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Disney Cars Metallic Nick Stickers Review

Published on Apr 13, 2019 145 views

  • Robin tales fighter
    Robin tales fighter 4 дня назад (изменено) Amazing! I still haven't gotten a single cars diecast this month, and now I'm desperate
  • Little Kaspar
    Little Kaspar 4 дня назад Great review i got metallic Dino Drathskey
  • Cameron Evans
    Cameron Evans 3 дня назад Although Metallic Nick Stickers is an amazing release from Mattel I don't know which is my favourite Metallic car has to be DJ, Back in the day. My favourite Metallic Car from the Scavenger Hunt Series is Nick Stickers the Green on him looks so cool especially with the stickers. Can't wait to see Metallic Sally and Rex! Have a good week off, shame you can't be around for the Easter.
  • Marvel Magic
    Marvel Magic 4 дня назад Shiny!
  • TostyKresth87 Productions
    TostyKresth87 Productions 4 дня назад Cool!
  • buck bearingly 39
    buck bearingly 39 4 дня назад Wow wow wow metallic cooooooooooooooooool nice car
  • Silas m
    Silas m 4 дня назад again, how and where did u get dis??? I need them new cers I mean cARs
  • Hora do Relâmpago Mcqueen
    Hora do Relâmpago Mcqueen 4 дня назад Cool
  • J.D. Studios
    J.D. Studios 4 дня назад Great video! :)