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New Mini Production

Published on Nov 24, 2013 1,995,269 views

Watch the birth of the new Mini from start to finish.

0:00 Pressing Plant
1:54 Body Construction
5:57 Paint Shop
7:37 Assembly

  • eurouc
    eurouc 5 лет назад Love that there is no music. Just get to see and hear the action. Too many videos are spoiled by loud, aggressive and irrelevant music 
  • 吳唐
    吳唐 5 лет назад I want that MINI girl. 10:26
  • Richard W
    Richard W 5 месяцев назад 吳唐 she’s married 3 kids and a husband that’s hung like a horse.
  • SCHRANZ3040
    SCHRANZ3040 2 месяца назад Richard W being a blonde I wouldn’t be surprised it’s with a black as that is the world of today
  • Richard W
    Richard W 2 месяца назад SCHRANZ3040 It is sickening isn’t it. TV shows, commercials and real life. It’s going to be called racist if whites want other whites as girlfriends, wives, everything. These are kids today whose parents, grandparents, were big hippie liberals in the 60s. Teachers, professors are brainwashing them. Fortunately for me I won’t be around when it a world filled of Mulattos like that scumbag Obama.
  • Claudio Yván Henríquez Umaña.
    Claudio Yván Henríquez Umaña. 1 месяц назад me too !!
  • Nguyễn Hoàng Văn
    Nguyễn Hoàng Văn 4 года назад I wish Vietnam has developed like this. My hometown is very poor!
  • Richard W
    Richard W 4 года назад The hard part of buying a mini is picking the color 
  • Steffen Haasis
    Steffen Haasis 4 года назад it´s realy hard, which color you ordered?
  • Richard W
    Richard W 4 года назад Mine is "ice blue" and black
  • Richard W
    Richard W 3 года назад @ahmad almohaid​ : Ex-Cellent 
  • PrzemaL
    PrzemaL 3 года назад @vic vega Red with white rooftop :)
  • Richard W
    Richard W 3 года назад @MrPrzemalo Happy Motoring 
  • PrzemaL
    PrzemaL 3 года назад @vic vega Yeah :)
  • suyash shukla
    suyash shukla 3 года назад i got a black with a white rooftop!
  • Richard W
    Richard W 3 года назад @suyash shukla white mirror caps? 
  • Dane Stetson
    Dane Stetson 2 года назад Mine is silver and black
  • Ernie Flannel
    Ernie Flannel 2 года назад vic vega I would have any colour, so long as it was on anything other than a Mini. Joke of a brand, unreliable and expensive to maintain. Go out of warranty and good luck to yer :D
  • Richard W
    Richard W 2 года назад Simon George I lease, every 3 years I return it with plenty of miles on it. Never had a problem and I'm driving my 3rd. Got to drive the "S" to really enjoy the car.
  • vaibhav mandhare
    vaibhav mandhare Год назад chrome red and chrome yellow is best colour option in mini Cooper
  • basilicofresco
    basilicofresco Год назад Excellent!
  • Andres Saavedra
    Andres Saavedra Год назад I just got mine, electric blue 😎
  • Interflow Skies
    Interflow Skies Год назад (изменено) Simon George, as a long time Mini owner - I totally agree. It's a shame that the brand totally lost its quality. It would be a fantastic car if not for never ending and expensive reliability issues.
  • arvindkumar t
    arvindkumar t Год назад Over All how did u like that car really I love this to gift my wife so can u plz suggest ur experience of this car ......?
  • Elizabeth Escamilla
    Elizabeth Escamilla Год назад vic vega has to be the "S" otherwise is an aluminum can ... I have a silver and black S series with turbo, never had a problem with it ....I love minis, my next one will be a John Cooper.
  • Elizabeth Escamilla
    Elizabeth Escamilla Год назад arvindkumar t your wife will love you forever 😉... awesome , powerful car, it's maintenance is as much as a BMW but like every other car you take care of it and it will last a long time, I had mine for 10 yrs, never had a problem buy the S series so you and your wife can really enjoy it. I'm currently shopping for my second mini.
  • Daniel Zarrella
    Daniel Zarrella 2 месяца назад Mine is Lapiz Luxury. And it is extremely hard to keep shiny and clean. I would have picked a lighter color had I known that.
  • Richard W
    Richard W 2 месяца назад Daniel Zarrella on Amazon try “two guys” car cleaning products. The best I’ve ever used.
  • Richard W
    Richard W 2 месяца назад Elizabeth Escamilla have to buy the S
  • Richard W
    Richard W 2 месяца назад arvindkumar t great cars. Go test drive
  • Richard W
    Richard W 2 месяца назад I wish the still made the Navy Blue. It looked great with the white roof and mirrors
  • Adrian O’Leary
    Adrian O’Leary 3 года назад My son asked how a car was built; this is one of the most thorough explanations available.  Thanks for posting.
  • asrhi yuanita
    asrhi yuanita 3 года назад oriiroj
  • stephen john gray
    stephen john gray 2 месяца назад well show him how they were made in the pre 1970's and tell him ,that when Britain was great and now it's sold out to Germans like many others that we fought against in ww2 and now we put money in they banks instead of kepping things British.
  • Boss Buse
    Boss Buse 4 года назад ORDERING MINE TOMORROW!!!!! XD
  • Johnny Unitas
    Johnny Unitas 4 года назад So the Mini isn't made by elves after all!
  • james pkton
    james pkton 5 лет назад hmm do i need a 3rd mini i think so 
  • AstroChimp
    AstroChimp 4 года назад I've got 4 xD
  • Diye Goh
    Diye Goh 9 месяцев назад AstroChimp BY VM n glassmaker and gurgles Nene s You and hope (R NL sad Bvbk
  • DrDuu
    DrDuu 5 лет назад The robotor use is very impressing
  • Baby Joe
    Baby Joe Год назад DrDuu
  • Jean Peyer
    Jean Peyer 5 лет назад It's even uglier than the Metro!
  • Ray Rumming
    Ray Rumming 4 года назад I wonder if those robots ever squabble?.
    BLUEFRAMEVIDEO HAGEN 4 года назад Too bad that no guy test the new Mini with the 3 Zylinder Diesel Engine. This is my favorite one. Greetings Roland BLUEFRAMEVIDEO
  • umesh2709
    umesh2709 11 месяцев назад How robots are so important. Amazing! Tjanks for the video...
  • David Ha
    David Ha 1 месяц назад (изменено) 7:03 the machine forgot to paint the right side of the engine bay ☹️
  • harrison smidt
    harrison smidt 4 года назад This video doesn't get old. 
  • kelly carroll
    kelly carroll 5 лет назад amazing!!!
  • Rizgar Sdiq
    Rizgar Sdiq 4 года назад وەللە شازە لالۆ
  • Gabe Quirino
    Gabe Quirino 3 года назад Am I the only one being freaked out by the robots??? 😰😲
  • gogglespisano24
    gogglespisano24 3 года назад +GQonthereel I just said this exact thing to my husband lol
  • algalejo
    algalejo 2 года назад No, you are not the only one. No wonder why every day disemployment increase :S
  • Develop IT
    Develop IT 2 года назад I was surprised to see how many humans there are still. They missed the bit where the robots take a cigarette break and gather by the fire exit.
  • Lee Thomas
    Lee Thomas 2 года назад Theres still 4,000 of us working there, after a while we basically become robots though.
  • Alin Petria
    Alin Petria 2 года назад How are the salaries there ?
  • 赵银祥
    赵银祥 Год назад I like these robots!
  • Lee Thomas
    Lee Thomas Год назад (изменено) good. as a basic line worker you earn £32.000 a year plus bonuses.
  • Martin Isidortschik
    Martin Isidortschik 10 месяцев назад 赵银祥 dddtttghzplkolp .,lmkmnnmkmvfedd-@#/cc vvggzubbnnnnhh6uhhuiiiiiiiii7777777iii77..?!M MBBHGFXSSSX 0@
  • Martin Isidortschik
    Martin Isidortschik 10 месяцев назад algalejo yysswww2qaaäwwa
  • Got memes?
    Got memes? 9 месяцев назад algalejo but you can't really blame the manufacturer for that, employees cost extremely lots of money and don't work as good as robots
  • 1RiderPale
    1RiderPale 5 лет назад Amazing robotics!
  • nish vishnu
    nish vishnu 3 дня назад 'Humans Need Not Apply'
  • AIDY
    AIDY 2 года назад one day we will be over run by robots like Terminator movie
  • IamHeadShotNL
    IamHeadShotNL 2 года назад Ai C nah VDL has over 9000 employes and at their mini factory humans are needed for almost every stage in the proces
  • 赵银祥
    赵银祥 Год назад I also have the same bad view.