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New VW Camper - Volkswagen California 2019 in-depth review

Published on Dec 6, 2018 838,441 views

This is the new Volkswagen California Ocean! This camper van comes packed with a host of features and gadgets that make it a perfect accompaniment to a camping trip. But when you add a couple of extras on, the price can easily top £60,000! So the question is, should you consider the California Ocean when there are so many motor home options already on the market? Join Mat for his latest review to find out!

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  • MatWatsonCars
    MatWatsonCars 3 месяца назад To everyone saying this has a shower, what I meant is that it doesn't have a built-in one with warm water. You can get a shower hose option to hook up to the water supply. But you have to shower outside and the water is cold. Lovely...
  • Ikea Uppsala
    Ikea Uppsala 3 месяца назад your socks match your sweatshirt!! smart Mat 😎
  • mr retardasauraus rex
    mr retardasauraus rex 3 месяца назад Sausages
  • caron reform
    caron reform 3 месяца назад Cost lots of money...but a beautiful car !!
  • - JED
    - JED 3 месяца назад Hey mat why did you stoped your vlogging ?
  • K Mason
    K Mason 3 месяца назад Westfalia Kepler One and Six or Joker City, VW T6's with optional hot water and shower (some inside the van). Transit version, or Nissan version, from other divisions of the Rapido Group (Which includes Westfalia). Citroen version from Possel. VW only one with Haldex AWD. Main selling points 4.9m to 5.4m long, under 2.1m high. Means it fits city multistorey and underground parking - so you have the running costs of 1 vehicle not 1 plus a "proper camper". Expensive - yes. Cheaper to stay in a hotel, probably, if you go to the same places as everyone else. But who wants to do that? Interested if you compared some like the 7 seater Kodiak to the 7 seater VW Beach though. Price vs Practically vs Flexibility vs Space.
  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 3 месяца назад So basically in my camping park, people will see my (umm) thingy. AWW HELL NAH
  • dazzaburger
    dazzaburger 3 месяца назад Yeah but if you put warm water in it....
  • bArda26
    bArda26 3 месяца назад Matt, there's a dude from california who lives in a model X. please try to do so for your next review!!! I still don't understand if he's trolling or he's serious. he's got videos as well. why don't you review something like that lol ??
  • Samuel Bomorse
    Samuel Bomorse 3 месяца назад @Dat Boi it'll be so shrivelled it'll probably be too small to see 😂
  • Amin Sehati
    Amin Sehati 3 месяца назад MatWatsonCars Mat please please review and compare Audi Q3 (2019) and Lexus UX. I'm getting mad on which one to choose!!!
  • Retro Collected
    Retro Collected 3 месяца назад Matt the type of guy to be a better Car Reviewer - than anyone else on YouTube!! "A Rarity".
  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 3 месяца назад Samuel Bomorse. Do you have one?
  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 3 месяца назад Amin Sehati I saw a UX on the way back from school. It caught my eye as soon as I saw. Styling from it wins, except for that Grill. Yeahh
  • John Sluder
    John Sluder 2 месяца назад Samuel Bomorse oh Idk about that. 😆
  • Shane Michael Boland
    Shane Michael Boland 4 часа назад MatWatsonCars Etui are missing the point with the Bulli... it’s a camper you can park anywhere, one that drives like a family car ( with the 205ps and dynamic suspension ) with 4 motion you can drive almost anywhere. I live in the Swiss Alps and regularly drive into Northern Italy to incredible Italian Camping Sites with fantastic facilities. I park up & either head off on my Trek Madone for a blast or go for a long hike into the mountains with the Springer Spaniel...when I come back I grill a nice piece of meat, open a Barolo or two and sit enjoying the views of the alps or some amazing valley. After the fillet and the Barolo I sleep like a baby up top if the weather is good or down below if windy and wet... in summer the shower at the back is a blessing after a long hike and the wrap around tent at the back gives you the privacy you need when showering... of course not necessary off grid.. the DyAudio System factory installed is excellent and I can stay off grid for 4/5 days with the three batteries installed... reaching into the fridge for a cold beer after 80kms on my Trek is hard to describe... snoozing with the side door open close to a beach or lake is also hard to beat ..
  • thecremeegg
    thecremeegg 3 месяца назад 60k and they give you halogen headlights?!
  • The Flying Clutchman
    The Flying Clutchman 3 месяца назад And manual sliding Windows, and manual tail gate
  • The Flying Clutchman
    The Flying Clutchman 3 месяца назад And manual seat controls on and no parking sensors as standard. Oh and no satnav as standard as well lmao what a load of rubbish. A motorhome is so much cheaper!
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 3 месяца назад The Flying Clutchman Because it's a fucking van, not a fucking car
  • Mario Torrez Quant
    Mario Torrez Quant 3 месяца назад @The Flying Clutchman :O
  • thecremeegg
    thecremeegg 3 месяца назад @A real bisexual petrol-head It's not a van though, it's a £60k motorhome. It should have every option VW offer for that price!
  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 3 месяца назад Compared to other cars 60k isn't even that much tho...
  • thecremeegg
    thecremeegg 3 месяца назад @Peter Lustig But it isn't a car though is it? It's a van with seats and a tent on top. For £60k they must be making a killing on it. Name me a mainstream £60k car that has hologens, manual windows etc.
  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 3 месяца назад You don't get it right? It is so expensive because it has a freaking tent on top. And i can't name a car like that because the California is not ur usual car...
  • Netrodo
    Netrodo 3 месяца назад Just Buy An Mercedes Sprinter
  • Naeem Moe
    Naeem Moe 3 месяца назад @The Flying Clutchman And sliding doors which was available on other Japanese vans a decade ago.
  • TheClubshaker
    TheClubshaker 3 месяца назад and interior components from a 2010 Mk6 Golf
  • The Flying Clutchman
    The Flying Clutchman 3 месяца назад @Naeem Moe sliding doors have been on vw vans since like 70s?
  • The Flying Clutchman
    The Flying Clutchman 3 месяца назад @A real bisexual petrol-head a van for 60 grand
  • Naeem Moe
    Naeem Moe 3 месяца назад @The Flying Clutchman I was talking about electric sliding doors, my bad.
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 3 месяца назад The Flying Clutchman It may 60 grand in UK, but it's a perfect to have gay sex with my boyfriend in it. VW will release a bigger and nicer version of it soon, based on the Crafter. The bigger version will have a proper shower and toilet:
  • David Schauß
    David Schauß 3 месяца назад Its an option
  • RobertCraven
    RobertCraven 3 месяца назад @Peter Lustig Peter Lustig is dead.
  • MelCanuck
    MelCanuck 3 месяца назад @Peter Lustig.... NO its overpriced. Check out this £43k van from Hillside. This has a tent on top too.
  • MelCanuck
    MelCanuck 3 месяца назад @thecremeegg.... but VW does charge you £2,500 for the two-tone paintjob... bargain!! ...(not!) Last year I went on the VW website and configured online, for fun, a California Ocean with every conceivable option to see how much I could get the price up to and.... VWs configurator crashed! :))
  • Kelvin McCobb
    Kelvin McCobb 3 месяца назад And manual rear windows, manual seats, cheap plastics, slightly outdated infotainment system
  • Simonstar
    Simonstar 3 месяца назад thecremeegg they’re better than led
  • That1Guy
    That1Guy 3 месяца назад The Flying Clutchman Everything is manual so it’ll last and you can open everything even without power . . .
  • Vaughn Sigal
    Vaughn Sigal 3 месяца назад So you're saying the 60k price tag is justifiable because A. It's a van (not sure why that would make a difference as a van is just a car with more room inside. And B. It has a tent on top? If you went out and bought a decent camping set up with a tent, cooking facilities, shelter, chairs etc etc, it would cost nothing like the price the van is listed at
  • stupid 8 year old
    stupid 8 year old 3 месяца назад Hey atleast it's better than xenon lights
  • thecremeegg
    thecremeegg 3 месяца назад @stupid 8 year old I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or don't know the difference between different lighting tech? Xenons I'd expect at a minimum, however nowadays even little hatchbacks have LED lights as an option - for £60k I'd want them as standard thanks!
  • stupid 8 year old
    stupid 8 year old 3 месяца назад @thecremeegg i would expect matrix lights for 60k lol xenons are shit though even halogens are better
  • MelCanuck
    MelCanuck 3 месяца назад @Peter Lustig.... (sorry for a second post). For the same price as a basic VW California (and probably much less than a fully loaded one), you can have one of these - a really good, proper motorhome:
  • Randomeris1
    Randomeris1 1 месяц назад It's funny how this car in it's all lifetime (Caravelle, Multivan included) was always so god damn overpriced. But hey, at least the older ones are pretty much undestructable...
  • Scooper MG
    Scooper MG 1 месяц назад Big windows at VW..... They see mugs coming from a mile away.
  • Bip Bop
    Bip Bop 2 недели назад Netrodo an?
  • Bip Bop
    Bip Bop 2 недели назад The Flying Clutchman he meant windows
  • James Simpson
    James Simpson Неделю назад Should be like 40k
  • Peter
    Peter 2 дня назад And a flashlight
  • 1066Rider
    1066Rider 1 день назад Just buy the van, convert it yourself, half the price!
  • Dean G
    Dean G 3 месяца назад What happened to that olive oil? You said more on that later, don't leave us hanging with a bottle of olive oil Mat!!!!
  • Alexandru Dragomirescu
    Alexandru Dragomirescu 3 месяца назад I guess you can store it in that middle storage box...
  • Oskar Göcmen
    Oskar Göcmen 3 месяца назад I guess he was gonna use the oil to fry the egg but that didn't work out
  • Chuck Sweitzer
    Chuck Sweitzer 3 месяца назад Might not want to know what the oil is for.......
  • Ben Vernick
    Ben Vernick 3 месяца назад It wasn’t oil, he had to pee and there was no toilet....
  • Jakrabat
    Jakrabat 3 месяца назад Just Google: ”Oil van Mat”
  • Dean G
    Dean G 3 месяца назад @Chuck Sweitzer for frying the eggs what else? Right?
  • Chuck Sweitzer
    Chuck Sweitzer 3 месяца назад Dean G let’s hope so! Presenter, camera man/woman, camper, wilderness animals. Who knows?
  • Raof KGN
    Raof KGN 3 месяца назад Lol ... ,🤣
  • Dean Diamond
    Dean Diamond 3 месяца назад Probably was planning to cook the eggs with it
  • Eddie Racolo
    Eddie Racolo 3 месяца назад No gas so cant cook no use for oil
  • Yeezy westy
    Yeezy westy 3 месяца назад still dark about this.
  • Yohan L.naraidoo
    Yohan L.naraidoo 2 месяца назад Extra virgin lube for dem lonely nights
  • Henry Nicklin
    Henry Nicklin 2 месяца назад Dean G he was going to make an egg sandwich, so he would need oil to fry an egg
  • Mohammed Hussain
    Mohammed Hussain 3 месяца назад Drag race this against Yianny's Aventador S, I've got my money on this.
  • Dean G
    Dean G 3 месяца назад I would watch
  • Peter Lustig
    Peter Lustig 3 месяца назад Aventador in reverse maybe? :D
  • Costel Coaie
    Costel Coaie 3 месяца назад Peter Lustig it would beat the aventador anyway
  • Exarchus
    Exarchus 3 месяца назад Yeah, if they stop and have a picnic in the middle.
  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 3 месяца назад This thing would blow past. In the practicality review.
  • The One
    The One 16 часов назад Mohammed Hussain you my brother have been taken over by Car wow how can this win a lambo wake up man
  • Alexandru Dragomirescu
    Alexandru Dragomirescu 3 месяца назад Vw Sleep- the license plate 😂
  • E7's Jayy
    E7's Jayy 3 месяца назад Stop
    ZAHARIA COSMIN 3 месяца назад romanii si placutele... eu am 69RUP
  • Andrea Devetak
    Andrea Devetak 3 месяца назад He is getting around 32 mpg
  • Petr Urválek
    Petr Urválek 3 месяца назад Andrea Devetak Not bad⛽️
  • alvin koh
    alvin koh 2 месяца назад Alexandru DragomirescuOctober
    INUMIMI28 3 месяца назад (изменено) Here’s the big twist, they don’t sell it in California, nor rest of the United States
  • Simon Phönix
    Simon Phönix 3 месяца назад Yeah thats Crazy why, to expensive for the US Market?
  • Stefan
    Stefan 3 месяца назад I think it is too small for the US market I mean their RVs are pretty big
  • Varun Narain
    Varun Narain 3 месяца назад This would be the perfect weed smoking in the backwoods vehicle.
    INUMIMI28 3 месяца назад Varun Narain Yeah #Type2Bus
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 3 месяца назад INUMIMI28 Just because it's called California, doesn't mean it should be sold in USA. Plus Transporter was once sold in USA as Eurovan, but was pull from US market. The last Transporter is US was Eurovan T5. US market already plenty of Van by Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz (for some strange reason), etc. Why the hell do you Americans want a Transporter? They're designed for Europe.
  • acchaladka
    acchaladka 3 месяца назад Stefan I can’t imagine why except the TDI is no longer marketed in the US. I have friends who are fanatics for the Westphalia stuff and there’s definitely a market. Normally VW bring their product to N America two years after Germany.
    INUMIMI28 3 месяца назад A real petrol-head I see your point #MercuryMilan
  • JewsLikeFunk
    JewsLikeFunk 3 месяца назад Considering the price, the Americans would fuck it and shit on this offering. For the price, you can get better options!
  • john collymore
    john collymore 3 месяца назад Not sold in the US due to the 'Chicken Tax'!
  • Ben Vernick
    Ben Vernick 3 месяца назад They should....Americans pay a fortune (sometimes more than this) for a restored 20 year old version of this van. VW is stupid for not selling it. I think diesel-gate is the main reason why. We’ll be getting the ID Buzz in a few years.
  • hollywoodcheremonkey
    hollywoodcheremonkey 3 месяца назад (изменено) OMG, and it’s called a California. I live in California and that thing would sell. No doubt about it. VW bus? Vanagon? This would be the modern version.
  • MelCanuck
    MelCanuck 3 месяца назад @INUMIMI28 Chicken tax.... The EU (EEC?) imposed tax on US chicken imports, so the USA retaliated by imposing tax on small vans from Europe - like the VW Transporter. Eventually the EU removed its tax but the US still retained theirs... think the tax is 25%, or so
  • Cosmin Vilcu
    Cosmin Vilcu 3 месяца назад Cause is too small and too expensive for the American market!
  • Cosmin Vilcu
    Cosmin Vilcu 3 месяца назад Actually is too small and too expensive for any market...
  • Clement
    Clement 3 месяца назад Here's an even bigger twist: VW doesn't even sell the Transporter van in the US (the van this camper is based on). In fact, VW doesn't sell a single van in States, the country which from the very beginning, brought the iconic Kombi to fame
  • Erik Smith
    Erik Smith 3 месяца назад @A real bisexual petrol-head T4 was the last, I have one. If this was available in the US, I would get one because it's the perfect size compared to the rest of the vans here that are either too small or too big.
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 3 месяца назад Cosmin Vilcu If this is too expensive, then why the fuck are Ferrari models sold there? They're expensive too.
  • Desert Rat
    Desert Rat 2 месяца назад @A real bisexual petrol-head , The main reason I want one is because none of those vans you mention are camper equipped and will fit in a standard garage.
  • Digi tal
    Digi tal 1 месяц назад Needs to be at least 500% larger for American market.😁
  • Fintan
    Fintan 2 недели назад With how many people live in their cars it would seem like mockery i think. Especially since they couldn't afford it.
  • Artur Eff
    Artur Eff 2 недели назад INUMIMI28 it has no gasoline V8...
  • todd long
    todd long Неделю назад now have the LONDON VW CAMPER NOT SELL IN ENGLAND
  • Langolier
    Langolier Неделю назад @INUMIMI28 “Here’s the big twist, they don’t sell it in California, nor rest of the United States” And you know why, right? Because in the US there are vans with nice V8 engines and with more luxurious accommodations ... Remember A-Team  Van !!!
  • Dean G
    Dean G 3 месяца назад Perfect van for Vegan nomadic yoga instructor 👌🏼🧘🏻‍♂
  • Frosty Daniels
    Frosty Daniels 3 месяца назад Dean G i thought they used donkeys
  • Joe Spittle
    Joe Spittle 3 месяца назад I thought they flew around on magic yoga mats
  • Dean G
    Dean G 3 месяца назад @Frosty Daniels no if they're vegan
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 3 месяца назад Dean G Perfect van to have gay sex with my boyfriend in it.
  • Bod Dylan
    Bod Dylan 3 месяца назад The fact that is even a thing lets me know the world has already ended but no ones told us yet
  • Dean G
    Dean G 3 месяца назад @A real bisexual petrol-head take a pic, i wanna see
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 3 месяца назад Dean G Maybe in the near future, where I can upload a video where me and boyfriend having gay sex in a van. The video will probably be titled "Gay sex in a van" or Gay Van Sex" I hope my girlfriend will never discover me having sex with my boyfriend.
  • Raw Key
    Raw Key 1 месяц назад Official van of 420s maaaaannnn
  • 1985cactus
    1985cactus Неделю назад @A real bisexual petrol-head Can you and your boyfriend have straight sex instead?
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head Неделю назад 1985cactus How can I have straight sex with my boyfriend? Gay sex isn't same as straight sex. Two men having sex is gay sex. Two women having sex is lesbian sex. Man and woman having sex is straight sex.
  • GreyKnight's Realm
    GreyKnight's Realm 3 месяца назад The cost of camper vans is criminal! £60K??? Why does adding a sink, a couple of beds, some gas piping and a water tank to a van make it cost £60k? Bonkers.
  • Sirion
    Sirion 3 месяца назад (изменено) A lot of handcraft and low sale numbers. Yeah, if you would do it yourself, it would be a lot cheaper, it's all the working hours you have to pay for. It's almost like a custom car.
  • aljowen
    aljowen 3 месяца назад Because enough people will pay that much
  • colt1998
    colt1998 3 месяца назад It have shower but its extra
  • Alan Faulconbridge
    Alan Faulconbridge 3 месяца назад VW camper scene tax. Volkswagen campers have always been expensive even used.
  • Sipano
    Sipano 3 месяца назад Definitly more worth to just buy a good quality tent for 500 euros than paying 60k lol
  • ApeWatchingTV
    ApeWatchingTV 3 месяца назад They hold their value very well though. So even if you spend more money than a normal car it‘ll save money
  • Lako
    Lako 3 месяца назад Yeah, for the brice of a 77 000 $ I can buy a small house and a solid car
  • TheMuppet05
    TheMuppet05 3 месяца назад And the hydraulic roof dont forget😉
  • MelCanuck
    MelCanuck 3 месяца назад @GreyKnight's Realm ...because that's the way VW (and other car makers) do business... they charge what the market can bear. eg check out the price of a Japanese market Toyota Landcruiser, or even a Toyota Yaris (which is called "Vitz" in Japan). Maybe half price.
  • Beano
    Beano 3 месяца назад GreyKnight's Realm it’s aimed at middle class buyers with lots of disposable income. £60k is a lot, but it’s nothing to the people who buy these status symbols.
  • ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ;
    ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ; 3 месяца назад @Lako I don't know. Doesn't seem like you got your priorities straight. You should buy a small a car and a solid house 😉 BTW much lower than $64k/50k £ is probably not achievable. Same type/quality of conversion with a Fiat(-Chrysler) Ducato
  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 3 месяца назад You would be far better off financially and much more comfortable hiring a quality motor home, not this expensive day tripper.
  • justin linnane
    justin linnane 3 месяца назад aljowen really ? who is buying this shit? it's just such a dismal proposition all round. small, pokey ,ugly and terrible for camping long-term and massively overpriced what berks are putting down 60 k on this thing only to lose 20 in the first year of ownership
  • TreeroyJ
    TreeroyJ 3 месяца назад (изменено) because its a very low production vehicle. they can make loads of regular vans and sell them en masse. not the case with campervans. It's for a very small specific market. The people who buy these are old, middle class camping fanatics who have the disposable income / spare money to be able to do it themselves rather than rely on hotels or campsites. They are willing to pay this money so the car gets sold at this price.
  • VeniVidiAjax
    VeniVidiAjax 3 месяца назад Sirion indeed, its not a mass seller like the golf, polo, passat... or even the normal transporter, so fabricating them is expensive as hell.
  • Leila L
    Leila L 2 месяца назад Because everything costs more when downsized 🙄
  • johndgn
    johndgn 2 месяца назад Can make sense especially if only vehicle and great for weekend hobbies and longer touring trips in areas where accomodation is sparse like west coast Scotland and Ireland (plus no pre booking required, so plans can be changed). After first 3 years will lose say 15k, less than a car at that price, after that 2k a year so again less than a car and accommodation in for free by then. Pre Brexit vote was 55k so agreed, now less affordable entry price for 'the people'.
  • AH AH
    AH AH 4 дня назад I agree. I got a standard new Nissan NV200 VAN and did the interior myself.
  • Dan Jansson
    Dan Jansson 3 дня назад @Leila L Best commentary so far.Spot on.
  • 1066Rider
    1066Rider 1 день назад TreeroyJ even their vans are expensive, everything is an optional extra. Hardly get anything standard
  • Kore
    Kore 21 час назад Why is the number plate from 2001? And why does it say VW 51EEP (VW SLEEP)
  • Welcome To The Madness
    Welcome To The Madness 3 месяца назад Hotel California...over priced, but able to keep you outside.
  • Cruz Montoya
    Cruz Montoya 3 месяца назад Welcome To The Madness just like actual California!! Lol
  • Solrac
    Solrac 3 месяца назад How is it overpriced?
  • J024
    J024 3 месяца назад @Solrac £47303 - £63927.
  • Solrac
    Solrac 3 месяца назад J024 Dude that ain’t over priced with all the things you can do
  • J024
    J024 3 месяца назад @Solrac Just wanted to show you the price range.
  • Solrac
    Solrac 3 месяца назад J024 oh sorry 😐 my bad
  • Astir01
    Astir01 3 месяца назад The VW is small enough for everyday use, so you have a van and a normal car. See if you get two cars that cover all the features and possibilities for unter 60 k and add the additional costs for the second garage, insurance, tax and technical contol. Just to give you an example: A Ford Transit and a Ford Galaxy are both available for about 30 k but none of it is a motor home.
  • tsongkhapa lama
    tsongkhapa lama 3 месяца назад Agonizingly not available in California ! Wake up Volkswagen .
  • Faris Shah
    Faris Shah 3 месяца назад How is this overpriced with all the features it provides.
  • 100 subscribers challenge with only 15 videos
    100 subscribers challenge with only 15 videos 3 месяца назад Welcome to The Hotel Claifornia.Anytime of year, Yu can find it heee
  • Adrenaline Junkie
    Adrenaline Junkie 2 месяца назад (изменено) @J024 Wrong price. This is the OCEAN model. It starts at £57,600 to £67,900 (for the 4x4) basic price meaning it can cost over £75,000 with options which is a rip off for a builders van with outdated nav system (£1500) with sliding seats, a cooker, and electric canvas roof.
  • J024
    J024 2 месяца назад @Adrenaline Junkie Not wrong, i posted base prices.
  • joker 98.6547b
    joker 98.6547b 1 месяц назад OP is correct. At these prices, everyone is chosing a BMW/Mercedes. You live in a bubble if you think that you're gonna soon see them on the highways.
  • joker 98.6547b
    joker 98.6547b 1 месяц назад way too many douchebag democrats. Oh wait, only some douche will buy.
  • Jurgen VdN
    Jurgen VdN 1 месяц назад @joker 98.6547b well I saw one in my neighborhood, on a B-road. Just that one, one time, a few weeks ago. Greetings from Flanders, Belgium.
  • Shane Michael Boland
    Shane Michael Boland 17 часов назад The net has nothing to do with a dog Matt, it for the pop top to prevent children falling and injuring themselves. The dashboard top loading storage box is lost and replaced by a speaker if the top audio system is chosen
  • Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins 3 месяца назад £60k+ for this van, yet you get a better infotainment system and parking sensors as standard in a polo ! Rip off.
  • Nikola1998
    Nikola1998 3 месяца назад Daniel Collins you get a fucking house for 60 k. Polo cant fit 5 people, wtf are u talking about
  • Russell Hawker
    Russell Hawker 3 месяца назад Can you make a bacon sarnie and a coffee in a Polo. Nope. Can you go touring to remote locations and kip over night in a Polo. Nope. Oh wait a minute you cant do stuff all in a Polo (or any other car) other than drive it.
  • Daniel Collins
    Daniel Collins 3 месяца назад Wow what fanboys, I don’t see what your getting at ? Are you saying this is good value for money ? there is no excuse for a brand new model to not have the latest infotainment especially when it’s available in a much cheaper vehicle and parking sensors cost the manufacture’s buttons, again it should be standard in such an expensive vehicle.
  • Russell Hawker
    Russell Hawker 3 месяца назад @Daniel Collins guilty as charged, a fanboy. And yes, £60K maybe a bit much, better off buying a converted T6 van. And yes a bit stingy of VW to not fit the latest system. But still getting a truly versatile vehicle for the money. If that's what you want. And only has the footprint of a Ford Mondeo. But understand why you would bulk at the price considering that buys a BMW M2 or Porsche Cayman.
  • Langolier
    Langolier Неделю назад (изменено) @Russell Hawker Stop whining, you are a fan boy. A 2016, 27 ft. Coachman Leprechaun RV which has 11,000 miles on it and pretty much everything with it, has an asking price of $59,699. This piece of shit is overpriced, period
  • Mart Studios
    Mart Studios 3 месяца назад I would just get the normal van and take all my other camping gear with it, Actually wait: that is what we are doing.
  • MaZEEZaM
    MaZEEZaM 3 месяца назад That got to be better than what I did, Im an Australian and our cars generally tend to be pretty large but I camped in my Ford Falcon Sedan by folding down the rear seats, putting thick blankets and one of those camping matresses partly in the boot itself and partly on the folded down seat, that's what I slept on, wasn't too bad but could have been a lot better. At least I possibly stayed warmer than my mates in tents and I was certainly dryer and no insects or falling branches bothering me. The back of a large 4WD would have been much preferable given the flat space.
  • Michael Kenny
    Michael Kenny 3 месяца назад A lot of hate for this california but I think it's awesome. Come on guys I know it's expensive but don't knock vw for making something unique.
  • Adrenaline Junkie
    Adrenaline Junkie 2 месяца назад With all options it's sadly £80,000. It's still only a builders van with a mini camping stove, sliding seats and electric canvas roof. See what size £80,000 gets you for an RV in America. Something you can take 8 people out in comfort and three times the size.
  • Michael Kenny
    Michael Kenny 2 месяца назад @Adrenaline Junkie that's true. You make a good point.
  • Tallandcharming
    Tallandcharming 3 месяца назад It does have a toilet, it’s disguised as a window washer fluid bottle under the bonnet, it takes number ones AND twos!
  • Jorre van den Broek
    Jorre van den Broek 3 месяца назад You can also find a urinal under the fuel cap
  • Andrés García
    Andrés García 3 месяца назад A shower head too, concealed in the back. You can even hang it on the tailgate, if I recall correctly.
  • Alasdair Duncan
    Alasdair Duncan 3 месяца назад It's a public loo too, so if anyone sees one of these out and about then happy squatting!
  • E7's Jayy
    E7's Jayy 3 месяца назад L9l
  • foxhounduk2k8
  • Retro Collected
    Retro Collected 3 месяца назад Under the Bonnet?! So you shit on the engine?!
  • zaιв ĸнalιd
    zaιв ĸнalιd 3 месяца назад Retro Collected r/whoooosh
  • gonzalo perez
    gonzalo perez 2 месяца назад Here in Argentina you have the same with toilet and shower with warm water.
  • Tallandcharming
    Tallandcharming 2 месяца назад Retro Collected no you perch on the engine and then shit in the bottle which is disguised as a window washer. You wouldn’t poop ON the engine, that would be mental.
  • Tallandcharming
    Tallandcharming 2 месяца назад foxhounduk2k8 just need to avoid pissing into the cigarette lighter.
  • foxhounduk2k8
    foxhounduk2k8 2 месяца назад Tallandcharming shocking
  • Oleg Oleg
    Oleg Oleg 2 недели назад ahahahahahha
  • Peter Wen
    Peter Wen 3 дня назад The name of the van is called California, it is not even available in the US market
  • Bredadarts
    Bredadarts 3 месяца назад You got it all wrong. Buy a tent or a motorhome? A motorhome can not be used for anything else than camping. This cali i can use for camping, away days football, a day to the beach. I can use it as a daily car. Gone fishing, taking my mbt along, I can do my shopping and park almost everywhere. I can park it at home easely. And it drives way better and cheaper than a motorhome. And when i want a hotel with a nice bed, i drive to a nice hotel and park my cali in front of it. This is the whole point of the cali. Freedom. It can do all you want. Where a motorhome is only useful for long holidays. I can be in spain, next day italy if i would like. Now, do that with a motorhome. Have fun driving, parking etc.
  • Bill
    Bill 3 месяца назад I agree. Vehicles like this have a place, but this one is overpriced.
  • lucaswhite12
    lucaswhite12 3 месяца назад Exactly my thoughts: this is not an incapable motorhome, it's a versatile everyday car!
  • Ryan Carmichael
    Ryan Carmichael 3 месяца назад How’s life working for VW?
  • Bredadarts
    Bredadarts 2 месяца назад Ryan Carmichael lol. You really think that?
  • welloilbeefhooked
    welloilbeefhooked 3 недели назад Agree, I use mine for the daily commute to work/gym/shops/school run, with the added bonus of just getting away with the family, Got trips planned to Jeslo in Italy this year along with a few days down Cornwall. What I like about the VW is that it fits in a normal car parking space, you can't do this with the bigger motorhomes or even the LWB version VW T6(we always forget something, when were away so always, need to pop to the local Asda/Tesco). We also use it to take stuff to the tip and anything you can do with a car/van!! As for being overpriced, yes its expensive but have a look at the prices of the older T5 California, they still hold there value pretty well as will the new T6!!!
  • AJ B
    AJ B 2 недели назад I think what Matt is saying is you can have the same freedom with a Nissan qashqai a tent an air mattress and a gas stove for 500 pounds and have a better driving experience...any car really.
  • João Reis
    João Reis 3 месяца назад (изменено) It's a silly name.... I would prefer something like Volkswagen Mönchengladbach...
  • Bibhuranjan Nath
    Bibhuranjan Nath 3 месяца назад They have literally thought of everything with this van.
  • Myles R. Walker
    Myles R. Walker 1 день назад It's GREAT TO BE A #VOLkswagen bad ass camper #knoxvilletn