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Extreme Idiots Of The Internet Compilation #17 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2018

Published on Dec 22, 2018 9,853,388 views

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Trendinidasdana proudly presents freshest episode of idiots of the internet 2018, hope you will like the video. These funny people compilation full of suprisingly unexpected funny moments. More hilarious fail videos will be on next extreme idiots of the internet compilation 2018 so be sure that you subscribe. I enjoy to watch best drunk moments videos in the playlist as well. People fail hilariously and we all like that. I make epic drunk fails compilation funny best editings and from constructin fails to like a boss compilation videos for you all!

You know when funny people caught on tape it’s not always in full HD sadly. But i always try to find best resolution clips to make extreme idiots compilation 2018 videos I'm already not a huge fan of poor resolution drunk fails compilation or try not to laugh challenge videos so that’s why i don’t want to present something i don’t like to watch by myself for you. If you have any suggestion for extreme idiots 2018, idiots of the internet, funny idiots, try not to laugh or general funny video stuff please tell me down on the comments. I will be reading your comments to check for extreme idiots of the internet, funny people videos, extreme idiots of the internet fails, funny try not to laugh and all idiots compilations. And i also publish hilarious drunk fails 2018 compilations you know that?

It’s always a great pleasure to watch best fails compilations. Especially idiots at the gym or idiots at work videos as you already know. For now i don’t think just to make funny fail videos but who knows what future hold ha? Maybe i will add different types of viral videos or funny vines or some type of funny videos. So i am totally into your advices about new stupid people or crazy people compilation video ideas. By the way this is a funny try not to laugh challenge video so don't hold yourself. I’d like to learn about your opinions about these type of fails 2018 videos so please tell me what you liked and disliked about this extreme try not to laugh funny video. With your thoughts i can rearrange the editiny style of funny people videos.

Extreme idiots of the internet Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2018

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  • Trendinidasdana
    Trendinidasdana 5 месяцев назад 0:00 ●━━━━━━─────── 10:04 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻
    Hodor JUSTHODOR 4 месяца назад Claaaaaaaaaasse
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    Scooby Got waves. 4 месяца назад Gay, and copy and paste.
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    Chado 4 месяца назад Amazingly no clickbait. Thank you.
    LOUIS XVII 4 месяца назад Trendinidasdana you clearly are envious of white people because of your inferior existence.
  • Kelly Norman
    Kelly Norman 4 месяца назад How is this retarded stupid shit fucking funny again it's not
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    Joe Addison 4 месяца назад H
  • Ruth Hubbard
    Ruth Hubbard 4 месяца назад Hey can you do a slime video
  • Orline Ritua
    Orline Ritua 4 месяца назад Go g+=*] |'=*] =-&|yhgfbjjhu777778u777777r7ru474u474
  • NickDestroyer
    NickDestroyer 4 месяца назад Trendinidasdana, It's wrong. The video's length is 10:05 not 10:04
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    Zero Restrain 4 месяца назад 10:05*
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    Ikwan Suharjo 3 месяца назад Sip
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    Matei Renthlei 3 месяца назад 7chapter
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    Kaydence Davis 3 месяца назад Waaat
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    The Angel Production 3 месяца назад Gilipollas, quien te crees para copiar todos los fails de @failarmy ? Es mejor que tu y nunca le ganaras, que pena das, intentando ganar 5 visitas de mierda. Que te den maricon. @copyright
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    Natanael Cerqueira 3 месяца назад Erro
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    Chris Longski 2 месяца назад Nice editing ! Cool music tracks...
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    Halfdan Andersen 2 месяца назад that's nice
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    / Mokivi \ 2 месяца назад Лол
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    aNoYinG vOicE 2 месяца назад @Kelly Norman You comment like a 12 year old who just learnt how to cuss.
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    Rosnar rd Othman 2 месяца назад T we iei da ha ft i do yr.
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    Hunter Goss 2 месяца назад Yyyyoooouuuu
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    XianMMD 1 месяц назад I'm inteligent because I was learning on my wrongs 😂😂😂 Eht my English... Sorry I'm polish onion XD
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    Andre Blackburn 1 месяц назад 0252910252914
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    Andre Blackburn 1 месяц назад Philip
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    Andre Blackburn 1 месяц назад Please tell
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    Andre Blackburn 1 месяц назад @Mihai games Gd re
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    Jackson Souza 1 месяц назад @LOUIS XVII white aint even superior to begin with
  • Sprocket Lombax
    Sprocket Lombax 1 месяц назад I laughed at 1:05, darn the broken potato
  • Анатолий Трофимов
    Анатолий Трофимов 1 месяц назад Trendinidasdana фото п.
  • Thanos
    Thanos 1 месяц назад I actually thought I could fast forward with that smh
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    Rahma Hashi 1 месяц назад Hi beautiful boy 👦
  • Leocadia Jerez
    Leocadia Jerez 1 месяц назад LOUIS XVII this comment is so idiotic .
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    Ace Dylan 1 месяц назад THE BETS
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    DiegoAq Rubio 1 месяц назад I
  • fernando cadman
    fernando cadman Неделю назад good one man👌👌👌👌👍👍
  • Bubster 1969
    Bubster 1969 Неделю назад Oo yay a complete waste of time, neat.
  • Inevitable Monika
    Inevitable Monika 4 месяца назад 8:29 That “are you okay?” Made it more funny lol
  • Doug Evans
    Doug Evans 4 месяца назад He is a dumbass!!
  • lema update
    lema update 4 месяца назад Hey
  • Wicked Elite
    Wicked Elite 4 месяца назад I think it was his mother which explains a lot.
  • rachael wyld stacey
    rachael wyld stacey 2 недели назад They always seem to ask that dumb question 😂
  • lizette garcia
    lizette garcia Неделю назад I stopped the video just to come see if someone made a comment about that .. bc she’s a champ that silence she had to hold it together and that “are you okay” was filled with her strength to not laugh but you can hear a tiny bit that she was kinda smiling lmaooooo
  • Jose Eduardo Barron Padilla
    Jose Eduardo Barron Padilla 1 месяц назад The man on on the 0:12 maybe was thinking ''WHERE DID IT COME FROM?'' ''IT CAME FROM NOWHERE''
  • rambo rambo
    rambo rambo 4 недели назад 1:18 Orange car:my dreams Man filming:my mom To be honest it doesn't look too bad
  • Nasser MJ
    Nasser MJ 4 дня назад Funny to us - OUCH i.e. injury to them.
  • onthee brink
    onthee brink 1 день назад I didn't know there were so many different nationalities in Florida.
  • Florin Parasca
    Florin Parasca 1 день назад funny how these compilations never show idiots rushing to the ER with broken bones
  • Sylver Fox
    Sylver Fox 1 месяц назад "What are you gonna garnish it with?" The floor sounds nice.
  • Juan Camacho
    Juan Camacho 4 месяца назад min.. 8:20 and 8:43 I wonder if fist one lost an eyeball second one lost her teeth,.. those were hard hits no BS.
  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 2 месяца назад Good ole youtube, making it funny to hand girls way over powered firearms just so you can upload the video...
  • Smileyrie James
    Smileyrie James 2 месяца назад 05:38 Well that guy was knocked unconscious!
  • Debbie Green
    Debbie Green 2 месяца назад I just stumbled onto this video and your title "Extreme Idiots" is definitely accurate! Lol!
  • BurnyRX
    BurnyRX 3 недели назад (изменено) Some of these are accidents but ok Also pls the edits
  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 4 месяца назад 00:14 I loved how this guy could not fathom how a single pole could have gotten in front of his car going 10 mph in a empty open parking lot????? Oh my side you silly muppet
  • Clifton Dean
    Clifton Dean 3 месяца назад Although the driver appeared sober as he got out of his car, the almost deliberate driving into the pole at slow speed is something I have often seen with drunks. Probably a driver under the influence of marijuana would be similarly perplexed.
  • no ididnt
    no ididnt 2 месяца назад It was the poles fault. It moved in front of the car ON PURPOSE!
  • richlaso
    richlaso 1 месяц назад Sun was in his eyes..
  • Agent Zero
    Agent Zero 4 месяца назад 9:22 The part where he says "you know it's gonna be a fun day when someone falls to their death" and the guy actually falls was freaking hilarious!
  • lairdriver
    lairdriver 2 месяца назад That definitely looks like death height. I fell out if a tree, instead of smashing the ground, I fell into the branch below and impaled my left calf muscle about an inch. That was why I don't drink anymore.
  • Honse79
    Honse79 2 месяца назад I was crying when I saw that😹
  • Halfdan Andersen
    Halfdan Andersen 2 месяца назад @lairdriver i were more lucky then you then, i stopped half way down with no serious injuries
  • The Spreader
    The Spreader 1 месяц назад (изменено) @Paul Jones That was the single most retarded shit I have ever read in my life. People with less melanin kill things and have no humanity? Do you realize how many civil wars in Africa are constantly taking place? Or that while black males make up only approximately 6% of the population in the United States, but 50% of the violent crime is commited by them? Mostly against other black males.
  • Alfredo Martínez Cáceres
    Alfredo Martínez Cáceres 2 недели назад @Paul Jones you are rëtardëd but stating it is unnecessary, statistics speak better than calling names. "despite being .."
  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones 2 недели назад @The Spreader Do you know who is and has always been behind these civil wars in Africa. Africa is a land owned by Europe. Why do you think America never did or said one thing to whites on Africa during the apartheid in South Africa? You idiot. Are you upset because you nasty Mexicans also grow fleas in your hair. Why don't you Google why that is. Lol
  • Ferenc Kaszás
    Ferenc Kaszás 2 недели назад Mitut bazi hatta
  • Halfdan Andersen
    Halfdan Andersen 2 месяца назад ive fallen down like a tree just like him i just stopped half way
  • That Kid
    That Kid 4 месяца назад Great vid but was sort of more of a fails rather than idiots but it was mainly idiots so like I said, great vid👌👍
  • triangleswinger RC
    triangleswinger RC 4 месяца назад The first guy looked at the sky like the pole dropped out of it lmao 😂😂
  • Ace Dylan
    Ace Dylan 1 месяц назад HI HI
  • G Beez
    G Beez 2 недели назад I also noticed his bewilderment. Where did that pole come from?
  • Ryan E.
    Ryan E. 1 месяц назад Where did that POLE come from??? What a Frickin MORON!!!!
  • celeryg66
    celeryg66 9 часов назад there was a weird spike in the video, makes me wonder if its fake or cut from something else?
  • Dusan
    Dusan 1 месяц назад LOl this video...I got upgraded (stomach pain) more with every clip. Good!
  • s sharma
    s sharma 3 дня назад At last every1 ask r u okay😂
  • gilbob doru
    gilbob doru Неделю назад 5:13 ABS :)))