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Mahindra XUV300 | First Drive Review | Autocar India

Published on Feb 5, 2019 747,432 views

Compact SUVs are currently hot property, and after the TUV300, Mahindra has launched its second car in this segment, the XUV300. But just how different is this car from its sibling and how does it stack up against the well-established competition? Gavin D'Souza drives it in Goa to find out.

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  • Autocar India
    Autocar India 1 месяц назад BREAKING: The prices are in! Petrol W4 - Rs 7.90 lakh, W6 - Rs 8.75 lakh, W8 - Rs 10.25 lakh, W8 (O) - Rs 11.44 lakh Diesel W4 - Rs 8.49 lakh, W6 - Rs 9.30 lakh, W8 - Rs 10.80 lakh, W8 (O) - Rs 11.99 lakh (all prices ex-showroom, India)
  • Sebin Philip
    Sebin Philip 2 недели назад ex-showroom, India?
  • Prasanth Kumar Reddy
    Prasanth Kumar Reddy Неделю назад Autocar India show me on road price all variants
  • volinphilips
    volinphilips 1 месяц назад The stupid 4 meter rule has resulted in a generation of butt ugly cars. It should be done away with.
  • Kanhaiya Jaiswal
    Kanhaiya Jaiswal 1 месяц назад Mine too
  • Jams Varges
    Jams Varges 2 недели назад Above 4 meters of each cars Rs. 75000/- have to pay extra to government.. This stupidity rule make soap box type vehicles..
  • Sreeraj Pr
    Sreeraj Pr Неделю назад also compromises on boot space..
  • Imhotep
    Imhotep 1 месяц назад We should be proud that our very own Indian Car manufacturers are taking a huge leap ahead in terms of technology and comfort in India :)
  • ashish joshi
    ashish joshi 1 месяц назад Because poeple are demanding it. Indian are getting intelligent day by day so they don't choose blindly , like those who go blindly for maruti without comparing. Even maruti is offering airbag and ABS as default due to buyers pressure.
  • Sarthak Chawla
    Sarthak Chawla Неделю назад @ashish joshi dont be judgemental to maruti without reason. They have always delivered what the market demanded. Now they are giving cars with abs, airbag, amt and good engine under 6 lacs. You cant shake a finger at that
  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 1 месяц назад Impressive work done by MAHINDRA. 👍 There are so many features in this car.....
  • Melvin Philip
    Melvin Philip 1 месяц назад But boot space is less
  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 1 месяц назад But only in top to top end, i.e. not even W8 but W8(O) !! Add a lac or so more & get Tata Harrier.
  • Jose Augustine
    Jose Augustine 1 день назад bring 0 to 100 test timings soon auto car.. you guys are the most reliable source which all of us can trust..
  • buyers guide for cars
    buyers guide for cars 1 месяц назад It going to sell like chocolates
  • Divya S
    Divya S 1 месяц назад He sounds so soothing.. unlike those shouting reviewers
  • swaroop pathmanaban
    swaroop pathmanaban 1 месяц назад 🤣
  • Gavin D'souza
    Gavin D'souza 1 месяц назад Thank you Divya; that's very kind of you to say :)
  • Sam Mathew
    Sam Mathew 1 месяц назад Exactly... he is one among the best , out here on this Chanel 👏🏼😀
  • Siddharth Goyal
    Siddharth Goyal 1 месяц назад @Gavin D'souza Love your reviews man!
  • narendra dhore
    narendra dhore Неделю назад Yes ... i do agree...
  • James Joseph
    James Joseph 2 дня назад Good looking SUV. Being a mahindra the service cost would be very less too. The problem is unlike a Japanese car there would be continuous nagging issues. You'll prefer to be staying near a mahindra service centre.
  • Aditya Paul
    Aditya Paul 1 месяц назад Mahindra is doing great recently...👍👍
  • Amitanshu Ranjan
    Amitanshu Ranjan 1 месяц назад I think XUV-300 goona hit markets well enough & gives hard time to it's established rivals.
  • S. c4d4
    S. c4d4 1 месяц назад I did not like how it looked from side ways ! Such a loaded car but such a huge blunder from side looks ! It might not be liked by many !
  • Borsumbi Terang
    Borsumbi Terang 1 месяц назад Indeed but the rear and the front looks quite good
  • Rigraj pathak
    Rigraj pathak 1 месяц назад Yes rear doesnt look good but front look nice
  • Puchi poo
    Puchi poo 1 месяц назад I liked it
  • rocky handsome
    rocky handsome 1 месяц назад ya....crrt
  • Mandakini Khaire
    Mandakini Khaire 1 месяц назад Sorry
  • Being Human
    Being Human 1 месяц назад Side looks are awesome ...
  • atul wankhade
    atul wankhade 1 месяц назад Just like KUV they killed the rear
  • Ronin R
    Ronin R 1 месяц назад Side looks exactly same as 2006 swift model.
  • Raj Nibhani
    Raj Nibhani 3 недели назад S. c4d4 the whole vehicle is a blunder 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    AAKASH GUPTA 1 месяц назад Well Done Mahindra 👌 The Features + Safety Kit and Engine Specifications.. 👍
  • Bedabrat Deka
    Bedabrat Deka 1 месяц назад Mahindra has done a good job by launching XUV 300. Keep it up Mahindra.
  • Rudhit Vadhva
    Rudhit Vadhva 1 месяц назад I think diesel engine is the most talking point of this car❤
  • Atharva Kumavat
    Atharva Kumavat 1 месяц назад The tail lights look like Maserati tail lights though....
  • Rohit K
    Rohit K 1 месяц назад That isn't a bad thing tho
  • N3dR
    N3dR 1 месяц назад The rear of the car doesn't look attractive at all though IMO.
  • Atharva Kumavat
    Atharva Kumavat 1 месяц назад @Rohit K it isn't but they could have tried more to make it special
  • Atharva Kumavat
    Atharva Kumavat 1 месяц назад @N3dR not creatively designed in the back ....
  • ravikant reddy
    ravikant reddy Неделю назад @N3dR rear is the best part of the car.
  • Ankit Ahlawat
    Ankit Ahlawat 1 месяц назад Now Brezza sales will definitely come down!
  • 100 subscriber's without any videos challenge
    100 subscriber's without any videos challenge 1 месяц назад Rear Ac vents, boot space....... xuv 300 is missing out...
  • debapratim chowdhury
    debapratim chowdhury 1 месяц назад No.... Because we Indians only want 'kitna deti hain' and 'resale value'.... And only caruti fuzuki tin cans can deliver that.....😁😁🤑🕺🕺👏👏
  • om purohit
    om purohit 1 месяц назад No way man....... Brezza is on the way
  • sk jasimuddin
    sk jasimuddin 1 месяц назад It is just copy of brezza.
    SHUBHAM KUMAR 1 месяц назад @debapratim chowdhury..... Brezza has a 4-star rating from Global NCAP so in No way its a Tin can. Neither Tata Nexon nor Mahindra Xuv 300 is providing Rear AC vents which is a a very big let down especially when price is considered. If such a Basic thing like Rear AC Vents isn't being provided for the price then it's obvious that Customers will like to Buy a Maruti Vitara Brezza for better Mileage, Resale value as well as easier spare parts availability alongside the basic 4-star crash rating from NCAP. Things like Sunroof, Touchscreen or Speaker quality is only secondary to things like Comfort through Rear AC Vents, Mileage and Resale value.
  • Not Jim Carrey
    Not Jim Carrey 1 месяц назад @100 subscriber's without any videos challenge Yes, good looks, good build quality, strong engine, better interiors, features like leather seats, front and rear parking sensors, 7 airbags, heated mirrors, all discs, dual zone climate control, sunroof, bigger wheels and tyres, better ride etc etc are all useless with a small boot and no weak rear AC vents- Maruti bhakt logic.
  • Aadithya Raj
    Aadithya Raj 1 месяц назад @sk jasimuddin it's rendered from Korean Giants Ssangyong Tivoli and Brezza is Japanese
  • Mayur Nayudu
    Mayur Nayudu 1 месяц назад Not exactly..major sales inIndia now is from the suburban/Village areas. These people have money in cash and there only Maruthi is the king. They dont care of the features / safety etc. They just want the basics and resale value and thats the core of Maruthi sales. Even a very big family will have ertiga or a dzire or a swift. They dont even want a Baleno. They dont care of brand / aspiration value etc. They just go with neighbourhood advise to stay with in the village/town brother hood.
  • Collateral Killer
    Collateral Killer 1 месяц назад Right
  • Nipjyoti Kalita
    Nipjyoti Kalita 1 месяц назад (изменено) @SHUBHAM KUMAR *nexon has rear ac vents.
    SHUBHAM KUMAR 1 месяц назад @Nipjyoti Kalita..... Those are blowers not rear ac vents.
    SHUBHAM KUMAR 1 месяц назад @Not Jim Carrey.... Majority of the Nation does not lives in such a cold climate that it will require Self defogging side lights and the let's see if the 7-airbag is a must in all variants of XUV-300 or its just for the high end variant. No doubt XUV-300 is providing many features which aren't heard in its class in India but its a real mistake to give Sunroof but not Rear AC Vents and Charging ports as it hampers it chances to become a suitable product for family travel. The crash test hasn't taken place for this car but still I'm hoping that it will get a 4 to 5 star rating. Logistics is very important for Middle class families so is safety and comfortable driving experience especially with Family. Without a Rear AC or rear Charging port the focus hasn't been on making it a more middle class family friendly oriented car especially for the 35-40 year olds which usually have at least a kid and 2 parents with them. A Car with NCAP 4-star rating like Brezza can't termed as unsafe especially when Airbags and ABS are standard in all variants.
  • aakashchoudhuri
    aakashchoudhuri 1 месяц назад (изменено) A min of silence for those who tag Brezza as a tin can. The vehicle manages a 4 star rating with just 2 airbags. XUV300 is really a game changer for the game that was flagged off by Duster and Ecosport with Brezza and Nexon joining the sport somewhat late. The biggest advantage of XUV300 is that the engineers have litterally done away with the turbo lag nuisance that Suzuki and Tata need to focus into. But yes, auto defogging ORVMs are certainly next gen things for Indian budget segment.
  • RJ
    RJ 1 месяц назад @Mayur Nayudu villagers trust mahindra more, bolero is the reason which is one of the most reliable cars
  • RJ
    RJ 1 месяц назад @SHUBHAM KUMAR in no way, brezza is better than xuv300. Wait for some time, xuv300 will take over. Nexon have rear ac vents
  • Vanshaj Agarwal
    Vanshaj Agarwal 1 месяц назад @SHUBHAM KUMAR every car in this and one segment above comes with rear ac blowers or *rear ac vents*, no car maker gives a separate ac at rear!!
  • Kaustuva Biswal
    Kaustuva Biswal 1 месяц назад I dont think so. They werent impressed by the 5 star safety rating of nexon hoy they can appreciate this beauty??? Tin cars and minds are to blame
  • Soby Sunny
    Soby Sunny 1 месяц назад Seriously which Mahindra car has good sales other than Bolero which is mostly because of Govt purchase....
  • Soby Sunny
    Soby Sunny 1 месяц назад (изменено) And this is another copy of Ssangyong which is olddddd car... Your are bringing old cars to Indian public while other manufacturers are making for Indian public only
  • Raj jat
    Raj jat 1 месяц назад @Soby Sunny this isn't copy of ssangyong! Mahindra owns ssangyong and xuv300 gets tivoli x100 plarform. Xuv300 is designed by pininfarina
  • Divine Life Bliss
    Divine Life Bliss 1 месяц назад Where. Ohh in your dreams right. Cheap and unreliable Mahindra is no match to Japanese engineering..
  • Hunter J
    Hunter J 1 месяц назад Why did it copy brezza
  • Nishant Tanwar
    Nishant Tanwar 1 месяц назад @aakashchoudhuri bhai 4 star only for front collision test , no all round collision test has been done on brezza
  • aakashchoudhuri
    aakashchoudhuri 1 месяц назад @Nishant Tanwar isn't it the same for the Nexon too? I watched videos of NCAP where both Nexon and Brezza were featured for Frontal deformable barrier tests only. Though I am sure that curtain airbags can improve safety for side crashes. Please help me understand dear. ☺️
  • ashish joshi
    ashish joshi 1 месяц назад Brezza is bakwas
  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 1 месяц назад Yes, by 50-100 units :P
  • Asha Ajil
    Asha Ajil 1 месяц назад And then comes the new suzuki jimny and stocks will finish so fast that no one will even look for the xuv 300
  • jimmy tomy
    jimmy tomy 1 месяц назад @SHUBHAM KUMAR Nexon have rear ac vents
    SHUBHAM KUMAR 1 месяц назад @jimmy tomy.... Texon has Rear Blowers not AC vents. There is a huge difference between the two.
    SHUBHAM KUMAR 1 месяц назад @Vanshaj Agarwal.... After Brezza the only SUV that has still retained its sales is Hyundai Creta because of some great features like Rear AC vents, Sun roof tops etc. How does it makes any sense to give a Sunroof but not a Rear AC?? Such sub-4m compact SUVs are for medium income families that will do require Rear ACs more than Sunroof top. No doubt Mahindra has given many awesome things but there are certain core things that attract the customers the most which especially includes a comfortable ride for themselves and their families. Such Compact SUVs are mostly supposed to be used in SUVs for Office employees.
  • Prabhasini Panda
    Prabhasini Panda 1 месяц назад Breeza buyers are bigest madmans
  • Sarthak Chawla
    Sarthak Chawla Неделю назад @SHUBHAM KUMAR Maybe for you 7 airbags, hill hold control, and other safety features which are common in this world aren't important. But for many people they are
  • Vijaya Hariharan
    Vijaya Hariharan 1 месяц назад Great vehicle and Mahindra will certainly come out of the bias of a tractor maker.
  • Akash Pashine
    Akash Pashine 1 месяц назад Mahindra is back😈
  • ravi gopati
    ravi gopati 2 дня назад Sir Real mileage plz ???
  • Karabi Poddar
    Karabi Poddar 1 месяц назад (изменено) Mahindra should learn about the start stop bottom from Maruti Suzuki. It's amazingly fast in New Ertiga 2018
  • aakashchoudhuri
    aakashchoudhuri 1 месяц назад (изменено) Ciaz too. Start-stop within seconds. #SHVS
  • Paras singh Rana
    Paras singh Rana 1 месяц назад Nissan gives it in Indian market from 6 years that is very smart