • Randy benton
    Randy benton 2 недели назад Good oil is not cheap! Use the best oil you can afford! Mobil 1 synthetic extended service is a great oil. Never run cheap oil in your car. Also gas with no ethanol if you can afford it.
    GOD OVER MONEY 1 месяц назад The zprotocol... I see the american petroleum institute has done a good job brain- washing you
    GOD OVER MONEY 1 месяц назад You are helping to harm the environment. Thank you very little 😞
  • Matt Santos
    Matt Santos 1 месяц назад (изменено) The manufacturers say that you don't need an oil change until 15k km is just so you wear your engine out quicker so your car doesn't last too long so that they can get you to buy another car. I can assure you that no mechanic will change his own car's oil over 10k Kms
  • Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed 1 месяц назад @kristian A You're 'special' aren't you?
  • Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed 1 месяц назад No, good oil is NOT cheap.
  • kristian A
    kristian A 1 месяц назад I change mine every 6 months
  • Laljitsan
    Laljitsan 2 месяца назад @TheZProtocol Yes guaranteed :) I have a Nissan Maxima 3.5l sedan with 178,000km on the clock and for the last 9 years Ive changed only with synthetic oil every 12-15k km and still going good as gold! That is the best practical advise I've ever got from a clever mechanic a decade ago :)
  • germoorhead
    germoorhead 2 месяца назад I change the oil in my varodearo (bike) every 3k but I change the van every 10k. last van Merc sprinter is still running but retired due only to rust with 500,000 mls on the clock with no internal engine work done
  • nando td
    nando td 2 месяца назад I changed My oil diesel or petrol car every 2 year or 20.000 km with Liqui Moly run like a champ no complain
  • kostas focus
    kostas focus 2 месяца назад (изменено) very cheap oils are more dangerous no matter how often change them,especially if you like sports driving
  • TheZProtocol
    TheZProtocol 2 месяца назад @Laljitsan Guaranteed? Thats only if I enroll before certain miles. Both of my cars are high mileage. $25 every 3k miles is cheap enough. And I drive my cars hard anyway.
  • Laljitsan
    Laljitsan 2 месяца назад If you use full synthetic oil, you dont have to change for another 12,000km - guaranteed.
  • Sreedhar Srigiri
    Sreedhar Srigiri 2 месяца назад Going by the company recommended miles will do no harm for your car. Company always recommend 5k miles less than what is analysed through tests before the cars are released.
  • Caliom
    Caliom 3 месяца назад Some very misinformed info in this video, more of a scare attempt. Try extending your coolant changes to 100,000m for example and see the corrosion which can damage components and gaskets. Oil changes should be carried out more frequently if you only do very short journeys, combustion acids dilute the properties leading to increased wear. If you drive around on 90% worn brake pads, you run the risk of overheating your brakes and cause an accident.
  • Lee Bog
    Lee Bog 4 месяца назад Asked my mechanic to change my brake pads and replace gear oil. Mechanic came back and told me that I do not need to replace it yet since everything is good. That is how you test your mechanic my friends.
  • bedhead 2419
    bedhead 2419 1 месяц назад @GLENN JILES you almost never have to change gear oil. tons of cars go through their useful life without changing it
  • hobiegary
    hobiegary 1 месяц назад @GLENN JILES Changing gear "dope" is such a drag! I would avoid it. (too)
  • hobiegary
    hobiegary 1 месяц назад Perhaps your mechanic decided that you already had enough gear oil on the brake pads and that you didn't need to change and replace.
  • George L
    George L 3 месяца назад The wet clutch ring is only a Band-Aid for the problem. You'll eventually have to replace the CVT transmission. @Mister yummy
    GLENN JILES 3 месяца назад I don't think that's gonna be 100% for you......he could just be lazy, or simply not up to changing gear dope that day.
  • Mister yummy
    Mister yummy 3 месяца назад True....a certain mechanic told my friend to replace a cvt gearbox that couldn't go forward but reverse only,another one recommended a replacement of the cvt wet clutch rings for a tiny fee. The car is fully functional now.
  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 3 месяца назад Make sure the oil filter has REALLY been replaced....
  • Bixby Plays
    Bixby Plays 2 месяца назад southwestsearch u do realize when u put oil from the cap it directly goes by the dip stick and also why would they not fill it. There is also a light on ur car telling u low oil pressure that light come on they didn’t do it which also means they owe u an engine if it messed up and why would they purposely damage ur car when ur most likely not going to pay for that to be fixed pal
  • Mitchell D Sheldon
    Mitchell D Sheldon 3 месяца назад Do it your self
  • southwestsearch
    southwestsearch 3 месяца назад I've wondered about that. Good advice. I'm going to do that. Don't you just love it when they show you the dipstick? Oil to the full line? Probably put it there with a swipe of a finger.
  • Thomas Turner
    Thomas Turner 3 месяца назад @Andrew Oliver yeah, Andrew...I scratch the case before I install it when I change the oil myself, but occasionally have it changed
  • Andrew Oliver
    Andrew Oliver 3 месяца назад Exactly..grab a marker an put an "X" on the old filter.. you'll know if they changed it or not.. unless they have a magic eraser 😅
  • Raed Bardweel
    Raed Bardweel 4 месяца назад Michanics are similar evrywhere! 😂😂
  • nihonkokusai
    nihonkokusai 3 месяца назад Scamechanics everywhere hate them. Thats why I have a lot of work. Honest like scotty
  • Whysguy
    Whysguy 3 месяца назад @Kinga 050900 True, ten out of two of us are afflicted by this mentality issue.
  • Kinga 050900
    Kinga 050900 3 месяца назад I don’t think they are all dyslexic though
  • Bloo Loo
    Bloo Loo 3 месяца назад So ar dixchunarys
  • Colin Caissie
    Colin Caissie 3 месяца назад Yeah, usually have two legs, two arms and a head. Your particular point?
  • nick Ritch
    nick Ritch 3 месяца назад There are good mechanics even at bad shops. Know your guys. And the good ones don't mind being tested. Lol
  • RS
    RS 3 месяца назад Sad, but true
    SQUIRE LOVA 4 месяца назад Not AAMCO, in the Bronx anyway. They are usually always swamped.
  • woohunter1
    woohunter1 4 месяца назад So are dictionaries
  • Papa Louie
    Papa Louie 2 недели назад 1:17 if you were an experienced driver you would know Car batteries charge themselves as the Engine is Running
  • Martin Timotie Viloria Reputas
    Martin Timotie Viloria Reputas 2 месяца назад I would recommend to watch Chrisfix about car problems and how to fix the problem
  • JustInCaseIGetCaught
    JustInCaseIGetCaught 2 месяца назад @tankiadam he performed a 4-5 lug conversion successfully without the use of special tools.
  • JustInCaseIGetCaught
    JustInCaseIGetCaught 2 месяца назад @tankiadam no, he does.
  • tankiadam
    tankiadam 2 месяца назад even he dose not have the right info, but he is better.
  • Random Slavic Guy
    Random Slavic Guy 2 месяца назад Agree