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Craziest Animal Interference in Sports

Published on Mar 15, 2018 813,215 views

Animals interfering with sports games (Football, Soccer, Golf, Hockey, Baseball, Rugby)

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Outro Song: Sean Paul- No Lie (BVRNOUT Remix)

(All rights go to ESPN, Fox, CBS, Universal Music Group, the NFL, NBA, NCAA & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only)

  • Ethan Giles
    Ethan Giles Год назад Why would some throw a chicken
  • Joe GamingX
    Joe GamingX Год назад Ethan Giles Idk😂😂😂
  • Ethan Giles
    Ethan Giles Год назад Game on joe it is pretty funny
  • lilwedge9
    lilwedge9 Год назад Ethan Giles it's not funny at all. It's inhumane. If you think that's funny there's something wrong with you. How about you giving me your pet and I'll throw it on the ice.
  • Eileen Kelleghan
    Eileen Kelleghan 11 месяцев назад i feel sad for the poor chicken... it must had been freezing in there! it looked so confused and cold and scared.
  • Tevin Sherrill
    Tevin Sherrill 11 месяцев назад Grow a fucking spine. It's not like the chicken died and became someone's meal.
  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates 10 месяцев назад Exactly WTF 😂
  • Omega Studios
    Omega Studios 10 месяцев назад Tevin, the difference between your example and what was in the video is that the chicken in the video was inhumanely treated. to put an animal into conditions that could potentially kill it, in such a drawn out way such as freezing, is inhumane. to raise and farm chickens for food isn't inhumane, unless done so in an inhumane way, such as having so many chickens in one coop that they're unable to move.
  • Tevin Sherrill
    Tevin Sherrill 10 месяцев назад I see your point, but here's what happened in the clip: A. Said chicken was thrown onto ice, stopping play after more than a minute. B. Game was stopped until someone came on the rink and put the chicken into a bucket. C. The chicken was safely escorted away. Thankfully, no one hit the chicken, nor did the chicken freeze to death. If any of those situations occurred, then this clip wouldn't be in the video at all. So kindly take your chicken information to another video, and preferably one that isn't humorous like this one is. Thank you.
  • Scott Bilger
    Scott Bilger 10 месяцев назад The blue thing was a cape. That was Super Chicken.
  • InfernotheFox
    InfernotheFox 10 месяцев назад Ethan Giles they wanted to be famous
  • Luis Nava
    Luis Nava 10 месяцев назад Humane means to show compassion. Is there a humane way to kill an animal that doesn't want to die?
  • Jaden Cote
    Jaden Cote 10 месяцев назад It's random that's what makes it hilarious.
  • Ciro Velasquez
    Ciro Velasquez 10 месяцев назад Ethan Giles Who the hell knows
  • derek riddler
    derek riddler 10 месяцев назад i actually thot this fell from the rafter and managed to somewhat fly but not addition it looked like there were 2 eggs on the ice....soi dont know...not sure...need more info on this
  • Luis Garay
    Luis Garay 10 месяцев назад Luis Nava Word up man cognitive dissonance i don't know how some cant grasp this concept of veganism.
  • D X
    D X 9 месяцев назад to get to the other side
  • shioriryukaze
    shioriryukaze 9 месяцев назад Tevin Sherrill Or did he? Dun dun DUNNNNNNNN!!!!!
  • Kevin Loving
    Kevin Loving 9 месяцев назад lilwedge9 True that chicken was scared out of it's mind.
  • Cory Bernhardt
    Cory Bernhardt 9 месяцев назад Ethan Giles lol chicken out on ice.
  • E DubZ
    E DubZ 9 месяцев назад +Tevin Sherill on the contrary that chicken is no longer alive and when it died it is very likely someone ate it, otherwise it would be waste of meat
  • JJ K
    JJ K 8 месяцев назад Pretty sure the chicken was a fan and jumped in
  • Gregory Krupa
    Gregory Krupa 8 месяцев назад I think it was to call one of the teams chicken
  • Abigail Dold
    Abigail Dold 8 месяцев назад I just wanna know how you smuggle a live chicken into a hockey game. 😂😂 like where did this person hide it?? Did they stuff it up their shirt or in a bag??
  • TheBeastAmongUs
    TheBeastAmongUs 7 месяцев назад Honestly that shit made me sad, the fact the chicken was on the ice and was scared while the game was continuing, was sad, the poor chicken pee'd itself when it landed, I hope whoever threw it got banned from games, that's fucking disgraceful even if it's a chicken, so sad
  • Artorias Of The Abyss
    Artorias Of The Abyss 6 месяцев назад i would break that fuckers windshield if i knew who it was
  • shioriryukaze
    shioriryukaze 6 месяцев назад I want to know the thought process behind this one. This is a mad Geniuses idea or like truly a person that had just came out of the insane asylum
  • BlackMamba
    BlackMamba 6 месяцев назад lilwedge9 ouch...
  • MrStGeorgeIllawarra
    MrStGeorgeIllawarra 5 месяцев назад Cause they are an asshole.
  • Eric Wilcox
    Eric Wilcox 5 месяцев назад Why ask why?
  • Michael Schmitt
    Michael Schmitt 5 месяцев назад BECUASE CHICKENS EDDY!!!
  • You Are Awesome
    You Are Awesome 5 месяцев назад Do they allow pets ?
  • Not So Average Joe
    Not So Average Joe 5 месяцев назад @Tevin Sherrill Yo go jump from the stands to hard ice and talk to me about growing a spine Dick head
  • Tevin Sherrill
    Tevin Sherrill 5 месяцев назад Shut your mouth and bang your momma, Joe. I have a spine and bigger balls than you.
  • Blade1301
    Blade1301 5 месяцев назад Because people tend to be assholes.
  • Sasha
    Sasha 3 месяца назад better than eating a chicken!
  • Gulag Man
    Gulag Man 3 месяца назад lilwedge9 But that’s an inhuman remark in of its self
  • Get woooshed by me.
    Get woooshed by me. 3 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill I kinda agree with this guy, what he said was some good info. Omega, you make no sense with that comment, lmfao.
  • LegendLength
    LegendLength 3 месяца назад @Scott Bilger I agree looked clearly like a cape
  • guacamole nigga penis
    guacamole nigga penis 3 месяца назад Ethan Giles Because chickens don’t take fall damaged, smh
  • Blessed Mother
    Blessed Mother 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 Seriously, I agree. That was a horrible joke for someone to do that to the poor chicken. Some people's hearts are just so hardened, they don't care about anything except themselves.
  • Blessed Mother
    Blessed Mother 3 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill You ought to grow a loving heart, and humility and manners, for that matter.
  • Tevin Sherrill
    Tevin Sherrill 3 месяца назад @Blessed Mother You need to mind your own business and grow a spine. No wonder this country's gone downhill since the PC People took over.
  • omgods1
    omgods1 3 месяца назад because theyre a sick fuck
  • Alexander the Greater
    Alexander the Greater 3 месяца назад Because they're fucking evil
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 Chickens aren't pets, they're food. Grow a pair, it's not like the chicken died out there. What's funny about it is how random it is, like BOOM chicken appears on the ice out of nowhere.
  • Weird Doge
    Weird Doge 3 месяца назад lilwedge9 Jesus worse thing happen it’s just a opinion you don’t have to get so mad
  • Joshua Rodasti
    Joshua Rodasti 3 месяца назад that's how you quit a team chef job
  • Max prime
    Max prime 3 месяца назад Just when you are playing the NHL then you see a super chicken just land on the ice and be like surprise mother fqaker
  • Jamesonthekingya Master
    Jamesonthekingya Master 3 месяца назад lilwedge9 It’s kinda funny
  • Kritikill ヅ
    Kritikill ヅ 3 месяца назад Luis Nava you kill the animal quickly so it doesnt have a chance to feel pain
  • Kittu Spelled With a U
    Kittu Spelled With a U 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 A lot of people apparently have something wrong with them, aka, different senses of humor. There was also the high chance that the chicken wasn't anyone's pet, so no need to threaten throwing our pets onto the ice.
  • tanklord99 da boss
    tanklord99 da boss 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 IT'S FUNNY
  • Thomas the Dank Engine
    Thomas the Dank Engine 3 месяца назад Lol, Veganism is like a cult.
  • Tawny Cat
    Tawny Cat 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 he's good, chickens like that are good with cold
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад (изменено) Kittu Spelled With a U The point wasn’t about pets, it was pointing out that you wouldn’t like to think of your pet in that position, so how is it okay for another animal? It’s less about your feelings over the animal and more about how the animal feels. Anyway, I think it’s cruel throwing a chicken out on the ice like that. It’s clearing panicking there, and probably freezing it poor butt off. And the people not stopping their game immediately was kinda stupid, but maybe not quite abusive- just not really thought through. I don’t see why everyone in this comment thread is so upset someone felt sympathy for the poor bird. There’s nothing wrong or weak about empathy. Idrc if you laughed when you saw the chicken on the ice as long as you don’t support that action yourself, but you don’t need to get triggered bc some people didn’t find it funny and felt bad for the animal.
  • Tawny Cat
    Tawny Cat 3 месяца назад @Blind Eye-Phone tl;dr
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Tawny Cat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Parapindle
    Parapindle 3 месяца назад To see if it would fly
  • LightStone1603
    LightStone1603 3 месяца назад lilwedge9 it’s inhumane? Lmao, guess you don’t know what happens to chickens when people want to eat.
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад LightStone1603 There’s a way to kill chicken’s humanely. You’re comparing mental and emotional torture to a quick death for the sake of feeding people. It’s inhumane to torment any animal, whether it’s eaten or not.
  • Warrior Cats of MysteryClan
    Warrior Cats of MysteryClan 3 месяца назад @Omega Studios not to mention someone could have skated over it and sliced it open.
  • olivier hebert
    olivier hebert 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 What a fucking genius , threatening to do exactly the same thing as you complain
  • Jolene Sweet Cuntry Gal
    Jolene Sweet Cuntry Gal 3 месяца назад I would throw my sister
  • GreenEggsAndSam !
    GreenEggsAndSam ! 3 месяца назад Why did the chicken cross the hockey rink? To support his team!
  • RiptideV10
    RiptideV10 3 месяца назад I wish someone just stepped on it
  • Mad Rooster
    Mad Rooster 3 месяца назад the chicken didnt land properly and not a good flyer... probably hurt her legs...
  • Yonokawa Shena
    Yonokawa Shena 3 месяца назад damn, i've never seen so many vegans in one comment section lmao
  • Ashlee
    Ashlee 3 месяца назад @Yonokawa Shena ive owned chickens for nearly a year now and looked after them for 2. Im not a vegan or vegetarian and i loveee to eat chicken. But that, throwing a meat bird into ice? Birds have brittle bones, she most likely broke a leg or a wing. Even if she was to be slaughtered for meat, this is just causing stress to the bird. For meat purposes, that bird wouldnt be able to be eaten since the meat would be extremely tough from stress as well as contamination from broken bones. Its not all about "UWU THAT PERSON'S A VEGAN MUST KILL THEM ALL UWU".
  • Kittu Spelled With a U
    Kittu Spelled With a U 3 месяца назад aggressive UWU intensifies Still got the point nonetheless ^^'
  • Alone bones
    Alone bones 3 месяца назад For sports of coarse
  • Yonokawa Shena
    Yonokawa Shena 3 месяца назад @Ashlee well, i can't argue with that. but i didn't say anything about killing a vegan, wait, what do you mean by "THEM"? is it the chicken or the vegan?
  • Ashlee
    Ashlee 3 месяца назад @Yonokawa Shena oh i was just referring to the shit i hear, a lot of peoole are like that. Them are the vegans btw
  • Yonokawa Shena
    Yonokawa Shena 3 месяца назад @Ashlee ah, i see.
  • Special Dude
    Special Dude 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 I'll cut your dick. feed it to a dog and throw the dog in hell.
  • Legendary Milk
    Legendary Milk 3 месяца назад It was from riverwood
  • Blackavar WD
    Blackavar WD 3 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill Throw a chicken that far, its legs will be broke at the least. And afterwards, no one knows where to take it, what to feed it. They're in Detroit!
  • Random Chicken
    Random Chicken 3 месяца назад ikr
  • Park ChimMin
    Park ChimMin 3 месяца назад Ethan Giles At least the napkin kept it warm
  • Ripper Nightcore
    Ripper Nightcore 3 месяца назад that chicken flew in, i own many
  • CornBeanSoup
    CornBeanSoup 3 месяца назад ScapeMaster Actually many chickens ARE kept as pets. Alot of species being meant as pets/egg layers. A meat chicken, or chicken for food has to be a very specifically bred type. Although this one DOES look like a Cornish cross.... Which is a meat chicken... Either way, whether it be for food or companionship, all animals deserve respect. Whoever did this was in complete wrong. Although I don’t find this funny myself and more so upsetting, I can understand why others would find it to be funny minus the abuse and trauma the poor thing went through.
  • Holly Atherton
    Holly Atherton 3 месяца назад I feel bad for the chicken and the poor kitten someone took to an ice rink. These places should have a strict no animals policy!
  • Lemon-Lime Bleach
    Lemon-Lime Bleach 3 месяца назад lilwedge9 it’s still kinda funny 😂
  • Tori Tennant
    Tori Tennant 3 месяца назад I feel so bad for the chicken
  • echodelta9
    echodelta9 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 Not as bad as chicken factories. They can fly sort of so no hard landing.
  • Dear HRS
    Dear HRS 3 месяца назад Chicken had a cape, so it flew there by its own
  • shadwo xii
    shadwo xii 3 месяца назад @Eileen Kelleghan i like fried chicken
  • vlanjos4807
    vlanjos4807 3 месяца назад I was so fucking stressed. Someone needed to save that chicken as soon as it hit the ice
  • cofuente
    cofuente 3 месяца назад That poor chicken had wet itself from fear... and NOT ONE of the commenters mentioned it! but it was so clear against the stark white of the ice! Whoever did that was a cruel oaf.
  • corbeau
    corbeau 3 месяца назад attention
  • Satan
    Satan 3 месяца назад Why not?
  • That one llama who is so obsessed with Fandoms
    That one llama who is so obsessed with Fandoms 3 месяца назад @Omega Studios Oh wait...
  • censor everything
    censor everything 3 месяца назад stares awkwardly in Link
  • yeah oh
    yeah oh 3 месяца назад Idk lmao
  • Kakap0
    Kakap0 3 месяца назад To everyone crying: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAHAHAH
  • Tevikolady
    Tevikolady 3 месяца назад In hockey, people throw things on the ice all the time. Since it didn't move, the hockey players all assumed it was dead, and skated around it. IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! Hockey players and fans are used to this, it's not even a minor inconvience, it just changes how the game is played. Noone thought it was alive, since it didn't move. The only reason the game was stopped if the refs who saw that it was a live phoned down to the refs who stopped the game to escort it off the ice. As to the person who threw it, I have no idea
  • Amber Galway
    Amber Galway 3 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill said chicken could have been really hurt....poor thing
  • The Black Baron
    The Black Baron 3 месяца назад Poor chicken :c
  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 3 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill - You're clearly retarded. But let me throw you off a bridge. As long as you don't die, you should be fine with it.
  • a
    a 3 месяца назад ?
  • Eugene Jacob
    Eugene Jacob 3 месяца назад I'm pretty sure the chicken's "cape" was supposed to resemble one of the teams I think.
  • Ricky Silva
    Ricky Silva 3 месяца назад Canadian hockey
  • AMP. com
    AMP. com 3 месяца назад To call a foul
  • Pyagrl*16
    Pyagrl*16 3 месяца назад same person as at the Alice Cooper concert.
  • SideButter
    SideButter 3 месяца назад lilwedge9 don’t make a big deal. Just shut up
  • music is my life
    music is my life 3 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill first off I don't know why you're writing like that. But anyways. That logic is pretty faulty. So even if an animal could potentially die in an inhumane way in a certain scenario but doesnt end up dying, then there isnt anything wrong with it? So if somebody throws a dog in a lion's cage at a zoo but people end up rescuing the dog before it gets hurt, that is totally fine, right? Drfinately hot inhumane or off.
  • Victor M
    Victor M 3 месяца назад Makes more sense to throw a duck
  • LuAnn Simpson
    LuAnn Simpson 3 месяца назад @lilwedge9 I don't think he was laughing
  • Cookie
    Cookie 3 месяца назад @ScapeMaster Have you been raised in a swamp? Even if you grow chickens for food, you don't play with food, you don't abuse a living being, even when it's purpose is to be ending up on your plate you show basic respect to it, by treating it rights, throwing it on an ice sink where it was in danger of being hit by the puck or the skates, where it couldn't flee and also endangered the players as it could have come to accidents is just stupid and seriously if you have not enough brain to understand the error then I feel confident that you indeed were brought up by some morlocks
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад ​@Cookie It was just funny, who the hell cares. It's just a fucking chicken.
  • jose luis arrese
    jose luis arrese 3 месяца назад Because this world is full of retarded.
  • Luc Brisebois
    Luc Brisebois 3 месяца назад A disgraceful act
  • Starleaf
    Starleaf 2 месяца назад PETA would like to know your location
  • Sarah Bonser
    Sarah Bonser 2 месяца назад Poor hen, she was so scared and she might have broken a leg being thrown like that, they aren't bred to take big falls, hope she was ok it was funny so long as she was safe :D
  • Blue Beka
    Blue Beka 2 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill It could been killed there by those blades! That's terribile!
  • The great Gold gamer
    The great Gold gamer 2 месяца назад because they're cocks
  • Juan Manuel Penaloza
    Juan Manuel Penaloza 2 месяца назад Real question is how do you get a chicken pass security? 🐔
  • Chinese Cartoon
    Chinese Cartoon 2 месяца назад @lilwedge9 it can glide
  • tommyloika
    tommyloika 2 месяца назад Why would parents let a child roam YouTube freely?
  • Goodbye
    Goodbye 2 месяца назад Luis Nava Kill it straight away so it doesn’t feel any more pain.
  • Haley Darby-Miller
    Haley Darby-Miller 2 месяца назад @Omega Studios you realize people in colder climates raise chickens right? It's like 25-30 where I live and my uncle's chickens are just fine
    BUTTERCUP THE HEN 2 месяца назад @ScapeMaster I have Pet chickens There the best thing that happened ever!
    BUTTERCUP THE HEN 2 месяца назад @Special Dude Are you ok?!?!?!
  • Special Dude
    Special Dude 2 месяца назад are you having a seziure?
    BUTTERCUP THE HEN 2 месяца назад @Special Dude No
  • Special Dude
    Special Dude 2 месяца назад then why did you type like 4-5 of these "!?"
    BUTTERCUP THE HEN 2 месяца назад @Special Dude Idk I was overreacting
  • Schizo Lykaboss
    Schizo Lykaboss 2 месяца назад Maybe they were trying to atone for their sins.
  • IgnizNova
    IgnizNova 2 месяца назад Idk maybe Hillbillies like hockey too?
  • Stephanie Viers
    Stephanie Viers 2 месяца назад It’s pure animal abuse
  • Lucy Smalls
    Lucy Smalls 2 месяца назад @TheBeastAmongUs chickens can't piss themselves,maybe put shit themselves
  • Logan malough
    Logan malough 2 месяца назад Poor chicken. He’s freezing and terrified.
  • slytime gaming
    slytime gaming 2 месяца назад poor cold chicken
  • big bitch
    big bitch 2 месяца назад @Tevin Sherrill yeah, let's throw you to an ice rink from a height naked and confused with similar beings going ridiculously fast around you. Sure isn't fucking mean to the chicken.
  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan 2 месяца назад That was messed up
  • Happymonday 2015
    Happymonday 2015 2 месяца назад Cause they think life is Zelda
  • LightStone1603
    LightStone1603 2 месяца назад Blind Eye-Phone where did I bring up that I don’t find it fucked up if animals are killed “inhumanely”? I didn’t. I was pointing out the holes in the persons logic. I’m going to ask you a question. Does it really matter if they’re going to die anyway? I understand it’s fucked up, but what’s the point in it if they’re just going to be eaten? I don’t know what kind of torture someone would put a chicken through if that chickens going to be processed and eaten by people, I sure wouldn’t be able to taste the difference in a tortured chicken compared to a normal chicken. I don’t need to have someone get on their moral high horse and tell me something that I know as if I didn’t know it. Thanks for the pointless lesson.
  • Melancholy Medusa
    Melancholy Medusa 2 месяца назад An American...they don't care about their own let alone anyone or anything else.
  • FeatherStep
    FeatherStep 1 месяц назад @Blind Eye-Phone 👏👏👏
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 1 месяц назад (изменено) @lightstone1603 It does matter, because one, torturing something to death is way worse than just killing them swiftly and painlessly. Do I think it matters? Yeah, I fucking do actually, because I have respect for the animals I eat. Maybe you should too, as a matter of fact. And "what kind of torture someone would put a chicken through if that chickens going to be processed and eaten by people"? Do five seconds of research about the meat and egg industry, please. Also, scared animals release lactic acid, which literally makes them taste worst, but that's besides the point.
  • Foe Fue
    Foe Fue 1 месяц назад @Tevin Sherrill YEAH
  • LightStone1603
    LightStone1603 1 месяц назад Blind Eye-Phone I’m really not seeing the point in respecting the food I eat.
  • B0p G0d
    B0p G0d 1 месяц назад @Luis Nava Kill it before it realizes it's gonna die
  • Melissa Jenner
    Melissa Jenner 1 месяц назад @Tevin Sherrill Grow a HEART!!!
  • Idli Vada Sambar
    Idli Vada Sambar 1 месяц назад lilwedge9 how about we throw Ethan Giles on the ice not the pet
  • WorldWalker128
    WorldWalker128 1 месяц назад Link throws chickens into a fence for a bottle
  • Vexi wolfbane
    Vexi wolfbane 1 месяц назад @TheBeastAmongUs that chicken did look scared but ey it's not in a over crowded coop
  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski 1 месяц назад That was s mean
  • thecoolguynamedal
    thecoolguynamedal 1 месяц назад Foul play
  • hifijohn
    hifijohn 1 месяц назад So nobody noticed a guy holding a chicken at a hockey game.
  • Brendan Chwascinski
    Brendan Chwascinski 1 месяц назад @hifijohn your chicken man
  • Ray Jackson
    Ray Jackson 2 недели назад @Scott Bilger a.k.a. Henry Cabbatt Henhouse III, along with his trusty sidekick, Fred, they flew through the sky in their Super-Coop.
  • Soul Vender
    Soul Vender 2 недели назад The chickens like " bruh im more into football"
  • Scott Bilger
    Scott Bilger 2 недели назад @Ray Jackson You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.
  • Pink Panda
    Pink Panda 2 недели назад lilwedge9 Okay, so I take it you dont eat them? Killing and being eaten VS. tossed onto ice alive Hmmm.... Hypocrites
  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 6 дней назад @Michael Schmitt this kid isn't going to get that reference lol
  • Michael Schmitt
    Michael Schmitt 6 дней назад @Pink Panda I'm glad someone did. 😢
  • JacksAbschaum
    JacksAbschaum 6 дней назад @Tevin Sherrill ah stfu
  • Karoline Bravesparrow
    Karoline Bravesparrow 4 дня назад @Tevin Sherrill true but still, why do that, like there was no purpose anyway.
  • Paul Sirota
    Paul Sirota 3 месяца назад Amusing how a full field of adults can't figure out what to do with a chicken.
  • Starmadien2019
    Starmadien2019 2 месяца назад Maybe they were afraid to hurt it?
  • ZootWorld1
    ZootWorld1 2 месяца назад Cook it.
  • Ian E. Roco
    Ian E. Roco 2 месяца назад Lmao ikr. I was OMG grab the chicken allready 😂
  • Zara Loneragan
    Zara Loneragan 2 месяца назад After living with chickens for years I was wondering why they just didn't pick up the damn chicken, usually picking them up from the sides doesn't hurt them
  • Borja Saavedra Ramirez
    Borja Saavedra Ramirez 2 месяца назад @Zara Loneragan They never touched the chicken since it could have Avian Influeza
  • Zara Loneragan
    Zara Loneragan 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Borja Saavedra Ramirez you know what, you're right, I probably would avoid picking it up especially with its pee all around it
  • Stygian ?
    Stygian ? 2 месяца назад The chicken goes to the victor
  • tantan tan
    tantan tan 2 месяца назад if only black guys play hockey. they'd know what to do with it even before it lands
  • blossombiscuits ÚwÙ
    blossombiscuits ÚwÙ 1 месяц назад Uh oh, I hear PETA-
  • Doggos Are Cute I Love Doggos
    Doggos Are Cute I Love Doggos Неделю назад I would have pet him and call him a goodboi
  • elektron117
    elektron117 Неделю назад @Doggos Are Cute I Love Doggos barbecue
  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones Неделю назад They didn’t wanna pick it up cuz it looks like it pissed itself immediately
  • Thor is a dog
    Thor is a dog Неделю назад @Zara Loneragan they probably don't have a lot of experience with chickens plus birds are known to carry diseases.
  • Zara Loneragan
    Zara Loneragan Неделю назад @Thor is a dog true
  • Alan
    Alan Неделю назад @ZootWorld1 PETA will send you some message
  • Dalton Reutlinger
    Dalton Reutlinger Неделю назад Probably scared it was from Skyrim
  • Never Gonnatell
    Never Gonnatell 6 дней назад Or a dog.
  • Never Gonnatell
    Never Gonnatell 6 дней назад @Starmadien2019 You're an idiot. The thing was thrown over a wall onto ice. Picking it up is going to hurt it? Besides, it's a fucking chicken.
  • Never Gonnatell
    Never Gonnatell 6 дней назад @Borja Saavedra Ramirez That's retarded.
  • Yordin h
    Yordin h 5 дней назад Yeah... because it is a chicken in a hockey rink.What else are you suppose to do.
  • Silent Youngsters
    Silent Youngsters 4 дня назад the real question here is who even bring and throw chicken in a hockey game??
  • M Stuart
    M Stuart 1 день назад Poor thing ... really was awful
  • Rick Leblanc
    Rick Leblanc 1 день назад @Silent Youngsters it was an inside job !
  • Lee Banford
    Lee Banford 10 месяцев назад I feel bad for the chicken :(
  • CoolWizard876
    CoolWizard876 3 месяца назад I dont
  • Latina Gamer
    Latina Gamer 3 месяца назад @CoolWizard876 u don't have a life
  • Random Chicken
    Random Chicken 3 месяца назад @CoolWizard876 geez
  • gc68
    gc68 3 месяца назад i think it shat itself out of shock or fear. the brown/yellow stains look like chicken shit
  • Kynz
    Kynz 3 месяца назад @CoolWizard876 Probably why you don't have a girlfriend...
  • Sherbet Tea
    Sherbet Tea 3 месяца назад @gc68 No, chickens shit where every they are. It's never out of fear, trust me.
  • Shaz _
    Shaz _ 3 месяца назад @Sherbet Tea It is. Birds instinctivly poop when you grab them, in 80% of times.
  • Sherbet Tea
    Sherbet Tea 3 месяца назад @Shaz _ Thats kinda weird because when I pick up a vorwerk, araucana, copper maron, or barn vield hens they don't. I pick em' up daily, but I suppose if they aren't used to being handled they might, though I've never seen them do it instantly, unless you mean it takes a period of time in which case I agree. Either way, I see your point.
  • spaghetti
    spaghetti 3 месяца назад As a person who has a chicken pet i also feel bad :[
  • Sparky and Bind Studios
    Sparky and Bind Studios 2 месяца назад Falling on ice hurts!! I feel the chickens pain because I fall on the ice Nordic Skiing because of going down hills and theres ice at the bottom. And I have chickens myself and. I JUST FEEL THE CHICKENS PAIN ;-;
  • Death ToAll
    Death ToAll 2 месяца назад Yeah the poor thing didnt deserve that :(
  • Masticatious
    Masticatious 2 месяца назад (изменено) who fucking brings a chicken to an ice rink and whips in onto the ice? someone must thought they were being pretty funny. honesty, what the hell is wrong with people?
  • Niobesnuppa
    Niobesnuppa 1 месяц назад I feel bad for it too, it looks really scared and confused. I imagine when you're a tiny bird, suddenly being thrown onto a field where there's a bunch of giant creatures zooming around you at high speeds would be terrifying.
  • Jānis
    Jānis 2 недели назад You fucking idiots, the chicken has wings, it can glide slowly, nothing happened to it.
  • Mohit Bhatt
    Mohit Bhatt 2 недели назад NOT WHILE EATING IT ALSO
  • GALxc !
    GALxc ! 2 дня назад I know 😰 who the hell would do that
  • GALxc !
    GALxc ! 2 дня назад I have pet chickens, and that would really injure the chook. Been thrown like that. It’s upsetting that someone would do that.
  • Andrew Pleva
    Andrew Pleva 2 дня назад He breast get bawk to the farm.
  • Isaac Y.
    Isaac Y. 5 месяцев назад (изменено) Future visitors be like "Why the h*ck is there a sign saying 'DO NOT THROW LIVE ANIMALS ONTO ICE'???"
  • Austin Ho
    Austin Ho 3 месяца назад did you censor the word Heck? HECK?
  • JM
    JM 3 месяца назад Austin Ho this is a CHRISTIAN SERVER
  • Austin Ho
    Austin Ho 3 месяца назад @JM It is? Heck.
  • Christian Boer
    Christian Boer 3 месяца назад trows dead chicken on ice
  • What-Is-Life :
    What-Is-Life : 3 месяца назад @Christian Boer Oh dear.
  • *Jazz Music Stops*
    *Jazz Music Stops* 3 месяца назад @Austin Ho Watch your fucking mouth
  • Tim Drake
    Tim Drake 3 месяца назад @*Jazz Music Stops* Wait-
  • Creative Cassy
    Creative Cassy 3 месяца назад @JM hECK HECK HECK and I'm a Christan btw 👀 👌
  • Alex Ye
    Alex Ye 3 месяца назад Then someone throws a dead animal into the rink.
  • Blue Beka
    Blue Beka 2 месяца назад @Christian Boer Wtf? Why would you do that, you wierdo? 😒
  • Blue Beka
    Blue Beka 2 месяца назад @Alex Ye How about a human corpse or a car or an airplane? Why the fuck would you throw anything on the ice?
  • Kianna Davis
    Kianna Davis 2 месяца назад Watch your heckin language
  • Sarah Black
    Sarah Black 2 месяца назад Because someone did it.
  • *Jazz Music Stops*
    *Jazz Music Stops* 2 месяца назад @Blue Beka You guys are skating on mighty thin ice. Except you, blue beka. You just fell right on through. you didn't even bring your skates. idiot.
  • Alex Ye
    Alex Ye 1 месяц назад @Blue Beka I wouldn't, I was pointing out how an unpleasant person could use the exact wording of the rule to maliciously bypass it.
  • El Gordo
    El Gordo 1 месяц назад Every sign has a story
  • *Jazz Music Stops*
    *Jazz Music Stops* 1 месяц назад @Alex Ye Some people take things too literally, I mean, it's the internet.
  • Stella BellaRue
    Stella BellaRue 3 дня назад LOL - Love that you censored the word "heck"...and hilarious comment! :D
  • Zachattack 4625
    Zachattack 4625 3 месяца назад BUT WAS THE CHICKEN OKAY?!
  • Adam Hodgkinson
    Adam Hodgkinson 3 месяца назад It wasn’t ok. Why do you think they put it in a KFC bucket?
  • Unicorn Dragon
    Unicorn Dragon 3 месяца назад Physical: maybe Emotional: no Mental: ok
  • Roonasaur
    Roonasaur 3 месяца назад @Adam Hodgkinson The chicken was perfectly fine; it was just cold, that's why it wasn't moving around. And it came out perfec--- Ahh, I see what you did there :D Yeah, I'd eat it too, lol.
  • dave marnell
    dave marnell 3 месяца назад He just needed to ice it for a bit.
  • Kevin Hughes
    Kevin Hughes 3 месяца назад Delicious.
  • mariah :U
    mariah :U 3 месяца назад I think it shit itself lol
  • Kianna Davis
    Kianna Davis 2 месяца назад He was cold
  • Asli T
    Asli T 2 месяца назад They ate the chicken after the game
  • Geyote Pilkington
    Geyote Pilkington 2 недели назад (изменено) No, the brown stuff under it is guts. The chickens stomach/intestine ruptured when it hit the ice :(
  • Dillon Gamer
    Dillon Gamer Неделю назад No, guts are red and pink, I've seen them get torn apart
  • Geyote Pilkington
    Geyote Pilkington Неделю назад @Dillon Gamer Its the shit and fluid from its guts
  • Karoline Bravesparrow
    Karoline Bravesparrow 4 дня назад @Geyote Pilkington did they actually?
  • Geyote Pilkington
    Geyote Pilkington 4 дня назад @Karoline Bravesparrow Look at the video mate.. What else would that be.. :(
  • Danila Berezin
    Danila Berezin 4 дня назад @Geyote Pilkington it pissed and shit itself. Pretty normal, guts are bloody.
  • Suisei Uchūno
    Suisei Uchūno 3 дня назад Yeah it tasted okay
  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller Год назад I actually feel bad for that chicken. Landing on the ice like that probably hurt. 😭
  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates 10 месяцев назад Alex Miller well it has wings so it kind of glided that probably lessened the impact
  • xtreme1002003
    xtreme1002003 9 месяцев назад And it was probably freezing its ass off after it landed.
  • denimadept
    denimadept 6 месяцев назад I'm thinking the landing could have broken bones. :-( And putting the chicken in a bucket might've broken some kind of trademark by KFC. :-D
  • denimadept
    denimadept 6 месяцев назад So its wings weren't broken up until it landed. After it landed, you have no way to say. And its legs could have been broken in the landing. You don't know.
  • P Krings
    P Krings 6 месяцев назад Chickens descend pretty well; also, they are so light the forces at impact are very low, combined with the feathers absorbing a good amount of energy.
  • StarlitLilies
    StarlitLilies 6 месяцев назад So caring about an animal means you need to "grow up"? At no point are you too old to care for the well-being of another creature.
  • StarlitLilies
    StarlitLilies 6 месяцев назад @kitty kitty It is not obvious that the chicken is not hurt, that was a rough fall and it could have damaged it's legs or chest. And even if their worries are unfounded that doesn't make them naive, would you call a mother who double-checks their child after a fall naive?
  • Katie Novota
    Katie Novota 6 месяцев назад It was a mean thing to do.
  • Captain Karen Obvious
    Captain Karen Obvious 6 месяцев назад It can also depend on the size of the bird too. I had a large rooster hurt himself jumping down from the roost instead of using the ramp and the roost is only three feet off the ground, albeit he didn’t break anything but he did have a limp for a week or so.
  • Cherry Fizz
    Cherry Fizz 5 месяцев назад Ikr why tf would you do that to that poor chicken :(
  • Hindu Goat
    Hindu Goat 5 месяцев назад go back to your KFC cherry
  • Cherry Fizz
    Cherry Fizz 5 месяцев назад Hindu Goat Gladly
  • Revaulted Skruby
    Revaulted Skruby 5 месяцев назад And the ice is cold
  • Ella Heuser
    Ella Heuser 4 месяца назад I feel like it’s wings would have stopped the impact, it certainly doesn’t look hurt or very freaked out. You can see it’s wings flapping and slowing it
  • Sasha
    Sasha 3 месяца назад @denimadept savage
  • Bolony 21
    Bolony 21 3 месяца назад looks like he peed too
  • ꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ ৡᗫᚱᝉᥢ𐊋ᥱᥢ ዠᥱᥢ𐀫𐐼𖡡ৡۣ͜͡ ৡ꧂
    ꧁ৡۣۜ͜͡ ৡᗫᚱᝉᥢ𐊋ᥱᥢ ዠᥱᥢ𐀫𐐼𖡡ৡۣ͜͡ ৡ꧂ 3 месяца назад It's a meat chicken it probably has broken legs
  • BrokenLifeCycle
    BrokenLifeCycle 3 месяца назад That was a hard impact. That chicken most likely has a fracture somewhere, most likely the legs. Their wings aren't very large to break the fall sufficiently and domestication has made them denser and heavier. Even in a chicken house where there are at least 6 inches of soft bedding to land on, it's not hard to find them injuring themselves after a short drop due to their weight. This was a drop higher than ten feet. On hard ice.
  • Liam Avellana
    Liam Avellana 3 месяца назад Chickens are fucking stupid they probably don't even feel pain
  • Liam Avellana
    Liam Avellana 3 месяца назад StarlitLilies animal abuse
  • Myric
    Myric 3 месяца назад you using an emoji hurts me
  • thegayhare
    thegayhare 3 месяца назад watching the video I say the hen did have a hard landing, and onto hard ice. while it appeared to be flapping, the cape also looked to interfere and throw off her balance. All these things could possibly cause injuries. But from the way she seems to be standing and holding her wings when they take her out of the bucket, I think the hen was physically okay. She takes a few steps before getting tangled in the cape and I'm not seeing, the sort wing positioning that matchs the sort of in pain body langue I've seen in injured hens before. the thing that bothered me most is the time on the Ice, not because of the cold but again looking at the body positioning, the hitched wings, huddled hunched ball shes terrified. I've seen birds die of shock or heart attack for less, add to the fact that this was the end of what had to be a long stressful trip for her it's a wonder she didn't keel over dead. But she seemed to come out okay
  • Warrior Cats of MysteryClan
    Warrior Cats of MysteryClan 3 месяца назад seriously though, i'm glad that chicken didn't get run over and sliced open with a skate. hen was lucky to be alive.
  • Jadae16t
    Jadae16t 3 месяца назад It looks like a Cornish X, so it likely broke a leg.
  • RacinZilla003
    RacinZilla003 3 месяца назад Behold! Plato's man!!
  • De Oranje
    De Oranje 3 месяца назад chicken
  • BillyBob
    BillyBob 3 месяца назад The smaller you are the more impact you can take. And a chicken can take impact very well. The chicken was not harmed physically at all.
  • Niklas Hansen
    Niklas Hansen 3 месяца назад Well, it's super chicken, so it's probably okay..
  • Ripper Nightcore
    Ripper Nightcore 3 месяца назад the chicken flew, she didnt get hurt
  • Roonasaur
    Roonasaur 3 месяца назад Y'all do know the occasional rooster can still actually fly, right? my neighbor's rooster was asking for some good sweet lovin' from my dog - on account of him trespassing in our yard . . . my dear, sweet Vegas ran over to check him out, and he literally flew into the trees, 20 feet up. That chicken was not injured by the fall, just surprised, and then cold.
  • .
    . 3 месяца назад @Kathy Bates 02:43 The chicken did not glide. It didn't move probably because the impact broke its legs
  • .
    . 3 месяца назад @klikbate 02:43 It didn't glide. The chicken didn't move on the ice, probably because the impact broke its legs.
  • Ripper Nightcore
    Ripper Nightcore 3 месяца назад Thats how hens land to protect themselves, shes okay
  • RageyRage O
    RageyRage O 3 месяца назад It will hurt worse when it lands in my oven.
  • TwoTsOnTheTrail
    TwoTsOnTheTrail 3 месяца назад It's okay. They got ice on it quickly.
  • dave marnell
    dave marnell 3 месяца назад He just needs to put some ice on it and he'll be fine.
  • Captain Cortafixst
    Captain Cortafixst 3 месяца назад And the cats to
  • D. Jones
    D. Jones 3 месяца назад Chicken was too dumb to move
  • james8470
    james8470 3 месяца назад he'll be alright F = MA and he's got air resistance from feathers
  • Snowy Doe
    Snowy Doe 3 месяца назад Alex Miller Don’t worry chickens flap hysterically if they fall off of something to make the landing soft, it was probably okay.
  • Kakap0
    Kakap0 3 месяца назад HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA
  • Moi
    Moi 3 месяца назад It was an idiot fan😡
  • WizZz FizZz
    WizZz FizZz 3 месяца назад (изменено) @klikbate I think people are just saying it could of, and it was unresponsible as a human to throw a live animal that far. It also looked like it had urinated itself and was terrified, the ice had a few yellow looking puddles around it.
  • Ricky Silva
    Ricky Silva 3 месяца назад Canadian hockey
  • Kitty Buttcheeks Clone
    Kitty Buttcheeks Clone 3 месяца назад (изменено) klikbate Growing up doesn't mean you have to stop yourself from feeling empathy towards certain things. Of course the chicken probably broke some bones or not but at this point it won't matter cus it looks to have happened a long while ago and it was either eaten or just flat out died later on in life. Why people traditionally throw animals onto a hockey ice rink is beyond me though.
  • Arza
    Arza 3 месяца назад Have you people never seen an animal irl? They do shit more fucked up than this and still don't get hurt. They're not porcelain dolls, relax a little bit. Although you shouldn't throw a chicken into the rink like that.
  • Hayley Gilbert
    Hayley Gilbert 3 месяца назад +Alex Miller Do you eat chicken?
  • Killer 9
    Killer 9 3 месяца назад This is nothing. Chickens get slaughtered while alive everyday in India and other countries
  • biggi niggi
    biggi niggi 2 месяца назад Id think theyd made a comment about it's broken bones of it had broken any
  • old gregg
    old gregg 2 месяца назад chicken bro here- chickens are good enough at gliding that those falls rarely ever bother them. Seriously, to be hurt they need to be either retarded or morbidly obese.
  • Chinese Cartoon
    Chinese Cartoon 2 месяца назад Have you like never seen a chicken jump off a roof? Bish even minecraft players know chickens can land safely from high falls
  • Sami's World
    Sami's World 2 месяца назад That poor chicken. As a chicken owner, I know that that is a Cornish cross chicken. The CANNOT FLY. Cornish crosses are usually used for meat, they are so top heavy that after only a few months they have trouble walking, lead alone flying/gliding their wings are tiny. They usually die young from heart complications since they grow so fast/big. So they CAN"T FLY.
  • christina t.
    christina t. 2 месяца назад I agree that was fucked up. Too fucked up to be funny.
  • AlittleBitOfEverything_ YT
    AlittleBitOfEverything_ YT 2 месяца назад Alex Miller #onlyinhockey
  • Victor Frankenstein
    Victor Frankenstein 2 месяца назад @klikbate have you ever seen a real chicken in your life? Most probably no. Then stfu.
  • Lee F
    Lee F 2 месяца назад @Liam Avellana you're an idiot
  • This Is The End Of Pineapples
    This Is The End Of Pineapples 2 месяца назад @Kathy Bates You been playing to much minecraft
  • Person Oisels
    Person Oisels 2 месяца назад Chickens have limited flight capabilities, they naturally roost in trees. Sure it's wings may have been clipped or something but it was probably fine, it didn't look seriously injured at the end. It was probably just disoriented and scared.
  • Tzara
    Tzara 2 месяца назад I agree the person who threw the chicken should regret it :/
  • faeriebilitie
    faeriebilitie 2 месяца назад (изменено) ​@Roonasaur There are chickens bred for meat, chickens bred for eggs/as pets, and some that are bred for both. Meat chickens are heavy (obviously), lack strong wings and have more fragile skeletons compared to other breeds that are lighter and possess powerful flying capabilities. If someone had thrown a Leghorn or Easter Egger on the ice, landing would have been a cinch: they are strong flyers and can easily absorb the impact. This chicken looked like a Cornish Cross, they are heavy and land hard. I can tell from the video it didn't hit that ice gently and could have easily broken a leg. In any case, it's a damn cruel and stupid thing to do. That chicken was cold and crapping itself out of fear, plus you have all those people skating around it. Absolutely stupid.
  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates 2 месяца назад @This Is The End Of Pineapples what are you talking about?
  • Jack Knight
    Jack Knight 3 недели назад But chickens flutter down, they can’t take fall damage
  • chris madsen
    chris madsen 2 недели назад @P Krings bs
  • RogerWilco
    RogerWilco 2 недели назад It's a bird. It was flapping its wings when it landed. I think it probably didn't get hurt. Small animals (and even kids) do not get hurt easily from fall damage, as their weight to surface area is low enough that they don't develop very high speeds.
  • deidara _
    deidara _ Неделю назад That was a foul thing indeed
  • Vlad H
    Vlad H Неделю назад (изменено) Good to know there are genuine people out there who feel for others. Kudos to you Alex.
  • Habi8805
    Habi8805 Неделю назад Yes, this spoils the whole videoclips. Must be a primitive and drunk asshole but why show to all the world that torture of animals is an habitual pastime in this sport? The dogs shown have the fun of their live and you can see they have confidence in humans.
  • Will Burghard
    Will Burghard Неделю назад (изменено) ​@StarlitLilies The chickens you eat have suffered a hell of a lot more than this one, unless you're a vegetarian, in which case, carry on.
  • Alejandra Santos
    Alejandra Santos Неделю назад Assholes. Throw your mother instead
  • wolfaesthetic
    wolfaesthetic Неделю назад and they're like "this has never happened before! what do we do? I don't think there's anything in the rulebook, we're just checking now..." huddled people around it o.o *poke*
  • Is live Worth it
    Is live Worth it 5 дней назад (изменено) Chickens are surprisingly resourceful and tough fighters and though can’t fly they flutter and land from great heights with relative safety. Plus a prick of a chicken is a very capable defensive fighter
  • wolfaesthetic
    wolfaesthetic 5 дней назад @Is live Worth it My arse - they're idiots.
  • Is live Worth it
    Is live Worth it 4 дня назад wolfaesthetic well our free range and our neighbors chickens are able to open laches and turn on taps. Like one time one of our chickens slept with the dogs for years after a Fox got into the hen house
  • Rick Leblanc
    Rick Leblanc 1 день назад @deidara _ "Fowl" !
  • Oeru Nekoi
    Oeru Nekoi 1 день назад yep sure, but you probably had no regret for other millions slaughtered for food.
  • kiwi qween
    kiwi qween 8 месяцев назад WHO!? THROWS?!!? A LIVE!?! CHICKEN! ?!ON THE!?! ICE!?!?!?!?!?!?
  • Amanda Stypul
    Amanda Stypul 5 месяцев назад A selfish piece of shit human being, that's who.
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад @Amanda Stypul No, someone who has a sense of humor. It's not like the chicken would die out there, that chicken if anything is lucky to be alive and not on my dinner plate.
  • Meteorcow
    Meteorcow 3 месяца назад @ScapeMaster How stupid are you, do you honestly think that if anything hit that chicken that it would survive? 40 mile an hour puck? Blades of a person going as fast as they can?
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад ​@Meteorcow First of all, please stop putting words in my mouth. Secondly, I think that the players are good enough at hockey to avoid the chicken for the short minute that it was out there on the ice. Not to say the chicken wasn't completely safe of course, the chicken was in danger however not necessarily life threatening. It was spotted quickly and taken out quickly.
  • Splash
    Splash 3 месяца назад @ScapeMaster it's not about what actually did end up happening... whoever threw the chicken had no way of knowing of that. they only knew what potentially could have happened, which certainly included a decent chance of the chicken getting badly injured or killed, and yet they decided to do it anyways for no reason other than their own entertainment
  • Molly
    Molly 3 месяца назад poor baby was so scared
  • Adria Rose
    Adria Rose 3 месяца назад @Splash I cannot believe that there are people who think it's so funny to put an animal's life at risk during a live sports match. Throwing a chicken and an octopus on the ice is downright callous. It is animal cruelty, and reckless endangerment to the men playing hockey at the time of these two separate incidents. For some people to downplay the offenders' actions only demonstrates plain idiocy and blatant disregard for the lives of others, in favor of morbid amusement. If a human being was thrown into the path of an oncoming train, I'm sure no one would be laughing at all. Security should have hauled that evildoer out of the stands in handcuffs. There should be ZERO tolerance for this nonsense.
  • G30 _2000
    G30 _2000 3 месяца назад @Adria Rose Not gonna lie, it got a laugh out of me, but I don't think it was right for who ever it was to throw the poor bird in the hockey rink.
  • Alex Mecca
    Alex Mecca 3 месяца назад Adria Rose I guess you are not a hockey fan. Throwing an octopus on the ice is a tradition and the octopus is already dead most of the time.
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Scorchman Why are you so against people calling this cruel? It is cruel. It’d be cruel to throw any animal out on the ice like that. It’s just not right. No one’s criticizing at you for laughing that the situation happened, but there’s definitely endangerment for the animal’s life, and people are just pointing out that the person who did it shouldn’t have.
  • Southern Bear
    Southern Bear 3 месяца назад I’s only a chicken...not like 1000s of them are factory slaughtered on a day to day period anyway...hey he got some screen time anyway....Famous Chicken he is now!
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Southern Bear Chickens are slaughtered to feed people. Personally I don’t support the meat industry because they torture the poor birds, but I understand why it exists, and I believe in humans culling of animals to feed people. Throwing the chicken out on the ice was pointless abuse that could’ve been much more detrimental to the bird’s health than it fortunately was, and was just cruel in general. Contrary to popular belief, chickens are not stupid animals, and they feel emotions just like you and me. Imagine being on an alien planet and thrown out in front of tons of giant creatures, many running around you quickly while the ground beneath you is slippery and freezing. You’d be terrified for your life. There is nothing okay about someone throwing a live animal into a playing field of any sort for humorous reasons. If this had been a dog, people would be furious, but because you eat them you’ve lost respect for them, which is just kind of sad.
  • lilith snow
    lilith snow 3 месяца назад There had better have been a charge of animal cruelty implemented at the f*ckwit who thought it would be a 'great idea' to throw a live chicken into the ring!! 🤬😡😡😡 Maybe should've threw the f*ckwit onto the ice instead! That would be funny!!😠
  • lilith snow
    lilith snow 3 месяца назад @Blind Eye-Phone did this "scorchman" delete his comment??
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад lilith snow I guess so.
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Might’ve been Alex lol
  • Latina Gamer
    Latina Gamer 3 месяца назад @ScapeMaster typical gringo
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад @lilith snow No I just changed my account name recently
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад @Blind Eye-Phone nope I didn't
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад @Blind Eye-Phone who'se alex?
  • Roonasaur
    Roonasaur 3 месяца назад @Blind Eye-Phone Contrary to popular belief, chickens are not just sweet little birdies either. They fucking eat each other sometimes. Literally. The "pecking order" is life or death.
  • .
    . 3 месяца назад @Roonasaur That doesn't make it okay to throw a chicken onto the ice. At 02:43, you can see how the chicken was thrown and how it landed. Chickens usually run away when scared. This one didn't because its legs were probably broken from the impact.
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Roonasaur That has literally nothing to do with this, and I don’t think anyone is claiming Chickens are innocent little angels. They’re not, and I should know seeing as I own them. Any animal has the ability to be a dick. Dogs and cats kill their offspring and many hamsters will kill any other hamsters in their vicinity. If that’s justification to needlessly abuse any animal than you might need some help.
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Roonasaur Oh, and by the way, the pecking order isn’t synonymous with the law of the jungle. A pecking order is the relationship of the bird’s with each other, their rank among the flock. It rarely if ever causes the death of another bird, usually just minor pecks to the comb. Of course, law of the jungle doesn’t apply in this situation because the bird had no reason to be treated like that- It’s not being fed to anyone or anything, and that’s definitely not a good way to cull an animal anyway even if that was the situation.
  • Roonasaur
    Roonasaur 3 месяца назад @. ​ @Blind Eye-Phone 2:43 is not the chicken. ​At 2:29 you can see slow-mo of the chicken coming down, flapping its wings. And contrary to popular belief, the occasional chicken/rooster can still fly, at least a little bit. But all of them are at least able to slow themselves down enough to avoid getting hurt. And indeed, at 2:55, you see him taken out of the bucket and walking pretty normal. This chicken didn't move, because of the totally white, cold (alien) environment it just landed in, and most living things tend to "freeze" in unkown environments, rather than "fight or flight."
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Roonasaur It froze because it was terrified. I never said it got hurt. I just said it could have, and that scaring the animal like that is cruel. And yes, I’m aware they can fly. I already told you I have them,,
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Also a chicken isn’t the term for a female- that’s hen. Stop trying to educate me on Chickens when you don’t even know the terminology my dude
  • Roonasaur
    Roonasaur 3 месяца назад @Blind Eye-Phone The other guy said it got hurt. Sorry my terminology offends you. Goodbye.
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 3 месяца назад Roonasaur It doesn’t offend me. Sorry point out your misuse of the words offends you. What did offend me was someone trying to educate me on something I know just because I disagree, but I digress. Anyway, you @ed me so it was directed at me. I responded accordingly. Bye.
  • Ratdevil72
    Ratdevil72 3 месяца назад troll
  • David McCoul
    David McCoul 3 месяца назад A drunk, attention-hungry fan does apparently
  • The Catmother
    The Catmother 3 месяца назад @ScapeMaster if you find this funny, then your sense of humour is pretty shitty. Eat cinamon you redneck.
  • Four More Days!
    Four More Days! 3 месяца назад kiwi qween t-series
  • Yuo
    Yuo 2 месяца назад @ScapeMaster Dude when we kill animals to eat we try to do it in a quick and painless way so it's not cruelty. Throwing a chicken on cold hard ice could've broke it's little legs.
  • Yuo
    Yuo 2 месяца назад @Blind Eye-Phone I'm not a fan of the way big factories animals either but if you go to your local farm they actually do things ethically.
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 2 месяца назад ​@Yuo That is true but it's webbed feet, beefy thighs, and natural reaction to a fall would make injury not too likely from the closest row which it was thrown from.
  • Blind Eye-Phone
    Blind Eye-Phone 2 месяца назад Blumilktea Yeah, I’m not vegetarian, just don’t like factory farms.
  • Papi Harpy
    Papi Harpy 2 месяца назад 'Murica
  • Mamandu 0
    Mamandu 0 2 месяца назад Better question is how did someone smuggle that in without being caught?
  • CatGamer0
    CatGamer0 2 месяца назад At least its not like HowToBasic that would throw a dead chicken with beans inside
  • Aura Wing
    Aura Wing 2 месяца назад you are right man let throws it in the oil!
  • Mekronid
    Mekronid 2 недели назад (изменено) @Splash You could die while driving your car tomorrow. I guess we should ban cars. I'm all in favor of humane treatment of animals but your priorities are seriously fucked up.
  • Subtotal Aljar
    Subtotal Aljar 6 месяцев назад “Napkin, cloth, something?” I think it’s called a cape dudes
  • ScapeMaster
    ScapeMaster 3 месяца назад SUPER CHICKEN HAS ENTERED THE MATCH
  • Zach Pozzi
    Zach Pozzi 3 месяца назад I'm kinda sad they didn't add the commentary for the cat at 4:10 because it was really cool. I was at that game and she actually became a good luck charm for the Sharks that post-season (at least until the finals.) One of the Sharks players (Marleau) even adopted the cat later on and named him after the team captain (Joe Pawvelski.)
  • Charlinxx _
    Charlinxx _ 3 месяца назад And they said black cats bring bad luck
  • Maple Leaf
    Maple Leaf 3 месяца назад @Charlinxx _ they should have named it Leonardo De Caprimeow
  • toya lee
    toya lee 2 месяца назад @Charlinxx _ I have black cats their sweet
  • tommyloika
    tommyloika 2 месяца назад San Jose!
  • mindianaj0nes
    mindianaj0nes 2 месяца назад Aw, that's so great to hear! That kitty was not at all happy in the video. Glad someone brought her home :-)
  • Hailley Wilson
    Hailley Wilson 1 месяц назад That's great. I felt bad for the poor thing. It kept looking how to get off the ice. Glad it has a good home.
  • Ken Lompart
    Ken Lompart Неделю назад @toya lee I had two that were brother sister, they were very friendly and fun to watch play with each other.
  • officer nasty
    officer nasty 3 дня назад Love to hear she was adopted. Cant lie though the little paws running on the ice was mad adorable.
  • matrodmedia
    matrodmedia 3 месяца назад That chicken was so scared he literally just kept shitting himself - did you see that gnarly stain on the ice???
  • Chara Murderer
    Chara Murderer 2 месяца назад Looked more like urine
  • Creppersaurus Rex
    Creppersaurus Rex 2 месяца назад @Chara Murderer Chickens dosen't urne. They get rid of both type of bodily wastes by "shitting" that white-ish stain.
  • hi imsociallyawkward
    hi imsociallyawkward 2 месяца назад @Blanquette St8ment dude😂
  • Ian E. Roco
    Ian E. Roco 2 месяца назад All chicken are female lmao. Smh. So herself* lol
  • Septi Lania
    Septi Lania 2 месяца назад @Ian E. Roco do you not know what a rooster is? Or a hen? That is basic knowledge. May have missed a joke or something but still
  • Ian E. Roco
    Ian E. Roco 2 месяца назад @Septi Lania rooster male and hen female. Yours Point is?
  • Septi Lania
    Septi Lania 2 месяца назад @Ian E. Roco ....idk why I even bother tbh
  • faeriebilitie
    faeriebilitie 2 месяца назад @Ian E. Roco They meant that "chicken" can be male or female.
  • agisoo
    agisoo Неделю назад @Ian E. Roco are u retarded?
  • Joshua Hammond
    Joshua Hammond Неделю назад Guess you could say... he was scared chicken shitless
  • HackedLink Static
    HackedLink Static 9 часов назад She* chickens are females rosters are the male
  • MinoaTheEchidna56
    MinoaTheEchidna56 3 месяца назад In case anyone wondered if the chicken was okay: March 7, 1988 a man was sentenced for throwing the chicken onto the ice, the hen suffered minor bruises but was taken by animal control as part of evidence in the case. As someone who raises them mine have gotten on/off their coop with minor bruises or from the top of their lilac bush. Most likely breed; Amber White, around eight months old.
  • guinea gazette
    guinea gazette 2 месяца назад Hello fellow chicken raiser. Thanks for the info. I disagree on breed. She looks to be a Cornish cross, close to butcher age.
  • Lesley Flores
    Lesley Flores 2 месяца назад Ok, thanks for the information. I was wondering... good to know it got out ok. It could have been worse
  • Masticatious
    Masticatious 2 месяца назад glad the fucker was caught, someone should stick his head on the ice and have someone run over it with their skates. that would be REALLY funny.
  • The Potato Squid
    The Potato Squid 2 месяца назад She looks a lot like my white speckled Plymouth rock, patty
  • Khairiatun Nisak Mohd Ali
    Khairiatun Nisak Mohd Ali 1 месяц назад They should have throw the man on ice..
  • KlearChristal
    KlearChristal Неделю назад GOOD. Fuck that guy.
  • Alpha's Dank Shit
    Alpha's Dank Shit Неделю назад @Masticatious Seems a bit extreme over a chicken if you ask me.
  • Wesley Tilghman
    Wesley Tilghman Неделю назад MinoaTheEchidna56 Looks to be more on the commercial breed side, and based on the way it didn't flap it's wings much, I think it's a Cornish cross hen.
  • Stella BellaRue
    Stella BellaRue 3 дня назад @Alpha's Dank Shit I'm just going to leave this right here: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” Mahatma Gandhi :)
  • LCS Swan
    LCS Swan 3 дня назад @Alpha's Dank Shit it is an extreme situation, so it isn't extreme for a chicken
  • aɪm ˈoʊnli spʌnʤbɑb ˈæftər ɔl
    aɪm ˈoʊnli spʌnʤbɑb ˈæftər ɔl 3 месяца назад (изменено) I don’t really like sports but if more things like these happened I would watch it more often. Except for that bee swarm. That must have been awful. Also, that poor chicken...
  • That one llama who is so obsessed with Fandoms
    That one llama who is so obsessed with Fandoms 3 месяца назад What if...... wait but really listen to me What if... Bnha cosplayers played the wii sports?
  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 3 месяца назад Poor chicken.... Oh yeah I can’t wait for dinner! We’re having roast chicken!
  • Grammar Police
    Grammar Police 3 месяца назад aɪm ˈoʊnli spʌnʤbɑb ˈæftər ɔl: pOor ChIcKeN
  • Chinese Cartoon
    Chinese Cartoon 2 месяца назад (изменено) What if i told you... That minecraft chickens taking no fall damage is based on a chickens ability to slower their fall,glide and even mario jump onto high surfaces Idk what you will do with this info but use it wisely as it is top secret
  • aɪm ˈoʊnli spʌnʤbɑb ˈæftər ɔl
    aɪm ˈoʊnli spʌnʤbɑb ˈæftər ɔl 2 месяца назад Chinese Cartoon Okay. Thank you for this classified information.
  • Chinese Cartoon
    Chinese Cartoon 2 месяца назад @aɪm ˈoʊnli spʌnʤbɑb ˈæftər ɔl np now pls tell me how to escape the FBI?
  • whiteninja 267
    whiteninja 267 1 месяц назад Animals make people watch sports tf 😂
  • officer nasty
    officer nasty 3 дня назад Football/soccer: look at the adorable kitties and dogs running out onto the field, how cute! Hockey: "please stop throwing dead octopuses and live chickens at the players" Golf: holy shit were under attack by swarms of bees, a falcon is trying to eat the equipment, is that a 16 foot alligator on the green??????
  • ButterChoke 97
    ButterChoke 97 3 месяца назад Feels bad for the chicken Eats chicken for dinner
  • Angel Palominos
    Angel Palominos 3 месяца назад epic win butterchoker 97!!!
  • Angel Palominos
    Angel Palominos 3 месяца назад walter
  • Allisondra Terrano
    Allisondra Terrano 3 месяца назад I had chicken for dinner as well and personally, I feel bad for the chicken...
  • 〈The Nickname〉
    〈The Nickname〉 2 месяца назад Same.
  • MissyB 75
    MissyB 75 2 месяца назад ButterChoke 97 cunt🖕🏻
  • lunaticxdreams
    lunaticxdreams 2 месяца назад Danggggg that’s cold 😂😂💀
  • beachgirl445
    beachgirl445 2 месяца назад dats me
  • Jazie kitty
    Jazie kitty 2 месяца назад lol
  • Cave Johnson
    Cave Johnson 2 месяца назад Meat eater logic.
  • shioriryukaze
    shioriryukaze 1 месяц назад I am too!!!!
  • unapologetically canadian
    unapologetically canadian 1 месяц назад You basically summed up every butthurt person in the comment section
  • Defronnie
    Defronnie 1 месяц назад We live in a society
  • ButterChoke 97
    ButterChoke 97 3 недели назад @MissyB 75 thanks for the message 👍
  • Meme Shorti
    Meme Shorti 2 недели назад ButterChoke 97 YOU MONSTER!! YOU COMPLETE MONSTER!!
  • •Astrid •
    •Astrid • 4 дня назад @Meme Shorti What? I am pretty confused cause he / she deleted their message, back me up?
  • Meme Shorti
    Meme Shorti 4 дня назад •Astrid • They ate chicken as they felt bad for the chicken falling onto the ice
  • TomatoCowAteYourTomato
    TomatoCowAteYourTomato 3 месяца назад you forgot that one game where a guy hit a ball and the ball hit a flying dove and it exploded in feathers
  • SonofaChaosGod
    SonofaChaosGod 3 месяца назад He probably would have gotten demonetized if he included that one.
  • Not2be4gotten02
    Not2be4gotten02 3 месяца назад That was on the pitch from Randy Johnson
  • yeah oh
    yeah oh 3 месяца назад DaNg
  • MadHatt3r
    MadHatt3r 2 месяца назад Oh fuck, thats terrible! Poor dove 😦
  • Starmadien2019
    Starmadien2019 2 месяца назад Oh god!
  • Chris Neto
    Chris Neto 2 месяца назад I remember it happening in a men's tennis match.
  • FlyontheWall412
    FlyontheWall412 Год назад I love how the crowd roars when the animals get in the endzone
  • Infinite Octopaw
    Infinite Octopaw 4 месяца назад because its winning!
    A DISAPPOINTING SALAD 3 месяца назад @Infinite Octopaw I agree
  • Warrior Cats of MysteryClan
    Warrior Cats of MysteryClan 3 месяца назад i know, that's adorable. touchdown, running squirrel!
  • Dione's Disciple
    Dione's Disciple 3 месяца назад I love that.
  • Grub Killer
    Grub Killer 3 месяца назад Go johhny go go go
  • yugo's bananas
    yugo's bananas 3 месяца назад I will go down w/ this chicken
  • ҉ Mista
    ҉ Mista 3 месяца назад Nice pfp
  • Team SMSD
    Team SMSD 2 месяца назад Right?
  • Foe Fue
    Foe Fue 1 месяц назад @҉ Mista ikr
  • * Adee *
    * Adee * 1 месяц назад FlyontheWall412 funny valentine did nothing wrong
  • RogerWilco
    RogerWilco 2 недели назад The audio is edited I think.
  • Matt B
    Matt B 3 месяца назад Why would you thrown an Octopus or Chicken? That is a pretty barbaric tradition. It could get cut up or hurt someone playing by tripping them etc.
  • Laurel Moore
    Laurel Moore 2 месяца назад The octopi being thrown is already dead before it is chucked and the chicken thing was just weird lol.
  • Lys Franc
    Lys Franc 2 месяца назад Pretty sure the octopus is dead...
  • MsKathleenb
    MsKathleenb 1 месяц назад The octopus is a Detroit tradition - supposedly because in the old days a team had to win eight games to get the Stanley Cup.
  • Yoshi Tax-fraud-o-saurus
    Yoshi Tax-fraud-o-saurus 3 месяца назад Fools, these are the forgotten mascots that are trying to do revenge!
  • KAL just KAL
    KAL just KAL 3 месяца назад Throw the person who thew the chicken in the ice instead
  • susan bahr
    susan bahr 2 месяца назад And the guy who threw the octopus. So cruel.
  • Dew F
    Dew F 2 месяца назад (изменено) susan bahr The announcer said, it was a tradition. I hope the octopus wasn’t alive, when it was thrown into the ice.
  • blossombiscuits ÚwÙ
    blossombiscuits ÚwÙ 3 месяца назад Wait, someone threw an octopus?
  • Brendan Fligger
    Brendan Fligger 2 месяца назад More than one person. More than one octopus.
  • Papi Harpy
    Papi Harpy 2 месяца назад BEEEEEEEEEEN
  • William Fletcher
    William Fletcher 2 месяца назад Apparently, it's a Detroit Red Wings thing. Dunno why people would do something like this.
  • blossombiscuits ÚwÙ
    blossombiscuits ÚwÙ 1 месяц назад FINALLY- someone who recognized my "Ben from Cristine's Birthday" Ben- 🎉👌
  • ANC Covertiks
    ANC Covertiks 1 день назад It's a Detroit Red Wings tradition
  • Rick Leblanc
    Rick Leblanc 1 день назад They've been doing it in Detroit for years, absolutely years ! It's a tradition. Like those zillions of plastic rats thrown on the ice, but i forget which hockey team....
  • Bennybrain B
    Bennybrain B Год назад I think the chicken was wearing a cape, #superchicken
  • Liuhuayue
    Liuhuayue 3 месяца назад That's what I was thinking, too. XD
  • prehistoric orchid
    prehistoric orchid 3 месяца назад Me too. Poor thing literally shit himself
  • A. J.
    A. J. 3 месяца назад I thought it was a dress falling off 😂
  • Sergio Ruiz Moreno
    Sergio Ruiz Moreno 3 месяца назад It could be the illumaniti chickens from Guacamelee 2.
    JESSICA FRENZEL 2 месяца назад It was POULTRYMAN (Hermit craft reference.)
  • TheUltimateGamer245
    TheUltimateGamer245 Неделю назад Rocky the flying rooster.
  • Valdraya
    Valdraya 6 дней назад (изменено) Maybe they were hoping if they put a cape on it it would fly 😂
  • officer nasty
    officer nasty 3 дня назад @prehistoric orchid chicken shits white. Thats just dirty ice
  • prehistoric orchid
    prehistoric orchid 3 дня назад @officer nasty Oh lol nvm then