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2018 Camaro ZL1 Review! (From a Corvette Owner...)

Published on Aug 25, 2017 1,578,728 views

Check out Bradshaw Chevrolet in Greer, South Carolina! They have a great selection of Camaros in stock including this awesome 2018 Camaro ZL1.

Dealership info:

My Sales Consultant:
Cary N.
864-879-7111 Ext. 2496


14000 East Wade Hampton Blvd Greer SC 29651

SALES (864) 879-7111
SERVICE & PARTS (866) 980-0247



Artist: Silencyde
Song: Dead Man's Secrets [epic Rock]
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Music by Joakim Karud

  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад I've got some new Corvette videos coming soon! Thanks for watching 👍
  • RawburtPurez
    RawburtPurez 2 месяца назад Absolutely great video.
  • Ivan Santos
    Ivan Santos 2 месяца назад Ryyyyyr
  • ทิฆัมพร แก้นโพธิ์
    ทิฆัมพร แก้นโพธิ์ 6 месяцев назад Price
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    xxxKër xxx 10 месяцев назад Cars, Costs and Technology bruh how much is this
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    جاسم محمد Год назад ديميتري يحيكيناس مءكرنؤ
  • جاسم محمد
    جاسم محمد Год назад Cars,
  • جاسم محمد
    جاسم محمد Год назад دمثطشمع حصجثتل
  • Deelouie 01
    Deelouie 01 Год назад yay you are awesome
  • Harry Beaver
    Harry Beaver Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology what type of cellphone mount is that? I’ve been looking for one and like the design of yours. Awesome car and video!
  • A Commentator
    A Commentator Год назад Try this: 👍🏻
  • Yad .A
    Yad .A Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology looks so mean 😍😍😍😍😍
  • mike reno
    mike reno Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology keep up the good work
  • Scout Lines
    Scout Lines Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology I
  • derrick perry
    derrick perry Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology I appreciate seeing that you didn't beat the car up, and still gave a detailed walkthrough. shows a lot of maturity! Subscribed.
  • Throttle Time
    Throttle Time Год назад Nice.
  • Justin Pennington
    Justin Pennington Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology 1
  • Jt Rampage
    Jt Rampage Год назад Corvette 89 nice I wonder if it's just as fast
  • Corvette 89
    Corvette 89 Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology i got a chevy sonic from the same dealership
  • Ashwin Prajapati
    Ashwin Prajapati 7 месяцев назад Camaro lovers like here
  • Abbas Ali
    Abbas Ali 2 недели назад Badass car!!!!
  • samoyed watermelon
    samoyed watermelon 1 месяц назад Me too
  • metaldig5999681 zombie
    metaldig5999681 zombie 3 месяца назад my favorete car is a camaro!! 😊
  • Slayer-33
    Slayer-33 Год назад Play at 0.75 speed lol
  • Dennis Robinett
    Dennis Robinett 5 месяцев назад @GalacticBlader he talks super fast
  • GalacticBlader
    GalacticBlader 8 месяцев назад I don't get it
  • RayJ-HT
    RayJ-HT Год назад Dude slow down why are you talking like you have 30 seconds total. Pause....breath.
  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 4 месяца назад hahaha I am Chinese person. I see you bro
  • Jordan Z
    Jordan Z 4 месяца назад Don Heuvelman 😬👍🏻
  • Dwayne Untitled
    Dwayne Untitled 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Maybe that's how he speaks naturally. Not everyone's brain can process when someone is speaking at a fast pace.
  • blend babany
    blend babany 8 месяцев назад best comment of the Year
    CAMERICA D 8 месяцев назад Didn't even realize that until I saw your reply lol.
  • ibflyin Jake S.
    ibflyin Jake S. 10 месяцев назад Dominick Sforza Welcome to the Internet, were yes, if you’re going to make YouTube videos, your voice and how you use it matters.
  • Dominick Sforza
    Dominick Sforza 10 месяцев назад Cars, Costs and Technology all who cry about someone's voice?!? Really? Jesus people, how 'bout ususin
  • ibflyin Jake S.
    ibflyin Jake S. 11 месяцев назад Cars, Costs and Technology Unfortunately, I think part of the issue is that your voice is very much monotone and therefore it sounds naturally slower, and when you try to talk faster it sounds way to rushed. Would recommend you watch videos like Vehicle Virgins or Car & Driver to just get an idea of how to control your voice for these type of videos.
  • I Finn
    I Finn Год назад RayJ-HT agreed.
  • Oneness100
    Oneness100 Год назад I hope he doesn't talk like that all of the time. Could you imagine having to work or live with someone that talks that fast all the time? I'd lose my mind.
  • Gladiator Spear
    Gladiator Spear Год назад Yea put him to 0.75 speed lol
  • Dee Kindled
    Dee Kindled Год назад RayJ-HT he's talking as fast as the car is. Lol
  • Mycroft Holmes
    Mycroft Holmes Год назад Hahahaha! Despite the teasing you do give excellent information, which makes this video far more useful than the vast majority of reviews. Good work.
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад +RoyalBlue517 Lol thanks... Everyone seems to be pretty upset about the speed of my voice at the beginning. I personally did not think it was so "unbearable". The pace of the video also slows down as it goes on. Lesson learned though! Ironically I've been told that my voice was too slow in other videos lol. Thanks for the feedback 👍
  • Mycroft Holmes
    Mycroft Holmes Год назад Agree. Too much. Overwhelming.
  • RoyalBlue517
    RoyalBlue517 Год назад Sounded normal to me.
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад +Emil Haftvani Lol
  • locc dawg
    locc dawg Год назад hes an alien
  • EmeraldGameZ
    EmeraldGameZ Год назад he is a rapper for real..... slowed it down if u need, but since i need to learn english, he is helping me tho
  • Paradox 23
    Paradox 23 Год назад Changed playback speed to X.75. Sounds normal lol
  • Austin McDowell
    Austin McDowell Год назад Literally laughed
  • Jasmine Stamps
    Jasmine Stamps Год назад RayJ-HT seriously, I can't listen to this whole video. The speed of his voice is annoying!
  • Don Heuvelman
    Don Heuvelman Год назад Yep, same here.. it's a fast car.. that doesn't mean you have to talk so fast...
  • aVo channel
    aVo channel Год назад i stopped watching it was driving me crazy. nice shots though and that dealer is really cool for letting him do that.
  • ahnc 420
    ahnc 420 Год назад That's was the best video I have seen with so much good information very detail oriented. I knew the ZL1 camaro was a high performance car but man had no idea on those specs and the luxury you have for a track car. Cost seemed very reasonable espeacially when compared to luxury import sports cars. All I have to say is WOW!!!!!!! Awesome video I love your channel and can't wait to see your next GM car video
  • Muhammad Nadhif
    Muhammad Nadhif 2 месяца назад Jika
  • John Ward
    John Ward Год назад Trump
  • TasteMyStinkhole
    TasteMyStinkhole Год назад Did people often call you 'simple' or 'touched' or 'special' in school
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад +ahnc 420 Thank you! I'm looking forward to my next GM vehicle review 👍 I really enjoyed this one.
  • GMoney
    GMoney 18 часов назад I know you like the ZL1 better..
  • Youtube Championship
    Youtube Championship Год назад The comparisons you made against the Carrera gt and others is not only accurate but also shows that you don't need the prestige to have a really fun car. There's no doubt that the exotics have a place in the hearts of's just getting harder and harder to justify paying triple the price for performance that might not be as good as 70k camaro. The 10 speed is shared with Ford which is good for keeping costs low for potential buyers. The zl1 has performance that would rip the front end off a civic.....not to mention the fact it looks extremely aggressive. Great bang for your buck.....but I'll stick with my c6
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад Some of the cars on the list of lap times that rank far below the ZL1 make me cringe... Cars that are still selling for 4-5 times the price of the ZL1 even after a few years of depreciation. I certainly don't want to undermine some of those legendary supercars, but numbers don't lie. I can only imagine what the new ZR1 is going to be capable of after spending a little time with this ZL1!
  • StangMode
    StangMode Год назад Great video and review!
  • Ian Baker
    Ian Baker Год назад What an absolutely sexy, beastly car. I haven't been a fan of Camaros in the past but this new gen is SO good I would actually consider buying a 2SS over a C7 Stingray (Eventually I'd trade it in for a Corvette) I applaud Chevy, they've absolutely killed it on their sports cars these past few years.
  • E X
    E X Год назад Ian Baker I can’t decide between a c7 base or this zl1 , they are both around 50k now, the devaluation is telling me zl1 , some c7s are 30k now 👎
  • THE1ONE2016
    THE1ONE2016 Год назад Ian Baker ..even 14-15's 2ss/1le's were badass
  • Tito Jesusmane
    Tito Jesusmane Год назад Ian Baker mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhmmmm, the only people still shitting on chevy's perfomance lineup at this point is mustang guys who can't take an L
  • Ian Baker
    Ian Baker Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology Amen. Anyway awesome video! Keep up the good work!
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад +Ian Baker They really are killing it! I love my C7 Corvette, and this ZL1 is a really incredible car too. This was my first experience with a sixth generation Camaro, and I'm definitely impressed. 👍 Thanks for watching!
  • Victor Yang
    Victor Yang Год назад The Fact that this is a real review and with such good quality. You put so much effort, but you only have 4k subs. You don't do this just for the money, but also for the fans! Love this video man, quality content. Do what you love to do.
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад +Victor Yang Thanks Victor 👍 I really appreciate the feedback!
    DEVLAD Год назад Dearly wish we got these in Australia
  • Joey D
    Joey D Год назад 'Murica
  • NinesOwnGoal TouchMe
    NinesOwnGoal TouchMe Год назад We had them in Philippines around 55k+ for the base model but they were pulled out. they were not selling that good.
  • MrStoneycool69
    MrStoneycool69 Год назад They are coming in 2019 or 2020....
  • ماظتل هللكك
    ماظتل هللكك Год назад DEVLAD
    DEVLAD Год назад Wow, that's a lot more than I would have expected
  • PMAN6x7
    PMAN6x7 Год назад DEVLAD It was gonna cost Mr around 250k to import and convert to rhd
  • dannySRT6.4
    dannySRT6.4 Год назад What can I say? Another video well done 👍. I loved your spin on the driving segment of the review and how you went into describing the practical features of the car, besides just the over-the-top track ability of the car (stuff like the infotainment, interior lighting, seats). Totally agree with what you showed in the beginning; like the Hellcat, this car offers so much for the fraction of the cost of its competitors. I only hope that someday you get a Z06 or the new ZR1. I'd love to see a video of you taking that to the track someday!! Keep the videos coming man, awesome work. Oh and that intro, simply beautiful.
  • A Commentator
    A Commentator Год назад Cars, Costs and Technology try this 👍🏻
  • dannySRT6.4
    dannySRT6.4 Год назад No worries man, it was quite a spectacular edit.
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад +William Lanne Thanks man 👍 I really appreciate the feedback! I put a link to the intro song in the description.
  • Cars, Costs and Technology
    Cars, Costs and Technology Год назад +dannySRT6.4 Thanks man! I always enjoy talking with a genuine car guy who doesn't hate other brands just because they have a preference. I think that you and I think a lot alike. A cool car is a cool car no matter what the badging says 👍 I'm glad that you liked the intro. I was worried that I got a little carried away with it lol.
  • William Lanne
    William Lanne Год назад dannySRT6.4 That intro was really sweet, anyone know what the soundtrack at the start was?
  • tower74
    tower74 Год назад Biggest problems I have with the ZL1 @ 3300 miles so far, and they are minor issues: 1. The location of the T/C control. I have the 6M and constantly hit it on/off 2. The locations of the radio controls. This is by far the worst of all 3 3. The seats are a little narrow but livable 4. Not sure if the rubber mats are standard or if they're the premium mats, they are a complete death trap for a car with a clutch. I tossed them out within the first 300 miles. Other than that, I don't miss my GTR and I'm glad I moved over to the ZL1.
  • madmikeg37
    madmikeg37 9 месяцев назад Arnold Kintu t/c = traction control, pushing it twice disables the stabilitrack system, allowing for launch control & line lock feature, you could crash with it on.
  • Илья Шамин
    Илья Шамин Год назад tower74 bich pidor
  • Evil One
    Evil One Год назад Christopher Walker oh little do you know lol
  • Arnold Kintu
    Arnold Kintu Год назад tower74 traction control ok i got it😂
  • Arnold Kintu
    Arnold Kintu Год назад tower74 so im new to car tuning and the specifics plus this is my dream car, so what is a "T/C? And would the car crash if you're an experienced driver if this us not corrected in the settings?
  • jpap967
    jpap967 Год назад YZFKid doesn't sound like you've owned either a GTR or ZL1, so I'll probably take what a guy that has owned both over your opinion. Jus sayin
  • Ismael Flores
    Ismael Flores Год назад tower74 a
  • YZFKid
    YZFKid Год назад I don't think I would personally ever dump a Japanese/European car for an American one. The GTR looks and sounds so much better to me than a ZL1.