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1998 Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato TR XX R4

Published on Jul 24, 2017 246,647 views

We review a DJM car in the UK, a Daihatsu Cuore Avanzato TR XX R4


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  • automan224
    automan224 Год назад Shame no one in the U.K. offered you a Reliant Robin
  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG 7 месяцев назад There's not too many of them left, i rarely see them now. When i was a kid in the late 90s early 00s i used to see them fairly often, three wheeled cars don't really serve a purpose these days
  • ian builds
    ian builds Год назад @A-aron lol Ik right... Wtf is so good about a geo anything? Its like all the bad of 90s gm but way.....way worse.. They are great to stuff Honda motors in but even still I'd rather put a hoda motor in a honda..
  • A-aron
    A-aron Год назад You REALLY want him to drive a 1st gen Geo Metro.
  • Obd1andDown
    Obd1andDown Год назад Drive a first Gen Geo Metro
  • dcanmore
    dcanmore Год назад Last produced in 2001. Now in the hands of collectors or enthusiasts.
  • Ossi Muurinen
    Ossi Muurinen Год назад Here's the thing -- Normal cars have a low center of gravity, which is why they don't roll over on an even surface no matter what you do. If the car has an unusually high center of gravity or the road surface is uneven, then it's possible to roll a car just by steering erratically.
  • Ralph Hardwick
    Ralph Hardwick Год назад I'm not going to argue with you but I disagree. It's not hard to roll a car if you give it a turn of lock each way quickly on an uneven camber road or rutted surface at speed in my opinion.
  • Ossi Muurinen
    Ossi Muurinen Год назад Ralph Hardwick No, you cant. Most cars don't roll over unless they hit something.
  • Tom New
    Tom New Год назад automan224 rarely see a reliant robin these days.
  • Ralph Hardwick
    Ralph Hardwick Год назад You can easily roll a robin, but you can easily roll any car if you do stupid stuff with the steering at speed.
  • Geiw
    Geiw Год назад Good luck finding one
  • RoadStarWorks
    RoadStarWorks Год назад The Murloc Tamer the weight in the roof is the driver
  • The Murloc Tamer
    The Murloc Tamer Год назад they also put some weight in the roof to make it top heavy
  • wowomatic
    wowomatic Год назад They tried, but rolled before they made it to the meet.
  • Polish Dog
    Polish Dog Год назад I was hoping to see an Allegro or Marina.
  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan Год назад Didn't they also put odd sized tires on it?
  • robuk1981
    robuk1981 Год назад automan224 Should of got him the kitten the four wheel version of the Robbin
  • dcanmore
    dcanmore Год назад They're not dangerous, Clarkson later admitted to 'fixing' the differential to make it roll over easy. "Well, now’s the time to come clean. A normal Reliant Robin will not roll unless a drunken rugby team is on hand. Or it’s windy. But in a headlong drive to amuse and entertain, I’d asked the backroom boys to play around with the differential so that the poor little thing rolled over every time I turned the steering wheel."
  • Zero the Wanderer
    Zero the Wanderer Год назад Something tells me Mr. Regular would've Clarkson'd it.
  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan Год назад (изменено) TF
  • pugman205
    pugman205 Год назад Which one?
  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan Год назад I should've asked if he wanted to review my MG
  • archechme
    archechme Год назад and on its side because mr regular wouldn't understand how completely and shamelessly dangerous they are
  • dcanmore
    dcanmore Год назад Bond Bug would have been better
  • Misha Dash
    Misha Dash Год назад "Daihatsu Metroid Save Code" Accurate car name.
  • bfchang
    bfchang Год назад if they shipped Kei cars to the United States we'd probably be right on the brink of cataclysm from climate change. HUR HUR HUR I CAN PUT IT IN MY PICK UP TRUCK I CAN PUT IT IN MY TRUCK IT GOES IN MY TRUCK ALONG WITH MY EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE
  • SRT_Thxnderbxlt
    SRT_Thxnderbxlt 5 месяцев назад We have enough smarts, fiats, sparks, and sonics to deal with.
  • I Am Sekou
    I Am Sekou 11 месяцев назад Red Phoenix stfu fool
  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix Год назад The climate always changed. You cannot stop, derp. ;)
  • scottieray
    scottieray Год назад My first car in 1984 was a 1978 Ford Fiesta-S. Silver with the manual sunroof....I loved it.
  • Obd1andDown
    Obd1andDown Год назад Drive a first gen Geo Metro
  • jo23bulls
    jo23bulls Год назад Red Phoenix anti intellectualism is a cancer on this country. Please educate yourself.
  • daybreaK
    daybreaK Год назад bfchang my truck has an 8 foot bed
  • Михаил Еремин
    Михаил Еремин Год назад It has nothing to do with Kcars, it's a colt/lancer lookalike
  • epoxeclipse
    epoxeclipse Год назад Have you seen the mitsubishi mirage?
  • RC Enduros
    RC Enduros Год назад (изменено) yes I have driven all types of k cars and other random little Asian trucks at large jobsites here in the us just to move around on site. some still had their original registration and everything still on them
  • Michael Macnaughtan
    Michael Macnaughtan Год назад implying the populace could fit inside it
  • me3333
    me3333 Год назад I have a picture somewhere of my 4wd Daihatsu Hijet in the bed of my 4wd F350 crew cab dually with a 4wd Yamaha grizzly 660 in the bed of the Daihatsu
  • TheChills00
    TheChills00 Год назад Truck, girl! Beer, truck, cornfield, girl, truck! Backroad, girl, truck! I just wrote a modern country song
  • RuthlessZabusa
    RuthlessZabusa Год назад Regardless typical personal transportation isn't the cause, not even close. Vehicles emissions are over-regulated if anything. Unregulated industry, airlines, and freight ships.
  • scottieray
    scottieray Год назад Here in Arkansas you are not a man until you get an F-250 Dualie with a gooseneck trailer to haul your 20k side-by-side which is bigger than my first 5 cars.
  • Joshua Melton
    Joshua Melton Год назад I just say ya no shit it fits. I went to kindergarten also.
  • Dante S550 10R80'S
    Dante S550 10R80'S Год назад that's when you tell them "yeah and even when your truck is loaded to the brim your tiny penis can still find room.
  • Braedon M
    Braedon M Год назад Twingo Shoji thanks
  • Gertofius1
    Gertofius1 Год назад I had a Subaru Justy for awhile and multiple people felt the need to tell me that my car could fit in their overcompensating truck beds
  • J D
    J D Год назад the only people in power who deny manmade climate change do so to protect their interests. the people who follow them in that belief, those are the true idiots.
  • wobbly sauce
    wobbly sauce Год назад Put 2 K cars in the the back and drive the daily 'truck'
  • Tunerguy21
    Tunerguy21 Год назад Arne Hurnik Congratulations, you just grew a 16th ball.
  • Joesolo13
    Joesolo13 Год назад Red Phoenix this is why we can't have nice things
  • Gavin Irvine
    Gavin Irvine Год назад Red Phoenix American education creates this kind of mong
  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix Год назад "if they shipped Kei cars to the United States we'd probably be right on the brink of cataclysm from climate change." Nope, climate change happens, whether you choose believe the lie of manmade climate change or not. It always happened.
  • MrCargod05
    MrCargod05 Год назад bfchang kei cars are sold in the U.S., almost solely for off road use. And not to mention there are plenty that can be legally imported like the Suzuki Cappuccino that I'm picking up later today.
  • Walker Hall
    Walker Hall Год назад bfchang "That guy's so rich, he has a pickup truck in a pickup truck"
    THE BRAIN SPECIALIST Год назад Because Gran Turismo
  • GT22 Games
    GT22 Games 1 месяц назад @InitialDave there was a 4WD one in the used cars section though I've only seen it twice
  • Craig Stirling
    Craig Stirling Год назад Gran turismo
  • decjko
    decjko Год назад Daihatsu Terios Kid Aerodown?
  • zloychechen5150
    zloychechen5150 Год назад stop chasing me!
  • decjko
    decjko Год назад (изменено) IneptusMechanicus I remember playing the first Japan Nationals race in Gran Turismo, where the limit was 147 BHP but all the cars were Kei cars and I had a '88 Silvia K's 1800. LOL
  • Stryker Red
    Stryker Red Год назад It was on GT3 when it made its debut.
  • InitialDave
    InitialDave Год назад The one in GT4 is the FWD version though. No "R4" on the end of the name.
  • James Baggaley
    James Baggaley Год назад Sunday cup
  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones Год назад Mr. Razington they were in gt6 as well.
  • 2314 Alef
    2314 Alef Год назад decjko those kei cars could return in Sport
  • sp4rrow
    sp4rrow Год назад THE BRAIN SPECIALIST also in gtr portable or 4
  • decjko
    decjko Год назад It's not in the game. You only have 3 Cuores: '90 Cuore, '98 Cuore TR and '98 Cuore TR Aero Package. If the Cuore Avanzato TR-XX R4 was to be in GT2, it'll be a direct competitor to every Kei car you know lol.
  • Mr. Razington
    Mr. Razington Год назад I think it was in GT2
  • decjko
    decjko Год назад (изменено) Gran Turismo 2 has the most number of chibi Japanese cars out of every GT, so this car could've been in there.
  • CL Anthony
    CL Anthony Год назад Mr. Regular missing third gear made a regretful noise as if he just prematurely ejaculated. Oh the humanity! 😂
  • ethan
    ethan Год назад U N G A B U N G A
  • Shaia pouf
    Shaia pouf 3 месяца назад unga bunga binga bunga looney tonessss
  • -
    - 11 месяцев назад Chuck Rock
  • Robert Trujillo
    Robert Trujillo Год назад Dapeep unga bunga
  • meteor smash
    meteor smash Год назад MARRY ME MARRY ME MARRY ME M O U N T M E
  • Joselo Aero
    Joselo Aero Год назад Flies to europe, drives jdm...
  • Red Phoenix
    Red Phoenix Год назад Not even close, this is just a JDM sub-compact city car.
  • Obd1andDown
    Obd1andDown Год назад Drive a first gen Geo Metro
  • Scrubworks
    Scrubworks Год назад I've driven a few Minis and I can tell you that the 90s Minis are probably the worst of the bunch. They were built to the lowest standard and had the worst rustproofing, and getting them through 90s emissions testing with catalytic converters is a nightmare, and also severely limits the upgrades you can do with the engine as it could make you fail emissions. They have fuel injection, but that's whatever really, and they do often have bigger wheels and better interiors, but fitting that to an earlier Mini is child's play. If you ever consider importing a Mini, stick with pre-1990 models.
  • Polish Dog
    Polish Dog Год назад Yes, he's reviewed 2 USDM Minis. One new one old. But considering he reviewed his 10th Miata on the UK trip it would have been cool to possibly see a late 90s-early-00s UKDM Mini. Something we Americans never got to see.
  • ledzeppelin27
    ledzeppelin27 Год назад (изменено) Yeah, but this was the UK trip and I was hoping for more Britain exclusive domestic cars. The majority of what he reviewed was Japanese. Nothing even fun like double decker busses or a London cab.
  • Alex Woodward
    Alex Woodward Год назад you know he already did a lotus, Aston, and 2 minis right?
  • ledzeppelin27
    ledzeppelin27 Год назад No mini, no triumph, no mgb, no tvr, no lotus, no aston, no jag, I guess there was a rolls... what the hell? why even go to the UK
  • Scrubworks
    Scrubworks Год назад Fair enough, I'll defer to your knowledge on this one :).
  • InitialDave
    InitialDave Год назад They have to do more than that, there are type approval/homologation hoops to jump through, and the point is they are NOT a JDM car, they are an official import in the same way the Skylines they sold here are, or the UK Suzuki Cappuccino (which i also have). Even though the specification is largely the same (though not quite, the equivalent L512S Mira had a different bumper, the UK car's is shared with a more basic model), they're still not JDM, because they're not for built and sold for the Japenese Domestic Market, and then imported later. They were built and specified for the UK market, the fact that the adaptations were done a bit cheaply (e.g. the fog light on the back, the rear lights in the bumper, the MPH sticker over the KMH mark on the speedo) doesn't change that. They did what the law said they had to to sell them as a UK car, you could actually get away with doing less if it were a JDM import. The other reason it matters is that it makes them much rarer. The car in this video isn't one of thousands of Miras or Cuores, it's one of only 80 genuine UK road cars (they did some rally ones too). That provenance matters.
  • Scrubworks
    Scrubworks Год назад Be that as it may, is there any difference in specification between this and a Japanese market model? The lack of localisation features I mentioned previously would suggest Daihatsu just grabbed 80 cars off the line and shipped them to the UK before selling them.
  • InitialDave
    InitialDave Год назад (изменено) @Loftworthy No, it is a UK market car. Official import of 80 by Daihatsu. I should know, I own one. Note that UK car registration paperwork tells you if a car is an import, or sold new in the UK. They are official UK cars.
  • Thee Adjudicator
    Thee Adjudicator Год назад Alex Woodward Yet..
  • ridow300
    ridow300 Год назад Mr.Regular is Mr.WorldWide boIIIIIIIIIIIIII
  • Scrubworks
    Scrubworks Год назад (изменено) It isn't a UK car. The rear number plate bracket is the wrong shape, and the speedo only reads KMH. Also you can see that the rear fog light has been added onto the car post-production.
  • InitialDave
    InitialDave Год назад It's not JDM. It's a UK market car.
  • Adam.
    Adam. Год назад Polish Dog Top Gear squashed them all!
  • Scrubworks
    Scrubworks Год назад Thing is you can find shit old British stuff in the States, and it's usually less rusty than it is over here, but 90s JDM stuff is almost non-existent in the States.
  • Polish Dog
    Polish Dog Год назад Disappointed no fans over there had shitty old British cars like the Morris Marina for him to review.
  • Niek Schouwenburg
    Niek Schouwenburg Год назад This is better than anything european.
  • Joselo Aero
    Joselo Aero Год назад I think mr.regular had said that they plan to go to the land of "down under" where you will find jdm and yutes only.
  • Alex Woodward
    Alex Woodward Год назад that we can't get
  • What Up TK Here
    What Up TK Here Год назад Gang two of those engines up and you'd have a 1.2L V8 with more power than an NA Miata. I... I need to do this.
  • Lassi Kinnunen
    Lassi Kinnunen 3 месяца назад better do straight 8.
  • Bilal Ayub
    Bilal Ayub 3 месяца назад yes please
  • CRiVEN
    CRiVEN 3 месяца назад I support
  • tfw no gf
    tfw no gf 5 месяцев назад What Up TK Here NO GOD NO GOD PLEASE NO NO NO NOOOOOOO
  • Tanner Blanchard
    Tanner Blanchard Год назад Did someone say... quirks?
  • Emone the Autist
    Emone the Autist 11 месяцев назад (whispers) My names Doug.
  • Abel Alvarez
    Abel Alvarez Год назад But what's the doug score?
  • Mach Tony
    Mach Tony Год назад (изменено) And at the end, I will tell you the dog will scorn you.
  • [D0gfish]
    [D0gfish] Год назад (изменено) overtrader dot com slash autosteer
  • MCTV
    MCTV Год назад Mr Regular Demouro
  • Kryotix_YTP
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost Год назад (изменено) Zlatan Ibrahimović for more of my thoughts on this car, click the link to my column on
  • Brett Edson
    Brett Edson Год назад My family are die hard Toyota people, but that's because my dad had a Daihatsu Charade and put 400,000 miles on it before he finally got rid of it. I have so many childhood memories in that tiny little red hatchback. I still see some around so you should definitely do a review on one in the States.
  • Eduardo W.
    Eduardo W. Год назад > d a i h a t s u m e t r o i d s a v e c o d e
  • pen_BERRIES
    pen_BERRIES 9 месяцев назад "The Daihatsu Metroid save code..." B R U H I LOVE YAH
  • Kershaw Silverado
    Kershaw Silverado Год назад W16 swap it
  • Dory
    Dory Год назад Dark ShadowFox fuck yeah mate
  • Rakitha Peiriz
    Rakitha Peiriz Год назад Royhan Will it fit in my Honda ?
  • Karyū JDM
    Karyū JDM Год назад I thought you liked the Peugeot the best :(
  • Diego Reinstettel
    Diego Reinstettel Год назад NOT A REVIEW
  • Clitorus McFartcan
    Clitorus McFartcan Год назад Night shift best shift bitches.
  • Los The Ghost
    Los The Ghost Год назад Clitorus McFartcan Amen brother!
  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam Год назад (изменено) Except for the fact that my skin falls off anytime I'm exposed to the sun, friends and family don't seem to grasp the concept that you are NOT awake during the times that the rest of the world around you is, and Kids playing outside make me want to pull a Kurt Cobain "sweet no scope"... But HURRAY for night shift :/
  • Penguin
    Penguin Год назад Clitorus McFartcan hell yeah brothers! You're watching the Clitorus Mcfartcan YouTube comments!
  • JDM Freak95
    JDM Freak95 Год назад chris bradt IKR!!!
  • chris bradt
    chris bradt Год назад BEST. NAME. EVER. ^^^^
  • HeroRR
    HeroRR Год назад "ALL OF BOSTON!" YES!! hahaha As a Bostonian I can confirm this! :D
  • Boom King76
    Boom King76 2 месяца назад True!
  • J Bello
    J Bello Год назад After going there on a trip. I will make sure to only drive around on a BICYCLE. i walk From South end to North end in less than an hour. on foot with the missus.
  • JB 86
    JB 86 Год назад I agree but I moved to Hawaii and it's just as fucking. Crazy I miss Boston rotaries one ways
  • Killing Time
    Killing Time Год назад HEROrr yep, the streets are tiny, confusing, and under constant construction. And remember, when driving in or around Boston, always be sure to signal properly. Fully extend your arm out the window, and while holding a Dunkies cup, flip the otha bastid off!
  • skiingrocks00001
    skiingrocks00001 Год назад "Omg it's a rova !" Jeremy clarkson
  • Do RC
    Do RC Год назад It's more fun to drive a slow thing fast than a fast thing slow.... Always will be!
  • Noel_Digits
    Noel_Digits Год назад "the Daihatsu Metroid save code" I got so light headed from laughing I had to take a minute to recover...