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Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2018

Published on Dec 30, 2018 29,232,172 views

Welcome to JukinVideo's Top 100 Viral Videos of 2018! We've collected the best videos from this year and are ready to serve them up to you. From bear attacks to creepy clams, playful pranks to kid catastrophes and everything in between, check out the top 100 for the silliest, craziest, and most relatable videos of the year. Let us know what your favorite was in the comments!

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  • Supreme Sani
    Supreme Sani 2 месяца назад Top 100 viral videos no one has ever seen 😂😂🤣
  • Peyton Simes
    Peyton Simes 2 месяца назад yeah
  • Heckbrother
    Heckbrother 2 месяца назад I saw probably ten of them. I think they are the most upvoted posts in r/videos this year but maybe not
  • Bman 10025
    Bman 10025 2 месяца назад Maybe knew 10
  • Marksmithwas12
    Marksmithwas12 2 месяца назад I think I saw the elderly couple play piano and that's about it
    THAYEN KENTO 2 месяца назад Dude can u pls subscribe to Thayen kento 🙂
  • *-TheXboxAndFortniteKidd55-*
    *-TheXboxAndFortniteKidd55-* 2 месяца назад (изменено) Sani Gang viral means popular, so that would make no sense
  • Daddy Jay
    Daddy Jay 2 месяца назад Exactly
  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese 2 месяца назад Probably cuz jukin is a douche
  • Cesar Höjer
    Cesar Höjer 2 месяца назад The yodel kid!
  • Fun_ey
    Fun_ey 2 месяца назад @THAYEN KENTO No your channel is shit.
  • Jared David Sales
    Jared David Sales 2 месяца назад ye rightt
  • chris chris
    chris chris 2 месяца назад ikr maybe it's based on ig, fb and twitter cause there's too much normie stuff for youtube.
  • Hi Matt
    Hi Matt 2 месяца назад You must be no one then
  • Joost V
    Joost V 2 месяца назад Theyre good tho
  • Bradley Victor
    Bradley Victor 2 месяца назад agreed
  • Egide Niyikora
    Egide Niyikora 2 месяца назад Sani Gang lol
  • GbombMr
    GbombMr 2 месяца назад I saw the cop one
  • Caroline Mole
    Caroline Mole 1 день назад And not many funny ones.
  • damian bla
    damian bla 3 дня назад top 100 viral videos of 2018 Me: weird, I saw these videos in 2017
  • Mr. NoseyBonk
    Mr. NoseyBonk 2 дня назад 1:52 / 94 That's my invention...Cake face.
  • LowBudgetStudios
    LowBudgetStudios 2 дня назад i think your definition of Viral, and my definition of viral are totally different.
  • Giraffe Man
    Giraffe Man 1 день назад Some of them are viral but most of some are just random video.
  • Nekro
    Nekro 2 месяца назад So viral I’ve never seen any of them
  • Kevin Le Meme Guy
    Kevin Le Meme Guy 2 месяца назад Nekro well i think it's probably on social media like Facebook or something
  • Daniel
    Daniel 2 месяца назад ME too :))
  • NFL FAN19
    NFL FAN19 2 месяца назад Really?
  • The Wooly Ryno
    The Wooly Ryno 2 месяца назад You gotta crawl out from under your rock first, Patrick!
  • Y ercra Y
    Y ercra Y 2 месяца назад There are top, so its possible for you
  • Zach B
    Zach B 2 месяца назад Never seen en
  • Joshua Robinson
    Joshua Robinson 2 месяца назад Same
  • trego ogert
    trego ogert 2 месяца назад Not i neither
  • demandred1957
    demandred1957 2 месяца назад Yep, I've never seen any of those either.
  • Nekro
    Nekro 2 месяца назад Kevin Le Meme Guy yeah this feels like a Facebook thing
  • Laura Meakin
    Laura Meakin 1 месяц назад (изменено) The one with the raccoon climbing the high rise went so viral it made international news...
  • Nekro
    Nekro 1 месяц назад Laura Meakin you don’t know what country I’m from and also even if I’m from your country I may not watch the news or not have heard of this video
  • Blaukriton
    Blaukriton Неделю назад i gave you 1000 xD
  • R D
    R D Неделю назад I've seen he guy grabbing that bass which is awesome and absolutely viral, much better than the typical "I am an idiot/fail" virals
  • ñ toxikation
    ñ toxikation 4 дня назад 😅😅😅😅
  • ñ toxikation
    ñ toxikation 4 дня назад Soo true
  • Gator Greater
    Gator Greater 2 дня назад Nekro he’s trying to make a good video and you’ve got to be a jerk about it !!
  • Caroline Mole
    Caroline Mole 1 день назад Lol
  • Ezequiel Rubina
    Ezequiel Rubina 3 дня назад 29:35 THAT WILL TEACH FOR TRUSTING THE POO-LICE
  • Anastasia Gordiou
    Anastasia Gordiou 3 дня назад 1:05 greek🤣🇬🇷 he is saying bad words😂
  • fortnite pv2 plays
    fortnite pv2 plays 1 день назад Malaka kai na pesei to kinito twra
  • Anastasia Gordiou
    Anastasia Gordiou 1 день назад @fortnite pv2 plays επεσε😂
    D1G1TALSYNAPS3 6 дней назад @29:19 I lost my shit for 5 minutes straight
  • tony p
    tony p 2 дня назад (#11) Seen mom's reaction of joy made me tear up...
  • Amalia
    Amalia 2 месяца назад Either I lived under a rock for 2018 or I had never seen any of these "viral" videos.
  • smumdax
    smumdax 2 месяца назад Same here. I'm at #74 now, and I've seen nothing... I thought I was too much on the net, seems not.
  • Water Mouse
    Water Mouse 2 месяца назад Lol - I have seen 1 or 2 but none of the others. Good videos though!
  • h
    h 2 месяца назад it's more like "100 cool videos I found" it's a fake shitty list
  • Phillip Oliver Holtz
    Phillip Oliver Holtz 2 месяца назад "jukinvideo" it's not speaking for the internet, just their own channel.
  • yo Alex
    yo Alex 2 месяца назад It's 100 videos jukin bought the licence to in 2018 that they are trying to advertise
  • Cre8 Animations
    Cre8 Animations 2 месяца назад I think its the top viral videos from facebook XD
    UN3TY GAMING 2 месяца назад No this is PATRICK
  • Mike G
    Mike G 2 месяца назад 99% of the time the trending section is filled with junk!
  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy 2 месяца назад So have I. Although I didn't know rocks were so bright when living under them.
  • someone random
    someone random 2 месяца назад same
  • Bacon Masters
    Bacon Masters 2 месяца назад Same
  • NWS
    NWS 2 месяца назад Same tho
  • cyndl lloyd
    cyndl lloyd 2 месяца назад Yeah me too, I think I saw only 4 of these, and I don't see why many of the others were interesting enough to supposedly go 'viral'. :(
  • Jerry Dalrymple
    Jerry Dalrymple 2 месяца назад 30:30 now we know what Dorothy went through in the Wizard of Oz when the tornado whisked her outhouse away to the Magical land of Oz.🌬🚽👩‍🌾🛸
  • Floofy The Floof
    Floofy The Floof 2 месяца назад I have
  • Mr Bingham123
    Mr Bingham123 2 месяца назад Amalia M. More like his favourite videos
  • Rubster Reactions
    Rubster Reactions 2 месяца назад same
  • Escape Reality
    Escape Reality 2 месяца назад You live under a rock
  • Rubster Reactions
    Rubster Reactions 2 месяца назад i have seen most but some im like what
  • Nicole Has Homies
    Nicole Has Homies 2 месяца назад Same 😁😂😁😂😁
  • Bubba bitty
    Bubba bitty 2 месяца назад Yeh your not the only one. Ok confess, maybe I saw a handful of them or less. These weren’t 2018’s viral video’s 🤔
  • Brian McD
    Brian McD 2 месяца назад @yo Alex no, they don't buy a license to any of "their" videos -- what you state is an assumption, and a legit one. All these video owners are like myself, who trusted this agency to represent them/ their video, but what happens is they pirate your video and file a copyright ownership to claim it as their property, and collect and keep 100% of the ad $$$ earned from YouTube. Happened to me and hundreds of others, none of us paid a cent for our videos nor paid license fees, nor paid to use and profit from our videos, nor paid any ad money, a total fraud and deception very cleverly done, and we have the evidence in form of their contract we signed, and all phone calls from the agency were recorded thus audio files held revealing what we were told/ promised/ could expect/ would be done versus what they actually did. I have retained a law firm in California to litigate this case. Anyone whose experience is similar, contact me
  • yo Alex
    yo Alex 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Brian McD I suggest you go to their website, look at their videos and track down the original posters and ask them if they have gone through the same thing.
  • joe riffe
    joe riffe 2 месяца назад Amalia M. Same
  • Nightcore Nation
    Nightcore Nation 2 месяца назад exactly
  • Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson 2 месяца назад I seen a few of them.
  • r
    r 2 месяца назад Yooo, for real.
  • Unlimited
    Unlimited 2 месяца назад do you instead want to see videos u already saw?
  • Porsh Mazwai
    Porsh Mazwai 2 месяца назад Me3
  • Thomas Bond
    Thomas Bond 2 месяца назад same
  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole 2 месяца назад Jukin doesn't allow anybody to share their videos off of YouTube (you can give a link to the YouTube page, but you can't share the video itself). They're pretty notorious for being extremely heavy handed with their anti-sharing policy.
  • Kiwecy Wright
    Kiwecy Wright 2 месяца назад You and I both
  • -Kawaii Hamster-
    -Kawaii Hamster- 2 месяца назад Yeah same xD
  • maxzzzie
    maxzzzie 2 месяца назад They are not viral video's. They are fails/wins.
  • Jose G
    Jose G 2 месяца назад Amalia M. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Yonatan24
    Yonatan24 2 месяца назад @Brian McD Please keep us updated!
  • Rae D
    Rae D 2 месяца назад Some of them were even covered by big news companies how did you not see ANY of these
  • Sir. Terra
    Sir. Terra 2 месяца назад Its Like "facebook trendy" and no sane or Person below 50 sees These
  • Turbo Fighter
    Turbo Fighter 2 месяца назад Same
  • Cavbucky Plays
    Cavbucky Plays 2 месяца назад Mike G videos
  • Gambau 05
    Gambau 05 2 месяца назад Same
  • Albert Horne
    Albert Horne 2 месяца назад Mj
  • Tako Bell
    Tako Bell 2 месяца назад I WAS THE 1. ,700TH LIKE EXACTLY
  • FoxilyHanaGG
    FoxilyHanaGG 2 месяца назад Same 😂
  • BixenteFabregas
    BixenteFabregas 2 месяца назад IF THOSE ARE VIRAL THEN WE DON'T NEED TO VACCINATE!!! (Disclaimer: BixenteFabregas doesn't endorse the antivaxxer movement by any means)
  • Chris Brazier
    Chris Brazier 2 месяца назад K
  • Louis Taylor
    Louis Taylor 2 месяца назад Amalia M. Defiantly not a rock.....
  • Drittenz
    Drittenz 2 месяца назад Amalia M. You have definitely been living under a rock if you’ve never seen ANY of the videos. Especially #1, that one was quite popular.
  • Evening of the Undead
    Evening of the Undead 2 месяца назад I've seen almost all of these lol
  • Joseph Cocchiola
    Joseph Cocchiola 2 месяца назад That makes two or more of us.
  • Colin Shui
    Colin Shui 2 месяца назад Doesn’t matter, the clips were good
  • Joseph Cocchiola
    Joseph Cocchiola 2 месяца назад @Colin Shui No one was commenting on the validity of the clips being good. So really the only thing that doesn't matter is a negative comment like yours.
  • Yes C
    Yes C 2 месяца назад Same
  • Luca S.
    Luca S. 2 месяца назад This is either a 2012 Vine Compilation or the most viral videos from facebook. I dunno who else would enjoy video with the humor of "Charlie bit my finger" in 2018
  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 2 месяца назад Amalia M. Actually you look so cute on your picture that you can come live with me :-)
  • Luca S.
    Luca S. 2 месяца назад @Aaron Martinez can you not
  • Aaron Martinez
    Aaron Martinez 2 месяца назад Luca S. Already did my dude
  • Matt1ix Songs
    Matt1ix Songs 2 месяца назад You lived under a rock.
  • I am a whale
    I am a whale 1 месяц назад ikr
  • Kid Model Samyra
    Kid Model Samyra 2 недели назад Wow... What a amazing shoot guys 😍 Subscribe YouTube channel "Kid Model Samyra" For videos 😃
  • Loz John
    Loz John 3 дня назад Same
  • George G
    George G 6 дней назад 1:16 literally translates from Greek, "jerk-off, imagine the cell phone falls down now", right before the cell phone falls down.
  • Steward
    Steward 3 дня назад @George G power of suggestion. The subconscious mind does not have a sense of humour
  • Zempfire Zempfire
    Zempfire Zempfire 2 дня назад The little girls getting into makeup totally killed me my 2 year old granddaughter and her bestie did something quite similar.
  • pi zza
    pi zza 1 день назад 0:48 lol why my deer not workin lol
  • Teresa Fields-Pena
    Teresa Fields-Pena 4 дня назад The man who saved the baby deer touched my heart GOD BLESS HIM
  • Fr3ddy VF
    Fr3ddy VF 2 дня назад Teresa Fields-Pena he man handled that thing lol
  • Teresa Fields-Pena
    Teresa Fields-Pena 2 дня назад @Fr3ddy VF yeah, but it wasnt hurt and he SAVED HIS OR HERS LITTLE LIFE THATS WHY IT TOUCHED MY HEART !I like that word ( man-handled ) lol
  • Teresa Fields-Pena
    Teresa Fields-Pena 2 дня назад @Fr3ddy VF oh and GOD BLESS YOU MR FR3DDY
  • Caroline Mole
    Caroline Mole 1 день назад Aww that was sweet.
  • Immortal Ari
    Immortal Ari 2 месяца назад (изменено) Am I the only one that hasn't seen a single one of these?
  • Digitally Fidget
    Digitally Fidget 2 месяца назад I was about to comment the same exact thing.
  • Lil Mac Kelly From BELOVEDONEZ
    Lil Mac Kelly From BELOVEDONEZ 2 месяца назад Me neither
  • Lil Mac Kelly From BELOVEDONEZ
    Lil Mac Kelly From BELOVEDONEZ 2 месяца назад I saw 82 already
  • Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ
    Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ 2 месяца назад Why do people overuse the word 'literally'?
  • jes kg
    jes kg 2 месяца назад yes they not much viral those videos! is just fake
  • ChicknBeau
    ChicknBeau 2 месяца назад Orrin Bester he used it in correct context, he didn’t overuse it.
  • Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ
    Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ 2 месяца назад ChicknBeau Yeah he did. Why would he have to use the word literally? Would he bother lying, as in, say 'I haven't seen any of these videos'? I don't see why he would lie about that. Literally is used to specify and reassure the point. So yeah, he didn't need to use it.
  • FILIP gaming09
    FILIP gaming09 2 месяца назад first
  • - AmbieticA -
    - AmbieticA - 2 месяца назад (изменено) All except #30. that's it.
  • Owen Sheehan
    Owen Sheehan 2 месяца назад @Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ Don't need to get butt hurt over grammar
  • Tom Spurr
    Tom Spurr 2 месяца назад @Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ its literally sooo annoying
  • HiTeckHero9 is the name
    HiTeckHero9 is the name 2 месяца назад Same
  • Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ
    Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ 2 месяца назад Owen Sheehan It really does make me butt hurt. All these parents, pay for education of their kids, which some include English classes yeah...and then they have access to a keyboard or keypad that works, and still make a hash of it. It butt hurts me a big deal. Some people are just lazy 😜
  • ScottyWired
    ScottyWired 2 месяца назад The only one I saw was the plane 11:09 But not the video of it, I was across the river and saw it in person haha
  • noty thx
    noty thx 2 месяца назад Literally none of you know what the word literally means.
  • Tom Spurr
    Tom Spurr 2 месяца назад @Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ literally so true
  • Tom Spurr
    Tom Spurr 2 месяца назад @Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ my education is freee!
  • Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ
    Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ 2 месяца назад noty thx See, you've misused it there as well. Some of us know what it means (I assume) and you don't know that because you haven't sat each person down in this comment section and interviewed them on whether they know what the word 'literally' means. You're literally a moron. < There ya go 😜
  • Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ
    Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ 2 месяца назад Tom Spurr Clearly it is free Tommy son, it's spelt 'free' 😜
  • Tom Spurr
    Tom Spurr 2 месяца назад @Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ I agree with you on your point that people misuse & overuse literally and it has lost its meaning over time and when I said it's literally anoying it was a joke.
  • The Godly 1
    The Godly 1 2 месяца назад @Oʀʀɪɴ Bᴇsᴛᴇʀ you are literally the stupidest cunt i know
  • Immortal Ari
    Immortal Ari 2 месяца назад @Digitally Fidget Ikr it's weird
  • Immortal Ari
    Immortal Ari 2 месяца назад @Orrin Bester I have no idea Lol
  • Immortal Ari
    Immortal Ari 2 месяца назад @Orrin Bester now you're overusing it lol
  • Immortal Ari
    Immortal Ari 2 месяца назад Why the hell did my replies get sent twice
  • Immortal Ari
    Immortal Ari 2 месяца назад @Orrin Bester I edited my comment just for you! Happy now or is my English incorrect again? I speak 4 languages and English isn't my primary one so don't judge.
  • Caroline Mole
    Caroline Mole 1 день назад Nope
  • Memnon
    Memnon 5 дней назад Dude that Glass Act one was absolutely insane.
  • Barry Ryan
    Barry Ryan 2 дня назад 29.19....I'm still laughing!!!
  • Hamads7_ z
    Hamads7_ z 5 дней назад 9:32 no jump fatigue? 😂
  • rzep rzep
    rzep rzep 3 дня назад try to keep mind. you tube will changed. you too. ssuck