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Which Mopar is Best Mopar?

Published on Jul 19, 2016 465,134 views

We got to Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle Events to find out which Mopar is Best Mopar. Oh we found one. Yes, I almost bought it too!

  • Jagh Haringenamn
    Jagh Haringenamn 2 года назад I love how your love of regular cars is so genuine.
  • Seed_drill
    Seed_drill Год назад I guess it's domestic, because it was built here, but it's design is European and VW supplied engines (an enlarged version of the Rabbit, just like the car).
  • nlpnt
    nlpnt 2 года назад Well, he wouldn't have made fun of ALL the Dusters if someone had kept the original mint green metallic with green plaid interior and Slant Six in theirs...just one person to not make a 340 "tribute car"? Anyone?
  • Brad
    Brad 2 года назад A throwaway car that's potentially one of the most blatant domestic knockoffs I've ever seen
  • Steven Rice
    Steven Rice 2 года назад No kidding! In a sea of half million dollar Hemi's Cuda's, Six pack Road Runners, '68 Chargers R/T, '70 Challengers T/A, Road Runners, Dusters, Darts, Super Birds, Daytona and other famous '60 & '70's Mopars, he makes fun of all the Dusters, bashes the interior of a '73/74 Charger SE, and goes country on old Ram trucks only to call 'The Best Mopar' one of the most hated everyday throw away car ever produced which just happens to be in near perfect condition.
  • Sigma Projects
    Sigma Projects 2 года назад I remember seeing a 1986 Camry in perfect condition and going "wow... I never thought I'd say a Camry looked good" Something to be said about a clean car, even if it's Regular.
  • zloychechen5150
    zloychechen5150 2 года назад I feel like he's an automotive pervert, but he's magnificent)
    DZEMAG 2 года назад Regular cars in very good condition is a rare sight to see
  • Hadgerz
    Hadgerz 2 года назад #SoRegular
  • Beard So Stellar
    Beard So Stellar 2 года назад ITS SO NORMALL!!! I LOVEEE ITTTTTT :3
  • HiroshimaSpirit
    HiroshimaSpirit 2 года назад People who are butthurt about Mr. Regular lusting after a Horizon/Omni clearly don't get it. REGULAR
  • Victor Acosta
    Victor Acosta Год назад It's just such an appealing looking car, size, interior and all. Sucks it's so rare to find in that condition (even in decent or questionable condition it's difficult to find) but fuck me that car is so good looking
  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude Год назад It's a beautiful piece of Chrysler history. The perfect incarnation of Lee Iacocca saving one America's most beloved companies. A cheap, reliable, use and discard K car.
  • W. Bush
    W. Bush Год назад DaedalusZero My butt hurts [mustering my best impression of Mr. Regular’s “the voice"] FOR OTHER REASONS!
  • Rex Kramer
    Rex Kramer Год назад +cptnoremac do you take it up the ass enough to know better? cause that's what it sounds like
  • Panzer Man
    Panzer Man Год назад (изменено) I'm even more grateful for my Horizon now after watching this. It's my first car, and I didn't even think much of it when I saw it online for sale. But, after my friend (who is very knowledgeable about Chrysler cars) freaked out after seeing it and multiple people at car shows telling me so, I can see that Horizon/Omni survivors are rare, and ones in good condition are even rarer. My interior is near pristine, besides some slight wear over 27 years, a thin 2 inch long tear in the driver's seat, and a very small cigarette burn or two. Me and my dad hypothesize that the original owner was just some grandma that used it to get groceries every once in a while, and kept it in her garage when she wasn't using it. The outside is considerably worse, though. No rust, just some very faded and worn paint. Typical Chrysler paint at the time: cheap.
  • Chemtrail Dreams
    Chemtrail Dreams Год назад Everyday objects are also beautiful
  • Bad Drivers of Euro Truck Simulator 2
    Bad Drivers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 2 года назад The car reviews are regular.
  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 года назад I like his point in the original video of how this car actually had a decent interior despite being a small economy car. Back then, you were lucky to have seats and a steering wheel in those cars. This is automotive history.
  • nlpnt
    nlpnt 2 года назад That and by 1985 the take rate for the chrome package and two-tone paint must've been tiny.
  • ReverendTed
    ReverendTed 2 года назад It is AGGRESSIVELY regular; only notable for its pristine condition unbefitting such a regular car.
  • Austin Lucas
    Austin Lucas 2 года назад I may have realized why he has toilet jokes in some of these videos; REGULAR.
  • Stuart Schultz
    Stuart Schultz 2 года назад My parents had 79 horizon and I don't get it. In high school i had a 83 Reilant K hand me down. Made my v6 87 cavalier feel like a rocket. So, no I don't get it.
  • SBdunks3
    SBdunks3 2 года назад There's beauty in regularity
  • havoc1482
    havoc1482 2 года назад @cptnoremac obvious troll is obvious
  • iloveg25
    iloveg25 2 года назад More than great medicine to political correctness, plus his humor is awesome!
  • cptnoremac
    cptnoremac 2 года назад @havoc1482 Are you anti-semantic? Fucking Nazi.
  • havoc1482
    havoc1482 2 года назад +cptnoremac Arguing the semantics of the words butthurt and offended. You're so pathetic hahaha
  • Tony Zhuravlev
    Tony Zhuravlev 2 года назад ita a VW RABBIT -_-
  • cptnoremac
    cptnoremac 2 года назад @DaedalusZero You just stated the obvious followed by congratulations, confusing amateur sarcasm with superiority. Congratulations. Did you catch the subtle part where I called you an idiot? That's also name-calling.
  • HiroshimaSpirit
    HiroshimaSpirit 2 года назад @cptnoremac You just accused me of name-calling for using the word butthurt... by calling me butthurt. Congratulations.
  • HiroshimaSpirit
    HiroshimaSpirit 2 года назад @cptnoremac Offended can literally mean to be displeased. Again, my usage of butthurt was fine.
  • cptnoremac
    cptnoremac 2 года назад @DaedalusZero I think you'd better go a little deeper and look up what offended means before you start playing the smug card.
  • HiroshimaSpirit
    HiroshimaSpirit 2 года назад @cptnoremac "Butthurt: Adjective. (comparative more butthurt, superlative most butthurt) (slang) Overly annoyed, bothered or bugged because of a perceived insult; needlessly offended." I think my usage was just fine, thanks.
  • cptnoremac
    cptnoremac 2 года назад I don't think you know what butthurt means.
  • im pussy?
    im pussy? 2 года назад theres one down the street and i was heated because i want one haha🔥
  • lyianx
    lyianx 2 года назад And if you do, they are not in THAT condition.
  • Arcanedrake
    Arcanedrake 2 года назад So true. I had an 87 Omni with a 5 speed. I loved that car.
  • The Murloc Tamer
    The Murloc Tamer 2 года назад honestly, I want it too. You don't see Omni's around much anymore, if at all
  • Benjamin Gross
    Benjamin Gross 2 года назад Exactly, My dad used to have an Omni, those seats were amazing.
  • Austin48HD
    Austin48HD 2 года назад I just want my plate of HOT BROWN.
  • rjk ‪
    rjk ‪ 2 года назад BROWN BROWN BROWN
  • David Wellman
    David Wellman 2 года назад It's even a regular shade of brown. . . ish. . .
  • SuperAWaC
    SuperAWaC 2 года назад the crisis you had inside the horizon is the beginning of the slippery slope to becoming a car collector.
  • 17Sti
    17Sti Год назад SuperAWaC I agree! This is why I've got two cars and want three then four then five then six....fuckkkkkkkk
  • Jacob Penick
    Jacob Penick Год назад Lol crisis. I get it.
  • Freddy Chale
    Freddy Chale 2 года назад @adrian5b One man's garbage is another man's Treasure..
  • adrian5b
    adrian5b 2 года назад "who would preserve something like this?"
  • anonymic79
    anonymic79 2 года назад At 6k you get the TC. Ewww Q body.
  • Freddy Chale
    Freddy Chale 2 года назад Yesssss!
  • CrazyIvan1337
    CrazyIvan1337 2 года назад All too true.
  • SuperAWaC
    SuperAWaC 2 года назад mr regular would become the jay leno of the lower middle class
  • NotBen101
    NotBen101 2 года назад 1. Fund his Patreon 2. Watch every RCR video 100x each 3. RCR is now rich you're poor but every Monday morning you get a review of a weird obscure K car GM A body or Honda CR-X all mint condition
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 2 года назад +drewdane40 yeah, if you want to be spergy about it. Generally the blanket term I and others have carried for the era and products is K. Well aware my Lancer was an H, the daytona is a G, the sundance et al is a P, and the little simca is an L. For the public, all K.
  • Benjamin Gross
    Benjamin Gross 2 года назад Still 5500 is high for an L-Body. Even that perfect looking one I'd only pay 3k at most for it. If it were a GLH-S I'd understand, but this is an 84 Horizon automatic.
  • drewdane40
    drewdane40 2 года назад +Johnny Nimble Not a K. The Omni/Horizon were L bodies.
  • Brian Rowland
    Brian Rowland 2 года назад +Johnny nimble That's about right. For a nice restored or low miles Daytona or LeBaron convt then 5k. 3k for most all else is about right. At 6k, you'll need to wait for exactly the right buyer. We were selling a restored Rampage for 6 because that's what it cost to restore it. Had lots of interest and a couple guys test drove it. No buyers though. So it'll go to car shows and such until the right buyer comes along.
  • Johnny Nimble
    Johnny Nimble 2 года назад +Brian Rowland 3k is the ceiling for clean K's. Hell, even my old Lancer Shelby
  • Brian Rowland
    Brian Rowland 2 года назад He did not. It was still there for sale Saturday night. Really clean car. But few people want to pay 5k for an Omni, even a nice one.
  • 610 Smoke
    610 Smoke 2 года назад i wonder if he ended up buying it.
  • Geoffrey Biddle
    Geoffrey Biddle Год назад "My mopar is best bc it's due back to enterprise at 5 pm" That line is the best lol
  • nomadben
    nomadben 2 года назад "I earned this name in divorce court" LOOOOOOOOOOL
  • TwinSpinner
    TwinSpinner Год назад *moaning* so regular...
  • Work Play Drive
    Work Play Drive 2 года назад LOL Official accessory of "I ran out of things to spend money on"
  • UltimateCydiaSource
    UltimateCydiaSource 2 года назад The Chrysler 200 rental joke 😂
  • K4rt80y
    K4rt80y Год назад They said the same for the Omni. Be carful.
  • UltimateCydiaSource
    UltimateCydiaSource 2 года назад +wody21 Chrysler 200 is a very common rental car amongst rental car companies like enterprise
  • wody21
    wody21 2 года назад I didn't get that. Pls help me understand this joke! :O
  • sn00ke
    sn00ke 2 года назад fuckin savage lol
  • Dan Ptaszek
    Dan Ptaszek 2 года назад Lmao yeah, that and 1:00-1:10
  • RyoHazuki224
    RyoHazuki224 2 года назад Haha yeah that one made me laugh out loud!!
  • Ben Pepke
    Ben Pepke 2 года назад yeah that's the best joke
  • YellowBeanieBoy
    YellowBeanieBoy 2 года назад But my PR guy is best PR guy because he's rare
  • t33s
    t33s 2 года назад My Mopar is best Fiat.
  • Desmond moonbear
    Desmond moonbear Год назад TAKE IT BACK
  • Mats Granqvist
    Mats Granqvist 2 года назад I had THE baddest dodge punto
  • Jacques C
    Jacques C 2 года назад Oh and the Dodge Ram eco-deisel is a Mercedes motor to lol
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 2 года назад "German Engineering". Rube-Goldberg solutions to problems that other manufacturers simply avoided.
  • t33s
    t33s 2 года назад @120masterpiece Any diesel engine is better than VM Motori.
  • MeatHook
    MeatHook 2 года назад @lNOFXl l. Well lets just hope some of that German engineering rubs off on Chrysler/jeep/dodge 
  • Jacques C
    Jacques C 2 года назад @120masterpiece​ funny story, Europe spec Chrysler 300's have a Mercedes 3.0L V6 deisel
  • MeatHook
    MeatHook 2 года назад Funny story some Mercedes is built on the same chassis as the Jeep GC and Dodge Durango or something like that.
  • t33s
    t33s 2 года назад It's actually a 126, the italian kei-car made in Poland. Most polish cars until the 90's were either fiat licenses or soviet ones with engines based on an old chrysler inline 6 shortened to 4 cylinders, so they were either future Mopars or past Mopars, but neither Mopar nor the owners knew it.
  • liverush24
    liverush24 2 года назад +Oldsmobile69 Yeah, exactly.
  • Jacques C
    Jacques C 2 года назад Talbot's smallest engine I know of is a 1100cc
  • Oldsmobile69
    Oldsmobile69 2 года назад A Talbot!
  • Jacques C
    Jacques C 2 года назад +t33s pretty sure he was talking about any new mopar actually being a fiat now...
  • t33s
    t33s 2 года назад My Mopar is 650cc and was manufactured by COMMUNISTS.
  • Mark M
    Mark M 2 года назад My Cummins is best Truck.
  • Ryan Shea
    Ryan Shea 2 года назад the silent ones and the "okays" had me falling off my chair
  • Andrew Mckay
    Andrew Mckay 2 года назад my mopar is best gear shift lawsuit
  • Pyrochazm
    Pyrochazm 2 года назад I love the existential crisis at the end.
  • ootdega
    ootdega 2 года назад My mother has owned all kinds of Chevy and Dodge V8s, but when I asked her what her favorite car she ever owned was, she said the Plymouth Horizon. Now I get it. I remember being taken to elementary school in an Omni. That particular Omni has been through like seven owners now, most of whom treated it like garbage, and to this day it still refuses to die.
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam 2 года назад My Mopar is best Mopar because 1999 Dodge Stratus with only 35K and it cost me $1.00 (Yes only one Dollar).
  • nomadben
    nomadben Год назад I returned to this video just for the noise at 1:47.
  • bigvirgotube
    bigvirgotube 2 года назад Mr. RCR's mental dilemma over the Omni/Horizon near the end. Thank goodness it wasn't an in-decent-shape Omni GLH.
  • Mike M
    Mike M 10 месяцев назад Carlisle mopar show, got to love it.
  • Seed_drill
    Seed_drill Год назад That wouldn't have been regular.
  • Patrick Kennedy
    Patrick Kennedy 2 года назад He can drive my GLHS if he wants...
  • Brian Rowland
    Brian Rowland 2 года назад There actually was a really nice GLH turbo for sale there. It wasn't as clean as the tan Omni, but it was pretty good. Had a bunch of go-fast mods on it.
  • Pyrosiege
    Pyrosiege 2 года назад So, I'm not the only one with a strange soft spot for K-cars and Omnis. An '88 Dodge Aries K was my first car and I still, to this day, kinda wish i kept it... SO REGULAR but somehow special?
  • Straight up squared
    Straight up squared 2 года назад Guy Fieri is best Mopar
  • VoxCudaRadio
    VoxCudaRadio Год назад Guy fieri is best everything
  • Kamil Sitarz
    Kamil Sitarz 2 года назад So many Mopars and not one Bluesmobile? Blasphemy! ;)