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Here's Why the Bentley Mulsanne Is Worth $375,000

Published on Feb 21, 2017 7,195,072 views


The Bentley Mulsanne is one of the most expensive sedans you can buy today -- with a $335,000 base price, and a $375,000 MSRP for this particular model. Here's why it's worth every penny.

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  • OneReactor
    OneReactor 2 года назад You have to manually push the rear tray table back in by yourself? Pffff....what are we....cavemen?
  • Winston Williams
    Winston Williams 2 дня назад So basically this car is sophisticated because it has 4 front seats????
  • David Bey
    David Bey 3 дня назад My company firfed me to ride in one of these dreadful machines for an entire week while I was in Dubai. The entire time it felt like I was in some sort of business class flight where you were forced to sit behind the pilot. A simple divider would have been at least somewhat redeeming. Good effort though.
  • John Fisher
    John Fisher 5 дней назад It isn't.
  • No Ri Ru
    No Ri Ru 5 дней назад Sooo true man ...! :D
  • Indwell // Samurai
    Indwell // Samurai 5 дней назад @John Fisher wow!
  • Indwell // Samurai
    Indwell // Samurai 5 дней назад @Abdullah Bilwani he's joking
  • Indwell // Samurai
    Indwell // Samurai 5 дней назад @CTV Racing don't worry, he's joking.
  • Theodore Marakas
    Theodore Marakas 2 недели назад @Anthony Gato it is spelled Grey Poopon...LOL
  • Indwell // Samurai
    Indwell // Samurai 1 месяц назад (изменено) I mean, you're right, since the expectations are high for the ULTRA luxury cars
  • Super Agario
    Super Agario 1 месяц назад It’s just the “appearance” of luxury
  • SkyTheGamer IsTheBest
    SkyTheGamer IsTheBest 1 месяц назад What are we slaves!?
  • Car Drawing Tutorials
    Car Drawing Tutorials 2 месяца назад @ExileStriker No you don't. You pay yourself a driver. 😄
  • Jimmie Johnson
    Jimmie Johnson 3 месяца назад Joey Corley
  • twentyseven
    twentyseven 3 месяца назад OneReactor 😂
  • Shanni May
    Shanni May 4 месяца назад im dead
  • Ramim Bin Azam
    Ramim Bin Azam 6 месяцев назад +Kevin Jones nobody gives a fuck about your immature egoistic loser personality, and stop showing off like a lowlife loser and go get a life.... you sound pathetic when you bluff and also i feel like I'm replying to a 9 year old....
  • hamayeel razak
    hamayeel razak 6 месяцев назад Don't be so silly
  • Coaster Peeps
    Coaster Peeps 7 месяцев назад I know. I can’t believe that I have to type this sentence
  • Anthony Gato
    Anthony Gato 10 месяцев назад do you have any Grey Poupon?
  • John Fisher
    John Fisher Год назад Rolls Royce does that function at the push of a button. Poor show Bentley.
  • Gorgon Don
    Gorgon Don Год назад onereactor - 😂😂CRACK UP😂😂 Comment of the year. Smashed me 👍👍👍👍
  • Peter Kaplan
    Peter Kaplan Год назад I Love That!!!!!!
  • HarizshahHamin
    HarizshahHamin Год назад onereactor this bantley is 2016 the 2017 have the automatic tray...
  • Tiffany Shaw
    Tiffany Shaw Год назад Madan Roy lol damn
  • Abdullah Bilwani
    Abdullah Bilwani Год назад get a s class it's cheaper and has bigger engine and you can get all the same features
  • Avik Chatterjee
    Avik Chatterjee Год назад onereactor IKR. such a deal breaker.
  • Madan Roy
    Madan Roy Год назад nadya vialeshka it's worth 375000 doller ok.and in this money I can buy you and your all family.understand .
  • CTV Racing
    CTV Racing Год назад onereactor actually there an electro option. My friend has the 2016 speed and it's all automatic. Not manual tray.
  • nadya vialeshka
    nadya vialeshka Год назад Only 375,000? My dog cost more
  • rhyno514
    rhyno514 Год назад CherryTomatoFace its a fucking joke
  • mikesoja
    mikesoja Год назад It doesn't fly? what are we... fossils?
  • Chao Hong Li
    Chao Hong Li 2 года назад Automatic tray tables'll be another $2500 option...per table.
  • an penguin
    an penguin 2 года назад there is an option for electric one, with an iPad. costs as low as $20.000 dollars.
  • ExileStriker
    ExileStriker 2 года назад onereactor we have to drive it? What are we dinosaurs?
  • alwaysbusiness4
    alwaysbusiness4 2 года назад onereactor where's the Android that does it for U. for 375,000 dollars the car seat should grab my Ass,there should be a Lady in the trunk that gives you a massage with a Happy ending on call 24-7
  • Austinnokay
    Austinnokay 2 года назад Smh
  • Antonio Vargas
    Antonio Vargas 2 года назад :D :D :D :D
  • VeganMikedizzle
    VeganMikedizzle 2 года назад onereactor phww😧.....I almost bought this one.
  • Christopher Sibert
    Christopher Sibert 2 года назад I blame Obamacare.
  • Big Boss
    Big Boss 2 года назад this car is for peasants, no woman to pour my drink
  • Joey Corley
    Joey Corley 2 года назад onereactor n-no
  • //The Redstone Torch\\ //AVB/\TRT\\
    //The Redstone Torch\\ //AVB/\TRT\\ 2 года назад onereactor yea what the heck
  • Rwaggy Rwuper Rwinstincts
    Rwaggy Rwuper Rwinstincts 4 месяца назад Even when you kidnap someone and put them in the trunk they'll still enjoy the luxury of the car
  • Dre Net
    Dre Net 2 дня назад should do a sketch on that with peele and key
  • S S
    S S 2 дня назад It would def be a high profile kidnap, that's for sure.
  • Atluri #YouTuber
    Atluri #YouTuber 3 дня назад (изменено) So Doug Demuro would kidnap Legendary indian Actress Nissankara Savitri As she is soooo cute and too beautiful....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂....Here is the link to the beauty's photo She would enjoy in this Bentley's boot.
  • Atluri #YouTuber
    Atluri #YouTuber 3 дня назад So you will kidnap Nissankara Savitri
  • Dan Sturby
    Dan Sturby Неделю назад Somebody HELP! but oohhhh myyy this plush carpet is so luxurious
  • 4dbzking
    4dbzking 1 месяц назад Rwaggy Rwuper Rwinstincts I’m Surprised There isn’t A Tv In There 😂😂
  • Tanay Ghosh
    Tanay Ghosh 1 месяц назад Oh 😀😁😂🤣😃😄😆😅
  • Bobi Bosko
    Bobi Bosko 1 месяц назад Hahahahahajaahhah
  • Sheldon Boyce-Payne
    Sheldon Boyce-Payne 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • Cary Coller
    Cary Coller 2 месяца назад 😂 Now that's funny 😂
  • Frogken
    Frogken 2 месяца назад I wouldnt even wanna get out lmao
  • Pershley Mokgawa
    Pershley Mokgawa 3 месяца назад I agree to that
  • Deepak Raja
    Deepak Raja 3 месяца назад Will you kidnap elsa
  • Jordan J Phunkyi
    Jordan J Phunkyi 3 месяца назад Exactly, Prince Hans
  • The Bengalee Sceptic
    The Bengalee Sceptic 3 месяца назад The privilege of being kidnapped in a Bentley. 😂😂😂😂
  • Kanavis Gray
    Kanavis Gray 3 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂
  • D T
    D T 4 месяца назад uT Effect RIP dude
  • uT Effect
    uT Effect 4 месяца назад Im dead😂😂💀
  • Deadbäss
    Deadbäss 5 месяцев назад 7:01 - When you tell her you drive a Bentley Mulsanne
  • rob t
    rob t 22 часа назад Most underrated comment ever
  • Samuel Young
    Samuel Young 4 месяца назад See ya in 2029 when it's 37,500
  • Pickle Jay
    Pickle Jay Неделю назад Not Royal Skyline you have the nerve to be calling anyone a dumbass, but you can’t even spell doesn’t. This idiot put “does it”
  • Theodore Marakas
    Theodore Marakas 2 недели назад People want electronics and computers, all of them get outdated within 3-5 years. $37k sounds about right !!!
  • Beth Settlemyre-Gupton
    Beth Settlemyre-Gupton 2 недели назад Well it's just 10 years from now
  • 360 Turn
    360 Turn 3 недели назад R/WOOOOOOOOOOSH
  • Not Royal Skyline
    Not Royal Skyline 4 недели назад (изменено) John Richards it’s called being unreliable dumb ass just because it’s expensive does it mean it’s reliable. And they said the same thing about the Bentlies 30 years ago and look at them now for 10k on CarGurus. The 2016 has already dropped to 150k lol
    CHIGOZIE ATUEGBU 1 месяц назад Haha😂😄
    SMIFFY 1 месяц назад @John Richards Samuel isn't far off being right though, big Bentleys are worthless after 10 years, just look on Auto Trader, you see dozens of them listed for a tiny fraction of their original price. I just looked on Auto Trader UK and a 2010 Mulsanne is listed at just under £57k
  • Is this a Username
    Is this a Username 3 месяца назад This isn’t an S-Class
  • 504daniel
    504daniel 4 месяца назад Samuel Young lmaoooo you can barely find an older high mileage cheaper model bently like a Continental for under 25k so keep dreaming kiddo
  • John Richards
    John Richards 4 месяца назад Not likely. This Mulsanne is hand-built and its understated design will appeal to "old money" buyers who keep their cars for years -- decades even. I can see previous-generation mass-built Continentals taking a big depreciation hit, but I warn the person borrowing $50k to buy one to have money set aside for extremely high maintenance costs. Not because they're unreliable, but because they are cars for rich people.
  • Adam Arriaga
    Adam Arriaga 1 месяц назад He never got back to what the memory button in the back was
  • Dovah-chan
    Dovah-chan Неделю назад @BL_TZ don't forget about his wife's son
  • BL_TZ
    BL_TZ Неделю назад @Rocky Balboa wtf ur wife's boyfriend?
  • Rocky Balboa
    Rocky Balboa 2 недели назад It keeps your seat in the position you set it on automatically if someone changes it my wife's boyfriend has this car
  • Miqdad Chowdhury
    Miqdad Chowdhury 3 недели назад I literally commented about this 2 years ago.
  • Miqdad Chowdhury
    Miqdad Chowdhury 3 недели назад I literally commented about this 3 years ago.
  • 456 546465
    456 546465 4 недели назад Hmm broken promises. This is why i have trust issues.
  • EL-Cascador Zafar
    EL-Cascador Zafar 4 недели назад must have slipped from his memory
  • Ricky Guevara
    Ricky Guevara 4 недели назад @norman pearson lmao
  • mustange550
    mustange550 1 месяц назад If I had to guess they would be for seat position.
  • norman pearson
    norman pearson 1 месяц назад He forgot
  • YaBoi ILLO
    YaBoi ILLO 1 месяц назад LOL
  • j gazda
    j gazda 2 года назад he never explained the memory button
  • Destroya
    Destroya 2 года назад Clear cola he has a bad memory, hang on isn't this a memory button?
  • Michael Aitken
    Michael Aitken 2 года назад Clear cola nice profile picture
  • Na Yang
    Na Yang 2 года назад Kristoffer Santucci the s class will be worth 2500 in 10 years a Bentley still be much more than that ...but it's not 375 k more ....which a average 100k car like any top model luxury sedan has all these feature ..
  • Kumar Kumar
    Kumar Kumar 2 года назад Bentley is brand of rich. its not for mass
  • Jon
    Jon 2 года назад (изменено) You really need to understand what's luxury mean. Luxury is more than utility and worth of the material and labour. You buy an experience, a brand. Rich people can afford this, most rich people have multiple car.... You might say, you are an idiot if you have more than one car. Do you think someone that make multi million dollar a year really care about their car losing its value ? Luxury product seem overpriced from your peasant perspective. Why would you eat caviar when there is spider's egg behind your couch.
  • zarbon700
    zarbon700 2 года назад @Cyberslug1 that is a stupid statement you made. The fact that a Mulsanne with extremely low miles on the used market loss over $200,000 in value in 3 to 4 years proves that the car is extremely overpriced. Only idiots pay way over the true value of a product. If you think it's smart to way overpay for a product, you're an idiot yourself.
  • Cyberslug1
    Cyberslug1 2 года назад Just because you can't afford one does not make buyers of this car idiots, Sounds like you're jealous.
  • zarbon700
    zarbon700 2 года назад Aman Tiwana it's worth $400K because there are idiots who are willing to pay that price for the exclusiveness and the high status symbol it gives them.
  • vale461026
    vale461026 2 года назад He forgot
  • gooscooby
    gooscooby 2 года назад Clear cola ...he forgot!
  • The Stig
    The Stig 2 года назад Cadillac had memory seats in 1957.
  • Isaac Baidoo
    Isaac Baidoo 2 года назад Texasmando8: My 2006 Audi A8L has most all the features on this Bentley except few
  • Mo Vlogs
    Mo Vlogs 2 года назад Clear cola 66
  • Mo Vlogs
    Mo Vlogs 2 года назад Brock Obama j
  • Noc
    Noc 2 года назад I forgot about it
  • Brock Obama
    Brock Obama 2 года назад It allows you to download more memory
  • Frensis Thercaj
    Frensis Thercaj 2 года назад Clear cola yeah
  • MrLegendary
    MrLegendary 2 года назад Clear cola oh yeahs
  • Abby Diamond-Xenon
    Abby Diamond-Xenon 2 года назад LOL THAT BUTTON? bitDOTly/2lTyq9S
  • Wolf
    Wolf 2 года назад Clear cola I think it saves your window pension
  • Northrop
    Northrop 2 года назад the secrets to audience retention.pdf
  • Trez Spre
    Trez Spre 2 года назад what car?? my dads 530iM got it and its from 2001 and it works with any key (thats connected to the car or what u call it)
  • Dom S
    Dom S 2 года назад Omer Ahmed Kind of like how people buy BMW and Mercedes is for status, there are better more reliable cars but people want the brand. Compared to a Bentley owner, you are a peasant lol.
  • funny boy
    funny boy 2 года назад Come to my channel .layk me
  • Omer Ahmed
    Omer Ahmed 2 года назад Wtf my S class Mercedes 2016 has all of the same features lmao overpriced car
  • Gurkirt Purewal
    Gurkirt Purewal 2 года назад Clear cola I KNOW RIGHT
  • Elroy
    Elroy 2 года назад John Scrooge thats what i meant
  • John Scrooge
    John Scrooge 2 года назад Clear cola its there so you can save your preferable seat position ! And you press the button so you don't have to re adjust the seat every time ! 😉😍
  • Elroy
    Elroy 2 года назад I dont know but it might be that you like the seats position and you want that the next time too
  • K. R. V.
    K. R. V. 2 года назад Clear cola he needed a memory button to remember the memory button?
  • GDMHification
    GDMHification 2 года назад ice cube never continued that one video
  • Kristian
    Kristian 2 года назад he forgot
    GIGUNG 2 года назад Clear cola LOL he need one memory button to remember that
  • benton r.p.
    benton r.p. 2 года назад He needed to explain the memory button before he could press it, but he also needed to press it to activate his memory, but since he didn't press it, he couldn't remember, and the button was never explained.
  • Mr No Name
    Mr No Name 2 года назад (изменено) Clear cola lol they have memory setting on 2000 year cars it just saves ur seating position
  • Vincetagram
    Vincetagram 2 года назад i mean teh memory button is in a lot of cars these days, its just to save your seat position
  • lovehorrordotde
    lovehorrordotde 2 года назад It reminds you that you have the Alzheimer desease if you need it.
  • krzeselko
    krzeselko 2 года назад He forgot about the memory button, irony.
  • gedaman
    gedaman 2 года назад Clear cola The memory buttons remembers the mistress you choked to death after she tried to blackmail you for all of your wealth.
  • TheNuke03
    TheNuke03 2 года назад probably memorizes your relatives birthdays
  • SuperNovaHeights
    SuperNovaHeights 2 года назад Clear cola Use your head, moron
  • Kelvin Avitia
    Kelvin Avitia 2 года назад It was supposed to be a joke about "remembering"
  • john smith
    john smith 2 года назад He forgot.
  • B. Chan
    B. Chan 2 года назад Clear cola it erases your memory so you forget to tell people about it
  • bird718
    bird718 2 года назад the memory buttons for the cars rear seats, he showed us the buttons first then the moving seats later.
  • Patrick Pelletier
    Patrick Pelletier 2 года назад @DigitalYojimbo ah ok, i thought you were implying differently. My mistake
  • DigitalYojimbo
    DigitalYojimbo 2 года назад Patrick Pelletier I don't disagree with what you're saying,i was just correcting a weeaboo.
  • Patrick Pelletier
    Patrick Pelletier 2 года назад DigitalYojimbo to be fair the Japanese did create the first all wheel steering production vehicle. to be specific it was Honda. and they also invented mechanical variable valve timing if im not mistaken. in terms of safety and comfort i do agree the Germans/Europeans have led the field and probably will continue to do so
  • siralanlordsugar
    siralanlordsugar 2 года назад ChillConspiracy Japanese cars are always innovative
  • Sgtchickens
    Sgtchickens 2 года назад in the back?
  • ChillConspiracy
    ChillConspiracy 2 года назад My 95 lexus SC400 has memory seats
  • A Totally Ordinary Aubergine
    A Totally Ordinary Aubergine 2 года назад It remembers.
  • Jenevive Lancia
    Jenevive Lancia 2 года назад I agree, they were on 90's BMW and in the 2010 timeframe MB and BMW both deployed key fob based seat, mirror, and steering wheel memory bound to each fob. the only problem, is if you use your wife's keys you cant get in the car... that's what the buttons are for.
  • Atif Hassan
    Atif Hassan 2 года назад my bad, lol
  • Willy Lamb
    Willy Lamb 2 года назад Clear cola EVERYTHING IS A LIE!!!!!
  • Harvey Grant
    Harvey Grant 2 года назад @Atif Hassan You mean early 00's not 20's.
  • Atif Hassan
    Atif Hassan 2 года назад that's not exactly a new function, cars have had that since the early 20s, maybe even the 90s
    SMTPLAYAN-_- 2 года назад cerealkiller 😂😂
  • Harvey Grant
    Harvey Grant 2 года назад (изменено) @Clear cola​ You can set the seat position to your preference for up to 3 people, so instead of trying to find your perfect seat position? you hit the memory button, and it goes exactly to the position you set it for, these are usually for the front seats only.
  • cerealkiller
    cerealkiller 2 года назад Your memory button is working just fine, I see.
  • Red Fodex
    Red Fodex 2 года назад out of memory
  • Atif Hassan
    Atif Hassan 2 года назад i think he was just testing our memory, lol
  • Uhgene Ignorian
    Uhgene Ignorian 2 года назад Clear cola I think that's the joke
  • spaceship80sguy
    spaceship80sguy Неделю назад Front: kinda ugly. Rear: Swigity swooty
  • Bo Jaywalker
    Bo Jaywalker 3 месяца назад 1:55 JESUS, DOUG. CAREFUL WITH THAT $375,000 LEATHER FLAP
  • Toolace FN
    Toolace FN 1 месяц назад @Aymen Daira Wtf is wrong with you?
  • Super Agario
    Super Agario 1 месяц назад Lolololol....right! He’s like a f—king 5 year old 🤣
  • Aymen Daira
    Aymen Daira 1 месяц назад thats how garbage ppl deals with luxurious things poor ppl must stay poor
  • Joesph Smothers
    Joesph Smothers 2 месяца назад Made me laugh for 3 minutes
  • Dave Ramsey 1
    Dave Ramsey 1 3 месяца назад I know right
  • Dionis Stratrov
    Dionis Stratrov 2 месяца назад Doug.. the type of guy who pays for a new car in Toyota Camrys instead of USD.
  • Its Sean
    Its Sean 6 месяцев назад so where is the feature when I need to pee?
    CHIGOZIE ATUEGBU 3 недели назад @Gatsby Light ahaahaha😂
  • Gatsby Light
    Gatsby Light 2 месяца назад (изменено) Don't worry, you'll spend so much money on this car that you won't be able to afford anything to drink.... So, you won't need to pee. (Though you still might want to consider wearing a diaper if you buy this car... because the first repair bill you get you'll still shit your pants.)
  • Fahad B
    Fahad B 4 месяца назад Its Sean it is the all-new advanced feature called window.
  • Jack S
    Jack S 4 месяца назад AirPod owners would pee on the car and buy another
  • F Maz
    F Maz 4 месяца назад The cup holder in the storage compartment. Weren't you paying attention?
  • Devildemonrules
    Devildemonrules 4 месяца назад Its Sean hold empty Coke or Sprite bottle costs .30 cents 👍🏻
  • Mike C
    Mike C 2 дня назад This dude is extra AF. Just be normal dude
  • Alexander Whitaker
    Alexander Whitaker 5 месяцев назад By the way Doug, CUT OUT THE I MOVIE MUSIC
  • MarZia RiVera
    MarZia RiVera 2 дня назад I always said I could not justify spending so much on a vehicle because you cannot live in it.......well
  • DjEM411
    DjEM411 1 день назад Best presentation ever.. this Dude is Extra!! Loool!
  • ConditionRed
    ConditionRed Год назад I can't even afford this vehicle in GTA V
  • Cary Coller
    Cary Coller 2 месяца назад 😂
  • do not press
    do not press 4 месяца назад @blu Pro conyocentti
  • King Shicetee
    King Shicetee 4 месяца назад Lmmfaoooo
  • Angus Yorston
    Angus Yorston 10 месяцев назад ConditionRed its not even in GTA V , GTA V has the cogneseti 55 which in real life is the Bentley continental flying spur
  • Sap Set apart
    Sap Set apart 10 месяцев назад ConditionRed lol
  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 10 месяцев назад DaProgreenseven But still GTA is basically reality in a game so what’s the difference
  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 10 месяцев назад This ain't a gta video
  • American Rick
    American Rick 11 месяцев назад You get hundreds of millions of dollars playing the stock market in that game......................just buy low sell high
  • Sanjaya Sampath
    Sanjaya Sampath 11 месяцев назад Bruh
  • Dick Head
    Dick Head 11 месяцев назад I’m broke on gta
  • فيصل محمد آل الشيخ
    فيصل محمد آل الشيخ 11 месяцев назад ConditionRed if you steal it you can’t keep it or change colours or wheels. But you can drive it around
  • R92CP
    R92CP 11 месяцев назад DowskiVision MagicalOracle Even if you steal it, it’s too valuable to actually keep
  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog Год назад [face palm]
  • Tate Mushroom
    Tate Mushroom Год назад Uzi enus cognesseti 55
  • DowskiVision MagicalOracle
    DowskiVision MagicalOracle Год назад Can't even afford to steal it?
  • xTroop18546x
    xTroop18546x Год назад You don't understand GTA
  • blackkey1976
    blackkey1976 Год назад ConditionRed Steal it?
  • Jacqueline Torres
    Jacqueline Torres Год назад LMFAO
  • Gt-R guy
    Gt-R guy Год назад same
  • Da Wae
    Da Wae Год назад I cant even afford gta
  • charlie c
    charlie c Год назад ConditionRed lmfaooo dude
  • Maz Haque
    Maz Haque Год назад URDABEST 2000'sTM cognonscenti
  • Marck CF
    Marck CF Год назад What is the name of this car in gta?
  • sevan grigoryan
    sevan grigoryan Год назад ConditionRed cause of greedy money hungry company
  • blu Pro
    blu Pro Год назад What is the car called in gta ?
  • Lewis Gordon 123
    Lewis Gordon 123 Год назад I have the armoured one
  • TriZle_27 ‍
    TriZle_27 ‍ Год назад ConditionRed i can't even afford gta 5...
  • *Uzi*
    *Uzi* Год назад ConditionRed whats the car? uhhhhhhhhh
  • 先生CherryPepsi
    先生CherryPepsi Год назад I don't even have GTA lmao
  • TheLU83
    TheLU83 5 месяцев назад 11:24 Dude you have 2.4 million subscribers, buy a new pair of sneakers for Christ sake. 😂
  • Latoya Grant
    Latoya Grant 2 недели назад ganja.her
  • Latoya Grant
    Latoya Grant 2 недели назад sos
  • Latoya Grant
    Latoya Grant 2 недели назад @TheLU83 try outs.cheerleading
  • Alejandro González-Palmer
    Alejandro González-Palmer 1 месяц назад the.abhiram.r omG spotted 😂😂
  • Tristan Emberson
    Tristan Emberson 2 месяца назад (изменено) Subscribers means nothing without good high viewing traffic and watch time per viewer
  • Christian Larson
    Christian Larson 4 месяца назад Not when he made this video you idiot, look at the date
  • My name Jeff
    My name Jeff 4 месяца назад TheLU83 he’s one of those super millionaires that looks homeless as f*ck don’t judge a book by its cover 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
  • michpackfan
    michpackfan 4 месяца назад The moles?
  • Yaboy
    Yaboy 4 месяца назад (изменено) Ahahahaha thats funny af! He’s definitely a saver
  • oche adeka
    oche adeka 4 месяца назад TheLU83, Hahaha 😂
  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 4 месяца назад Yeah and he fucking uses iMovie
  • TheLU83
    TheLU83 5 месяцев назад Yeah and in all the videos he has shoes that look like they're about to come apart on his feet lol
  • E
    E 5 месяцев назад ..this was.. 2 years ago...
  • Corin Fink
    Corin Fink 2 недели назад Doug the type of guy to stack carpets in order to feel "luxurious"
  • Ohraider
    Ohraider 1 месяц назад Lamborghini, your just paying for the speed and brand. Bentley, your paying for everything
  • Gianluca Silvestri
    Gianluca Silvestri 1 месяц назад Lamborghini: You're paying for a stylish way to die, Italian style at 200 mph. Have at it PS: now that Lamborghini is owned by Audi, their cars are pretty safe, but from 2001 and below, their cars were hell itself, handling? Nah. Soft clutch? Your left leg will cripple, Italians. Acceleration? (Italian man speaking with sun glasses) "She does 0 to 200 faster than anything, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche doesn't matter, they're German, it does 0 to 200 in we don't know but below 3 seconds yes, CORSAAAAAA"
  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 7 месяцев назад "Picnic table " lol thats a cocaine table. Be they knows their customers. 😂
  • Ronald Thomas
    Ronald Thomas 2 недели назад 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Charole Herring
    Charole Herring 1 месяц назад 😂😂😂😂
  • derpdude dat boi
    derpdude dat boi 2 месяца назад lmao. lil pump and that sort.
  • TrickyKing
    TrickyKing Год назад Doug goes on a date Doug to the girl: " Now I'm going to start in back because that's where all your cool features are"
  • Frogken
    Frogken 2 месяца назад Nah if you own this car you most likely dont even drive it
  • Patrick O'Donnell
    Patrick O'Donnell 3 месяца назад Christopher Mclaren 😂
  • Nick Price
    Nick Price 3 месяца назад Best comment 👍
  • michpackfan
    michpackfan 4 месяца назад No way, this guy is married? To a woman?
  • The End
    The End 8 месяцев назад and smack it ;)
  • Julian Berry
    Julian Berry 8 месяцев назад Epic
  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas 9 месяцев назад EverythingToday 😂😂😂😂😂I died
  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas 9 месяцев назад TrickyKing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Tv1Apple
    Tv1Apple 10 месяцев назад 5:06 Speaking of things wrapped in leather)
  • pinSjon79
    pinSjon79 10 месяцев назад "And then i'm gonna give you a Doug score"
  • hisham ahmad
    hisham ahmad 10 месяцев назад TrickyKing hahahahahahahaha made me laugh bro
  • Andros Granados
    Andros Granados 11 месяцев назад nickys34 He's married, to a woman.
  • Timmy Bellamy
    Timmy Bellamy 11 месяцев назад TrickyKing I’m dying laughing
  • Britbong
    Britbong Год назад With a push from your finger the back opens, and you would be suprised at how much you can fit in there.
  • Luka Yonny
    Luka Yonny Год назад Dude i read this comment exactly when he was saying it...
  • Its Dark
    Its Dark Год назад (изменено) I like doug I don't get this
  • nickys34
    nickys34 Год назад The car is nice. But I turned off the sound.
  • Kaveer Bhagwandeen
    Kaveer Bhagwandeen Год назад nickys34 why watch?
  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre Год назад 🤣😂
  • Kaveer Bhagwandeen
    Kaveer Bhagwandeen Год назад Doug to the girl: "Go visit my column on to find out more about my quirks and features"
  • Christopher Mclaren
    Christopher Mclaren Год назад 😂 😂 😂 😂