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Funny GIRLS FAILS Compilation 2018

Published on Oct 4, 2018 1,037,716 views

GIRLS FAILS Compilation 2018
The Best GIRLS fails compilation 2018. Compilation of the most epic GIRL fails and funny videos, funny fails, Funny Vines. TRY NOT TO LAUGH Like fail army (failarmy, will really enjoy this fail compilation 2017).


  • Karis Fowler
    Karis Fowler 3 дня назад 4:33 just a question... how on the heckin planet did she think she could make it into the pool from that far away????????
  • DrawingWithAngelic
    DrawingWithAngelic 1 день назад Idk but she probably broke her legs
  • Ipost Anything
    Ipost Anything 15 часов назад Karis Fowler SHE STOOPID LOL
  • MoVlogs !
    MoVlogs ! 3 часа назад Probably drunk
  • diezas :D
    diezas :D 34 минуты назад Like its not that far -_- if she ran and jumped normaly she would did it easily
  • Tommy L
    Tommy L 2 дня назад 10:15 why is no one else freaking out man that looked sooo brutal
  • Minichi
    Minichi 1 день назад ROHHGHHHHTTT
  • Ipost Anything
    Ipost Anything 15 часов назад Tommy L her fault but also looked soooo painful but it’s stupid why would she do that 😫😱😰🤯💀💀
  • Minichi
    Minichi 15 часов назад Yeah, and you heard that loud freaking CRACK!! She had to have broken a leg or something
  • Danielle Spargo
    Danielle Spargo 10 часов назад Yeah, you just can't jump from a height like that without rolling, and with the flat concrete at the bottom, you'd still probably be hurt. I used to jump off my roof of about that height but had grass under me with a slight slope that let me go into a shoulder roll. Otherwise that's a recipe for a broken foot.
  • Ghundhabvadh
  • bts_ best
    bts_ best 2 месяца назад Awww, the little boy that said sorry at 1:59 ... How can anybody be mad at him! He even checked on his sister to see if she was okay, what a caring little brother! Also, so cute and forgiving! Bless his little heart!! 💞💞💞
  • brynn b
    brynn b Неделю назад bts_ best that was me😂😂😂
  • bts_ best
    bts_ best Неделю назад @brynn b Oh my God, it really is you. 😊👋
  • Jeremy Garcia
    Jeremy Garcia Неделю назад I was just about to make a comment like this your so right
  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 2 дня назад brynn b You’re so cute 😅
  • Swag Mochi
    Swag Mochi 1 день назад Omg I thought I was the one making the comment.
  • Lizzy ** Shook
    Lizzy ** Shook 1 день назад @Swag Mochi haha
  • Nicole Papa
    Nicole Papa 1 день назад Haha bts is everywhere i go (i mean i don't mind i am army i love the boys my bias is yoongi)
  • 0ofadagoose
    0ofadagoose 19 часов назад Not real after but... ARMY
  • Ipost Anything
    Ipost Anything 15 часов назад bts_ best don’t worry nobody said any mean comments to him
  • it is called hentai and it is art some vine person
    it is called hentai and it is art some vine person 12 часов назад ARRMYYY
  • Marwa Alemi
  • Ginger Cat
    Ginger Cat 3 часа назад She probably didn't see her hit her head
  • Damian Velazquez
    Damian Velazquez 2 месяца назад 1:58 Best sister ever, her reaction is so cute.
  • PlayGun BR
    PlayGun BR Неделю назад *Brother
  • brynn b
    brynn b Неделю назад Damian Velazquez thank you😂💓that was me and my brother
  • PlayGun BR
    PlayGun BR Неделю назад @brynn b seriuos? Is you on video?
  • Isa The Killer 13
    Isa The Killer 13 1 день назад Yas, we are the Girls... We're so dumb! 😂❤😂 Our Life is made of mistakes!!! 😂
  • it is called hentai and it is art some vine person
    it is called hentai and it is art some vine person 12 часов назад My life is not made of a mistake. I AM the mistake.
  • Tae and Kookies
    Tae and Kookies 2 дня назад 10:27 is no one gonna talk about how rude those boys were? I mean yeah I would probably laugh but like if I saw her fall I would feel so bad..
  • Minichi
    Minichi 1 день назад Tae and Kookies same
  • sharon croce
    sharon croce 1 день назад Same. For some people there is little to do...
  • bangtan boys BTS fans
    bangtan boys BTS fans 21 час назад Oh mai gad ARMYYYYYYYY
  • Sadiya Ahmed
    Sadiya Ahmed 21 час назад Tae and Kookies ikr they didn’t even tell the bus driver to stop at least
  • Julia Bearce
    Julia Bearce 1 день назад This should be called bad friends compilation 🤦‍♀️
  • miiss liissaa-Maarriiee Hughes
    miiss liissaa-Maarriiee Hughes 5 месяцев назад The little boy who said sorry awwww bless him
  • Britt L
    Britt L 4 месяца назад He's so cute
  • stephanie 101
    stephanie 101 4 месяца назад ikr. so adorable
  • Rukka Santtos
    Rukka Santtos 2 месяца назад Yes !!! He's so cute
  • bts_ best
    bts_ best 2 месяца назад Ikr! So cute! 😢💞
  • randy lalrinsanga
    randy lalrinsanga 2 месяца назад You're absolutely right..very adorably innocent.
  • brynn b
    brynn b Неделю назад that’s my brother and that’s me😂💓
  • Magic Yeti
    Magic Yeti Неделю назад 2:44 this how woman across the world get herpz!
  • johnny d
    johnny d 19 часов назад Id take it from her 😉
  • VOVOy Gee
    VOVOy Gee 1 день назад "no one saw it" HAHAHAHHA DEFINITELY MOST OF US GIRLS!
  • OneOfTheMasses *
    OneOfTheMasses * 4 месяца назад 3:54...she lost her weave. :0
  • Ipost Anything
    Ipost Anything 15 часов назад OneOfTheMasses * lmao lol she did I saw 😱😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • Hadeel Khalid
    Hadeel Khalid 2 часа назад Ikr The bad thing that this happened in Dubai in emirates mall 😂😂😂 Poor girl 😂
  • TheElMuffin
    TheElMuffin 2 дня назад Man, I love girls. Sure would be half as much fun without them.
    THAT 1 BOSS BOI 2 месяца назад Mom: girls live longer because boys do stupid things Me:
  • Ly The Strange
    Ly The Strange 1 день назад This is the first thing I thought of
  • My Girl
    My Girl 20 часов назад Girls, hold my margarita.
  • Creatxve_sxgar
    Creatxve_sxgar Неделю назад We stan a parent that cares more about the damage done to an object than their child’s welfare 👌🏻
  • Aldanna Wolves
    Aldanna Wolves 5 месяцев назад 10:27 que tipos idiotas
  • Elizabeth Alberto
    Elizabeth Alberto 5 месяцев назад Aldanna Wolves si pobre niña se estaban burlando de ella
  • TheN00b
    TheN00b 3 месяца назад Callense solo vi este video porque odio a las chicas!!!
    JASON VOORHEES 3 дня назад "si pobre niña se estaban burlando de ella".¡No creo que nadie venga a ver estos videos y comentar que mal que le pase esto a estas chicas obviamente todos venimos a burlarnos!.
  • Ipost Anything
    Ipost Anything 15 часов назад Aldanna Wolves 😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • Ghundhabvadh
    Ghundhabvadh 4 часа назад Aldanna Wolves stfu it’s just a funny clip
  • TheUglyYetSmexyPotato :3
    TheUglyYetSmexyPotato :3 5 дней назад 3:55 Weave snatched
  • Dan _
    Dan _ 3 дня назад 12:34 Oi! Get off mi shed!
  • Kiflin
    Kiflin 1 месяц назад 3:00 and the one right after lol
  • Abbi Thomason
    Abbi Thomason 2 недели назад 2:00 was so cute when he said sorry