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Hilarious Farm Animal Fails (January 2017) || FailArmy

Published on Jan 24, 2017 6,602,859 views

We've got a ton of funny videos from the farm for you. What's your favorite animal? Got any funny videos of your own? Send them over to!!

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Pig Knocks Photographer to the Ground n/a
Goat Faints after Hitting Plank
Girl Gets Attacked by a Rooster
Goat Makes Interesting Noise
Woman Tumbles Off Horse
Goat Screams at Woman
Turtle Scares Cows
Horse Doesn't Want to be Touched
Cow Throws Rider
Goat Falls Down Ramp
Goat Slams Head Into Tire
Bunny Humps Chicken
Horse Plays with Squeaky Toy
Rooster Attacks Man Carrying Dog
Man Tries to Ride Young Bull
Girl Gets Attacked by Chicken
Man Gets Attacked by Stray Goat
Goat Faints from Fright
Goat Head Butts Camera
Girl Tries to Jump Over Hurdle With Horse
Newborn Horse Falls after Sneezing
Llama Spits on Family
Horse Lets Rider Fall on Hurdle
Guy Falls Off Cow
Alpacas Fall in Pool
Goat Faints and Rolls Over
Girl Bucked Off Donkey
Baby Goat Falls Over
Goat Runs Into Fence
Shepherd Gets Attacked by Sheep
Chicken Gets in Way of Filming
Guy Milks Cow For First Time and Receives Surprise Ending
Goat Jumps on Table
Miniature Horse Rolls Over Ball
Goat Faints after Ball Thrown at It
Woman Gets Chased by Chicken

Farm Animal Fails (January 2017) || FailArmy

  • FailArmy
    FailArmy 2 года назад What kind of fails do you want to see?
  • Žan Jaklič
    Žan Jaklič 2 года назад from faumous people please you are soooo funny
  • Kenan Gezer
    Kenan Gezer 2 года назад yeah
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    Random Animations 2 года назад FailArmy I want rage fails
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    SBSF Sports - 3 Kids 2 года назад FailArmy Dynamite Fails Please LIKE IF YOU AGREE
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    Hannah 2 года назад military fails
  • keelinga
    keelinga 2 года назад FailArmy why do you call it FailArmy?
  • North Bike
    North Bike 2 года назад Goat Fails 😂 Goats are cute :3
  • Buff Mephit
    Buff Mephit 2 года назад North Bike i Love goats
  • Shai McClain
    Shai McClain 2 года назад Actor Fails!!
  • Berd_ Food
    Berd_ Food 2 года назад FailArmy all of them.
  • DAYSTON gd
    DAYSTON gd 2 года назад Failed
  • Daisy Pike
    Daisy Pike 2 года назад FailArmy ones that are funny
  • I Like Snipin
    I Like Snipin 2 года назад I would love to see a Panda Fail Compilation! :O
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    Crooked 2 года назад Please do video game fails!!!
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    paola padilla 2 года назад FailArmy eres el mejor
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    Jessie Larson 2 года назад FailArmy technology fails
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    Jared Gonzalez 2 года назад FailArmy what's the outro song
  • Elizibeth Dow
    Elizibeth Dow 2 года назад FailArmy Canada fails
  • Miss Crazy Psycho
    Miss Crazy Psycho 2 года назад Elizibeth Dow Canada fails? lol we don't fail , we make lasting memories
  • underrated
    underrated 2 года назад Thats sad that you pinned your own comment.......
  • Daniel Ofori
    Daniel Ofori 2 года назад FailArmy Instant Karma
  • Daniel Ofori
    Daniel Ofori 2 года назад Percy, Annabeth, Tris , Tobias, Katniss, Peeta don't be so hard on yourself
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    Hanna Witt 2 года назад FailArmy german fails
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    VACCOS 2 года назад FailArmy girls fails PLS i love girls fails FailArmy
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    QuinnGamesTV 2 года назад Do a store fails please! 😀
  • edouard lesvigne
    edouard lesvigne 2 года назад FailArmy scare fails
  • PU2SFX
    PU2SFX 2 года назад The obvious trend, guys: SJW's fails!
  • Jaroslav Klička
    Jaroslav Klička 2 года назад Scare fails :DDD
  • Elizibeth Dow
    Elizibeth Dow 2 года назад Miss Crazy Psycho true. But we are turning 150 this year so maybe it would be a great video to release on Canada day
  • Baiatu' cu Gluga
    Baiatu' cu Gluga 2 года назад FailArmy a fail parkoor
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    MidKnight - Gaming Channel 2 года назад hey why not freestyle bmx , scotter ...
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    barticus04 2 года назад Emergency service fails ie fire police ambo
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    Spike Thedragon 2 года назад FailArmy poor cameraman fails XD
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    JD233 Joel 2 года назад Ballet fails
  • YeetElite1337
    YeetElite1337 2 года назад FailArmy somerhing with raging People
  • Zouch
    Zouch 2 года назад Man fails as you never do those. Due to being sexist.
  • Xjustmadz4 AJ
    Xjustmadz4 AJ 2 года назад FailArmy Fox fails
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    L Geheines 2 года назад Just new fails would be enough :)
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    Laguna a 2 года назад Teachers Fails :)
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    Hugh Ganis 2 года назад More animal fails!
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    -Gustav Müller- 2 года назад FailArmy Winter fails
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    LaShawn Walker 2 года назад FailArmy were having sheep dinner today kids !
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    PandaBear905 2 года назад Chuck H fat people fails sounds funny
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    GREENDAYalltheWAY077 2 года назад more parkour fails and bad work days.
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    Milllll House 2 года назад those animal ones a great 👍
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    Silimus 2 года назад how about not the same ones..... you post the same with different name so much, oh march fails. werent this in febuary
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    Sophia Hamel 2 года назад FailArmy hamsters
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    PandaBear905 2 года назад FailArmy more drunk fails!
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    Lizzy Galeno 2 года назад FailArmy dog fails PLZ and mabey cats to
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  • Tina Patrick
    Tina Patrick 2 года назад Fail army I would like to see boyfriend and girlfriend fails!
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    MeanHacker 2 года назад Could you upload a part 2 of this video? ;)
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    libby fox 2 года назад FailArmy can you guys do horse fails plz...plz respond
  • Ilikeyoutubebeef 123
    Ilikeyoutubebeef 123 2 года назад FailArmy I fell bad for the shepherd
  • Chelsea Heritage
    Chelsea Heritage 2 года назад FailArmy I'd like to see snapchat fails. Like, when they records something on snapchat and something happens in them seconds. Just a suggestion
  • libby fox
    libby fox 2 года назад Chelsea Heritage YESSS!
  • Caelan colton
    Caelan colton 2 года назад FailArmy do a moth animal fails
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    Mary Lynn Equestrian 2 года назад more horse fails ♡♡
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    Rob Staley Год назад the kind of fails you dont recover from.
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    Donald Trump Год назад I support this content
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    Sam Год назад Airplane Failed take off !
    KATHY CHRISTIAN Год назад people falling
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    Kirby DaGreat Год назад Pig fails
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    Kyle Schultz Год назад Emergency Responder Fails (DoT, Firefighters, Police, EMS).
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    je bent tt noob Год назад FailArmy water animale fails
  • pONtosan100
    pONtosan100 Год назад 4:53 :D
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    라희 Год назад FailArmy I want to see horses of fails
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    Seavble Год назад FailArmy dog
  • PandaBear905
    PandaBear905 Год назад FailArmy news fails
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    AnimeFanRed Год назад I want to see sheep fails but idk if anybody would enjoy this idea
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    Boy Smith Год назад FailArmy
    ANTHONY BURT Год назад military
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    Kate Woods Год назад FailArmy ii
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    Caitlin Equestrian Год назад FailArmy ANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Oreo the fatcat Год назад (изменено) Dogs vs cat fails
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    Nathan Spies Год назад FailArmy Mascot fails
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    Andrew Brooking Год назад Theater
  • Elizabeth Coen
    Elizabeth Coen Год назад Horse/equestrian Fails. Now that would be funny!
  • Willow Exposed
    Willow Exposed Год назад (изменено) Famous people fails People high on anesthesia fails People high on laughing gas fails Sea creature fails Weather fails Don't go outside fails Famous people fails Gymnast fails
  • K.M.T L
    K.M.T L Год назад FailArmy More Pet fails PLEASE
  • Mallory SF
    Mallory SF Год назад More animals! Like this vid, not fails but all kinds of funny stuff! =D Goats making weird sounds?
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    Tori Rogers Год назад FAMOUS PEOPLE!!!!
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    White Shadow Год назад Parrot fails
    NMB NMB Год назад FailArmy throwing up
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    BiAnIA Год назад FailArmy gymnastics fail
  • Farayah Knight & You Can't Make Me.
    Farayah Knight & You Can't Make Me. Год назад FailArmy. I'll tell you the ones I don't want to see,and that's the fainting goats. Scaring animals isn't funny.
  • Sonadowfan/ shadowfangirl15
    Sonadowfan/ shadowfangirl15 Год назад FailArmy fails inside a plane
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    ItsDelrayn - Год назад FailArmy fishing Fails!
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    Bloodstar123 Год назад People getting hurt is not an option!
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    Toasted Apples Год назад Pornstar fails
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    FittestTrack 73ツ Год назад streamer fails
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    Ian Taggart 11 месяцев назад whale fails PLEASE!!
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    ᑎOᗩ ᕮGGᕮᗷᕮᕮᑎ 10 месяцев назад FailArmy horsefails
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    iirxsey 10 месяцев назад FailArmy /dog fails pweaseee
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    Patrick Emerson 9 месяцев назад Horse fails
  • Khristopher Bezan
    Khristopher Bezan 9 месяцев назад (изменено) FailArmy “People Killing Bugs Fails” when people can’t kill bugs properly
  • Sergio Cervantes
    Sergio Cervantes 9 месяцев назад keelinga
  • Plenty of Bollocks
    Plenty of Bollocks 8 месяцев назад Porn fails!
  • Sorrel.strides
    Sorrel.strides 8 месяцев назад Can you do more riding fails I’m a English horse rider and I would love to see more riding fails
  • Kayleigh Howell (Disgybl 2017)
    Kayleigh Howell (Disgybl 2017) 8 месяцев назад HORSE
  • Malachi Ryan
    Malachi Ryan 8 месяцев назад Horse fails
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    Skylynne Trevino 7 месяцев назад FailArmy horse fails
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    JammyMonkey 7 месяцев назад FailArmy my life
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    Sara Painchaud 7 месяцев назад FailArmy y love you
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    Jadae16t 7 месяцев назад STD results surprises.
  • Savannah Garvelink
    Savannah Garvelink 7 месяцев назад FailArmy do a thing of goat fails!Theres just like so many and so funny lolz I also love ya ❤️
  • Kevin Koch
    Kevin Koch 7 месяцев назад FailArmy Wolves, huskys, more goats, and hors s
  • Sidehorse26
    Sidehorse26 7 месяцев назад FailArmy horse fails!!!
  • Pony heart Horse 22
    Pony heart Horse 22 7 месяцев назад Swimming fails please
  • bb ki vines 2
    bb ki vines 2 7 месяцев назад See face
  • M Alonso
    M Alonso 6 месяцев назад People trying to get in a boat, kayak etc
  • jvnjsh4
    jvnjsh4 5 месяцев назад when students are failing in class
  • Purple 006
    Purple 006 4 месяца назад Pig fails plz
  • Gamergirl 234
    Gamergirl 234 3 месяца назад Trucks
  • Horsin Around0830
    Horsin Around0830 3 месяца назад none abusive ones
  • Gacha Angel123
    Gacha Angel123 2 месяца назад FailArmy a funny one 😂😂
  • HorseMadGirl 2019
    HorseMadGirl 2019 2 месяца назад Horse fails :D
  • sheyanne brown
    sheyanne brown 1 месяц назад I love you so much you are hilarious😆 me and my dad and my brother watch your videos everyday so what would be funny is funny fails mixed in with some people doing stupid things but ya you are the best keep up the grate and funny work have a good day/\night byeeee😂
  • cat sniffer
    cat sniffer 6 дней назад How about fails from your family.
  • Trav J
    Trav J 5 дней назад Porn bloopers
  • Czech Guy
    Czech Guy 2 года назад 1:34 Tutorial : how to make easter eggs
  • Northflower
    Northflower 2 года назад haha 😂
  • FelipeTheFirst
    FelipeTheFirst 2 года назад Now I am scared the easter bunny will do that to me
  • thrashtildeth247
    thrashtildeth247 2 года назад ahhhhhh beat me to it! haha
  • Nexus24/7
    Nexus24/7 2 года назад Dude you're a fucking genius
  • International1066
    International1066 2 года назад Just so you know, the easter bunny has been fondling you in your sleep since you were a child
  • FelipeTheFirst
    FelipeTheFirst 2 года назад @International1066 that is why its better to believe in Santa
    DAN PRY 2 дня назад 5:19 TUTORIAL ~ How 2 make chocolate milk.
  • GamerTAG _
    GamerTAG _ 2 года назад 1:40 and so eastereggs were made
  • Amanda Hill
    Amanda Hill 2 года назад GamerTAG _ that rabbit was busy😄
  • Franz Schnabel
    Franz Schnabel Год назад 5:20 and that´s where the sweet delicious filling is come from
  • puppylover
    puppylover Год назад GamerTAG _ XD
  • Tiffany C
    Tiffany C 11 месяцев назад XD omggg
  • Seth Burgess
    Seth Burgess 7 месяцев назад Lol
  • Samantha Daken
    Samantha Daken 7 месяцев назад GamerTAG _ oh god lolllllll
  • cyril villarias
    cyril villarias Неделю назад That rabbit makes a an Easter egg by mating a Hen 😂
  • EdwinRmz45
    EdwinRmz45 2 года назад 4:52 Almost killed by a Sheep, how do you explain that to your family? :T
  • Cole James
    Cole James 2 года назад That'd be a fucking pathetic way to go...
  • Conscious Conscience
    Conscious Conscience 2 года назад MexicanRmz karma
  • clray123
    clray123 2 года назад occupational hazard
  • celeryg66
    celeryg66 2 года назад right, and it fucking slammed his head down on the road. Concussion, anyone? piss off some sheep
  • Afif Hariz
    Afif Hariz 2 года назад pretty sure that sheep just turn out to be a lamb chop for dinner
  • Bradshaw
    Bradshaw Год назад Tell them it was a wolf in sheep's clothing
  • hamstsorkxxor
    hamstsorkxxor Год назад That guy looks either drunk or high. When a drunk person falls asleep in a snow-pile or decides that swimming is a good idea, we blame the alcohol. This should be no different.
  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Год назад MexicanRmz he was a savage if I do say so myself
  • KingBongHogger
    KingBongHogger Год назад He was too sheepish
  • Ice_swallow_ come
    Ice_swallow_ come Год назад (изменено) MexicanRmz bro if that was me I would've killed that sheep right after that
  • Triple S Ranch
  • Robert Bull
    Robert Bull 9 месяцев назад Actually sheep kill more people per year than cows, so not surprised. Look how hard that sheep butted the guy
  • Ernest Gonzalez
    Ernest Gonzalez 8 месяцев назад One of my friends was attacked like once. He caught the neck and broke it. He didn’t want to but he had to. It was crazy.
  • Sorrel.strides
    Sorrel.strides 8 месяцев назад Did you notice her face expression when she looked up🤣
  • John G
    John G 8 месяцев назад Im sure that guys family is aware of his limitations already and this will come as no surprise
  • Kate Crossley Furse
    Kate Crossley Furse 7 месяцев назад That’s literally the most aggressive sheep
  • Fahjah Fajitas
    Fahjah Fajitas 7 месяцев назад Mutton happened?
  • Fahjah Fajitas
    Fahjah Fajitas 7 месяцев назад Triple S Ranch bruh, true bruh, bruh, bruh bruh bruh 80s bruh
  • Francisco Nieves
    Francisco Nieves Неделю назад Mom dad I love jesus
  • Lilu lila
    Lilu lila 5 дней назад This woman/man (can’t identify it) was clearly under the influence of something.. look at those slow reactions.. when watching this, I always feel that he/she deserved it.. you don’t get drunk or high during work..
  • xXMeghan OnlineXx
    xXMeghan OnlineXx 9 месяцев назад (изменено) I have to admit someone jumping on a cow for fun, let’s just say that person derserves to get throw off
  • Freddie mercury fan
    Freddie mercury fan 3 месяца назад I agree if you want to ride something get a horse simple
  • Farm Kids
    Farm Kids 2 месяца назад I’m training my dairy cow to ride
  • Violet
    Violet 2 месяца назад I agree, the cow running under that shed was even worried if the man was ok
  • superdinogirl42 o snap
    superdinogirl42 o snap 2 месяца назад Why? At Least it doesnt live in a cage all its life like the mcd's burger cows do.
  • Violet
    Violet 2 месяца назад @superdinogirl42 o snap That does not mean it doesn't experience stress. You can't say "ahw this child's parents are both addicted to alcohol but that's not a problem because it is at least not in Asia sewing clothes for one dollar a week", arguments don't work like that
  • superdinogirl42 o snap
    superdinogirl42 o snap 2 месяца назад @Violet do you make sure the meat you buy is not from factory farms? Do you go to fast-food and orders any meat dishes? If you have a dog/cat is there food also from factory farms? Approximately 75% of all meat is factory farmed, people just don't see it, so they don't care. If you do make sure the meat you use isnt then I respect you and have no need to argue.
  • Violet
    Violet 2 месяца назад @superdinogirl42 o snapI see, we're on the same side then. Usually I only eat meat one or sometimes two times a week for I do athletics so I have to, and I make sure it's organic. I can't remember eating meat at macdonald's😅
  • superdinogirl42 o snap
    superdinogirl42 o snap 2 месяца назад @Violet im sorry for arguing with you then 😅 just most people say they care but dont realise how most meat comes about.
  • Violet
    Violet 2 месяца назад @superdinogirl42 o snap I'm sorry too, I now understand the first comment you made😊
  • Khaltazar
    Khaltazar 2 года назад 2:49 - People in ambulance slow down to witness strange sight and be ready to take the guy in for being impaled.
  • malini venkatakrishnan
    malini venkatakrishnan 3 месяца назад 😂😂😂😂😂
  • AstoundingPilot -SW-
    AstoundingPilot -SW- 2 года назад 1:35 is that rabbit trying to rape a chicken?
  • Horekre
    Horekre 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW Yes :D
  • Martin Gyenes
    Martin Gyenes 2 года назад Easter bunny
  • Daniel Esteban Chaves Mora
    Daniel Esteban Chaves Mora 2 года назад And then, how the hell do you tought easter eggs were made?
  • scootosan
    scootosan 2 года назад That Chicken is under going an identity change ...BW3 has them on the menu Chicken Genders
  • Beniamin Dolean
    Beniamin Dolean 2 года назад no. that's how easter eggs are made
  • MovieGurus
    MovieGurus 2 года назад Basically
  • Axel Vaquera
    Axel Vaquera 2 года назад AstoundingPilot -S
  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 2 года назад No, the chicken is just playing hard to get.
  • Anthony t
    Anthony t 2 года назад @DamageIncM no I think the rabbit was just plain hard haha
  • Steve
    Steve 2 года назад Yes
    ☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ 2 года назад Doesn't that count as bestiality, the rabbit should be in prison now.
  • Anthony t
    Anthony t 2 года назад @☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ it's the next thing, Obama and the democraps approve of Trans species relationships 
  • MovieGurus
    MovieGurus 2 года назад @☢ SNICKERS 5+2 GRATIS ☢ LOL don't get to carried away. It's just satire 😂🙊👊
  • Anthony t
    Anthony t 2 года назад @Panda lmao fucked up thing is I'm probably right
  • xenofoxx
    xenofoxx 2 года назад The ugly truth behind Easter Eggs. Don't ask where Buffalo Wings come from.
  • Brian Hennessy
    Brian Hennessy 2 года назад The rabbit isn't raping the chicken...thy're making Easter eggs.
  • Luigi Armilla
    Luigi Armilla 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW The rabit is trying to ride the chicken not raping it.
  • kazirk8
    kazirk8 2 года назад He's seducing it, not raping it!
  • futarb d
    futarb d 2 года назад To create a chibbit
  • Nexus24/7
    Nexus24/7 2 года назад That chicken needs a rape whistle
  • Kurt Cometa
    Kurt Cometa 2 года назад They're making easter eggs
  • IcyYouu
    IcyYouu 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW yes
  • Wolf Hound
    Wolf Hound 2 года назад XD
  • Fresh Nutz
    Fresh Nutz 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW that cock should rape the rabbit
  • TheMajorN
    TheMajorN 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW how else would we get Easter eggs?
  • egg
    egg 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW the conception video of Judy hopps
  • Jessica Visser
    Jessica Visser 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW Didn't you know that's how Easter eggs are made?!
  • Ilya Pukhaev
    Ilya Pukhaev 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW no its a dog raping elephant
  • Jessica Visser
    Jessica Visser 2 года назад @xenofoxx 😂
  • 4050N
    4050N 2 года назад That's the Cadbury Bunny making Eggs
  • Apocalyptic Excavator
    Apocalyptic Excavator 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW no, it's obviously a dolphin playing chess with a praying mantis.
  • THErepare man16
    THErepare man16 2 года назад there making the easterbunny
  • LeHim
    LeHim 2 года назад Apocalyptic Excavator HAHAHAHAHHAHA I'M DYING OVER YOUR COMMENT 😂😂😂
  • Malak-Yassine Yamany
    Malak-Yassine Yamany 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW yahie
  • Emy Thedemon
    Emy Thedemon 2 года назад not as much as a damn dog would 😂
  • Lily Berghold
    Lily Berghold 2 года назад Emy Thedemon I dog does it to me all the time
  • Emy Thedemon
    Emy Thedemon 2 года назад +Lily Berghold i did not need to know that. . .
  • Zoe Walker
    Zoe Walker 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW we are trying to watch a video because it's funny not cuz of sexual harassment done by a stupid rabbit
  • Jure Komazec
    Jure Komazec 2 года назад AstoundingPilot SW ayyyyy bloons lel
  • TheMajorN
    TheMajorN 2 года назад Zoe Walker But it's funny
  • Ally Lovvie
    Ally Lovvie Год назад AstoundingPilot -SW-, YES IT IS x3
  • Neo-Babylon
    Neo-Babylon Год назад He was probably like "ooh what soft feather you got there"
  • Kafil Khan
    Kafil Khan 5 месяцев назад Li
  • Francisco Nieves
    Francisco Nieves Неделю назад Worse it’s trying to inseminate a dream
  • Thy Filthy Egg
    Thy Filthy Egg 2 года назад (изменено) 4:55 The sheep went back for the kill
  • Siegbert Von Nassau zu Königswinter
    Siegbert Von Nassau zu Königswinter 2 года назад fuckin alpha
  • Dan Swift
    Dan Swift Год назад THAT WAS ME 😂😂
  • garlicqueen
    garlicqueen 1 месяц назад Scheiße
  • awakenedmemories
    awakenedmemories 1 день назад 😂 lol
  • Oreo
    Oreo 2 года назад 1:58 When your puppy is braver than you :D
  • Simone Moses
    Simone Moses 11 месяцев назад Oreo if that was a rooster than can be pretty dangerous. They have massive claws and they are sharp
  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald 5 месяцев назад The puppy was like, "Don't worry, I got this." LOL
  • Ella Kershaw-crombie
    Ella Kershaw-crombie Год назад Equestrians = 🤦🏻‍♂️ like oh my god these people 😡
  • Ella Kershaw-crombie
    Ella Kershaw-crombie Год назад Not the riders - the people on the ground, like the man who was grabbing the horses head
  • Payton Smith
    Payton Smith 8 месяцев назад I know, that's what these people call funny to😔 im sure they wouldn't have put them in this video if they had known what it felt like to land on some nice wood poles and then on the hard sand OR if they knew what a horse/pony felt like when something was being done to them like that... I'm sure one of these people here have had an annoying sibling or friend that's tried to annoy you and do stupid things like that... and im sure you didn't keep cool with it and just ignore it either
  • Sylvie Wintershield
    Sylvie Wintershield 7 месяцев назад Ella Kershaw-crombie I agree Ive been riding horses for 5 years...
  • RageDarkStorm19
    RageDarkStorm19 7 месяцев назад Ella Kershaw-crombie omg ikr
  • Brianna Underwood
    Brianna Underwood 7 месяцев назад exactly why would you grab a pony's face when it's obvious that hes scared of you, and ya he reared up and everyone here in surprised like honestly..
  • Equine Lover
    Equine Lover 4 месяца назад I know, right? I got do mad at 0:45, if you're gonna ride a horse that size loose weight. Horses are strong animals, but they don't want to carry over 200 pounds on their back! Some people make me so mad.
  • Katie Burns
    Katie Burns 3 месяца назад Did you notice the pony that the man grabbed was attached to a long chain??
  • Francisco Nieves
    Francisco Nieves Неделю назад RageDarkStorm19 some people take that so offensive and their blind 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  • Francisco Nieves
    Francisco Nieves Неделю назад Brianna Underwood YOU RACIST!!
  • Footprints For Two Travel
    Footprints For Two Travel 2 года назад 5:14 that the most glorious chicken I have ever seen!
  • KingBongHogger
    KingBongHogger Год назад The King of Chicken Nuggers
  • *_Introverted_* *_AsFuk_*
    *_Introverted_* *_AsFuk_* Год назад I believe that's about a cow....
  • Claudia's random videos
    Claudia's random videos 8 месяцев назад Penguins no it's not it's a different type of chicken forgot it's name but they're know for being large something with k
  • Penguins
  • Claudia's random videos
    Claudia's random videos 8 месяцев назад Penguins I know what a silki looks like and that's not it it's another breed type thing
  • Daniel  Tait
    Daniel Tait 7 месяцев назад This man is going to fuck a chicken
  • Gamerafighter76
    Gamerafighter76 7 месяцев назад Eeyup.
  • Sejhed O
    Sejhed O 7 месяцев назад Harry LEVI i have like a chikcen like that
    AVS PlaysROBLOX 1 месяц назад Goddamnit
  • Schlaglochsucher
    Schlaglochsucher 2 года назад Haha at 2:48 the ambulance stops and waits for him getting injured :D
  • yeadrian
    yeadrian 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! Lol good job for seeing that
  • Filippo386
    Filippo386 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! Maybe they were afraid of that animal too... xD
  • The Luftmensch
    The Luftmensch 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! LMAOOOOOOO U GOT MEEEE XDDDDD 😂😂😂
  • John terran
    John terran 2 года назад lol it's funny that you think that way.
  • GippyHappy
    GippyHappy 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! "Sorry I only work with injured people"
  • Soul H8ter
    Soul H8ter 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! Was ist das für eine Name? -_-
  • Schlaglochsucher
    Schlaglochsucher 2 года назад Jesus Loves you Könnte ich mich bei deinem Namen auch fragen. ; )
  • Soul H8ter
    Soul H8ter 2 года назад @Möge die Macht mit dir sein! Denkst du nicht dass Jesus uns alle liebt?
  • Mr. AB
    Mr. AB 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! Lmao😂
  • You May cry
    You May cry 2 года назад Jesus Loves you no meh fuhrer
  • AtomGaming_101
    AtomGaming_101 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! Lol
  • Schlaglochsucher
    Schlaglochsucher 2 года назад Jesus Loves you Nein glaube ich nicht :) Märchengeschichten sind doch für Kinder oder nicht? just saying :D
  • Schlaglochsucher
    Schlaglochsucher 2 года назад Ollyplayz25914 PC skills over 9000!! :D
  • Cry_baby
    Cry_baby 2 года назад Möge die Macht mit dir sein! Lol
  • makesh d
    makesh d 5 месяцев назад That laugh tho 😂😂
  • John McCain
    John McCain 4 месяца назад yeadrian zszzz
  • Nixon
    Nixon 2 года назад (изменено) at 2:14 the guy sounded like a chicken
  • S Savage
    S Savage Год назад 4:40 Were those her/his sheep? It kind of looks like she/he is a shepherd who is flocking her/his sheep to another location but the car came and scared the dog, who then triggered the sheep to act defensively. Thats just what it looks like from my perspective. I actually want to know more.
  • Gone To the Wild Ones
    Gone To the Wild Ones Год назад S Savage your right, apparently she was taken to the next town over for a doctor.
  • *_Introverted_* *_AsFuk_*
    *_Introverted_* *_AsFuk_* Год назад Driver rarely did anything about it but best to honk
  • breathe and squeeze
    breathe and squeeze 8 месяцев назад driver was a dick for not getting out right away and helping her.
  • Jenny' Paradise
    Jenny' Paradise 5 месяцев назад breathe and squeeze They noticed that it was the male sheep and its pretty common that they can be aggressive. probably just overwhelmed and scared
  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace 3 месяца назад @*_Introverted_* *_AsFuk_* You can hear him open the door and scream so scare the last sheep away.
  • seegurke93
    seegurke93 2 года назад 4:37 even after watching it for the 20x time, I am still crying of laughter on the floor :DD
  • Shell Shocker
    Shell Shocker Год назад seegurke93 same😂
  • Fernando Aráuz
    Fernando Aráuz Год назад Me too 😂😂😂
  • Fredrick Smith-something.
    Fredrick Smith-something. 8 месяцев назад I woke my gf up laughing
  • Lotte Pepplinkhuizen
    Lotte Pepplinkhuizen 7 месяцев назад seegurke93 I don't think that's funny. That could have broken the persons back
  • D Motta
    D Motta 7 месяцев назад That was brutal!
  • Alexis Labarthe
    Alexis Labarthe 7 месяцев назад Me too I cant stop 😂😂😂😂😂
  • Just An Ordinary Human Being
    Just An Ordinary Human Being 3 месяца назад @Lotte Pepplinkhuizen at least he has a broken nose.. ._.
  • Lotte Pepplinkhuizen
    Lotte Pepplinkhuizen 3 месяца назад @Just An Ordinary Human Being well if that's all its fine. But that could have been fetal
  • Hideaki
    Hideaki Год назад 00:32 DON´T KISS MEEE NOOOOOOOOOO!!
  • Camryn Dunn
    Camryn Dunn Год назад 3:39 the reason that happened is cause they came at the jump the wrong direction. With a jump stand like that you should always come towards the grooves
  • John Walbeck
    John Walbeck Год назад 2:14 IM CRYING SO HARD THE LAUGH
  • Francisco Nieves
    Francisco Nieves Неделю назад John Walbeck damn last I checked those prom videos weren’t making kids
  • kleetus92
    kleetus92 2 года назад city stickers plus country animals equals entertainment...
  • Jesslyn Draper
    Jesslyn Draper 3 месяца назад Facts 😂
  • justin richard
    justin richard 2 года назад 4:53 Holy shit, i bet that hurt