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2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD LTZ Duramax Diesel Allison Z71 K2XX: Regular Car Reviews

Published on Mar 4, 2019 261,562 views

That's one log name. We drive a Chevy Duramax. RCR doen't do enough trucks.



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  • WolfGang Automotive
    WolfGang Automotive 4 месяца назад Diesel names sound like condom brands. Duramax, Powerstroke, and last of all, Cummins.
  • gage wells
    gage wells 5 дней назад dont forget. idi, detroit
  • steven conroy
    steven conroy Неделю назад IDI.......sounds like a cheap no name condom
  • WolfGang Automotive
    WolfGang Automotive 2 недели назад @Jordan Wilson indirect ejactulation aka pull out game, indirect ejactulation diesel
  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson 2 недели назад WolfGang Automotive what about the idi diesels?
  • WolfGang Automotive
    WolfGang Automotive 1 месяц назад CJ Detroit D
  • WolfGang Automotive
    WolfGang Automotive 1 месяц назад (изменено) CJ Big D Diesel @CJ
  • MrInzombia
    MrInzombia 1 месяц назад CJ That sounds like a condom made for big black cocks. Detroit diesel
  • CJ
    CJ 1 месяц назад How bout Detroit Diesel smart guy?
  • Justin The Matrix
    Justin The Matrix 1 месяц назад Facts hahaha
  • roeva2
    roeva2 2 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂
  • Randy Sparks
    Randy Sparks 2 месяца назад 😂😂
  • oscar Dunstonee
    oscar Dunstonee 4 месяца назад “If it ain’t broke, BREAK IT”
  • Emerson
    Emerson 1 месяц назад Using this forever
  • Destroyed007
    Destroyed007 3 месяца назад If it ain't work, WORK IT
  • acronus
    acronus 4 месяца назад Mine is, "If it ain't broke, YOU'RE NOT FIXING IT HARD ENOUGH"
  • Doug Owens
    Doug Owens 4 месяца назад @N&W 2156 Y6a whoa, same for a lady I work for. Damn thing left stranded on highway twice. This time they found a recall, I'm interested in seeing what it is.
  • Ibraheem Al hadede
    Ibraheem Al hadede 4 месяца назад Then proceed to call them " UNRELIABLE GOVERNMENT MOTORS "!
  • jh77sly
    jh77sly 4 месяца назад @N&W 2156 Y6a shag? what?
  • N&W 2156 Y6a
    N&W 2156 Y6a 4 месяца назад @jh77sly coal?
  • jh77sly
    jh77sly 4 месяца назад This line had me rolling!
  • N&W 2156 Y6a
    N&W 2156 Y6a 4 месяца назад @Leo Karasinski no, the Jeep owners motto is, there's no point taking it to a mechanic, they never find anything wrong, it always fixes itself for them and breaks for me.
  • Leo Karasinski
    Leo Karasinski 4 месяца назад Jeep owners motto
  • N&W 2156 Y6a
    N&W 2156 Y6a 4 месяца назад Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict if it ain’t broke, swap it with a CAT
  • Quinton
    Quinton 4 месяца назад All kidding aside, if you're somehow caught towing in excess of your vehicle rating capacity (for example, even a semi minor accident) your insurance company can drop you like Bane did to Batman
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 4 месяца назад "If it ain't broke, BULLETPROOF IT" - Every 6.0 Powerstroke owner ever
  • N&W 2156 Y6a
    N&W 2156 Y6a 4 месяца назад pgarrett if it ain’t broke, swap a turbo diesel in it
  • pgarrett
    pgarrett 4 месяца назад If it ain't broke don't fix it , make it faster.
  • N&W 2156 Y6a
    N&W 2156 Y6a 4 месяца назад oscar Dunstonee my family, driving 600 miles from Georgia to Florida with a 25’6” center console boat behind a ‘97 F-150.
  • Murphy Family
    Murphy Family 4 месяца назад best line in the video
  • Deoxide
    Deoxide 4 месяца назад (изменено) a long name for a l o n g b o i
  • Randy Sparks
    Randy Sparks 2 недели назад @SpeedLife1 Wow. That's stupid.
  • SpeedLife1
    SpeedLife1 2 недели назад @Randy Sparks do you know memes? spelling boy boi is a meme
  • George Harshman
    George Harshman 1 месяц назад Deodorant daddy
  • Randy Sparks
    Randy Sparks 2 месяца назад You spelled boy wrong.
  • John Yager
    John Yager 2 месяца назад That’s the shortest of the two wheel bases the Duramax is available in the other one being a crew cab with an 8 foot bed instead of the 6 1/2 foot bed that one is equipped with
  • Alex Orr
    Alex Orr 4 месяца назад DEODORANT! What have you done with Freyja?!
  • Tom Stark
    Tom Stark 4 месяца назад I fukin love ur channel
  • Oliver Vernon
    Oliver Vernon 4 месяца назад Short bed though
  • sirbikealot7
    sirbikealot7 4 месяца назад It's a short bed?
  • Facundo Gonzalez
    Facundo Gonzalez 4 месяца назад Hellow mr thicc legs, creo que te amo 😳 B- BAKAA
  • jonny j
    jonny j 4 месяца назад Its the GNS L O N G B O I everyone
  • Ducko
    Ducko 4 месяца назад ayy it's the man himself Deox
  • Sendai Littorio
    Sendai Littorio 4 месяца назад Fancy seeing you here deo
  • Mo Neenja31
    Mo Neenja31 4 месяца назад Do you remember The 21st of September?
  • Sir Wafel
    Sir Wafel 4 месяца назад Deoxide Hello there Deo
  • Matthew G
    Matthew G 4 месяца назад Yet missed the Z71 part...
  • Christian Estevez
    Christian Estevez 4 месяца назад Go make videos loser
  • Rithvik Rajiv
    Rithvik Rajiv 4 месяца назад hi deoxide
  • dark_side_665
    dark_side_665 4 месяца назад hey deoxide lol
  • Toxic Potato
    Toxic Potato 4 месяца назад Those sunglasses look like they're about to pick a fight with me for looking at them wrong in a Lowe's parking lot.
  • Joss_FPV
    Joss_FPV 1 месяц назад Sounds familiar
  • 2Smoke Cowboys
    2Smoke Cowboys 4 месяца назад (изменено) Turbine rotors I have the identical pair
  • L F 2nd
    L F 2nd 4 месяца назад That's what the Truck says
  • L F 2nd
    L F 2nd 4 месяца назад @ingusmant d
  • Nittanyburg 20
    Nittanyburg 20 4 месяца назад “Hey! Hey you! Yeah, you! Lemme ask you a question..”
  • Toxic Potato
    Toxic Potato 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Celicagame13 I love that you felt the need to say that. Does it tickle your balls? Did they swell up with glorious victory? Mmm I'd bet you'd love to rub them on my face
  • Beaudoin Motorsports
    Beaudoin Motorsports 4 месяца назад WHAT BRO
  • Celicagame13
    Celicagame13 4 месяца назад Toxic Potato you’d lose
  • James Sweeten
    James Sweeten 4 месяца назад $50 Says he owns a pair of Georgia Romeo's
    TITAN 4 месяца назад @eurosonly Lol, they look douchey, but I still dig them.
  • Charles Tamburelli
    Charles Tamburelli 4 месяца назад @eurosonly Thanks man! 😂
  • eurosonly
    eurosonly 4 месяца назад He looks like that pro drifter guy.
  • ingusmant
    ingusmant 4 месяца назад HEY MANG! EY MANG! UH-MANG MANG MANG! What happens when roid rage hits
  • Nittanyburg 20
    Nittanyburg 20 4 месяца назад The official car of squatting towards the public toilet so your piss stream sounds more powerful to the guy next to you
  • Randy Sparks
    Randy Sparks 2 месяца назад Dude.. Hahaha that's fuckin funny 😂
  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 3 месяца назад From the 2007 f150 video
  • Bogmire777
    Bogmire777 3 месяца назад PENNIS STATE NATION!
  • Colin McCarthy
    Colin McCarthy 4 месяца назад only if you have aftermarket exhaust and a tune though
  • Midcentmiata
    Midcentmiata 4 месяца назад That is hilarious!!
  • Scarea
    Scarea 4 месяца назад @FANG I'm a TDI owner and I gave it the GASSY TUNE
  • Nittanyburg 20
    Nittanyburg 20 4 месяца назад Chris Jacobs Cummins is the official car of putting a double horseshoe in and blasting Luke Bryan in the parking lot outside the local JV football game
  • Scarea
    Scarea 4 месяца назад The comments on these videos are GOLD
  • Zach
    Zach 4 месяца назад Dude it’s 4:01am.
  • Juan Cortez
    Juan Cortez 2 недели назад Yo no bullshit
  • SeeDMT
    SeeDMT 4 месяца назад Never too late for a duramax package
  • Josh Lewis
    Josh Lewis 4 месяца назад 4:48
  • Clarence Le
    Clarence Le 4 месяца назад You must be new here
  • icantfinditdammit
    icantfinditdammit 4 месяца назад Dude they are automated.
  • William Shreckengost
    William Shreckengost 4 месяца назад 0049 for me. I guess this video just exists in the early morning.
  • Jeremy Noakes
    Jeremy Noakes 4 месяца назад 420 in Canada ever day now
  • God Emperor of Mankind
    God Emperor of Mankind 4 месяца назад (изменено) 11:23am in Mountain Time BOIII.
  • 【 Chilael 】
    【 Chilael 】 4 месяца назад 14:10
  • Plot Armor Goku
    Plot Armor Goku 4 месяца назад No its 9:30AM right now dude. You need to learn to tell time.
  • sal alvarez
    sal alvarez 4 месяца назад It’s 0423 in California right now
  • Fortteen
    Fortteen 4 месяца назад 7:18 here
  • ollie
    ollie 4 месяца назад 11PM here brother
  • clutchthepearls
    clutchthepearls 4 месяца назад Welcome to RCR
  • Crazy Cupckake
    Crazy Cupckake 4 месяца назад 8.51 am here
  • Ozpley Osbourne
    Ozpley Osbourne 4 месяца назад First time?
  • Ahmed360
    Ahmed360 4 месяца назад 3:22 PM where im at :p
  • Alex Orr
    Alex Orr 4 месяца назад 2:09 am.
  • Sans Freedom
    Sans Freedom 4 месяца назад @Bubba2001 yeee buddy
  • Bubba2001
    Bubba2001 4 месяца назад West coast 2 am at video drop
  • A7Dad
    A7Dad 4 месяца назад Damn you over in tha Nowath er sumthin?
  • Bryan Lettow
    Bryan Lettow 4 месяца назад 5:27 breh
  • A7Dad
    A7Dad 4 месяца назад Central time gang
  • just a gilf gtu dont worry
    just a gilf gtu dont worry 4 месяца назад @Cheeki3reeki Currently 11:11
  • Cheeki3reeki
    Cheeki3reeki 4 месяца назад Currently 11:10 am
  • Alex Heschong
    Alex Heschong 4 месяца назад (изменено) 3:07am waddup
  • Adan Lopez
    Adan Lopez 4 месяца назад “Real people not actors”
  • Arctic Puzzle
    Arctic Puzzle 1 месяц назад MAAAAAAAAHHHHK
  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law 4 месяца назад Real people, not actors Real actors, not people
  • Nate Culp
    Nate Culp 4 месяца назад @Cake from State Farm facts its all marketing techniques to filled a bunch of crooks pocket's
  • Chris Chris
    Chris Chris 4 месяца назад Marwk approves of this comment
  • Cake from State Farm
    Cake from State Farm 4 месяца назад J.D. Power is a lucrative scam
  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson 4 месяца назад @Inquisitor Incognito Nice...
  • Inquisitor Incognito
    Inquisitor Incognito 4 месяца назад Adan Lopez JD POWER TOP QUALITY AWARD 69 YEARS IN A ROW
  • DareToBeDeviant
    DareToBeDeviant 4 месяца назад Diesel truck owners in my area get ...1 mpg city. They mash the gas at every green light to be the first to make it to the next red.
  • Bosko Skender
    Bosko Skender Неделю назад blackandgold51 pretty sure he said 9, in the town. They are only efficient on longer journeys.
  • drake lilwayne
    drake lilwayne 3 недели назад We must protect this guy at all cost
  • Romero Turner
    Romero Turner 1 месяц назад @twotailedavenger They'd try to deny it. Trust me. They will claim that their "Pride and Joy" Was built by "True Americans!" And Probably shoot anybody who says otherwise...
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 1 месяц назад @Steve "little import" Should someone tell them that the Silverado and Ram are made in Mexico?
  • Harrison Conyers
    Harrison Conyers 2 месяца назад I have a 2005 crew cab duramax and I get a minimum of 16 in the city when I drive it hard. If I baby it I can get 18 and hwy I get 20.
  • Steve
    Steve 4 месяца назад I drive a midsize truck. I swear everytime a truck this size pulls up next to me at a red light, they floor it because, dammit, "My truck's BIGGER, and I'm going to blow the doors off your little import! 'Merica!". You win.
  • Wasteland Wanderer 1216
    Wasteland Wanderer 1216 4 месяца назад Goddamn brodozers also skulk around my city as well.
  • blackandgold51
    blackandgold51 4 месяца назад No way this diesel truck gets 9 mpg, he must mean 19 mpg. 9 by mistake
  • Dylan Muscanere
    Dylan Muscanere 4 месяца назад Also from ft worth. Can confirm to both of those claims
  • Scott Ryman
    Scott Ryman 4 месяца назад Ah. Texas. The Alberta of America. Makes sense.
  • Gustavo Kennedy
    Gustavo Kennedy 4 месяца назад I am from fort worth Texas
  • Scott Ryman
    Scott Ryman 4 месяца назад Ah shit. Are you from northern Alberta?
  • Gustavo Kennedy
    Gustavo Kennedy 4 месяца назад Are you from Texas ? That sounds remarkably like Texas cowboys and there Loud truck
  • Meme Brother
    Meme Brother 4 месяца назад Chevy Silverado: for the guy that gets angry when you merge in front of him and proceeds to tailgate you for 3 miles
  • twotailedavenger
    twotailedavenger 1 месяц назад Silverado Duramax: For the guy who drives 3mph in front of a cyclist, and on the rev limiter blowing smoke in their face.
  • TheMW2informer
    TheMW2informer 4 месяца назад (изменено) I love to pass people that even slightly cut me off in my Silverado, people get mad at me a lot! I’ve had someone with Michigan plates get out at a red light then try to drag race me 😂
  • R T
    R T 4 месяца назад (изменено) Standing on a 130 degree roof for 8 hours will make you want to kill someone with their own framed liberal arts diploma.
  • fredy
    fredy 4 месяца назад @RSD N/A actually, you're just that guy who gets pissy just because someone's merging in front of you to begin with regardless of space availability, since even though there's 100 feet open, you'll still accelerate to see if you can block them.
  • Nittanyburg 20
    Nittanyburg 20 4 месяца назад 100% accurate
  • RSD N/A
    RSD N/A 4 месяца назад @Bartonovich52 If I can speed up enough to in that situation, which I wouldn't, there wasn't enough room to start with.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 4 месяца назад RSD N/A Yeah... two feet in front because you hit the gas as soon as I put my signal light on. Lulz
  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 4 месяца назад Silverado for the guy that sees you pull in front them (a little close but you graciously speed up) and then quickly accelerates to make it appear as if you cut them off, only to tailgate you for miles and then beep the horn as you pull into your driveway.
  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 4 месяца назад Seriously, stop merging in front of big trucks, they're not as light as your 2006 Nissan Maxima ffs
  • SpartanA054Moose
    SpartanA054Moose 4 месяца назад @RSD N/A that guy ^
  • RSD N/A
    RSD N/A 4 месяца назад Yeah, I bet you're the guy that thinks it's ok to merge in front of someone when there are only 2 more feet than your car is long at 80 mph.
  • Christopher letterese
    Christopher letterese 4 месяца назад You forgot to mention Z71 in the title.
  • Dan Buker
    Dan Buker 4 месяца назад He missed the chance to add crew cab + 4X4 too!
  • Icutmetal
    Icutmetal 4 месяца назад And?
  • Fake Name
    Fake Name 4 месяца назад It's in the title now
  • osp80
    osp80 4 месяца назад the official car of driving to an office job in a dress shirt.
  • RayS2able
    RayS2able 3 месяца назад I see them being used as both. I ever saw someone towing with a raptor at a construction site. Besides you don’t know it that truck had a trailer on it earlier that day. I think a lot of people live in a place where people don’t get their hands dirty as much so they think that no most trucks aren’t being used. The high trim levels may not get dirty as much but some people buy them as tow vehicles for a boat or horses, ATVs, campers etc
  • osp80
    osp80 3 месяца назад (изменено) @RayS2able most people use 4x4 4dr trucks as daily drivers now.
  • RayS2able
    RayS2able 3 месяца назад Where do the people live who keep saying this? Most trucks I see get used
  • nomadben
    nomadben 4 месяца назад @Miles From Extraordinary This is the most accurate one
  • Jason Markowitz
    Jason Markowitz 4 месяца назад @Stop asking me to change my name, Youtube They're fine if you're loading up the kids and towing a 5th wheel or horse trailer.
  • Stop asking me to change my name, Youtube
    Stop asking me to change my name, Youtube 4 месяца назад kokakoliah no pipeline rig welder has a short box 3/4 ton dude lmao. This thing is a mall crawler
  • Sheriff Kermit
    Sheriff Kermit 4 месяца назад Nah that’s the heavily modded Jeep Wrangler
  • Glowget
    Glowget 4 месяца назад @kokakoliah yes, mine has 3
  • Miles From Extraordinary
    Miles From Extraordinary 4 месяца назад The official car of driving to Lowes in a dress shirt.
  • Mason Frazier
    Mason Frazier 4 месяца назад Just like to point out, it's not a Vortec. That's the gas engine line mate.
  • Ross Schoen
    Ross Schoen 4 месяца назад The Vortec name came about with the inception of GM's Central Port Injection and it's stupid poppets, and variable runners. The system didn't last too long but the name stuck for the V6 AND V8 truck engines because B R A N D
  • chevyfan029
    chevyfan029 4 месяца назад (изменено) TheFlyingPLiner no, Vortec is just a Gen IV LS-based truck engine. Doesn’t have to be an iron block
  • Beardedcap
    Beardedcap 4 месяца назад What do you expect when he gets all of his information from websites like jalopnik and maybe scanning wikipedia, his quality is similar to buzzfeed
  • TheFlyingPLiner
    TheFlyingPLiner 4 месяца назад Vortec = LS engine, but cast iron block. Ls engines have aluminum blocks.
  • N Pooch
    N Pooch 4 месяца назад @Timothy Welsh Exactly. The 6.0 is still kicking...
    TITAN 4 месяца назад @rcairforceone Vortec is still around, mate.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 4 месяца назад It’s an Isuzu.
  • Timothy Welsh
    Timothy Welsh 4 месяца назад Something Funny the first new 6.6s have yet to be delivered (along with any of the new HDs) the current 2019 HDs available still have the 6.0, as well as the 3500 express vans.
  • Something Funny
    Something Funny 4 месяца назад @N Pooch 6.0 is dead, new gas HDs have a 6.6.
  • Edward 40handys
    Edward 40handys 4 месяца назад It's just a thing. Everyone slips up
  • N Pooch
    N Pooch 4 месяца назад @rcairforceone FYI, GM still calls the 6.0 a Vortec...
  • rcairforceone
    rcairforceone 4 месяца назад True, but the vortec name disappeared in 2014. They are Ecotechs now.
  • ThatManitobaGuy
    ThatManitobaGuy 4 месяца назад Was going to mention this, glad someone else caught it.
  • Zzyzx Wolfe
    Zzyzx Wolfe 4 месяца назад Crew cabs these days are driving living rooms. That's what makes them so great.
  • Q .Wheatley
    Q .Wheatley 3 месяца назад @Edward Wood good luck with the chicken tax
  • Orangejuche
    Orangejuche 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Edward Wood Impossible now a days thanks to the Chicken Tax. Which is also responsible for giving us the brodozer big truck boom. Small import trucks were eating domestic automakers lunches when it came to trucks so they created Chicken Tax which absolutely shut out foreign truck manufacturers from producing small/cheap/RELIABLE trucks that American manufacturers could not compete with and turn a profit. Originally it was also potatoes, brandy, and other mundane things, but a 25% increase in the price of brandy isn't going to fuck with people like a 25% increase in the import duties of a light truck.
  • Edward Wood
    Edward Wood 4 месяца назад I wonder if it will ever get to the point that Japan or Korea could get over the chicken tax due to the specs of American trucks and start releasing their minimal drop panel designs?
  • Edward Wood
    Edward Wood 4 месяца назад @GMdrivingMOPARguy Too often trucks have become practical luxury vehicles with big engine performance that probably are hard to find in a sedan, not that that is horrible if that is your thing. I would like to see Japan or Korea import a real drop panel work truck that functions like something from the mid 70's if you don't want something closer to a house payment in flyover country.
  • Jacob Mello
    Jacob Mello 4 месяца назад Have you ever been in a dodge mega cab though?
  • Redfire 03 SVT
    Redfire 03 SVT 4 месяца назад Newer pickups are the most utilitarian vehicles you can buy. They do everything, in any environment. Not sure whats hard to understand.
    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 4 месяца назад @Bartonovich52You ain't wrong. I say that already about people who daily super cars in heavy traffic, or people in lifted Jeeps and other trucks with knobby tires cruising around the city streets. And don't get me started on single-household, antisocial people who drive full-sized vans and SUV's.
  • Bartonovich52
    Bartonovich52 4 месяца назад Yep. All that capability 90% wasted on trips to the mall and the soccer field with ALMOST as much comfort as the captains chairs in my minivan.
  • Howdy
    Howdy 4 месяца назад @Yukikazehalo My mom's 2011 F150 has an insane amount of rear legroom and handles better than my Ranger.
    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 4 месяца назад @GMdrivingMOPARguyI'm totally with you on that statement, but as you see, these automakers like Cadillac and Lincoln are slowly edging away from the luxury sedan market. Pretty soon all you'll have to choose from is SUV's and trucks of different classes and sizes. Truck's gonna be the biggest, so naturally it'll be the most luxurious.
  • s_reilly
    s_reilly 4 месяца назад @GMdrivingMOPARguy I had a '92 Sedan DeVille back in the high school days. And that WAS driving a living room around - with leather and shag rugs!
  • GMdrivingMOPARguy
    GMdrivingMOPARguy 4 месяца назад And I just don't understand that. If I want a truck I want it to be tough, simple and minimal. If I want big and comfy I'll get a Cadillac
    MAN_ON_WHEELZ 4 месяца назад Yeah, trucks these days have snuck up behind us and taken the slot for luxury land yachts. But they've added hella capability to the category.
  • Yukikazehalo
    Yukikazehalo 4 месяца назад People don't give 4 door trucks enough credit for being the more comfortable and capable modern versions of American land barges people are so nostalgic about now.
  • riskyb250
    riskyb250 4 месяца назад Sweet truck: check Well done literary analogy: check Dry sarcastic humor: check "If it ain't broke, BREAK IT" Keep up the good work brother
  • Marc Scordato
    Marc Scordato 4 месяца назад Big American trucks have a devoted Loyal following . They are very cool but shockingly expensive . I can’t imagine dropping 60K on a truck but people do.
  • hamsterama
    hamsterama 4 месяца назад @Doug Owens Personally, I think that if a couple have to keep separate bank accounts from the beginning, that's a red flag. My sister's in her early 30's, and has only been married to this guy for a bit over four years. Her first husband, who she divorced after 18 months of marriage, was a jobless loser who spent all her money at strip clubs. Like I said, my sister's bad at picking husbands. But she's an adult, and there's nothing we could do to stop her.
  • Doug Owens
    Doug Owens 4 месяца назад @hamsterama Dang, certainly not a smart way to go about life and money. Never understood married couples keeping separate accounts, but I see your sisters as a good reason.
  • Ben Chesterman
    Ben Chesterman 4 месяца назад Ltz tdv8 midnight edition is $80000usd drive away , ltz petrol v8 rwd $62,000usd drive away
  • Marc Scordato
    Marc Scordato 4 месяца назад R T At the risk of sounding condescending and arrogant a middle class person reasons I make 50 grand a year my car can’t be more then 25K but often the poor among us go for broke on cars which keeps them poor .
  • R T
    R T 4 месяца назад And somehow every Mexican immigrant, legal or not, has one. I ran a landscaping crew of a friends business one summer for extra cash and worked with an illegal guy who crossed twice a year and had a truck nicer than mine. $500/week cash. And this was back in 2006. He pays his best crews $750/week now. People will swim the Rio Grande for that.
  • Alec L.
    Alec L. 4 месяца назад Spent $75k on my F450 in 2015, I pull trailers long distances alot so the King Ranch leather is nice to have.
  • Casy Chapin
    Casy Chapin 4 месяца назад I get that I totally do. But it's an honest price compared to tiny luxury sportsuvs your getting allot of vehicle and a lot of functionality. A basic work truck can still be pretty cheap by comparison. And the amazing numbers made seam generation old models are allot cheaper. And the 20 year old ones are some of the cheapest vehicles on the road. It's a strangely attainable luxury item
  • hamsterama
    hamsterama 4 месяца назад @Doug Owens Unless he changes, which I doubt, he'll likely trade in the Jeep right after he pays it off. Or he'll trade it in before then and roll over the loan onto a new vehicle, as you described. This guy has debt on everything he owns. But we knew all this before he and my sister married five years ago. My sister is one of those "fixers" who is attracted to guys with problems.
  • Doug Owens
    Doug Owens 4 месяца назад @hamsterama hopefully he at least keeps the thing after paying it off. I've heard of people trading in while under water (upside down(?)), and owing twice as much for half the car. It's crazy.
  • hamsterama
    hamsterama 4 месяца назад @Chad Vu I'm guessing those long auto loans also explain the "SUV craze" now. Middle class people are big into buying big expensive SUV's $50,000+ now, rather than a sensible family car like a Toyota Camry, which starts at a very affordable $25,000. My brother-in-law (sister's husband) got a loan for a fully-loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee a couple years ago. He's living paycheck to paycheck (he and my sister keep separate accounts), even though he makes a decent amount of money at his job. He didn't need a new vehicle, he just wanted one like a kid wants a Hot Wheels toy. It's the American way, I guess. Work a full-time job to pay interest to a bank.
  • Chad Vu
    Chad Vu 4 месяца назад easy to rope middle class people into buying them when the average auto loan is like 70 months now. Most people can't afford a 60k truck but they think they can when the payments are like 850 a month
  • Gobbersmack
    Gobbersmack 4 месяца назад Trucks are the new land yachts.
  • SuperAWaC
    SuperAWaC 4 месяца назад @digitalrailroader that is why they are coming out with the ranger and courier. the ranger is not the ranger we remember from 20 years ago, but the f150 from 20 years ago.
  • digitalrailroader
    digitalrailroader 4 месяца назад Christopher James Wall Ford is pretty much the segment leader on insane pickup pricing; $50k for an F-150 XLT, which is their NEXT TO BOTTOM trim level! For the same amount, you actually get to go to the LT Z71 on the Silverado 1500 which is their mid level trim!
  • Matthias H
    Matthias H 4 месяца назад Ethan Benson You’re right. I’m a Toyota dealer mechanic and the Toyota Tundra is significantly more expensive to fix than their cars. Toyota V8 engines, although bulletproof, have Euro car level repair costs when they do break. I’d personally buy (and did buy) a BMW over a truck. But then again if people have the money to blow on a truck and run it, and it makes them happy, then why not, it’s their money.
  • Ethan Benson
    Ethan Benson 4 месяца назад Matthias H Your a rarity then. Alot of the people buy them don't actually haul anything or really use it. The trucks are expensive to maintain too.
  • Matthias H
    Matthias H 4 месяца назад I would never blow more than $60k on a truck. Then again I’m not a truck person and the only reason I would buy one is if I actually had a use for it.
  • Christopher James Wall
    Christopher James Wall 4 месяца назад How about $100,000 for a top of the line F350?
  • nlpnt
    nlpnt 4 месяца назад MSRP is a polite fiction with them, 10 grand cash on the hood is common.
  • Nick Scapellato
    Nick Scapellato 4 месяца назад The Rust Belt was not kind to that underside, hard to think it's only three years old
  • hochhaul
    hochhaul 2 месяца назад @White Male LMFAO "only happens in the south". Funny I work with a guy that had his entire Dodge Ram dash fall apart into a million piece. He replaced it and it did it again. Right in New Glarus Wisconsin. You're so full of shit it's sickening. Everyone I have ever known with a 12 valve Cummins has chewed through transmissions, garbage brakes, and fought with rust the entire time they've owned them. The real tragedy of the Cummins 12 valve is that it's one of the great diesel engines, with the big POS truck wrapped around it. From the front suspension, to the brakes, to the dollar store interior, transmissions, and rusty body that required regular tetanus shots just to look at. They were rolling dumpster fire with a good engine.
  • White Male
    White Male 2 месяца назад (изменено) @hochhaul Ok.. like i couldn't get your info if i wanted it lol You are just parroting what you read on the internet, I have at least 15 dodge trucks at the scrapyard that have no less then 150K with no cracks in the dash ( because that only happens in the south smart guy) and the ones that are not wrecked have perfect engines and transmission's. For personal vehicles I have 2 plow trucks each have over 200k and a summer hauler with over 300k and guess what, all of them have original transmissions, engines, axles etc. Keep making shit up though you probably dont even know how to change blinker fluid.
  • hochhaul
    hochhaul 2 месяца назад @White Male I'm not giving some youtube moron my email. My wife's side of the family have 5 or 6 Dodge Ram trucks from that era. When they weren't replacing transmissions left and right, they were trying to stop the famous Dodge rust rot and cover up their famous dash cracking.
  • White Male
    White Male 2 месяца назад @hochhaul Give me your email and i will send you pictures. Also might still have pictures of my 04.5 cummins that had 99% of all the paint still on its frame and plowed every winter. Its called not being an idiot, 98% of people struggle with this.
  • hochhaul
    hochhaul 2 месяца назад @White Male Bull. I live in Wisconsin and there isn't a Cummins made in the last decade that doesn't have at least as much rust. Especially on the rockers and hood. Right along the leading edge, rust bubbled up after just a few winters.
  • hochhaul
    hochhaul 2 месяца назад A Toyota Tacoma or Tundra man would be proud of having such little rust after 3 years.
  • Gabriel Messam
    Gabriel Messam 4 месяца назад @Bill Tabbert tbh I have no clue about the build quality, just said that as a light hearted joke. As a ford guy, I can say that the transits we have here in europe have awful build quality, they rust in a minute.
  • Bill Tabbert
    Bill Tabbert 4 месяца назад @Gabriel Messam This is markedly false. BQ on chevrolets is above par for the auto industry
  • Gabriel Messam
    Gabriel Messam 4 месяца назад poor build quality haha
  • T. S
    T. S 4 месяца назад @Bill Tabbert no car is rust proof obviously. I'm simply pointing out the fact that American (and Japanese steel, iron, etc) seems to oxidize or rust quickly in the midwest to eastern part of the US. I have had American SUVs, Japanese sedans, and no German sedans. My 2011 BMW 550I XDRIVE with 115,000 miles on it has lived its whole life in Northern Michigan, harsh winters, salted roads, rock chips, you name it. And I shit you not, not a spec of surface or deeper rust. Compare that with my 2010 Jeep Commander with a measly 80,000 miles (same conditions, same garage, same roads, same driver) that thing looks like it has lived by the sea for it's entire life.
  • Bill Tabbert
    Bill Tabbert 4 месяца назад @T. S I've yet to see a manufacture which is totally rust resilient - Japanese and German cars are no exception.
  • White Male
    White Male 4 месяца назад Yet dodges get shit for rusting when my 01 Cummins has as must rust on the frame as this truck. And i live in Wisconsin
  • Daniel Lott
    Daniel Lott 4 месяца назад holy fuck people, surface rust and giant rust holes in the frame are two totally different things.
  • spyderxtra777
    spyderxtra777 4 месяца назад Nate Culp my truck? Hell no, there’s something not right about a “garage kept” pickup truck...
  • Nate Culp
    Nate Culp 4 месяца назад @spyderxtra777 its probably not undercoated and garage kept💁‍♂️
  • Deuce -
    Deuce - 4 месяца назад Good ol liquid salt. Andddd whatever other shit they feel like sprinkling in there with it.
  • ironsaber2
    ironsaber2 4 месяца назад (изменено) @spyderxtra777 I'm a technician In east coast canada, I'm best friends with an acetylene torch
  • spyderxtra777
    spyderxtra777 4 месяца назад I live in PA, and I was thinking how clean it was and how little rust it had on the underside. My 120k miles 2010 sierra is basically a sea of brown-orange underneath and the paint is bubbling over the rear wheels... But hey that's just life in the rust belt! you southern guys have no idea what real rust is haha. We've been looking at and working on cars like that for our entire lives, it's just normal lol
  • T. S
    T. S 4 месяца назад @Prairie Highways you are correct, I should have used the term "Corrosion" instead of "Rust", but either way I'm seeing 2012-2016 model year trucks with beds that look like they have been at the bottom of the sea.
  • T. S
    T. S 4 месяца назад (изменено) It's typical American steel and iron. For some reason even the "aluminum" Ford beds seem to rust up here in Michigan
  • Omar Reyes
    Omar Reyes 4 месяца назад I've noticed the frames have rust on new trucks sitting at the dealership that wax coat gm applies is not very good..
  • Honkeynuts
    Honkeynuts 4 месяца назад I like my trucks BIG and I like my trucks BLACK
  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 2 недели назад I knew chevy guys like some dick.thats why i drive fuckin RAM
  • Andrew Long
    Andrew Long 4 месяца назад And I like my trucks RAW
  • Dot Dot
    Dot Dot 4 месяца назад I LIKE TO SUCK MY TRUCK
  • Ronald Raygun
    Ronald Raygun 4 месяца назад And I like my trucks COCK
  • Phil Atkins
    Phil Atkins 4 месяца назад Thank god you posted, I was thinking about the futility of existence and accomplishment. Now I can think about formalism instead! Thanks RCR!
  • Tyler Hayslett
    Tyler Hayslett 4 месяца назад Existence and accomplishment are only futile if your frame of reference is too big.
  • Deuce -
    Deuce - 4 месяца назад Nothing to worry about here Donny, these men are nihilists.
  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 4 месяца назад Phil Atkins been going thru the same thing
  • Burke Sellers
    Burke Sellers 4 месяца назад I’ve always had such nostalgia for big diesel trucks like this. It brings back distant memories of trips to Pigeon Forge with Grannie and Pawpaw, having to watch my mouth because I was old enough to curse with my friends, but young enough that my family didn’t even know I knew the words. I have absolutely no need for a diesel truck... but I want one
  • Burke Sellers
    Burke Sellers 4 месяца назад Lol I spell it how I pronounce it.
  • Howdy
    Howdy 4 месяца назад This nigga spelled it P A W P A W
  • Polin Mileg
    Polin Mileg 4 месяца назад The luxury vehicle for the people who have a lot of money but a BMW or Mercedes is too white collar-appearing
  • Steve
    Steve 4 месяца назад And too not 'Merican.
  • Polin Mileg
    Polin Mileg 4 месяца назад @kokakoliah they're priced almost the same. This top of the line Chevy will still go for 70k-80k. The Denalis are not that far off. Hell, a Limited or LTZ 1500 will be near 60k or 70k. All the manufacturers are doing that. The difference isn't the price tag but the aesthetic and some luxuries...nothing else
  • Polin Mileg
    Polin Mileg 4 месяца назад @kokakoliah have you seen the price tag on these things? You have to be couple tax brackets up to afford a diesel with all the toys