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What's the best 4x4 pickup truck? | 2019 MEGATEST | Autocar

Published on Feb 7, 2019 327,788 views

What, then, is the best pickup truck in the land? Is it the Ford Ranger, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, the Mitsubishi L200, the Toyota Hilux, or the Volkswagen Amarok? Or, perhaps, our extra-special wildcard entry? Subscribe now:

We've got all of the major contenders together in one disused quarry for one massive off-road megatest, to discern which of the above double-cab pickups - all four-wheel drive, all rugged, and all capable of carrying more than one tonne in their load bays - is the fairest of them all.

And once we've done that, we'll line it up against the biggest, baddest pickup truck we've yet driven: a Unimog U218 'implement carrier', ten tonnes and £100,000 worth of badass pickupery.

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  • Mehmet Guner
    Mehmet Guner 1 месяц назад Where’s the Navara??? Oh it’s wearing a Mercedes badge
  • Matthew Pilbrow
    Matthew Pilbrow 1 месяц назад Mehmet Guner man you must be the first person to make that joke.
  • Ian 57
    Ian 57 1 месяц назад Haven’t heard that before 🤦‍♂️
  • Le Chat Botté
    Le Chat Botté 1 месяц назад this is the best comment here hands down
  • interceptor1986
    interceptor1986 1 месяц назад Seen how weak the Mercedes/nissan is on Grand tour its rubbish
  • Ben Waldron
    Ben Waldron 1 месяц назад @interceptor1986 oh yehhh, The Grand Tour.....they do the most comprehensive testing....
  • Kishan Mahabier
    Kishan Mahabier 1 месяц назад (изменено) U right, the x class is a navara with a lot of expensive makeup-mascara🤣🤣..and expensive shoes
  • R. E. Irianto
    R. E. Irianto 1 месяц назад Better get the Nissan, because it's the same truck but you pay more for the tristar badge
  • Jamie Lange
    Jamie Lange 1 месяц назад @Kishan Mahabier And Mercedes gearbox and chassis enhancements. The X350d uses the Mercedes OM642 V6 diesel I believe, if not then a newer design.
  • Ricardo Fontes
    Ricardo Fontes 1 месяц назад The difference is only in engine and interior.
  • Jamie Lange
    Jamie Lange 1 месяц назад @Ricardo Fontes Not even that unless you go to the X350d hahaha
  • Edward Castro
    Edward Castro 1 месяц назад Mehmet Guner
  • Mehmet Guner
    Mehmet Guner 1 месяц назад Edward Castro Edward Castro
  • Mehmet Guner
    Mehmet Guner 1 месяц назад Le Chat Botté thanks 👍🏼
  • Rules of Survival Magnus pro
    Rules of Survival Magnus pro 3 недели назад Of all the pickup versions. I'd still pick the d22
  • Ivan Liao
    Ivan Liao Неделю назад Mehmet Guner it’s a good thing, now it’s going to be the most reliable Mercedes ever.
  • Victorio Lopes
    Victorio Lopes 1 месяц назад Isn't the ranger available with a 200bhp 3.2L 5cilinder diesel engine? i mean, comparing the v6 amarok with a 150hp ranger is a bit unfair, isnt it?
  • Ian 57
    Ian 57 1 месяц назад They don’t make the 3.2 anymore
  • Kevin McCormack
    Kevin McCormack 1 месяц назад @Ian 57 yes they do the offer both the 3.2 and the new bi turbo 2.0.
  • Ashley Sutherland
    Ashley Sutherland 1 месяц назад Never heard of a 2.2 4 cylinder ranger only the 2.5 as the base engine and a 2l for the raptor but the 3.2 is by the the most popular in australia
  • Victorio Lopes
    Victorio Lopes 1 месяц назад Here in Brazil theyre still offered with the 3.2L 5cyl aswell as the 2.2 4cyl and a gasoline 2.5L. I guess it changes depending on the market. The amarok here also has a 4cyl 2.0 biturbo, which was pretty unreliable hahaha
  • Ashley Sutherland
    Ashley Sutherland 1 месяц назад @Victorio Lopes my mistake the 2.5 must be a petrol version
  • Matanyani Ian
    Matanyani Ian 1 месяц назад The winner of the competition is a Hilux 2.4 instead of the 2.8 which is top range, no need to complain about using a 2.2 ranger. Plus with its heavior engine, I doubt it would have coped in some of the tests
  • Victorio Lopes
    Victorio Lopes 1 месяц назад @Matanyani Ian idk, the 3.2 has 50kgfm of torque, AND 200hp... That would help on the climbings probably. Then again, youre right they arent using the top engine on the hilux nor the amarok aswell. Anyways nice video!
  • petrut24
    petrut24 1 месяц назад @Ian 57 they still do the 3.2 ..I just ordered the 3.2L 2019 model and now there is another engine available ..2.0 biturbo the same that you can find on the raptor..
  • Oliver Law
    Oliver Law 1 месяц назад Victorio Lopes yes it is
  • MC Gamings
    MC Gamings 1 месяц назад What he's talking about is the philippine variant 2.0 BiTurbo Diesel Engine that produces 200hp and 510nm of torque...and the new Ranger Raptor
  • Mitchy Paul
    Mitchy Paul 1 месяц назад @MC Gamings the new 2.0l bi turbo is available in the standard ranger models in Australia as is the 3.2l, the 4cyl 2.2 is only available in the RWD models in most markets in the world.
  • vevohoeyo
    vevohoeyo 1 месяц назад @Ian 57 yes they do nob head this is the lowest spec ranger almost you can buy
  • Popeye The Sailorman
    Popeye The Sailorman 1 месяц назад right yoy are buddy
  • Juan Miguel Mendoza
    Juan Miguel Mendoza 1 месяц назад I was actually wondering why they used this 2.2 liter variant instead of the new 2.0 biturbo variant(which is available on standard Ranger models too, not a Raptor-exclusive) and also the outgoing L200 model was used instead of the heavy refreshed version which sports a better 4WD drivetrain. I smell a biased review here
  • Ricardo Fontes
    Ricardo Fontes 1 месяц назад Maybe they did not make the ranger 3.2 available to them.
  • Pasindu Lakshan
    Pasindu Lakshan 3 недели назад Ranger win this for sure if they used 3.2 engine version
  • James Simpson
    James Simpson 3 недели назад I guess but they don’t make it anymore 😭
  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 6 дней назад Now they just released a v6 also for the ranger
  • Volvo lad 93
    Volvo lad 93 1 месяц назад Isuzu dmax ??
  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 1 месяц назад Isuzu D Max outsold the Toyota Hilux in 2018 in Thailand. I think the Isuz is a more commercial vehicle. I looked at all the 1 tonne pick ups and opted for the Toyota Hilux with no regret after one year of motoring in Thailand.
  • muhammadhaziq
    muhammadhaziq 1 месяц назад @John Anderson whats up with thailand with their dmax's and diesel's? every where you go you usually see pickups.
  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 1 месяц назад muhammad: The best selling vehicle in Thailand is usually the Toyota Hilux, but in 2018 it was beaten by the new Isuzu model. 55% of all vehicles in Thailand are Pick Up Trucks. Nearly all Pick up trucks are manufactured in Thailand for the world market; Toyota Hilux, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50. A pick up truck makes sense in Thailand because the country is mainly farming and dry therefore good for transporting goods and for transporting people. the best selling vehicle in Australia is the Toyota Pickup Truck.
  • muhammadhaziq
    muhammadhaziq 1 месяц назад @John Anderson also thailand is known to modify their pickups, even carying goods they modify it to gain more speed and go drag racing when have a gathering or something. the pickups with high cages use thick leaf springs and triple the shock assorbers. i wonder why they dont just buy a 3-5 ton lorry?
  • JGamer 350777747
    JGamer 350777747 1 месяц назад It outsold the Tacoma in 2018
    DRONE ON TOP 1 месяц назад Fiat Fullback???
  • Fly Boy
    Fly Boy 1 месяц назад @JGamer 350777747 coz its cheaper. But dmax is a nice replacement tho. If u want to drga race a pickup truck
  • Collins onyango
    Collins onyango 1 месяц назад asking the same question Isuzu d max is the best
  • Twilight 8368
    Twilight 8368 1 месяц назад Yeah where is that truck? Good call..