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EPIC Burnout Shelby GT500 Super Snake // Diesel Truck Pulled Over // Sick Burnout Mustang Cobra !!!

Published on Aug 7, 2016 3,306,021 views

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  • Smoky
    Smoky 2 года назад Goddamn that Shelby made the best burnout of 2016 😱😱
  • Bob jefferson
    Bob jefferson 2 года назад "Cop logic" - oh that's illegal and dangerous, better speed up to 50 mph on the wrong side of the road to give him a ticket
  • SlammedHemi
    SlammedHemi 2 года назад Everyones drooling over the gt500 and im over here like damn that 03-04 sounded nice haha
  • Pharoh Elion
    Pharoh Elion 2 года назад did you hear those bald eagles?
  • Bart2278
    Bart2278 2 года назад Both of those Mustangs sounded beautiful.
  • zeek3177
    zeek3177 2 года назад i gotta get my hyundai elantra out and show all of you how its done
  • 4kgaming channel
    4kgaming channel Год назад You know that Shelby had power In it. Look how it lunged to do that burn out it was really aggressive
  • Pro 4X
    Pro 4X 2 года назад (изменено) Ok. Mustang mems aside.... That Shelby sounded sick. Reminds me of the older "Snake Bite" cobra burnout.
  • Omega Hellcat
    Omega Hellcat 2 года назад wtf that was beautiful😂
  • Simon Bach
    Simon Bach 2 года назад Smallest burnout ever and gets pulled over, i feel sorry for him.
  • ʟᴜɪs ʟᴏᴘᴇᴢ
    ʟᴜɪs ʟᴏᴘᴇᴢ 2 года назад Did anyone else see the 'MY BOSS' lisence plate?
  • El Chapo
    El Chapo 2 года назад For some reason I Don't get bored watching this
    KING LOS 2 года назад That super snake is badass!!
  • Yankee 1985
    Yankee 1985 2 года назад 3 Mustangs did a burnout and nobody died. You're right it was an epic video, lol
  • Brandon Babyface
    Brandon Babyface 2 года назад where can i see more of this shelby
  • Devious De
    Devious De 2 года назад I love 'Merica sheds a tear lol
  • RedBoi
    RedBoi Год назад The terminator and the gt500 sounded amazing
  • Tammy Forbes
    Tammy Forbes 2 года назад Man that gt500 sounded great.
  • Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'
    Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH' 2 года назад ok mustangs got some what of they dignity back
    KEN SIMON IRLANDA 2 года назад that mustang driver knows how to handle mustang