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Review | 2018 VW Golf R | Specs Often Lie

Published on Aug 29, 2018 384,534 views

After reviewing cars like the Subaru STI, Honda Civic Type R and Focus RS the VW Golf R completes the list for now. After years of debate, it is time for a new discussion on how to measure a vehicle's worth. We look at the pros and cons and decide maybe what car to buy.

Intro Music by Alan Fowler Music
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Savagegeese is:
Scott Turbowski
Mr. Goose

00:00 - 00:50 Intro
00:50 - 6:12 Interior and Exterior
6:12 - 12:30 Suspension and Diffs
12:30 - 12:52 Weight and Balance
12:52 - 14:13 Engine Discussion
14:13 - 18:46 Problems and More
18:46 - 28:05 Driving Impressions
28:05 Final Thoughts

  • Lennox Lewis
    Lennox Lewis 6 месяцев назад savagegeese is the only car channel where I need to watch every minute of it, not skipping any parts.. impressive.
  • Moe Anthony
    Moe Anthony 6 месяцев назад Dead on Henry. Mark by far is the best. Tells it like it is.
  • evotuner86
    evotuner86 6 месяцев назад True to that.
  • Seán O'Nilbud
    Seán O'Nilbud 6 месяцев назад He's like Garrison Keillor if the sex pest rumours were true.
  • Andrew Boehmer
    Andrew Boehmer 3 месяца назад @Seán O'Nilbud That is just gross to think about.
  • hafizishamsudden
    hafizishamsudden 3 месяца назад same with me
  • Viswajit Kandarpa
    Viswajit Kandarpa 3 месяца назад at 1.5x speed, yes
  • CrazyCanadian
    CrazyCanadian 2 месяца назад Love how they put it up on a lift. 😉😜
  • Khu NoPie
    Khu NoPie 6 месяцев назад I don't love too many VWs, but this unit really polishes my prostate
  • MozzaBurger
    MozzaBurger 6 месяцев назад But does it tickle your rectum though?
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 6 месяцев назад Honestly if it weren't for the GTI and R there wouldn't be much compelling reason to buy a VW.
  • Bill McLaughlin III
    Bill McLaughlin III 6 месяцев назад No joke - every other model in their lineup is fucking dogshit. (lifelong VW owner...currently on numbers 11 and 12 in my garage)
  • e2k
    e2k 6 месяцев назад For further details find out on
  • 3DFX
    3DFX 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @MozzaBurger Its a "Duality-Car" as stated in the video! - So its bound to do Both! 😄 (From a GTI Clubsport owner! Check it on my Channel!)
  • 3DFX
    3DFX 6 месяцев назад @Bill McLaughlin III Might wanna check my Clubsport here if ur true VW fanboy!
  • Steven Hearnden
    Steven Hearnden 6 месяцев назад Yawn.
  • Malcolm H
    Malcolm H 6 месяцев назад bwahahahaha
  • Hassan Eido
    Hassan Eido 5 месяцев назад (изменено) What's with all the butthole jokes. Did I miss a decade or two?
  • exeuroweenie
    exeuroweenie 5 месяцев назад Just bought one last week.My nether regions aren't high on my priority list,but the rest of me is very pleased.
  • ww2Mollison
    ww2Mollison 4 месяца назад @Jeff K That be true.
  • Nick Haldin
    Nick Haldin 4 месяца назад I almost threw up from laughter😂😂😂
  • Benjamin Ingenito
    Benjamin Ingenito 14 часов назад @Jeff K i cant say much for the newer vws but the older diesels will last forever
  • Jason Adrian
    Jason Adrian 6 месяцев назад "You have the rear end on tap when you need it" "Sounds like your kind of day" bahahaha
  • Kyle Drexler
    Kyle Drexler 6 месяцев назад Agree on the overuse of piano black interior trim. I feel like it's an attempt to look classy, but it's just cheap hard touch plastic that develops hairline scratches and swirls if you breathe on it. On these superbright LED displays, I just want a night mode: everything ultra-dimmable and RED, allowing your eyes to stay adjusted to low light. Driving hours at night is fatiguing enough, but doubly so when you have white, blue, or green gauges.
  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 6 месяцев назад So much shiny plastic, horrible .
  • vrpk7
    vrpk7 6 месяцев назад It's weird because 2015-2017 Golf GTIs and Rs had a gloss black trim with a matte hexagon pattern on it. This really helped cover up a lot of smudges and dust since it wasn't as reflective. It looks like they are using the gloss black plastics from the base Golfs in these models now.
  • Zach ,Based
    Zach ,Based 6 месяцев назад (изменено) That FUCKING GLOSS PLASTIC love how he mentions it every time, and how much it sucks
  • whosurmother
    whosurmother 6 месяцев назад The R has had the gloss black since 2015.
  • East Coast Resident
    East Coast Resident 6 месяцев назад The piano black trim pieces in out Kia Sedona drives me absolutely nuts! Dust magnetic POS.
  • That guy
    That guy 6 месяцев назад I agree. If they added expensive hard touch plastic, the interior would be more bearable.
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Yup, personally prefer what they did on my 2015 GTI or even cooler the fish scales on the toyota 86. Still anything is better than GM grey plastic.
  • MozzaBurger
    MozzaBurger 6 месяцев назад Well designed analog gauges FTW. Those digital displays are gimmicky af, bright since they can't afford to put OLED in there, light bleeds badly in the dark and god knows how reliable it is.
  • MrCarGuy20
    MrCarGuy20 6 месяцев назад @MozzaBurger You see even in the luxury market they don't care to use OLED. It's ridiculous! If you're using digital displays in cars for the cluster you need to use OLED!
  • MozzaBurger
    MozzaBurger 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @MrCarGuy20 My work truck (semi) has a little digital display in the center of the cluster and I already can't stand how badly the backlight bleeds in the dark so I turn it off but in those new cars the whole speedo/tacho are screens so you'd have to put up with it and I say no way. I can't believe even luxury cars don't afford better displays. I've seen a few vehicles pass me at night and I can see the glare of those screens from 15 feet away in the next lane, it's disgusting.
  • J Pollock
    J Pollock 6 месяцев назад Saab had the "night panel" where you could dim everything except the speedo...I'd like to see that in more cars today.
  • Tiaan_RS4
    Tiaan_RS4 6 месяцев назад Was considering adding aftermarket piano black material to my '13 Polo Comfortline, but decided against it. Current plastics in the car are a dull grey, but still look brand new so much more durable. Why not just make those materials in a black or bright color rather than these shiny black crap?
  • drkastenbrot
    drkastenbrot 6 месяцев назад I have white gauges in my lexus and they are absolutely fine. They dim down nicely and have ambient lighting around them for visual balance which does really make them a lot more comfortable to look at.
  • Chris
    Chris 5 месяцев назад The complaints about the piano black are completely overblown.
  • davidhunternyc
    davidhunternyc 4 месяца назад I too love cars with dimmable RED displays. AMBER would be even more gorgeous. With the Golf R, you can't turn down the brightness of all the computer screens and gauges? This would be terrible and an eyestrain.
  • tallgrass I
    tallgrass I 3 месяца назад @davidhunternyc One of the first things I'm going to do when we get our R (in 3 days!!) is experiment with plastic film over the top. Glad I read these comments. I might get grey tinted film. Just hope the touch screen still works.
  • nomnomguy680
    nomnomguy680 3 месяца назад @MrCarGuy20 The issue with oled is burn in which is a huge issue for cars. Imagine displaying two gauges with white text for like thousands of hours. They will be extremely burnt in.
  • MrCarGuy20
    MrCarGuy20 3 месяца назад @nomnomguy680 Nonsense! People keep propagating this myth. Sure, if they use awful quality OLED displays and don't know how to design graphics that prevent overstressing (hint: you don't use static white in the first place). But even Samsung has durability tested their AMOLED displays to work flawlessly with static high intensity whites. It's not OLED tech of 10 years ago. The reason why they aren't used in cars is because of ignorance and cost-cutting.
  • nomnomguy680
    nomnomguy680 3 месяца назад (изменено) @MrCarGuy20 My note 8 burnt in after like 6 months. And it continues to be an issue for high end TV's. I'm sure they can mitigate it some what but a car has to last much longer than a phone or a tv. Maybe it can last for along time with the entire display white. But go to any best buy and all the older oled phones are burnt in. Or maybe phones don't get the super durable oled that your talking about. But I bet car companies don't want to pay that much. Are there any cars that have oled display?
  • MrCarGuy20
    MrCarGuy20 3 месяца назад @nomnomguy680 No. It won't last as long on high brightness with the full display white. The point is you don't need to use AMOLED with white gauge faces. Maybe white needles that move. They can easily design auto display graphics using decent Samsung AMOLED that will last for 15+ years. Regular backlit LCDs are worse than physical gauges on the eyes. Better to have true blacks. I have had an S7 that has had zero issues for 2 years and 1 month of heavy usage. Probably because I don't leave it on max brightness. One example of mitigating static graphics in displays is to use movable graphics like Peugeot.
  • nomnomguy680
    nomnomguy680 3 месяца назад @MrCarGuy20 Yeah that makes a lot of sense. It might work better in some locals than others. I love screens for the infotainment but personally I still like real gauges for speed and revs. I live in California and under bright sunlight real dials are still way way easier to read than a screen. I think that was also a reason my Note 8 burned in so fast. I use the phone often in direct sunlight with max brightness.
  • 349tim
    349tim 1 месяц назад Kyle Drexler ''''j''
  • FlyinGato
    FlyinGato 6 месяцев назад your videos definitely tickle my rectum
  • HondaPro Kevin
    HondaPro Kevin 6 месяцев назад FlyinGato LOL! I was wondering how far I'd have to scroll down to find this...
  • Project Lancer
    Project Lancer 6 месяцев назад Mine has been tickled.
  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 6 месяцев назад Unsubscribing.
  • Manny Echaluce
    Manny Echaluce 6 месяцев назад He said that so fast I had to rewind 10 times to make sure :D
  • d p
    d p 6 месяцев назад LOL didn't even have to scroll
  • Dave S
    Dave S 6 месяцев назад Yep. Best reviews on YT in my rectum-tickled opinion.
  • MozzaBurger
    MozzaBurger 6 месяцев назад I came here 8 hours too late to make that comment 😂 Best punchline ever. I'd sub a second time if I could.
  • Canadian RS3
    Canadian RS3 6 месяцев назад Unfortunately I think this kind of thing really hurts the channel. I think it's funny but to the average non-man child viewer, it's probably a turn off.
  • BioNat
    BioNat 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @Canadian RS3.... Well, it reflects the mentality of the american people... it opens doors to comments like FlyinGato did unfortunately. When european people read or ear those kind of unwanted details, they must say wtf!
  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 6 месяцев назад (изменено) The problem is he test drives cars in a completely uninteresting part of the country. WTF are you in Kansas or something. You need to move to Utah or Colorado or somewhere interesting. Where you live you might as well just drive a camry.
  • BioNat
    BioNat 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @Jeff K Internet has no frontiers but this is interesting what you wrote about states.
  • Armin Steinke
    Armin Steinke 6 месяцев назад Proctologists recommend in case of itching "Itchosol".
  • K03sport
    K03sport 6 месяцев назад @Jeff K... Chicago area... Midwest, cornfields and mostly flat...
  • David
    David 6 месяцев назад For your own sake, please never use that phrase again
  • Sean Gaffney
    Sean Gaffney 6 месяцев назад It's a joke, why are people so uptight about it?
  • BioNat
    BioNat 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Sean, in any joke, there is a some truth. Did Mark make that kind of jokes with Subaru brand?... I do not know... I'm just asking... because as a fanatic of VW, I do not go elsewhere on the web. Maybe you could tell me...
  • Sean Gaffney
    Sean Gaffney 6 месяцев назад I think this is something you and your therapist can work on.
  • BioNat
    BioNat 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Sean, I already work with him on this subject. I choose a japanese therapist who own a Subaru... But it is not easy!
  • stuna101a
    stuna101a 6 месяцев назад Rectum....dam near killed him
  • santaoct
    santaoct 6 месяцев назад I got a GTI and the AWD of the R plus the larger turbo fixes all the main issues of the GTI. However the price tag for the R is steep!!! even used the R's are not cheap.
  • David Allen
    David Allen 6 месяцев назад I ran to the comments as soon as I heard him say that, just to see reactions.
  • Billy Beheler
    Billy Beheler 6 месяцев назад That’s hilarious man 😂!
  • PrivateEyeYiYi
    PrivateEyeYiYi 6 месяцев назад WTF?
  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 6 месяцев назад Hi friend! For once in a while should try your eyes instead! Far better resolution, sensation and by far much less mess.... :)))) Hans
  • Hans Wurst
    Hans Wurst 6 месяцев назад @BioNat no, we are even worse here in middle Europe. Like this kind of humour though... :)
  • sayeed hossain
    sayeed hossain 5 месяцев назад huh?
  • Tyre Evans
    Tyre Evans 5 месяцев назад FlyinGato 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • linny105
    linny105 5 месяцев назад Deez Nuts Unsubscribing because of that comment, but you’re name is Deez Nuts? Lol
  • SuperDigitalMe
    SuperDigitalMe 2 месяца назад This kind of things really tickles my balls
  • G Ko
    G Ko 2 месяца назад FlyinG
  • alexandre Da Silva-Lockie
    alexandre Da Silva-Lockie 2 месяца назад @BioNat ok snowflake
  • Eric Jacobs Holien Bartholomew
    Eric Jacobs Holien Bartholomew 1 месяц назад FlyinGato I’ll tickle your stank star with my tongue
  • Canadian RS3
    Canadian RS3 6 месяцев назад The stereotypes of German cars in this comment thread are pure histrionics. OMG Don't own one out of warranty! Meanwhile the Focus RS blows engines and Type R grinds gears straight out of the showroom.
  • Peder Hansen
    Peder Hansen 6 месяцев назад people love their myths and stereotypes^^
  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 6 месяцев назад These comments are making me scared to get 3 years old r now. What's the deal with be golfs?
  • Matt
    Matt 6 месяцев назад My Type R hasn't grinded a single gear that wasn't due to my mistake. Try again.
  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 6 месяцев назад @Steven Strain what vw do you drive
  • KMFDM781
    KMFDM781 6 месяцев назад You must be the assigned spokesman of all R owners
  • Dan Lee
    Dan Lee 6 месяцев назад And Subaru ringland failures
  • Alex Maier
    Alex Maier 6 месяцев назад Matt yes they have problems with the gears. Most of them do
  • Michael Bullington
    Michael Bullington 5 месяцев назад Most cars have some sort of issue {ask me about my Subaru}; tho it sounds like the Golf has numerous. Honda gearboxes are known to be the best, yet it doesn't surprise me that they messed it up for the Type R; Honda has fallen so much since the glory days. ;p
  • Brandon Durham
    Brandon Durham 5 месяцев назад Actual owner, 0 problems, driven hard 👍. Plus the new warranty is pretty generous, provided you can resist voiding it
  • izoyt
    izoyt 4 месяца назад german made focus rs.
  • Joseph Scarpino
    Joseph Scarpino 4 месяца назад applause
  • Ben Oliver
    Ben Oliver 4 месяца назад The German made focus RS had the wrong headgasket... thats why. Mine wasnt during that build time so mines been flawless so gtfo
  • RicharXD
    RicharXD 3 месяца назад @tinoushgtr Don't buy a VW PERIOD!! on any of its models. They are money pits. I had a terrible experience with a Jetta.
  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 3 месяца назад @RicharXD yep I didn't risk it and went with a Japanese brand I trust all these years
  • John Riggins
    John Riggins 3 месяца назад @Ben Oliver same here...late 2017 build
  • ZambonieDude
    ZambonieDude 3 месяца назад +RicharXD What year?
  • ZambonieDude
    ZambonieDude 3 месяца назад 14:13 Enough said to OP's comment.
  • malakius
    malakius 3 месяца назад Golfs are definitely nice cars but their reliability issues swayed me away.
  • Killa Turk
    Killa Turk 2 месяца назад (изменено) At least Ford and Honda have decent customer care and they would never let you drive a car with faulty airbags (check VW Passat airbag recalls). I will never ever own an Audi or VW again after 3 years of Passat CC and VW warranty/dealership experience, NEVER!!!
  • Mr. Porkchop
    Mr. Porkchop 2 месяца назад @Jack Bower you should read more.
  • Jack
    Jack 2 месяца назад tinoushgtr I wouldn’t worry. My friends have had theirs for 3 years and no problems. They drive them hard. But they are proactive with their maintenance. So they don’t have those problems as mentioned in this vid.
  • Tim W
    Tim W 2 месяца назад The Focus RS engine and Civic R gearbox are both made in...Germany.
  • Right Wing Safety Squad
    Right Wing Safety Squad 2 месяца назад I love that people can't handle generalizations. The "my Type R doesn't have tranny problems therefore it isn't a problem" kind of thinking is annoying as hell. If 5% of Type Rs have transmission problems when new that is 99% more than any other car (except FWD Chryslers) and therefore is a major problem.
  • blex
    blex 1 месяц назад it reminds me of the automatic thingy...10-15 years back, all muricans would sniff their nose at manuals...then there was topgear Clarkson and jalopnik, and soon after BMW sells manuals in the US exculsively...
  • Simon Zhao
    Simon Zhao 1 месяц назад people are so brainwashed regarding Japanese reliability, they think Honda is reliable when their air bag turn into grenades and killing the driver
  • Tai Wilson
    Tai Wilson 1 месяц назад dont be scurred, my r32 golf is 10yrs old/235k and runs great
  • dierre cospy
    dierre cospy 1 месяц назад @Tai Wilson nice.. my R32 Is at 30k and my 16 R Is good too
  • Luke DeCarlo
    Luke DeCarlo 1 месяц назад @Simon Zhao Hondas are reliable, that's a fact. Airbags have nothing to do with reliability.
    REEL SIXX 1 месяц назад @tinoushgtr They're good so good that every other hatch will dissappoint you but at the end of day its German so parts will be expensive but the same could be said about focus.
    REEL SIXX 1 месяц назад @Matt they're known for it and they overheat
    REEL SIXX 1 месяц назад @Killa Turk ford will let you drive pickup trucks that light on fire and suvs that roll away and blame the customer for the buildup in the EcoBoost valves.🤣
  • BreafoSci
    BreafoSci 1 месяц назад @Right Wing Safety Squad closer to 10 percent that means you have a 1 in ten chance of receiving a garbage tranny. The about hondas is their whole drivers appeal is their manual trannys being good.
  • BreafoSci
    BreafoSci 1 месяц назад @Luke DeCarlo Not all of them the h22 was known for being unreliable
  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 1 месяц назад (изменено) @REEL SIXX the thing is I had to spend €35k on 4 years old car without any warranty. Couldn't do it. What if the engine would blow in the first year. Now with having a family and a mortgage it's not a smart move. Eventually I bought a brand new manual 2018 Nissan rogue sl turbo with 3 years of warranty. It was a smarter move for me. Might get an old Impreza gt to get that awd turbo rush for track days again.
  • Luke DeCarlo
    Luke DeCarlo 1 месяц назад @BreafoSci I've personally never heard that before, however i'm not saying you're wrong.
    REEL SIXX 1 месяц назад @tinoushgtr I'm sorry with all due respect I call bullshit it costs less to pay for a BMW m3 or e63 amg rebuild. I owned a vw gti mk5 rebuild cost 8k cad and that was after 200,000km beaten then that would be good for another 200,000km in harsh minus 50 weather. Your little story isn't really holding up in reality I suggest making your claims a little more believable.
    REEL SIXX 1 месяц назад @Luke DeCarlo I've heard that before too a friend of mine had an old prelude thinking it would be as reliable as his civic but the car was a constant money pit his sister had an old golf that never got issues it ran rough but never broke.
  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 1 месяц назад @REEL SIXX maintenance costs of m3 is up there with gtr costs. I know. But you can't compare does to a golf r tbh.
  • Conspirazy
    Conspirazy 1 месяц назад The stereotypes are brands vs Toyota. They don't have a dog in this fight.
    REEL SIXX 1 месяц назад @Matt butthurt?
  • Nate Maynard
    Nate Maynard 3 недели назад I think the lesson learned here is that cars are so complicated nowadays with electronics and computers running basically every system. Every car manufacturer, domestic and foreign, has way too many issues with their cars off the lot, whether it’s electrical or mechanical, everything is more complicated in many aspects
    REEL SIXX 3 недели назад @Matt There are tons of type r videos showing people complaining that they need their whole transmission replaced as well as cooling issues, hope you kept that thing in warranty.
    REEL SIXX 3 недели назад @Killa Turk Honda has the worst customer care I've ever experienced from a car manufacturer, ford has been the best vw was above average but what dumbasses don't realize is that these salesmen jump around from dealership to dealership all the time. I was at toyota and the employee that was helping me worked at bmw the year before and before that he worked at ford for 3 years. Some dealer networks also sell multiple brands so your pointless brand loyalty theory doesn't reallly hold up anymore does it? Back to business, you realize it's incredibly rare for a vw transmission to break right? There's a channel called humblemechanic and he was a vw tech for 5 years and most of the people there working with him never had to even touch a transmission because they don't break whilst honda is replacing entire transmissions for those type Rs that overheat from daily driving. Face the facts the golf r is a far more reliable car in every aspect the honda type r is the most unreliable car in it's class.
    REEL SIXX 3 недели назад @Luke DeCarlo The honda type r is the most unreliable car in it's class every other hot hatch on the market has better value and is far more reliable.
  • Luke DeCarlo
    Luke DeCarlo 3 недели назад @REEL SIXX Yeah because the Focus RS blowing head gaskets is more reliable then the Type R, yeah OK.
  • Clark W
    Clark W 2 недели назад It's that way with any car brand debate/discussion. A good majority of time it's coming from someone who's never owned/driven the brand in question, who's just repeating an often wrong and exaggerated sound bite. Sometimes they have actual experience with the car in question, but have simply had a bad experience, while others may not. Sadly, I break my "never read the comments" rule, far too often lately as I'm researching a new car and the comments aren't of much value because of the hyperbole and bullshit.
    REEL SIXX 2 недели назад @Luke DeCarlo type r drops transmissions like crazy and the engine overheats from daily driving. There are type r youtubers who have gone through like 3 transmissions under warranty. The type r is unreliable so is the rs but you got me the rs is way way worse. Based on the problems I've read I'd go for the golf or that hyundai.
  • Luke DeCarlo
    Luke DeCarlo 2 недели назад @REEL SIXX Hey fair enough, I wasn't aware of all that to be honest. I would also opt for a golf over the Type R.
  • Swerveey
    Swerveey 2 недели назад (изменено) @RicharXD Weird my buddy has a vw gli 2017 at 60k miles and nothing has happened mechanically or electronically yet. I'm going to assume MK7 is going to be more reliable than past generations as they knew it was something they had to work on.
  • P H
    P H Неделю назад @RicharXD you mean the Jetta that's built in Mexico? or the notoriously unreliable model from 20 years ago?
  • Kopernicus67
    Kopernicus67 5 дней назад CR last year had Audi at #5 for reliability and Honda at #11. Stereotypes die hard.
  • fierostetz
    fierostetz 6 месяцев назад (изменено) I appreciate the lack of "fluff" and the deadpan delivery. No "OH WOWW THE ACCELERATION!", just a little smirk - maybe even a smile. I subscribed because you seem like someone you could kick back and have a beer with while talking cars. And I like that you actually do things with cars and get your hands dirty. I appreciate the "real world" nature of your reviews :)
  • ピーチャン
    ピーチャン 6 месяцев назад Can you possibly sound any more homo-erotic?
  • MasterMech77
    MasterMech77 6 месяцев назад ぴーちゃん ... Can you possibly sound any more homo-phobic? You should see a psychiatrist about that.
  • ピーチャン
    ピーチャン 6 месяцев назад @MasterMech77 you should see your wife's boyfriend about that.
  • Kane Bell
    Kane Bell 6 месяцев назад burned to death
  • fierostetz
    fierostetz 6 месяцев назад You don't need to hide anymore, man, people will accept you for who you are :) good luck!
  • bmx687
    bmx687 2 недели назад @ピーチャン lmao!
  • Guillaume pom
    Guillaume pom 6 месяцев назад Thanks for reviewing a manual transmission car
  • Lox Lover
    Lox Lover 6 месяцев назад Ha, I was kind of disappointed because of how much quicker the DSG version is. Launch control and all...
  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar 6 месяцев назад Well all automatics are quicker. DSG or not. What's your point?
  • Lox Lover
    Lox Lover 6 месяцев назад @Admiral, I mean that was literally my point. Should I have another?
  • J.D. Turner
    J.D. Turner 6 месяцев назад But automatics are boring...unless Im making money by being a fraction of a second faster give me a stick!
  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 6 месяцев назад Im with you, DSG is awesome but I love driving a manual over the automatic.
  • Ditto
    Ditto 6 месяцев назад Any of you ever use a DSG gearbox as a daily? cause it really is fun to drive.. I think people get overzealous with the stick makes it better mentality. I drove stick my whole life an been using a DSG last couple of years as a daily. It's just as fun. Also don't get leg fatigue in bad traffic or at lights on a decline. Anyways to each their own I guess.
  • Ramen V
    Ramen V 6 месяцев назад Ditto, yeah to each their own. When I owned a GTI I loved the driving feel and the DSG, but it was not a fun as a manual. I especially love revving up and slowly shifting to the next gear.
  • J.D. Turner
    J.D. Turner 6 месяцев назад @Ditto it's not mentality...i've accepted autos are faster...but i don't care. One is more fun than the other...rowing your own gears makes you feel connected.
  • Ditto
    Ditto 6 месяцев назад I think one day that nostalgia will wear off. Yeah sure rowing gears is fun but it’s not like you can’t do the same in a dsg it’s only a different format. As manual becomes archaic in the future of motoring and Motorsport. Especially when you combine high speeds having less to physically control gives you more concentration for the task at hand. Why else would have r1 dropped the manuals at those speeds nobody’s missing their feels cause it keeps you quicker.and competitive maybe even on the track as it reacts faster than a human brain can react and send information from your brain to your extremities. As horsepower and torque increases to propel our cars to speeds we once thought were unimaginable from our stock cars from factory. Take group b rally for another example some drivers would say that the human brain couldn’t keep up with the pace of their turbo powered vehicles and we are reaching those levels as cars become 300+ hp as the norm for a hot hatch once modified reaching 1000+ hp in extreme cases. Do the math...
  • Ramen V
    Ramen V 6 месяцев назад Ditto, autonomous vehicles will replace humans eventually and there will be an audience for them in motorsports. I know that with a DSG I can shift precisely; as a human I understand I cannot be perfect, but the Icarus strive towards perfection is the reason I give to life. The act of cranking the engine, listening to it purr, granny shifting (like one should), and nailing a heel toe before turning right to your local Walmart to buy adult diapers is an experience I am proud to highlight.
  • Ditto
    Ditto 6 месяцев назад lol hey I agree with that 100p and nobody is taking your manual gearbox away. I just get tired of the people crying about auto's when the cars tech keeps increasing in terms of power and speed, yet these are some of the main factors in the progression of shaving seconds off a 1/4 mile or a lap time. Human nature at it's finest eat my cake and have it too. Its not cool to have a non stick car even though most problems are due to the that particular hardware failing under user error.
  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 6 месяцев назад I am getting a dsg because of that mini gtr feeling
  • SH1RO 7R
    SH1RO 7R 6 месяцев назад (изменено) It used to before when Automatics were super inefficient with 3 or 4 gears that MTs were cheaper (autos were a high-cost option), faster acceleration and better MPGs (since more gear ratios)..but with the advent of the dual-clutch auto (DSG/PDK) that acceleration cannot be matched in a manual because the computer shifts it faster than a human and no loss in acceleration since you don't have to push the clutch pedal to decouple the engine from the tranny. But my whole point is in real time STREET use, no one is gonna give a shit if you can do mid 4sec 0-60s with launch control at every light due to traffic and safety. The only ones who will love you are the gas stations since you will consume more fuel faster. This is coming from a 7.5R 6MT owner and a guy who used to drag race a 12sec honda CRX (all motor) and 10sec yamaha R1 18 years ago. #savethemanuals
  • Lord Xenu
    Lord Xenu 6 месяцев назад DSG is the only way to own this car. The R’s manual is garbage and the clutch is as durable as a piece of paper. Simple stage 1 tune will require an upgraded clutch with no exceptions.
  • Justin F
    Justin F 6 месяцев назад DSG is certainly not quicker in all situations. GTI Clubsport had the Nurburgring FWD record for years and it was the manual.
  • Matt S
    Matt S 6 месяцев назад Lox Lover - 99% of the Golf R videos on YouTube features the DSG. So let manual transmission enthusiasts enjoy our 1%.
  • Matt S
    Matt S 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Ditto - having less to do does not make you more connected with the experience or the vehicle. It just makes you zone out more. In a manual transmission one arm steers the car, the other arm changes gears while one leg presses the clutch and the other swaps between the break and the gas pedals. This all happens simultaneously and if done correctly in perfect harmony like a grand symphony. Flicking paddles on the steering wheel is not the same and does not make you more connected, keep dreaming buddy. And I know you didn’t just compare a DSG to A real formula 1 gear box? Those cars are dedicated track cars, so they’re more concerned about lap times, as they should be. You shouldn’t considering you’re going to spend 85% of the time commuting. When it comes down to it how fast the car shifts and what time it got on the Nurburgring are meaningless to the average enthusiast.
  • Matt S
    Matt S 6 месяцев назад Rian Johnson - I’ve heard that excuse before, one too many times in fact. With the amount of money you spend upgrading to a DSG transmission you can invest towards a decent clutch, and with stage two tune you can factually achieve 3.71 0-60 times.
  • Denchanter357
    Denchanter357 6 месяцев назад worked with a 2015 R, and i LOVED the DSG in it. slightly quirky at times, but man does it just MOVE.
  • Lord Xenu
    Lord Xenu 5 месяцев назад Matt S ...yeah, you aren’t hitting those 0-60 times in a manual Golf R. Ain’t no way..ain’t no how. The manual trans in the Golf R is outdated garbage and there is no way to truly launch it. Rev it up and it will bog and fall on its face. I’ve owned and heavily modded plenty of Rs and the DSG is without a doubt the only way to go if you want to be fast.
  • convex
    convex 5 месяцев назад @Lox Lover haha ha
  • M Cunha
    M Cunha 5 месяцев назад All? Not true, for sure...
  • 1991BMWM5
    1991BMWM5 3 месяца назад @Ditto Exactly.
  • Ditto
    Ditto 3 месяца назад @Matt S LMAO IDK what to say to that response man. Anyone who doesn't use both hands to steer a car is an idiot. The DSG is lifted from a Porsche race car and has a wet clutch not a dry one like in the manual. Upgrade all you like but you'll never come close to it with the shitty manual box in any VW. Do your research before talking trash. Anyone with over 500bhp will tell you that even with upgraded clutch/flywheel manuals will smoke clutches like a chain smoker. Mr. Grand Symphony you really think operating levers makes you some sort of master driver or something, like I stated previously I drove manuals all my life so you're preaching to choir. Anyways there's too many contradictions an absurdities in your incoherent response to continue on so im out peace...
  • ZambonieDude
    ZambonieDude 3 месяца назад Ditto Nostalgia won't wear off it'll be non-existent because the future is Electric Cars, thus meaning no manually shifting gears. I mean Tesla's are always in "1st-Gear", there could be a manual electric car but no manufacturer is going to waste RnD developing such a solution when it's not necessary & ultimately useless.
  • Matthew
    Matthew 6 месяцев назад (изменено) Biggest perk with GTi's and R's, how effective a flash tune is on these platforms. I remember the earlier years of the MK6 GTI release, there were older men who had engine issues (carbon) at 60k, then younger idiots like me that were beating the hell out of their GTI, never done carbon cleaning once. Sold the car at over 200k KM. Good maintenance and revving the car out occasionally goes a long way.
  • Doctor Ferdinand
    Doctor Ferdinand 6 месяцев назад Matthew it was a similar story with the rx8. Initially the automatics outsold the manuals by quite a bit, but now you’d be hard pressed to find an automatic rx8 because a life of commuting caused early carbon build up and apex seal failure.
  • MasterMech77
    MasterMech77 6 месяцев назад On direct port injected engines, you are right driving them hard on occasion does really help reduce the amount of carbon that builds up. Also using the highest octane fuels and using full synthetic lubricants helps too. My 2001 Golf GTI had 250k by the time I sold it to my friend. He still has it to this day, both of us drove/drive the car aggressively. Engine is still going strong, even with almost 400k on it. Problem is when people get these type of vehicles don't do proper maintenance on them and don't drive them like they were designed to be driven, is when you run in to problems. PLUS with a simple ECU tune, you get so much more out of this thing, it almost seems like magic.
  • Manço
    Manço 6 месяцев назад How would carbon buildup on the valves be affected by revving the car out?
  • ArmyofSeaturtles
    ArmyofSeaturtles 6 месяцев назад the extra heat helps keep carbon from building/forming , it's what Mazda is doing on their skyactive engines
  • Carlo Santin
    Carlo Santin 6 месяцев назад Also known as The Italian Tune up.