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2019 Nissan Leaf - the world's bestselling EV | India Drive Review | Autocar India

Published on Jul 6, 2019 202,874 views

EVs are coming and it's time for us to adjust to what they're like to live within the real world. And what better place to start than the world's best selling, highway-ready electric car, the Nissan Leaf. It will be launching in India and Shapur Kotwal got an early drive review of it in the Delhi NCR.

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  • Rider'sDen
    Rider'sDen 2 недели назад (изменено) 40 lakhs for an electric hatchback......hmm... So only Fortuner/Endeavor kinda people can own this...and trust me those people don't really care about emissions 😂
  • Nishant Sehrawat
    Nishant Sehrawat 2 недели назад @RAJESH KUMAR even if they care about it..india makes 90percent of electricity from coals nd stuff
    RAJESH KUMAR 2 недели назад Yes, that's the real truth
  • Madhusudhan Nataraj
    Madhusudhan Nataraj 2 недели назад (изменено) I am sorry but there is no infrastructure for EVs yet. Without proper infrastructure, EVs won't attract buyers. For a range of around 250km, 40-45 lakhs is a huge asking price. We should get the infrastructure, benefits for EVs and costs right. Then, they can be considered them over gasoline cars.
  • rehman raja
    rehman raja Неделю назад 40 lakhs too cost.....
  • boxersoho
    boxersoho Неделю назад For city driving it's enough range. Plus Hyundai Kona will launch for 25 lakhs. Consider no pit stop for rest of your life.
  • Hari L
    Hari L 2 недели назад It's a classic chicken n egg sutiation. Manufacturers blame lack of charging infrastructure. In return They blame lack of evs being manufactured by car companies. Atleast, you can charge your ev at home for now unless you are doing road trips so often, a range of 300 km is enough till the battery technology evolves and be more Affordable.
  • Sarath To
    Sarath To 2 недели назад All the infrastructure you need now for city usage is a charging point at home .
  • bharat varma
    bharat varma 2 недели назад Doesn't work at this price point.. Rather should've of focused on something like Hyundai kona as majority of market belongs to that price segment
  • boxersoho
    boxersoho Неделю назад @Akhil ENOC SEBASTIAN They are not ripping but will force EVs to manufacture in India. We can't replace Gasoline with EVs and expect to import all of them.
  • Parimal ,
    Parimal , 2 недели назад Kona will be priced between 25-30L !!
  • bharat varma
    bharat varma 2 недели назад Mustafa Rangwala with the involvement of government and their subsidies it will cost you less .. ok if not the subsidies the electric transport revolution is inevitable as we’ve pushed our environment to it’s limits.. kona seems legit at the price of 25 lakhs too where as leaf is still 20 lakhs expensive than kona ..
  • bharat varma
    bharat varma 2 недели назад Astal agree bro but it is a different type of investment.. you’ll be saving money in long term as electricity costs you less amount per km compared to internal combustion engines.
  • Hari L
    Hari L 2 недели назад @Mustafa Rangwala All current evs are priced premium for early adopters till technology evolves for companies to build more affordable ev car platforms.
    Akhil ENOC SEBASTIAN 2 недели назад In the us it only costs as low as 23 lakhs ....they are just ripping us off with high taxes and twice the price
  • parthasarathy Venkatadri
    parthasarathy Venkatadri 2 недели назад At this range Honda e would be better.
  • parthasarathy Venkatadri
    parthasarathy Venkatadri 2 недели назад If range is like 350 KMs with a slow charge of 8-10 hrs people could use normal power socket at home or office ... And get round easily.
  • Astal
    Astal 2 недели назад Wagonr petrol Top varient Costs rs 6.50 approx.... and the Electric will be around 10lakhs.... On-road price no idea.... Electric cars are expensive mahn....
  • Jyothi Karnavar
    Jyothi Karnavar 2 недели назад True bro...
  • Mustafa Rangwala
    Mustafa Rangwala 2 недели назад bharat varma Hyundai koan is around 25L So it also doesn’t work for a small 🚗
  • Anurag Narayanan
    Anurag Narayanan 2 недели назад At this price, I would rather buy a MG Hector + Tata Harrier + Harley Davidson!
  • aditya singh
    aditya singh Неделю назад Rather buy 3 swifts
  • Gobi nath
    Gobi nath 2 недели назад Hector is worst
    CARS & GAMING 2 недели назад (изменено) Too Expensive for 45 Lakhs , I would rather go buy the Ford Endeavour ! It should be in 20-25 lakhs !
  • Suraj Verma
    Suraj Verma Неделю назад Hyundai Kona
  • Rishabh Bansal
    Rishabh Bansal 2 недели назад BMW 3 series hi le lunga iss dibbee se acha
  • Cijo Joseph
    Cijo Joseph 2 недели назад Endeavour for 20-25😳
  • Aravind MK
    Aravind MK 2 недели назад Even ecosport is 9lks
  • D K
    D K 2 недели назад Endeavor 35 Lakh on road
    NAVIN B PALATHINGAL 2 недели назад Endeavour price is 40 laksh too
  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 2 недели назад But Leaf is an EV.......
  • kalipppotaz
    kalipppotaz 2 недели назад Hahaha. Nice comparison
  • prameela stanly
    prameela stanly 2 недели назад I would buy Benz with 45 lakhs Nissan is expensive
  • Milan k
    Milan k 2 недели назад How u will get in 20-25 lac ?? It starts from 33lac
  • dEBA Maisnam
    dEBA Maisnam 2 недели назад I will just take public transport and invest the 40 L somewhere . Thanks :)
  • Ijaz Madathiparambil
    Ijaz Madathiparambil 2 недели назад @Karina Bohra True, even if you need a car, there's Uber.
  • Karina Bohra
    Karina Bohra 2 недели назад That's ingenious. Just put metros everywhere. No one needs cars anymore.
  • Shivek Dhar
    Shivek Dhar 2 недели назад Probably , that is exactly why the government is pushing the electric. For people to resort back to public transport
  • keerthi seelan
    keerthi seelan 2 недели назад 250 km , small motor , 45 lc .... Who care about environment now ?
  • Bhaskar Bijoy Kashyap
    Bhaskar Bijoy Kashyap Неделю назад @aneesh89 It sure is the future. At least in UK as they will phase out all engined cars by 2030. However, India isn't ready for it just yet. With a proper plan of action, subsides, tax rebates and aggressive implementation of schemes it can surely be achieved by 2030. Hyundai just launched the Kona at 23.5 L pan India. I would definitely buy it (If I had the money) over a Renault Captur It would save me more in the long run. Electric cars are far more reliable than conventional ones.
  • aditya singh
    aditya singh Неделю назад I think it should be priced @8-14 lakhs ...Don't offer so many features we Indians just need good Power , Milage and offcourse good price
  • Ashutosh Thakur
    Ashutosh Thakur 2 недели назад should be priced under 25lakhs...right?
  • aneesh89
    aneesh89 2 недели назад electric cars are not the future as these dumb environmentalists claim
  • Rishabh Bansal
    Rishabh Bansal 2 недели назад 250 kilometer is OK for going nearby cities but, 45 lakhs is damn high price. Price of upto 20 lakhs is sufficient for such car
  • Sanandan Kinkar
    Sanandan Kinkar 2 недели назад At 45 lacks I'd just buy a 3 series, it's not worth 45, under 20, yes, these early electric cars are way too overpriced.
  • Space faring Citizen
    Space faring Citizen Неделю назад How wil you drive 3 series without petrol ?
  • True List
    True List 2 недели назад Sanandan Kinkar You are mistaken it’s actually around 17 lakh in Canada and in some provinces the govt subsidizes it by 2.5 lakhs which makes its cost 14.5 lakh , I dont get why 45 lakh in India
  • jaganmohan reddy
    jaganmohan reddy 2 недели назад Buy this for 50 lakhs and then buy a nano for 1.5 lakh for backup (pickup)
  • Happy Dhindsa
    Happy Dhindsa 2 недели назад Hahaaa......very nice
  • Nikul Dholakia
    Nikul Dholakia 2 недели назад (изменено) 40 lakh....what a joke 😂😂😂 Nissan please don't launch.... definitely gonna fail here 😂
  • Prince Patel
    Prince Patel 2 недели назад Isse better to huyndai kona h 450 km rang 204 hp moter And price is 25 lakh
  • Abrar Sumair
    Abrar Sumair 2 недели назад (изменено) I have driven this car. Man this car is so dead to drive. No fun, no enthusiasm and you will not feel that its an EV when you sit in. No futuristic feel . Bhai Tesla model 3 feels like far more ahead of its time.
  • Shubham Khamaru
    Shubham Khamaru 2 недели назад The car is overpriced...waiting for Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai's take on EVs
  • Crankshaft1994
    Crankshaft1994 2 недели назад 40 to 45 Lakhs !!!for nissan ,How much do a cheapest tesla cost!!
  • Astal
    Astal 2 недели назад @NM 1 dollar = 69 rs.... bro
  • SD Rizwan
    SD Rizwan 2 недели назад @Biker HB seriously u think any indian going to buy autopilot 😂
  • aneesh89
    aneesh89 2 недели назад 2 crores
  • NM
    NM 2 недели назад Let's say 1$= 100Rs then 35 lakhs for the base model.
  • Anshu Joshi
    Anshu Joshi 2 недели назад Just letting you know, the cheapest Tesla is expensive than Nissan.
  • Prem Kiran
    Prem Kiran 2 недели назад Crankshaft1994 model 3 20-25 lakhs without import tax
  • Sachin Makwana
    Sachin Makwana 2 недели назад It will be morr than 45 lc bcz of customs snd and other taxes
  • Krishna Gavarkar
    Krishna Gavarkar 2 недели назад It's around $30k which translates to around 23 lakhs in India...I think it's the taxes that are affecting the pricing.
  • gopal kalimuthu
    gopal kalimuthu 2 недели назад (изменено) Even cheap Tesla will not cost 40 lakhs ex showroom
  • SumAnt
    SumAnt 2 недели назад More than 1 crore. Digest that now.
  • Maxpower Overdrive
    Maxpower Overdrive 2 недели назад Around 80lakhs
  • Abhirup Sengupta
    Abhirup Sengupta 2 недели назад The base model 3 should cost around the same.
  • sumitmsn2
    sumitmsn2 2 недели назад much much more than 40L
  • Krutik Chinchavle
    Krutik Chinchavle 2 недели назад 50 lacs tesla model 3 n y
  • Nagato is better than Punk Naruto
    Nagato is better than Punk Naruto 2 недели назад Around 25 lakh for the long range model. Its not even funny, lol
  • parthasarathy Venkatadri
    parthasarathy Venkatadri 2 недели назад Tesla would start at 50 laks
  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar 2 недели назад 50-55 lakh
  • South Indian Movies Entertainment
    South Indian Movies Entertainment 2 недели назад Finally A person with brain 😁
  • Krishna Ghosh
    Krishna Ghosh 2 недели назад 80-90
  • Vijay Brahma
    Vijay Brahma 2 недели назад almost 60 L ( imported )
  • Astal
    Astal 2 недели назад In india almost 90 lks or above.... Thanks to import duty and wonderful government....
  • KingSpammerNerd
    KingSpammerNerd 2 недели назад It will be close to a crore. However, remember, these cars are CBU imports. The actual price is close to 25 lakhs.
  • That’show DanDoes
    That’show DanDoes 2 недели назад Crankshaft1994 does*
  • Nishith Chauhan
    Nishith Chauhan 2 недели назад It will be around 80 lacs or more if it arrives in india as a cbu
  • Hr patel 0779
    Hr patel 0779 2 недели назад 60-70 lakhs approx
  • Dr Destroyer98
    Dr Destroyer98 2 недели назад Crankshaft1994 At 1 cr without taxes after over seas tax and gst that is 128% tax it would cost around 2.5 cr
    DINESH HORACIO 2 недели назад Mind it bro...It's not a TESLA......... Nissan's are started nowadays.....
  • Team Tech
    Team Tech 2 недели назад 50-55 lakhs performance version
  • Biker HB
    Biker HB 2 недели назад 25 lakh for short range model 3 without autopilot.
  • C K
    C K 2 недели назад Crankshaft1994 same price
  • sanjay kshatriya
    sanjay kshatriya 2 недели назад Doesn't look cool as a 45L car. . Come on .. You would get a BMW X1 for the price. .
  • A R M A A N
    A R M A A N 2 недели назад Tesla model 3 price for a Nissan Leaf 🤦‍♂️ what part of the market is Nissan targeting with this one , this car will perform like the Prius did in the Indian market.
  • Raghunandana Palle
    Raghunandana Palle 2 недели назад 40.. i am stopping the video right here. Bottom line there are no practical options in India
  • Ind Pol Com
    Ind Pol Com 2 недели назад 45 lac for 250 km ! Good luck saving the Planet !
  • prabanjan raja
    prabanjan raja 2 недели назад My hope of a tesla releasing in India under 1 crore just got ruined 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  • saysumesh
    saysumesh 2 недели назад Tesla is nice car brother
  • Sachin Makwana
    Sachin Makwana 2 недели назад Just move to Norway...
  • Parvesh Bhardwaj
    Parvesh Bhardwaj 2 недели назад Very highly pricing. Only 250 km range. Kona MG Wagon R Make more sense to Indian Market. Like who agree. Comment who disagree.