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Inside The Awesome New VW Camper "California"

Published on Jun 5, 2018 5,855,316 views

We love the new VW Camper! Oddly enough, it's called the "California," even though it won't be sold in America. Come on, VW! What gives? Sell that beauty over here!
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  • Jalopnik
    Jalopnik 2 месяца назад You may not be able to have a VW 'California' in the US but check out what it actually takes to legally import a car over:
  • Kiribi kriri
    Kiribi kriri 1 месяц назад I love the moderator he seems a vit insane just perfect
  • Levy Mutende
    Levy Mutende 1 месяц назад How many dollars it can cost, and shipping to port of Mombasa Kenya, and if the right hand one can be available
  • skyrim 28214824
    skyrim 28214824 1 месяц назад So.... how do you take a shower???
  • skyrim 28214824
    skyrim 28214824 1 месяц назад It must be hard to take a shower
  • Mitchell Barnow
    Mitchell Barnow 1 месяц назад I'd love to have this camper, but I'm sure that it's pretty expensive, because the engineering is very impressive.
  • Benjamin Koenig
    Benjamin Koenig 1 месяц назад @Mitchell Barnow about $60,000 in US currency or 45,000 pounds.
  • Mitchell Barnow
    Mitchell Barnow 1 месяц назад Benjamin Koenig Thank you Benjamin! I’ll take two! 😂 It’s seriously a very amazing package.
  • Joyce Cox
    Joyce Cox 1 месяц назад Mitchell Barnow pj
  • Left Twix
    Left Twix 1 месяц назад Who cares about the law
  • Simon Ci
    Simon Ci 1 месяц назад Now make it electric engine car. With solar battery on roof to charge it
  • Cabalex
    Cabalex 4 недели назад When you can't even have a 'California' in California
  • Rick & Zack Explore Offroad
    Rick & Zack Explore Offroad 3 недели назад @Simon Ci Yes make it even more of an impractical car for camping.
  • Simon Ci
    Simon Ci 3 недели назад It would be self efficient. You would not need to worry about petrol and going to petrol stations. Sun would be your Charging point. Plug it directly to sun. Like this car in my link. It charge itself from sun for 50km ( 30miles )a day. Yo can go camping for 10 years and no need to worry about going back to city to put petror. Join this 2 cars, camping + solar roof electric
  • Rick & Zack Explore Offroad
    Rick & Zack Explore Offroad 3 недели назад @Simon Ci You couldn't carry enough solar panels to power the car. Add in the battery banks and you've added a 1000 lbs and taken all the space. The vehicle in your link wouldn't last 1 day camping, of course neither would the VW in the video. You won't have to go to town for petrol? How about food and water? Unfortunately at 30 miles a day you would be dead before getting back to town.
  • Rick & Zack Explore Offroad
    Rick & Zack Explore Offroad 3 недели назад @Mitchell Barnow Whats impressive about the engineering? I saw nothing unique or innovative. The interior stuff is all run of the mill. The drivetrain is a standard VW with possibly a AWD option. It is totally unsuitable for camping in anyplace more remote than a Walmart parking lot. For 70K you can buy a Wrangler Rubicon and set up as an expedition vehicle and go anywhere.
  • Simon Ci
    Simon Ci 3 недели назад (изменено) In few years it will be done. Big motorhome, with solar panels all around like the small car. You could fit 10x more solar panels. And you could charge 300miles a day. You could even put few extra panels around caming as Extra shade. And drink from water from lake, and hunt your own food. Dear or fish. Self efficient. Free travel , free food, fresh air. Car like ths with all around solar panels and electric engine. Tesla is doing electric Heavy Duty trucks, so big cars can be electric too