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2017 Mexico Grand Prix: Race Highlights

Published on Oct 29, 2017 2,774,727 views

Max Verstappen wins in Mexico as Lewis Hamilton clinches his fourth F1 world championship...

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  • La Armería
    La Armería Год назад Sitting at turn 1 and watching that HAM vs ALO battle happen right in front of my eyes... Epic, amazing, sexy :D
  • Homero Rasta
    Homero Rasta Год назад so epic
  • SirNoob
    SirNoob Год назад La Armeria if Alonso had a decent would be more epic
  • faisal nur
    faisal nur Год назад Only the two best drivers of for F1
  • KingKrusty
    KingKrusty Год назад it was quite fair in the sense that Hamilton's car had a fucked diffusor from vettels accident early in the race.
  • Arnaud J.
    Arnaud J. Год назад Why is Alonso the only one to defend his place against Vettel & Hamilton ?
    PROTECTION Год назад I hope this happens a lot next year since McLaren aim to win again with the Renault engines
  • Louis Dega
    Louis Dega Год назад Battle?!! hahaha you've never seen the battles from a greater f1 era. I feel sorry for Alonso to still be in f1 when he clearly does not enjoy it.
  • The Wise Wolf
    The Wise Wolf Год назад Alonso enjoys F1, he just is in a really shitty car at the moment.
  • iliovecaRS
    iliovecaRS Год назад La Armeria luckyy
  • Odir Von Hauser
    Odir Von Hauser Год назад Pero Perhan talk' bout Prost vs Senna in Suzuka
  • Ronald Isbouts
    Ronald Isbouts Год назад La Armeria of
  • joseba Zabala Artetxe
    joseba Zabala Artetxe Год назад La Armeria qaa
  • Peruano común Team!
    Peruano común Team! Год назад cheeckybutnice Trump is just a disgusting man. He says that Mexicans are bad. We have not dropped atomic bombs in the world! They are the cocaine addicts. This guy has a lot to talk about. Gretings from México❤
  • SputterStop_92
    SputterStop_92 Год назад La Armería epic
  • James Currie
    James Currie Год назад Shit
  • Peruano común Team!
    Peruano común Team! Год назад James Currie 😜
  • Phillip Wicks
    Phillip Wicks 11 месяцев назад La Armería l
  • GSC-Jazz_Kostas
    GSC-Jazz_Kostas 10 месяцев назад Alonso>Hamilton
  • Jo Millen
    Jo Millen 9 месяцев назад Alonso is definitely a great driver if not the best driver at the moment, but he never got a good enough car.
  • nashvin joshua
    nashvin joshua 4 месяца назад 3:40 what was stroll trying to do w his gears?? He does know that he has 8 gears right? Not more than that.
  • _ bailaferias
    _ bailaferias 4 месяца назад @Arnaud J. Because Alonso doesn't care to finish 9th or 10th, so he just wants to enjoy the battle and prove that he still got it even with 1 of the worst cars on the grid, he doesn't care for 1 or 2 points..
  • Matthew Vaughan
    Matthew Vaughan 4 месяца назад @Arnaud J. Because he's the only one to have had rivalries against them driving for Ferrari
  • Blafard666
    Blafard666 4 месяца назад put VET and VERS in the same position and you have a carnage...
  • Sabrina Doang
    Sabrina Doang 4 месяца назад @nashvin joshua lol..
  • Bodkin of Nurk
    Bodkin of Nurk 4 дня назад @Arnaud J. you just named three multiple world champions, there's your answer...
  • Chad Mordekai
    Chad Mordekai Год назад its confirmed, whenever kyvat is dropped, verstappen wins.
  • Faks_Ar
    Faks_Ar Год назад Well, Kvyat is not driving for Toro Rosso anymore so... yeah... Unleash the Lion like he says xD
    FATPENGUIN96 Год назад I have a feeling that this trend will end, because Vestappen is on fire and you can't really drop Kvyat any further down.
  • Aldo Ciapparelli
    Aldo Ciapparelli Год назад Amazing right?
  • R4pt0r64
    R4pt0r64 Год назад FATPENGUIN96 Hold my beer.
  • eXileF
    eXileF Год назад So for the rest of the existence of F1, Max will win? Interesting
  • Armin
    Armin Год назад Chad Mordekai so if Kvyat loses his seat for 2018, will that mean Verstappen winning every race? 😂😂
  • Darth Raider
    Darth Raider Год назад So if Kyvat died, Verstappen would win the World Championship?
  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith Год назад Chad Mordekai What about when kvyat gets dropped from formula E?
  • Max
    Max Год назад Darth Raider KILL HIM!
  • Antonius vd Klis
    Antonius vd Klis Год назад seems so, hahahahaha
  • Antonius vd Klis
    Antonius vd Klis Год назад When Kvyat dies, its on a bicycle paddling drunk from the Vodka. No, joking, its a good racer, but I think not on the F1 level from today. All racers making mistakes, also the best, but never the kind of mistakes he was making. He had even a second chance, that's rare in F1, and for sure by Red Bull. But sadly for him it did not work. Verstappen with 18 was better then him and better then Saints. F1 is a hard business, you not perform, you are out.
  • Rowan Walch
    Rowan Walch 8 месяцев назад Chad Mordekai finally
  • Ryaan Shahzad
    Ryaan Shahzad 7 месяцев назад Chad Mordekai guess what?your right😍
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 6 месяцев назад He is wrong. Kvyat wasn't demoted at Ferrari and yet Max still won Austria
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 6 месяцев назад +Antonius vd Klis His first two seasons were incredible!!! He got mentally destroyed by that stupid team. This is why Vettel and Ricciardo left!!!! They always give the new ones preferable treatment
  • Tristan van Heest
    Tristan van Heest 6 месяцев назад Firemarioflower the only thing you can do is crying I guess?
  • Daniel O
    Daniel O Год назад (изменено) The Alonso, Hamilton battle on lap 68 was sexy maybe a teaser for 2018 if Mclaren can get themselves together.
  • M. Blat
    M. Blat Год назад (изменено) Daniel O Yeah if Alonso drives like that with a good car then it will be epic.
  • crusherbmx
    crusherbmx Год назад I like how Alonso didn't make it easy for him, even though earlier in the week he was saying he hopes Hamilton wins it.
  • scruffybob42088
    scruffybob42088 Год назад That small battle was, to me, felt very nostalgic. I was elated when it happened.
  • Mike Ruch
    Mike Ruch Год назад Hammy "battling" with a Mclaren. LOL Imagine Alonso drove a Merc, he probably would've won 6 championships by now.
  • Chamchamcham10
    Chamchamcham10 Год назад I thought I read somewhere Alonso leaving McLaren for sure after this year?
  • Nilay Kumar
    Nilay Kumar Год назад (изменено) I gave you your 200th like for the good post. 👍
  • DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff
    DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff Год назад Chamchamcham10 he singed another contract
  • Broc Parsons
    Broc Parsons Год назад I doubt it, the Mclaren isn't as good of a chassis as they make out, they won't get the top spec Renault engines either. They'll be 4th at best. It'll be the Seb, Lewis and Max show next year.
  • Evannaej GAMING
    Evannaej GAMING Год назад Daniel O thats the best part of the highlight
  • Bahamuttiamat
    Bahamuttiamat Год назад Crazy how they can go wheel to wheel for laps, unlike mr hamfist vettel who just plows into people. Joke.
  • cDTeVe
    cDTeVe Год назад (изменено) @Mike Ruch... what happened the last time ALO drove for Mercedes???
  • sheriff5119
    sheriff5119 Год назад Mike Ruch Hahaha, that Mclaren is as quick if not QUICKER than the Merc in slow speed corners. That's how Alonso was able to make it difficult. If Alonso drove a Merc, Hamilton would dominate him like he did Rosberg. If Hamilton drove the 2012 Ferrari that Alonso had, Lewis would have won the title that year!
  • cDTeVe
    cDTeVe Год назад ... ya'll do realize HAM's rear defuser was broken, ie his car was damaged, that's why it was difficult for HAM to pass ALO & anyone else... just sayin...
  • eXileF
    eXileF Год назад +cDTeVe Honey, I don't think Alonso ever drove for Mercedes
  • Arnaud J.
    Arnaud J. Год назад Why is Alonso the only one to defend his place against Vettel & Hamilton ?
  • cDTeVe
    cDTeVe Год назад @eXileF ok, it was called, McLaren/Mercedes, 2007...
  • eXileF
    eXileF Год назад +cDTeVe Yeah, if so you're right. Hamilton is a really good driver, and he showed he is one of the best drivers at Monza qualies for example. Both Hamilton and Alonso are together with Vettel, Kimi, Max and Riccardo the best drivers on the track atm.
  • cDTeVe
    cDTeVe Год назад ... I can agree with that... that is the top shelf... people have their favorites... also it's how you work with the team to maximize the car & handle the pressure of every race, on that top level stage!!!
  • Sumit Saurabh
    Sumit Saurabh Год назад hahaha .. ur saying hamilton dominated drunk or what....rosberg is 2016 world champion,,,,,so what it makes him superior dan fuckilton.....alonso is a legend ..wid some big bad lucks
  • everything_is_depressing_123
    everything_is_depressing_123 Год назад Mike Ruch Hamilton > < Alonso
  • El Cacas Mix
    El Cacas Mix Год назад Merab Malishava cci ft dht
  • Kimi Räikkönen
    Kimi Räikkönen 11 месяцев назад Nice teaser you got there lmao
  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 5 месяцев назад I hate to break it to ya man
  • Snepai
    Snepai 4 месяца назад Interesting to come here and see what speculations people had year ago for this season
  • Jordan 51203
    Jordan 51203 4 месяца назад Snepai I was thinking the same thing. On a few of the videos I commented on this year I'm probably going to look back and laugh at how wrong I was.
  • FauneRs
    FauneRs Год назад The kvyat curse is real
  • PKMN F1
    PKMN F1 Год назад Kvyat will be very mad when he gets dropped and Verstappen winning the race
  • Josua Prasetya
    Josua Prasetya Год назад FauneRs Kvyat is a "joker" in the track.
  • Joe Kidd
    Joe Kidd Год назад FauneRs So what Verstappen will never win again?
  • ofek shaltiel
    ofek shaltiel Год назад FauneRs ahaha
  • Yenice
    Yenice Год назад Joe Kidd Find out in the next episode..
  • arhuse
    arhuse Год назад he's got no drive next year. does it mean max is gonna win the championship?
  • matcah
    matcah Год назад williams will sign the torpedo
  • Ender Gamer
    Ender Gamer Год назад Smoove of dragon ball z
  • DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff
    DudeOnly GamingAndOtherStuff Год назад matcah martini bro
  • Zythix
    Zythix Год назад What if he wins every race now that kvyat is gone 🤔
  • สตรอง /////////////
    สตรอง ///////////// Год назад Crazy drive
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 6 месяцев назад Not anymore
  • soupe2000
    soupe2000 4 месяца назад @Firemarioflower Yes actually, Verstappen needs either Kyvat retiring or both Mercedes DNF to win
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 4 месяца назад +soupe2000 Wrong, the Austrian win had nothing to do with Kvyat whatsoever mate.
  • soupe2000
    soupe2000 4 месяца назад @Firemarioflower Yes but Mercedes double DNF happend ;)
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 4 месяца назад +soupe2000 I'm no fan of his (even though i'm from Holland) but i'm sure he can win races without Kvyat demoted or doulbe Mercedes DNFs in the future.
  • soupe2000
    soupe2000 4 месяца назад @Firemarioflower of course, that's a pun. He's doing really well today, I'm sure he will get another win
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 4 месяца назад +soupe2000 He won Malaysia cuz the Ferraris suffered bad luck. But his first win had both Ferraris in them and those were evenly matched with RedBull. If he doesn't do the same crap like in the first six races of this season, then he's a potential world champion.
  • Superdurt
    Superdurt Год назад The battle between ALO and HAM was good to see
  • Anthony Kernich
    Anthony Kernich Год назад pity it could never be for a win
  • SirNoob
    SirNoob Год назад SuperdurTV yeah but the problem is than hamilton has a mercedes engine,with drs,in the México with that long drs zone and Alonso what has to defend?A shitty honda engine...atleast is the first time in 3 years i hear Alonso say"the car feels great"😂
  • Arnaud J.
    Arnaud J. Год назад Why is Alonso the only one to defend his place against Vettel & Hamilton ?
  • Sander AM
    Sander AM Год назад Arnaud J. BC he is the only world champ that isnt fighting 4 titel and so he dosent like to let people past so easy
  • Arnaud J.
    Arnaud J. Год назад Sander AM yes but i think every real driver should drive like that to not be overtook
  • Esat'ın Maceraları
    Esat'ın Maceraları Год назад Exactly that ^
  • Historical Benga
    Historical Benga Год назад THANKS LIBERTY MEDIA, F1 IS BETTER THAN EVER!!
  • Max Verstappen
    Max Verstappen Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil thank me for that
  • Sam Dewey
    Sam Dewey Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil Until next year when the halo arrives 😂😭
  • Ji Xi
    Ji Xi Год назад Ginger Dewey yup
  • J024
    J024 Год назад No it's not, that depends on what the new F1 owners will do in term of eco rules and engines after 2020.
  • NinthDensity
    NinthDensity Год назад You’re a fucking moron. F1 sucks not now than ever. You must live an empty fucking life.
  • Matt Cecil
    Matt Cecil Год назад F1 is at its worse at the moment, on the verge of collapse if it doesn't change soon
  • Starbuck
    Starbuck Год назад Let's hope they get rid of the pay way F1 is going behind.
  • Wilfred Jones
    Wilfred Jones Год назад only thing liberty was responsible for was that fucking aids DJ. fucking americans they have 0 taste in anything
    WGACA Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil Thanks Max Verstappen you mean.
  • Ian Miles
    Ian Miles Год назад It has precisely nothing to do with Liberty Media. What have they done this year.....
  • Geoland 22
    Geoland 22 Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil but redbull top. Verstappen Drive very good but He is often out
  • M0rphin
    M0rphin Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil If u start f1 in 2014 i guess kinda true lol
  • Sim.
    Sim. Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil 1000th like!! :)
  • AdamantJHS
    AdamantJHS Год назад Better than ever? Nah. Let me know when more than two people can win the championship.
  • Historical Benga
    Historical Benga Год назад Wanna compare with 2000's when Shumacher and Ferrari dominated every single race? How about Vettel era 2011-2013? In 2017 we had Ferrari getting Mercedes and now Red Bull winning races..
  • mark nvt
    mark nvt Год назад The only upgrade that F1 has at the moment is MAX VERSTAPPEN!!!!
  • My dad left me
    My dad left me Год назад Liberty media have nothing to do with it it’s the previous owners who made F1
  • Robin Veldboer
    Robin Veldboer 5 месяцев назад mark nvt l
  • IQ's Shoes
    IQ's Shoes Год назад Still can’t believe Carlos has moved to Renault, but I guess I should’ve seen the Sainz
  • Mat EVO7
    Mat EVO7 Год назад IQ's Shoes hahahahahaa stahp
  • Daniel O
    Daniel O Год назад 😂😂😂stop plz
  • Chze Hong Lim
    Chze Hong Lim Год назад HAHAHAHAHA
  • FizzY
    FizzY Год назад Lol
  • Fabian Leiva
    Fabian Leiva Год назад Good one
  • Playstation 5247
    Playstation 5247 Год назад I like him in Renault, but I believe that he's best suitable in Torro Rosso
  • sanketanchan
    sanketanchan Год назад Budum bum bush🥁
  • ofek shaltiel
    ofek shaltiel Год назад ps3 Torro Rosso is getting Hunda engines next year.
  • Playstation 5247
    Playstation 5247 Год назад ofek shaltiel I know and McLaren are getting Renault engines next season
  • ofek shaltiel
    ofek shaltiel Год назад I know that too ,but I am just saying that the move was kind of justified.
  • PKMN F1
    PKMN F1 Год назад This is the 3rd time that Verstappen wins everytime Kvyat gets dropped/demoted
  • Luke Strader
    Luke Strader Год назад God damn, Max nearly lapped the entire field
  • Phe rocks
    Phe rocks Год назад While taking it easy :P
  • Aykut
    Aykut Год назад Massa doesnt like Vettel
  • Felipe Massa
    Felipe Massa Год назад Aykut nah it was just banter
  • 20832_Green Hell
    20832_Green Hell Год назад Vettel doesn't like him.
  • LethalWalou
    LethalWalou Год назад +Aykut hey it's you again :D Why didn't you ever answer to me in one previous video? :(
  • Tim Shields
    Tim Shields Год назад many people don't like Vettel. He whines too much
  • mightress
    mightress Год назад Happily Divorced nah, he only wines when he is not in front. So yeah, alot.
  • Richard Urbanec
    Richard Urbanec Год назад Actually, Massa has begun to defend very aggressively quite some time ago.
  • felipe poffo
    felipe poffo Год назад Of course not
  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith Год назад Felipe Massa Retire
  • Pippo
    Pippo Год назад Massa is a joke since he was in ferrari
  • Sky-view
    Sky-view Год назад Aykut neither do I lately, he is getting shitter and shitter this year. His attitude is appalling, swearing at everyone.
  • Aykut
    Aykut Год назад LethalWalou Sorry about that man, but for some reason i dont get notification alerts for every reply. I'll try finding it
  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith Год назад Aligned-Planets Old age
  • DK089
    DK089 Год назад Nobody likes Vettel...
  • Tim Shields
    Tim Shields Год назад lmao. honestly
  • Yosimoro
    Yosimoro Год назад Massa is a dick.
  • Asier Gonz Buruchaga
    Asier Gonz Buruchaga Год назад nobody does.
  • gjeroniemo
    gjeroniemo Год назад Nobody likes massa either
  • Pippo
    Pippo Год назад It's incredible that massa is already in williams and they don't kick him out, because it's horrible to see williams not in the point zone
  • Darth Raider
    Darth Raider Год назад Massa is a knob
  • Laurens Pleiter
    Laurens Pleiter Год назад No one likes vettel
  • Web crawler
    Web crawler Год назад He hates Ferrari... what a dirty move once again by Massa
  • Andrei Briceag
    Andrei Briceag Год назад Who does?..
  • Felipe Kimi
    Felipe Kimi Год назад Whole world hates Vettel... And he lost the championship LOL Go die idiot loser Vettel XD
  • TAI
    TAI Год назад What is Vettel thing ?? I mean seriously. Is it some kind of POOP ??
  • # Iced
    # Iced Год назад Aykut Alonso doesn’t like Hamilton
  • Kalo Versace
    Kalo Versace Год назад No one like Vettel
  • EvanRachelGivesMeWood
    EvanRachelGivesMeWood Год назад Uhm. Massa didnt do that ob purpose. If you watch his onboard, you can see he lost control of the front end and went deep. Honest mistake.
  • ThisGuy
    ThisGuy Год назад Massa is a little troll.
  • Astrostevo
    Astrostevo Год назад (изменено) Who does? Vettel is a spoilt douchebag. Talented but a tantrum chucking spoilt, selfish brat who has benefitted unfairly from superior machinery and money and connections.
  • Aykut
    Aykut Год назад 呆呆戴佑 Despite giving Hamilton a run for his money in this race: Alonso deep down wanted him to be WC this year, because he was the one who left Ferrari
  • Miche 1705
    Miche 1705 Год назад Massa is a idiot
  • Asher Rose
    Asher Rose Год назад uuum ............................stroll?
  • Athe Ismo
    Athe Ismo Год назад TAI Try to express yourself in English next time.
  • Athe Ismo
    Athe Ismo Год назад Astrostevo Bullshit. Seb could outdrive most of the others in a gocart.
  • Felipe Kimi
    Felipe Kimi Год назад Athe Ismo Stop crying Loser Xd
  • daniel carneiro
    daniel carneiro Год назад Too much cry babies here
  • Tony
    Tony Год назад Yes, but most of the time he whines because he's right.
  • Marcos Almeida
    Marcos Almeida Год назад Vettel doesnt like anyone
  • Nathan Cory
    Nathan Cory Год назад 呆呆戴佑 To be honest I'm pretty sure Alonso respects Hamilton as a driver a lot more than he respect Vettel, he's pretty much outright said it in the past. Honestly I think him fighting with Hamilton in this race was just good fun for them more than anything else
  • Peter de Valk
    Peter de Valk Год назад Who does? Except for some German fanboys!
  • Sports Tourer
    Sports Tourer 4 месяца назад Aykut not one bit
  • Luka Dzidic
    Luka Dzidic 4 месяца назад @Astrostevo you confused him with Lewis Hamilton
  • DealerNextDoor
    DealerNextDoor 4 месяца назад They don't like Vettel cuz they know he's better than Hamilton and is just going through a rough patch rn
  • Kleber Mazeto Ferreira
    Kleber Mazeto Ferreira Год назад (изменено) MAMMA MIA
  • Mer8dado _
    Mer8dado _ Год назад Kleber Mazeto Ferreira It's mamma mia.I'm italian
  • Kleber Mazeto Ferreira
    Kleber Mazeto Ferreira Год назад Mer8dado _ sorry, guy.
  • Cooper Beard
    Cooper Beard Год назад Bwoah at least there were no team orders
  • ELchapoOLIN
    ELchapoOLIN Год назад Kimi Räikkönen o você é muito bom
  • ELchapoOLIN
    ELchapoOLIN Год назад Eu sou do Brasil
  • Moses ainsz
    Moses ainsz Год назад fuckin loser.
  • Oswaldo Rodríguez
    Oswaldo Rodríguez Год назад You were too far ahead for that
  • Sups S
    Sups S Год назад lol. Kimi looks so lost and uninterested.
  • rajesh kadupukotla
    rajesh kadupukotla Год назад Kimi Räikkönen : Vettel tried to impose that but the distance is 23 seconds !!
  • Weesky
    Weesky Год назад Kimi Räikkönen lol
  • Mike Kleinsman
    Mike Kleinsman Год назад Good job mate
  • Pippo
    Pippo Год назад You and bottas did a good job cause hamilton and vettel were out of the top 5
  • Daniel Ricciardo
    Daniel Ricciardo Год назад Awesome win Max I couldn't join you up there unfortunately congratulations Lewis 4 for 44
  • TheGasGuzzler
    TheGasGuzzler Год назад Well yes there was because in the last laps Ferrari saw that Hamilton overtook Alonso and so ordered Kimi to slow down. You can see in the last laps how the gap between Vettel and Raikkonen decreases and his gap to bottas increases. But yeah it was too late.
  • Pippo
    Pippo Год назад Berta Briggs this spam is a cancer
  • arun
    arun Год назад Would have had to be mother of all team orders
  • Othneil Owusu
    Othneil Owusu Год назад Verstappen
  • Kimi Räikkönen
    Kimi Räikkönen 11 месяцев назад Bwoah What do you mean
  • Historical Benga
    Historical Benga Год назад Ferrari won the title of ''Championship Loser''. How to lose the championship in the last 5 races in a easy way...
  • I.K. ♦️
    I.K. ♦️ Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil Yep. They were close to winning the championship, but instead, they just bottled it.
  • Carlin
    Carlin Год назад (изменено) How to lose because Hamilton is better and mature driver
  • Rafi x
    Rafi x Год назад Carlin 70 PS stronger car
  • Duke Duke
    Duke Duke Год назад Carlin low iq kid
  • Haris Syafiq MTA
    Haris Syafiq MTA Год назад Carlin Oh dude stop it.. Hamilton is great but its also got helped by ferarri badluck
  • 김정수
    김정수 Год назад Well Thats what Ferrari exist for ...they never were a Top level team..always a third grade or second runner at their best...thats what Ferrari stand for since the past decade...B grade crappy team..
  • Alex smith
    Alex smith Год назад ferrari lost the constructors far to easy was because of 1 issue an that was the work of kimi raikkonen, hes had so many problems with his car that the team only relied on one car to give them 50% on the amount of points, while mercedes relies on both cars to give the team points by having lewis an valteri place in the points so many times, thats is a full 100% of points givin to the teams.
  • Marcelo Baez
    Marcelo Baez Год назад Ferrari improved his car and it was closer than last year, but Mercedes is still one step ahead. Vettel and Raikkonen's serious mistakes made Hamilton's titled easier but he would have won anyway
  • Jigsaw
    Jigsaw Год назад Carlin Your retarded. He acts like a 12 year old and is in the better car.
  • João Paulo
    João Paulo Год назад 김정수 never a top team? Cough cough 2000- 2004 cough cough
  • MinigunGaming
    MinigunGaming Год назад Who am I? Plus 1974-1979, 1996-1999, 2006-2008
  • miguel rios
    miguel rios Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil But that’s racing, it’s not like anything ridiculous, there will always be sh*t talk in sports so this isn’t anything different.But Ferrari made this season more interesting compared to the last 3 seasons which were boring as hell. In my opinion both drivers and team manufacturers put up a good fight
  • Crucial
    Crucial Год назад 김정수 dumbass lmao
  • Crucial
    Crucial Год назад Last races we're dreadful the championship would still be going on rn but it's ok that's Motorsport anything can happen lol
  • Vienna Style [WIEN]
    Vienna Style [WIEN] Год назад i was thinking , hamilton must be under the top 5 to become champion? stupid radio...
  • endi23 pl
    endi23 pl Год назад unlucky
  • The Truth
    The Truth Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil Vettel immaturity and lack of self control caused Ferrari this championship.
    WGACA Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil Yep, Max absolutely shat on Hamilton's Championship 😂
  • Henry whatzal
    Henry whatzal Год назад Mercedes caused Ferrari problems those dickheads
  • Pippo
    Pippo Год назад Hamilton won cause vettel had badluck, but that's it, things can happen and change all
  • Pippo
    Pippo Год назад Surely we will see a good fight the next year, but this is the black year of vettel
  • moiskellerwerter bra
    moiskellerwerter bra Год назад 김정수 are you stupid?What the fuck are you smoking!?
  • prankel 2005
    prankel 2005 Год назад Historical Benga Made in Brazil Moment you are the loser thet was luck and ferari much in formula one and i Will Nobody not offend by the Mercedes fan but Mercedes is shit Team 2000 in these years what better maclaren against ferari I say fuck you Mercedes and once again I have respect for the driver and Fan 😯 but i dont Like that what you Write about ferari thear Not Loser 😠
  • Jahseh Onfroy
    Jahseh Onfroy Год назад +Marcelo Baez it's the reliability that Ferrari didn't really work on yet
  • Suvesh Misra
    Suvesh Misra 6 месяцев назад Lol once again
  • Ramir Duria
    Ramir Duria 6 месяцев назад And surprise2x. They're doing it again this year.
  • Berkay T
    Berkay T 4 месяца назад same this year
  • Cat Philomel
    Cat Philomel 4 месяца назад Now they won this title twice. And in exactly the same way.
  • TomTom
    TomTom 4 месяца назад and they did it again in 2018 :D
  • Pippo
    Pippo 4 месяца назад Deja vu, I have been in this place before
  • Ivan Zoe Dimaculangan
    Ivan Zoe Dimaculangan Год назад The prophecy of Daniil Kvyat is real
  • PKMN F1
    PKMN F1 Год назад Kvyat gets Triggered for real this time
  • StrangeDeimos
    StrangeDeimos Год назад hope he gets sacked as a cab driver next race
    HẢI STUDIO Год назад This race is very interesting.
  • Only One
    Only One Год назад (изменено) True when vet and ham fighting through the field
  • Nick Holland
    Nick Holland Год назад Ham fighting through the field? Ric and vettel did, not Hamilton. Poor race, he could hardly pass Sainz
  • Only One
    Only One Год назад Nick Holland he struggled with a damage on his diffuser but he still finished in the top10
  • Nick Holland
    Nick Holland Год назад Oops I did not know that, I know Hamilton is a excellent driver.
    ZXLNT Год назад Too bad he is a "D" Too busy with his face buried in his phone to even acknowledge a young fan. Same thing in Suzuka too busy for the fans but was sure all smiles he got inside and all the beautiful young Japanese girls were swooning over him.
  • Strike Agario
    Strike Agario Год назад Still, it was too BORING.
  • Firemarioflower
    Firemarioflower 9 месяцев назад Kimi Riakkönnen was even worse.... if it wasn't for VSC Ocon would've finished ahead of him.
  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee 5 месяцев назад Boring. Race is about fight for victory. When did last time we got lead battle
  • triangleswinger RC
    triangleswinger RC Год назад It's funny how when Vettel gets mad he starts talking in questions.
  • Takoda
    Takoda 4 месяца назад Watch all the f1 fans from 2018 comming in after the YouTube channel send us here again
  • Vansh Jain
    Vansh Jain 4 месяца назад sent me back after seeing Hamilton win #5
  • Max Verstappen
    Max Verstappen Год назад I didn’t even get Driver of the day. Seriously, what are we doing here?
  • Nicholas Leow
    Nicholas Leow Год назад For some reason..... Ferrari fans accused you of knocking Vettel into his front wing.....
  • Sups S
    Sups S Год назад Honestly, What are we doing here ! :P
  • Tyler Bickerstaff
    Tyler Bickerstaff Год назад Because Seb never gave up
  • Nextmemelord
    Nextmemelord Год назад (изменено) Dank Daddy nor hamilton
  • Thomas Fulton
    Thomas Fulton Год назад You did nothing inspiring
  • AvGeek NZ
    AvGeek NZ Год назад Max Verstappen fake accounts as per usual
  • t
    t Год назад gast.. doe dit gewoon niet.
  • Channel
    Channel Год назад I do not understand either. Max was clearly the best driver on the track that day. Vettel just screwed himself over in the first three turns all by himself. He didn't show any discipline by crashing into both Verstappen and Hamilton. The run after that was impressive by all means, but the 20 second lead that Verstappen had was, I quote "a breeze". There is no doubt that Verstappen was the best driver the whole race.
  • Boston 00
    Boston 00 Год назад BerchBG but his comeback and his lap-times were great, considering he was only 16 sec behind kimi If he had no damage he would be like at least 30 seconds ahead
  • Roel Coenders
    Roel Coenders Год назад Max lapped everybody except the top3, and they were 20seconds or more behind max
  • LD #22
    LD #22 Год назад Nicholas Leow, i do not accuse him
  • KingKrusty
    KingKrusty Год назад I am sorry, as far as i could see, turn 1: verstappen goes wide, is miles off the racing line, yet still crashes back into Vettel forcing him wide and damageing his splitter whilst doing so. Track limits mean nothing to Verstappen, he may be talented but he drives in a reckless and unpredictable style and it already has resulted in several major accidents and will continue because he is dangerous. Ive seen him doing it time and time again, going round the outside of the first corner on lap 1 expecting all the drivers inside him to simply dissapear and leave him space to get back in. Its dangerous. He drives as if he was on a video game. And so many people pandering to him is just going to inflate his already massive ego. Please i urge all his fanboys: see him for what he is. Aye; a talented driver and no doubt a future champion, but to disregard his reckless driving is just plain wrong.
  • Henrix98
    Henrix98 Год назад That's Sebs line anyway, do you trolling right
  • MrJester012
    MrJester012 Год назад ping pong
  • Dark Dominion
    Dark Dominion Год назад (изменено) KingKrusty : watch that footage again and this time put your glasses on, you’re not seeing straight. Max was AHEAD of Seb going in the first corner, Seb pushed Max off the track and DRIVING INTO him for the first time. Because Max was in front of Seb he turned into the 2nd corner ahead of Seb and that’s where Seb hit him again. And because of THAT they both lose momentum so Lewis tries to go around the outside but Max is still ahead of Lewis too. There Lewis ALSO hits Max ( on his left rear tire ) and Lewis himself gets hit by Seb , puncturing his tire while Seb destroys his front wing. So let’s see here : Seb forces a driver off the track and manages to collide 3x (!) with a car, effectively destroying Lewis’ race. No penalty issued. Lewis collides with a car for no apparent reason, no penalty issued. Max is 1st into corner #1, gets forced off the track, gets hit by Seb, is 1st into corner #2, gets hit by Seb again, is also 1st into corner #3 and gets hit by Lewis ... If you still think Max is to blame for all of this you clearly need your head checked because dude, you live in a fantasy world.
  • Channel
    Channel Год назад +KingKrusty No. First off, it's Vettel who didn't leave space for Verstappen going out of turn 1, which compromised his entry into t2, Vettel was already behind going into turn 2, he could and should have let off the gas to avoid that accident. Look at the aerial footage at 1:34. What do you expect Max to do? Stop in the middle of the track and say "I give up"? But let's say your point is completely valid and Verstappen was driving recklessly (which I don't agree on). What the fuck happened in Turn 3 then? Vettel didn't have enough grip to get out of that corner in such a manner and slammed into Hamilton.
  • JamoZ
    JamoZ Год назад KingKrusty That's called racing. Something most drivers on the grid forgot how to do. You may see it as reckless, i see it as fearless. It comes with that killer instinct needed to become a multiple world champion. Look at Schumacher, Senna and Valentino Rossi. Assholes on track, but it brought them much further than being a nice guy on track would ever got them.
  • kroloxo
    kroloxo Год назад Bowling
  • Niwesh Lekhak
    Niwesh Lekhak Год назад BerchBG dickoos it was just a racing incident stop writing long unreadable paragraphs at least
  • Dark Dominion
    Dark Dominion Год назад Niwesh Lekhak : it’s perfectly readable and it adds to the conversation instead of your conversation killer statement.
  • Die ene
    Die ene Год назад Thomas Fulton Wait lapping everyone except the top 3 and getting 20 seconds ahead of Bottas isn't good? Strange...
  • Die ene
    Die ene Год назад KingKrusty In lap 12 Vettel went off the track limits with all of his wheels and won that fight from Massa. No penalty?
  • Dark Dominion
    Dark Dominion Год назад Mick A : great argument dude, keep it up :)
  • Dark Dominion
    Dark Dominion Год назад Nicholas Leow : you know this isn’t the real Max, right ?
  • Bleron Preniqi
    Bleron Preniqi Год назад 33🇱🇺👍
  • sheriff5119
    sheriff5119 Год назад Max Verstappen You drove a solid race Max, but for that idiot Vettel, demonstrating once again why he is the least talented driver ever who has won multiple F1 crown's.
  • kick derel
    kick derel Год назад Max Verstappen. the Ferrari fanboys crying as always, blaming everyone else as always
  • Dylan Dan Bheekha
    Dylan Dan Bheekha Год назад BerchBG is easy when Mercedes is shit in México and Ricciardo is out, vettel would have won (Hamilton and vettel fan)
  • robert b
    robert b Год назад KingKrusty please, can you tell me which race you saw. Cause I'm pretty sure you didn't see yesterday's
  • DustIn Hearne
    DustIn Hearne Год назад Max Verstappen b
  • Channel
    Channel Год назад Dylan Dan Bheekha Vettel should have won. But he didn't, through his own mistakes.
  • roland van der Vegt
    roland van der Vegt 5 месяцев назад @KingKrusty max at fault..?! Wow You must be a Ferrari fanboy Enjoy another season of vettel throwing away his title chances
  • XKazuhiraX
    XKazuhiraX Год назад Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton. It was a great 2017 season so far. They are still two races to go but I'm already looking forward to 2018. Ferrari and Mercedes already have a good car. They just need to improve their weaknesses. Red Bull is looking way better now than they did at the beginning of this season. Hopefully they can build on that. McLaren could be one team to look out for in 2018. They proved that they have the chassis and aerodynamics but it's just that their engine is not that good. With them getting Renault engines next year we might get another title contender in 2018. So hopefully we will have 4 Teams that could fight for the championship in 2018. It will pretty exciting with the driver line up. We would have 4x World Champion Lewis Hamilton, 4x World Champion Sebastian Vettel, 2x World Champion Fernando Alonso, 1x World Champion Kimi Raikkönen, Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen, Daniel Riccardo and Stoffel Vandoorne fight for the title. So let's hope this happens. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the Halo. So yeah, congratulations to Lewis Hamilton.
  • Woudam
    Woudam Год назад Lets hope so! But i'm afraid that this race reflects what will happen next year, because of the thin air enginepower was more equal. You saw that Vettel with the new Ferrari-engine struggled to get past the old Ferrari-engine in Ericsons Sauber, so the Honda-engine must be more equal too (i must say and many f1 reporters also, that Honda improved a lot this year) and they were still driving in midfield pre-race. But i do hope there are more teams next year who can put up good fights!
  • Ya Like Jazz?
    Ya Like Jazz? Год назад But then you remember the halo's gonna be on the cars next season
  • Ultimate Super Sonic
    Ultimate Super Sonic Год назад XKazuhiraX Good explanaition, I'm really happy that Lewis Hamilton won the World Championship. And also I'm the same, I wonder what's going to happen in 2018
  • Mads Christian Vejlgaard Nielsen - 6B
    Mads Christian Vejlgaard Nielsen - 6B Год назад XKazuhiraX I ain't think Mclaren is gonna be an title contender but maybe a top 8 contender. Because if you have chassis and aerodynamic you don't have engine power maybe. Because you can use your money on chassis or engine.
  • Röntgen Petersen
    Röntgen Petersen Год назад Well I still hope the Halo will look better with matching colors and sponsors than it does now but either way we got some damn good drivers there and with many Teams really improving atm I think we will get a tasty 2018 season
  • Esat'ın Maceraları
    Esat'ın Maceraları Год назад Very nice recap there :)
  • Playstation 5247
    Playstation 5247 Год назад XKazuhiraX What about Force India with Esteban Ocon and Sergio Checo Pérez?
  • Alan Ali 10
    Alan Ali 10 Год назад XKazuhiraX not Raikkonen though. Don't put him there.
  • stefan .gkotsis
    stefan .gkotsis Год назад Kvyat come bak with sauber for the title
  • Leon Sebregts
    Leon Sebregts Год назад Sebastian is following an angermanagement training in wintertime ..perhaps one of the weaknesses can be solved ?
  • Andhika P
    Andhika P 7 месяцев назад mclaren is a joke
  • Shravan Pammi
    Shravan Pammi Год назад Crofty pissed his pants when hamilton got puncture 🤣