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Riffing on cars at the Lane Motor Museum

Published on Jun 12, 2019 89,959 views

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Thank you to the Lane Motor Museum for letting us visit on off-hours. More videos from this wonderful place soon!


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  • Snowfire
    Snowfire 2 недели назад "Then you press play and..." A E S T H E T I C
  • Omar Hajjar
    Omar Hajjar Неделю назад B R O W N W A V E
  • Anastasios Tsarouchas
    Anastasios Tsarouchas Неделю назад WE SHOULD HAVE SEEN THAT COMING
  • Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict
    Trash Rabbit, Duke of Bad Habits, Shellac Addict 2 недели назад No highs, no lows... must be B o s e w a v e
  • hillbillypolenta
    hillbillypolenta 2 недели назад regularwave
  • Edward 40handys
    Edward 40handys 2 недели назад My product placement is best product placement because A E S T H E T I C
  • maprow
    maprow Неделю назад My product placement is worst product placement because Kove Audio
  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats 2 недели назад BRAND!!
  • Ramen-Powered Shit Factory
    Ramen-Powered Shit Factory 2 недели назад (изменено) SOUND THE ALARM, THERE'S A SHAKEUP; IN TAMMANY HALL!
  • The2fiddyridah
    The2fiddyridah Неделю назад (Henry bounding around the Detroit street corner 2.3/4 mph)
  • Nicholas DeLessio
    Nicholas DeLessio Неделю назад SOUND THE ALARM [stop] THERE'S A SHAKEUP [stop] IN TAMMANY HALL [stop]
  • Dashboard Comics
    Dashboard Comics 2 недели назад This is the best commercial for a music player I'VE EVER SEEN
  • Let the пиндосрач begin :D
    Let the пиндосрач begin :D 2 недели назад H Y P E R T U R B O
  • Nubbles
    Nubbles Неделю назад HYPER TURBO 悪花わ
  • O. Dean
    O. Dean 2 недели назад Glad to see more and more sponsors realizing the influencer potential in RCR. Can't wait for SHEMALE PORN ADDICTION plugs for Hentai Heaven.
  • J T
    J T Неделю назад The anal angels.
  • Mr. Boring on YouTube
    Mr. Boring on YouTube Неделю назад Brazzers
  • Kenny duarte
    Kenny duarte Неделю назад CRIPPLING
  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats 2 недели назад TransAngels
  • Jonathan Hay
    Jonathan Hay 2 недели назад Hyper turbo sounds like something the wife says
  • Jonathan Hay
    Jonathan Hay Неделю назад @Ja Kooistra ok
  • Ja Kooistra
    Ja Kooistra 2 недели назад @Jonathan Hay It was the middle of the day where I am.
  • closedcl8
    closedcl8 2 недели назад (изменено) Street Fighter II Hyper Turbo Persona 4 Arena Ultimax
  • Jonathan Hay
    Jonathan Hay 2 недели назад @Ja Kooistra it's 4am hi
  • Ja Kooistra
    Ja Kooistra 2 недели назад HAYPAH TAHBOH!
  • Mi40
    Mi40 2 недели назад Missed opportunity to play Wing Dinga music
  • shaesham
    shaesham Неделю назад we got old timey voice. i'll settle for that.
  • Yoshi_IX
    Yoshi_IX Неделю назад @Patrick Bai It's also a reference to a common riff that appeared in many 50s and 60s rock/blues songs. For example: Wanderer - Dion
  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz Неделю назад @Patrick Bai no shit, it actually is a reference to something.. RCR is a cliche poser who doesn't know shit about cars
  • Patrick Bai
    Patrick Bai Неделю назад @Doublevanoz It's a reference to old RCR car show vids. Everytime there was a classic car, Mr. Regular would say that.
  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz Неделю назад What's a winga dinga??
  • stuart leon
    stuart leon Неделю назад "There's no way I'm buying that speaker" Mr. Regular: "Then you press play and..." I'm sold
  • Luisk
    Luisk 2 недели назад Don't feel bad for doing sponsored content. Anything to keep the channel going, as long as the sponsor is trustworthy. Kove speakers actually seem really good.
  • Orojugen
    Orojugen 2 недели назад "Hyper Turbo"? Yeah, it's definitely Japanese.
  • Arnold Navarro
    Arnold Navarro 2 недели назад sooo is there a link to the song ? 1:15
  • Jose Vela
    Jose Vela 2 недели назад Where can I find that song? I need my dose of RCR aesthetic
  • AG Kaiju
    AG Kaiju 2 недели назад On Planet RCR, we ran out of TRIANGLES and started diner whining.
  • Blik Brik
    Blik Brik Неделю назад I read that in Mr. Regular's voice.
  • Evan J
    Evan J Неделю назад AG Kaiju this comment has just the right amount of bleezure
  • Brenden Pragasam
    Brenden Pragasam 2 недели назад Oh God even Mr. Regular got KOVED.
  • MisterJive
    MisterJive 2 недели назад "SOUND DE ALAAM! ding THERE'S A SHAKE-UP IN TAMMANY HALL!" 😂
  • xTony92
    xTony92 2 недели назад Mr Regular needs to review the Honda city turbo Anyone have one for him?
  • xTony92
    xTony92 Неделю назад @ShmubDub sure are
  • ShmubDub
    ShmubDub Неделю назад @xTony92 I love them. Such cute little cars
  • xTony92
    xTony92 Неделю назад @ShmubDub they look cool ay?
  • xTony92
    xTony92 Неделю назад @Ace Arellano hopefully the Honda is one of them
  • ShmubDub
    ShmubDub 2 недели назад Hopefully it's included. I've been eyeing up one to import for over a year now.
  • Ace Arellano
    Ace Arellano 2 недели назад just said at the end, "the museum is gonna let us drive some of their cars"
  • Pedro Rubio
    Pedro Rubio 2 недели назад Awkward product placement... I need 4 of them! to fill every hole.
  • Brandon Hightower
    Brandon Hightower 2 недели назад You have literally live actioned yourself into a meme, while doing live action. Like a 180 then a 360. Nice.
  • Cardboard Silver
    Cardboard Silver Неделю назад Damnit. I already bought one cause of James "LIGHTENING LIGHTENING LIGHTENING" Phumphrey. Now I need one to support Mr. Regular.
  • Cardboard Silver
    Cardboard Silver Неделю назад @Patrick Mike MOCOVEBAYBUH
  • Patrick Mike
    Patrick Mike Неделю назад Cardboard Silver more Kove Audio baby