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Mazda 3 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

Published on Jun 7, 2019 685,921 views

This is the all-new Mazda 3! Rolling in with a sleek exterior and a high-quality interior, on the face of it the new Mazda 3 may have what it takes to tempt you away from premium hatchbacks like the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class! But is it the same story when you dig a little deeper and test out what it’s like to drive, along with how practical it is? Join Mat for his latest review to find out!

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  • carwow
    carwow 2 недели назад Hey guys - Don't worry, we'll be renaming 'Geek Mode' and Mat will stop doing the silly voice from now on (although we still have one more video lined up which will include it). He insisted that he keeps the lab coat, though, so that might make a return!
  • Alex Setiawan
    Alex Setiawan 17 часов назад No, keep Matt look more stupid is better...., we enjoy watch his stupidness...
  • Ashley Conrad: The Auto Cutie
    Ashley Conrad: The Auto Cutie Неделю назад I like it!!! Its such a geeky looking car
  • smart car
    smart car 2 недели назад 😂😂😂👍
  • Mr Ortega
    Mr Ortega 2 недели назад I couldn't see the difference 😂
  • DocTheGuitar
    DocTheGuitar 2 недели назад @Johnie Blaze Likes it
  • smart car
    smart car 2 недели назад carwow why you dont tasr rolles rouse phantom 2019 is important car ,please tast it soon 😢👌
  • Frans Bunschoten
    Frans Bunschoten 2 недели назад Amen to that
  • Sleepy Perfume
    Sleepy Perfume 2 недели назад We need something less cringy but 10x times funnier
  • Tshepiso Mashiloane
    Tshepiso Mashiloane 2 недели назад Matt My brother is a big fun knows everything about cars has name is Amo Mashiloane
  • mykeallyn
    mykeallyn 2 недели назад Geek mode is the BESTEST EVER...those who don't like it don't watch geez!
  • 李紫阳
    李紫阳 2 недели назад 15:20 muisc name?
  • Sanjeev
    Sanjeev 2 недели назад Thank Heavens!
  • john kowneque
    john kowneque 2 недели назад i like the lab coat. other than silly voice, geek mode is just perfect
  • PunjabiKudiUK
    PunjabiKudiUK 2 недели назад Thank God it was soo blooody annoying
  • 高靖元
    高靖元 2 недели назад 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Emmanuel Unoziba Mothobi
    Emmanuel Unoziba Mothobi 2 недели назад I hate geek mode
  • Zlatko Polak
    Zlatko Polak 2 недели назад I can't belive someone got offended by the geek mode smh
  • korniksoft
    korniksoft 2 недели назад BMW X7 vs Mercedes G63 AMG vs Audi Q8 drag race?
  • MJ
    MJ 2 недели назад When Mazda said the car looks like an animal ready to pounce, they meant the styling has to mimic Jaguar designs. Jaguar's a big cat.
  • Andrew Michaelson
    Andrew Michaelson 2 недели назад Ahhhh, I LOVE Geek mode - mind you, I'm a data scientist so no surprises
  • valik pralea
    valik pralea 2 недели назад Hey Matt, will you ever review the Jeep Compass?
  • Darius Lazar
    Darius Lazar 2 недели назад Wow.. can’t wait to stop the Geek Mode lol 😂
    LukaNoANIMATIONS 2 недели назад We neeeeeed geeeeeek mooooooddddeeeeeeee
  • Elliot Hornby
    Elliot Hornby 2 недели назад carwow please do some reviews on pickup trucks
  • James Rennie
    James Rennie 2 недели назад Can you use the TomTom app on the infotainment unit?
  • James Rennie
    James Rennie 2 недели назад Quite liked it..
  • Ross Goodwin
    Ross Goodwin 2 недели назад Keep the Geek coat, maybe get an Einstein wig for that segment but loose the accent/ voice it was painful and un-natural, other than that A1 review as usual Matt and team!! 😁
  • Andrew Jones Productions
    Andrew Jones Productions 2 недели назад He was doing well until he said 'Bose' and the Wirral accent came out loud and strong...LOL
  • ObNoXiOuS1
    ObNoXiOuS1 2 недели назад Oh!!! Hallelujah. 🎊🎉 Rejoice, people everywhere.
  • Daniel Jo
    Daniel Jo 2 недели назад I found it amusing. Keep it
  • Dox
    Dox 2 недели назад @Marat V they almost always do say that
  • Bob Bowie
    Bob Bowie 2 недели назад As a segment its ok. Its just that he talked too fast and hurried through it.
  • Jarvis Austin
    Jarvis Austin 2 недели назад Lab coat is fine. But yea, don't do that voice anymore
  • Lungu Gabriel
    Lungu Gabriel 2 недели назад @Mihai Stefan ce-ai baiete? Esti cu capul?
  • Johnie Blaze
    Johnie Blaze 2 недели назад He hates it? oor likes?
  • DocTheGuitar
    DocTheGuitar 2 недели назад Keep it, it is hilarious
  • UrLocalBoss
    UrLocalBoss 2 недели назад no pls keep geek mode
  • Jack Vickers
    Jack Vickers 2 недели назад Can you please review the new Mazda 2! Thx
  • Heinrich Rhode
    Heinrich Rhode 2 недели назад (изменено) @Mihai Stefan Fuck you Mihai Stefan. You're just a hater. Don't fucking comment shit stuff. Fuck you. Btw I like geek mode it makes the review more better and fun
  • Sekogas Iskren
    Sekogas Iskren 2 недели назад What would you buy Vauxhall insignia or Mazda 3?
  • Findoherty0697
    Findoherty0697 2 недели назад Thank gosh
  • Seshe Mampe
    Seshe Mampe 2 недели назад Thank God! Please, for the sake of my sanity, stop with the annoying geek least the annoying voice is going..
  • Samuel Bomorse
    Samuel Bomorse 2 недели назад Thank fuck for that.
  • Somuchen
    Somuchen 2 недели назад Geek Mode is funny, but for non-native speaker pretty hard to follow ;)
  • Ludovic Jasaron
    Ludovic Jasaron 2 недели назад Finally lol
  • Animaxtor
    Animaxtor 2 недели назад As a geek myself, I approve the geek mode...
  • Joshua Morny
    Joshua Morny 2 недели назад Geek mode without the silly voice will be dope
  • WhoPonders
    WhoPonders 2 недели назад We need Professor Watson!
  • Dylan
    Dylan 2 недели назад Thank goodness
  • tomas krista
    tomas krista 2 недели назад Yes the lab coat is good , it gives a bit spice to the video ,only the accent bothers me
  • Harry Brookman
    Harry Brookman 2 недели назад @Mihai Stefan shut up.
  • Ali Ciftci
    Ali Ciftci 2 недели назад Maybe think about other countries and out l/100km 😊
  • macaron3141592653
    macaron3141592653 2 недели назад My thoughts exactly, carwow knows what its doing.
  • Brantley -
    Brantley - 2 недели назад carwow 40.6 miles per gallon, was that for real? That's really good.
  • Josephat Okora
    Josephat Okora 2 недели назад Geek mode is silly...
  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan 2 недели назад Can you do a review of the saloon version
  • Rab4Web
    Rab4Web 2 недели назад Please - stop the Geek mode. You are awesome the way you are.
  • ankush vijan
    ankush vijan 2 недели назад if that was an alfa Mat would be going ga-ga but i see that a mazda just does not cut it for him.
  • Aswin Prasetyo
    Aswin Prasetyo 2 недели назад FINALLY👍🏼
  • AshRichardson_F1
    AshRichardson_F1 2 недели назад I was literally about to comment complaining about how unnecessary "Geek Mode" is. The whole reason I watch this channel is because I enjoy how detailed the reviews are and the quality of the videography. So it's a pointless addition
  • Stone
    Stone 2 недели назад I like geek mode, rip
  • ant647448336
    ant647448336 2 недели назад You should keep Geek Mode, rather funny!
  • Zoran Vukomanovic
    Zoran Vukomanovic 2 недели назад Thank you Mat.
  • kevin j.
    kevin j. 2 недели назад The vest is alright to stay, but geek mode can exit lol
  • Francisco Oliveira
    Francisco Oliveira 2 недели назад Why? He's got sense of humor
  • Mihai Stefan
    Mihai Stefan 2 недели назад it's awul. fire him. only for those f'king moments he does not deserve to be near people. go to hell Matt!
  • Seah Shi Hong
    Seah Shi Hong 2 недели назад Sound good to me... I love this channel
  • Iw Wanly
    Iw Wanly 2 недели назад No keep the geek mode I loved it and matt is perfect he mixes the cars review with his stunning sense of humour so you'll feel amazing and get the benefit from the review as well matt is awesome 😘
  • Pawel X
    Pawel X 2 недели назад Please drop this silly part. I skip it anyway.
  • Ioan Jivan
    Ioan Jivan 2 недели назад Nooooooo
  • tayeb Enigma
    tayeb Enigma 2 недели назад I hate 'Geek Mode'
  • Arjun Raina
    Arjun Raina 2 недели назад We need the GEEK mode..;)
  • sami viitasalo
    sami viitasalo 2 недели назад Geek mode is fun like a joke, one time is great, other times its just the same old joke. I hope you could use text also when telling about motors and other stuff. Mat doesn't tell horsepower or torque or accelerations of different motors, those information could arrive with text in the screen..
  • Jacob Robach
    Jacob Robach 2 недели назад It make me laugh so I’m not terrible fussed 😂
  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars 2 недели назад @Marat V I say at the engine section when I do the price.
  • Jim’s Point Of View On Cars
    Jim’s Point Of View On Cars 2 недели назад Please stop that stupid geek mode !!!!😂
  • MHD Eyad Al-Akkad
    MHD Eyad Al-Akkad 2 недели назад (изменено) THANK YOU! everything is excellent about Mat. I truly waiting every review he do and took his opinion as a granted but the geek mode thing is the WORST!!
  • pete draper
    pete draper 2 недели назад That's a pity: I enjoyed the Geek Mode. Still, I do have sympathy for those who don't like it. Having spent quite a lot on a humour bypass, they suddenly discover Mat adopting an even more amusing persona for a couple of minutes.
  • 8b64z
    8b64z 2 недели назад How about using a 29" mountain bike for the bike test ?
  • Ollie White
    Ollie White 2 недели назад @Marat V they usually do
  • Arie Hoeflak
    Arie Hoeflak 2 недели назад I always enjoy Matt's sense of humour and the great reviews, but the 'Geek Mode' sequences were starting to cross over into comedy skit show territory, IMHO. The humour is great, but probably better if it doesn't start competing with the actual car review content.
  • Marat V
    Marat V 2 недели назад Would be nice if you start to mention wich car version you reviewing , so we know is it all come with basic version or not.
  • mburi kiama
    mburi kiama 2 недели назад No, we need the GEEK MODE.
  • rzgar badin
    rzgar badin 2 недели назад Hahaha
  • Hollow Knight
    Hollow Knight 2 недели назад Thank God!
  • Savas_7
    Savas_7 2 недели назад You should start beeping every car so we can see what the horn sounds like. Like so he can see this
  • Diamond Universe Family
    Diamond Universe Family 11 часов назад @Imran Tahir yes as always
  • Shell Casing
    Shell Casing 2 недели назад "see"
  • Sam Broadbent
    Sam Broadbent 2 недели назад Imran Tahir yes it is 😂
  • Sam Broadbent
    Sam Broadbent 2 недели назад Savas_7 that’s a great idea, I’ve always thought that 🔥
  • Viktor Inno
    Viktor Inno 2 недели назад 2:30
  • Liam S
    Liam S 2 недели назад (изменено) Yes! We need an industry-wide campaign against shit horns. Disc horns should be banned. Twin tone snails need to be mandated by law on every car. It only costs a fucking fiver per snail. No excuses. Heads at Carwow - lead this campaign!
  • NexLooph
    NexLooph 2 недели назад Savas_7 more like hear what it sounds like, you can’t see noise lol
  • saraj00n
    saraj00n 2 недели назад This ain't Doug Demuro mate
  • Tin-Foil
    Tin-Foil 2 недели назад 600th like
  • Rusty Galloway
    Rusty Galloway 2 недели назад @Imran Tahir Yes.
  • JaviRP
    JaviRP 2 недели назад I would prioritize the exhaust sound from inside and outside. Regarding the horn, let's try using it the least possible.
  • JKX Creations
    JKX Creations 2 недели назад I just got the new Mazda 3, if you're asking because you've heard the 3rd gen one, it's nothing like it. They finally decided to put a two tone horn in the mazda and it sou d's good
  • El Esəˈtɛrɪk Səʊl
    El Esəˈtɛrɪk Səʊl 2 недели назад Beep Mode coming very soon..
  • BigMangoz G
    BigMangoz G 2 недели назад @Imran Tahir yes
  • Eric Hsu
    Eric Hsu 2 недели назад @Imran Tahir yah^
  • Imran Tahir
    Imran Tahir 2 недели назад Is the sound of the horn important to you?
  • Rafael Martins
    Rafael Martins 2 недели назад Don't make the Geek mode again pls it's cringe
  • tam l
    tam l 2 недели назад So cringe.......
  • ReZhorw
    ReZhorw 2 недели назад That's why they should keep it, so that you'll cringe even more!
  • Ahmad Abu Sneineh
    Ahmad Abu Sneineh 2 недели назад The interior is better looking than new bmws one Well done mazda Best car in class at the moment
  • cp Soon
    cp Soon Неделю назад mazda ceo said they are fans of bmw(truth), thats why they make it better than bmw, they learn from bmw and improve by themself. thats why the centre console looks like bmw.
  • Vibes Channel
    Vibes Channel 2 недели назад Have you even seen the new Focus? There is no comparing...the Focus has some good angles but the interior and everything else is cheap and not very reliable. And those engines...rubbish...Mazda all the way.
  • JDM Guy
    JDM Guy 2 недели назад @torod213 The Focus interior of the Focus is definitely not the best and below the Mazda 3 for sure. Cheaper quality materials and bland design. The magazine reviews here in the UK testify to that. Plus with Focus you take a risk with those dodgy 'Ecoboom' engines!
  • Manuel Rothberger
    Manuel Rothberger 2 недели назад @sic22l I don't know where you live, here in Austria it is a lot cheaper than for example a Focus, let alone a Golf..
  • sic22l
    sic22l 2 недели назад (изменено) It's also 20% more expensive than other in the class (if you're referring to Golf, Focus, Ceed and others). @Ervin Trselic Mazda's engine doesn't sound or feel lovely. It sounds horrible, metallic, has a tendency to whine. It's also pretty anemic (long gear ratios don't help). @CreoleRep7 Don't forget than Mazda is 20-30% more expensive than Focus. Even with similar equipment Focus is much cheaper and 1.0 Ecoboost is much nicer to drive.
  • Manuel Rothberger
    Manuel Rothberger 2 недели назад @torod213 How is the Infotainment in a Focus better? You could argue you like touchscreens more, okay, but than you have quirks like you cannot use music from apple carplqy and the in-built navigation simultaneously..
  • CreoleRep7
    CreoleRep7 2 недели назад torod213 Strongly disagree, the Mazda 3 handles better, drinks less, reliable (by a long fucking shot), imo has the better infotainment system, premium materials, comfortable. And how much more tech does a Focus have, that Mazda doesn’t - where it becomes a deal breaker? I dunno, I guess it comes down to if you want better performance, but Mazda’s not out here selling a hot hatch, so?
  • MrPicky400
    MrPicky400 2 недели назад @torod213 never me buying a focus
  • Magnus Persson
    Magnus Persson 2 недели назад @torod213 At least in Sweden, Mazda is better equipped and have better warranties. And it tested better at EURO-Ncap. I think it looks way better too
  • Ervin Trselic
    Ervin Trselic 2 недели назад @torod213 I'd disagree on the handling part, i've driven them both and in terms of excitement and the driving feel on the road id say the mazda takes it, especially the petrol version that is still a non-turbo 2l engine that sounds and feels really lovely. Sure the 1.5 ecoboost is faster, but it doesnt sound that good and on the long term there are a lot more things that can go wrong with the engine..
  • Dab Dab Goose
    Dab Dab Goose 2 недели назад @torod213 Wouldn't touch any Focus, they are all grenades.
  • torod213
    torod213 2 недели назад It's not the best in it's class, that is still the Focus. Handles better, more comfortable, more practical, better infotainment, more technology. But now that the Golf is on it's way out and the Golf 8 isn't released yet, the Mazda 3 is absolutely the runner-up after the Focus. The only place where Mazda wins is interior, funnily enough..
  • David Timewarp
    David Timewarp 2 недели назад I dont get the 'cat doing a mess' comparison....weird
  • Hangry Hippo
    Hangry Hippo 2 дня назад BF31 there’s a saloon version
  • BF31
    BF31 2 недели назад I do. That bulbous rear end is hideous. I wouldn't buy one for thar reason alone.
  • David Timewarp
    David Timewarp 2 недели назад (изменено) @Joseph G I'm afraid your in the minority on that observation. If you can see that from the back of this car then you need help. Like I said before....weeeird
  • David Timewarp
    David Timewarp 2 недели назад @Leftheo I'm British, English specifically, I don't get your comment either.
  • Joseph G
    Joseph G 2 недели назад I actually see it. The hatch version is sort of squashed looking like a cat raising it's bum to poop.
  • Leftheo
    Leftheo 2 недели назад He is British. He has to talk down to everything that isn’t an unreliable mess that is made in the UK...
  • Mike Be
    Mike Be 2 недели назад Yea I found that off putting 🤢
  • Sercan S
    Sercan S 2 недели назад He is tryn too hard to be funny
  • Chaiya Sribamrung
    Chaiya Sribamrung 2 недели назад Really appreciate that Mazda put CD player in their car. Good job Mazda. 👍
  • S.A A.C
    S.A A.C 5 дней назад U r Shit U know that Mate.🖕🏿🤣
  • Ok Bro
    Ok Bro 2 недели назад Don't do that geek thing again PLEASE!
  • S.A A.C
    S.A A.C 5 дней назад @Alan B Ur Mom is Dick!🤣🖕🏿
  • S.A A.C
    S.A A.C 5 дней назад Ok Bro Fuck off Nonce.☝🏿🤣
  • J
    J 2 недели назад I can handel that. But pleas never say Porsch again to a Porsche!!
  • Kodźpak PL UK
    Kodźpak PL UK 2 недели назад It was just a joke guys, come on
  • Alan B
    Alan B 2 недели назад He is dick.
  • Sanjeev J
    Sanjeev J 2 недели назад Yes, please. Was soo annoying for some reason, really got under my skin.
  • Awm Joeyjoejoe
    Awm Joeyjoejoe 2 недели назад So much cringe!
  • J024
    J024 2 недели назад I love it.
  • Daan Celie
    Daan Celie 2 недели назад I don't mind the geeky thing, it brings more structure in the video, but the change in voice is just distracting.
    MLGPROBER 2 недели назад You cant do anything. There are little children watching this
  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 недели назад Agree - from comedy to cringe
  • Homing Fung
    Homing Fung 2 недели назад Matt needs to seriously grow up.
  • Hisham R
    Hisham R 2 недели назад Agree
  • swansea007791
    swansea007791 2 недели назад Agree 100%
  • Daz Sid
    Daz Sid 2 недели назад Great car, Mazda being Japanese will be ultra reliable & this car looks great compared to its rivals
  • VintageRKO
    VintageRKO 2 недели назад Having a CD player can fully utilize the Premium Bose audio system. Surely the geek in you Matt can figure it out
  • peri
    peri 1 день назад @PhizzyP you can listen to FLAC on TIDAL streaming service through bluetooth.
  • PhizzyP
    PhizzyP 2 недели назад Agree, CD is maybe a bit better than listening to music via. AA/AppleCP or Bluetooth, but what's really great is listening to music via the newly support FLAC format
  • Saul Villalobos
    Saul Villalobos 2 недели назад I own a 16 Mazda 3 with the Bose audio and let me tell you the CDs sound tremendous! Maybe cause im a purist when it comes to music (i grew up in the 80s/90s) but i find myself playing CDs all the time in my 3! 🤘🔥
  • TrueDesireHD
    TrueDesireHD 2 недели назад Or at least use a cable to the phone when giving a comment about the speakers 👍 My Bose sounds like crap using BT.
  • Jeremy JS
    Jeremy JS 2 недели назад Bit of Alfasud about it. I think Mazda are going well on design. In fact all round
  • S1lent Toad
    S1lent Toad 2 недели назад Jeremy JS infotainment looked very similar to BMW’s
  • Eamonn McDermott
    Eamonn McDermott 2 недели назад Mat, you forgot to mention that the new Mazda 3 was the safest car Euro NCAP ever crash tested!
  • peri
    peri 1 день назад most likely thats why the back of the car has that low roof line small windows and all that. i think mazda needed the extra metal for protection .
  • Tabona Butale
    Tabona Butale 2 недели назад Not a fan of Geek Mode... please go back to doing it the way you did before...
  • S.A A.C
    S.A A.C 5 дней назад @Rolman80 80 Fuck Off Nonce.🖕🏿🤣
  • S.A A.C
    S.A A.C 5 дней назад @Harry Brookman Ur Whole Families are 12 Yr olds U Nonces, I'm much old than U and will always be better than U so Stfu Nonce.🖕🏿🤣
  • S.A A.C
    S.A A.C 5 дней назад @MyNamed Name fuck off Nonce.
  • MyNamed Name
    MyNamed Name 5 дней назад Let him be
  • JMEN
    JMEN 2 недели назад This geek mode reminds me Richard Hammond and Brainiac-tv show... Meaby Brithish like this kind of things (humor). 😭😩
  • Etienne None
    Etienne None 2 недели назад I love geek mode, want more!!!
  • Rolman80 80
    Rolman80 80 2 недели назад @S.A A.C The geek mode is stupid forced and too americanized and not funny at all.
  • Benjamin Snels
    Benjamin Snels 2 недели назад Tabona Butale its just kinda hard to understand
  • Harry Brookman
    Harry Brookman 2 недели назад @S.A A.C yes listen to the racist asshole instead. Try making a point without swearing or being a racist, then you'll sound like less of a 12 year old.
  • Tabona Butale
    Tabona Butale 2 недели назад @carwow maybe you can do a poll and have viewers decide what they would like. Some names could be suggested to rename(geekmode) that segment of the review that's all about facts, so as to fit in with 5 annoying things, 5 great things, Buy/consider/shortlist etc.
  • S.A A.C
    S.A A.C 2 недели назад @carwow Keep the Geek Mode Coming People from CarWow! Fuck💩🤢🤮That Black Man Cunt!🖕🏿
  • carwow
    carwow 2 недели назад Don't worry, we will! :)
  • Jamie A
    Jamie A 2 недели назад Seems so forced, there was nothing wrong with the way things were done before; it's as if they're trying to cater to younger audiences... but they're not the ones actually buying cars...
  • Bonzo
    Bonzo 2 недели назад I kinda like it. Makes the review more fun, and exciting. The only thing I would change is the name, and his voice.
  • george fourtinas
    george fourtinas 2 недели назад MAZDAS are under rated ... Japanese luxury! reminds me of my Audi's minimal interior
  • Hyrule Hero
    Hyrule Hero Неделю назад That's why I'm both a Mazda and an Audi fan.
  • ron marninks
    ron marninks 2 недели назад (изменено) I like the mazda designs very much, they stand out. Very stylish car.
  • thor-egil Solvang
    thor-egil Solvang 18 часов назад At first view of the rear, i instantly thought of the Alfa Romeo Brera🤔 But well to mention, i'd still go for the Alfa😅
  • Aarón Martínez
    Aarón Martínez 2 дня назад Damm! Matt hate this car (and cheapest cars I think) this Mazda is not that bad... is just another circle. Many time driving McLaren, Mercedez BMW, etc.
  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo 2 недели назад (unpopular opinion) Looks better than a bmw 1 series
  • Ali Alexander
    Ali Alexander Неделю назад (изменено) The 1 Series was too popular. So BMW made it ugly and made it front wheel drive
  • melo dhama
    melo dhama 2 недели назад (изменено) @Liam SMany don't like the design of the Pre LCI, and of course it isn't a design for the mass, it was a little bit out of taste tendencies too. But honestly I find it more intriguing and interesting as the LCI Version. Consider it as a ultimate evolution of the E87. The car has an avant-garde touch, very secure lines, and could be a homage to 60ies BMW Models. Believe me 😅, I have to do with design professionally, be proud of your BMW 1👍. For the 2019 Model...actually I don't find any words to describe it, irritating, in not a good way...
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 2 недели назад Popular opinion: BMW 1-Series hatchback was never a proper BMW. The previous BMW 1-Series looked like a gay RWD generic hatchback then BMW slapped kidneys on them. 1-Series was never a proper BMW. I didn't liked the old 1-Series at all. I hated the 1-Series hatchback. I've sat in one, doesn't feel or look like a proper BMW. BMW should stick to their RWD coupes, sedans and estates, NOT FWD MPV, (ugly Active Tourer), FWD or RWD, even AWD hatchbacks. They should've never made the 1-Series hatchback at all. I prefer the 1-Series coupe, always did.
  • Audrey Zondo
    Audrey Zondo 2 недели назад Looks better than the newer A classes as well and the new fords.
  • JDM Guy
    JDM Guy 2 недели назад It wouldn't be hard for any car to be better looking than the gawky new BMW 1 series.
  • Jeppe Werring
    Jeppe Werring 2 недели назад New 1 series isn't the best looking, but this Mazda is ugly as heck
  • Vinny Booboo
    Vinny Booboo 2 недели назад Looks are subjective and one's opinions cannot be wrong.
  • Rampant
    Rampant 2 недели назад Usually I find Mazdas bland and hate the badge but this is a fairly sexy and unique looking hatchback.
  • Đan Phạm
    Đan Phạm 2 недели назад Lol any thing would look better than the 1 series.
  • Liam S
    Liam S 2 недели назад As an owner of a pre-LCI F20 1-series. Yes, the Mazda looks far better.
  • Ashish Kalam
    Ashish Kalam 2 недели назад Popular* opinion
  • Astus314
    Astus314 2 недели назад I have a 2016 BMW 1 series and I think it's a sexy car. I also prefer the look of the Mazda!
  • Indi Dog
    Indi Dog 2 недели назад I take this over that 1 series tbh, even if I can't have the more powerful version they get in the US
  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan 2 недели назад @joe bloggs i will id get a second hand m4 but not ideal for a daily car its a shame the 1 series has gone fwd i loved the shape of them the new 1 series is re badged mini country man thats suposed to be a suv they could have just given the old 1 series a faclift to keep it upto date there was nothing wrong with it id have the first gen 1 series over the brand new one i
  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs 2 недели назад @Ethan keenan True the 1 series is great to drive especially the M140i, I just fancied something a little different. It was a toss up between the Z4 and the Boxster, yes the Boxster is better dynamically on track but for everyday use the Z4 is a better all rounder not to mention better looking inside and out and cheaper to buy. Enjoy the 435d when you get it.
  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan 2 недели назад @joe bloggs dont blame you them z4s are quick and fun to drive but so is the 2016 1 series im going to get the 4 series 435d
  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs 2 недели назад @Ethan keenan Agree with you there I have the old 1 Series (2016) much better looking then the Focus this Mazda or the new 1 Series. Saying that I am getting rid of the 1 series as I have just picked up the last gen Z4.
  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan 2 недели назад @joe bloggs id have the old 1 series over the new focus it looks like a fish at the front
  • DevilGames
    DevilGames 2 недели назад Popular opinion*
  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs 2 недели назад Not better then a Ford Focus though
  • CADesigner
    CADesigner 2 недели назад unpopular? wtf, the new bmw 1 series is probably one of the ugliest modern hatchbacks.
  • Ethan keenan
    Ethan keenan 2 недели назад Id say the old ond series looks better than this mazda but the new one series is as ugly as this
  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo 2 недели назад @Some Phaggot I will answer in caps lock, then 😎
  • Some Phaggot
    Some Phaggot 2 недели назад ingiiiiiii I say it's not true, what now?
  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo 2 недели назад @Felice Graziano A fart that came from his own ass 🤘
  • Bob Jan
    Bob Jan 2 недели назад @G_Morto New 1 series looks like a minivan.
  • Felice Graziano
    Felice Graziano 2 недели назад @G_Morto the old one was clean and mean especially in three door guise. The new one looks like an owl that just smelled a fart
  • G_Morto
    G_Morto 2 недели назад @Felice Graziano The old version wasn't exactly eye catching. The new version is just a Ford focus.
  • Alfa Romeo
    Alfa Romeo 2 недели назад @Felice Graziano yes the new one ;)
  • Felice Graziano
    Felice Graziano 2 недели назад I don't think you'll find anybody disagreeing with you. You do mean the new 1 Series though, right?
  • ingiiiiiii
    ingiiiiiii 2 недели назад not unpopular, just true
  • spyridon poppos
    spyridon poppos 2 недели назад Mazda way better in many terms: Reliability Crash test Emissions Design Price
    TFE45JKLE99# [ALLEZ VOIR MA PLAYLIST !] 2 недели назад (изменено) Mazda 2 2019 impossible to engage 1st gear because it blocks once in a while... Rear panel not of the same color than the rest of the car... 7/10 and I am nice. Made in Mexico stuff? Never again!
  • Sigurjón Bogi
    Sigurjón Bogi 2 недели назад (изменено) “Didn’t realise it was still the 1990’s” wears a belt from the 1990’s Edit: Some people don’t get that this is an innocent joke and to them I want to say that I love Mat and his reviews..
  • Sigurjón Bogi
    Sigurjón Bogi 2 недели назад Jurassic Coast Comics 🤡
  • Jurassic Coast Comics
    Jurassic Coast Comics 2 недели назад @Sigurjón Bogi Huh but I concured with your comments silly buns I agree!! with you - You need to call the fashion police on Matt darling you are so right! On this one boyfriend!
  • Daniel Hoppley
    Daniel Hoppley 2 недели назад Just watch the video my favourite of Mazda mx5 but l'm found my second favourite is Mazda 3 I would drive to sunset ☺