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Toyota C-HR SUV 2018 in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

Published on Mar 31, 2017 2,073,339 views

Looking for a car with space aged looks that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowed? The Toyota C-HR has you covered with it’s sharp edges, and eye-catching design. In comparison to rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai or Renault Kadjar, the Toyota C-HR certainly has plenty of character, but does it perform as good as it looks? It comes equipped with the standard Toyota range of trim starting in Icon, and upgrading to Excel and Dynamic, so could this be the stylish SUV for you? Find out in my detailed video review.

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  • carwow
  • Tze Hong Wong
    Tze Hong Wong Год назад carwow us
  • Dan Mumford
    Dan Mumford Год назад What camera did you use for this video? looks super sharp!
  • Frocobo
    Frocobo 2 года назад Pretty brave design for Toyota.
  • Marcuko
    Marcuko 3 месяца назад Aye, I saw the Toyota today and I was like: "I want this car!!!! >///<"
  • Enrico Kaya
    Enrico Kaya 3 месяца назад Sarp Günaydın and very expensive to buy it in Turkey 🤔
  • Sarp Günaydın
    Sarp Günaydın 9 месяцев назад (изменено) Frocobo | yes it is and it is being made in Turkey in our country
  • Stealth
    Stealth 2 года назад To me this looks more like a Honda. Even the name C-HR is a bit Honda like (CR-V, HR-V, CR-Z).
  • muzictherpy
    muzictherpy 1 месяц назад and inside citroen c3 :)
  • Terrence Gil Dionisio
    Terrence Gil Dionisio 3 месяца назад @X11KYX exactly what i was thinking.
    ROB ROE 5 месяцев назад (изменено) @kevin otieno way better, toyota & lexus are the most reliable brands, less service, less spending, I know someone who hit a good toyota, bought it new, in 10 years, that owner, only changed the oil on it ....! try that in VW or AUDI
  • Matha.Fatha. Gentha.Man.
    Matha.Fatha. Gentha.Man. 8 месяцев назад they literally copied exactly same visual style of 2016 civic back light with litttle twisted aesthetic feature
  • MysticFate
    MysticFate 10 месяцев назад Honestly kept thinking it was a Honda when i saw it on the road until i actually saw the Toyota badge...
  • Hamood Al Zadjali
    Hamood Al Zadjali Год назад C-HR stands for Compact High Rider... I prefer names that are just one single word and make sense. Instead of random letters...
  • kevin otieno
    kevin otieno Год назад to me it looks like a Nissan Juke.
  • Vulture
    Vulture Год назад Lol i was searching for honda C-Hr and i couldn't found it
  • Jose
    Jose Год назад guess it was the whole point, maybe to lure in Honda people?
  • S- iang
    S- iang Год назад C-HR = Crush-Honda Revolution
  • Min Es
    Min Es Год назад its a toyota answer for Honda Fit/Jazz and yeah the HR-V
  • X11KYX
    X11KYX Год назад Stealth those back lights look exactly like the civics
  • PasteyWhiteboy
    PasteyWhiteboy 2 года назад It's 2017 Why are touch screens in cars still so slow?
  • Sathish Balasundaram
    Sathish Balasundaram Неделю назад If you put Cheap quality stuff, that is what happens. It is like the 2008 period touch phones.
  • Fais
    Fais 3 недели назад No apple car play ?
  • Mark Fox
    Mark Fox 4 недели назад PasteyWhiteBoy - shouldn't have touchscreens; people should be looking out through the big glass square window and not veering towards oncoming motorcyclists while poking a screen!
    THEREALMVP 1 месяц назад 2019 nothing's changed
  • Alexander Ivanov
    Alexander Ivanov 2 месяца назад They must be resistant to the test of time. Sun exposure. Subzero temperatures.
  • 1001 subs without any vids
    1001 subs without any vids 3 месяца назад PasteyWhiteboy hi, im from the future: 2019. The touch screens are still slow. Maybe someone from 2025 can enlighten us about their situation because i have run out of my time machine fuel.
  • Nawaz Waseem
    Nawaz Waseem 4 месяца назад Because they put profits before anything else??
  • shafik sheikh
    shafik sheikh 5 месяцев назад It's 2019 no improvement still
  • Ammar Hasan
    Ammar Hasan 5 месяцев назад mah mam Nvidia developed a lot of chips for that ... yet they still use cheap SoCs. Cost savings really.
  • dsego84
    dsego84 6 месяцев назад @mah mam hey, whatever you want to believe. must be the same reason it took the car industry 10 years to adopt mp3 CDs (when they were already outdated) and another 10 to put usb ports in. must be some special "space-grade" shielded electronics made to work in a car. I wonder how my smartphone survives the harsh conditions in my car when I use google's gps navigation.
  • mah mam
    mah mam 6 месяцев назад @dsego84 well you got everything wrong, except the gimmicky part, yes they are gimmicky, for me an aux port is all i need, maybe Bluetooth too, but they don't put cheap chipsets to cut cost, a decent modern phone chip won't cost more than a 100$ max, it just won't work properly
  • dsego84
    dsego84 6 месяцев назад @mah mam oh man, it's just gimmicks, these infotainment systems are just whatever is cheapest, just like cheapo laptops with a celeron and 2gigs of ram that your mom buys because she doesn't know better. and we all know new windows doesn't run on that, but manufacturers don't care and still sell this crap. it's a bullet point, like those dinky cameras they had on cheap nokia phones before the iphone, they were crap but hey, the phone has a camera. there is nothing designed or carefully planned here. they design cars around a budget and then see how many fake bling they can cram in to make it appealing to ignorant consumers.
  • mah mam
    mah mam 6 месяцев назад @dsego84 sadly it's dead now, should've picked something that isn't
  • dsego84
    dsego84 6 месяцев назад @mah mam oh kid, stick to your League of Legends , that's what you know best
  • mah mam
    mah mam 6 месяцев назад @dsego84 holy hell you responded to a year old comment. Btw you're a millennial as well if you were born in 1984, also if you know nothing about how chipsets work, don't comment please
  • dsego84
    dsego84 6 месяцев назад @mah mam you really that naive? you actually think there is a design/product reason??? my my, no wonder they can sell more & more plastic crap to clueless millennials.
  • The Gaming Norwegian
    The Gaming Norwegian Год назад Tesla`s r really responsive, they r of course a price range over this car... But Tesla nails it with the touchscreen.
  • Sophie Roman
    Sophie Roman Год назад Look at the tesla one😂😂its a 13 inch touchscreen
  • paul kay
    paul kay Год назад They should all be banned. They are dangerous.
  • mah mam
    mah mam Год назад PasteyWhiteboy those processors need to keep up with the high/low temperature, vibration and stay functional for a long time, a normal mobile phone/tablet chip won't do well, so i guess that's what hold them back
  • yours viki
    yours viki 2 года назад PasteyWhiteboy ,oldstock lcd screen inventory.
  • KungFuBlob
    KungFuBlob 2 года назад more money for the car brand, keep everything in house
  • Alexander Zimmer
    Alexander Zimmer 2 года назад (изменено) Those back windows are tiny. This whole car seems like the execution of form over function.
  • NKP
    NKP 2 месяца назад its a real blind spot when backing out with the small windows even though you have the safety features. bad design.
  • Jeremy Lister
    Jeremy Lister Год назад (изменено) I can imagine the fighting that went on in design meetings inside Toyota. Safety people and practical design engineers versus the irresponsible car stylists. Clearly the stylists won the argument. BIG mistake Toyota!
  • orion1983uk
    orion1983uk Год назад Form over Function is the definition of all these small soft roaders.
  • mala didi
    mala didi Год назад Disgusting
  • Zinger
    Zinger 2 года назад @Zimmer: they use cameras for vision, so function is preserved.
    BEING ME 2 года назад Puff the Magic Dragon 😂😂
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
    Puff the Magic Dragon 2 года назад Palash Priyanshu Dutta Yeah I'm looking/feeling unwell after looking at this abomination as well ;)
    BEING ME 2 года назад looking sick
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
    Puff the Magic Dragon 2 года назад Alexander Zimmer When your utility vehicle is more about form than function yet it is the ugliest suv on sale.
  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler 2 года назад @Ben McClung lol, I got the GTC too.
  • tehmemestr E
    tehmemestr E 2 года назад I know its caiied the coupe high rider. my auntie was gonna buyone but she got a gtc
  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler 2 года назад @CJ P it was their intention to give it the Coupé look. The 'C' stands for Coupé. Coupé High Rider. I own a Coupé, and they all suffer from smaller back window poor view out, but I've never seen it to the extent of this. It may aswell not have windows. If you are to look to the side, all you see is 'C' pillar. You need to lean forward to actually see out. Add that the the very dark interior, it's extremely gloomy interior. It's just a not very nice. Also the materials at close inspection are not very good. And that screen looks so poor to. It's worse in person. The Rav4 doesn't have a modern interior, its actually quite agricultural but it's miles ahead of this. The kuga is a far nicer place to be, and the he 3008 is probably the best interior for under £50k nevermind the £25k of he GT-line is. (shame about the engines).
  • Cyb-beebies
    Cyb-beebies 2 года назад Almost Robocop until they fired the intern. The rear side looks awful.
  • Cj P
    Cj P 2 года назад I think that on this occasion, that was Toyota's intention. The visibility, impractical boot and rear seat atmosphere are what suffer most. The cup holders in the doors are a nice touch, though.
  • dslanparty
    dslanparty 2 года назад And I don't like the form at all.
  • Jamie B
    Jamie B 2 года назад Alexander Zimmer well said
  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler 2 года назад Alexander Zimmer it defo is, it's not a nice place to be, front or back.
  • Dhruv Dogra
    Dhruv Dogra 2 года назад looks like a Honda civic hatchback from back.
  • Matha.Fatha. Gentha.Man.
    Matha.Fatha. Gentha.Man. 8 месяцев назад we shall call it copy and paste
  • Suphad Thundee
    Suphad Thundee 8 месяцев назад Take look at Chr Master car it came out before Civic lunched
  • Dogra Ishan
    Dogra Ishan 8 месяцев назад chup pakwan
  • Andrine Brown - Cover
    Andrine Brown - Cover Год назад and the Honda civic hatchback looks like a Nissan
  • Syed Arham Ali 8bp
    Syed Arham Ali 8bp Год назад Dhruv Dogra just see Honda Vezel Then you will say, this car is a complete copy of Honda Vezel
  • Aiman K
    Aiman K Год назад Dhruv Dogra i
  • john john
    john john Год назад the new honda civic hatchback is superb.a million times better than the toyota.
  • Tiago Farias
    Tiago Farias 2 года назад Dhruv Dogra it's name is also like hondas
  • Dhruv Dogra
    Dhruv Dogra 2 года назад Dhruv Kadiya hi bhai
  • Dhruv Kadiya
    Dhruv Kadiya 2 года назад Dhruv Dogra hi brother
  • BirnavanMUSIC
    BirnavanMUSIC 2 года назад Dhruv Dogra thanks! :)
  • Daniel Dunn
    Daniel Dunn 2 года назад the C-HR concept was out before the newest generation of civic. HONDA copied TOYOTA. get it right.
  • Priit Karu
    Priit Karu 2 года назад Saw it on the streets a coupe months back and had to look twice before I realized that no, the new Civic hasn't arrived to my country yet :)
  • Beagleman1996
    Beagleman1996 2 года назад I know, right? I actually brought this up on Toyota GB's twitter a few months ago, and they sneakily dodged the question....
  • Dhruv Dogra
    Dhruv Dogra 2 года назад BirnavanMUSIC - GarageBand btw nice music you've got there
  • Dhruv Dogra
    Dhruv Dogra 2 года назад BirnavanMUSIC - GarageBand including BMW interior
  • Nani ondabeat
    Nani ondabeat 2 года назад They copied Honda
  • eRisforus
    eRisforus 2 года назад And the name is similar to Honda HR-V
  • BirnavanMUSIC
    BirnavanMUSIC 2 года назад Yes, and the side of the vehicle looks like the Lexus RX
  • Dhruv Dogra
    Dhruv Dogra 2 года назад the interior looks similar to an i8
  • Jason jay gregory
    Jason jay gregory 2 года назад I actually want this car
  • Iomar1975
    Iomar1975 4 месяца назад @Looto Kay Indeed, that's not funny. The thing is, the joke hasn't arrived yet! Maybe after If and when I delivery of my brand new C-HR I'll think of one.
  • Looto Kay
    Looto Kay 4 месяца назад @Iomar1975 Uhm...but that's not funny. So am still waiting for the actual joke.😂
  • Iomar1975
    Iomar1975 6 месяцев назад The funny thing is, I don't actually need a car, but I do want the C-HR.
  • Juan Charry
    Juan Charry 8 месяцев назад Engineer Waqar Ahmed I’ll buy it on friday lol, 34000 bucks.
  • Engineer Waqar Ahmed
    Engineer Waqar Ahmed 8 месяцев назад You need to have so much money in your account first.
  • Danyl Bekhoucha
    Danyl Bekhoucha 11 месяцев назад (изменено) Wait for the Logan electric, the cheapest electric car in Europe.
  • hawkesworth1712
    hawkesworth1712 2 года назад Who cares about small windows? When was the last time a kid in the back seat looked out the window? These windows are going to diminish the glare on the tablet/mobile phone screen and kids will probably love them.
  • Jeremy Lister
    Jeremy Lister 2 месяца назад @hawkesworth1712 this is getting silly. More visibility good. Less visibility bad
  • hawkesworth1712
    hawkesworth1712 2 месяца назад @Jeremy Lister . What makes you think a child is visible through car windows. A friend of mines daughter was killed when a truck backed over her in his driveway. That was back before reversing cameras and parking sensors were invented. Take a look at the cars on the road now and tell me if you think a small child is visible through the window of an SUV. Like I said, if people still rely on what they can see out a car window they should hand in their licence.
  • Jeremy Lister
    Jeremy Lister 2 месяца назад (изменено) @hawkesworth1712 if you remember your test, you are required to use your eyes to directly or via mirrors look at your surroundings. A screen is helpful, but cannot match the fidelity, image size or peripheral vision of the human eye. If the trend continues in car design, there will be no glass, only screens. Odd prediction? Nope. Can't remember the details, but a car company has produced a prototype with no glass, just screens on the inside, might have been at Frankfurt show.
  • hawkesworth1712
    hawkesworth1712 2 месяца назад @Jeremy Lister . The car has a reversing camera, sensors front and back, blind spot warning, cross traffic alert and three mirrors. If that's not enough to avoid squashing a kid then the driver needs to hand their licence back.
  • Jeremy Lister
    Jeremy Lister 11 месяцев назад hawkesworth1712. It's about maximising visibility, so you don't squash kids while reversing or side swipe another car joining traffic or changing lane. These cars usually have 'stylish' mirrors as well, meaning too small. Camera might help, but you can't get away from the fact that the basic design is seriously flawed from a safety point of view. Nice looker though.
  • Azri Zainal
    Azri Zainal Год назад Agree...I had full curtain behind tinted window on my MPV, probably I better buy cargo van
  • Deus Ex Machina
    Deus Ex Machina Год назад hawkesworth1712 I was going to object, but sadly this has become all too common. I, myself fall victim to such tendencies.
  • Avian Crux
    Avian Crux 2 года назад hawkesworth1712 My son loves the small windows, and true what u say, avoids the glare from the sun cause he constantly has his nose in an iPad!
  • Yura Enjoji
    Yura Enjoji 2 года назад 3:44 Toyota spent too much budget on exterior and cheaped out on the interior, those seats are already teard up on each corners lol
  • Harry Brookman
    Harry Brookman 10 месяцев назад *torn not teard
  • Graeme Bauer
    Graeme Bauer Год назад The word you're after is, "Quite".
  • MPC007_EXP
    MPC007_EXP 2 года назад They cheaped out on the engine options, even worse.
  • 99
    99 2 года назад Yura Enjoji I thought this car doesn't have the option of leather seats and navigation system
  • President Kimi
    President Kimi 2 года назад This car might've got quiet a lot of abuse. If it's a test drive car nobody would really take care of it. But yeah , that wasn't quiet supposed to happen no matter how rough you are with it.
  • Ben Mayall
    Ben Mayall 2 года назад Yura Enjoji I noticed that aswell, how strange.
  • James Kinnane
    James Kinnane 2 года назад lovely machine. hybrid version is the one to go for, really nice to drive, although cvt gearbox can be noisy it's also extremely smooth. shame they didn't make the car that bit bigger though. I love the design, love to see them take the same approach with the styling of the next rav4.
  • Michael K
    Michael K 2 года назад seriously now, your comments make me can it be that no one likes the design of this car? This is the first time i see a car in its final stage to look so close to a futuristic concept. I mean everyone goes "wow" with the presentations of concept cars And now that Toyota actually made a car look modern futuristic straight out of the original concept design, everyone on the internet bashes Toyota and the designers and the final appearance of this car... The car looks amazing! It looks like a Lexus concept Seriously whats wrong with you people? Is this some kind of Europe vs Japan automobile fanboyism? I really would like to know what car do you drive? Do you like the design of cars like WV golf or Audi Q2?...Because no matter if its 2017 they still do look like a boxy tin bucket for shit gathering... Toyota makes the most reliable cars. I wont compare their reliability with Peugeot nor other European brands at that price point. Yeah you can get the Peugeot 3008 for less money but you will spend double for all the problems that will occur after a few years...
  • Arun Parkin
    Arun Parkin 3 месяца назад (изменено) Personally I think the design of the Toyota C-HR is rather ugly; it has large wheel-arches stick out of the car and has too many angles and creases. The front end is rather bulbous and everything just seems messy and out of proportion. Yes, I can understand why people may like it and it does look very interesting. However I prefer the straight, clean lines and neatness found on old saloon and estate cars. The Austin/Morris 1100s are nice cars to look at.
  • Drop Down
    Drop Down 5 месяцев назад I own a 2008 Civic type S and honestly I would buy this, I like the design.
  • OfficialPixel - CSGO Content
    OfficialPixel - CSGO Content 7 месяцев назад I absolutely adore the rear and side views. They look futuristic and aggressive. Not so much the front, though. The front lights and front area just seem too curvy and dont quite fit in with the overall deaign.
  • Ryan Somur
    Ryan Somur 8 месяцев назад Toyota makes cars for people who don't care.
  • Jeremy Lister
    Jeremy Lister Год назад Ok, you're reversing. Camera is bust/dirty. You don't see the child due to the lousy rear visibility and tiny windows. The accident would have been avoided in a VW or Skoda. Pretty car though.
  • Haiho HH
    Haiho HH Год назад Michael K well opinion is opinion. I personally dislike this car, but I can understand why there are people who loves this car and I respect it. Heck, there are even people who buys Juke or Azteca. I personally love the new designs of French cars such as Peugeot 3008 or Citroen C5 Aircross. While VW is just meh for me..
  • Carlos Leon
    Carlos Leon Год назад paul kay i thought its a car meant for singles. Looks quirky, girls will love this.
  • jacktheripped
    jacktheripped Год назад It's a "WOW" out of incredulity. What a piece of distorted shit....
  • paul kay
    paul kay Год назад It is stunning but it looks ridiculous, like something from a Judge Dredd movie.. Doesn't really look like a family car.
  • Jace Johnson
    Jace Johnson Год назад Luka The CHR is great to drive?? Stop kidding yourself, it's awful. It just revs and revs.
  • Serbischer Stolz
    Serbischer Stolz Год назад i like this car, right because he looks total different then others...
  • cian kirwan
    cian kirwan Год назад Michael K like the chr too apart from the large front bumper if they made that a bit shorter it would be a very nice car
  • Mazder_
    Mazder_ 2 года назад i thought i was the only one, i like quirky and weird cars like the Isetta 300
  • Just Tigo
    Just Tigo 2 года назад Cheeky Me amen to that
  • Michael Johnsen
    Michael Johnsen 2 года назад With you all the way, Michael. I first saw this car parked in the streets and had to snap a few photos of it to look it up. Then I came here. Love how it retains that futuristic concept-feel. Such a leap for the look of Toyotas in general.
  • KennyM
    KennyM 2 года назад I think that in europe and especially UK people are way more conservative. I'd be happy to have a C class, 3 series or A4 Audi but im not going to lie and say they look nice or great. Overral they are average looking, and personally I see many flaws: - differences in exterior design between lower and upper classes doesnt seem enough to highlight the more expensive cars, especially in the Merc lineups (C, E and S Class). If you buy an E or S class you dont want misinformed people (read: not car fanatics) to mistake them for a C Class. - the interior in the 3 series is awful and outdated. - the interior and exterior in many Audis hasnt really changed in the past 10 years. Especially when it comes to Audi I think it's ridiculous and unnaceptable how a company seem to put so little effort into changing their cars, they are focusing on SUV's and completely forgot about the rest, and yet people still buy them, in fact they like Audi mostly because of the under the radar looks.
  • Adrian Deutschmann
    Adrian Deutschmann 2 года назад @Michael K glad you like it... it's just not for me, personally.