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The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 Is Actually AMAZING

Published on Jan 16, 2018 3,711,054 views

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The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 is actually amazing...

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  • diatonicjon
    diatonicjon Год назад Looks like the Tesla Model 3 is a Musk have.
  • 523FILMS
    523FILMS Год назад Cringe
  • YungDemon WitTheTXSP
    YungDemon WitTheTXSP Год назад diatonicjon i hate you a little bit
  • Jeffrey Korir
    Jeffrey Korir Год назад hahahaha
  • Chigozie A.
    Chigozie A. Год назад That was bad mate
  • Nathan B
    Nathan B Год назад haha see what you did there ;)
  • Doreene Eason
    Doreene Eason Год назад A YeeeYaaaa
  • Marquis Vegan
    Marquis Vegan 11 месяцев назад Clever 🧐
  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun 11 месяцев назад BOOOOO
  • Raymond Antoni
    Raymond Antoni 11 месяцев назад OUT. NOW
  • AwesomeGuy
    AwesomeGuy 11 месяцев назад Thank you diatonicjon, very cool!
  • NileshR12
    NileshR12 11 месяцев назад That was good one 😂😂!!
  • Big Red
    Big Red 10 месяцев назад TRUE, but I feel the car is very ELONgated
  • ǝɔᴉɹ dnoS
    ǝɔᴉɹ dnoS 10 месяцев назад
  • NightmareBonie123400
    NightmareBonie123400 9 месяцев назад I Musk have the tesla model 3!!!!!!
  • Most Likely
    Most Likely 8 месяцев назад LMAOOO
  • Leonardo M
    Leonardo M 7 месяцев назад Lol
  • MrMassproduce201
    MrMassproduce201 5 месяцев назад 20-30 hours to fully charge battery
  • MrMassproduce201
    MrMassproduce201 5 месяцев назад Musk b faster
  • Paolo Furfaro
    Paolo Furfaro 5 месяцев назад rararar
  • Tony Alston
    Tony Alston 5 месяцев назад I see what you did there
  • LengkapGan
    LengkapGan 3 месяца назад With all the hate but still get 1k likes That's how mafia works
  • Steve Zubrowski
    Steve Zubrowski 2 месяца назад That pun was Elon stretch.
  • Tokyo Warfare
    Tokyo Warfare 2 месяца назад You made me smile annon. Dont do that again. ;)
  • Marco Panzanni
    Marco Panzanni 2 месяца назад yes it is :P
  • Mommy Roar
    Mommy Roar 2 месяца назад diatonicjon 😂
  • Alex Madl
    Alex Madl 1 месяц назад well done
  • Itsthefann
    Itsthefann 3 недели назад diatonicjon bruh
  • RawLu
    RawLu 4 дня назад American Crap.
  • poposisa
    poposisa 11 месяцев назад still can't afford it. one day. ONE DAY.
  • ReX
    ReX 17 часов назад same
  • ُSystem32
    ُSystem32 7 месяцев назад Tesla is like apple. But there is only 1 tiny difference . THEY ACTUALLY INNOVATE SOMETHING. THEY ACTUALLY IMPROVE THEIR PRODUCTS. I luv u musk.
  • Mr.dabbs420
    Mr.dabbs420 6 месяцев назад Ami Hoosin I have new iPhone 🥴🧪🧬
  • Ryan Menelli
    Ryan Menelli 6 месяцев назад Apple doesn't innovate
  • Scowler
    Scowler 5 месяцев назад What's so innovative about mirrors and door handles that will fail in winter, or a bunch of useless software that increases power consumption and reduces cruising range?
  • Nameless
    Nameless 4 месяца назад @Ryan Menelli that's why he say "The difference"
  • mr.kambulat 64
    mr.kambulat 64 4 месяца назад @Scowler you don't know anything about Tesla
  • Gamer Adam
    Gamer Adam 3 месяца назад That's why I have a Samsung
  • limited
    limited 3 месяца назад @Nameless r/wooosh
  • Don Cobin
    Don Cobin 3 месяца назад if it is anything like my Dads 100000K ModelX the build quality is shit, as well as Tesla service and customer service. Yes innovative but not customer friendly, or any quality at all
  • Nameless
    Nameless 3 месяца назад @limited wow i got woooshed, thanks
  • Red nut
    Red nut 3 месяца назад Apple innovative hahaha after Steve Jobs death the innovation died
  • Sebastian Poe
    Sebastian Poe 3 месяца назад So it's like a Samsung?
  • Milad Ibrahim
    Milad Ibrahim 3 месяца назад I dont know if people really buy tesla as much as people buy iPhones
    ITSLEO 2 месяца назад And of course the Price/quality ratio that is absolutly stunning!
  • Omat Vargas
    Omat Vargas 2 месяца назад Yes Apple innovates, they release new emojis quite frequently 😂😂😂
  • Wat3r
    Wat3r 2 месяца назад ُSystem32 nothing like apple. Tesla sells their cars at reasonable prices, apple does not. Tesla has good intentions, apple does not. Etc.
  • Bryan Ramos
    Bryan Ramos 1 месяц назад Couldn't say it better my self
  • RonPlayz
    RonPlayz 6 дней назад It’s rumored that Apple and Tesla is going to do a collab
  • RawLu
    RawLu 4 дня назад American Crap.
  • Pelaaja
    Pelaaja 11 месяцев назад The Rolls Royce has an autopilot... He’s called James
  • RaptorCustomEmbroidery
    RaptorCustomEmbroidery Год назад Model S Model 3 Model X Well played Tesla
  • HairlessHare
    HairlessHare Год назад next car is Model Y. Not kidding
  • Pradyumna Kale
    Pradyumna Kale Год назад They actually wanted to name it model E but I guess the name was copyrighted by Ford or something
  • B G
    B G Год назад RaptorCustomEmbroidery it was originally model E but they had to change it haha
  • Duranium
    Duranium Год назад Model 3 is an even better name cause it is actually the third tesla.
  • Max Harrison
    Max Harrison Год назад Duranium it's not actually, original roadster,. Model s, model x, so it's the fourth
  • Duranium
    Duranium Год назад Forgot to mention that i'm talking about the Tesla with "model" in name.
  • Peter Quattrociocchi
    Peter Quattrociocchi Год назад illuminati confirmed
  • adtc
    adtc Год назад Elon Musk has a sense of humor
  • 80386
    80386 Год назад (изменено) RaptorCustim - well played only if you're a teenager
  • luca arvanitis
    luca arvanitis Год назад BMW
  • Ghostcamel
    Ghostcamel Год назад I really hope Elon spent time making that up, all while giggling like a 12 yr old.
  • David Drake
    David Drake Год назад RaptorCustomEmbroidery Don’t forget Y
  • 3p1ks
    3p1ks Год назад I think there's a secret message saying that Tesla is sexy.
  • Just Some Gamer - Gaming And Stuff
    Just Some Gamer - Gaming And Stuff Год назад RaptorCustomEmbroidery now they just need the model Y. S, 3 X Y
  • Sven Ollino
    Sven Ollino Год назад (изменено) Same thing with The Boring Company or the Space X BFR.
  • Twaii
    Twaii Год назад Duranium wrong man they actually made the Tesla roadster way before the s,x and 3 ,
  • wino0000006
    wino0000006 9 месяцев назад S-X-3 that's the proper timeline.
  • Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guar
    Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guar 4 месяца назад They wanted to make a model E but ford got in the way
  • Olai Dreisbach
    Olai Dreisbach 4 месяца назад Model y is gonna be awesome model x and 3 combined
  • Yasir Salih Khan
    Yasir Salih Khan 2 месяца назад Model Y now.. S3XY
  • Thomas Juniardi
    Thomas Juniardi 2 месяца назад Model S3X..dang..elon is pervert :0
  • Andrew Markus
    Andrew Markus 1 месяц назад Elon Musk has the dankest memes.
  • RawLu
    RawLu 4 дня назад American Crap.
  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos 5 месяцев назад model S model 3 (but wanted it t be E lol) model X model Y (will be a cheaper model X lol) man elon you really are the best billionaire ever XD love you man
  • HM OF
    HM OF 1 месяц назад Haha
  • César Alvaro
    César Alvaro Неделю назад and with the addition of the roadster: S3XYR (sexier)
  • Xavier Tournaud
    Xavier Tournaud Год назад dude you are way too good at this. Well done, oh I am out running to Tesla to get one of these bad boys...
  • Carlos Guevara
    Carlos Guevara Год назад Good luck. The waiting list is long
  • Russell Popham
    Russell Popham Год назад Don't break a sweat, in fact just walk slowly because you're looking at many months, possibly even a couple of years, before you'll take delivery, but even a 2 years would be worth it, imo. Yes that's a long time but considering how sought after it is, and what you get once it's delivered, well as they say, all good things come to those who wait ;?)
  • loganboi
    loganboi Год назад (изменено) I know $35,000 for no upgrades and $49,000 for all upgrades!
  • Ibrahim Iqbal
    Ibrahim Iqbal Год назад Xavier Tournaud better not. Someone was driving a tesla model x and It sped up randomly without him touching the accelerator and it smashed into a gym and almost killed someone.
  • Feras Khan
    Feras Khan Год назад yo get me one too
  • TheGuyWho OnlyLeavesComments
    TheGuyWho OnlyLeavesComments Год назад Ibrahim Iqbal Not true. The driver was at fault but didn’t want to admit it.
  • 김동준
    김동준 11 месяцев назад Xavier Tournaud why not s?
  • Xavier Tournaud
    Xavier Tournaud 11 месяцев назад You got it, but it is with most cars right, MSRP is BS.
  • Xavier Tournaud
    Xavier Tournaud 11 месяцев назад That's messed up!
  • Xavier Tournaud
    Xavier Tournaud 11 месяцев назад What color?
  • Xavier Tournaud
    Xavier Tournaud 11 месяцев назад I can believe that. Blame the damn car...
  • Xavier Tournaud
    Xavier Tournaud 11 месяцев назад Another 50K
  • Ivaylo Kovachev
    Ivaylo Kovachev 10 месяцев назад (изменено) @Ibrahim Iqbal: or so they claimed! #Jesustookthewheelagain #Ilovemybabetho #Itwasntmyfault bottom line: Don't believe everything you read or hear...
  • Mac Viking
    Mac Viking 7 месяцев назад Good investment for an uber driver?
  • Roman Romanov
    Roman Romanov Год назад Big like to tesla !!! And big respect to elon musk
  • nevessl
    nevessl 10 месяцев назад Roma Kushnir LOL
  • Jeff Munger
    Jeff Munger 2 месяца назад Elongated Muskrat
  • Plush Gamer123
    Plush Gamer123 2 месяца назад This video just makes me wanna have it I should take it for my drivers test
  • Kate
    Kate Год назад The power of Elon Musk. I don't think they would have gotten the down payments had he not had a proven track record.
  • Kaelin Middleton
    Kaelin Middleton 11 месяцев назад I just don't agree with the rims, it's a very amazing car 👌🏾👌🏾
  • dq dq
    dq dq 2 месяца назад I tought the same weeks ago but i discover that you can take out that thing that make the rims look bad and then you have a normal rim without that plastic
  • Willy bman
    Willy bman Год назад Wait....there's 700hp?? Maybe the rims ain't that bad 😂😂
  • Killer Raspberry
    Killer Raspberry Год назад I need one
  • Marc René Yvon
    Marc René Yvon Год назад Me too !
  • 김동준
    김동준 11 месяцев назад Killer Raspberry get 19rdx The best or nothing Sh awd Acura
  • Peter Schlaphoff
    Peter Schlaphoff 9 месяцев назад Killer Raspberry and
    FRANCISC ELEKES BALUTOIU Год назад For me, the Tesla 3 model car represents a current level of modern technology somewhat similar to the Ford model of the early xx century!
  • wino0000006
    wino0000006 9 месяцев назад Well, diesel-electric submarines are for ages. So if that's for you modern technology...
  • Aqua _Cycle
    Aqua _Cycle Неделю назад FRANCISC ELEKES BALUTOIU very well said
  • Yashwanth Chintu
    Yashwanth Chintu 5 дней назад How much distance can v travel in on full charge
  • Rahul Koti
    Rahul Koti Год назад Jesus Dude, you don't have to shout when you have a microphone strapped to you
  • ibo beko
    ibo beko Год назад Not only he shouted, the quality was also bad, i heard something in the background, like a knocking sound.
  • Mark S
    Mark S Год назад Not to mention it's an electric car not a monster truck .
  • Salmontres
    Salmontres 7 месяцев назад WHAT DID YOU SAY? I CAN'T HEAR YOU
  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 5 месяцев назад It's like those guys at protests
  • Rose Lopez
    Rose Lopez 3 месяца назад Lol!
  • smflyer town
    smflyer town 2 месяца назад how quick does the heat work in the car? winters where I live are like 20F daily
  • Justin
    Justin Год назад Apple: Updates slow down device Tesla: Updates speed up device
  • mvula boy
    mvula boy 11 месяцев назад Justin gxh6
  • 김동준
    김동준 11 месяцев назад mvula boy M6 The best or nothing Bmw
  • NileshR12
    NileshR12 11 месяцев назад Justin Hahaha 😂 !! Well that has since changed with the iOS 12 announcement
  • Pete Burrows
    Pete Burrows 11 месяцев назад Justin Apple ships and makes billions Tesla never ships and loses billions and is going down the toilet. Think I prefer Apple.
  • Carlos Furtado
    Carlos Furtado 11 месяцев назад Pete Burrows Are you an investor or a customer?
  • Ballsweat McGee
    Ballsweat McGee 9 месяцев назад Lol all these apple fanboys getting salty
    EVRYTHNG 9 месяцев назад iOS 12
  • Bhushan Rastogi
    Bhushan Rastogi Неделю назад I will surely buy it when it realeases in india
  • Elmar Wijsman
    Elmar Wijsman 3 месяца назад It finally arrived in the Netherlands with me thinking it was gonna be about €40.000 but it starts from around €60.000:(