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Funny Babies Fails: It's Not Their Fault || FailArmy

Published on Feb 14, 2017 4,965,671 views

These funny babies are cute, but after this fail compilation you may not want one anymore. Which funny baby is your favorite? Leave it in the comments. And ALWAYS submit your funny fail videos to!

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Funny Babies Fails: It's Not Their Fault || FailArmy

  • FailArmy
    FailArmy 2 года назад How did you fail this week? Let us know, and we'll add your comments to our next video.
  • Svenja
    Svenja 2 года назад (изменено) FailArmy Today i have pukes during an english hour. it isnt a fail, but i think it is a fail c:
  • Enes & Musa
    Enes & Musa 2 года назад baddest thing racing an crazy horse
  • Madi Rowe
    Madi Rowe 2 года назад FailArmy walked into a pole and said "sorry" then backed out and fell into a bush
  • Cotainmi
    Cotainmi 2 года назад I failed a test, thats how.......
  • x x
    x x 2 года назад FailArmy i failed a test :c
  • Anna Fiore
    Anna Fiore 2 года назад FailArmy I was called to demonstrate a problem in front of the board today and a bee flew into the room and I screamed and ran around trying to swat it away.
  • Gracie_ San_
    Gracie_ San_ 2 года назад my life is a fail :,)
  • turtlee
    turtlee 2 года назад I flushed a broken toilet like an idiot, causing the pipe to explode and flood our bathroom.
  • Tom Hobbs
    Tom Hobbs 2 года назад FailArmy yay
  • VonArnout
    VonArnout 2 года назад Got so drunk I saw a fountain as a toilet.
  • Cuziccle
    Cuziccle 2 года назад FailArmy tv fails
  • The_Real_Pyrrha_Nikos
    The_Real_Pyrrha_Nikos 2 года назад FailArmy my brother threw a piece of a jalapeno at me, and I threw it back. he threw it at my face and hit me in the eye, and in my painful stupor I ran into a door XD it hurt
  • Duck
    Duck 2 года назад FailArmy instead of baby could be called spoiled winers😂
  • Robin T.
    Robin T. 2 года назад One time, I had a glass of soda in my hand. I walked backward after talking to my fam and one thing led to another... and soda got everywhere and I was lying on the floor, in a puddle of soda.
  • Eli Davis
    Eli Davis 2 года назад FailArmy I was playing around and kicked my shoe into the air and it went through the ceiling.
  • XFaded Foil
    XFaded Foil 2 года назад Watching your videos.
  • Sacrifice 1
    Sacrifice 1 2 года назад FailArmy I really failed...Bad lesson learned learn to cook the right way....
  • Marissa
    Marissa 2 года назад FailArmy I broke my nose.
    FIRECAT 2 года назад FailArmy I was dancing around and my dad walked in and started dancing too 🙄
  • Sacrifice 1
    Sacrifice 1 2 года назад Also I...I kinda projectile vomit 3 feet away hitting a kindergarten
  • Volrain
    Volrain 2 года назад Easter I had my cousins over and my cousin swung a guitar at me and hit me in my face know I have a scar
  • amberbakkestuen
    amberbakkestuen 2 года назад I hate you
  • Pyrrhin
    Pyrrhin 2 года назад I ran on top of an ice mound that collapsed, so I got stuck in a snow mound until my friend pulled me out...
  • Solid Clan
    Solid Clan 2 года назад amberbakkestuen fuck you
  • music is my religion
    music is my religion 2 года назад FailArmy I was getting inside the metro and I was getting inside the cart but instead of going through the doors I banged into the side of the metro cart lol
  • mike 10
    mike 10 2 года назад (изменено) FailArmy IDK
  • Goodbye 101 subs
    Goodbye 101 subs 2 года назад FailArmy me when I have no bacon
  • Emma Lewis
    Emma Lewis 2 года назад Simple. Alone. For Valentine's day. Ugh.
  • Natkin 26
    Natkin 26 2 года назад FailArmy I fell in front of my crush
  • Tori White
    Tori White 2 года назад FailArmy I snarted at work.
  • Dark Kitty
    Dark Kitty 2 года назад I walked into a wall and yelled at it. It was around midnight and I was half asleep.
  • KFX kid
    KFX kid 2 года назад FailArmy I tried to drift when it was dry and I flipped
  • Alexander de Montfort
    Alexander de Montfort 2 года назад Thanks for ruining my morning.
  • Svenja
    Svenja 2 года назад FailArmy and monday i havent learn 4 the bio Test, so I have got a 6 :c
  • Mike Pokerbaarcode
    Mike Pokerbaarcode 2 года назад FailArmy fell doewn ski lift lol
  • jairdabrini
    jairdabrini 2 года назад FIRECAT That fail is on your dad not respecting you nor your privacy. Get sum boundaries girl. Say someone on the internet told u that's usually how incest starts.
  • ShepZ
    ShepZ 2 года назад FailArmy Well, I drowned.
  • jairdabrini
    jairdabrini 2 года назад I failed at life... hard. Also I failed to pay the bills on time and the two single times I walked outside of the house this month I run into my crush who doesn't love me back (probably) - what are the odds for that kind of torment?
  • J. Stormer
    J. Stormer 2 года назад I didn't fail, in fact I'm gonna get a vasectomy because of this video lol
  • DiscoBallGaming
    DiscoBallGaming 2 года назад FailArmy I failed to realize that I hurt myself a lot worse than I thought falling down the stairs
  • Abigail Stickel
    Abigail Stickel 2 года назад FailArmy im alone on Valentines Day does that count
  • The Hockey Family
    The Hockey Family 2 года назад FailArmy I tried to print a Gif!
  • DreamconYt
    DreamconYt 2 года назад FailArmy fell on slippery ice
  • Y O U R B O Y
    Y O U R B O Y 2 года назад FailArmy fell on the out door rink
  • Baby Potato
    Baby Potato 2 года назад FailArmy I tried to ask a girl out for Valentine's Day... it didn't go as planned
  • SimonTheGamer96
    SimonTheGamer96 2 года назад I am living, that's how I fail, everyday.
  • Dear Bunny
    Dear Bunny 2 года назад FailArmy I slipped and fell on ice and I have a bruise forming on my butt and thigh
  • Sarah CP
    Sarah CP 2 года назад I was at gym class playing Kick ball and I was saying BOOM HEADSHOT then I was hit in the head with a ball and just said BOOM HEADSHOT trying to laugh it out but I was slowly dying inside
  • Sarah CP
    Sarah CP 2 года назад FailArmy I was at recess at school and I was near the slides and slipped on ice and bruised my knee so badly that I still have some marks from it to this day
  • 28theyoyo
    28theyoyo 2 года назад I'm a young man studying aboard and in my host family, I pulled the switch to turn on the shower too hard that I broke it. I put my host parents and my roomate (and myself of course) in a shit.
  • Code Zombie YT
    Code Zombie YT 2 года назад FailArmy that was a good fail of the week I like the ping pong one
  • Dom Cruz
    Dom Cruz 2 года назад I got in the wrong hole :/ got kicked out, happy Valentine's day!
  • ιик ωєll
    ιик ωєll 2 года назад (изменено) FailArmy my dog fell down the stairs and I fell down with her.
  • Vincent Lane
    Vincent Lane 2 года назад i was born
  • goody400 plays
    goody400 plays 2 года назад FailArmy i tried to parkour on a mountain and i fell
  • Paper Jam
    Paper Jam 2 года назад FailArmy hello
  • Amy Chen
    Amy Chen 2 года назад I fell in love! Just kidding, I slipped on the bare floor and fell in front of my crush lightly bruising my knee and pride <3
  • Kim cuc Dang
    Kim cuc Dang 2 года назад FailArmy I don't get it what is up with kids and peanut butter
  • Lance Moore
    Lance Moore 2 года назад FailArmy I still alive.
  • Georgie The crafty gamer
    Georgie The crafty gamer 2 года назад FailArmy most of these ar'nt babies
  • Generik
    Generik 2 года назад FailArmy I spent Valentine's Day alone so that's a pretty good fail
  • Fabiola Vivanco
    Fabiola Vivanco 2 года назад My sister trip me and funny
  • Jabattack gaming
    Jabattack gaming 2 года назад FailArmy I failed at life
  • OiAussieAussie
    OiAussieAussie 2 года назад Flushed the toilet and turned around and smacked my face right into the door.
  • DJwolflover 16
    DJwolflover 16 2 года назад I got scared by my dog when I went to drink water from the sink in the middle of the night and she barked at me. Scared the living daylights out of me because I didn't hear the dog come in the bathroom.
  • Kung Fu Kitty
    Kung Fu Kitty 2 года назад FailArmy I picked up a new stuffed dog toy at work (child daycare Center). The toy barked and I screamed and jumped and it nearly got thrown across the room. My co-workers were quite entertained.
  • ParKy
    ParKy 2 года назад (изменено) FailArmy, lol I was walking my dog at the park with my little brother, then another dog came up to our dog and barked at it, it walked to my little brother and was humping him, but he was to young to know what was happening so he just laughed it off.
  • strwberrytae
    strwberrytae 2 года назад I fail at life everyday thanks for asking, really appreciate it
  • Lil Kuse
    Lil Kuse 2 года назад FailArmy So everyone in class had to tell a joke. And all the others who told their jokes, they were funny and the class laughed a bit. And when I told my joke, no one laughed :/
  • jdog_12340
    jdog_12340 2 года назад FailArmy I failed by laughing to your video and your show
  • Recluse Spider
    Recluse Spider 2 года назад I failed when I found out I had a carbuncle when I noticed a lump a week before and didn't know what it was
  • Thnkdoughnuts
    Thnkdoughnuts 2 года назад (изменено) FailArmy During long jump for athletics day i face planted into the sand then when i walked out i tripped and landed on the wooden end of the pit.
  • Rubie Tabone
    Rubie Tabone 2 года назад FailArmy i failed at math
  • Break up with your girlfriend i am Bored
    Break up with your girlfriend i am Bored 2 года назад FailArmy Valentine week and you expect a positive reply for how did we fail??
  • wam même
    wam même 2 года назад hey ! (sorry for my english I'm french) the french people watch your video. can you remake a bike fail ? and winters fail ? thake you !
  • samuel soetratma
    samuel soetratma 2 года назад FailArmy not getting a date for v day
  • John Madden
    John Madden 2 года назад FailArmy love ur vids but for sum reson my brovah keeps on unsub from u so sorry k
  • _PotatoDude_
    _PotatoDude_ 2 года назад I failed with smashing my phone into my table, and now I gotta survive without a "Homebutton" :)
  • Pigeon
    Pigeon 2 года назад holy fucking shit this was soo cringe for me because im a perfectionist and this makes the cringe levels go through the roof
  • zjanaz
    zjanaz 2 года назад FailArmy, I hit my head on a piece of wood stuck in a hole in the wall. yea.
  • Pamela Bowman
    Pamela Bowman 2 года назад FailArmy my brother wore his slippers to the store for over an hour before he realized he was wearing his slippers. about 30 seconds after we realized he wore his slippers (we were at a restaurant) I reached for a cup lid and pressed the soda machine and got cocacola all over my arm.
  • LvegmadekidV
    LvegmadekidV 2 года назад I paid for my chicken at Canes through Drive-thru and was about to drive off with out the food, until my wife asked me where I was going and I realized I was leaving with out the food and had to drive back for the food...
  • Richard Reid
    Richard Reid 2 года назад (изменено) Hey FailArmy I love your videos, you are the best, thank you so much!! This week on Valentines Day I took my Bae to a Rumba class in the city, while we were waiting at the train station to head back I went to kiss her and smacked her into a metal pole...
  • Landon
    Landon 2 года назад FailArmy hitting practice for my baseball team and I hit the ball through the net and it hit my coach in the nose and broke his nose :P
  • Sean Tunney
    Sean Tunney 2 года назад FailArmy this is why I'm never getting pregnant
  • Sharrp
    Sharrp 2 года назад I was born several years ago, does that count?
  • Shawn F.
    Shawn F. 2 года назад FailArmy I failed at having normal week
  • im no hater
    im no hater 2 года назад FailArmy jumped on a car & missed it
  • CoriDash2404
    CoriDash2404 2 года назад test
  • Menno van den Berg
    Menno van den Berg 2 года назад By teaching my dog how to open doors, now I'm robbed.
  • Hi Ya
    Hi Ya 2 года назад FailArmy i told my sister the dog was ded when it was sleepin. SHE BELIEVED ME!
    HAPPY HAMMIEZ 2 года назад FailArmy i put my shirt on the wrong way 4 times in a row, then my pants 3 times in a row.
  • Deer Lord
    Deer Lord 2 года назад I impregnated my gf... D:
  • yanna
    yanna 2 года назад FailArmy i was born.
  • Lenny Alcarez
    Lenny Alcarez 2 года назад Deer Lord xD 👌
  • MustBeTheGanja
    MustBeTheGanja 2 года назад It hurts me! :/
    TEEBEE 2 года назад FailArmy I shot an airsoft gun and it bounced back and hit me in the face
  • _________ _________
    _________ _________ 2 года назад FailArmy on Valentine's Day I was a seventh wheel in a room of 3 couples 😭
  • Liam Davidson
    Liam Davidson 2 года назад I fell of my scooter and broke 2 ribs
  • Jarrod Youngblood
    Jarrod Youngblood 2 года назад Vday fails or romance fails
  • Kokogino
    Kokogino 2 года назад I failed this city :)
  • lolli pop
    lolli pop 2 года назад I watched FailArmy
  • Android User
    Android User 2 года назад FailArmy I woke up.
  • Huge Costa
    Huge Costa 2 года назад FailArmy I was trying to run away from this kid at school. but instead, I ran right into a pole. The humiliation...
  • Jordyn Hall
    Jordyn Hall 2 года назад FailArmy i got tickled and I fell on the floor
  • Allis Irvankoski
    Allis Irvankoski 2 года назад i was fall of my favorite horse and get a concussion :/
  • Racety Studio
    Racety Studio 2 года назад I was on English, and my chair collapsed and my teacher falled down :D
  • Isaiah Davis
    Isaiah Davis 2 года назад FailArmy this one time I tried to jump on a table I fell on my little brother,sister , and youngest brother!!!😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😆
  • Nightmare Infernus
    Nightmare Infernus 2 года назад I accidentally sit on my sister's face and farted. xD
  • blackhole 0320
    blackhole 0320 2 года назад I watched fail army. LOL JK you guys are the best!
  • SaggyHUGGIES123
    SaggyHUGGIES123 2 года назад i remember a long time ago my friend put woodchips in my shirt and i chased him and threw rocks at him. Then he pushed me to the ground and when he was gonna slap me a ball came and hit him on the side of his head.
  • procastgaming guy
    procastgaming guy 2 года назад FailArmy hugs fail army thanks for this
  • Sam diamandis
    Sam diamandis 2 года назад FailArmy make a teens fail
  • naomi chan
    naomi chan 2 года назад well I was texting someone and watching YouTube. I typed what I heard obviously and said "I hate you I love you and I hate that I love you" :I total fail
  • Funny Man
    Funny Man 2 года назад FailArmy I spilled nail polish remover on my homework. Teacher's probably getting high marking it right now.
  • Choobab
    Choobab 2 года назад i was born
  • Potato is here
    Potato is here 2 года назад FailArmy I farted in class
  • Oh no no
    Oh no no 2 года назад FailArmy when I tried fixing my car and smoke was in my face
  • Pain 傷み
    Pain 傷み 2 года назад lol
  • Skyla Collado
    Skyla Collado 2 года назад Bonnie So awssome
  • O O'Brien
    O O'Brien 2 года назад FailArmy I bit down so hard that I made a hole in my gum😲
  • The Ben gang Yt
    The Ben gang Yt 2 года назад FailArmy I called a priest's helper his wife
  • ᒪiᑎᗩᖴᒪᑌᖴᖴᘔ
    ᒪiᑎᗩᖴᒪᑌᖴᖴᘔ 2 года назад FailArmy I fell down 14FT stairs😕😥
  • Me Myself and I
    Me Myself and I 2 года назад The Ben gang Yt
  • Bethany Rooks
    Bethany Rooks 2 года назад (изменено) I was filling up a bucket to mop the floors at work and the hose flipped out of the bucket, completely spraying myself and leaving a puddle on the floor. My manager thought I peed my pants...
  • 〘 Chromosometheus 〙
    〘 Chromosometheus 〙 2 года назад Once, my friends and I were kicking a stall door opened at school (don't remember what grade we were in) and one time, we all kicked it and the stall door broke off and we ran out of the bathroom the the cafeteria and acted like nothing happened.
  • Daire Meleady
    Daire Meleady 2 года назад FailArm
  • IDontBelieveInPenises
    IDontBelieveInPenises 2 года назад FailArmy My nephew didn't wanna go to school, he said he was sick. I asked him if his uterus was hurting and he said "Yes."
  • Sariah Horne
    Sariah Horne 2 года назад FailArmy @ this show is not working the love you are a black
  • Sarcastic
    Sarcastic 2 года назад FailArmy I was dunking before i broke my leg
  • Sunil Dhanessar
    Sunil Dhanessar 2 года назад my brother punch me in the face
  • Diloal López Alamo
    Diloal López Alamo 2 года назад FailArmy hiiiiii liet lolipop and hair 😂
  • Michelle Rendle
    Michelle Rendle 2 года назад FailArmy
  • Nicole The priest
    Nicole The priest 2 года назад FailArmy do birthday fails please
  • Summmerrr x
    Summmerrr x 2 года назад FailArmy birthday fails
  • insomniack
    insomniack 2 года назад FailArmy I fell up the stairs
  • Leah Espina
    Leah Espina 2 года назад I fell from our Stairs and hit my head on the wall
  • Snxzzy Ajpw
    Snxzzy Ajpw 2 года назад Leah Espina ouch.. u ok?
  • Leah Espina
    Leah Espina 2 года назад HettySnazzy - Gaming and more!,yeah but i collapsed when i get up
  • Lorelei Joy
    Lorelei Joy 2 года назад FailArmy
  • Joanna Pagalaran
    Joanna Pagalaran 2 года назад FailArmy ik
  • Jesper Jansson
    Jesper Jansson Год назад FailArmy i failed at life ._.
  • Slime Girl 105
    Slime Girl 105 Год назад yesterday it just got done raining I ran across. the sidewalk and fell on my butt ( * - * )
  • Juancarlos Barrera
    Juancarlos Barrera Год назад I watched this boring video that's not even funny that how I failed
  • 2M Baby Gender Reveal
    2M Baby Gender Reveal Год назад FailArmy fail compilation in my channel 😂
  • Warren Bradnock
    Warren Bradnock Год назад Lol
  • John Harrison
    John Harrison Год назад FailArmy ghh
  • John Harrison
    John Harrison Год назад Musa & Enes Oyunda Mu
  • Evan Larson
    Evan Larson Год назад FailArmy boi
  • Sinper X ClawZ
    Sinper X ClawZ Год назад Me to
  • Liguel Labs
    Liguel Labs Год назад 😎 man who is this a lot of time
  • john Marniku
    john Marniku Год назад FailArmy jj
  • Kenny Da clown
    Kenny Da clown Год назад FailArmy I
  • Djamel Ghennam
    Djamel Ghennam Год назад Wtf 2:49
  • h.
    h. Год назад FailArmy hi
  • Nelson Perez
    Nelson Perez Год назад FailArmy h
  • Ládís
    Ládís Год назад FailArmy u
  • Aidiotontheinternet
    Aidiotontheinternet Год назад FailArmy 3:42 HAHAHA the baby
  • Ramil Gasque
    Ramil Gasque Год назад Volrain o
  • R M Hansen
    R M Hansen Год назад Spear fishing videos
  • Hue Vo
    Hue Vo Год назад FailArmy j
  • Maisy King
    Maisy King Год назад FailArmy Gcddcvgggbb Bb
  • bobby abasolo
    bobby abasolo Год назад cute animal fail
  • Edgar Torres
    Edgar Torres Год назад FailArmy go check my video babe Gail , my grandson
  • Boots Boots
    Boots Boots Год назад 0:47 IS THE KID OK!!???!?
  • Wizard DiegoG486
    Wizard DiegoG486 11 месяцев назад I walked, bumped my head and fell into a bush
  • Lotter RBLX
    Lotter RBLX 6 месяцев назад FailArmy this is a funny video 0:22
  • Chaseygamer
    Chaseygamer 6 месяцев назад Failarmy I was walking and then I slipped in sudden while right slide up then barrel rolled 12 times then I broken a chair that costed $20000000 dollars
  • Fawful4
    Fawful4 5 месяцев назад Maybe I walked into a basket
  • cyprian Michalski
    cyprian Michalski 1 месяц назад @Svenja my sister was kissing in my room
  • Roasted Pig
    Roasted Pig 1 месяц назад Roblox
  • Jay Semiz
    Jay Semiz 2 года назад "You can't hit people because you want pancakes" Watch me. lol.
  • FailArmy
    FailArmy 2 года назад WHAT A CHAMP
  • Viktor
    Viktor 2 года назад Lmao xD
  • Jermaine
    Jermaine 2 года назад Jay Semiz Savagery!
  • LonelyMind
    LonelyMind 2 года назад must have worked before
  • envoke
    envoke 2 года назад Jay Semiz lol
  • Spyro
    Spyro 2 года назад I really dont know whats funny about this? xD Can someone please tell me?
  • Rhys Doak
    Rhys Doak Год назад Nutellix that man says that people can't hit others because they want pancakes. When he says watch me, it means he's going to hit someone because he wants pancakes
  • [GD] Videogamehero67
    [GD] Videogamehero67 Год назад 900th like
  • Timathus
    Timathus 2 года назад "Why did you do that?" "Feet." Seems reasonable to me.
  • Daily Blank screen
    Daily Blank screen Год назад 1:33 reminds me of the peanut butter baby that says ah
  • RookieNoobGamer
  • LemonLimeStudios
    LemonLimeStudios 2 года назад 4:18 that's what you call a person with a major fear of hights
  • Starlight Mapping
    Starlight Mapping 2 года назад (изменено) ender dragon9990 ikr, she was like less that a foot off the ground
  • Patrick Jackson x
    Patrick Jackson x 2 года назад ender dragon9990 its mean
  • Kennia Gonzalez
    Kennia Gonzalez 2 года назад ender dragon9990 puts one foot up starts screaming
  • emma franc
    emma franc Год назад honestly that was me as a child. i got way better but i still hate being more than a foot off the ground lmao
  • TheReal FireLegend
    TheReal FireLegend Год назад ender dragon9990 she's more scared of hights than me 😂😂😂
  • Rebecca Choe
    Rebecca Choe Год назад ender dragon9990 MOM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH 😂😂😂😂
  • Lps LoL
    Lps LoL Год назад True... POOR DAKODA AND HER CHAIR
  • DragMeToLove
    DragMeToLove 9 месяцев назад Huhjjhjj
  • i dont wanna name
    i dont wanna name 8 месяцев назад I have a minor fear of heights
  • No :D
    No :D 4 месяца назад LemonLimeStudios I'm afraid of heights but come on that chair was so short she would've fell and be fine.
  • Markuss Zujevs
    Markuss Zujevs 2 года назад 2:24 yoo guys this is yo we are flushing down my moms Iphone in the toilet..Better record this
  • Nacho Official
    Nacho Official Год назад 4:08 XDD you know those are good circles!!
  • Kira Johnson
    Kira Johnson 2 года назад 1:36 ""
  • David Amaral
    David Amaral Год назад Kira Johnson the peanut butter baby evolved into... Peanut butter kid!!!
  • abby
    abby Год назад The first one is the funniest because the girl is wearing BLACK tracksuit and the baby has flour
  • Dylan Cone
    Dylan Cone 2 года назад This whole video should be a condom commercial Kids are the worst
  • Sugy Studios
    Sugy Studios 2 года назад Lord Farquaad No no no, you've got it all wrong... ahem TEENAGERS, are the worst.😉
  • Shin
    Shin 2 года назад Hannah Lafayette as a teenager im pretty sure i dont cover my mom in flour.
  • Grey__X
    Grey__X 2 года назад Lord Farquaad as I teenager I can tell you they are only good if they are normal and once they grow up
  • subrina Kosin
    subrina Kosin 2 года назад Lord Farquaad. well you were once a kid soooo...
  • Jaykey
    Jaykey 2 года назад Lord Farquaad Yeah you shouldn't have been here.
  • Viggo Vogt
    Viggo Vogt 2 года назад Lord Farquaad what how
  • G4M3RX
    G4M3RX 2 года назад Lord Farquaad ... feel sad about ur parents didn't use one!!!
  • Raccoon
    Raccoon 2 года назад the only kids that are the worst are 10-18 (Used to be 12-18) and the spoilt brats that cry cause they didnt get an iphone 6... I have a bloody windows 8s and im not complaining XD
  • Raccoon
    Raccoon 2 года назад wow, i grammard good then ^^
  • zombu
    zombu 2 года назад You must hate your fucking life hahahahha, you have a pepe profile picture and an outdated meme as your name, sad lmao.
  • Alexys LS
    Alexys LS 2 года назад Lord Farquaad compraré unos justo ahora :v
  • Christopher Simmons
    Christopher Simmons 2 года назад Most of these are pretty cute. I don't think you'll have to worry too much about it anyway.
  • Francisco Hchl
    Francisco Hchl 2 года назад Lord Farquaad You were a child, you know?
  • Sausage Cream
    Sausage Cream 2 года назад Francisco Hchl He shit back then too.
  • Flaming Eye
    Flaming Eye Год назад please shut with the 'you were a baby' line which won't solve anything OK m(._.)m
  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy Год назад God I know, but 90 percent of it comes from shitty parenting. The other 10 percent is them being disgusting, loud, and completely dependant on an older human
  • Excited Doggo
    Excited Doggo 2 месяца назад @Sugy Studios Fuck off
  • Sara Denio
    Sara Denio 1 месяц назад @Sugy Studios As a teenager, I'm pretty sure I don't hit my siblings just because I want pancakes. I'm also pretty sure I don't cover my parents in flour.
  • Sugy Studios
    Sugy Studios 1 месяц назад Excited Doggo No you, cringey-ass.
  • Ember Ruby2520
    Ember Ruby2520 1 месяц назад What's worse than a rapist BOOM a child
  • Sreekanth r2
    Sreekanth r2 4 недели назад @Sugy StudiosI am pretty sure I can feed my mom and kids cant
  • Sugy Studios
    Sugy Studios 3 недели назад Sreekanth r2 Good for you.
  • Marie Berg
    Marie Berg Год назад 0:45 their not babies and it is his fault
  • Flare Series
    Flare Series Год назад Marie Berg yea
  • Dirty Sanchez
    Dirty Sanchez 11 месяцев назад Fuck you
  • Marissa and Michael and Jesse and miles
    Marissa and Michael and Jesse and miles 9 месяцев назад Marie Berg yep for throwing the paddle at his brother
  • Kid's Cooking show
    Kid's Cooking show 7 месяцев назад It was a accident
  • Mohamed Libaan
    Mohamed Libaan 6 месяцев назад (изменено) @Kid's Cooking show that was not an accident, it didn't fly out of his hand
  • Erik Sigmund
    Erik Sigmund 5 месяцев назад No it isn't his fault
  • Appledawn
    Appledawn 4 месяца назад the video made me laugh.
  • Foxes One Set
    Foxes One Set Год назад Me as a mother child making huge mess: It's circles Me: You know those are pretty good circles..
  • GabeBarelyUploads
    GabeBarelyUploads Год назад (изменено) 3:45 Why you don't give babies Taco Bell.
  • 60 Times Crazy
    60 Times Crazy 2 года назад the kid that was crying about the bacon I would do the same
  • MyAwkwardAzn
    MyAwkwardAzn 2 года назад 3:07 I sometimes hit people too when I want pancakes...
  • Félix Deconinck
    Félix Deconinck 2 года назад Story of my life !
  • Kiroho Joka
    Kiroho Joka 2 года назад We all do, MyAkwardAzn. We all do.
  • Vincent Kopaczewski
    Vincent Kopaczewski 2 года назад 2:13 why?
  • ぇえゆな
    ぇえゆな 2 года назад Mom:You got a sticker stuck to your head,Me:Looks in the mirror I'm gonna be candy head for a day._____.
  • jalie
    jalie Год назад 1:44 Mum: "That's so messy why would you do that?" Kid That's Covered In Peanut Butter: "Feet touches foot" XD
  • Savage Pastel
    Savage Pastel Год назад 0:33 that face tho 😂 when ur crush tells u he likes u 😂😂😂 omg NO WAY 😂😂