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Best Fails of the Year 2017: Part 1 (December 2017) || FailArmy

Published on Dec 15, 2017 39,801,613 views

2017 is done, guys! Let's celebrate with the best fails of the year. Let us know your favorites in the comments below and come back next Friday for Part 2! Want even more FailArmy? Join us on Twitch today for our Holiday Special live stream at 4pm PST:


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Strong Lightning Strikes Tree
Guy Breaks High Jump
Girl Falls When Shirt Gets Caught On Swing
Motorcyclist Narrowly Misses Being Hit by Motorcycle
Little Girl Pushes Sister Off Bench
Kid Can't Stop on Zip Line
Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water
Girl Breaks Window While Trying to Kill Spider
Kid Falls After Swinging Golf Club
Guy Struggles to Take Down Tree
Dog Stands on Front Legs while Peeing
Semi Truck Has Raised Trailer
Semi Truck Has Raised Trailer
Horse Plays with Squeaky Toy
Guy Gets Hit by Dummy's Hand
Cyclist Flips Over Handlebars in Street
Guy Jumps Off Cliff and Lands on Boat
Woman Lights Hair on Fire with Flat Iron
Elephant Seal Rolls Down Hill
Mall Falls Trying to Remove Nail on Wall
Kids Rip Tablet from Shelf
Guy Slips off Edge of Canyon and Into Water
Tree Removal Knocks Down Lamppost
Woman Twerks in Front of Chimpanzee
Guys Accidentally Drop Turkey into Pot of Oil
Girl Riding Paddle Board With Dog Runs Into Rocks and Falls
Girl Slips While Casting Fishing Rod
Model Falls Off Chair While Trying to Pose
Girl Breaks Child's Swing
Woman Gets Hit by Elephant Truck
Girl Falls Off Swing While Blowing Kiss to Camera
Waves Crash into Couple During Selfie
Woman Falls Into Pool With Phone
Bride Jumps into Ocean
Boy Sprays Face With Water Hose
Firecracker Nearly Explodes in Guy's Hand
Man Jumps Off Van and Breaks Table
Car Flies in the Air and Crashes into Traffic Light
Guy Nearly Hits Hit On Concrete During Backflip
Guy in Inner Tube Goes Down Dry Slide
Teen Tries to Do Trick on Skateboard
Girl Tries Apple Cider Vinegar for the First Time
Dog Yanks Branch off Tree
Dog Falls off Tree
Dog Eyes Owner's Food
Owner Throws Ball at Uninterested Dog
Woman Gets Chased by Chicken
Guy Has a Close Encounter with Giraffe
Mountain Goat Knocks Down Kid
Guy in Dinosaur Costume Scares Kids
Out of Control Mail Truck Rolls over Mailbox
Person Scares Friend in Hallway
Dad Scares Kids with Pig Mask
Guy Tries to Throw Dart Behind Back
Guy Tries to Fly over Four Chairs
Dad Tries to Move BBQ Grill Down Stairs
Pileup at Bike Race
House Gets Swallowed by Sinkhole
Guy Gets Hit With Weight Doing Shoulder Workout
Weights Fall off Barbell while Guy Does Squats
Semi-Truck Plows Through Cars Stuck in Traffic
Guy Fails to Jump Over Tree Branch
Girl Tries to To Tricks with a Wheelchair
Paraglider Faceplants in Snow Trying to Take Off
Chef Tries to Fly Drone
Plate Glass Falls off Ladder
Kid Accidently Throws Bat Over Fence
Guy in Panda Suit Breaks Hammock
Guy Spins in Purple Box
Gets Egg Experiment Wrong
Girl Tries to Cook an Egg on Sidewalk
Dog Falls Off Bench During Birthday Song

Best Fails of the Year 2017: Part 1 (December 2017) || FailArmy

  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Год назад 1:22 am I the only one who is wondering what happened with the sun glasses?
  • FutureDelica
    FutureDelica Год назад dieded
  • O Gaúcho
    O Gaúcho Год назад I was thinking about that too
  • Curtis Stanley
    Curtis Stanley Год назад They lay next to the necklace from Titantic...
  • TheDwarfishjoe
    TheDwarfishjoe Год назад the sea monster that tried to eat the asian girl will wear them and get all the female water monsters.
  • Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Год назад TheDwarfishjoe made my day😂
  • Nortic111
    Nortic111 Год назад In the extended footage the seal comes up wearing them.
  • Alex
    Alex Год назад No, I know what happened to them. I was wondering how expensive they were and if he had his phone in his pocket lol
  • basilis paschalis
    basilis paschalis Год назад PANTIES :D...
  • T C
    T C Год назад The sea lion has them now
  • 506jeff
    506jeff Год назад thug lyfe seal
  • Abby CaramelZ
    Abby CaramelZ Год назад I was thinking about that too
  • Xeena
    Xeena 11 месяцев назад Los Angeles me too 😂
  • silentvirus 8
    silentvirus 8 10 месяцев назад Los Angeles nope
  • coffee
    coffee 9 месяцев назад basilis paschalis you’re disgusting! She’s a little girl
  • x xx
    x xx 8 месяцев назад FOREGET THE SUN GLASSES
  • 0.314 subscribers with no videos ?
    0.314 subscribers with no videos ? 8 месяцев назад (изменено) basilis paschalis Fuck! Finally someone said it; who else was reeeaaaaalllllllllllyyyy uncomfortable when you got a glimpse of her...’you know’. It caught me by surprise so I just randomly yelped and when people in my family asked I just said, “watching a funny fails video”. They should probs censor tbh though
  • Alec Taylor
    Alec Taylor 8 месяцев назад Nope
  • Pure Pramjo
    Pure Pramjo 7 месяцев назад Im dead😂😂😂
  • Bts Angel -Taelented-
    Bts Angel -Taelented- 7 месяцев назад NOPE
  • Jaspreet Baidh
    Jaspreet Baidh 5 месяцев назад Nope
  • swmita
    swmita 4 месяца назад The seal go them man; thug life.
  • Julcia
    Julcia 3 месяца назад Los Angeles lol i know right?
  • Tuberz Tv
    Tuberz Tv 1 месяц назад Los Angeles oh so it’s sunglasses
  • Reza
    Reza 1 месяц назад Noo
  • Aariz videos
    Aariz videos 1 месяц назад Nope
  • Maria Da Silva
    Maria Da Silva 1 месяц назад Los Angeles they drifted away from all the movements in the water
    GETB0PED_ZAY 1 месяц назад It’s a sea lion
    GETB0PED_ZAY 1 месяц назад (изменено) It’s alright dallmyd might find it’s a joke
  • Toni Nicol
    Toni Nicol 1 месяц назад Nope
  • Icy Mello
    Icy Mello 1 месяц назад No
  • Cristal Schroeder
    Cristal Schroeder 4 недели назад Los Angeles no u aren’t
  • joey kingbro
    joey kingbro 4 недели назад Los Angeles it floated away
  • Jackdaplaya1
    Jackdaplaya1 4 недели назад Los Angeles I was about to comment that to 😮
  • yung cheddar
    yung cheddar 4 недели назад Los Angeles They sank, dumbass.
  • Dhali123 Hahaha
    Dhali123 Hahaha 4 недели назад Hahahaha
  • Shine On
    Shine On 4 недели назад I wonder that every time I see that video
  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee 3 недели назад basilis paschalis you’re such a fucking pervert
  • Travis Gaming
    Travis Gaming 3 недели назад (изменено) Los Angeles I saw it at 1:23 but pause the video
  • Good Doggo
    Good Doggo 3 недели назад The seal stole em
  • Maddox Bevan
    Maddox Bevan 3 недели назад Los Angeles yep
  • Kartik Kaushik
    Kartik Kaushik 3 недели назад Yes
  • Mason Holden
    Mason Holden 3 недели назад Me
  • Craig Boy
    Craig Boy 2 недели назад No
  • Nat King
    Nat King 2 недели назад Los Angeles poor sunnies
  • Destruction YT
    Destruction YT 2 недели назад I was thinking about that to
  • Potato Potato 01
    Potato Potato 01 2 недели назад Los Angeles ur not the only one
  • Michael Naess
    Michael Naess 4 дня назад No
  • Carson OfTheSea
    Carson OfTheSea 3 месяца назад 3:33 legend says they became world famous criminals
  • Abbsninja.hater.account
    Abbsninja.hater.account 1 месяц назад Carson OfTheSea I get really pissed off when these kids get away with this
  • Emma Val
    Emma Val 3 недели назад Carson OfTheSea 😂 😂
  • Ricki47
    Ricki47 3 месяца назад 10:59 I see ghost rider needs to go somewhere
  • John Doesit
    John Doesit 2 месяца назад 4:41 "Are you alright babe?" He was actually talking to the dog...
  • Roberts
    Roberts 2 недели назад 😂
  • I C
    I C Неделю назад Dont judge him This is real love
  • I C
    I C Неделю назад Friend love not... you see
  • suraj tudu
    suraj tudu 5 дней назад 😂😂😂 i was ganna say that
  • Earth
    Earth 3 месяца назад 1:35 excuse me that dog is broken
  • denise sbailo
    denise sbailo 2 месяца назад Earth agreed! WTH!
  • Something Cool
    Something Cool 2 месяца назад Did you try to put it on rice or turn it off and on?
  • Crystalnebs Danub
    Crystalnebs Danub 4 недели назад How does it pee like dat
  • Scorpion Firesome
    Scorpion Firesome Год назад 1:37 Spiderman discovers his superpowers.
  • Jonny Tee
    Jonny Tee Год назад Scorpion Firesome "Flyyy!"
  • Paige Sanderson
    Paige Sanderson 2 недели назад (изменено) Scorpion Firesome 3:22 guy thinks he's Thor
  • Kawaii_ Chan
    Kawaii_ Chan 6 дней назад Spiderdoggo
  • Shawty Fox
    Shawty Fox 6 дней назад HHHH
  • ClashCrafter
    ClashCrafter 2 месяца назад 3:10 how i get outta the bed on Monday morning
  • Mark Campos
    Mark Campos Неделю назад They see me rollin
  • Salty Memer Boi
    Salty Memer Boi Неделю назад @Mark Campos they hatin
  • thornsx
    thornsx 3 месяца назад 1:34 That is not a fail. That is a win on so many levels.
  • D4gger Deltsindoor
    D4gger Deltsindoor Неделю назад That can probably be my number one favorite vehicle accident
  • David C.
    David C. 2 недели назад 0:02 Did anyone else notice the lightning strike burnt through the metal roof trim of the house like a burnt fuse.
  • The Lamb Sauce
    The Lamb Sauce 1 месяц назад 4:05 Every day. We stray further from god
  • grandson of Portuguese immigrants
    grandson of Portuguese immigrants Неделю назад Whore wants to be fucked by an ape
  • Kai Mendoza
    Kai Mendoza Неделю назад The Lamb Sauce I agree
  • Outside Gamer
    Outside Gamer 3 дня назад Yeh yeh yeh
  • juston i
    juston i 3 недели назад 11:14 LoL an actual “hold my beer” moment
  • Black Queen
    Black Queen 3 недели назад juston i I never seen that before😱😂
  • Sam Tate
    Sam Tate 3 недели назад Give me back my beer
  • TheKaijuGamer2003
    TheKaijuGamer2003 3 недели назад 1:11 I swear, some people can just be dumb enough to let a kid go near an animal, that is capable of attacking if disturbed. It was a little funny though, made me giggle.
  • Lenny Greenslade
    Lenny Greenslade 2 недели назад TheKaijuGamer2003 it fricken gave me a heart attack.
  • Kiril Dimitrijevski
    Kiril Dimitrijevski 2 недели назад It wasn't funny and all who laught on it he haven't soul.
  • Joy Tuch
    Joy Tuch Неделю назад I just imagine if the seal take her deep in ocean
  • Jeeses99
    Jeeses99 6 дней назад Not really funny. That was dangerous.
  • Jessica Eberbach
    Jessica Eberbach 2 месяца назад 11:01 how is that a fail? There was fire and burned the side of a car someone could’ve gotten really badly injured....? 😶😐
  • Ellie Rides
    Ellie Rides 1 месяц назад Jessica Eberbach I agree. If only there was more people like you and me, maybe the world would be better for what is actually ‘funny’. Well Said Jessica. 😁
  • Ellie Rides
    Ellie Rides 1 месяц назад People getting hurt is no funny ☹️
  • DDGaminG YT
    DDGaminG YT 2 недели назад They did. 15 deaths. Got roasted.
  • Jeremy Allen
    Jeremy Allen 3 недели назад 6:51 how’d you guys get rare footage of me?
  • DDGaminG YT
    DDGaminG YT 2 недели назад Jeremy Allen waait a MINUTE
  • Literally Sarcastic
    Literally Sarcastic Год назад that last video is CRINGE AF!
  • Lord Viator
    Lord Viator Год назад My thoughts exactly!
  • Andrey Andreyevich
    Andrey Andreyevich Год назад yeah
  • Novaks47
    Novaks47 Год назад Well, it is called FAIL army after all......
  • Butt Why??
    Butt Why?? Год назад Rudy Reyna , I bet these videos don't bring in much profit, so they can only afford idiots and morons.
  • FailArmy
    FailArmy Год назад Woof!
  • Sugawolf
    Sugawolf Год назад I actually thought it was pretty funny.
  • JamSoyMilkWhales
    JamSoyMilkWhales Год назад Rudy Reyna i think it was great
  • 64 Fanatic
    64 Fanatic Год назад at least the krampus guy nailed it. YEW STHUCK
  • Gawin Grimm
    Gawin Grimm Год назад Krampus was a guy??
  • The Holy Mackerel
    The Holy Mackerel Год назад It was horridly unfunny. Turned my spine into glass.
  • Kerstin Haefele-Gordon
    Kerstin Haefele-Gordon Год назад cringe and fantastic?
  • TheGame
    TheGame Год назад Yes the cringe level was off the charts there
  • JGui
    JGui Год назад FailArmy is even mocking us now. Great. Btw, a lot of videos on this compilation are just NOT funny. What is happening?
  • Matuscara
    Matuscara Год назад Rudy Reyna your family is gonna die in a car accident.
  • Amelia Carr
    Amelia Carr 10 месяцев назад Literally Sarcastic hi
  • onetalltal
    onetalltal 7 месяцев назад Literally Sarcastic Eh, who cares? I would care more about my grammar than a comment. -Cringe is a verb, not a fucking adjective.
  • Boo Boo Baby Gamer Girl
    Boo Boo Baby Gamer Girl 1 месяц назад No it isn't
  • Celina Martin
    Celina Martin 2 недели назад What
  • Demian Galic
    Demian Galic Неделю назад 2:34 did he survive ? Why no one talks about that ?
  • sylvanercccp
    sylvanercccp 6 дней назад I think the same.
  • Alex163 Villar
    Alex163 Villar 3 месяца назад 2:58 😜😗😋🤣
  • Viola Lockhart
    Viola Lockhart 1 месяц назад (изменено) 1:11 If it wasn’t for the man that jumped in and saved her that little girl would’ve been pulled down and drowned by the seal/sea lion Tbh I think that little girl is probably now scared of the water
  • Jordan Skitzo
    Jordan Skitzo 3 недели назад What? The seal clearly let her go immediately, in fact if you look closely the seal let go before she was even in the water.
  • Viola Lockhart
    Viola Lockhart Неделю назад Jordan Skitzo hmmm..... Ok I looked back that is the case, my apologies
  • Pre Dator
    Pre Dator 3 месяца назад It's going to take him years to get back up here again 3:06
  • Caedo
    Caedo Год назад The real fail is the announcement at the end.
  • nate8930
    nate8930 Год назад Cringed it was so bad
  • ThrowingTexas14
    ThrowingTexas14 9 месяцев назад Caedo lol
  • Junaid ashraf Ch abrar
    Junaid ashraf Ch abrar 1 месяц назад Shumaila junaid221496935
  • Sotiris Chiot
    Sotiris Chiot 1 месяц назад caedo from age of empires 2?
  • Daryl The Epic Beast
    Daryl The Epic Beast 1 месяц назад THERE IS NO F!@#ING ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!!
  • Kursad Sari 026 NL
    Kursad Sari 026 NL 1 месяц назад 1:18 what a savior i almost cried