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Lexus ES 2019 in-depth review - see if it’s better than a BMW 5 Series?

Published on Mar 12, 2019 590,474 views

This is the Lexus ES! This hybrid Japanese saloon is designed to take on top-of-the-range competitors such as the Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class. The exterior design certainly stands out compared to the more ‘conservative’ and well-known German models, but can it do enough to disrupt the high-end saloon market? Stick with Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out!

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  • carwow
    carwow 2 месяца назад Sorry we missed it off guys, but so you know the average MPG we achieved in the ES was 46mpg!
  • Luq
    Luq 2 месяца назад it's okay
  • aamair mohammed
    aamair mohammed 2 месяца назад Your review is so good that I forgot about the average and remembered it here after looking at the comments. 👍
  • trytthisnow
    trytthisnow 2 месяца назад Lexus always seems to have a problems with headroom in their car, i drove around in a mk3 Gs300 for 3 days, and got a neck pain for a week.
  • trytthisnow
    trytthisnow 2 месяца назад Seemed like a better choice than BMW 5 series, until i heard its Fwd.
  • Hugo Fernandes
    Hugo Fernandes 2 месяца назад 46mpg (about 5.1l/100km) for a car this size, in real road conditions i assume, it's surprisingly good. But too bad they ditched the GS and it's RWD from Europe. Let's hope for a awd version, at least, but i doubt.
  • Albania Creative Channel
    Albania Creative Channel 2 месяца назад Can i work for your chanel in my country 3 month freee
  • Drive4fun
    Drive4fun 2 месяца назад trytthisnow what is the problem with fwd? It’s a hybrid and you can’t do donuts anyway.,
  • trytthisnow
    trytthisnow 2 месяца назад @Drive4fun Nothings wrong with a fwd, but if id be looking for cars in this class i wouldn't even consider it because of fwd.
  • TsLeng
    TsLeng 2 месяца назад @Hugo Fernandes 46mpg in UK gallons.
  • Aleksandar Aleksic
    Aleksandar Aleksic 2 месяца назад But you haven't missed pointles thing about plastic bits that you will touch next to never!!!
  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 2 месяца назад (изменено) Great review as always, wouldn't mind having litres / 100 kilometres as well for the Australians.
  • Jorge Gomes
    Jorge Gomes 2 месяца назад @Hugo Fernandes , this mpg is imperial, so it's more like 6.1 l/Km (still not bad)
  • Nikola Milovanovic
    Nikola Milovanovic 2 месяца назад I 'm even glad you forgot about mpg because it is not the point. Hybrid powertrain is all about cost of ownership. Would you invest in diesel, 50-60k ? Hybrids don't have clutch, no turbo, no problems with PDF, injectors, EGR valves, alternator, starter, no ad blue.. And no review on youtube that focuses on those things. And everyday driving is much smoother and effortless than any diesel. Still, love your reviews :-)
  • Nico Weyers
    Nico Weyers 2 месяца назад That's pretty decent, considering it is a petrol... But I still won't buy it over an Audi, Mercedes or BMW. In fact, I didn't. I looked at this, and then bought a BMW 630d GT with xDrive
  • Ryan Mansfield
    Ryan Mansfield 2 месяца назад Well that's nothing amazing for a hybrid
  • Hugo Fernandes
    Hugo Fernandes 2 месяца назад @Jorge Gomes obrigado Jorge. Estes rosbifes com as suas manias imperiais são muito esquisitos. A única unidade imperial que devia contar é a da cerveja. 😀 Abraço
  • John Sluder
    John Sluder 2 месяца назад carwow you do fine Matt.
  • John Sluder
    John Sluder 2 месяца назад trytthisnow my LS has tons of headroom. They all do. I'm 6' 1.
  • John Sluder
    John Sluder 2 месяца назад carwow the older ES and LS were better.
  • Tom 86
    Tom 86 2 месяца назад Carwow's camera's can see better than my eyes
  • japanluv
    japanluv 2 месяца назад Meanwhile the 2012 GS looking quite attractive. I dont want a FWD Lexus. Makes you think its a Luxury Camry.
  • Theodore Vasilopoulos
    Theodore Vasilopoulos 2 месяца назад @Nikola Milovanovic couldn't agree more
  • the Game, Review and Reallife Channel
    the Game, Review and Reallife Channel 2 месяца назад Never...
  • tuboludo
    tuboludo 3 дня назад Lexus. Happy , easy car-life 😁
  • Real OG
    Real OG 2 месяца назад I don't even have money for a car but I'll watch the review like I'm looking for one
    GENGSTA 2 месяца назад Hahahah me too...
  • Engus JZ
    Engus JZ 2 месяца назад I’m even not old enough...
  • Alex
    Alex 2 месяца назад Yeah, I do that all the time
  • OliTheBobinator
    OliTheBobinator 2 месяца назад Im 14 lmao but cant wait to be able
  • legendman97
    legendman97 2 месяца назад me too dude, Im just a car aficionado...😁
  • Tarık Kömürcü
    Tarık Kömürcü 2 месяца назад Yea.. same here
  • Vythz
    Vythz 2 месяца назад Same I’ve watched every single one
  • Sachin Pandey
    Sachin Pandey 2 месяца назад This is called love for automobile industry
    MTZ ŚMIESZNE FILMIKI 2 месяца назад I am doing that for years
  • J Mura
    J Mura 2 месяца назад I be like "damn I'm really gonna hurt my knees on these hard plastics" like I'm ever gonna get in these cars 😂
  • memalos1
    memalos1 2 месяца назад Everybody does that.
  • bigbzon
    bigbzon 2 месяца назад I'm looking for a car, crashed mine last Friday. The fire brigade cutted the roof off. Can't afford this one though.
  • Real OG
    Real OG 2 месяца назад @bigbzon damn how did it happen? I had a car accident too 2 weeks ago but it was nothing major.
  • River Denair
    River Denair 2 месяца назад Nobody’s really watching for shopping.....
  • wellington z
    wellington z 2 месяца назад This exact Lexus costs 200K> SGD here in Singapore :(
  • Andy Ang YS
    Andy Ang YS 1 месяц назад wellington z you can easily get any cars in EU on elsewhere for the price of a Honda in Singapore
  • wellington z
    wellington z 1 месяц назад @Andy Ang YS Honda is still expensive in Sg
  • Andy Ang YS
    Andy Ang YS 1 месяц назад wellington z Honda is only $30 k for a 5 year COE left, equivalent to a BMW 3 series in europe.
  • wellington z
    wellington z 1 месяц назад @Andy Ang YS I wasn't referring to coe cars. This is brand new. So compare it to a brand new car.
  • Andy Ang YS
    Andy Ang YS 1 месяц назад wellington z No! Im trying to state that a brand new luxury car in Europe costs the same as a Honda 5 year old in SG. If you are looking to afford a car in SG you can always look into the lower tiers of brands like Kia, Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi.
  • immanuel gulardi
    immanuel gulardi 1 месяц назад Me too
  • Isaiah Depp
    Isaiah Depp 1 месяц назад That's me too
  • JH P
    JH P 1 месяц назад Doesnt everyone does that? Well 95% i guess hahahahaha
  • Oof
    Oof Неделю назад Samee
  • kubanskiloewe
    kubanskiloewe 3 часа назад (изменено) guys as a german and driving over 20 years our brands i bought a 10 year old Lexus Hybrid with 220000km on it. This car i sat in , close the door and wow! its quiet ! ANd the V6 Hybrid is very nice even when pushing hard. Much better than these 4cyl.hybrids. ANd i cant agree with this tester which always complain about the mouse touch system....i have no problem with it all. i have a Tom Tom in a other car and you have also to put the finger on a touch screen which is not easier imho. But this is overal marginal thing for me. here a drive on autobahn ; sadly the micro did not record the real noise, btw the quietness ! HYbrid check was passed well as well as AC check.
  • moshe gelt
    moshe gelt 2 месяца назад Lexus is for people who don't want disposable cars
  • Mike van Gaans
    Mike van Gaans 3 недели назад Absolutely true! Nor Mercedes, nor Audi nor BMW will last as long as a Lexus; they all break down at around 200.000km, as a Lexus can drive up to 300.000km with no problems at all.
  • wholeNwon
    wholeNwon 3 недели назад 21 happy years with far. I will NEVER buy any German car again.
  • Will Hale
    Will Hale Неделю назад I reckon a Volvo can give it a run mine is amazing
  • Mike van Gaans
    Mike van Gaans Неделю назад Will Hale Indeed the only European brand that can compete with Lexus.
  • TheRoyalGamers
    TheRoyalGamers 2 дня назад @Mike van Gaans stupid cunt, i have seen BMW's & Audi's last for 800.000KM
  • qsn
    qsn 1 день назад @wholeNwon "21 years" "never again". Mind explaining? You bought a german car ages ago and your opinion hasn't changed? Nice one
  • wholeNwon
    wholeNwon 1 день назад @qsn I bought 2 new ones. Since then I have lived very happily with a Lexus. In the interim, of course, I have observed the travails of friends and neighbors with German (and "British") brands and have read published genuine owners' surveys (as distinct from the fake "surveys" published by a famous advertising company). Based on these I say, "Never Again!" Incidentally, there are owners of the make I had who claim that my years were the best the company ever produced!!
  • MatWatsonCars
    MatWatsonCars 2 месяца назад This is the second of our new review style. Following feedback from the last one we've reduced the length by a few mins and cut down on the ammount of camera transitions such as zooms and spins etc so it feels more 'normal'. Let me know what you think.
  • John Tremor
    John Tremor 2 месяца назад As a photographer, the lower number of transitions made the video look more clean. This is a better style in my opinion.
  • Motor Machi
    Motor Machi 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars Great video as always. I’d buy that car just for the special coffee cup holder feature. Very thoughtful and very Japanese.
  • patriotbarrow
    patriotbarrow 2 месяца назад I was personally ok with the rhythm of the old videos. A few very well put together bite-sized segments like 5 good/bad things about the car and very good pacing. This feels more like your run-of-the-mill review you can find on lesser channels. My 2p.
  • Tom Idiculla
    Tom Idiculla 2 месяца назад I actually want the edits and zooms. It's really funny
  • Josh
    Josh 2 месяца назад YouTube removed the play speed?
  • Mihai Gherasim
    Mihai Gherasim 2 месяца назад go back to the old format
  • Ashish Sajan
    Ashish Sajan 2 месяца назад Only 360p ?
  • Mishael Olose
    Mishael Olose 2 месяца назад 360p 😑... really?
  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs 2 месяца назад Music 'bed' under the 'five things' segment is far too loud!
  • Petter Nilsson
    Petter Nilsson 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars Mercedes is better than BMW
  • Dominik Reisenbauer
    Dominik Reisenbauer 2 месяца назад why not in 4k as always? I think you don’t need to reduce the length of your videos or change something in the way of filming - your videos are one of the best ever in the whole car-yutube scene! so don’t change your style because of some idiot who don’t know how to appreciate it!
  • jasonteow
    jasonteow 2 месяца назад It’s nice but felt too fast the transition. The older videos were better pacing
  • Andrei Cora
    Andrei Cora 2 месяца назад The old format was better, more entertaining..this style feels a bit boring.
  • derbonuspool
    derbonuspool 2 месяца назад Good Review
  • Turbo Nutter
    Turbo Nutter 2 месяца назад Go back to the old format please
  • cos s
    cos s 2 месяца назад Old format is way better imho :)
  • Nintando
    Nintando 2 месяца назад There are still too many zooms and effects. The old format is a lot more professional. Less is more.
  • Jaikishan Jaikumar
    Jaikishan Jaikumar 2 месяца назад This is good mat please continue this
  • Kromer0
    Kromer0 2 месяца назад It's perfect Matt! Definitely an improvement on the last ones especially because the spins were "spinning" my head. Thanks for another good review
  • fried rice
    fried rice 2 месяца назад Personally i think you should stick with the old video format. I get that it's good to experiment with things but why bother fixing something that's not broken?
  • Brian Anxieton
    Brian Anxieton 2 месяца назад I knew you weren't gonna mention reliability hehehehehehe
  • Daniel Fl.
    Daniel Fl. 2 месяца назад What Trench Coat are you wearing, Mat? It looks good!
  • givewai
    givewai 2 месяца назад 14:25 I'm liking the new memelord additions in the videos. Even on your Geneva video
  • Once a bust Always a bust
    Once a bust Always a bust 2 месяца назад I didnt notice a difference lol
  • Mgoblagulkablong
    Mgoblagulkablong 2 месяца назад WTF not a single word on how much MPG you get during testing like in any other of your reviews and on top of that when reviewing a hybrid car, are you paid by "ze germans"???
  • Amin Aizad
    Amin Aizad 2 месяца назад Old Format pleaseee
  • Thariq Mohammed
    Thariq Mohammed 2 месяца назад Old is gold
  • Ethan Chan
    Ethan Chan 2 месяца назад You should try to put back your channel for some behind the scenes
  • Bu
    Bu 2 месяца назад Older versions were better for me.
  • bills ss
    bills ss 2 месяца назад All that that matters is that you are the reviewer so the video will always be great 👍👊
  • Yamkela Xhaso
    Yamkela Xhaso 2 месяца назад Can you please do a review on Lexus LX and Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • bills ss
    bills ss 2 месяца назад Should I be expecting a comparison video of BMW 5 ser, Merc e class, Audi a6 and this ES....?
  • Christian Meyer
    Christian Meyer 2 месяца назад more scratchy plastics mat , lol
  • Hotdog Guy
    Hotdog Guy 2 месяца назад I didn’t like this review too much tbh. The first half of it was alright but towards the end it felt rushed.
  • Rio Galih Samuel
    Rio Galih Samuel 2 месяца назад I think should be combined new and old format.. imho..
  • TheMpamMpam
    TheMpamMpam 2 месяца назад make them long and detailed.
  • Pathetic Gamer
    Pathetic Gamer 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars I love it
  • Vivek Tiwari
    Vivek Tiwari 2 месяца назад 15 min is the best
  • Amr Salah
    Amr Salah 2 месяца назад I love longer videos from u ,
  • DION Pappas
    DION Pappas 2 месяца назад Matt, can you spend less time reviewing cup holder and door bin spaces??? Even if it won't fit a 2 litre bottle, I personally won't bother. The people who buy these type of cars won't be going camping)) Btw, most of the cars these days have cupholders as standard even not so expensive ones like the one you reviewing in this video.
  • S.T T.
    S.T T. 2 месяца назад Stock 5 series starts at 37 grand. When you spec it and load it to ES level, it will easily kick the 50 grand line. Lexus has it almost all stock. Reliability comes stock too. So to brag about not having leather stitching on the lower door panels is laughable. Perhaps Mat should get a Mansory to upgrade his cars, so there is nothing to torture his OCD.
  • bills ss
    bills ss 2 месяца назад The driving part could be a little bit longer and in Depth.(like before)
  • Ndivho Rambau
    Ndivho Rambau 2 месяца назад @2:20 my dads 2007 Audi Q7 4.2 does that too
  • mymanager
    mymanager 2 месяца назад While understandable you want to promote yourself, please reduce the amount of references to other videos and your website. It feels like it takes up half of the video
  • mctaboo
    mctaboo 2 месяца назад Good improvements though it always been great anyway.. Hands down the best car review channel on youtube and absolutely the best reviewer.. You would be perfect for Top Gear with a different cast completely.. cause only you and Jeremy Clarkson are genuinely funny. If I may make a suggestion here; at the end of the review just before the "avoid , consider..etc" it would be great if you compare it "overall" to the best 2 cars of it's class such as Mercedes E or Audi A6. Wish you all the best all the way from Saudi Arabia.
  • Sequoia Van Camp
    Sequoia Van Camp 2 месяца назад I agree with the consensus view here. The post-production pans and zooms don’t feel right in a car review video—they’re trendy on other types of youtube videos at the moment, but they’re jarringly amateurish here. I also don’t think you need to show the car being driven in a town to demonstrate its ride quality/maneuverability—at least not at the expense of the other ride and handling section, which was more informative and looked nicer, probably because it was on a closed road and could be filmed in a more professional way.
  • Brian Mwaura.
    Brian Mwaura. 2 месяца назад Love the zooming actually, they do work in the right situations, such as comic relief. However, the driving part feels a bit rushed, especially on the twisty corners part. Length shouldn't be an issue for people who are definitely interested in the review.
  • David Frank
    David Frank 2 месяца назад (изменено) Can't beat back to basics, previously it was beginning to feel like a PowerPoint presentation from the MD (who just got this new fangled software) in the early 2000's.
  • Mine Daddy
    Mine Daddy 2 месяца назад I think the past reviews were better, they had the more signature carwow feel.
  • Siddharth Krishnakumar
    Siddharth Krishnakumar 2 месяца назад Hi Mat! I'm a big fan of yours and I'm kind of liking this new take of the videos. Kudos to the editing person for all the detailing, and the camera person too!!! The way you review cars is so very fresh, I wish we in India had cars reviewed the same way. Thank you and all the very best!!
  • tecnogadget2
    tecnogadget2 2 месяца назад The older style felt more dynamic. And that was the breaking point between you and the other reviewers. It had a great pace, and was really entertaining. Not saying that it’s bad now, but the older one was “excelente”
  • carwow
    carwow 2 месяца назад @Andrei Cora why is it more boring?
  • carwow
    carwow 2 месяца назад @Turbo Nutter why
  • carwow
    carwow 2 месяца назад @cos s can you explain why you preferred the old style?
  • carwow
    carwow 2 месяца назад @fried rice What is it you prefer about the old style.
  • Turbo Nutter
    Turbo Nutter 2 месяца назад @carwow The old version felt more like a short movie
  • Lyndon Davies
    Lyndon Davies 2 месяца назад Absolutely love this style and also the fact the review is on normal roads. Yay 😃
    ANTONIO ROMERO RODRIGUEZ 2 месяца назад i do preffer the older way, it's is just the way of carwow
  • cos s
    cos s 2 месяца назад @carwow It was more fun, this is like you changed the director and Matt just doesn't understand what he want from him 😆...I don't know what to say but I just think the old format was perfect!! For me carwow is the best on the short format reviews and I hope this doesn't change 👍
    VSSKREAM 2 месяца назад Birmingham
  • Timico1000
    Timico1000 2 месяца назад It felt like you had to hurry through the video, that annoyed me.
  • rafał
    rafał 2 месяца назад I like this more static style.
  • GrubblandeGrapplern
    GrubblandeGrapplern 2 месяца назад @carwow Because the old style where your style, making you stand out from every one else. It was funnier and more personal than the other, run of the mill, car reviewers on Youtube. Now it's more like everyone else out there. Please don't fix what's not broken!
  • Vijay Srinivasan
    Vijay Srinivasan 2 месяца назад Mat I am actually a fan of your older style videos and like someone pointed here, the 5 good and bad things really helps break things down and always gave that humorous twist of yours. Nevertheless great review as always!
  • Sajith
    Sajith 2 месяца назад Old format was better
  • Anas Bataineh
    Anas Bataineh 2 месяца назад i actually liked the older style more, it had a specific carwow vibe to it with its cuts and zooms, for me personally i like longer reviews too. This review is not bad at all tho.
  • LordKellthe1st
    LordKellthe1st 2 месяца назад (изменено) I get sick from the movements shakes and quick edits. Not a joke. The more relaxed the better. Also you get to take in what you are showing....
  • UrLocalBoss
    UrLocalBoss 2 месяца назад This format is great
  • cobberbrimo
    cobberbrimo 2 месяца назад Both styles are good, you won't please everyone, it helps to have a bit of Matt's humour and character in it so it stands out from other car videos :-)
  • Abz_n4f_hussain
    Abz_n4f_hussain 2 месяца назад Nah I’ll have da old way
  • 邱聖揚
    邱聖揚 2 месяца назад I enjoy the old ones more
  • Simon J
    Simon J 2 месяца назад Enjoyable and informative as always, but some of that background music (c 10.30]... yikes !
  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 2 месяца назад I like both.
  • Ben Huang
    Ben Huang 2 месяца назад (изменено) Commenting with both your work account and your personal account? Interesting.
  • TocIlGiovane
    TocIlGiovane 2 месяца назад I did not know that the video was in a new style until I read this comment, but it gave me the impression of being more sober, like you’ve been chastised for the exuberance in the motorshow video. XD
  • Can Işıklar
    Can Işıklar 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars I like watching you Mat But just cant get why you didnt like manually opening sunroof here but you liked at mazda 6.
  • Tom Mroz
    Tom Mroz 2 месяца назад Older format better.
  • A G
    A G 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars love the reviews but mate stop using plastic bottles to demo storage...
  • quame nero
    quame nero 2 месяца назад Brian Anxieton I really think he has something against Lexus cos everything German car is better than Lexus but every Lexus will last longer and give u fewer problems than a German car . He will never say that
  • quame nero
    quame nero 2 месяца назад Mgoblagulkablong I think he is . There’s always something wrong with any Lexus he reviews
  • chancy319
    chancy319 2 месяца назад Thanks for taking out those constant zooms and spins. They were really annoying. Please take out the unnecessary fluff in your drag races like drivers trying to find their keys, fumbling with controls, random joggers etc You're just trying to pad the video to hit 10 minutes and it's really annoying. We just wanna see the race.
  • Melifik
    Melifik 2 месяца назад Old style was better.
  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy 2 месяца назад Love your work, Matthew.
  • Raunit Trehan
    Raunit Trehan 2 месяца назад Old style please
  • Raunit Trehan
    Raunit Trehan 2 месяца назад The music in five annoying and good in the old one was fun
  • Raunit Trehan
    Raunit Trehan 2 месяца назад We ain't buying such car we want fun
  • Mahin Ahmed
    Mahin Ahmed 2 месяца назад Love this new layout Specially I like what u did with the pothole review.. really helpful bits of information that most of the car reviews ignore
  • Mohammad Mustaque
    Mohammad Mustaque 2 месяца назад If it was rwd or awd i would just buy it
  • Patrick G. Pots
    Patrick G. Pots 2 месяца назад i like both!
  • Andrei Cora
    Andrei Cora 2 месяца назад @carwow Personally I found that the quick camera transitions and Matt being quite an energetic person, use to blend in very well. Keeps the viewers in a more attentive state
  • CNX Expat
    CNX Expat 2 месяца назад No problem with a longer video, but the background music when you are talking is annoying.
  • malicalik 13
    malicalik 13 2 месяца назад Please make them a liittle shorter, around 10 minutes
  • Chase Vineland
    Chase Vineland 2 месяца назад The camera stuff I think is cool. But it’s YOU who makes it good.
  • Findoherty0697
    Findoherty0697 2 месяца назад MatWatsonCars not a big fan at all, doesn’t look as professional and the other style was well polished and you knew it was a carwow video
  • Eamon
    Eamon 2 месяца назад Old format was better
  • Matt Lynch
    Matt Lynch 2 месяца назад This was perfect and it was perfect before. Love your work.
  • Ranjith Rajendram
    Ranjith Rajendram 2 месяца назад The video felt rushed. Much prefer the longer format
  • Ibrahim Beg
    Ibrahim Beg 2 месяца назад Older style was more better and honestly made your reviews stand out from everyone else’s. Also that editing by zooming into the Lexus’ grille when explaining how it sounds like a teenager complaining 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • PunjabiKudiUK
    PunjabiKudiUK 2 месяца назад Preferred the only style, this ones just like any other review on YouTube. Don’t lose ur style Matt!
  • eldar gasanov
    eldar gasanov 2 месяца назад Mat you are clearly one of the best car reviewers in the world, your work is amazing
  • Klas Eronen
    Klas Eronen 1 месяц назад Mat, I prefer the older version. Anyway, thank you for a great review. I also thought it was very nice that you treated the interiors of the Lexus with dignity and respect. I find it more stylish, so thanks also for that.
  • Aravind Niraj
    Aravind Niraj 1 месяц назад MatWatsonCars but I want a cheaper car that is very reliable,also a hybrid, should I pick a hyundai ionic or a kia Niro
  • Johnson Taylor
    Johnson Taylor 1 месяц назад MatWatsonCars You obtuse British tard. Get off your delusional European sense of superiority and give the Japanese the same level of respect. Fucking bozo. You’re always talking smack when it comes to Lexus cars despite it being superior to any other German car in terms of engineering, reliability and build quality. However, delusional eurocentrist docuhes like you try to convince us otherwise. Fuck you!
  • Praba Garan
    Praba Garan 3 недели назад Keep the comedy going
  • Ongeri
    Ongeri 3 недели назад Less effects is good, but don't cut off too many details
  • Vincent Alexander
    Vincent Alexander 2 месяца назад 5:51 Like if the camera man looks drunk
  • Stormgrip
    Stormgrip 2 месяца назад 360p squad assemble!
  • WarGames8
    WarGames8 2 месяца назад The reversing camera on that ES is 360p
  • Xenon Games
    Xenon Games 2 месяца назад (изменено) @WarGames8 damn! Is it really ? So much for Lexus build quality .... At least when It comes to technology features
  • WarGames8
    WarGames8 2 месяца назад Xenon Games No dude it’s probably not 360p that was just a joke on the bad camera quality. It’s probably like 720p
  • Sucuk my dicc
    Sucuk my dicc 2 месяца назад @Xenon Games Why do you instantly believe some shit you see in the internet?
  • قناة فاطمة / fatima channel
    قناة فاطمة / fatima channel 1 месяц назад I'm on 144p lol
  • José Sánchez
    José Sánchez 2 месяца назад (изменено) Why don't you comment on reliability and the cost of owning? A Lexus, being produced by Toyota, is waaaay cheaper to own and maintain over the lifetime of the car and has a much higher quality of components (everything not merely aesthetic) than it's German rivals. The Lexus can go for thousands of miles after the similar German cars have become endless money pits. I love your videos, and it would be very enlightening if you could comment on reliability, expected cost of maintenance, etc. for those of us who like to keep our cars for a long time and would like to see programmed obsolescence disappear from the car industry. Just compare the quality of the old mercs with the modern ones... I think it's worth mentioning that some brands make their cars to last much longer than others. It is very valuable and interesting information for buyers. Thanks for your great job!
  • mojojoedwards
    mojojoedwards 2 месяца назад Totally agree with you. Not many car reviews talk about the reliability of a car. Only a true car person would know - owner of a 2013 FJ Cruiser comparing with a mate's newer X6 or LR3.
  • dulsaf2630
    dulsaf2630 2 месяца назад (изменено) Not really, where I live. Lexus parts will cost u double of German rival and over time Lexus dashboard and leather will crack. Something, I have never seen in any German cars. I am starting to doubt you even own a Lexus.
  • happy kanye
    happy kanye 2 месяца назад It's a new car though
  • Huy Thai
    Huy Thai 2 месяца назад dulsaf2630 not really the case in the US. Parts for Lexus vehicles are only slightly more expensive than Toyota’s, while the Germans are far more expensive.
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 1 месяц назад @dulsaf2630 So you say "over time"... You know what happens to the German rivals over time? Nothing. They don't last for more than 3 years! By the time their Leather could naturally crack, the car is gone. Stop arguing about Lexus not beating your little preferred ones in reliability, because you got no arguments. There are no arguments.
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 1 месяц назад Exactly what I think is much needed in car reviews. It makes a huge difference. If you compare Lexus with its German counterparts not taking reliability and running costs into consideration, it simply won't prove better. Once you do include reliability, you see no point in ever getting a Mercedes or BMW, unless you enjoy spending huge amounts of money to get new ones constantly with little to no advantages over the previous models. #lexuslove
  • Mohd Khalid
    Mohd Khalid 1 месяц назад Scotty fan spotted
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 1 месяц назад @Mohd Khalid No dude, it's just common sense spotted.
  • Mahesh Murali
    Mahesh Murali 1 месяц назад Hardly any car reviewers talk about long term reliability, aftermarket service and resale value.
  • Leftheo
    Leftheo 3 недели назад How can they talk about reliability of brand new car?
  • Purplefabian
    Purplefabian 3 недели назад @Méh Imre lexus is not cheaper than the Germans in Europe
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 3 недели назад @Purplefabian Yes they are. Compare them with the same equipment level and you will find the Germans are costlier. It's just that you have to add all the options separately that you get standard in equipment levels in Lexuses.
  • Purplefabian
    Purplefabian 3 недели назад @Méh Imre im not against buying a lexus but they are way too overpriced because of low demand in Germany. Just checked for the Lexus es and they are all over 50k euro the equivalent e class, a6 or 5 series are cheaper
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 3 недели назад @Purplefabian But look at the equipment levels dude! The Lexus got everything as standard. After ticking all the same options on the Germans, you're looking at a much more expensive car! Especially when you take maintenance costs into consideration.
  • Purplefabian
    Purplefabian 3 недели назад @Méh Imre the germans also have better infotainment and options like ambient lighting, more powertrain options and the used car market options are way more thats why Lexus cannot compete over here. In America its probably a different story
  • Paras Shah
    Paras Shah 3 недели назад We just booked this car here in India. I've used almost all the German luxury cars and this is the first time I'm switching to Japanese. What i really liked about this car is the silent drive and the low cost on maintenance. We have generally pay, approx 35k for service, however lexus will be costing us just about 15k every 10k kms. When i further inquired about costs of other general parts like brake pads, they would cost us 5.5k unlike 18-20k for the German makes. More interesting fact is, i have heard many different sort of complaints with almost every german car, be it maintenances or after sale service, however, never have heard anyone complaining over a lexus.
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 3 недели назад @Purplefabian Some people buy cars as status symbols. And have the money to buy a new one every 3 years because the "old" one ran out of warranty and keeps breaking down. Anybody with a little sensibility will choose reliability over an infotainment system that will look outdated in a couple years anyways. Lexus is the sensible man's luxury car, and we sure are lacking those people in Europe. Just a bunch of competitive scum trying to show off and fit in.
  • Purplefabian
    Purplefabian 3 недели назад @Méh Imre I still drive a 2009 e250 diesel with 200k km, I could buy a new car every year but im going to drive it until problems start appearing and it gets expensive. Happy the car doesn't have any problems but I guess its because of maintenance and the way I drive it. But I agree with reliability being a priority if I decide to buy a new car in the future
  • Méh Imre
    Méh Imre 3 недели назад @Purplefabian Taking good care of your car will make even the least reliable last long, hope you get to keep your e250 for years to come! :)
  • Millen Rogers
    Millen Rogers 2 месяца назад I just love the fact that Lexus puts so much effort into their cars. The ES looks nothing like it’s rivals which makes it unique. Even with their sports cars they stick to big NA engines not small turbocharged engine. Much respect
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад A 4L V8 with biturbos is not what i call a small engine. Lexus is just lame and doesn't even try.
  • Easwar Hariharan
    Easwar Hariharan 2 месяца назад @Charles-David Bérubé Lexus is just lame. If you're gonna trash a car at least come up with better insults. Eg: Goddamn Japanese cars with all their practicality i just wanna have some fun and sound and waste petrol Murrica
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад @Easwar Hariharan I'm Canadian, we're one of the leading country in reusable energy. And i was in no need to come up with a better insult. It's just a bad car considering the e class and 5 series are much better in every way except reliability but then again, people lease those cars, they don't car, they want luxury and the es does not offer.
  • Alexander Blazek
    Alexander Blazek 2 месяца назад @Easwar Hariharan how about the worst looking steering wheels and plastics even in a "high end" car?
  • AutoBum
    AutoBum 2 месяца назад @Charles-David Bérubé it's not that Lexus doesn't try. They go through intensive reliability testing on every engine components before they're released to the public. The last thing you want is something unreliable coming from Toyota and people shout and rant about it in the media. What Toyota has done is great, and I do love they're the most reliable when it comes to car buying. If I want something faster or more fun to drive, I can go get myself a BMW, but for people who commute to work everyday on a busy road, Toyota is superb.
  • TechPassion
    TechPassion 2 месяца назад @AutoBum That's true. Toyota does put effort into making their cars, and I think both the Japanese and European luxury cars have different things you can appreciate. Also long story short, just buy what you like! Some prefer a Lexus, others like BMWs and Mercs, no harm done to anyone for wanting something different! ^^
  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon 2 месяца назад @Charles-David Bérubé But the AMG Bi-Turbo V8 from Merc sounds like shit, nothing like a 5.0L V8 from Lexus, or even the legendary 6.3L AMG V8.
  • A great
    A great 2 месяца назад "puts so much effort" as in uses windows 93 style UI and mouse ok
  • Tyler Beeson
    Tyler Beeson 2 месяца назад This really doesn’t compete with the 5 series because it’s FWD. It’s considered an “entry level luxury car” in the US and is probably Lexus’ most popular model. It’s basically an Avalon or Camry with a much nicer interior and different exterior. They’re good cars, but cheaper than the 5 series, and definitely doesn’t drive like one. They’re very floaty and comfy. Lots of understeer and such. The GS is the competition for the 5 series and that drives like a true sport sedan. It’s rear wheel drive, very balanced, and on a unique chassis only shared with Lexus vehicles (pretty sure the LS was on the same chassis. )
  • Rabea .16
    Rabea .16 2 месяца назад @speeddemon I completely disagree, the bi turbo amg v8 is better than the 6.3 v8
  • Speed Demon
    Speed Demon 2 месяца назад @Rabea .16 Dude seriously
  • Ivan Liao
    Ivan Liao 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé we have an E class and bmw 5 series, and lexus. Trust me, German’s are no way any way better other than the turbo boost which lexus lack. Ok fine. Bmw and Benz have a MUCH better infotainment.... that’s all I can say and compare. Lexus ride is much better
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад @Speed Demon what are you on about?? You're the only person who thinks the 4l biturbo v8 from amg sounds bad. It's the best sounding v8 of the moment, every reviewers says it.
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé your country is shit though
  • Neil Todankar
    Neil Todankar 2 месяца назад @Charles-David Bérubé key words being 'except reliability'. Hmm, I almost forgot how important that one aspect was. Otherwise, Lexus isn't boring like the many others in class. Doesn't need to be in the tech race since it's unique in its own way. That's what keeps its design fresh for a decade or two.
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад @Neil Todankar when saying reliability is lexus strength, it does not means the germans are unreliable. They are actually really reliable, they only need more attention since they do pack much more tech. If you're in the market for a luxury car, reliability should not be in your top 3 priorities. It should be: ride quality, performance and overall quality/luxury. Those 3 criteria are ruled by mercedes.
  • Ben Huang
    Ben Huang 2 месяца назад Huh? Last time I checked, the Lexus RC can be bought with a 2L 4 banger turbo. Is it different in your country?
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад @Jack Z my country is shit? Yeah right, that's why we're ranked top 3 in every category for good living and quality of life. But okay, if this is your definition of shit country: yours must be in the top 3 shittiest countries in the world.
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад @Speed Demon well he is right, the 4l v8 turbo is better in every way. Gets more power, sounds as good, gives more options to tuning, is more fuel efficient, is lighter. The 6.2* L was really good and we all miss it but the 4L is a better engine.
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад @Ivan Liao well this review says otherwise, and so do i. A mercedes rides like nothing else: it's the perfect balance between soft and sport suspension. A lexus is very flotty, too flotty and it drives like a grandpa car. No fun at all and a lot of oversteer.
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé I'm in the US, unlike u guys we get stuff done, I know how it is in your place, most inefficient workers and longest waiting time for hospital, so called free health care is a scam, and Trudeau is a lunatic, Trump makes America great
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé it sounds bad, you don’t wanna admit it cuz it’s Mercedes, LC500 sounds better in every way except slower, and u will kiss that 5.0 NA’s ass if it’s Mercedes
  • Charles-David Bérubé
    Charles-David Bérubé 2 месяца назад @Jack Z ohh you're one of those stupid ones. Well when you get cancer and need to sell your house, car and personal stuff to pay the bills, you'll be jealous of me waiting 2 more hours to get free medical aid. Anyways, we are doing much better than you, our population is much happier than yours since forever. We enjoy life more than you. Having a strong economy does not make you a good country for its people. China has a better economy than yours, yet, would you live there?. Your logic is bad. Anyways, we have the best maple sirop in the world. So case closed, we're better. Sorry for being better tho, we tend to make americans jealous ;)
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé more like 20 hours, David Bubblegum, and you’re cancer, so idk wtf u saying
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé maple syrup is for fags like u, we have more people and less loners, people like u who have no friends don’t really exist in America, oh we have turkey so stfu, would i live in China? I’m from there, my family owns three penthouse in downtown Shanghai total costs are around 24 million dollars, and my dad owns companies so what u got now
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé being happy? You guys are weak minded, bunch of crybabies snowflakes
  • Jack Z
    Jack Z 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé I’m sorry but Mercedes are shit except high end models, even E class, suspensions break on E class and they don’t even give a damn about it, BMW Audi and Lexus are much better, luxury and over all quality? It’s subjective, and performance doesn’t belong to E class unless u talk about AMG, anyway u’ve never bought a luxury car i can tell
  • Ivan Liao
    Ivan Liao 2 месяца назад Charles-David Bérubé we have had all kinds of German cars, to be honest. Mercedes was the one with least problems with us, we had 3 Class, 2 E Class, none ever had major break downs. Can’t say the same for BMW and Audi, BMW was the worst. However, that being said we also had lexus and infiniti. Mercedes rides like everything else, nothing special. Both infiniti and lexus have better rides but they are softer on suspension so more body roll but more comfortable over bumps. Both infiniti and lexus were so much better in rides that our 2016 E class just sits at home and NO one wants to touch it.
  • Kenuete Roshan
    Kenuete Roshan 2 месяца назад What part made you feel they put effort ??
  • White Boy
    White Boy 2 месяца назад @Charles-David Bérubé all 3 are great cars. The ES doesn't come close to a E class or 5 series. Rwd vs fwd. And the price tags are way off $15k base price difference. The Lexus is a great car. But you have to compete a 5series or E class with a GS. And I'd place the GS in between the E class and 5 series
  • White Boy
    White Boy 2 месяца назад @Alexander Blazek this isn't really a high end car though. It's a entry level luxury car. It's Lexus cheapest car they offer a discount it's pretty nice for the price but for me FWD = no go. The IS interior is way nicer then a 3 series and right next to a C Class. The GS interior is nicer then a 5 series and on par with a E class. Lexus competes very well all 3 are great cars
  • Alexander Blazek
    Alexander Blazek 2 месяца назад @White Boy except the shitty ui and cheap plastics u wont find in a bmw or merc
  • White Boy
    White Boy 2 месяца назад @Alexander Blazek I disagree I think out of the 3 BMW has the cheapest interiors. The 3 series Interior is on par with a Honda Civic. Mercedes interior is the best followed by Lexus.
  • John Hunt
    John Hunt 2 месяца назад It's looks just like your average Toyota camry.
  • Knight Industries
    Knight Industries 2 месяца назад @Tyler Beeson yep, exactly. As I mentioned above, in my country (Australia), there is a pretty significant price difference to an ES when compared to an E-Class or 5 series. Natural competitor is Lexus GS. Here, the ES is about the same money as a C-Class C300, which is no doubt a much sportier vehicle, but the Lexus offers a quality/size value equation that the Germans just can't match. Furthermore I think the ES 350 would be a much more convincing driver's package however it's unfortunate that this has been pulled from several markets. In America you can buy an ES350 and in F Sport guise