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BMW 8 Series 2019 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

Published on Feb 22, 2019 1,205,131 views

Introducing the new BMW 8 Series! This range-topping coupe may come in with a hefty starting price tag of £76,000, but for that money, you'll have one of the most imposing cars on the road today! However, when you consider that money could instead get you a roomier option such as a Mercedes S-Class, should you still go for the 8 Series? Stick with Mat in his latest in-depth review to find out!

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  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson Неделю назад Just looking at the car in the thumbnail, I deadass thought it was a Mustang GT.
  • moby1kanob
    moby1kanob Неделю назад WAY better
  • ivy Stanage
    ivy Stanage 6 дней назад Barry B. Benson AGREES
  • Mr Moluccan
    Mr Moluccan 3 дня назад Everyone knows that German engineering us much better
  • joshua gilman
    joshua gilman 3 дня назад @Mr Moluccan that doesn't include the engine. Or interior. Or reliability. I've driven BMWs, Mercedes, etc...the interiors are...laughable. One new BMW had the auto-stop at lights...brand new....and it shuddered each time it started again. Never again. Lexus has shown me the way.
  • Matt
    Matt 13 часов назад i deadass killed your cat
  • skr laviolette
    skr laviolette 6 часов назад SAME :D. Thought Mustang. Thought, nice BMW. Thougt, wait I should like the Mustang design way more than I do.
  • traderpapertiga
    traderpapertiga Неделю назад BMW Mustang GT I prefer the BMW Supra
  • Stefa Ands
    Stefa Ands 2 дня назад You must be kidding, the new supra is the biggest automotive launch disaster this decade, just shows how to ruin an legendary car name, but this 8 series looks just what a modern 8 series should look like. Cant say that about the new supra
  • abdu2s
    abdu2s 2 дня назад Damn i jumped to comments to say exactly that
  • The Echelon
    The Echelon 2 дня назад Stefa Ands You didn't get his comment at all did you? "BMW Mustang GT" refers to this new 8 series. The "BMW Supra" refers to the old 20 year old previous 8 series.
  • Stefa Ands
    Stefa Ands 2 дня назад The Echelon oh, that bmw supra. Well, i might not got the right bmw supra, but i stand my point
    SWE_BMW 1 день назад 70 000+ GBP and you have to adjust parts of your seat by hand? Come on BMW...
  • chris77777777ify
    chris77777777ify 1 день назад So when the rear wheel steering fails you may as well pray. Waste of money. & will depreciate over night. These cars have zero second hand value.
  • DziadekMroz6666
    DziadekMroz6666 1 месяц назад BMW wtf Only Apple car play, but if you want to open car with phone... you can do it only with Android #logic
  • R A
    R A 1 месяц назад it makes sence with apple car play. More or less everyone who can afford this car will probably have an iPhone. But its not as good looking or even able to be compared to a Tesla. BMW is just too far behind.
  • fancy O
    fancy O 1 месяц назад They said Android Auto is not as secure, and we know how Google loves milking people's data.
  • DziadekMroz6666
    DziadekMroz6666 1 месяц назад @fancy O so they've chosen less secure OS for unlocking the car? This makes even less sense. They haven't developed Android Auto yet. Simple as that
  • DziadekMroz6666
    DziadekMroz6666 1 месяц назад @R A what are you talking about? What Tesla? Completely off topic (still BMW > Tesla )
  • The Daredevil
    The Daredevil 1 месяц назад @R A lol not as good looking as a tesla? Go back to bed dude.
  • Ray Wei
    Ray Wei 1 месяц назад @R A so you think a cheaply made car with poor quality control is better then BMW? Datfaq
  • Ray Wei
    Ray Wei 1 месяц назад I heard they're still working with Google to add Android auto in the future, and you can update the system to get it. The car key function only works with Android it's because iPhone don't have NFC (near field connectivity). But idk why anyone would want to pull out their phone when the car has keyless entry
  • fancy O
    fancy O 1 месяц назад Google is a problem especially on data @DziadekMroz6666…. But for opening the car I think it was because of NFC and only on selected phones which were 2 or 3 Galaxy S phones. And yes if they do get to put Android Auto they'll probably do serious security than what Google is providing.
  • Sr
    Sr 1 месяц назад DziadekMroz6666 Blame Apple for not including NFC for iPhone please?
  • 77MrAH
    77MrAH 1 месяц назад @R A Tesla will soon go the way of Betamax. Sit back down.
  • Roblox Lover!
    Roblox Lover! 1 месяц назад That’s how bmw rip you off mate
  • Roblox Lover!
    Roblox Lover! 1 месяц назад Also apple are quite limited on apps in pared to android phones so that might be it
  • Alex Wright
    Alex Wright 1 месяц назад If you can afford this car you can afford both phones
  • pollumG
    pollumG 1 месяц назад @R A what you just said makes no sense and has nothing to do with the OP. wake your arse up.
  • swansea007791
    swansea007791 1 месяц назад @R A If you're older than 15, you need a slap.
  • pollumG
    pollumG 1 месяц назад @DziadekMroz6666 some people are just idiots aimlessly floating around in this dimension.
  • LegendaryVegeta
    LegendaryVegeta 1 месяц назад @R A its retarded to say that, thats like saying every buissness man will get a macbook, when clearly they would get a thinkpad also s10+ is £1100 and google pixel is expensive too
  • AndiNordsee
    AndiNordsee 1 месяц назад @DziadekMroz6666 And they wont ever. BMW is developing their own smartphone interface. Rumor is, it will com with a monthly fee...
  • GR1M RE4P3R
    GR1M RE4P3R 1 месяц назад @Ray Wei they do have NFC but they only allow it to be used for Apple pay
  • Srsly Brah
    Srsly Brah 1 месяц назад Rich people only buy apple
  • Ray Wei
    Ray Wei 1 месяц назад @GR1M RE4P3R You're right, and uses for first party accessories
  • DziadekMroz6666
    DziadekMroz6666 1 месяц назад @Srsly Brah 😂😂😂😂 no
  • MG
    MG 1 месяц назад (изменено) Ray Wei iPhones do have nfc but Apple limits it to just reading things like nfc tags and Apple Pay.
  • Mttslbr
    Mttslbr 1 месяц назад You guys saying that rich people only use iPhone is nonsense. I am honestly looking at other brands for the first time because BMW doesn't support Android auto. Been driving BMW's for 12 years.
  • Oğuz Kaan Yılmaz
    Oğuz Kaan Yılmaz 1 месяц назад i really don't get the logic (which isn't exist) it's super silly and annoying.
  • Nick
    Nick 1 месяц назад Yes, Apple does not have that technology, android phones have it why is it so hard to understand ?
  • JohnnyZenith
    JohnnyZenith 1 месяц назад @R A Nonsense.
  • billalnawaz
    billalnawaz 1 месяц назад @R A Feeling okay? Androids are almost just as expensive now? Seen the prices for the new Samsung S10?
  • Gregory Gant
    Gregory Gant 1 месяц назад @R A Are you kidding me? The Tesla looks terrible ,has panel gaps everywhere , misaligned panels ,crappy plastics inside,stupid bland styling.But you get a big screen tech thingy in the middle of the dash .No contest,the BMW is a thing of beauty inside out, GTFOH ,idiot!
  • Yummy Hershey
    Yummy Hershey 2 недели назад Nick but what you just said is completely false? It’s not that hard to understand what phones are capable of what.
  • Wisam Al-Rawi
    Wisam Al-Rawi 2 недели назад @R A My Android Tesla app beats the crap out of this thing. Shame on BMW.
  • Wisam Al-Rawi
    Wisam Al-Rawi 2 недели назад @DziadekMroz6666 I get 2.4 seconds in my Tesla Model S P100D and way more features for the price of this 8 series. (Better Maps, better storage, better app, and dash, and 5 seater). Tesla > BMW.
  • Wisam Al-Rawi
    Wisam Al-Rawi 2 недели назад @77MrAH That what Nokia and Blackberry thought about Apple. Look where they are right now. 😑
  • Wisam Al-Rawi
    Wisam Al-Rawi 2 недели назад @Gregory Gant This 8 series and all of the BMWs ever made will be in the rear view mirror of my Tesla P100D. 😂
  • Gregory Gant
    Gregory Gant 2 недели назад Yeah , when your panel flies off your car , and your door won't open or close properly , then uh , I think you'll stop and ponder the crappy quality car you bought.Then this BMW will fly past you and keep on going , buddy !
  • Wisam Al-Rawi
    Wisam Al-Rawi 2 недели назад (изменено) @Gregory GantTesla's aren't perfect, but they have far less recalls and problems than BMWs. For the 8 series with such specs, it should be no more than $60,000 car. BMW needs to rethink their startegy or Tesla will eat them alive.
  • TB Tech
    TB Tech Неделю назад @R A no not at all lots of rich ppl have android Ibra,Simon Cowell, Will Smith, also lots of footballers have android
  • XDKX101
    XDKX101 5 дней назад Lmao yes hilarious. Everybody except tesla are idiots when it comes to infotainment. 90s software, maps, intelligence and tft touch screens. They really need to get with the times especially when you pay such a premium on these cars
  • mugensamurai
    mugensamurai 3 недели назад Man that Mustang GT got classier.
  • Jean Ferret
    Jean Ferret 3 недели назад In truth the Mustang looks better. This BMW is a mishmash of styling cues from several cars. There isn't an ounce of creativity in it. Will be half price in 18 months.
  • Arno Robberechts
    Arno Robberechts 3 недели назад (изменено) Jean Ferret a Mustang doesn’t look better. No better at al! This is way more classfull and way more expensive! Certain inside!
  • Peter Hurst
    Peter Hurst 3 недели назад half price in 18 months hahahahahaha you funny mate@Jean Ferret
  • Peter Hurst
    Peter Hurst 3 недели назад Kevin Doran bc u cant afford an 8 series so what? If u had the chance why would anybody choose the inferior car?
  • Yummy Hershey
    Yummy Hershey 2 недели назад Peter Hurst well it’ll be just as fast and with the money you saved you could modify the car to be a lot faster in every way possible. But that’s only if you’re into modding cars.
  • Peter Hurst
    Peter Hurst 2 недели назад so? its still a lousy made mustang on the interior and not a luxurious bmw coupe those cars arent even close to competing@Yummy Hershey
  • Yummy Hershey
    Yummy Hershey 2 недели назад Peter Hurst I was only answering your previous question, which was “why would someone buy with money buy the inferior car” that was all.
  • Peter Hurst
    Peter Hurst 2 недели назад the answer is nobody would thats why you never see ppl with actual money in a mustang @Yummy Hershey
  • Yummy Hershey
    Yummy Hershey 2 недели назад @Peter Hurst I don't think that's quite true. I see plenty of people with "actual money" driving Mustangs where I live. Granted I live in America and it's a somewhat rural area too, so maybe that has something to do with it.
  • Onyii Ilo
    Onyii Ilo Неделю назад Looks a lil bit like R35 too.
    EGGINFOOLS 6 дней назад (изменено) Looks like a mustang from the side and a new regal GS from the back
  • Alea iacta est
    Alea iacta est 11 часов назад Are all Britains lefthanded? How can you guys handle radio, gear switch and all that stuff?
  • Cyba IT
    Cyba IT 14 часов назад I'll have the twin turbo v8 thanks. And 100k in petrol vouchers too please. Cheers
  • The Rambler
    The Rambler 1 месяц назад (изменено) looks like a Nissan GTR had a child with a Mustang
  • Commendatore
    Commendatore 1 месяц назад looks rather like a birth defect...
  • matt sieber
    matt sieber 1 месяц назад Yes, looks terrible
  • Ry Ry
    Ry Ry 1 месяц назад Looks nice but I'm after something abit longer
  • Cars of Germany
    Cars of Germany 1 месяц назад Ry Ry like my dick? I know, thanks
  • Ash Bayer
    Ash Bayer 1 месяц назад (изменено) The Rambler and has the character of neither! How’s that work? 😂
  • Ry Ry
    Ry Ry 3 недели назад @Cars of Germany you're a genius
  • Catch This Tea
    Catch This Tea 3 недели назад The Rambler on meeeeeeeeee
  • endo
    endo Неделю назад So good being kids huh?
  • Kirk Luton
    Kirk Luton 6 дней назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • superacidi
    superacidi 6 часов назад BMW, what an overpriced and technologically underdeveloped brand
  • Saksham Jain
    Saksham Jain Неделю назад Am I the only one who realised that you always start your videos with *This is the all new*
  • UncleSam Bro
    UncleSam Bro 1 день назад Damn why did he point out the spoiler now I can’t un see it lol
  • Cash Bonanza
    Cash Bonanza 3 недели назад This is basically a 6 series. BMW call it 8 series just to charge you more than the 7 series
  • John deneau
    John deneau 3 недели назад I wish the m6 v10 was more reliable. That was one of my favorite cars ever!
  • ForzaWild
    ForzaWild 6 дней назад It’s the 6 series replacement, they don’t make the 6 anymore
  • Cash Bonanza
    Cash Bonanza 6 дней назад @ForzaWild since it's a replacement of the 6, why call it 8?
  • Elias M
    Elias M 5 дней назад @Cash Bonanza because it's an 8 series. Just because it's replacing the 6 series doesn't mean it is
  • Cash Bonanza
    Cash Bonanza 5 дней назад (изменено) @Elias M It doesn't have to but it should. Or is it fine to you to call a Golf replacement a Polo or Touareg?
  • Elias M
    Elias M 5 дней назад @Cash Bonanza Logical fallacy. A manufacturer "A" has 3 models called 1, 2 and 3. In the past "A" has produced 1, 2 and 3. Now, they stopped producing 2 and 3 will be the replacement for 2. Doesn't mean that 2 is 3.