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Kia Stinger 2018 in-depth review - better than a BMW or Audi? | carwow Reviews

Published on Jan 26, 2018 1,161,484 views

The Kia Stinger: a car that takes the Korean brand away from the sensible and affordable, and against some genuine performance cars. This top spec GT model gets a 3.3-litre turbo V6 engine which places it very much in Audi S5 Sportback and BMW 440i Gran Coupe territory. So can it compete against the premium rivals? Find out in my full, in-depth review.

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  • MatWatsonCars
    MatWatsonCars Год назад Hi Mat Watson here. To all you doubters of my integrity I've done a short video wobbling some other cars' centre consoles to see if they flex as bad as the Stinger's
  • ahbrian A
    ahbrian A Год назад (изменено) MatWatsonCars :: look at his fake motions. He looks like he trying to shaking center console but look at his hands and fingers. Not even pressed! It is shame on him he even made this video, you should just say sorry. People make mistakes.
  • Henrik
    Henrik Год назад He´s pressing with his palms, he would not get enough pressure if he pushed with his fingers.
  • Paulo Almeida
    Paulo Almeida Год назад Well done Mat ! It's hard to some kia lovers to swallow the truth ... let them choke with your video proof
  • Pedro
    Pedro Год назад Paulo show us ur Ferrari F12 u loser.
  • Raizal Mohammad
    Raizal Mohammad Год назад My 2003 Toyota Yaris will outlast any German made cars,.... 15 years....almost ZERO problems,...!!! My other car is A Toyota...
  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan Год назад (изменено) RAIZAL MOHAMMAD: Only poor people in third world countries stay 15 years with the same car, normal people exchange cars every 3 to 5 years. Never the less, there are MANY VW, Mercedes and BMW with more than 1000000 km and more than 2 decades still on the roads, there are Mercedes 190D with more them 2 MILION km still going strong, as a matter of fact there are Merdeces , Porches, VW on the road from even before Toyota was born ! So get some education and some knowledge about the automobile industry before saying bullshit !
  • Immanuel O.
    Immanuel O. Год назад MatWatsonCars you should respond to Danny Lim's comment
  • 1969cmp
    1969cmp Год назад It would be interesting to walk into a Kia dealer and see if any other Stingers do the 'wobble'. Matt, did you get any feedback from Kia about the wobble, assuming you told them?
  • MatWatsonCars
    MatWatsonCars Год назад 1969cmp wait for my Stonic review.... Just saying
  • Antoine Edicó
    Antoine Edicó Год назад (изменено) John Sullivan my dad is a general manager at a very big company..he is damn rich,but he likes to live like a normal people....and he's still using a 2002 how about that?
  • schmill2
    schmill2 Год назад So John Sullivan, anyone that does not replace their vehicle every 3 - 5 years is not normal & lives in a third world country? I only replace my car when it is absolutely f**ked, beyond economical repair. As a result, at over 50yrs old now, I have only owned 5 cars in my lifetime & I work in the automotive industry. Some of us abnormal folk prefer to spend money on other things rather than pouring money down the drain for the latest model!
  • mev202
    mev202 Год назад (изменено) skip to 2 mins and surprise, no wobble.
  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan Год назад schmill2: And some of us folk DO SPEND money ON CARS and on OTHER things at the same time! The main difference is that you have to choose WHERE to spend your money and we can choose WHEN to spend it ... where does not matter ;)
  • John Sullivan
    John Sullivan Год назад mev202: Well, at 2 mins IT DOES WOBBLE !!! As someone already said, ARE YOU BLINDED BY YOUR "FANBOYISM"
  • Antonio Silva
    Antonio Silva Год назад (изменено) Dear schmill2, so what can a guy that has been driving a Toyota Yaris for the LAST 15 YEARS can offer to this debate ? Better yet, what can you offer to this debate ? Do you drive a Kia ?
  • ovp66223
    ovp66223 Год назад (изменено) Actually, only poor people get a new car every 3 to 5 years. That's what makes them poor...the constant, life-long car payments. I own a 2003 Accord and my last payment was 2008, 10 years ago. That is over $50,400 I have NOT been spending based on new car payments in 2003 (420/mnth). Based on more current prices, that's well over $70,000 I have saved, which makes me richer than the poor, sad fools in constant need of a new(er) car. It's to compensate for something missing in their lives or lack of self-esteem, I get it. I guess if you're wealthy enough to simply pull out stacks of $100s and set them on fire, then by all means give stacks of $100s away every year for a new car that you think makes you more important, but in reality, no one (other than the buyer) cares about a new car more than a few seconds. When you show off a new car, you get a "nice" and "that's cool" response and then it's over. I don't think that's worth a perpetual $550 or $750 car payment every month. I will be getting a new car soon, and I will have that for AT LEAST 10 years, barring some unforseen lemon or accident.
  • Antonio Silva
    Antonio Silva Год назад ovp66223, your mind just cant consive that a LOT of people do not need to make "car payments", they just go to the stand and pay in full ! Your comment only serves to prove that you are poor economically and poor minded !
  • Paulo Almeida
    Paulo Almeida Год назад Dear ovp66223: No wonder that you can't grab the concept, your mind is formatted in a "poor man's" fashion, does it ever occur to you that not every one needs to make monthly payments on a car ? Does it ever occur to you that a lot of people do buy 100000 euros/USD cars and pay in full ? Does it ever occur to you that a lot of people have 2, 3 and even 4 cars on their garages and do not make a simple monthly payment for them? All you lame excuses are typical from jealousy ... lack of self-esteem ? LOL ... GET A LIFE, cause you sure are not having one !
  • schmill2
    schmill2 Год назад Describe "other things" . What do other things look like in the first or second world? ;-)
  • ohseyu
    ohseyu Год назад Dear Mat, thanks for your reviews. Actually I'm enjoying your reviews. In your review, you compared Stinger with Audi A5 sedan, but this time, you are comparing with SUVs. For me, SUVs that you brought have different structure or style of center console. Would you compare Stinger with Audi A5 or other sedan style cars which have same style of center console, one more time? I'm wondering the result might be the same.
  • Talal Abdulaziz
    Talal Abdulaziz Год назад Third world countries based on your stupid categories, yeah let me see how many Bugatti Chiron / LA FERRARI you have in your region stupid !, Even RR makes Saudi Wraith or what ever. Even stupid Trump before he become the US president was thinking to stop working with middle-east countries but when he won the election immediately changed his opinion .
  • Talal Abdulaziz
    Talal Abdulaziz Год назад A person who judge by the appearance of others will never live right and happy !. Thank you sir for your replay, it was very kind, I wish you have another 50-100 years a happy man ! Sincerely Talal from a third country based on John's Sulivan perspective !!!
  • Dicky Knees
    Dicky Knees Год назад Why bother trying to wobble centre consoles in the first place. Nobody does. Does,not prove anything worthwhile.
  • Ron Khumalo
    Ron Khumalo Год назад MatWatsonCars you are a champion. Best car review videos I have seen in a long time. Keep up the awesome work.
  • ovp66223
    ovp66223 Год назад Oh, I get that, and I said as much. If you have tons of money and can't find anything better to spend it on, then why not a new car every 3 or 5 years. Makes sense. I am talking about the millions of of U.S. citizens that find themselves in financial trouble mostly because of a house they can't afford and/or constant car payments that are completely unnecessary and by choice, and poor choice at that. The quickest way to wealth is to limit frivolous spending and new quick-depreciating automobiles are #1 problem. I will be paying cash for my next car too, so I DO get it, moreso than you do I am sure.
  • ovp66223
    ovp66223 Год назад Considering I will be paying cash for my next vehicle, I think I get it even more than you as well. The fact is very VERY few people have the means to pay cash for a new car every 3-5 years. There are some (millions), but there are 20 times more that don't (hundred million plus).
  • Andrew Paul
    Andrew Paul Год назад Hi Mat, Good review mate thank you - nice to get a UK-perspective on the car. I'm currently looking into the purchase of a Stinger and I've been mindful to check the centre console wobble on a couple of demo cars in Kia dealerships when I've been checking them out and they don't seem to move to the extent this one does suggesting this may be a quirk of this particular car. The two I tested seemed much more solid when manipulated in the same fashion - it sure didn't look good above though!
  • alfisti93
    alfisti93 Год назад @ j sullivan Listen, Toyota produced their first buyable car in 1936, called the AA. Meanwhile vw was founded by the nazis in 1938, as KdF-Wagen. This nazi creation didn't produce anything buyable until 1946! And the design of the beetle-bug was a blatant rip-off from Hans Ledwinka and Bela Barenyi, lesser known austrian engineers. Porsche only ever took credit for other peoples work... Also a vw/porsche/audi needs 3 replacement engines, transmissions or turbochargers to sniff near a million km (not even talking about miles). So get your two brain cells into gear and eat your words: "get some education and some knowledge about the automobile industry before saying bullshit".
  • Andrew M
    Andrew M Год назад (изменено) John Sullivan: With all manner of jobs being outsourced, folks are getting poorer. Asian made cars are much cheaper to run & maintain. Japanese cars are more reliable - facts are facts. If I were you, I'll get my daughter to learn & speak an Asian language & marry an Asian. Like it or not, they're the way of the future.
  • Steve Vater
    Steve Vater Год назад RAIZAL MOHAMMAD try honda accords they even more long lasting with near 100% reliability
  • sse sse
    sse sse Год назад Hi Mat, agree with you on foot space and headspace in back. But in terms of shaking the centre console, its a bit over the top. With the warranty they give you can still claim it long after not like the luxury marques that give you 3 years and then will charge you an arm and a leg if something like that happens.
  • kaehvogel
    kaehvogel Год назад He's literally shaking the other cars with his "not even pressing". That's how sturdy the console is. Just admit that KIA did a horrible job with the center console in the Stinger.
  • Aaron Hussain
    Aaron Hussain Год назад Matt, here's your problem: throughout this video (Kia review) you're constantly slamming the Stinger for not being as well-built or as refined as it's German rivals. Kia knows this! Everybody knows that this car isn't as well put together because it'd built down to a price!! The Stinger is less expensive than it's rivals, and if you watch Doug Demuro's video, you should hopefully see why this car is so appealing to petrolheads.
  • Kelvin L
    Kelvin L Год назад MatWatsonCars
  • Matt Galo
    Matt Galo Год назад Lol you're ridiculous. Hop out of your Honda and go check out an actual production Stinger. No wobble there...
  • Bill Macnaught
    Bill Macnaught 11 месяцев назад Mat I suggest you look up the terms objectively and credibility because yours has been tarnished with this review.
  • Levar Shaw
    Levar Shaw 11 месяцев назад Bullshit review...go Check Doug and see how a professional actually review a car! I definitely going unsubsribe from your channel
  • xxthehuskycaboosexx
    xxthehuskycaboosexx 11 месяцев назад MatWatsonCars it sucks you had to make a whole new video because stupid Kia fanboys can’t handle the criticism.
  • James Huffmar
    James Huffmar 11 месяцев назад (изменено) that is a very good quality test and i will use it when i will buy my car. it was a little unexpected and funny that you managed to destroy Kia's reputation in just 1 minute :D
  • Wael Mkaouar
    Wael Mkaouar 11 месяцев назад Integrity ? Lol nu. U dun have that.
  • Rhodesia lives
    Rhodesia lives 11 месяцев назад MatWatsonCars to late for this Matt, the damage is already done. Your credibility has been shot out of the water by this review. I wonder, how many people like me have unsubscribed and stopped watching this channel because of your blatant BMW/Merc/Audi biast
  • Just Juice
    Just Juice 11 месяцев назад The problem with most of you here is that you are not in the market for this class car. Comparison with its competitors is fundamental since KIA themselves are aiming into that market share. It's a nice car, for poor people or pennie pinchers.
  • BehaviourSkills
    BehaviourSkills 11 месяцев назад I don't take any of your comments seriously to be honest, I have seen several reviews of the Stinger where they literally put a BMW, an Audi, and even a Porsche against it. It blew the BMW's away like they were a piece of crap, the Audi's are a joke, and only the Porsche slightly bettered it in performance. So, take ya prejudice and poor review skills somewhere else.
  • mark Cruz
    mark Cruz 11 месяцев назад surgeons in australia still have camry and a 5 million house
  • Pilot Ngake
    Pilot Ngake 10 месяцев назад MatWatsonCars The Germans paid you, bloody Nazi.
  • Jaman Kamrul
    Jaman Kamrul 10 месяцев назад Please is lamborghini
  • Mark Wilson
    Mark Wilson 10 месяцев назад John Sullivan that’s when they made decent cars, VW, vag in general, BMW and Merc are still marketing the image of German engineering from 30 years ago. Believe me, if you a have German car as a company car, fair game; but if you bought a car for personal use, you’d steer clear. I’ve had 5 vag cars Audi and vw, bought personally as I believed in quality, even worked in a German company in a quality department for 20 years, it comes down to cost, I now work in quality assurance around the country, I drive a KIA, no issues.
  • wali363
    wali363 10 месяцев назад (изменено) John Sullivan absolutely wrong. the cars which have done this many miles last due to extreme maintenance from owners. take vw group and almost all their engines have issues many will totally malfunctioned around 90k-140k km. atleast three cars in my circle had to get engines replaced. in stead of teaching other you better teach yourself first. by the way people in rich countries are infact poor enough that they cannot afford the maintenance cost of cars when aging hence thay are forced to switch.
  • The Aroused Eunuch
    The Aroused Eunuch 9 месяцев назад That's how people's feedback should be handled. Good job, Mat.
  • bren leysen
    bren leysen 9 месяцев назад @ john sullivan damn you are retarded, 15 year is long but not everybody changes their car every 3-5 years. and why would they be poor, you are probably a guy that lives on the street but you own fancy car . well i prefer having a nice house and having a diner now and then instead of showing people how rich i am. A car is made to go from point A to B .
  • Brendan
    Brendan 9 месяцев назад MatWatsonCars nice hatchet job Matt
  • H
    H 9 месяцев назад John Sullivan you're a slave of consumerism, and you combine it with racism and ignorance. You're typical Sir, nothing new under the sun here. Have fun blaming foreigners when you lose your job in the next economical crisis that people like you will cause.
  • Rohan Iyer
    Rohan Iyer 9 месяцев назад lmao some of these comments are trashy af
  • toonmili03
    toonmili03 8 месяцев назад John Sullivan people with self esteem don't need to buy a new car every three years. Lol.
  • Khoren Melkon
    Khoren Melkon 8 месяцев назад I do change my car every 2-3 years!!! And I do have billions in my bank counts!!!)))))
  • eastwood978
    eastwood978 8 месяцев назад watched it & loads of wobble not that you drive along stroking the dash or flexing the console.
  • Gavin Nash
    Gavin Nash 8 месяцев назад MatWatsonCars did your balls wobble as well? Oh you don't have one.
  • franctoma
    franctoma 8 месяцев назад At the end of the day, this guy is a business man, who gets a cut from the manufacturers, when people buy cars through Guess KIA decided not to give a cut for the Stinger sales, hence the biased reporting. I no longer watch this guy when car shopping. But for entertainment? Yeah, pretty good.
  • XxinkyfanxX
    XxinkyfanxX 8 месяцев назад Weird my sorento center streering cover not loose like the stinger in your vid...could be due to the press test car..hundreds of testers keep wiggle on parts it finally came loose
  • Steve Lane
    Steve Lane 7 месяцев назад +Matwatsoncars - credit to you. Conspiracy theorists think they can just shout 'fake' and win the argument, or put all the onus on the other person to prove something. I think you did well to not just tell them to go forth.
  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas 7 месяцев назад ahbrian A STFU
  • Danny Thomas
    Danny Thomas 7 месяцев назад ahbrian A his video was great. Just like all of his other videos. Every video of his is good. You’re the guy who has minecraft parody song in your playlist(no joke you actually do).
  • SuperV8driver
    SuperV8driver 6 месяцев назад I believe you,BUT i own the same car and tried to move the centre console and it does NOT move, so maybe they also fixed it on nall newer models?
  • Marty D
    Marty D 5 месяцев назад Bit of an unfair review, not every car company is trying to compete with BMW and audi. Everyone knows that wankers love them and I'll be guessing you drive a BMW or audi
  • Naughtysauce
    Naughtysauce 4 месяца назад @ahbrian A STFU you idiot
  • Naughtysauce
    Naughtysauce 4 месяца назад @MatWatsonCars Hey Mat, just wanted to show my support from all these idiots defending this overpriced junk. No one in their right mind would choose this ugly POS over a similarly price Audi or even a Hyundai/Genesis. Keep up the good work!
  • Cliff Wilkins
    Cliff Wilkins 4 месяца назад You have no integrity, I have yet to see one of your reviews of a S.Korean car which is subjective or truly independent. Either you are in the pay of certain manufacturers or you have an anti South Korean thing going on..... You are an appallingly poor journalist .
  • Raffaele Menci
    Raffaele Menci 4 месяца назад Hi. Sincerely speaking I have been at a KIA dealer after watching this video and tried to move the "tunnel" ... no way was flexing the way is showed in this video. I have no doubt on Mat's bonafide, but I guess the car you tested had a specific problem or got slightly damaged somehow. Cheers everyone.
  • Mark R
    Mark R 4 месяца назад Since when does a moving console mean poor quality? It’s like saying the interior has hard plastic. They all have hard plastic somewhere. I know I really feel bad when I sleep on the dashboard.
  • Hoàng Giang Nguyễn
    Hoàng Giang Nguyễn 4 месяца назад @ahbrian A you fanboy just can't ever accept the facts that your beloved car model is not perfect don't you. Even if it was a total shit pile on wheels, you would still do whatever it takes, regardless of your self esteem and protect the image of it. Poor souls.
  • MDDeGrande1994
    MDDeGrande1994 3 месяца назад @MatWatsonCars You're still a badge snob
  • 22BrotherX
    22BrotherX 2 месяца назад @ohseyu I Have an Audi A5, the console is solid as a rock. Now go and drive in your shitty Kia.
  • Bashar Md
    Bashar Md 2 месяца назад can you name some of the other cars ? , cause it sounds more like a fairy tail than a real true story ?? @BehaviourSkills
  • BehaviourSkills
    BehaviourSkills 2 месяца назад @Bashar Md what are you talking about? I said there are several videos on YT showing the Stinger against other cars, where the others were mostly outperformed by the Stinger. Use your search function.
  • Bashar Md
    Bashar Md 2 месяца назад @BehaviourSkills is that a new function ? never heard of it .
  • BehaviourSkills
    BehaviourSkills 2 месяца назад @Bashar Md possibly in your country, yes.
  • Bashar Md
    Bashar Md 2 месяца назад BehaviourSkills you must had squeezed your brain too damn hard to come up with such a bright comment , bravo,
  • BehaviourSkills
    BehaviourSkills 2 месяца назад @Bashar Md Can you use English properly when you reply please, it's hard to understand your poor English.
  • Bashar Md
    Bashar Md 2 месяца назад @BehaviourSkills my English is just fine , may I suggest an MRI to check whats wrong with your brain
  • Bashar Md
    Bashar Md 2 месяца назад BehaviourSkills almost forgot , here is one of the search “ function “ results :
  • BehaviourSkills
    BehaviourSkills 2 месяца назад @Bashar Md lol. Yeah, ok.
  • dEBA Maisnam
    dEBA Maisnam 1 месяц назад MatWatsonCars Allow me to shake all Mercs, BMWs and Audis . But U gotta pay if it breaks . Deal ?
  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto 1 месяц назад John Sullivan lol your parents are related or something
  • beaufighter245
    beaufighter245 2 недели назад Good review Mat. I saw one of these yesterday and thought I glimpsed a Kia badge but though, surely not. Looks good to me and as looking at outing my Touareg, it's worth a look.
  • beaufighter245
    beaufighter245 2 недели назад @schmill2 agree, nothing more depreciates like a new car.
  • amse9297
    amse9297 Год назад (изменено) Friend: "So Mat, how was your date last night?" Mat: "It was alright. The girl is nice, but she isn't as good as BMW's iDrive."
  • Meni Fo
    Meni Fo Год назад amse9297 Girl?
  • Hans ChernoBog
    Hans ChernoBog Год назад LOL
  • Robert Sivonjic
    Robert Sivonjic Год назад Died
  • l j
    l j 9 месяцев назад lol
    RCATD 4 месяца назад LMFAO!!! Exactly!!!
  • Keye T
    Keye T 2 месяца назад Meni Fo lmao
  • Raghu Veer
    Raghu Veer 1 месяц назад During sex: Girlfriend: you like that? Mat: it's quite alright but not as good as BMW's iDrive
  • Damian Nygaard
    Damian Nygaard Год назад 4:44 How come he doesn't grunt and complain about having to reach in to lower the rear seats in the A5 like he does in this Kia? Should watch his A5 review right after this one. Totally biased. I think he's sore that Kia entered this realm.
  • Rhodesia lives
    Rhodesia lives Год назад This the first review I haven't enjoyed. It seemed that you had gone in to it to do nothing but fine a reason to dislike it. So biased.
  • thinmichael1
    thinmichael1 Год назад another biased viewer... Matt did praise hard on Stinger's handling and sporty look of it, what you guys want is Matt saying Stinger is the best fastback saloon in the market isn't it lol
  • Ray Y
    Ray Y 3 месяца назад He is a Matthole
  • Im Deeelicious
    Im Deeelicious 2 месяца назад thinmichael1 Stop eating the reviewer’s ass. He is biased, compared to his other vids.
  • Luis Gustavo Salazar Morales
    Luis Gustavo Salazar Morales Год назад "It doesn't have the German quality", well, that is a good thing because it won’t break down twice a year and even if it did, it won’t cost a fortune. German quality…
  • SammyT
    SammyT Год назад (изменено) It depends what you mean by 'quality'; if you're talking about the build quality of the body and the interior, then the German cars, especially Audi, are as good as it gets. If, on the other hand, you mean the reliability of the electrical and, to a lesser extent, mechanical components, then German cars are not the best quality out there by some margin.
  • I Bo
    I Bo 9 месяцев назад Retard Alert
  • 다오
    다오 7 месяцев назад SammyT Japanese cars surely are reliable for the latter
  • AJ Lee
    AJ Lee 7 месяцев назад No one is sure what the reliability will be on this Stinger. It’s all new technology for KIA. Don’t speak so soon.
  • Miqdad Chowdhury
    Miqdad Chowdhury 6 месяцев назад @SammyT In other cases, however, quality is intended to be rated on based on both build quality and reliability; German cars do excel in build quality, but are also judged on warranty and other parts of the word 'quality'. They are in seperate categories, but all under the same subject.
  • Miqdad Chowdhury
    Miqdad Chowdhury 6 месяцев назад @AJ Lee Reliablity on Kia has already been tested on for 2018. Please check JD Power's website for more details.
  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 5 месяцев назад "German reliability" is such an oxymoron. I've been there and learned the hard way😂
  • Remko Vandecauter
    Remko Vandecauter 5 месяцев назад Quality and reliability are not the same
  • Miqdad Chowdhury
    Miqdad Chowdhury 5 месяцев назад I do not know where you got this from, but quality is an entire category with many branches. Reliability is one of them; quality is determined by overall work put into the manufacturing of a car, not just the build quality. Reliability reflects on how much attention the company puts into creating their cars genuine enough for daily use, making sure you don't frequently need service and repairs. All of this is entitled to the quality of the car.
  • chamade166
    chamade166 4 месяца назад This seems like an RWD car with build quality/design/materials of an economy car. It’s good for a Korean car, but that’s about it.
  • Miqdaddy Fried Chicken
    Miqdaddy Fried Chicken 4 месяца назад @chamade166 The quality depends on your choice, but we have to agree that this company is progressing. We can't just jump to comparing them with the Germans, who have been focused on luxury cars for a longer period of time. Note that Kia was based on making economy cars; cars that most people could afford to purchase.
  • MagicAyrtonforever
    MagicAyrtonforever 2 месяца назад @AJ Lee 7 year warranty...
  • Get The Gringo
    Get The Gringo 2 месяца назад @Tom Jones Buy a fucking new one instead of a 2001 E39 and you won't have an issue. It's called warranty, but not for broke motherfuckers like you.
  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 месяца назад (изменено) @Get The Gringo Broke!? Hahahaha!!! Fuck off you virgin. Says the random guy on youtube. I had a V10 M5 and it was an unreliable piece of shit, so are the new ones. You think a couple years of warranty makes up for that? You're a fucking idiot. Clearly a BMW fanboy that's got a 118d or something. Gtfo of here.
  • z4x tech
    z4x tech 2 месяца назад Lol
  • Darwish Saleem
    Darwish Saleem 2 недели назад Yes, Toyota sells more globally
  • Jay Tee Kay
    Jay Tee Kay Год назад Nah, scratch that. This is your WORST review. So much one-sided bias, it just made me mad watching this.
  • Deke
    Deke Год назад I am a BMW fan but not everyone wants to get Bmw or an Audi.. healthy competition between car makers is always welcome on the market.. hats off to the Kia.
  • Zoltan Varga
    Zoltan Varga Год назад (изменено) Can you shake all cars center console in all your nxt videos pls...just that you stay consistent and objective across brands and reviews..
  • TomaCukor
    TomaCukor Год назад I've seen him shake other cars, they were fine. Stop being butthurt. It's a cheaply made car.
  • tito yolo
    tito yolo 6 месяцев назад (изменено) The fitting is still better than Fords, that's German
  • SuperV8driver
    SuperV8driver 6 месяцев назад @TomaCukor but kia fixed it in jan 2018 ;) its now stiff as hell ;)
  • Michiel Waldo
    Michiel Waldo 2 месяца назад @tito yolo isn't ford american?
  • S Q
    S Q 1 месяц назад It's a KIA, what do you expect.
  • The Daredevil
    The Daredevil 1 месяц назад @tito yolo ford isn't german
  • A real bisexual petrol-head
    A real bisexual petrol-head 1 месяц назад The Daredevil Yes Ford is American, but Ford Focus and Fiesta aren't Americans, they're made in Germany. Ford have factories in three different continents: Ford of America. Based in Michigan, USA. Ford of Europe. Based in Germany and England, Europe. Ford of Australia. (Closed)
  • Ramziz Lyco Nahudan
    Ramziz Lyco Nahudan Год назад That really felt so biased Matt. This isnt the carwow I know. 👎
  • natnut2008
    natnut2008 Год назад This is the first time I can tell Matt is completely biased....
  • joowon kim
    joowon kim Год назад too biased review, rubish
  • Rain Revere
    Rain Revere Год назад Really disappointed with Matt's bias here.
  • I Bo
    I Bo 9 месяцев назад It's a shitbox. If you like it or not.
  • Xam Mendoza
    Xam Mendoza 7 месяцев назад German cars are shit boxes too, according to JD Power rankings. You just pay 80% on their badge and 15% on maintenance and repair and 5% on luxury features. I don't even want to talk about reliability issues.
  • AJ Lee
    AJ Lee 7 месяцев назад I don’t think he was bias. He enjoyed the car, he just stated that it isn’t better than the Germans. This is Kia’s first attempt. I think they did a good job considering the Germans have been doing this for decades.
  • Alexandre Dillemann
    Alexandre Dillemann 6 месяцев назад @AJ Lee I completely agree
  • Eng Lok Hau
    Eng Lok Hau Год назад I like your channels very much, but this one is truly disappointing. As much as i like german cars, the way you 'hammer' Korean car in this video is too bias. It is too obvious, and i disagree with what you have done here. If there is a word to describe, it must be the word 'disgrace' to car lover like you.
  • John Olaiya
    John Olaiya Год назад So much praise for the Germans and especially Audi. Let Kia enjoy it's moment.
  • Gogy Anna
    Gogy Anna Год назад If you spec Audi or BMW same as this top range KIA, they would be double the price Mat... be the way here in Australia is much cheaper then rivals.... + you get V6 engine...
  • 매사에진지함
    매사에진지함 Год назад Have been watchin your car reviews since 2011 i am so disappointed about your biased review :( cmon mat you can do better than this
  • Onil Diaz
    Onil Diaz Год назад I didn’t know I was watching an Audi review
  • Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira Год назад I was expecting alot better from you Matt. Why are journalists impressed that kia do good cars now? They have been doing it for more thsn 10 years with the ceed, sportage and soul. Don't you guys go to auto shows?
  • happy gekko
    happy gekko Год назад But you have to remember they are badge snobs first, motoring journalists second. As simple as that.
  • onraj9mm
    onraj9mm Год назад It’s obvious that the Germans are very scared of this and the cars that will follow.
  • The Almighty
    The Almighty 4 месяца назад I'm definitely gonna cop one of these
  • Hassan Ger
    Hassan Ger 4 месяца назад The Germans made this to the cheap Koreans. No said this again without crying
  • Silver Low
    Silver Low Год назад Awfully biased, and definitely biased to the Germans. It actually is more spacious than it's rivals, cheaper, faster. And dare i say it, more reliable than it's German counterparts. And while he's talking about fake vents. Meanwhile Mercedes-Benz is doing fake vents, exhaust tips, noise pumped thru speakers and stuff. Point them out as well!
  • YX Yang
    YX Yang Неделю назад Silver Low it’s a fucking Kia, what more do you want him to say? Better than a BMW? He’d lose his job.