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FUNNY Videos & Epic WINS || Novemberer 2016 Compilation || Viral Fail

Published on Nov 29, 2016 1,207,608 views

We decided to put some of our win clips together in a little extra compilation for you guys this week. Weird wins vs. epic wins, what's your pick? Let us know in the comments below, enjoy a little something extra and as always, Salute!
We watch people fail on the internet all day and we thought it was time to celebrate some amazing wins! Overcoming fears, making amazing leaps and more on this edition.

  • Dario DeNiro
    Dario DeNiro Год назад Need to see more of cat woman!
  • Bonnie Wyke
    Bonnie Wyke 11 месяцев назад Just a bunch of un-amusing soccer vids? Why?
  • AbeO DEZ
    AbeO DEZ 2 года назад cat woman starts around 2:03
  • Nancy butternuts
    Nancy butternuts Год назад AbeO DEZ thank you kind sir
  • matthew martin
    matthew martin Год назад AbeO DEZ much help I do this to people too because I know what the people want (: b))
  • Rogelia Valladares
    Rogelia Valladares Год назад Cerpientes
  • Adam Belanga
    Adam Belanga Год назад Yea, Carrie LaChance, y'all check her out sometime.
    ᎯᎯRᎾN THE LIᎾN 5 месяцев назад AbeO DEZ why thank you kind gentle man
  • santa claus
    santa claus Год назад Cat Woman....that’s what I want for christmas!!
  • Badd Mouth
    Badd Mouth 8 месяцев назад Soccer suxxx. Woohoo we sat around for 3 hours to watch a game end 1-1. Boring AF
  • mrbricole99
    mrbricole99 2 года назад At least the tu,tail is there ...bravo...
  • thelittleguy
    thelittleguy Год назад Wow cool they can kick a ball into a 10ft x 20ft hole. That's not really that impressive. Hell sports in general.
  • Dávid Szabó
    Dávid Szabó Год назад MUSIC PLEASE 8:43? PLS.
  • leslie jahaya
    leslie jahaya Год назад not funny,stupid😐
  • Kamalika Chowdhury
    Kamalika Chowdhury Год назад What is the music at 10;34
  • Percy the pitbull & Landyn the dude
    Percy the pitbull & Landyn the dude Год назад soccer no no no
  • Julio Mentor
    Julio Mentor 8 месяцев назад (изменено) 2:07 sé que viniste por la miniatura.
  • Dashcam Karaoke
    Dashcam Karaoke 11 месяцев назад So the point of the thumbnail is what?
    ROY TAHIR GILL Год назад 2:08
  • haroriders
    haroriders 2 года назад music list plzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Wan Mohd Fauzi
    Wan Mohd Fauzi Год назад (изменено) music at 9:46 plizzz
  • Quezon fx
    Quezon fx Год назад OMFG - Hello
  • Rahul Dhum
    Rahul Dhum 8 месяцев назад 1:35 name of the song
  • Maxisch B.
    Maxisch B. Год назад Alguien sabe como se llama la canción q está en el minuto 1:40
  • Igor Platonov
    Igor Platonov 2 года назад !!!!!