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Here's Why the Tesla Model 3 Is the Coolest Car of 2017

Published on Nov 6, 2017 8,752,550 views


The Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of 2017. Today, I'm reviewing this Tesla Model 3 and I'm showing you all of the Model 3's quirks and features -- and I'm going to explain why the Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of the year.

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  • CaseyNeistat
    CaseyNeistat Год назад this is great video. thanks for such an insightful early look. i subbd!
  • AKzebraMiner
    AKzebraMiner Год назад CaseyNeistat Hi Casey! Weird to see a comment by yours have no likes lol
  • Borna Hafezi
    Borna Hafezi Год назад CaseyNeistat Love the content Casey been watching since bike lanes❤️
  • Anonymoose
    Anonymoose Год назад This comment brought to you by Samsung™ and CNN™
  • Vegan Studios
    Vegan Studios Год назад CaseyNeistat holy shit it’s the real Casey. Love the vids man.
  • Seth Arterburn
    Seth Arterburn Год назад its casey!!!!!
  • Vq37 VHR
    Vq37 VHR Год назад Shut up
  • Owen Richmond
    Owen Richmond Год назад spotted
  • Lucas
    Lucas Год назад very original hahahaha
  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro Год назад Casey Neistat, ladies and gentlemen!
  • Cyril TV
    Cyril TV Год назад Its the real account!
  • Arief Rahman
    Arief Rahman Год назад to have someone so busy like Casey watching your half-hour videos and satisfied, Congrats Doug!
  • AllAmericanGuy01
    AllAmericanGuy01 Год назад Arief Rahman You mean his public relations/marketing team.
  • InstantCake
    InstantCake Год назад CaseyNeistat IT'S CASEY!!!!!!!!! Hi!
  • daCorasla
    daCorasla Год назад caseyyyyy
  • Nick Soule
    Nick Soule Год назад CaseyNeistat you should get one! Bring all of the Tesla fans to the vlog!
  • Matt Noonan
    Matt Noonan Год назад Oooooo.... I'd love to see a Casey and Doug vlog. Like a race with Doug in a Smart Car vs. Casey on a boosted board.
  • Carlton I.
    Carlton I. Год назад CASEEYYY <3
  • Zavier Mayo
    Zavier Mayo Год назад your a car guy
  • Bill Belzek
    Bill Belzek Год назад Casey can you please buy a Tesla Model 3 and putz around NYC instead of the booster board?
  • Frenchie Horn
    Frenchie Horn Год назад My goodness you people freaking out like you just met him in real life calm down damn
  • BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill
    BlvckFire EDM iTrap iTrance iClub iChill Год назад So it takes him to review a Model 3 for you to show up??? Get lost wimp
  • StrangeClouds
    StrangeClouds Год назад Casey Neistat type of guy to watch a Doug DeMuro video and then subscribe.
  • Brian Conover
    Brian Conover Год назад Casey farted...everyone gather around !
  • David Burns
    David Burns Год назад ayo
  • Marko Mircea
    Marko Mircea Год назад Nice English CaseyNostats. The first selfdriving cars will fit perfectly with useless morons like yourself and the self-lacing shoes for a better world.
  • Marcus Mayenschein
    Marcus Mayenschein Год назад HI Casey, in case you want to come to Europe, I give you my Model S for free rides. Best, teslamarcus PS: love your channel!
  • Thomas MTB
    Thomas MTB Год назад Ur videos suck and ur fugly
  • LTCG1
    LTCG1 Год назад man u made me blow on my screen :[
  • Trevor Satterwhite
    Trevor Satterwhite Год назад Casey! If you and Candice decide on a Tesla model S/X for Cali you can use my referral code haha:
  • PhantomEagle
    PhantomEagle Год назад No way it's the real Casey
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    EclipseFox31 Show? Год назад CaseyNeistat CAVEMAN HELLO
  • Ridoy Hassan
    Ridoy Hassan Год назад hi Casey....!!!
  • georose33
    georose33 Год назад Wow. He should be thrilled.
  • Harm Knol
    Harm Knol Год назад CaseyNeistat Hee hello Casey. Coincidal i red your comment.Last year i saw your funny snow video New York.DESPITE THE police officer was upset most viewrs had approval and fun.Perhaps you want to make people and viewers aware of my person . See Twitter @PEACEHARRYKNOL NLs
  • Stephen Zane
    Stephen Zane Год назад Worlds collide
  • Anthony Ven.
    Anthony Ven. Год назад hahaha thats right !
  • Daddy's lil Darlings!
    Daddy's lil Darlings! Год назад this is good for u cuz u love technology :3
  • hashbrowns for hamster
    hashbrowns for hamster Год назад Casey the kind of guy ... wait for it ... To upstage Doug DeMuro at his own game.
  • Dead or alive your're coming with me
    Dead or alive your're coming with me Год назад OMG ITS CASEY!!!! Who gives a fuck! You fools and your YouTube celebrities
  • Nathraichean
    Nathraichean Год назад Woah.
  • wazgriffin
    wazgriffin Год назад C
  • Danny Quesada
    Danny Quesada Год назад You suck you communist Tesla lover get out of here
  • Edu S.F
    Edu S.F Год назад Activate the option for those who watch (put subtitles, CC), since there are no subtitles in Portuguese, are losing views of Brazil so
  • James Rail
    James Rail Год назад Hi Casey
  • Fys Lykth
    Fys Lykth Год назад So did I...
  • jokuel111
    jokuel111 Год назад How much of a government discount did he get to buy the car?
  • K.C.R
    K.C.R Год назад Ejjjj Casey
  • Ivan Hooper
    Ivan Hooper Год назад I didn't know Casey watched car videos. Lol
  • Sam Carpenter
    Sam Carpenter Год назад G.O.A.T
  • Happyman9271
    Happyman9271 Год назад Hey Casey, I'm surprised that you watched Doug's videos, I love your channel tho! :D
  • bruceleehiiiyaaa
    bruceleehiiiyaaa Год назад get a nosejob casey
  • Black Orca
    Black Orca Год назад CaseyNeistat it’s funny that I watch Doug demoro and u
  • Zac Thompson
    Zac Thompson Год назад CaseyNeistat omg Casey watches this channel
  • Ivan Cortez
    Ivan Cortez Год назад CaseyNeistat Damn, Casey! What’s up! ✌️😂
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    Value Venture Investing Год назад If only Casey would shoutout my channel which is just starting up. haha
  • Auto Auction Rebuilds
    Auto Auction Rebuilds Год назад Casey subbed!!! DAMN!! Love this video! Thanks.
  • AJ Franklin
    AJ Franklin Год назад I'm guessing Casey clicked on this vid not because he is an enthusiast, but because he is fond of Teslas.
  • gratts podcast
    gratts podcast Год назад CaseyNeistat neat
  • Gill Bates
    Gill Bates Год назад Casey!!
  • Yabby Gideon
    Yabby Gideon Год назад CaseyNeistat is the biggest subscriber Doug ever got.
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    slapshot1343 Год назад You haven't made it on youtube until you've got casey neistat following you! Congrats good sir!!
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    throttlemax Год назад CaseyNeistat OMG CASEY PLEASE GET THIS MODEL 3
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    stock fish Год назад cheers @CasyNeistat :))
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    AJ Franklin Год назад Chill dude! You sound like your going to pass out.
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    Akshay Anvekar Год назад Just wanted to disturb you 😈😀
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    Fruitably YT Год назад Holy shit it's Casey Neistat
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    Robinsrobin Год назад NO WAY
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    Alexis Olmo Год назад Anonymoose lmao
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    Pistol Pete Год назад get out of here you sellout!
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    Marko Mircea Год назад Useless moron, CaseyNostats.
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    camilaitor1 Год назад Holy casey I never thought I'll see a comment from you over here
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    Kait Cole Год назад YESSSS
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    o Cologic Год назад CaseyNeistat j
  • ConceptWiseAsia CWA TV
    ConceptWiseAsia CWA TV Год назад You should get one Casey. That would contribute greatly to the electronic car revolution, having people know and see you driving one.
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    MBN Shots Год назад Why your speeling off
    YELLERR Год назад fuck off
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    Karl P Год назад Fuck off you media muffin piece of fake shit
  • Karl P
    Karl P Год назад I unsubbed from you ages ago. You're just a skin deep shill media fakeoid
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    Dany Mmac Год назад CaseyNeistat e
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    Braden Monroe Год назад Why?
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    none of your business Год назад Karl P fuck you
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    Jo e Год назад CaseyNeistat Legend
  • Cam
    Cam Год назад Um did not expect to see you here
  • Cam
    Cam Год назад CaseyNeistat do you have nice tats
    I AM JOHNNY Год назад Love his reviews
  • Dion Soto
    Dion Soto Год назад camilaitor1 Www.Adidas. Com
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    Happy T Shirt Год назад Hi
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    Ghibin Kim Год назад CaseyNeistat you have some nice hair
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    yaozhong lu Год назад I love you CaseyNeistat
  • yaozhong lu
    yaozhong lu Год назад I love you Casey
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    Magical Miata Год назад Oh shizzle
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    Thomas farquhar Год назад CaseyNeistat I subbd to Doug to
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    Austin_Playz Год назад CaseyNeistat my dad watches you
  • Johan Irion
    Johan Irion Год назад CaseyNeistat I see you’ve replaced the club with a model 3. I just hit a dog 70mph with my truck.
  • All Things Cars
    All Things Cars Год назад So many assholes in the comment section, from spouting "CoMmuNiSt!1!!!" to "ugLy!!1!" either jealous or just pitiful
  • Karl P
    Karl P Год назад Casey Niestad is pure media muffin filth. Most people who actually meet him hate his guts.
  • John James
    John James Год назад Over done review. The car is not that cool or great looking.
  • Aston
    Aston Год назад Keep doing these car reviews
  • Russia19the91 Motherland
    Russia19the91 Motherland Год назад Casey makes me like he's so liberal
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    AK Vlogs Год назад CaseyNeista
  • AKzebraMiner
    AKzebraMiner Год назад CaseyNeistat Well that escalated quickly...
  • Greg Halliday
    Greg Halliday Год назад What a joke, a pig ugly car with a heap of irritating "features". And let's not distract the driver with buttons that are always in the same place by putting a giant multifunction screen with a million features. Total failure.
  • RyuPlayz
    RyuPlayz Год назад Anonymoose lol
  • AKzebraMiner
    AKzebraMiner Год назад Greg Halliday What, “irritating features”. And don’t pretend that people are going to text using the touchscreen, because they aren’t. It’s not like the climate control button is going to change places and move to the top of the screen or something. The Model S and X have been out for a while, and no reports of accidents or complaints. And how is it a failure of 500,000 people reserved it and barely any people got a refund.
  • ImsChanatip
    ImsChanatip Год назад Didn't expect you here!
  • bruh moment
    bruh moment Год назад Casey Nice-Tats?
  • Haris Mukhtiar
    Haris Mukhtiar Год назад Casey is a raw agent
  • jo van den broeck
    jo van den broeck Год назад i'm buying one i will use it
  • jo van den broeck
    jo van den broeck Год назад casey would you like to feel my ass?
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    Noah Schuster Год назад Shut up you sellout
  • KadenGaming
    KadenGaming Год назад CaseyNeistat I have been subscribed for a year
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    Barnacules Nerdgasm Год назад Casey watches a LOT OF VIDEOS.
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    Reezus Год назад CaseyNeistat didn't have nice Tats
  • SuperQazwsx21
    SuperQazwsx21 Год назад CaseyNeistat ofcos he is ur fellow bro with that shitty retarded lisp everyone has to listen to on YouTube
    AMAKARA Год назад I think you and Doug are great YouTubers!
  • muhammad usman Ghani
    muhammad usman Ghani Год назад CaseyNeistat very boring ....
  • John Kang
    John Kang Год назад Holy shit the legend!
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    CrossGame CG Год назад CaseyNeistat Casey watch Doug a million sub YouTuber
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    the marcos and saby channel Год назад omg
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    DanieI Joseph Год назад CaseyNeistat Someone doesn’t know how to use capital letters!
  • wide awake
    wide awake Год назад CaseyNeistat actually voted AND endorsed Hellary Clinton!........YES!.....he actually used his influence on the younger generation to sway the voting for HER!......FACT!
  • wide awake
    wide awake Год назад Thomas MTB .......I will agree with you but only on the condition we agree that CaseyNeistat is most definitely the ugliest geezah on the planet...?..........That nose!!!! God it's all over NewYork!
  • wide awake
    wide awake Год назад Brian C ......No Thankyou!......but if he farts and then sniffs with his big nose nobody will smell it, there'll be nothing left!
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    Philgood Dr. Год назад CaseyNeista
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    KP Год назад OH MY GOD it's Casey Neistat!!!!!!! Let's all wank ourselves off furiously. Get a fucking grip you pack of sad shitcunts
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    Dapdoi Ardon Год назад CaseyNeistat lol wtf
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    寂しいコールド Год назад CaseyNeistat 🙄💯
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    Pratheepธุรกิจโฆษาณาสินค้าท้องถิ่นบนyoutube Год назад CaseyNeistat goodmorning
  • Atomic Boy
    Atomic Boy Год назад OMG! OMG! Casey knows how to fly a drone to BTW.
  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson Год назад WANKER, HOW DO YOU DISPOSE OF BATTERIES, FROM A CAR THAT HAS BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT.. Toxic waste.. Look at your rechargable items, at home, all have message, cant be disposed, in normal, home bin.. prefer to have small block chev, for east coast to west coast trip, fuel is pletifull, and if it breaks down, any mechanic can have a look..
  • Atomic Boy
    Atomic Boy Год назад Gus, you put the batteries from the wrecked car in a airplane.
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    BladeLikesDeathNoteWayTooMuch Год назад Casey neistat subbed??!
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    pasi petter Lampimaki Год назад
  • Jeffrey JeffreyFLF
    Jeffrey JeffreyFLF Год назад Shit, this is better than any LAMBORGHINI.. No wonder why alot of people hate Lamborghini and Lamborghini get vandalize alot within less than a minute.
    WEWARD Год назад Beat it ya jew
  • Ashwin Krishnamurthy
    Ashwin Krishnamurthy Год назад Hi casey
  • bo i
    bo i Год назад lol i just saw your comment and then I saw Beyond Scared Straight and a kid named casey what a coincidence!
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    Ethan Purba Год назад CaseyNeistat You’re so cool 😎
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    Avery Lee Год назад Subbed*
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    YiggyBoi Год назад no hate but u didn’t sub
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    Daniel Gonzalez Год назад CaseyNeistat hi
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    Daniel Gonzalez Год назад John smith hi
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    Sad Aesthetic Год назад Fuck off Casey, get out of here.
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    Wisecrackin' Wiseguy Год назад q u i r k y
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    jose neto Год назад Anonymoose and beme
  • Jeruelle Apigo
    Jeruelle Apigo Год назад CaseyNeistat I just go to your channel for Aviation Videos, not for crapvlogs like other youtubers.
  • Spast92
    Spast92 Год назад Honestly i dont think its casey neistat because of the bad writting
  • Ashwin Krishnamurthy
    Ashwin Krishnamurthy Год назад Hi casey
  • justforthetv
    justforthetv Год назад Aw, Casey wants to be a product reviewer soooo bad. Lol keep doing more reviews Casey. :)
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    Simply Cubing Год назад YOU WATCH DOUG
  • Robert Houghton
    Robert Houghton Год назад You forgot it has the logo on the wheels
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    Gio :c Год назад CaseyNeistat woah
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    Logan Barnes Год назад 😳😳😳 I can't believe you watched this lol
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    Aparna Bhattacharya Год назад CaseyNeistat
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    Flawless Fatality Год назад CaseyNeistat wack
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    Let's Fly Away Год назад Hey Casey, since when r u a Tesla fan, I thought u liked Mercedes.😀😀
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    Kane Bo Год назад You spelled subbed wrong Casey I subbed to you
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    TheLegoBrickery Год назад Thomas MTB You suck
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    Tressler John Год назад Vq37 VHR i dont really like his videos either
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    Davie Crockett Год назад CaseyNeistat gtfo you leftwing cuck
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    yellow bee Год назад CaseyNeistat wop
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    yellow bee Год назад AKzebraMiner lol
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    EclipseFox31 Show? Год назад CaseyNeistat "e"
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    Creepy Creeps Год назад Bring vlogs back
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    Bill Gates 2018 Год назад CASEY!!!OMG
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    pretty flacko Год назад Top 10 Anime Crossovers
  • AC R
  • OscarDaGenius1
    OscarDaGenius1 11 месяцев назад Damn I never thought I'd see Casey neistat comment on a Demuro video 😂
    VIDOMIR MOCIC 11 месяцев назад CaseyNeistat L ,,uiinjohbuigbyiyvgiyvguyvgiguy
    VIDOMIR MOCIC 11 месяцев назад Borna Hafezi ukulele I tliugglihiuglbkjl
  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 11 месяцев назад I really believe Tesla is doomed, my younger cousin has a tesla, a 90P of 90D or whatever its called. Almost never uses it, his second car is a diesel powered Volvo XC90 jeep, he always uses that, because that runs out of juice after 1.200 kilometres, not after 200 kilometres. We will transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen powered cars, electric cars will forever be the pointless gimmick we had inbetween, sadly we will have wasted a lot of tax money on it. The range on a hydro powered car is identical to a diesel powered car, it creates 0 pollution, even less than a tesla, because it literally runs on nothing but water, a tesla still pollutes for making those awful batteries and coal for making the electricity. If god himself made an electric car, it still wouldn't have proper range, electricity simply holds so much less energy than gas, diesel or hydrogen
  • talha abdul
    talha abdul 11 месяцев назад just a human with duck face
  • alvin307
    alvin307 11 месяцев назад Doug DeMuro owner should have probably told you not to pull the emergency door handle. You can really mess up the trim, because the window doesn't come down to let you out that way. It's a poor design because someone who hasn't watched a thousand tesla vids would probably naturally grab it to get out.
  • Omega Samson!!
    Omega Samson!! 11 месяцев назад You know is real when he is verified 😂😂😂😂😂 what the fuck has the world come to.
  • 김종훈
    김종훈 11 месяцев назад real one lol
  • Some Wetback
    Some Wetback 10 месяцев назад I heard that Casey Neistat doesn’t have “Nice Tats”.
    DEEREMEYER1 10 месяцев назад "Insightful early look"? They were "introduced" damned near two years ago for "reservations" and even then were "late". Just because they finally went into "full production" in late 2017 doesn't mean the damned car was "new".
  • Bear Studios
    Bear Studios 10 месяцев назад Never knew you like Tesla caseyNeistat?
  • Bear Studios
    Bear Studios 10 месяцев назад Grammar teacher👨🏻‍🏫👨🏻‍🏫👨🏻‍🏫👨🏻‍🏫your comment is spelled wrong.😬
  • unknown player
    unknown player 10 месяцев назад CaseyNeistat he lucky I mean doug
  • It's Just Milk I Swear
    It's Just Milk I Swear 10 месяцев назад Donald Trump
  • Moonrunner87
    Moonrunner87 10 месяцев назад Ugliest nigga alive.
  • Wow
    Wow 10 месяцев назад Yes. “This is great video”
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    Margarita Maestro 9 месяцев назад 200th Reply!
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    Biz Hacks 9 месяцев назад this is a great video
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    Lama Gamiing 8 месяцев назад Hey CaseyNeistat!
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    Lego Bus 8 месяцев назад 200 reply
  • Kenneth Nunez
    Kenneth Nunez 8 месяцев назад LOL. iGG.a
  • Robert Houghton
    Robert Houghton 8 месяцев назад I know why Casey was watching this video because he has recently bought a Tesla model X so he probably was wondering which Tesla to get
  • Emmessvee Music
    Emmessvee Music 8 месяцев назад OMG Casey ....... Wow .... I love your works bro
  • Emmessvee Music
    Emmessvee Music 8 месяцев назад @Doug DeMuro hey Doug's here too. Wait ...... It's his video hahaha silly me.
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    Pakistani message 7 месяцев назад CaseyNeistat WATCH THIS!!!!PLESSE SHARE!!
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    Km Shafin 7 месяцев назад @StrangeClouds doug demuro is type of guy whose video is watched and then subbed by casey neistat
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    Alex Drouillard 7 месяцев назад CaseyNeistat why are you so ugly?
  • Alex Drouillard
    Alex Drouillard 7 месяцев назад AKzebraMiner probably because he’s ugly as shit.
  • Maxwell pants
    Maxwell pants 7 месяцев назад I subbed too you and doug
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    PR0J3CT V0RT3X 7 месяцев назад CaseyNeistat holy shit wtf
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    Logan 7 месяцев назад caseyneistuck
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    Csgo Cheats 7 месяцев назад Mr. Ok sign
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    JonasOttaTV 7 месяцев назад Doug, how does it feel
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    TheModelFlightChannel 7 месяцев назад WHY ARE U HERE? XD
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    6estate 7 месяцев назад Cock sucker rv
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    Kelly Norman 6 месяцев назад i would love to vandalize his cars fuck that little bitch
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    Mandeep Narula 6 месяцев назад CaseyNeis
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    Just sub to me for no Reason 6 месяцев назад Hi Casey!
  • Kelly Norman
    Kelly Norman 6 месяцев назад @Just sub to me for no Reason Fuck off you sicko this isn't a dating app you need to leave those young girls alone before i turn you in
  • corey solsten
    corey solsten 6 месяцев назад you know your doing good when Casey hits the sub button. : )
  • Kelly Norman
    Kelly Norman 6 месяцев назад @corey solsten shut up dummy he's a piece of shit I'll beat his ass if he does that shit to my car
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    TigerGaming 6 месяцев назад CaseyNeistat OMG Casey
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    umaruuun - 6 месяцев назад ohyes
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    Rob Bob 6 месяцев назад Damn Casey! Didnt expect to see you here.
  • yeahImquiteKool
    yeahImquiteKool 6 месяцев назад H IL A. R. Y. CLIN. TON
  • Kain J
    Kain J 6 месяцев назад Fuck this guy
  • Syed Mudassir
    Syed Mudassir 6 месяцев назад casey u did not subscribe him. i saw the on ur channel. ur a lier
  • MudgateBronn
    MudgateBronn 6 месяцев назад piss off
  • Teslavideos
    Teslavideos 6 месяцев назад Agreed! If you have time, please check out our first video on Youtube ever, its of the Tesla Model S. Video is on our channel. Would greatly appreciate your feedback :)
  • Steve D
    Steve D 5 месяцев назад Cyril TV he’s a Tesla fanboy
  • Steve D
    Steve D 5 месяцев назад Zavier The Great no he’s just gay for Tesla
  • Andrew Haim
    Andrew Haim 5 месяцев назад CaseyNeistat blolollllll
  • OG BOI
    OG BOI 5 месяцев назад Wow before I came here I was watching u
  • The Puppet Of Everything
    The Puppet Of Everything 5 месяцев назад Sup dude.
  • Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
    Life Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness 5 месяцев назад Casey, does Doug give you a Doug score?
  • sam Saloukha
    sam Saloukha 5 месяцев назад 17:39 there's a crappy Mitsubishi Mirage in the back up camera
  • Oscar Ulises
    Oscar Ulises 5 месяцев назад this idiot is everywhere, Idk why I dislike him so much...he makes me uneasy...
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    Oscar Ulises 5 месяцев назад @Zeke S hes videos suck, and hes
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    Ville 4 месяца назад Casey the type of guy, that have everything in case of something
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    Patrick Kelly 4 месяца назад So perfect that the one video you see from Doug is this one, Mr. tech guy. Doug BEEN doing this....
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    James Christianson 4 месяца назад GAS SAVER vs TESLA MODEL 3 !!
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    Steven T 2 месяца назад "My Name is Casey Douchebag and I am begging you with tears in my eyes to vote for Hildabeast Cunton" How is that working out for you asshole!
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    Petr Crawthwait 2 месяца назад the most overrated car ever made. period. Glad Casey piled on with the useless hype that only another vapid vlogger can bring. good job.
  • JCisJD
    JCisJD 2 месяца назад I really enjoy these videos......but......... i would disagree with whats most interesting about the model 3, that i think many separate parts in takes to make one of its front wheel aches ! Why? Because it tells you so much about Tesla , ie , that is not so much a car maker more a tech company, and thats why its soooo bad at keeping its promises ;)
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  • Jason B
    Jason B Неделю назад THE FIRST THING TO DUE? 86 the check engine lite?%...i recommend: the big bag theroy solution? electrical tape on the dash.
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    Marco Nierop 2 месяца назад Doug, the only guy who dares to promote a Tesla in a Land Rover shirt .. Great video man!.. :-)
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    Alex Martinez 1 месяц назад Marco Nierop 🤣
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    Benziono Caron Неделю назад Probably the shirt is more unreliable than a Range Rover Classic!
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    III Threat 2 месяца назад hey car daddy, please review the model y
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  • Henry Shibe
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    Cyre 1 месяц назад @Henry Shibe you need help
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    Henge Dude 1 месяц назад Greetings, land vehicle father. Would you kindly show us the potential of the land vehicle known as the Tesla Model Y, sold by Tesla which is owned by Elon Musk?
  • mr muntz
    mr muntz 1 месяц назад doug type of guy who apologizes to a robber for not having more money
  • Rafael Đurin
    Rafael Đurin 3 месяца назад (изменено) Doug: Tesla model 3 is coolest car of 2017 Also Doug: cool factor...9 out of 10
  • MasteR
    MasteR 2 месяца назад coolest of 2017, not coolest ever
  • Beastly McLaren
    Beastly McLaren 2 месяца назад Rafael Đurin it’s not that cool lol. It’s a family car. If the Tesla got a 10/10 cool factor that’d mean a Lamborghini would get a 50/10
  • Jackson
    Jackson 2 месяца назад @Beastly McLaren let me know when your Lamborghini can drive itself or fart on demand
  • Beastly McLaren
    Beastly McLaren 2 месяца назад Jackson ain’t nobody want suicide... I mean self driving
  • Rafael Đurin
    Rafael Đurin 2 месяца назад @Jackson tell me when electric car will have real engine sound, i will be able to modify it at my house, it will charge 2 minutes or less, range will be same as Vauxhall astra diesel, chargers will be everywhere, they will cost same amount of money as their petrol car competitor. And Lamborghini coud do it but people who buy them are real petrol heads (not urus, that is for rich soccer mums) that want to drive and hear engine noise. And in next couple of years more than 80% of cars will have full self driving as standard or as optional extra.
  • VedranxKljajo
    VedranxKljajo 2 месяца назад @Rafael Đurin all of those things are VERY small price to pay for 0g CO2 emission. That should be the 1st priority of every car manufacturer. We need to start saving our planet before its too late.
  • Rafael Đurin
    Rafael Đurin 2 месяца назад @VedranxKljajo very small price, are you retarded? I will be dead when all cars will be electric, i hope so
  • vaultsuit
    vaultsuit 1 месяц назад @Rafael Đurin it doesn't have an engine, hence no sound, WTF?