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New Mini Production

Published on Nov 24, 2013 2,227,604 views

Watch the birth of the new Mini from start to finish.

0:00 Pressing Plant
1:54 Body Construction
5:57 Paint Shop
7:37 Assembly

  • eurouc
    eurouc 5 лет назад Love that there is no music. Just get to see and hear the action. Too many videos are spoiled by loud, aggressive and irrelevant music
  • Boss Buse
    Boss Buse 4 года назад ORDERING MINE TOMORROW!!!!! XD
  • mouhiddine hassani
    mouhiddine hassani 4 года назад man those painting robot scare the shit out of me when they are moving
  • hurius
    hurius 4 года назад like some machines in half life ?!
  • mouhiddine hassani
    mouhiddine hassani 4 года назад hhhhhhh yeah man
  • kelly carroll
    kelly carroll 5 лет назад amazing!!!
  • Jean Peyer
    Jean Peyer 5 лет назад It's even uglier than the Metro!
  • Gabe Quirino
    Gabe Quirino 3 года назад Am I the only one being freaked out by the robots??? 😰😲
  • gogglespisano24
    gogglespisano24 3 года назад +GQonthereel I just said this exact thing to my husband lol
  • algalejo
    algalejo 2 года назад No, you are not the only one. No wonder why every day disemployment increase :S
  • Develop IT
    Develop IT 2 года назад I was surprised to see how many humans there are still. They missed the bit where the robots take a cigarette break and gather by the fire exit.
  • Lee Thomas
    Lee Thomas 2 года назад Theres still 4,000 of us working there, after a while we basically become robots though.
  • Alin Petria
    Alin Petria 2 года назад How are the salaries there ?
  • 赵银祥
    赵银祥 2 года назад I like these robots!
  • Lee Thomas
    Lee Thomas 2 года назад (изменено) good. as a basic line worker you earn £32.000 a year plus bonuses.
  • Martin Isidortschik
    Martin Isidortschik Год назад 赵银祥 dddtttghzplkolp .,lmkmnnmkmvfedd-@#/cc vvggzubbnnnnhh6uhhuiiiiiiiii7777777iii77..?!M MBBHGFXSSSX 0@
  • Martin Isidortschik
    Martin Isidortschik Год назад algalejo yysswww2qaaäwwa
  • Got memes?
    Got memes? 11 месяцев назад algalejo but you can't really blame the manufacturer for that, employees cost extremely lots of money and don't work as good as robots
  • Adrian O’Leary
    Adrian O’Leary 4 года назад My son asked how a car was built; this is one of the most thorough explanations available.  Thanks for posting.
  • asrhi yuanita
    asrhi yuanita 3 года назад oriiroj
  • stephen john gray
    stephen john gray 4 месяца назад well show him how they were made in the pre 1970's and tell him ,that when Britain was great and now it's sold out to Germans like many others that we fought against in ww2 and now we put money in they banks instead of kepping things British.
  • 吳唐
    吳唐 5 лет назад I want that MINI girl. 10:26
  • Richard W
    Richard W 7 месяцев назад 吳唐 she’s married 3 kids and a husband that’s hung like a horse.
  • SCHRANZ3040
    SCHRANZ3040 4 месяца назад Richard W being a blonde I wouldn’t be surprised it’s with a black as that is the world of today
  • Richard W
    Richard W 4 месяца назад SCHRANZ3040 It is sickening isn’t it. TV shows, commercials and real life. It’s going to be called racist if whites want other whites as girlfriends, wives, everything. These are kids today whose parents, grandparents, were big hippie liberals in the 60s. Teachers, professors are brainwashing them. Fortunately for me I won’t be around when it a world filled of Mulattos like that scumbag Obama.
  • Claudio Yván Henríquez Umaña.
    Claudio Yván Henríquez Umaña. 3 месяца назад me too !!
  • Jeffery Haley
    Jeffery Haley 1 месяц назад @Richard W I'd rather have a mixed race kid than a racist idiot who can't even type correctly. What a joke.
  • toutagamon
    toutagamon 5 лет назад cute blonde at 10.28
  • Alcia Trancy
    Alcia Trancy 5 лет назад great love MINI
    BLUEFRAMEVIDEO HAGEN 4 года назад Too bad that no guy test the new Mini with the 3 Zylinder Diesel Engine. This is my favorite one. Greetings Roland BLUEFRAMEVIDEO
  • umesh2709
    umesh2709 Год назад How robots are so important. Amazing! Tjanks for the video...
  • Johnny Unitas
    Johnny Unitas 5 лет назад So the Mini isn't made by elves after all!
  • james pkton
    james pkton 5 лет назад hmm do i need a 3rd mini i think so 
  • AstroChimp
    AstroChimp 5 лет назад I've got 4 xD
  • Diye Goh
    Diye Goh 11 месяцев назад AstroChimp BY VM n glassmaker and gurgles Nene s You and hope (R NL sad Bvbk
  • Clau
    Clau 5 лет назад Y así fue como el babas (el robot de iron man) se hizo famoso :3
  • morne jvrensburg
    morne jvrensburg 5 лет назад Now i understand why this car is so expensive  ...look at there equipment WOW  i looooove robots  very intresting..they must send me a robot to clean my toyota  hahaha  great video
  • Aneesh Mp
    Aneesh Mp 23 часа назад Mini smart car
  • Thai Ina Mo
    Thai Ina Mo 4 года назад skynet is among us...
  • Awk Sweat
    Awk Sweat 5 лет назад It's a nice touch to have a person put the mini emblem on the front.
  • F L
    F L 5 лет назад Betcha those robots never break down or give problems like the cars they are building do. Like mine did/still does.
  • Nguyễn Hoàng Văn
    Nguyễn Hoàng Văn 4 года назад I wish Vietnam has developed like this. My hometown is very poor!
  • David Houghton
    David Houghton 2 недели назад Nguyễn Hoàng Văn sorry to hear that your town is poor, what’s really sad is that the socialism / communism form of government will pretty much assure that your town will stay poor. It’s a shame because the Vietnam people are so nice, I once had a Vietnamese girlfriend here in the USA she was a very sweet and very intelligent woman, she was an engineer. I wish you the best, perhaps your conditions will change and get better.☮️