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What's the best 4x4 pickup truck? | 2019 MEGATEST | Autocar

Published on Feb 7, 2019 669,184 views

What, then, is the best pickup truck in the land? Is it the Ford Ranger, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, the Mitsubishi L200, the Toyota Hilux, or the Volkswagen Amarok? Or, perhaps, our extra-special wildcard entry? Subscribe now:

We've got all of the major contenders together in one disused quarry for one massive off-road megatest, to discern which of the above double-cab pickups - all four-wheel drive, all rugged, and all capable of carrying more than one tonne in their load bays - is the fairest of them all.

And once we've done that, we'll line it up against the biggest, baddest pickup truck we've yet driven: a Unimog U218 'implement carrier', ten tonnes and £100,000 worth of badass pickupery.

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  • Maximiliano Luera
    Maximiliano Luera 3 месяца назад Brits: “you don’t buy a pickup truck unless you absolutely need the capability” Americans: “check out the F-350 I bought because it looks cool”
  • King Daniel
    King Daniel 3 месяца назад Unfortunately that's fairly accurate. It only serves to keep pushing the prices up out of reach for the people that actually need a truck or that a truck is most convenient to use. Meanwhile, us working class people that can't afford a new truck are left picking through the trash on the used market for something usable and that will last longer than a year or two.
  • DeutscheTech
    DeutscheTech 3 месяца назад Partially accurate. In the USA people tend to do much more with their vehicles than in the EU/England. Heading down to the local hardware shop and picking up plywood, concrete and filler sand/topsoil is a typical weekend for many Americans. I've lived in both places and have subscribed to both modes of thought, but the EU desperately needs to bring full sized trucks in to help the people with their needs. Right now you can't even if you want. The structure of the roads make it next to impossible.
  • ck m
    ck m 3 месяца назад (изменено) @DeutscheTech Same, spent 17 years in Europe now live in the US. Truth is, in the US, gas is cheap, roads and parking lots are generally huge and modern pickups like the F150 are near luxury cars in terms of comfort & seating. The bed is just a bonus. And you just can't get a true US-style pickup in Europe - there are few reasons: 1. streets & parking are narrow 2. You stuff would get stolen the minute you stop for even a second and perhaps even at traffic lights. The net of this is that most people who need to carry cargo or materials buy vans. For weekend warriors, this sucks as you can only get the (as a general all-purpose vehicle) mini-pickups in this test, none of which can fit a full sheet of ply in the bed....
  • lakshinder singh
    lakshinder singh 3 месяца назад same case in India bro.
  • Roger Deller
    Roger Deller 3 месяца назад (изменено) In France they use old Peugeot cars for this kind of load and terrain... 🤣
  • Fraser Henderson
    Fraser Henderson 3 месяца назад Brits: "your American pickups trucks are huge and unwieldy". Americans: "on the contrary, your roadways and villages are absurdly tiny". North American pickups are in their own class regarding equipment and capability. Europeans don't speak the pickup truck language. There is nothing like the F-350 available outside NA. Maximiliano sounds like another Eurosnob, secretly jealous of Americans living large and enjoying their own products. That F-350 probably cost $85,000 and Europeans can't have it because it's too large for their small scale road systems and probably their purses. The American bought it because it is luxurious, it does a shedload of work and doesn't break.
  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus 3 месяца назад We not only buy it because it looks cool, some of use make it even cooler by putting a huge lift kit and giant tires to help burn that extra gas off we don't need. God Bless America!!!
  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 3 месяца назад Petrol (which is what most pickups run on in North America) is too inexpensive in the U.S. Also roads and parking spaces are very big so it makes driving large vehicles easy. Double the price of fuel and make roads more narrow and we would be driving more Ford Focus instead of the F150 which funny enough is the best selling vehicle in the U.S.
  • Bear up
    Bear up 3 месяца назад @Fraser Henderson sorry to disagree my ex boss owned a F350 and broke it a week after he bought it bent the chassis chasing thieves off his farm aand now it sits in the workshop waiting for ford to fix or replace it
  • Fraser Henderson
    Fraser Henderson 3 месяца назад @Bear up No manufacturer can predict or prevent misuse of its product. F-350 isn't a chase vehicle. I am impressed that he bent the frame. He must be a complete fool.
  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 3 месяца назад In Europe we tend to use vans because they are cheaper than pick up trucks in general and the tools and items stay dry.
  • Raymond S
    Raymond S 3 месяца назад we owned two trucks and used them daily for lawncare and tree removal etc. Pickups are good for making money
  • Raymond S
    Raymond S 3 месяца назад we had an F-150 and F-250
  • Maximiliano Luera
    Maximiliano Luera 3 месяца назад Fraser Henderson “Eurosnob” lmao I’m American and I have a truck
  • silver chevy
    silver chevy 1 месяц назад @Bear up what in the hell would you try to haul with it to bend the frame?? We have loaded our trucks up to 8000lbs in the bed and have yet to bend a frame. Sounds like you're trying to run that Ford like a Peterbilt
  • Bear up
    Bear up 1 месяц назад @silver chevy My e boss is a farmer
  • Bear up
    Bear up 1 месяц назад Ex boss
  • chrismacsims
    chrismacsims 1 месяц назад Fraser Henderson fords don’t break ? 😂😂 now we are telling naughty little lies here !
  • Ivan Vergara
    Ivan Vergara 1 месяц назад @chrismacsims but It's worth it
  • Yeahwhateveridc
    Yeahwhateveridc 1 месяц назад im buying a ford ranger raptor soon as my very first car, only because it looks cool......
  • d lm
    d lm Неделю назад Don't really buy the argument that British roads are to small as I drive a Ford transit tipper double cab and it goes down 99% of roads just fine and that's probably equal in size as an f350/450.
  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn 2 дня назад I drive a 2016 corolla and im 6ft1 and i absolutly hate it becuz its so small for me but its reliable and cheap if something breaks down. If your going to get a truck use it for offroading, capability, family and if your taller than 6ft in my opinion
  • Paddy Downey
    Paddy Downey 3 месяца назад Why didn’t you include he Nissan Navara?? Oh wait ...
  • Victorio Lopes
    Victorio Lopes 3 месяца назад Isn't the ranger available with a 200bhp 3.2L 5cilinder diesel engine? i mean, comparing the v6 amarok with a 150hp ranger is a bit unfair, isnt it?
  • Ian 57
    Ian 57 3 месяца назад They don’t make the 3.2 anymore
  • Kevin McCormack
    Kevin McCormack 3 месяца назад @Ian 57 yes they do the offer both the 3.2 and the new bi turbo 2.0.
  • Ashley Sutherland
    Ashley Sutherland 3 месяца назад Never heard of a 2.2 4 cylinder ranger only the 2.5 as the base engine and a 2l for the raptor but the 3.2 is by the the most popular in australia
  • Victorio Lopes
    Victorio Lopes 3 месяца назад Here in Brazil theyre still offered with the 3.2L 5cyl aswell as the 2.2 4cyl and a gasoline 2.5L. I guess it changes depending on the market. The amarok here also has a 4cyl 2.0 biturbo, which was pretty unreliable hahaha
  • Ashley Sutherland
    Ashley Sutherland 3 месяца назад @Victorio Lopes my mistake the 2.5 must be a petrol version
  • Matanyani Ian
    Matanyani Ian 3 месяца назад The winner of the competition is a Hilux 2.4 instead of the 2.8 which is top range, no need to complain about using a 2.2 ranger. Plus with its heavior engine, I doubt it would have coped in some of the tests
  • Victorio Lopes
    Victorio Lopes 3 месяца назад @Matanyani Ian idk, the 3.2 has 50kgfm of torque, AND 200hp... That would help on the climbings probably. Then again, youre right they arent using the top engine on the hilux nor the amarok aswell. Anyways nice video!
  • petrut24
    petrut24 3 месяца назад @Ian 57 they still do the 3.2 ..I just ordered the 3.2L 2019 model and now there is another engine available ..2.0 biturbo the same that you can find on the raptor..
  • Oliver Law
    Oliver Law 3 месяца назад Victorio Lopes yes it is
  • MC Gamings
    MC Gamings 3 месяца назад What he's talking about is the philippine variant 2.0 BiTurbo Diesel Engine that produces 200hp and 510nm of torque...and the new Ranger Raptor
  • Mitchy Paul
    Mitchy Paul 3 месяца назад @MC Gamings the new 2.0l bi turbo is available in the standard ranger models in Australia as is the 3.2l, the 4cyl 2.2 is only available in the RWD models in most markets in the world.
  • vevohoeyo
    vevohoeyo 3 месяца назад @Ian 57 yes they do nob head this is the lowest spec ranger almost you can buy
  • Popeye The Sailorman
    Popeye The Sailorman 3 месяца назад right yoy are buddy
  • Juan Miguel Mendoza
    Juan Miguel Mendoza 3 месяца назад I was actually wondering why they used this 2.2 liter variant instead of the new 2.0 biturbo variant(which is available on standard Ranger models too, not a Raptor-exclusive) and also the outgoing L200 model was used instead of the heavy refreshed version which sports a better 4WD drivetrain. I smell a biased review here
  • Ricardo Fontes
    Ricardo Fontes 3 месяца назад Maybe they did not make the ranger 3.2 available to them.
  • Pasindu Lakshan
    Pasindu Lakshan 3 месяца назад Ranger win this for sure if they used 3.2 engine version
  • James Simpson
    James Simpson 3 месяца назад I guess but they don’t make it anymore 😭
  • Michael Griffin
    Michael Griffin 2 месяца назад Now they just released a v6 also for the ranger
  • Jaime T Rubio III
    Jaime T Rubio III 1 месяц назад Ian 57 in the newer model 2019 ranger they still offer 3.2l. but in this video they used the older ranger 2016 type facelift model 2.2.
  • Jaime T Rubio III
    Jaime T Rubio III 1 месяц назад Juan Miguel Mendoza they used the older ranger model I think.
  • Dian van Eeden
    Dian van Eeden 1 месяц назад Yeahh
  • Dian van Eeden
    Dian van Eeden 1 месяц назад 3.2 is way better
  • Sam T
    Sam T 1 месяц назад @Ian 57 That's incorrect.
  • Mehmet Guner
    Mehmet Guner 3 месяца назад Where’s the Navara??? Oh it’s wearing a Mercedes badge
  • Matthew Pilbrow
    Matthew Pilbrow 3 месяца назад Mehmet Guner man you must be the first person to make that joke.
  • Ian 57
    Ian 57 3 месяца назад Haven’t heard that before 🤦‍♂️
  • Le Chat Botté
    Le Chat Botté 3 месяца назад this is the best comment here hands down
  • interceptor1986
    interceptor1986 3 месяца назад Seen how weak the Mercedes/nissan is on Grand tour its rubbish
  • Ben Waldron
    Ben Waldron 3 месяца назад @interceptor1986 oh yehhh, The Grand Tour.....they do the most comprehensive testing....
  • Kishan Mahabier
    Kishan Mahabier 3 месяца назад (изменено) U right, the x class is a navara with a lot of expensive makeup-mascara🤣🤣..and expensive shoes
  • R. E. Irianto
    R. E. Irianto 3 месяца назад Better get the Nissan, because it's the same truck but you pay more for the tristar badge
  • Jamie Lange
    Jamie Lange 3 месяца назад @Kishan Mahabier And Mercedes gearbox and chassis enhancements. The X350d uses the Mercedes OM642 V6 diesel I believe, if not then a newer design.
  • Ricardo Fontes
    Ricardo Fontes 3 месяца назад The difference is only in engine and interior.
  • Jamie Lange
    Jamie Lange 3 месяца назад @Ricardo Fontes Not even that unless you go to the X350d hahaha
  • Edward Castro
    Edward Castro 3 месяца назад Mehmet Guner
  • Mehmet Guner
    Mehmet Guner 3 месяца назад Edward Castro Edward Castro
  • Mehmet Guner
    Mehmet Guner 3 месяца назад Le Chat Botté thanks 👍🏼
  • Rules of Survival Magnus pro
    Rules of Survival Magnus pro 3 месяца назад Of all the pickup versions. I'd still pick the d22
  • Ivan Liao
    Ivan Liao 2 месяца назад Mehmet Guner it’s a good thing, now it’s going to be the most reliable Mercedes ever.
  • Dennis Beckmann
    Dennis Beckmann 1 месяц назад 4 get it😁
  • Family House
    Family House 1 месяц назад Shut up
    MARK SMITH 1 месяц назад Navara it’s best hands down.
  • Michael Shields
    Michael Shields 1 месяц назад It's probaly in the wreckers
  • Tik Tok
    Tik Tok 4 дня назад You make the video seem soo much longer
  • Grey 420
    Grey 420 3 месяца назад Note: Always read comments before watching... I’ve just wasted 23 minutes 🤦‍♂️
  • Lucien Petrus
    Lucien Petrus 2 месяца назад sore loser maybe
  • Justin Phillips
    Justin Phillips 1 месяц назад When the world blows up, the Hilux will still be in one piece.
  • Pagetts Dragons
    Pagetts Dragons 1 месяц назад Justin Phillips true
  • Ivan Vergara
    Ivan Vergara 1 месяц назад It's a toyota, what would you expect
  • Martin Villacorta
    Martin Villacorta 1 месяц назад own a new hilux after like 1 year the chassis is already full of rust
  • Kai Chapter
    Kai Chapter 3 недели назад Martin Villacorta well you must be telling BS or beating the CRAP out of it
  • Martin Villacorta
    Martin Villacorta 3 недели назад @Kai Chapter search it dumbass
  • Kai Chapter
    Kai Chapter Неделю назад Martin Villacorta ?
  • Riley Lucht
    Riley Lucht Неделю назад Martin you need to look after your vehicle better then
  • Zohan Cargotis
    Zohan Cargotis Неделю назад @Martin Villacorta if live near the ocean, it is normal that the cars gather alot of rust
  • Brem
    Brem 1 день назад An old Hilux will. Since the late 90s the chassis have bent when you sneeze too hard.
  • hosse aa
    hosse aa 4 часа назад (изменено) Let’s say from here. Hilux is actually insanely powerful truck and handles good, my dad has 2019 hilux and its just a really beautiful luxury truck. Maybe a bit expensive but anyways 😊
  • Derek West
    Derek West 2 месяца назад Best vehicle in this video, unimog, in 30 years time it will still be driving around and all the other vehicles in this video will be washing machines and fridges
  • JCash
    JCash 1 месяц назад Only test on the internet that says ranger is no good, and eliminated in the first round. Comes out as the benchmark in all other reviews. I find that a bit strange. And starts testing the unimog for no apparent reason. What a confusing video.
  • Lucas W
    Lucas W 2 месяца назад (изменено) Toyota HiLux, invincible!
  • Buddy Piper
    Buddy Piper 3 месяца назад i only drive trucks from the 90's. they are cheap and badass
  • dazaspc
    dazaspc 3 месяца назад This would have to be the Least Balanced 4X4 Ute test I have ever seen Knocks points off the Mitsubishi because he had to change to 4L but starts the Hilux off in 4L. Also the Mitsubishi's tires were loaded with MUD prior to the test. If this is how they balance their tests clearly Autocar cant be trusted.
    ONA IMPULSE 1 месяц назад they arent even using offroad tyres?
  • Asim Akram
    Asim Akram 1 месяц назад true, also his opinion isnt valid because he didnt really test the pickups as they would be used.
  • tom lewis
    tom lewis 1 месяц назад dazaspc all of your points are true apart from the Mitsubishi, yes there was mud on the wheels, but the tires contacting the ground where no different.
  • dazaspc
    dazaspc 1 месяц назад @tom lewis They had already spun the mud out, also redid the shot to show the spinning tire. even if im wrong there still was probably a clump of mud fallen onto its path. If you have ever driven off road it is easy to do that sort of thing intentionally.
  • Mark Justine Ramos
    Mark Justine Ramos 1 месяц назад Your right dazaspc there was mud in the l200 so it can't climb up easily
  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith 3 недели назад He knocked points off because it couldn't do it in 4H despite it having electronic traction control. The Hilux doesn't have traction control, it has a rear diff lock instead, the only way to engage the diff lock is to put it in 4L
  • Windwalker 95
    Windwalker 95 2 недели назад @Harvey Smith But can the hilux do it though?
  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith 2 недели назад @Windwalker 95 The answer is yes because it has a diff lock. But as I said, you have to engage low range to select the diff lock
  • Windwalker 95
    Windwalker 95 2 недели назад @Harvey Smith in 4H that is.
  • Windwalker 95
    Windwalker 95 2 недели назад Diff lock AND 4L? Of course its going to beat 4H
  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith 2 недели назад @Windwalker 95 No, it didn't do it in 4H because it doesn't have fancy electronic traction control, Toyota Hilux are sold all over the world and is known for it's reliability. Traction control relies on ABS which is notoriously unreliable on older vehicles. Toyota choose to use the tried and trusted diff lock. Now, the diff lock is brilliant if used in the right hands, but as we know people abuse vehicles. If you select a diff lock and then drive it high speed on tarmac you could do damage, it is not what it is designed to do. The have fitted an idiot proof diff lock, you can only use it in 4L. Could the Hilux have climbed that in 4H if it could have diff lock in 4H. Absolutely.
  • Windwalker 95
    Windwalker 95 2 недели назад @Harvey Smith I would have put them all in 4L and tested them in harsher conditions to limit the variables. That is the issue people are having, 4H with traction control is definately going to have less of an advantage than 4L with a diff lock. All 4L with their respective methods of reducing slipping and all 4H with nothing may have had a better community response. It doesn't disprove the point, just that it cannot be taken for gospel.
  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith 2 недели назад @Windwalker 95 Correct, until proven, nothing is 100%. You are correct, they should have all been put in low. As usual the test crew knew little about how to drive a 4x4. I have driven 4x4 in many African countries, if you have low range, use it, if you have diff locks, use them.
  • Blacky82
    Blacky82 3 месяца назад Did anyone see the VW Amrok on "the grand tour" not get up the hill but the ranger did🤔
  • Flexo
    Flexo 3 месяца назад tyres were the problem... amarok had street tyres and ranger had terrain tyres.
  • Blacky82
    Blacky82 3 месяца назад @Flexo gotcha cheers 👍
  • Diego De León
    Diego De León 3 месяца назад a combination of 2 factors... Tyres and the lack of a low range gearbox in the Amarok...
  • Flexo
    Flexo 3 месяца назад @Diego De León you dont need low range for that hill. If you would be towing something yes but just for empty truck there is plenty of torque.
  • Diego De León
    Diego De León 3 месяца назад @Flexo Not because of the torque, but to have a higher control on the low revs, the last thing you want is to pass from static friction to dynamic friction after all...
  • nomoreheroes93
    nomoreheroes93 3 месяца назад I wouldn't put any faith in GT for actual comparison tests outside of their racetruck
  • King Daniel
    King Daniel 3 месяца назад @nomoreheroes Jeremy Clarkson is going to find you and kick you square in the balls for that.
  • MrPaukann
    MrPaukann 3 месяца назад @Diego De León, yeah, but you still can control it, it's just harder.
  • Med z
    Med z 3 месяца назад Diego De León you don’t need low range. The amarok has a low first. It was the tyres. The amarok has done the Simpson dessert crossing in Australia with no low range
  • Oliver Law
    Oliver Law 3 месяца назад Blacky82 yes I did
  • Oliver Law
    Oliver Law 3 месяца назад And is has the Small Engine it is the 2.2 it should be the 3.2
  • Bear up
    Bear up 3 месяца назад @Diego De León I have an Amarok 2017 Ultimate and it has a 8 speed auto and I have taken it places that friends of mine said are just wrong. If you use the gears and diff lock with the right tyres ( 18 inch rims BF Goodrich AT ) you can drive it up the side of the house. I swear by it
  • Alex Frankl
    Alex Frankl 3 месяца назад Tyres , simples
  • rex llanes
    rex llanes 3 месяца назад If jeremy loves a car, its legit Ford ranger FTW
  • Med z
    Med z 3 месяца назад Oliver Law pretty sure they’re using the new 2lt engine in the ford
  • Barney Wheoki
    Barney Wheoki 1 месяц назад Yea amorak can't go where the ranger go haha and it's a bigger motor
  • Barney Wheoki
    Barney Wheoki 1 месяц назад Flexo haha no excuses rangers the best working truck in the world go da ranger letough
  • Med z
    Med z 1 месяц назад Barney Wheoki it actually can. The auto 2lt crossed the Simpson dessert in Australia. Stop being a fan girl
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад only the tyres
  • Sam T
    Sam T 1 месяц назад Anyone claiming it was down to tyres is wrong. All three had standard road tyres fitted. A simple google search will show this.
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T no , that's wrong
  • Sam T
    Sam T 1 месяц назад @Lord Simon Rewatch it. It isn't. If you seriously think the inability to climb what was a rather insignificant grass bank was just down to tyres you must be dreaming.
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T okay now I know ur just trying to wind people up
  • Sam T
    Sam T 1 месяц назад @Lord Simon I own a ranger. I've had an amarok. I'm really not. Entirely up to you what you believe.
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T yeah , love u too sweet cheeks
  • Sam T
    Sam T 1 месяц назад @Lord Simon Do you have a pickup? Or even a 4x4?
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T yes sweaty I own a tyre shop and offroad parts store
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T I have many pick ups a 4x4s
  • Sam T
    Sam T 1 месяц назад @Lord Simon I doubt that some how.
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T come COME!
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T why u doubt that I'm 16
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T do u know what that means?
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T I own all of ur pick up truck rye?
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Sam T where are u go? Come back rye?
  • Med z
    Med z 1 месяц назад Sam T ranges come with all terrain tyres. Amaroks come with highway tyres. They stopped coming with all terrains when the v6 was released
    MUCKSPREADER1 1 месяц назад These car reviews are paid for by VW it happens on most car channels.
  • Lord Simon
    Lord Simon 1 месяц назад @Med z don't critisizs Sam he's an expert knows all about trucks IQ 260
  • Med z
    Med z 1 месяц назад MUCKSPREADER1 yeah no they’re not. Unless you have proof?
  • Volvo lad 93
    Volvo lad 93 3 месяца назад Isuzu dmax ??
  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 3 месяца назад Isuzu D Max outsold the Toyota Hilux in 2018 in Thailand. I think the Isuz is a more commercial vehicle. I looked at all the 1 tonne pick ups and opted for the Toyota Hilux with no regret after one year of motoring in Thailand.
  • muhammadhaziq
    muhammadhaziq 3 месяца назад @John Anderson whats up with thailand with their dmax's and diesel's? every where you go you usually see pickups.
  • John Anderson
    John Anderson 3 месяца назад muhammad: The best selling vehicle in Thailand is usually the Toyota Hilux, but in 2018 it was beaten by the new Isuzu model. 55% of all vehicles in Thailand are Pick Up Trucks. Nearly all Pick up trucks are manufactured in Thailand for the world market; Toyota Hilux, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50. A pick up truck makes sense in Thailand because the country is mainly farming and dry therefore good for transporting goods and for transporting people. the best selling vehicle in Australia is the Toyota Pickup Truck.
  • muhammadhaziq
    muhammadhaziq 3 месяца назад @John Anderson also thailand is known to modify their pickups, even carying goods they modify it to gain more speed and go drag racing when have a gathering or something. the pickups with high cages use thick leaf springs and triple the shock assorbers. i wonder why they dont just buy a 3-5 ton lorry?
  • JGamer 350777747
    JGamer 350777747 3 месяца назад It outsold the Tacoma in 2018
    DRONE ON TOP 3 месяца назад Fiat Fullback???
  • Fly Boy
    Fly Boy 3 месяца назад @JGamer 350777747 coz its cheaper. But dmax is a nice replacement tho. If u want to drga race a pickup truck
  • Collins onyango
    Collins onyango 3 месяца назад asking the same question Isuzu d max is the best
  • Twilight 8368
    Twilight 8368 3 месяца назад Yeah where is that truck? Good call..