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Sports Ball Boys/Girls ● Bloopers and Funny Moments

Published on Jun 1, 2019 36,428,422 views

Sports Ball Boys/Girls ● Bloopers and Funny Moments
You will love this video that made of Ball Boys and Ball Girls.

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Enjoy the video..

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    Lewis72 3 дня назад No good. After 2:40 I'm hating the 'music' so much I'm not watching any more.
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    kumar p Неделю назад Bro can you tell me whats the background music name. Especially the last part of this video. It has nice bass and i love it
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    Adelaide BUGES 4 недели назад I coped a foot ball to the face on the sideline in AFL not fun
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    raCECar 1 месяц назад It takes decades though to build a culture, team, medium, and talent. and to have you steal it for a weekends work for fame and recognition is not right. So no.
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    NADEEM KHAN 1 месяц назад 6:11 makes your video worth
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    Laltanpuia Colney 1 месяц назад Great work... 👍👍👍
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    Pole 1 месяц назад Takes you hours to stick clips together? Id hate to see you actually editing and colour grading.
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    Only One Life 4 недели назад @ホイホイビリー Her name is Fernanda Maia. This match was a final championship 2012 in Brazil. The team she helped won and was champion. Currently she is a reporter for a TV station ... Instagram of the girl -> fernandamaiacarelli
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    Rob Fraser 4 недели назад @TDFXX They showed several very closeup shots of her during the clip... 5:10 to 5:38 is the same clip from different angles
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    TDFXX 4 недели назад yanis She‘s literally just a pixel
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    Paul 2016 1 месяц назад Yeah she was mega, she actually read the game like 5 seconds in advance and helped score the goal, 100% without her insight they would not of scored then.
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  • shar martin
    shar martin Неделю назад It was shot for a Gatorade commercial with a stuntwoman wearing wires. It aired during a 2008 minor league championship game.
  • shar martin
    shar martin Неделю назад It was fake. It was a Gatorade commercial for a 2008 championship game. She was a stuntwoman attached to wires.
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    80's Nostalgia Guy Неделю назад Yeah, she's not even looking at the ball before she jumps up on the wall.
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    Creepy Punisher 1 месяц назад (изменено) 6:26 Kid be like:I m about to end these cheerleaders' whole careers
    F CLASS CITIZEN 3 недели назад fucking retard somehow twisted this into pedophilia.
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    SOUMADIP GHOSH 3 дня назад Nice music. Tell me please the name of the background music of this videos.
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  • YoUr_tYpIcAL_ViGiLaNte 69
    YoUr_tYpIcAL_ViGiLaNte 69 1 месяц назад (изменено) @TheEleatic it means "a man's most indecisive/desperate moment" in Turkish
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