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$144 Steak Lunch in Tokyo - Teppanyaki in Japan

Published on Oct 12, 2018 7,284,943 views

Wagyu Beef (A5) in Roppongi/Tokyo, as side dishes: fish, vegetables, clam soup, salad and some smaller items.

  • Maideneer
    Maideneer 5 месяцев назад Some lady at 12:48 saw her bill
  • Длинное Ружьё
    Длинное Ружьё 5 месяцев назад harakiri
  • MrMojoSuper
    MrMojoSuper 5 месяцев назад LOL!!!
  • cristhiantv
    cristhiantv 5 месяцев назад Nice one
  • Your Self
    Your Self 5 месяцев назад lmao
  • SuperSoldier888
    SuperSoldier888 5 месяцев назад Maideneer lol
  • Pedro D Juarez Perez
    Pedro D Juarez Perez 5 месяцев назад LOL 😂
  • Jae Hyun
    Jae Hyun 5 месяцев назад LOL!!! I died laughing!!!
  • Zaturn Nep
    Zaturn Nep 5 месяцев назад 😂 dead lol
    HAME FISI 5 месяцев назад 😂👏
  • haredx
    haredx 5 месяцев назад DYING! 😂😂😂
  • Sher Bangash
    Sher Bangash 5 месяцев назад RiP to all those dead n those in process of dying from the op comment
  • Sultan Alrefaie
    Sultan Alrefaie 5 месяцев назад Yep. That is a heart attack scream
  • gravelyt
    gravelyt 5 месяцев назад good one
  • huitre
    huitre 5 месяцев назад she just performed Seppuku
  • Legion Chucky
    Legion Chucky 5 месяцев назад Maideneer 😂
  • Jaswinder Bansal
    Jaswinder Bansal 5 месяцев назад Hahahahahhaha 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  • Boobafina
    Boobafina 5 месяцев назад Best comment LMAO
  • Cruzinthruspace
    Cruzinthruspace 5 месяцев назад 🤣
  • Vivek Vishwakarma.
    Vivek Vishwakarma. 5 месяцев назад This Comment just killed me... 😂😂😂😂
  • Matias Yu
    Matias Yu 5 месяцев назад ahhahahahaa
  • DB Sven
    DB Sven 5 месяцев назад Awesome...
  • Mark Mazz
    Mark Mazz 5 месяцев назад I heard that gasp lol must of been an expensive bill
  • Chris Orioli Medina 101
    Chris Orioli Medina 101 5 месяцев назад shite had me dying !! haha
  • ND
    ND 5 месяцев назад You made my day :D
  • talkdatrue
    talkdatrue 5 месяцев назад Hahahaha dead
  • ◄SoundSystem►
    ◄SoundSystem► 5 месяцев назад OOF
  • elxa vides
    elxa vides 5 месяцев назад Hahahhahahaha
  • Esteban Aguayo
    Esteban Aguayo 5 месяцев назад @Длинное Ружьё Seppuku, you filthy pedestrian
  • BlueLavaGaming
    BlueLavaGaming 5 месяцев назад You made my day bro HAHA
  • AlfaPower
    AlfaPower 5 месяцев назад haha that made me laugh
  • Plot
    Plot 5 месяцев назад you just made my day
  • GrayFox93130
    GrayFox93130 5 месяцев назад lmao xDDDDDD
  • PolarSRC
    PolarSRC 5 месяцев назад CANT STOP LAUGHING NOW!
  • Primus525
    Primus525 5 месяцев назад :-D Perfect!
  • barbed
    barbed 5 месяцев назад ahahahahahaha
  • Mike Bledsoe
    Mike Bledsoe 5 месяцев назад L😳L!
  • Ikit Klaw
    Ikit Klaw 5 месяцев назад LOL, got me crying with that one.
  • Nathan Thompson
    Nathan Thompson 5 месяцев назад That made me laugh. Hard. Thank you.
  • videos
    videos 5 месяцев назад >1000 thumbs up within one week for your comment
  • Kike Coronel
    Kike Coronel 5 месяцев назад Maideneer This comment was worth the video.
  • Kachlimpen
    Kachlimpen 5 месяцев назад LOLOL
  • MiPOWAA!
    MiPOWAA! 5 месяцев назад Having a fit of laughter😂 Good one just what i needed. . .
  • Khaled Badwi
    Khaled Badwi 5 месяцев назад lol
  • discoonelove
    discoonelove 5 месяцев назад Heart ATTACK
  • paris sparta
    paris sparta 5 месяцев назад 😂
  • Bey Vargas
    Bey Vargas 5 месяцев назад LOL^^
  • Gino Chiriboga
    Gino Chiriboga 5 месяцев назад Omfg I'm dead...i wanna come back to life so I can die again from your comment
  • Furrane
    Furrane 5 месяцев назад She commited sudoku, you shouldn't laugh !
  • Maximilian Naj
    Maximilian Naj 5 месяцев назад I dont understand
  • Nova Hart
    Nova Hart 5 месяцев назад Lmao
  • Black Lemon
    Black Lemon 5 месяцев назад lol...
  • Michael Andrew
    Michael Andrew 5 месяцев назад Yes she must have been shocked.
  • bighaschman
    bighaschman 5 месяцев назад üüühhaa :D
  • CzechThisDrone
    CzechThisDrone 5 месяцев назад She ded.
  • HakuGman
    HakuGman 5 месяцев назад ROFL
  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade 5 месяцев назад this really was a good comment, lol
  • Knarf Feob
    Knarf Feob 4 месяца назад Maybe the dog was last breath ..
  • Mert Pala
    Mert Pala 4 месяца назад @Vivek Vishwakarma. R.I.P is everything okay? Are you living now?
  • Vivek Vishwakarma.
    Vivek Vishwakarma. 4 месяца назад @Mert Pala 😂 😂 Yeah... I am alive
  • Amit K
    Amit K 4 месяца назад 😂😂😂
  • Amateur Dj
    Amateur Dj 4 месяца назад LOL hahahahah
  • Madduo YEAH
    Madduo YEAH 4 месяца назад LMAO best comment
  • Ali_ReBORN
    Ali_ReBORN 4 месяца назад 😆🔥
  • Kelly Clausing
    Kelly Clausing 4 месяца назад Oh my god lmaoooo
  • 0。 0
    0。 0 4 месяца назад Made my day😂
  • huntikis
    huntikis 4 месяца назад hahahahhahahahhahahhahahahha
  • Eric Morreo
    Eric Morreo 4 месяца назад And then she died
  • Elsa Debroglie
    Elsa Debroglie 4 месяца назад Hairy Carrie
  • chwaca
    chwaca 4 месяца назад lol & now check my channel ;-)
  • Alex
    Alex 4 месяца назад Hahahaha Hahahaha, I replayed it at least 50 times. Nice pick up.
  • Mayed Saab
    Mayed Saab 4 месяца назад I hate you man, you made me laugh loud in the office
  • Rodney Woods
    Rodney Woods 4 месяца назад OMG, thank you for that. I really needed the laughs. 😂
  • Unknown
    Unknown 4 месяца назад and it made her choke lol
  • Guillermo Zulueta Sánchez
    Guillermo Zulueta Sánchez 4 месяца назад LOL
  • Krlos Yocelfi
    Krlos Yocelfi 4 месяца назад Baiacu poison in action...
  • Ramencafe
    Ramencafe 4 месяца назад Lmao, best comment I've seen in a long time xD
  • Ngoc Huong Van
    Ngoc Huong Van 4 месяца назад Maideneer feel sick 😂😂😂
  • simon hue
    simon hue 4 месяца назад Don’t talk while eating :3
    AHXAL 4 месяца назад hhhhhahahahahhahahaa
  • losepoundsandinches
    losepoundsandinches 4 месяца назад Hirohito Bonzai!
  • Erik Zoobel
    Erik Zoobel 4 месяца назад :)
  • Scooter
    Scooter 4 месяца назад Lmfao.
  • M.C.C
    M.C.C 4 месяца назад Good one ! 😂👍
  • Jared Cook
    Jared Cook 4 месяца назад lmfao!!!
  • Kang
    Kang 4 месяца назад Lol fuck!
  • Koushik Paul
    Koushik Paul 4 месяца назад Lol , I went back to see ......
  • Haim Shkolnik
    Haim Shkolnik 4 месяца назад Hahhahahahahauah
  • Bart J
    Bart J 4 месяца назад LOL!!!
  • GT 77
    GT 77 4 месяца назад i'm fucking done... this comment
  • Ivan Skorica
    Ivan Skorica 4 месяца назад holy fuck that totally sounded like she fucking offed herself xD I was laughing for fucking 5 minutes cuz I couldn't get image of old asian lady committing seppuku in the middle of a fucking restaurant out of my head after hearing that and reading these comments xD oh geez my sides are fucked after this xD
  • Cristián Moya
    Cristián Moya 4 месяца назад Que manera de reír conchesumadre !!! XD
  • JQ Day
    JQ Day 4 месяца назад (изменено) This just made me laugh so damn hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • ANSNify
    ANSNify 4 месяца назад LMAO!!
  • jonesr227
    jonesr227 4 месяца назад (изменено) Very funny. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your comment, otherwise it would have been all over my computer.
  • dddevoce
    dddevoce 4 месяца назад HAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAH DYING
  • Star0Lord
    Star0Lord 4 месяца назад Made my day !!!
  • Halil Serkan Anafarta
    Halil Serkan Anafarta 4 месяца назад nice catch
  • David Scott
    David Scott 4 месяца назад Best comment I've seen this year!
  • Greg Halus
    Greg Halus 4 месяца назад 😂😂😂
  • Mary Ann Amparo
    Mary Ann Amparo 4 месяца назад Hahahaha
  • zom bie
    zom bie 4 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂 literally killed me 🤣
  • tugi breezy
    tugi breezy 4 месяца назад Maideneer you’re a god😂😂😂😂😂
  • FienX
    FienX 4 месяца назад Lmfao
  • cubano316
    cubano316 4 месяца назад 🤣🤣 sounds like he almost choked
  • KenStancilJr
    KenStancilJr 4 месяца назад lol you win the internets
  • jerry
    jerry 4 месяца назад 10:27 old man say his bill
  • oohstepp
    oohstepp 4 месяца назад 😂🤣🤣💀💀
  • Fredy Neufeld
    Fredy Neufeld 4 месяца назад Hahahahhah
  • Big Stru
    Big Stru 4 месяца назад that gave me a good laugh bud, thank you
  • CerealPlays
    CerealPlays 4 месяца назад Muahahahha
  • ya ping Sang
    ya ping Sang 4 месяца назад LMFAO you make me ha
  • Marki BHZ
    Marki BHZ 4 месяца назад LMAO
  • Alexa Doodles
    Alexa Doodles 4 месяца назад LMAO
  • Jamion Blackwell
    Jamion Blackwell 4 месяца назад didn't even catch it until this comment. Gold.
  • Boris Erjavec
    Boris Erjavec 4 месяца назад hahahaha good one!
  • English Power Now!
    English Power Now! 4 месяца назад I click like 3 likes a year and your comment is one of them
  • ebay seller
    ebay seller 4 месяца назад loooooooooool
  • Alp Özmusaoğlu
    Alp Özmusaoğlu 4 месяца назад hahahahahahaha :D
  • TheMainMayn
    TheMainMayn 4 месяца назад Look at what you have done to all these people in the comments hahaha 😂 that poor lady 😞 lol. Aberdeen, In the wind, In the field. Potato ahh whooo ahh whooo-ooo 😢
  • Thomas Mogensen
    Thomas Mogensen 4 месяца назад rekt!
  • napster339
    napster339 4 месяца назад Lmao
  • Akhil Ajith
    Akhil Ajith 4 месяца назад Im dying 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
  • 이승엽
    이승엽 4 месяца назад (изменено) This Comment just killed me...
  • Chandler88
    Chandler88 4 месяца назад Maideneer e
  • The Nomad
    The Nomad 3 месяца назад Worst steak meat ever
  • That Vision
    That Vision 3 месяца назад Lmfao
  • Adam Tremblay
    Adam Tremblay 3 месяца назад Or sneezed
  • BengamersYT BEN
    BengamersYT BEN 3 месяца назад @Sultan Alrefaie 😂😂😂
  • adyy j
    adyy j 3 месяца назад Im ded
  • Santiago De Ponce
    Santiago De Ponce 3 месяца назад hahahaha
  • Anh Phuc Hoang Ngo
    Anh Phuc Hoang Ngo 3 месяца назад lol
  • Joseph Rithty
    Joseph Rithty 3 месяца назад Maideneer s
  • Harajukafist
    Harajukafist 3 месяца назад I fucking crieeeedd hahahahah
  • Necalli Del Lago
    Necalli Del Lago 3 месяца назад Hahaha!!!
  • Antony Tpz
    Antony Tpz 3 месяца назад God bless you, that made me laugh so much!
  • The Alpha Master
    The Alpha Master 3 месяца назад Oe
    ЖЕЛЕЗНЫЙ PROXY 3 месяца назад :)))
  • RV Jarlos
    RV Jarlos 3 месяца назад OOMPHFFF
  • Yuyang Tu
    Yuyang Tu 3 месяца назад and choked
  • Tom G
    Tom G 3 месяца назад Hahaha that made me laugh so hard!!!
  • MrDenizen
    MrDenizen 3 месяца назад Maideneer - I actually pissed myself laughing 😂😂😂
  • 박성준
    박성준 3 месяца назад and she ran away
  • StellarBlue1
    StellarBlue1 3 месяца назад I think this "steak" lunch is a bargain for only $144.00. It is actually a tremendous amount of food and service. There was enough food there for 4 lunches @ $35.00 apiece. That makes the total bill quite acceptable in my humble opinion...
  • Jesper Ferskov
    Jesper Ferskov 3 месяца назад Maideneer i
  • Strakos0
  • Michael Aerakhs
    Michael Aerakhs 3 месяца назад Hahahahahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂, bless u man
  • Charlie Chen
    Charlie Chen 3 месяца назад 😂
  • Andrej God
    Andrej God 3 месяца назад :-) :-)
  • STRIKER 93/2
    STRIKER 93/2 3 месяца назад Hahahaha genius
  • Great Value Bleach
    Great Value Bleach 3 месяца назад She was startled by a tentacle 🐙
  • Fire Lord
    Fire Lord 3 месяца назад Best comment at all..
  • paul wall
    paul wall 3 месяца назад LOL!!!!
  • D.T.C Music
    D.T.C Music 3 месяца назад I went back and died laughing LOL
  • kiyonexus
    kiyonexus 3 месяца назад She choked
  • Jojocapalooza
  • Boom Tingz
    Boom Tingz 3 месяца назад AHAHAHa awww man I'm not constipated anymore.
  • Chi Huang
    Chi Huang 3 месяца назад That’s a fucking dog bark
  • D Sullivan
    D Sullivan 3 месяца назад Love it 😂😂😂
  • Patrik
    Patrik 3 месяца назад Haahaaha! :D
  • maria l
    maria l 3 месяца назад It sounded like she said ooff
  • L M
    L M 3 месяца назад LMFAO!! I paused right after that cause I knew there'd be a comment for it and likely a top one!
  • Lukáš Nejedlý
    Lukáš Nejedlý 3 месяца назад .D :D :D
  • Auri Emma
    Auri Emma 3 месяца назад No, thats the next dog they'll be cooking. :D
  • W B
    W B 3 месяца назад a million likes i offer you
  • Christina Mussared
    Christina Mussared 3 месяца назад Lmao right!
  • D Sullivan
    D Sullivan 3 месяца назад (изменено) @maria l nah It sounded like she was having a heart attack or kinda WTF?
  • Tryptamine Odyssey
    Tryptamine Odyssey 3 месяца назад Lmao. She thought: just kill me, my funeral will be cheaper
  • tA3 09hA
    tA3 09hA 3 месяца назад Lolii
  • Dani Moyano
    Dani Moyano 3 месяца назад best comment 2018 pls
  • Johann Vincent
    Johann Vincent 3 месяца назад bahahahaha. That really tickled me:)
  • zerocool10
    zerocool10 3 месяца назад also some man at 10:26 xd
  • Алексей А
    Алексей А 3 месяца назад Ahahahaaaaa
  • Pseudonym
    Pseudonym 3 месяца назад LOL
  • Unal Emrullah
    Unal Emrullah 3 месяца назад Legend says she still has the hiccups...
  • Rosita Diaz
    Rosita Diaz 2 месяца назад 🤣
  • Russell Grier
    Russell Grier 2 месяца назад she almost had an heart attack LOL!
    HBSHARK 2 месяца назад Perfect! Watched that part 3 times!
  • A Leo
    A Leo 2 месяца назад Died of a heart attack Fell over and her last Buffalo Nickle hit the tile.
  • Bratislav Metulski
    Bratislav Metulski 2 месяца назад 5000
  • Carl Esc
    Carl Esc 2 месяца назад Lmao
  • Steven
    Steven 2 месяца назад Sounded like a dog barking to me 😞
  • Deron Carle
    Deron Carle 2 месяца назад Loling hard
  • Andrea Dr Fanis
    Andrea Dr Fanis 2 месяца назад Hahahahaaha
  • MrBender
    MrBender 2 месяца назад That's so funny I peed myself!
  • tomcio malina
    tomcio malina 2 месяца назад sound of the dog. Maybe its dog steak meat? Hmm
  • Ralph Kelly
    Ralph Kelly 2 месяца назад Dude that hilarious😂
  • Ralph Kelly
    Ralph Kelly 2 месяца назад @jerry bro I laughed so hard I'm almost passed out 4 times😂😂😂
  • Fekete Tükör
    Fekete Tükör 2 месяца назад (изменено) Comment of the week award has been achieved already on Monday. :-D
  • IHeartGaming
    IHeartGaming 2 месяца назад omfg XD XD XD
  • Christian Andy
    Christian Andy 2 месяца назад AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
  • bj pirs
    bj pirs 2 месяца назад @Длинное Ружьё LMAO
  • たこまる立花
    たこまる立花 2 месяца назад (^^♪
  • John 47
    John 47 2 месяца назад I had to go & check....very funny.
  • zkdlllna
    zkdlllna 2 месяца назад LMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAO
  • MarisuZ -
  • astrid
    astrid 2 месяца назад Lmaooooo
  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 месяца назад Lmfao
  • Team Turquoise
    Team Turquoise 2 месяца назад Some lady said it’s Apple Bees from now on
    ALIEN REd WOLf 2 месяца назад HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that was even better than I was expecting.
  • Joaquim Herrera
    Joaquim Herrera 2 месяца назад My belly, my stomach, my lungs hurt....I´m all tears right now!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • ZxynsYT
    ZxynsYT 2 месяца назад Lmao But Not So Funny For Me ;-;
  • Marcello Solmi
    Marcello Solmi 2 месяца назад Top professionality
  • Enrique williams
    Enrique williams 2 месяца назад LMFAO!!!!
  • antonio blocker
    antonio blocker 2 месяца назад LMAO
  • Babacar Thiam
    Babacar Thiam 2 месяца назад lol
  • Dan Carollo
    Dan Carollo 2 месяца назад I'm dying!
  • 仇William De
    仇William De 2 месяца назад hahahahhahahahaha
  • Michael Steele Travels
    Michael Steele Travels 2 месяца назад LOL
  • dolanam1
    dolanam1 2 месяца назад U missed a whole 1 second, it was 12:49 lol
  • ikikaeta
    ikikaeta 2 месяца назад haha
  • Akito
    Akito 2 месяца назад 😂👍🏻
  • Jaime Gomez
    Jaime Gomez 2 месяца назад Lol
  • DAN
    DAN 2 месяца назад couple seconds later: woman: NANI?!?!?!
  • Max ime
    Max ime 2 месяца назад no, she actually got stabbed with a steak knife
  • CG Water Loo
    CG Water Loo 2 месяца назад Lol
  • Stxa Q7
    Stxa Q7 2 месяца назад Uuuu cooooooool 😾😁😁😁
  • valonthegreat
    valonthegreat 2 месяца назад BRO THIS WAS EPIC HAHAH
  • Francesco Fagioli
    Francesco Fagioli 1 месяц назад I've signed into youtube and created an account just to like this comment.
  • BluH Blab
    BluH Blab 1 месяц назад XD
  • ChristophLandon
    ChristophLandon 1 месяц назад Hahahaha
  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 1 месяц назад I LOOLED
  • Launchpad McQuack
    Launchpad McQuack 1 месяц назад @Jae Hyun You died laughing? At that? Good.
  • christian lerø
    christian lerø 1 месяц назад That comment made my year !!! I cant give enough creds for it.
  • B Series
    B Series 1 месяц назад Omg. Couldn't stop laughing so much. Thanks
  • christian lerø
    christian lerø 1 месяц назад Maideneer ive actually gone in twice to look at your comment.. and im still laughing.. this is the little things that makes life worth living :p
  • B Series
    B Series 1 месяц назад @christian lerø lol. I had to watch it again after reading your comment. So freaking hilarious
  • christian lerø
    christian lerø 1 месяц назад (изменено) B Series haha. So lame and simple.. but still, had me going:p
  • Elvin Paulino
    Elvin Paulino 1 месяц назад best comment i ever seen in my life.
  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 1 месяц назад Lol
  • BolusTube
    BolusTube 1 месяц назад killed me dude xD
  • Stephen Macleod
    Stephen Macleod 1 месяц назад A lady dunmer from elder scrolls yes
  • Pursuit Of Brappyness
    Pursuit Of Brappyness 1 месяц назад Hahahaha
  • Alex
    Alex 3 недели назад im actually still watching to experience this moment organically
  • BlaBla Bla
    BlaBla Bla 3 недели назад LOL
  • _destruct
    _destruct 2 недели назад ahaha xD
  • Christopher Rogers
    Christopher Rogers 2 недели назад prob the funniest thing ive chuckled at all year, thanks
  • Lykac
    Lykac 2 недели назад (изменено) I actually can't belive how hard im laughing with this comment, genius.
  • beruyy yuuii
    beruyy yuuii 2 недели назад Lol
  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 2 недели назад LMFAO genius
  • Brian
    Brian 2 недели назад kek
  • Darien Ward
    Darien Ward Неделю назад lmfaoooo
  • Alex Simon
    Alex Simon Неделю назад Thats good :D
  • Hwa Song
    Hwa Song Неделю назад Hahahahahahaha
  • ByLiitoh
    ByLiitoh Неделю назад JAJAJAJJAJAJA
  • il ritorno di MrBrillaccione
    il ritorno di MrBrillaccione Неделю назад ahah porco dio
  • JC Not
    JC Not Неделю назад Maideneer sounds like a roblox death sound effect.
  • ArchAngel Knights
    ArchAngel Knights Неделю назад legit could not stop laughing at this. Almost woke my family up hahaa
  • Jeong-Tae Kim
    Jeong-Tae Kim Неделю назад Hahahshahaha
  • Hey It's Me!
    Hey It's Me! 6 дней назад Lol
  • Vree Free
    Vree Free 1 день назад Watching a 144$ steak [✓] on a 144hz monitor [✓] on 144p [✓]
  • Foxintoxx
    Foxintoxx 1 месяц назад When I die i want to be carefully cooked like that .
  • mastersleib
    mastersleib 1 месяц назад That was a very weird comment, but it made me chuckle so have a like.
  • Movie Master
  • Elvin Paulino
    Elvin Paulino 1 месяц назад theres a jew joke in there somewhere..
  • Marco De La Riccio
    Marco De La Riccio 1 месяц назад Can I have you?
  • Foxintoxx
    Foxintoxx 1 месяц назад Marco De La Riccio just a little bit .
  • Homeya
    Homeya 1 месяц назад i'd sashimi you and enjoy every bite of it.
  • appe abbe
    appe abbe 1 месяц назад u would prolly taste like shit.
  • Junjiang Luo
    Junjiang Luo 1 месяц назад Foxintoxx unfortunately funeral home you can not control the thermometer, so sit tight and enjoy.
  • debdog7
    debdog7 1 месяц назад poorly? a steak should never be cut whilst still on the grill, this releases extra oxidization and releases a lot of the flavor within the steak. this so called "chef" is a complete amateur. 100% ruined a $144 steak.
  • Mellow Wuff
    Mellow Wuff 3 недели назад I see you're part of the Wauu plan Domics was talking about.
  • Eric Hong
    Eric Hong 3 недели назад I hear there is a psychiatrist with a medical degree who might be able to arrange such accommodation .
  • TheOldwine
    TheOldwine 3 недели назад I lol'ed so hard, congrats, great sense of humor
  • APodbayDoor
    APodbayDoor 2 недели назад At least donate it to a third world country
  • thegrim418
    thegrim418 2 недели назад Shall I serve your liver with fava beans and a nice chianti?
  • Guitar Fan
    Guitar Fan 2 недели назад Ask Hannibal Lecter.
  • Saucey
    Saucey 2 недели назад Elvin Paulino I don’t know what you’re talking about anne frankly I don’t care.
  • Madgears
    Madgears 2 недели назад You should watch Hannibal if you have not.
  • Video game vids
    Video game vids Неделю назад ur a sad case. stop .
  • Nothing IRJS
    Nothing IRJS 5 дней назад Wait Im Calling Hannibal
    WARPAINT GAMER 4 дня назад lol
  • CaptainXanax
    CaptainXanax 4 дня назад $144 and no onion volcano?!?
  • Unruhestifter
    Unruhestifter 2 недели назад at 10:21 he dishonored his family
  • Yuae
    Yuae 2 недели назад Unruhestifter i dont get it pls help
  • Unruhestifter
    Unruhestifter 2 недели назад @Yuae  Yuae  he done his show so perfect, except while picking up this one green thing letting it drop off xD hope you understand now :)
  • SkyBlaze Music
    SkyBlaze Music 2 недели назад xD
  • SkyBlaze Music
    SkyBlaze Music 2 недели назад (изменено) pulls out knife stabs himself
  • Unruhestifter
    Unruhestifter 2 недели назад @SkyBlaze Music yea kind of this xDD u feel me haha
  • John
    John 2 недели назад did you ever play eso
  • staygold
    staygold 2 недели назад hahaha xD bester kommentar ich sterbe
  • Phước Nguyễn
    Phước Nguyễn 2 недели назад Unruhestifter he better suicide with a samurai sword to remain his dignity
  • Man Tama
    Man Tama 2 недели назад commit Sudoku
  • Unruhestifter
    Unruhestifter Неделю назад @Phước Nguyễn seppuku/harakiri haha
  • Jeff
    Jeff Неделю назад He needs to commit seppuku
  • aj12
    aj12 2 дня назад I guess he won’t miss his left pinkie.
  • Dreadlock Joe
    Dreadlock Joe 3 месяца назад (изменено) Whilst i'm 6 minutes into this video, I just want to say that I really like the style of capturing this experience. I'm really glad you're not some pretentious smarmy american 'YouTuber' that has their face in every single shot and has to talk about EVERYTHING. You just film the experience, and no bullshit! Thank you for being cool.
  • Skankhunt41
    Skankhunt41 3 месяца назад What does that have to do with being American? It's how he chooses to make the video. He may be an American himself. Go fuck yourself you dumb hippie.
  • Dreadlock Joe
    Dreadlock Joe 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Skankhunt41 I'm pretty sure this person filming (or uploading) is American, as they have used the dollar symbol in the title of the video. You should take note that the word 'smarmy' is the word you disagree with here - not 'american'. Are you an American perchance good sir?
  • Google Plus Blows Chunks
    Google Plus Blows Chunks 3 месяца назад Do you mean, like, Strictly Dumpling by chance? Hahaha!
  • Edison Verdugo
    Edison Verdugo 3 месяца назад Snootches Bootches “great minds think alike” haha get out of here with your dumbass
  • R Barnhart
    R Barnhart 3 месяца назад I wouldn't pay $20 for that expensive experience.
  • Roger Oropeza
    Roger Oropeza 3 месяца назад I, sir, concur..
  • fuck you
    fuck you 3 месяца назад Dreadlock Joe ok school shooter
  • Douglas Street
    Douglas Street 3 месяца назад I'll have you know that "Smarmy Americans" are extremely cool. But the video IS excellent.
  • Eric Juul
    Eric Juul 3 месяца назад There's a lot of Europeans like that too though, check out "Harold Baldr" if you don't believe me.
  • Ouroboros Armory
    Ouroboros Armory 3 месяца назад Dreadlock Joe of course he is.. only a American could be that style of rude...
  • stopdropandroll
    stopdropandroll 3 месяца назад lemme guess, you're from Londonistan?
  • tubeist- dan
    tubeist- dan 3 месяца назад I'm 1:15 into this vid, and I think the camera-technique is weirdly amateurish given the expense of the meal and quality of the establishment.
  • George
    George 3 месяца назад The Americans taught the Japanese how to use grills after WWII.. Americans liked and were used to grill cooked food and they actually had grills flown in. Believe it or not this is American style food cooked in Japan.
  • Dawson Toulouse
    Dawson Toulouse 3 месяца назад @Skankhunt41 wow, curb your toxicity.
  • ttv.laggymango_
  • Philip Friesen
    Philip Friesen 3 месяца назад (изменено) @Dreadlock Joe I'm not saying he is or isn't American. But the $ symbol is used for currency by more countries than just America.
  • Rayi Nuriman
    Rayi Nuriman 3 месяца назад Dreadlock Joe and he/she didn't put any annoying music in this video,what a good person
  • Tommo
    Tommo 3 месяца назад Amen 🙏
  • Emil Westrum
    Emil Westrum 3 месяца назад He is Norwegian.
  • Y.K.
    Y.K. 3 месяца назад @R Barnhart I would throw this experience in garbage. (Their garbage).
  • Y.K.
    Y.K. 3 месяца назад Dirty dreadlock Joe.
  • Petrus Ramos
    Petrus Ramos 3 месяца назад Exactly !
  • Carpenter Patriot
    Carpenter Patriot 3 месяца назад Dreadlocks are dirty....could your statement be any gayer...nope, I don't think so...😂
  • Carpenter Patriot
    Carpenter Patriot 3 месяца назад For all here that don't like us Americans...know this...we don't like you candy-ass's either...
  • James Richardson
    James Richardson 3 месяца назад @Skankhunt41 Because they are obnoxious as hell!
  • Shane Todd
    Shane Todd 3 месяца назад Sorry, I just woke up. Isn't the end already?
  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 3 месяца назад Dreadlock Joe You can hear his voice through out the video, he sounds Asian/Japanese.
  • Demoncleanerrr
    Demoncleanerrr 3 месяца назад @Skankhunt41 Hey Dickweed, he asked you a fuckin question, answer the man.
  • DEploribus Unum
    DEploribus Unum 3 месяца назад Dreadlock Joe Says the smarmy asshat from chitholesville.
  • DEploribus Unum
    DEploribus Unum 3 месяца назад James Richardson They saved your sissy punk osses twice.
  • Evan Holder
    Evan Holder 3 месяца назад get a job labowski you dumb fuck
  • PJ Adamson
    PJ Adamson 3 месяца назад @Skankhunt41 Americans wreck everything
  • Skankhunt41
    Skankhunt41 3 месяца назад @PJ Adamson because it's not like they created modern western civilizations. Without America all of the Europeans would be Nazi's still. Russia also helped a alot
  • Charles Young
    Charles Young 2 месяца назад Dreadlock Joe the only annoying thing I've seen is your idiotic comment.Most Americans wouldn't be dumb enough to pay that ridiculous amount for a piece of beef since we have the best beef on the planet for a lot less than you fools from elsewhere would pay.You'd get a dry aged steak in America that melts in your mouth for half the price.Don't let your childish dislike of Americans show how stupid you are.
  • Herman Ingram
    Herman Ingram 2 месяца назад Where are you from, Joe?
  • d p
    d p 2 месяца назад this video is so calm and relaxing, isn't it?
  • Simon Bergeron
    Simon Bergeron 2 месяца назад @Skankhunt41 ... U need to Read more kid
  • Skankhunt41
    Skankhunt41 2 месяца назад @Simon Bergeron I'm sorry I shouldn't talk shit to a fellow Judas Priest fan. PRIEST RULES
  • DavidBenson215
    DavidBenson215 2 месяца назад @Google Plus Blows Chunks Simply Dumpling is one of the best Youtubers when it comes to food
  • Drinner D
    Drinner D 2 месяца назад Carefull Dreadlock Joe, you might trigger and piss off stupid, Pretentious, stuck-up, smarmy Americans with classy names like "Skankhunt41"... I mean, that person's not fulfilling any smarmy, American stereotypes or anything with a stupid name like that, lol!
  • G B
    G B 2 месяца назад Charles Young American beef has a bunch of random chemical shit in it. Don't get me wrong. I was born and raised here. This country is okay but it's not THAT great.
  • Critter87
    Critter87 2 месяца назад (изменено) Every time I see a pretentious douchebag sticking his face in each shot, he has a British accent.
  • RetroCNY
    RetroCNY 2 месяца назад (изменено) For every one smarmy American, there's an equal or greater number of smarmy Europeans. Give it a rest. Comments like that are so cringe.
  • karlitos
    karlitos 2 месяца назад @Skankhunt41 ya just proved his point
  • Purtroppo
    Purtroppo 2 месяца назад (изменено) Agree. It's very pleasant to just watch and enjoy the actual subject of this video which is skilled cooking. What I hate the most in the American home videos is all the useless and obnoxious talking, overdramatic reactions to mundane things and someone shouting "Oh my God, I have it on tape, I have it on tape". Well, in my opinion that tape was just ruined.
  • Fido
    Fido 2 месяца назад Definitely on point
  • Godhatesfatpeople
    Godhatesfatpeople 2 месяца назад tips fedora
  • B G
    B G 2 месяца назад totally agree, it makes a welcome change from the usual attention-seeking YouTubers...who may or may not be american, which wasn't really the point you were making (not that it stops all the trolls getting started !)
  • WalkingPromissoryNote 1963
    WalkingPromissoryNote 1963 2 месяца назад So are you racist against Americans? If it was a Japanese person it would probably be OK if they did it.
  • Аитор Хара
    Аитор Хара 2 месяца назад Someone is not happy with his life
  • Комиссáр Vasyanka
    Комиссáр Vasyanka 2 месяца назад @WalkingPromissoryNote 1963 American isn't a race.
  • Sagar Choksi
    Sagar Choksi 3 недели назад It's a girl. During the dessert at the end she actually says what it is in Japanese..
  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 3 недели назад @Dawson Toulouse curb your pussystank
  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 3 недели назад @PJ Adamson Americans made most of the things we enjoy in our modern world.
  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 3 недели назад @Drinner D I don't think you know what "smarmy" means.
  • CoyRex1
    CoyRex1 Неделю назад I couldnt believe it got so many downvotes. looks awesome, and 144 for this sort of experience and food is most certainly not considered expensive
  • aj12
    aj12 2 дня назад Hey what’s up Guuuuuuuyss. So today we’re gonna be eating Japanese food. OMG THIS FOOD IS SO GOOOOOODD LIKE LIKE LIKE SUBSCRIBE LIKE SUBSCRIBE!!!
  • rotpeter
    rotpeter 1 месяц назад I got my wife to cook me a burger in the nude. what a show that was and it only cost me five bucks.
  • Matej modric
    Matej modric 1 месяц назад That's i call the "experience"
  • mastersleib
    mastersleib 1 месяц назад (изменено) You off!
  • dolofonos
    dolofonos 1 месяц назад Never happened.
  • Princess of the U.S.E.
    Princess of the U.S.E. 1 месяц назад I do it for my man all the time why other girl don't do it I'll never know
  • MLBson09
    MLBson09 1 месяц назад for all we know this guy's wife is a 5/10
  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 1 месяц назад Bet you he lives in mom's basement.
  • Mike Tilton
    Mike Tilton 1 месяц назад Did you tip?
  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Mike Tilton he tipped his mom
  • TATAR 888
    TATAR 888 1 месяц назад rotpete
  • axiomist
    axiomist 1 месяц назад Burger in the Nude !? Thats a new one. Where do they make that???
  • Douglas jay Garibay
    Douglas jay Garibay 1 месяц назад And your balls
  • conrow vibe
    conrow vibe 1 месяц назад No hes telling the truth! When his wife Comes over to get some she does that for me also
  • Emoduckky
    Emoduckky 3 недели назад @conrow vibe Shiiiit, she comes over to get the patties THEN makes them there for you too? Damn his wife is a legend
  • Taj Midger
    Taj Midger 3 недели назад That was yo mamma.
  • Justin Salinaz
    Justin Salinaz 3 недели назад rotpeter never thought of that but I like the way you think I'm going to have to have my ol lady do that with a steak though at least the T-bone I just hope I don't go to the store with the buzz cuz I'll fuk around and get 6 filets and wake up with my b** saying you know you spent $60 on steak last night for us and the kids right I'm like Noo why wouldn't you give me cash instead of my card if you knew I was drunk🙆🙆
  • Fatty Ninja
    Fatty Ninja 2 недели назад His wife's name is Amberlynn Reid.
  • antonthewall
    antonthewall 2 недели назад Theres something weird about a man that has to brag about something so basic. I bet your wife would be happy to know you talk about intimate moments and brag about them on the internet to soothe your fragile ego.
  • Phil Myass
    Phil Myass 2 недели назад You paid her $5 to cook you a sandwich wait did you pay her $5 to get nude?
  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 недели назад You guys are just haters. I also got his wife to cook a burger for me in the nude and it was amazing. 10/10
  • Phil Myass
    Phil Myass 2 недели назад @John Doe dahm you look pretty good for a little boy 🎄🌳🌳
  • strongblackliquor
    strongblackliquor 2 недели назад Pics or it didn't happen
  • Empty09
    Empty09 2 недели назад @Mike Tilton he gave her the tip
  • Karl Anal
    Karl Anal Неделю назад why dont you tell all of these people that yout wife is 87 and her titts were in the sink while she was making you a burger
  • JC Not
    JC Not Неделю назад rotpeter sounds very hygienic.
  • Sam Arsenault
    Sam Arsenault 1 день назад @cgtalk ! You are probably a 2/10
  • cgtalk !
    cgtalk ! 1 день назад @Sam Arsenault better than 1/10 like you.
  • RO Y
    RO Y 14 часов назад Everything was great , but the rice dish at the end didn't look appealing to me.
  • kr3wGLD13579
    kr3wGLD13579 1 день назад Wait 144 for the whole meal and show? That’s not bad at all... sometimes I go to this restaurant in philly that has a 150 dollar cheese steak.. and no show
  • Testiclopse
    Testiclopse 2 месяца назад I'd be too self-concious to eat in front of the guy that's making the food.
  • DJD &c.
    DJD &c. 2 месяца назад (изменено) Coming from an Italian cooking background, minimal and fresh—the key to cooking is right there folks Unless you want to delve into the amazing world of Indian cuisine, which incorporates beaucoup varieties of spices and seasonings
  • WalkingPromissoryNote 1963
    WalkingPromissoryNote 1963 2 месяца назад @DJD &c. Yeah because the Country where people shit in the streets is bound to have good food.
  • Vic Reece
    Vic Reece 1 месяц назад At $144 a person plus it probably being great food, I'll eat in front of the Emperor of Japan if need be
  • TheNotSoAvid
    TheNotSoAvid 1 месяц назад @WalkingPromissoryNote 1963 A countries sanitation is not correlated with the taste of the cuisine they have to offer.
  • Movie Master
  • Movie Master
  • Movie Master
  • Escape Pod
    Escape Pod 1 месяц назад @TheNotSoAvid country's
  • bellmeisterful
    bellmeisterful 2 недели назад Dont tell us, youre a motivational speaker
  • Testiclopse
    Testiclopse 2 недели назад @Movie Master You should go to Swiss Chaley instead. You can have dinner there like 15 times for $144.
  • Movie Master
  • Testiclopse
    Testiclopse 2 недели назад @Movie Master Have you considered TV dinners in a padded room?
  • Movie Master
  • Luca.May3r
    Luca.May3r Неделю назад Testiclopse I once did this and ate some of the stuff that i hate as Im a picky eater I guess. I could never not eat the stuff a guy cooked in front of me. Seems disrespectful to me even if I still wouldnt enjoy some stuff if it was cooked by the best of the best.
  • JC Not
    JC Not Неделю назад Why do people bring up people shitting in India in every conversation where it’s even name-dropped. Like, you’ll see someone type a comment like:”Indian Elephants are a very interesting part of the country’s fauna” and someone’ll feel the need to reply: “BUT THEY SHIT IN THE STREETS!”
  • Oldskoolnew
    Oldskoolnew 6 дней назад @TheNotSoAvid it gives you a solid idea
  • RO Y
    RO Y 14 часов назад @WalkingPromissoryNote 1963 As an Indian I would like to tell you that you're very much misinformed But even if you were correct , it has no relation whatsoever to the kind of food we have here. I don't see why you would even make that connection.
  • fearfactz1
    fearfactz1 5 месяцев назад So relaxing. Thank god there's no music
  • pyrobison2002
    pyrobison2002 5 месяцев назад fearfactz1 needed more wub wub
  • Blake Presson
    Blake Presson 5 месяцев назад Absolutely. The sound is like music itself. no children crying, no loud idiots. Just the soothing sound of a good meal cooking.
  • William schoenfeld
    William schoenfeld 5 месяцев назад The sizzle was music to my ears haha
  • manny festo
    manny festo 5 месяцев назад Yes!
  • Chz301
    Chz301 5 месяцев назад ASMR LOL
  • Frank Latin
    Frank Latin 5 месяцев назад I could watch this and wouldn’t even mind not eating anything
  • Fraxom fire
    Fraxom fire 5 месяцев назад @Frank Latin factsss
  • MultiArtartart
    MultiArtartart 5 месяцев назад @Chz301 it was posted on asmr subreddit , this is how i found this video
  • Leo Oliveira
    Leo Oliveira 5 месяцев назад @pyrobison2002 lol
  • MiraKuru
    MiraKuru 5 месяцев назад nope. it needs the right soundtrack for the whole theme.
  • Jake Bellacera
    Jake Bellacera 5 месяцев назад I wish the guy ended the video with "SMASH LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE, THANKS FOR WATCHING"
  • Kentaro Higashi
    Kentaro Higashi 4 месяца назад no music no life  from japan
  • Magic Wind
    Magic Wind 4 месяца назад Despacito would set the right mood though.
    SOSOGOOD 4 месяца назад Music is # 1 pollution
  • Аитор Хара
    Аитор Хара 3 месяца назад U wanking over meat? that's just sad
  • funk44
    funk44 2 месяца назад SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON
  • Kris G
    Kris G 1 месяц назад Best ASMR. Not one of this ANNOYING artificial tapping, scrubbing or whispering. Just people at work.
  • Ball is life
    Ball is life 1 месяц назад Insert Darude Sandstorm
  • Thr3sh b0t
    Thr3sh b0t 1 месяц назад (изменено) @pyrobison2002 xD
  • Thr3sh b0t
    Thr3sh b0t 1 месяц назад @Kris G exactly
  • Jazzinuf
    Jazzinuf 3 дня назад try 'soba master tatsuru rai....' these past days i sleep with that turned fuckin relaxin to see food and silence at the same time...
  • Eric John
    Eric John 2 месяца назад And here I am just eating Instant Noodles...fml.
  • Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think
    Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think 2 месяца назад Eric John at least you got noodles, here I am satisfying my hunger with water.
  • wirikuta14
    wirikuta14 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think For some reason I laughed my ass off at your comment. I dined with a vegan friend, and I´m not vegan, or vegetarian. I´m fucking hungry.
  • hehepker
    hehepker 2 месяца назад once they're cooked if you cook them again with some milk and butter in a pot on the stove they taste a lot better
  • NERD
    NERD 2 месяца назад Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think at least you got water, here I am satisfying my hunger with air.
  • Ka Hang Ng
    Ka Hang Ng 1 месяц назад Eric John ain’t nothing wrong with that dawg...
  • Connetification
    Connetification 1 месяц назад Hey good thing is you got 69 likes
  • Zach
    Zach 1 месяц назад Eric John you say that like that’s a bad thing
  • Tim Chung
    Tim Chung 1 месяц назад Buy a big carton of oatmeal for 5 dollars. Its nutritious and fills you up and the carton last 1 week
  • Steel Bender
    Steel Bender 1 месяц назад 🤣 me too!