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SMART Electric Drive | Fully Charged

Published on Mar 23, 2017 401,103 views

This is the 260th episode of Fully Charged and just possibly, the very first proper, informative and clear car review. This is very much down to the talent and experience of Jonny Smith, his first time on the series (but definitely not the last)
After watching this, I know I have to up my game, I'm so thrilled Jonny could do this show with us and I'm really intrigued to hear your reaction.

Thank you Smart for flying Jonny and Mark out to Toulouse and organising the cars.

And once again, we could not have done this show without the generous support of all our Patreons. Thank you, and


Music by Christopher Ashmore

  • Lewis Fieldhouse
    Lewis Fieldhouse 2 года назад Really enjoyed Jonny's review! Great style. Would enjoy more episodes.
  • Blayk Giddens
    Blayk Giddens 2 года назад Johhny Smith? From Fifth Gear? Working for Fully Charged now? Awesome!
  • ObiWanKeighobi
    ObiWanKeighobi 2 года назад moar pls
  • Karl Lehtonen
    Karl Lehtonen 2 года назад what's a fifth gear?
  • Vlad Tataranu
    Vlad Tataranu 2 года назад Blayk Giddens truly awesome! I laughed out loud at the split tailgate piece
  • Ddr Hazy
    Ddr Hazy 2 года назад He's fantastic! Robert is also fantastic though!
  • Mitchell.
    Mitchell. 2 года назад A TV show in the UK.
  • gasdive
    gasdive 2 года назад He's a big electric vehicle fan. Has built his own car. He certainly has the credentials to be hosting this show.
  • gasdive
    gasdive 2 года назад He certainly has the credentials to be hosting this show. Google johnny smith electric drag car
  • FifthGear
    FifthGear 2 года назад (изменено) An awesome UK car show. I even use it as a nickname on various sites cause it sounds cool.
  • Sam Howells
    Sam Howells 2 года назад Indeed! Well played Sir! FC's coming along nicely & Rob can put his feet up a tad. PS - We should let Jonny off with the linguistic use of "gash plastics" as he's not wrong either Haha!
  • Chris Beard
    Chris Beard 2 года назад gasdive ace link! Johnny Smith is cool!
  • DP ie
    DP ie 2 года назад So to summarize: VERY slow charging(2.5h), poor range( 80 miles in winter), kind of ugly, small (but roomy inside), not cheap. A bit like an electric car from 2012....Wake up Mercedes- its 2017!! Great video and I like presenter very much.
  • Eric Wadge
    Eric Wadge 2 года назад Hmmm, I'm not sure about that. I think that the Smart is the perfect town runabout. It has roughly the same range as the 24KWh leaf but it is cheaper after government incentives. Jonny mentioned that it ought to get a faster charger next year. So, not great but not bad.
  • Sam Howells
    Sam Howells 2 года назад Judging a shoebox by car standards is pretty harsh anyway (450 Owner) they are tiny!
  • Andrew Bulman
    Andrew Bulman 2 года назад +gasdive I'm sure there was a Fully Charged video about that
  • danmobile
    danmobile 2 года назад Small is a plus not a minus. It's the main reason to buy the car. Range is fine for the type of people that buy this car - city dwellers rarely drive over 100 miles in a day. So the charge time is moot... you just plug it in at night and it's fine the next AM. I own a 2013 and drive is 40-60 miles every day. Mine takes 10 hours to charge (I just use 110v) and I've never needed it to charge faster. Then again it's not my only car, but I probably do 95% of my driving with it!
  • Stephen M
    Stephen M Год назад danmobile That's not what she said 😜
  • Joan Garnett
    Joan Garnett Год назад Blayk Giddens p
  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister Год назад (изменено) I got 7 gears on my car and 21 on my bike !!
  • Seybertooth
    Seybertooth 9 месяцев назад If only he could a) learn to fucking pronounce Porsche properly and b) wake up to the fact that the UK (together with 96% of the worlds population) is actually metric, then he would be a really good car show presenter.
  • Madman0001
    Madman0001 2 года назад This was nicely done. I welcome this host to be on again, he did a great job!
  • HesteBremse
    HesteBremse 2 года назад Yup totally agree
  • Jennifer Grove
    Jennifer Grove 11 месяцев назад You mean he's not a "regular"???!!! 😭😭😭
  • JayE
    JayE 8 месяцев назад completely agree :thumbsup:
  • eDrive
    eDrive 2 месяца назад (изменено) Yes great, well done...
  • TassieEV1
    TassieEV1 2 года назад Nice to see a new host, starting to grow on FC gives Robert a break sometimes and less pressure on him. Like how Jonny explains the vehicle. Hope we get to see him more in future on FC.
  • jur4x
    jur4x 2 года назад Robert might be busy with his thing with Red Dwarf, so this step was quite logical.
  • David Knowles
    David Knowles 2 года назад Plus there are tonnes of cars coming out in the next couple of years. Robert can't review them all.
  • Colin Richardson
    Colin Richardson 2 года назад David?? DAVID??? What are the chances!!! Not seen you since Uni!
  • Miroslav Milan
    Miroslav Milan 2 года назад In fact I think Johnny should focus mostly on cars and leave the rest to Robert. Because unlike Robert, he actually knows a LOT more about cars, so he can actually do a useful review instead of just doodling around. And he's no less funny! Really enjoyed this one.
  • Charles Gregory
    Charles Gregory 2 года назад Wow, another Tassie EV fan here! Do I know you? :)
  • Chris Norman
    Chris Norman 2 года назад Im from Tassie as well! Next car will be an EV!
    BMSWEB 2 года назад Nice one Jonny!! Wow Fully Charged has two awesome hosts.
  • 皇廷水晶宮
    皇廷水晶宮 Год назад BMSWEB And he also has a thing for glory holes 🤔
  • Arwin Yanes
    Arwin Yanes Год назад Facebook
  • kinhelfa
    kinhelfa Год назад I couldn't agree more, BMSWEB. I am now looking into purchasing an electric vehicle, but I need to know more about what UK Government grants are available to me. That is not my only driving factor, if you'll excuse the pun.
  • Janosch Pelzer
    Janosch Pelzer 2 года назад Could you please include metric units? Thanks.
  • I can't think of a witty user name
    I can't think of a witty user name 2 года назад Janosch Pelzer To convert miles into Km divide by 5 and multiply by 8. So 40 mph equals 64 kmh. It's really not difficult.
  • VishnuZutaten
    VishnuZutaten 2 года назад What it is It's really completely unnecessary. As well as imperial units...At least for the rest of the world ;)
  • nomoreheroes93
    nomoreheroes93 Год назад They do this on other shows and it doens't work, no one would naturally say both so it breaks the flow of whoever's talking. Google is your friend, or basic mental maths.
  • The Ultimate Reductionist
    The Ultimate Reductionist Год назад +Janosch Pelzer Agreed
  • Rob Fraser
    Rob Fraser Год назад It's easy enough just to Google up a converter, there are apps and websites for this. Or you could just watch a show that comes from a metric-using country...
  • gavin vennemann
    gavin vennemann 1 месяц назад Na im american lol
  • Daniel Goodhand
    Daniel Goodhand 2 года назад Oh wow. A proper car review with actual car information that is useful! He's quite funny too.
  • Colin Richardson
    Colin Richardson 10 месяцев назад I love all the useful information like "plastic is gash" lol
  • Alex
    Alex 2 года назад This was a very refreshing change. Hopefully more to come from Jonny
  • DigitalYojimbo
    DigitalYojimbo 2 года назад 200 miles range and this would sell out.
  • john bumptybump
    john bumptybump 8 месяцев назад or as is and £4000 cheaper
    BALKAN HAJDUK 6 месяцев назад DigitalYojimbo then it would cost 10K more
  • john bumptybump
    john bumptybump 6 месяцев назад @BALKAN HAJDUK I think more like 3k more. Actually the main problem with the Smart ForTwo is not cost, but rather space for the batteries. They probably jammed in as many cells as they could as it is.
    BALKAN HAJDUK 6 месяцев назад john bumptybump I think you probably right
  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce 4 месяца назад I have one. You don't want to ride 100 miles in one. It's just a town car
  • john bumptybump
    john bumptybump 4 месяца назад (изменено) @Richard Bruce I don't disagree, as you say, you have one (i don't) but.. if you were buying it to do 100+ miles each way every day, 100% a bigger car is better. A Leaf, or a Bolt. For people who need a city car most of the time but occasionally do longer ones, a 200mi smart would be ideal most of the time and acceptable to put up with a few times a year when you go visit aunt fanny 180 miles away. With the range as it is, a 200 mile each way trip would be not acceptable IMO. It would also be nice to be able to drive 60-80 miles somewhere, park up, do the business, drive 60-80 miles home and only then, plug the car in for charge. That and towncar mileage would cover 98% of journeys for most people in the UK.
  • therasheck
    therasheck 4 месяца назад I live in the outback of California and the next closest "city" is 90 miles away. So I would get there and charge it for two hours on the quick charge. But I am only 2 miles from work.
  • drees84
    drees84 2 года назад If Jonny does the car reviews, and llwelmnmnlwnmxmn... ;) does the energy tech, like batteries and eco cities, I think you have a killer show!! Please do that. Thanks for another great video. Cheers!
  • Tom Mowlam
    Tom Mowlam 2 года назад agree - but bring Robert in just to demo the car door mechanism ;-)
  • Fixed Wing
    Fixed Wing 2 года назад Yep!
  • Peter Shaw
    Peter Shaw 2 года назад drees84 That could work, but then again, RL's 'everyman' approach to vehicle reviews offers a useful counterpoint to a more seasoned motoring journo like Jonny.
  • jurchiks101
    jurchiks101 2 года назад (изменено) They could always do a 2-part review - technical things by Jonny, casual things by Robert. That way the review would be more versatile.
  • Herman Von Petri
    Herman Von Petri 2 года назад Such a relaxed and straightforward review. I love Robert but sometimes it's good to get alternate perspectives as well. Johnny has a good insight into the production side of automotive journalism and so is a great compliment to Robert's shall we say more intuitive presentation style. Thumbs up to the whole crew at Fully Charged!
  • jim de nooij
    jim de nooij 3 дня назад first convertible? what about the Tesla Roadster? i mean their very first car ever
  • Jean-Pierre White
    Jean-Pierre White 2 года назад Dynamic regen. How clever!! All EV's should adopt that idea. Outdoes Tesla eh?
  • redxsage
    redxsage 2 года назад A very well done review! Thanks, Jonny!
  • Cloxxki
    Cloxxki 2 года назад Welcome Jonny!
  • Keith Houghton
    Keith Houghton 2 года назад Smart. 4th generation and still behind the curve.
  • WutheringHeights
    WutheringHeights 2 года назад There's no need apologise for not being Robert. hehe... We want more car stuff from Smith, and more tech stuff from Llewellyn. Happy days!
  • Kristian Brock
    Kristian Brock 2 года назад Delightful though Bobbie Llew is, I could never imagine him saying "It's like a glory hole". Bravo Jonny. Great episode.
  • John Simon
    John Simon 2 года назад Yes, Jonny Smith did an excellent job. Thank you!
  • AdmiralPicard2010
    AdmiralPicard2010 2 года назад I think I speak for us all when I say we need more Jonny! Great to see him again.
  • Ned Funnell
    Ned Funnell 2 года назад We need more of this chap.