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TRUE Cost of a Tesla Model 3 (After 10,000 Miles)

Published on Sep 6, 2018 1,376,025 views

After 10,000 miles here's how much it has cost me to own & drive a Tesla Model 3
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These numbers are all based off my personal experience so it's not going to be the same for everyone but at least it will give you an idea of the costs and how much a difference it is driving a #Tesla compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. I’m going to compare my #Model3 acquisition to what it would be like if I kept driving my 2007 Pontiac G6.

The total cost of my Long Range #TeslaModel3 was $56,000. I also had to pay $3,422 for taxes. I am getting the full $7,500 tax credit but my car insurance increased by $500/year so assuming I keep my Model 3 for at least 5 years that brings it to $54,422.

However we also have to calculate the cost of installing a home charging outlet. This cost heavily depends on your particular location and how difficult the install is. My NEMA 14-50 outlet cost $900 for a professional electrician to install, which is on the expensive side because my box was the furthest possible distance from my garage so they had to run cable underground which increased the price.

That brings it to a grand total of $55,322 upfront cost for my First Production Long Range Tesla Model 3, assuming I keep it for at least 5 years.

How much does it cost to charge & drive a Model 3 compared to buying gas? My Model 3 is at 10,400 lifetime miles and it’s averaging 233 Wh/mile. So far I’ve only spent $20.29 on four Supercharging sessions, and that resulted in approximately 700 miles of range which means the other 9,700 miles traveled were from charging at home in my garage. To find out how much it’s cost to travel those 9700 miles we need to calculate my electricity rate along with the Model 3’s charging efficiency. My off-peak electricity rate when I charge my car at home is $0.06882 per kWh.

However, 100% of the electricity doesn’t make it into the car’s battery when charging at home. This is true for all electric cars. Edmund’s is doing a long-term test drive of the Model 3 and they're measuring the average wall-to-wheels efficiency. So far from their tests they’ve seen an 83.3% charging efficiency (meaning only about 83% of the electricity makes it from the charging cable into the car battery). And if we also account for the amount of battery that depletes as the Model 3 is just sitting somewhere not plugged in (I’ll make a guesstimate and say 3% is a fair assumption for vampire drain), that brings us to 80% total charging efficiency.

So 9,700 miles at an average of 233 Wh/mile with an electricity rate of $0.06882 per kWh with an 80% charging efficiency equals $186.65. And if we add the $20.29 I’ve spent on Supercharging that comes to a grand total of $206.94 spent to travel 10,400 miles in my Model 3.

If you compare that to my 6-cylinder automatic transmission 2007 Pontiac G6 which averages 21 miles per gallon and using the current average cost of gas in my area which is $2.77 per gallon, the total cost to travel 10,400 miles would be $1,371.81. That means I’ve saved almost $1,200 over 10,400 miles or maybe it’s better to say that’s $1,200 I’ve stopped having to give to gas stations since getting my Model 3. And I’m not driving a car that puts out any emissions which feels great.

Also keep in mind there are free apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint that show you locations of thousands of public charging stations, most of which are completely free for anyone to charge their electric car which is something that just doesn’t exist with gas stations.

Also I’ve saved so much time from not having to stop at gas stations during my normal weekly driving. It takes me 5 seconds to plug in my Model 3 in my garage. When I drove a gas car I had to get gas at least once or twice per week, and each stop took around 5 minutes. So over the course of a year that’s a huge amount of time saved from not having to stop at gas stations.

We could also get into the money saved from oil changes and maintenance but that's another story. So far I’ve paid absolutely $0 in maintenance for my Model 3 so hopefully that continues. It’s been a fantastic car after 10,000 miles and it’s still just as much fun as the day I got it. I hope you enjoyed this detailed look into how much owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 actually costs.


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10,000 Miles in a Model 3: The TRUE Cost of Driving a Tesla

  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye 3 месяца назад (изменено) Ordering a Tesla Model 3? Get FREE Supercharging ➡️ Already ordered? Simply give this code to your Tesla rep: aaron86762
  • 3 месяца назад Why?? the Tesla Referral Program ends in 2 days.
  • thishadowithin
    thishadowithin 3 месяца назад Do you own stock in Tesla?
  • Nailah Rose
    Nailah Rose 3 месяца назад (изменено) Andy Slye so proud of you! Thank you for this informative video. Keep up the hard work!
  • Mister Tea
    Mister Tea 3 месяца назад Andy Slye has the most memorable face, imho.
  • Whats the frequency Kenneth
    Whats the frequency Kenneth 2 месяца назад It amazes me how many people think they were GIVEN MONEY when they received it back in "incentives" for purchasing a given vehicle. It's not unlike when they are "given money" after filing for their tax refunds.
  • Mister Tea
    Mister Tea 2 месяца назад It amazes me how much dumber people get as time goes on.
  • Whats the frequency Kenneth
    Whats the frequency Kenneth 2 месяца назад Oh, tell me about it!
  • Clarence Maggazz
    Clarence Maggazz 8 месяцев назад Like your clean video with no irritating stuff like music and flashing graphic
  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye 8 месяцев назад Thanks for watching!
  • game bosan
    game bosan 7 месяцев назад Yeah.. because can hear clear information
  • Interesting World
    Interesting World 5 месяцев назад Yuh, and right to the topic too. Unlike other channels where they go into the title's topic after like 20minutes of talking nonsense
  • Emily00Strange
    Emily00Strange 2 месяца назад @Interesting World - I agree, that's why I clicked on this video. I'd seen it was short, figured he'd get to the point faster lol.
  • Na Cl
    Na Cl 1 месяц назад (изменено) +straight to the point, fast and clean transitions between.**amount of time I saved watching this video is unbelievable.
  • status45
    status45 2 месяца назад Thanks for not yelling, every damn YouTuber is screaming in these vids. And thanks for no stupid intro.
  • Chip Mahgilify
    Chip Mahgilify 2 дня назад Andy...ZERO EMISSIONS is a patented lie. Electrons charging those batteries don't come from Leprechaun's on treadmills behind the wall. They come from fossil-fuel burning powerplants, WHICH produce pollution.
  • bob cat
    bob cat 3 дня назад (изменено) Tesla electric cars are heap of rubbish amount of cars that caught on fire what a joke I stick to my Rumble V8 reliability
  • J Robledo
    J Robledo 2 месяца назад This guy sooo easy to listen to and straight to the point no 30min video 👍🏽
  • fab0
    fab0 6 месяцев назад youre also forgetting how much money you saved by not buying doritos, coffee etc, when stopping at the gas stations lol
  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye 6 месяцев назад Some of the best financial advice I've ever received was: Save before spending, only drink water when eating out, and only buy gas at gas stations :)
  • fab0
    fab0 6 месяцев назад @Andy Slye yep, me too :) but it still happens occasionally, for the average user probably too
  • nickys34
    nickys34 5 месяцев назад He is not saving anything. He bought less car. Electrics can't do everything. Like go to the middle of nowhere to get away from it all for a bit and clear one's head. Work and home is all they can do. Then there is that whole battery replacement. Which means zero lifetime savings. lol!
  • fab0
    fab0 5 месяцев назад @nickys34 yeah youre totaly right. Electric cars dont have to undergo oilservice or chain change every 150k km or so right? and through the charging ports you can ONLY do 500km/piece in a tesla. Impossible to get further than work within 250km right? Not even in Tokio, the biggest fucking city on planet motherfucking earth.... get lost moron
  • John George Bauer-Buis
    John George Bauer-Buis 5 месяцев назад nickys34, look at the supercharger map (such as at ) or an even more comprehensive charging map ( ), and you'll find that the only 'middle of nowhere' you can't go is certain areas in the southwest desert, in which fuel stations are scarce anyway. 200 miles + fast charging is no city car.
  • nickys34
    nickys34 5 месяцев назад @John George Bauer-Buis Yeah well the desert is where you go to get away from it all. Lots of people go to the southwest deserts now. The back roads are not covered. The remote places are not covered. Just the major highway routes. Then they only have a few superchargers. However with the hour fill up, you are gonna need more superchargers than that with the Model 3 out. A lot more. Then he supercharger stations are in sketchy industrial locations. You want wait one hour in such an area? Gas stations are in prominent locations on main through fares. Then it is not even a city car. Everyone parks on the street in the city. Furthermore the range is if you drive normally. But with all the traffic these days, everyone drives like a bat out of hell. However that will drop your range considerably. Plus there is that whole don't drop below 10 percent charge and charge above 90 percent. All the people driving EVs now are rich lberals writing their next book or something. So it works. But they won't work for the average American. Complete waste of money by the Government.
  • RandomTran
    RandomTran 5 месяцев назад I never go inside gas station convenience stores. I always wait by my car anxiously watching the price go up.
  • nickys34
    nickys34 5 месяцев назад Yeah with the hour supercharger waits, you will be going to restaurants you rtrd.
  • Necrotic Reaper
    Necrotic Reaper 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @nickys34 Some citys actually have electric charging stations, and I'm pretty sure you're are suppose to do more than one oil change a year. No wonder people's vehicle are falling apart.
  • Bill Pletch
    Bill Pletch 4 месяца назад Stupid comment not even any thought.
  • nickys34
    nickys34 4 месяца назад @Necrotic Reaper Oil changes are thirty bucks and there is nothing else. Perhaps they shake they dust off your filter. And you think incompetent and broke local governments would provide a charging station for everyone that wants one if electrics proliferated? lol! No gas stations would have superchargers and they would tell you the go there. But they are going to charge profit. So there goes any supposed lifetime savings.
  • Necrotic Reaper
    Necrotic Reaper 4 месяца назад nickys34 In the oil belt with a family car maybe. I drive a Camaro and the cheapest I’ve found on regular oil is $40, but I put synthetic in my baby so it’s more like $80. I know some other places people are paying over $100 for the same so that be about $50-60 regular. Several already have, and they don’t have to pay anyone to keep it running just the electricity which will probably be paid with taxes.
  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva 4 месяца назад @Andy Slye "only drink water when eating out" can u explain me that?
  • symelian
    symelian 4 месяца назад @nickys34 are you actualy comparing a new tech that's developing lightning fast and spreading it's service network just now to something that had more than a hundred years time to do so and comparing it as it's at even footing .... ? Really? The service network is growing so fast that what you're complaining about is just a few years away .... Ridiculous
  • woswas denni
    woswas denni 4 месяца назад @symelian its not about the charging stations. the real bummer is winter. the battery heater needs the car to be connected to a high power outlet or you loose a real huge junk of your charge. also it rapidly adds up to the drivign costs. as tesla batterys are really badly insulated, hell they are not even water tight. this problem is sepcially bad in teslas. curious to see how bmw gonna solve that. all in all, you loose a lot of money. that 1200$"savings" are not really saved as fort he much higher price compared to regular cars in the same class. because the battery is so expensive the budget for the manufacturer for the rest of the car is somewhere in the 25-30k cars range. if youre lukc ynad drive 200tsd miles then you can break even
  • Alex Chandra
    Alex Chandra 4 месяца назад LOL thats actually a very good point especially considering the huge markup in price for gas station goods
  • Cannabis Country
    Cannabis Country 3 месяца назад @John George Bauer-Buis there is one charge station in my entire area. I live in the northeast. Tesla is playing catch up right now because other car manufacturers are putting out much better cars for the half the price. Tesla is not a fucking car, it's a social status symbol. If you really gave a shit you'd just get something better for your money. But nope, gotta show out for the people
  • thatoneguy youmightknow
    thatoneguy youmightknow 2 месяца назад Ah, I'm a big fan of the ol' rody sody when I stop to fill. I try to stick to Arizona Teas.
  • Mia Z
    Mia Z 2 месяца назад @nickys34 tbh electric cars are the future considering the whole environmental aspect of it, and it is developing lightening fast, what you are complaining now could be realized in possibly a few years, besides, the new model is not that expensive, so it is not really a status symbol and lots of people actually like its features and think they are cool. Personally, I think people who really do not like this car are people do not like change
    #TEAMWANG JACKSON WANG 2 месяца назад lmao but my ass going to stop at Starbucks still
  • Daniel Falcao
    Daniel Falcao 1 месяц назад @Eduardo Silva Ele quer dizer que só bebe água quando sai pra comer fora (no sentido de economizar)
  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva 1 месяц назад @Daniel Falcao quando vai comer fora só bebe água, é isso? ahah
  • Ken Trock
    Ken Trock 1 месяц назад We buy that when waiting to charge at the restaurant or coffee shop next door. Even the fastest of superchargers will still take 30 minutes to go to full.
  • Cristian Chelcea
    Cristian Chelcea 1 месяц назад @symelian " a new tech that's developing lightning fast and spreading it's service network just now to something that had more than a hundred years time to do so"... you think is in your best interest? wait until you become dependent of that shit and you'll see how far it goes and how fast is draining your pockets... if most of us can stick our nose under the hood and fix some shit, wtf you'll do to tesla after 5 years?!? you'll pay $500 to change a fucking light bulb... :D